Mnemosyne 2.4.1-pre available for testing

(Note: if you run into problems related to missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0-dll
make sure your machine has the latest Windows patches and/or download this:

This might also help with other hard crashes.)

-Updated to the latest released Qt libraries.
-Fix broken cramming plugin (reported by stevengeorg)
-Fix encoding problems with import and export (reported by register2,
MarcoP, abacus).
-Make configuration storing more thread-safe.
-Fix removing tags through card browser (reported by bvauquelin).
-Fix loss of keyboard focus when switching back to the main window
(reported by Jan Egil Hagen and Dan Schmidt).
-Fix autoscaling sometimes not working under Linux.
-Fix error related missing idna encoding when starting server
(reported by Andrea Giordano).
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