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Free, fast, flexible flash-card tool
Free, fast, flexible flash-card tool

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Web-based reviews work again, at least on Windows.

Turns out my recent changes somehow broke the html review server. So, more work ahead...

The little architectural rework is finished, and now I'm converting the cramming scheduler to the new scheme...

Architectural rework continues...

I have a first implementation of the 'new cards only' UI ready, but the framework will need to be generalised a bit to allow for plugins with yet more schedulers.

Started to think about how to best implement the new features, and what the best UI would be...

Mnemosyne first shows you the scheduled cards, and only then starts to dig into the new cards. The idea behind this is that it's more important to make sure you don't forget old cards before spending energy on new ones.

That's all fine in theory, but in practice, if you have lots of scheduled cards, you perhaps only get to your new cards late in the day, when perhaps you're already tired... It would be much better to look at new cards several times during the entire day.

So, I plan to add a couple of new learning modes to Mnemosye, so that e.g. you can start studying new cards whenever you want.

The new single-window presentation mode is now hooked up to the GUI...

So, I'm adding an option to show Q and A in the same html widget, aligned to the top.

The regression that bothered me the most with the move to PyQt5 (but which nobody remarked upon), is more flickering when the Q and A windows are being dynamically resized. This seems an inherent issue with the new web widget, but I'm experimenting with options for alternative forms of presentation.
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