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MLM Software, Direct Selling Program to manage Business. Call 1-888-221-0106 for Social MLM Software Solutions
MLM Software, Direct Selling Program to manage Business. Call 1-888-221-0106 for Social MLM Software Solutions

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Incredible is how you describe Inspetta's MLM Software for Direct Selling, Party Plan and Multi Level Companies. Public sales, Replication, Orders and Member Management, MLM Back Offices, Private Party Pages, On Hand Ordering, Split Payments, Bulk Checkout, Private Shopping, eWallets, Social Marketing and so much more.

today to learn more or call us at 1-888-221-0106

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A worthy share...
IT'S HERE!! The Direct Selling News Global 100 Annual Report comes in a 10-pack for you to give away or share with others. Includes full profiles for the entire Global 100 as well as the new North American 50. Click here to preview every page:

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When asked about the technology, we should mention that Inspetta goes beyond MLM Software.  Complex, enterprise platforms, such as large MLS Business For Sale systems, Viral Marketing Systems and even Game-Apps.  Inspetta has developed many enterprise platforms for small business to major corporations.  Unique technologies available in MLM Software (Direct Selling Software) are often proprietary developments by Inspetta.  These technologies can provide a leg-up on your competition.
If you need a true MLM Software.. true web-infrastructure, enterprise grade, give Inspetta a call 1-888-221-0106
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If you like to follow new businesses for sale, have one to sell, or are looking to buy... have start to follow this Google+ page.  Kindly share with others so we can build the following.

Drop Ship:  This week, I've had several conversations with persons seeking to use Drop Ship companies to supply their MLM or Direct Sales Organization.  If you are unfamiliar with Drop Ship Companies, it is easy to be attracted to these suppliers.
A few key things to note:
1.) Your reputation is on the line with your sales reps and customers.  Not handling the merchandise and being aware of it's true quality can cost your reputation.  Late delivery or damaged delivery can also cost your reputation.  
2.) Non-Fulfillment can cost you money or WORSE!  When the merchandise is not under your control, out of stock items or orders that fall between the cracks cost the Drop Shipper nothing.  For you... if you accepted a Credit Card Payment and do not ship in x days, it can be Federal Credit Card Fraud.  You are responsible for delivery of products/services which you collected money for.  You are, not the Drop Shipper.
3.) Customer Service... when a problem occurs, damaged, not delivered, not as described during the purchase process, etc.  Your phones will ring.  How will you handle it?

Ebay helped to fuel the Drop Ship industry, however the pitfalls are huge.  When operating an MLM or Direct Selling Business, your reputation and ability to deliver are of Extreme Importance.  Using a Drop shipper can be extremely dangerous.  Yes, Drop Shippers have been around for a while now, but one screw up on an ebay purchase is a bad review on your ebay profile.  On screw up with purchases from your MLM or Direct Selling Company can lead to horrible postings on the web, claiming you to be a scam, letters to BBB and Attorney General, or worse, actual legal action for Credit Card Fraud...  All of which will bring your MLM or Direct Selling Business to a stop.

Regarding Drop Shippers for the MLM and Direct Selling Industry... extreme caution does not say it strong enough.  There are some pack and ship facilities that have served the industry, delivering distributor kits, etc. on your behalf, but reputable ones are few and far between.  I know of a few, and you own the inventory in their building.  They merely pull from the shelf and ship.  You are responsible for having enough inventory on hand.  Drop shippers are a different breed from industry pack and ships.  Most noticeable is you not owning the inventory or being involved in the upkeep of the inventory.

When considering a Drop Ship Company, place a red flag in front of your face while speaking to them by phone or by email and try to resist the urge.

If you truly need a third party to fulfill shipments, post your needs here and I will share reliable sources.

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A Google Community for MLM and Direct Selling Start Ups

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Negotiating MLM Software doesn't have to be hard.  You simply need to prepare some key areas and take the following steps, in order.

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