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It's apocalyptic!
It's apocalyptic!


Do you self-publish horror fiction?
Publishers Weekly wants to talk to you and maybe feature your work.

I'm a source member of HARO ( and I noticed this request by a reporter asking for self-pub horror authors to contact her by email. Thought I'd pass it on to any of you interested.

Here's the request:
Summary: Self-publishing horror fiction authors?
Name: Nicole Spector Publishers Weekly
Category: Entertainment and Media


Media Outlet: Publishers Weekly

Deadline: 5:00 PM EST - 22 September
I'm writing a feature for Publishers Weekly on horror authors
who self-publish their novels/novellas/short stories.

I'd love to hear about trends and movement in the space and hope
to showcase your self-published work.

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Reviews & Awards Suggestion

Are you interested in securing a few more book reviews from a traditional review source and maybe even win an award?

Let me recommend Readers Favorite for both.

I used Readers Favorite after researching their service and was amazed at how easy it is to request a review. Now I use them for every book. Reviews are free. However, you can pay a small fee ($59) to get the review expedited (2 weeks vs. 12 weeks). They will not publish the review if you score less than four out of five stars. If you do grab a 5 star review from one of their 500 reviewers, you can download an emblem that you can add to your web and/or cover graphics. Trust me, it looks pretty cool.

The process is simple and again, if you don't care about timing, submit your book for a free review. It costs you nothing but maybe 5-10 minutes.

This year, I also tried my luck at submitting one of my books for the 2016 International Readers Favorite Book Awards. They have big publishing houses, and highly regarded authors submitting for these things. But there are a lot of categories, so I figured, "why not." I was hoping that maybe I could get an "Honorable Mention," which I can use in my marketing.

Turns out I won the gold.

So what difference does this make? Perhaps it won't to you. But being an "award-winning author" pulls some weight and perhaps another look from: agents, publishers, book promotion outlets (i.e. BookBub), and perhaps a few readers too.

Why don't you consider entering one of your books for 2017? The entry fee is $89 (if you enter before 4/1/17), which is similar to most other book contests. It's a worthwhile investment in your writing career.

There are many benefits to dealing with Readers Favorite, but my favorite is that they are obviously set up to help indie authors. So give them a try! If you do, please use this link:
(Disclosure: I'll get a commission if you end up spending money with them)

Have you used Readers Favorite or any other book review or book award outfit?
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It's been an award winning time for my book, Highway.
Last week, I heard I had won a 2016 Readers Favorite Gold Medal. This week it arrived. My book immediately wore it around the house.

There will be no living with it now.
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Howdy folks! Sorry to be absent from G+ so long. Apple changed the dang iPad app which I used to access G+, making it harder to use. So I just didn't go to it too often. Think it's fixed now.
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Even during a solar minimum, our sun offers surprises.
On April 17, 2016, an active region on the sun’s right side released a mid-level solar flare, captured here by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. This solar flare caused moderate radio blackouts, according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center. Scientists study active regions – which are areas of intense magnetism – to better understand why they sometimes erupt with such flares. This video was captured in several wavelengths of extreme ultraviolet light, a type of light that is typically invisible to our eyes, but is color-coded in SDO images for easy viewing
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Do Pre-Orders Work?
Good info and perspective from +Joe Konrath on Amazon #preorders .
Do Ebook Preorders Work?
Do Ebook Preorders Work?
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This is cool... FIVE STARS  #bookreview  by Readers Favorite for my newest novel, Highway

"_Authors John Q. Prepper and M.L. Banner have done a magnificent job in crafting a narrative in Highway: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale of Survival that is neither repetitive nor stale. The story-telling, realistic dialogue, along with a lot of terrifying scenarios, bring Highway to its conclusion in a delightful way. The weight of emotion is evident as characters continue to fight for their own survival. Beautifully written, this book is dotted with the tender moments and the horrible reality that come after such an event._"
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Amazon may yank your ebook if you do this!
For a simple TOS infraction (your table of contents is in the back of your book), Amazon may yank your book from its digital shelves. And they may not tell you.

+David Gaughran provides his usual rich detail to highlight this problem and the simple solution (move your TOC to the front of the book).
Scammers are peeing in the Kindle Unlimited pool and Amazon is paying them by the gallon.
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A Freebie for Today!
I use #GoogleDrive for all my WIPs and reports. This allows me access, even when I'm on the road.
You can get 2 free gigabytes of storage for checking and updating your Google security settings, today. 
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Amazon's New Book Embed Previews
As GeekWire ( says, "Web publishers embed video and audio all the time. So why not books?" With Amazon's new service ( you can do this now, giving your blog readers excerpts of any book, without leaving your site.

To get your link, go to the Amazon product page and by the share buttons, click on <Embed>. Here's my link for my last book, CICADA (it works great):

So, will this will enable you to sell more of your own books? It can't hurt. And it might help those who are Amazon Associates collect more commissions.

Can you see yourself using this? How would you use it?
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