Mizuu has been removed from Google Play

Minutes ago, I received an e-mail from Google Play, notifying me that Mizuu has been removed from the application store. The reason? Violation of Google Play's content policy regarding sexually explicit material.

Mizuu uses www.themoviedb.org as its movie database, and yes - it does contain a limited number of sexually explicit movies. However, these are all unavailable in Mizuu by default. As a user, you will need to enable adult content in the application settings before you have access to any of it.

Mizuu isn't a source of sexually explicit content, but it will allow you to match your video files against sexually explicit entries in the movie database if - and only if - you have enabled the adult content setting.

There is literally nothing that separates Mizuu from a generic web browser. You'll be able to find tons more sexually explicit content using a web browser than using Mizuu - you just have to search for it. Why is that allowed if Mizuu isn't?

Certain sexually explicit movies on www.themoviedb.org are NOT marked as adult content. This means that they might appear in Mizuu - this is, however, not my fault nor my intention. Mizuu fully follows the TMDb API regarding adult content and filters it by default.

I plan on re-uploading Mizuu to Google Play in the near future. It'll be available under a new package name, but this sadly means that all existing users will have to purchase it again and that the application loses its 4.7 star rating. Worst of all is that there's absolutely nothing I can do about it.

It's more or less impossible to complain about this to Google Play. I have sent a complaint, but there's usually no communication from Google in cases like this.

Update #1:
Received an update from Google Play support. It will not be reinstated and that is apparently the final decision. Wow, Google...

Update #2:
I'll have a solution ready later today. Keep an eye out on www.mizuu.tv.
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