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Mixerr Reviews is a local business / news blog.
Mixerr Reviews is a local business / news blog.

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Mixerr Album Reviews #1,271
This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Mozzy - Yellow Tape Activities. Since the beginning of 2014, Mozzy has making a name for himself both on the internet and on the streets in Sacramento, California with lengthy strings of albums and mixtapes. He has been...

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Mixerr Album Reviews #1,270
This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Dick Smith - Initial Thrust. Now naming an album Dick Smith - Initial Thrust ultimately is considered cheesy, corny, provocative, and sexually suggestive by today’s standards. The title “Dick Smith - Initial Thrus...

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Mixerr Album Reviews #1,269
This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Brandon Beal - Comfortable. This album has a smooth mellow R&B vibe on top of a comfortable sound soothing to your ears. A smooth mellow R&B sound can be heard throughout this entire album. Brandon Beal never fails to d...

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History about the old Martin Family Cemetery not lost or forgotten.
Martin Family Cemetery was plotted and constructed in 1874 by Enoch Martin and Andrew M. Davidson when they deeded land to Travis County for a school to be built on and a city cemetery. Many family members from the Martin Family were buried there. Last reco...

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How Armadillo Art Glass benefits the community revisited!
Armadillo Art Glass is a collection of local artists from the Austin, Texas community who sell their crafts by using their skills in glass blowing. With local artists coming together to form a community, such artists can sell their crafts and artworks for p...

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History pertaining to the small Colorado School long forgotten.
History about the Colorado School in Austin, Texas has been long forgotten as the Colorado School is one of the many forgotten educational institutions of Austin that have faded away with time. Only longtime Austinites from generations ago may remember the ...

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How Tent Cities are run in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the first person to set up "Tent City" in Maricopa County during the year of 1993 as an extension of the Maricopa County Jail system. Eventually later on, Sheriff Joe Arpaio would approve more building of these "Tent Cities" around th...

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What Skunk Radio Live is.
Skunk Radio Live is a music news radio station from London, United Kingdom that exposes undiscovered music from all over the world.  Skunk Radio Live was created to cater to the needs of adventuresome music lovers that are looking for new artists to discove...

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Opium crops still rise in Afghanistan's premium economy.
In the 1990's, Afghanistan was producing a large amounts of illicit crops. These illicit crops were known as opium. Opium is known to be highly addictive and effective for medicine. This led the country of Afghanistan to be first place in the world for opiu...
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