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Everything New York. Zurich and Dubai. Travel and Food. Danish Korean
Everything New York. Zurich and Dubai. Travel and Food. Danish Korean


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I might be too old for clubbing, but I’ll never get too old for good cocktails. Sometimes, I’m in the mood for something sweet, but at other times, I prefer something savory and strong. My latest obsession is Mezcal, but otherwise anything with champagne will do. Here are some of the craft cocktail bars, which keep me coming back for more..
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My Uetliberg excursion had sparked a desire to see more mountains. I hovered between Jungfraujoch and Titli, but in the end, the short transportation time to Mt. Titli won. From Zurich, it only takes two hours to get to Engelberg, which is the village at the base of Mt. Titli, and if you’re just there to visit the summit, it’s possible to do it as a single day trip..

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Trine is visiting in NYC right now, and for her first dinner in the city, I took her to An Choi, which is a Vietnamese restaurant on Orchard Street. I’ve previously only been to An Choi during daytime, and it’s never been more busy than I’ve been able to walk right in and get a table. In the evening, it’s a different case, as the restaurant not only draws the pho-craving crowd but also a good amount of neighborhood hipsters down to go out..

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Restaurants with a party vibe have hit New York City big, and the concept of gathering drinking, dancing and dining under one roof definitely sounds tempting. No need to stress about finding a place to continue the evening after dinner, getting a cab or standing in line. After dinner, you just continue to the in-house bar or nightclub, which are open until late. The drawback is that the emphasis is often more on creating a fancy party spot, and not so much on serving good food, but recently, a few places have popped up, which seems to be serious about the culinary aspect too. Here are some of my favorites:


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New York has so many great breakfast restaurants, and I often allow myself the luxury of having the first meal of the day somewhere nice. If I’m with friends, I would usually have an egg dish (Eggs Benedict, you’re calling my name), and if it’s only me, I’ll be looking for a Bircher muesli or a granola bowl. Here are some of my favorite places for breakfast, and if you, like me, have a thing for organic, locally produced with extra avocado and hollandaise, I think there’s a good chance, you would like them too:)


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Jungsik is a modern Korean restaurant and they describe the cuisine as New Korean. If you look carefully, you’ll notice the Korean accents, but the overall impression is international. Apparently, that’s a recipe for success, because since 2014, Jungsik has managed to hold onto its two Michelin stars..

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Jeju Trip 2017: The first part of the ascent went smooth. We kept a good speed and even managed to overtake some Korean hikers along the way. Around halfway up, it became more difficult with long stretches of wooden stairs and rocks, and from that point, we were the ones getting overtaken..

#jejuisland #hallasan

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As I walked by Coffee Project in East Village, I saw a couple sharing what seemed to be a line-up of coffee cocktails. It looked too good to ignore, so I stepped inside and ordered whatever that couple was having.
Turned out to be a Deconstructed Latte consisting of a glass of espresso, a glass of milk, a glass of ordinary (reconstructed?) latte..

#deconstructedlatte #coffeeproject #newyorkcafe

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San Gennaro is an annual festival centered around Mulberry Street in Little Italy. The festival started as a way for the Italian immigrants to celebrate Italian traditions and heritage, but through the years, the festival has reached far beyond the Italian community. This year, the festival is September 14-24. Here's a blog post about last year's festival:

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Uetliberg is Zurich’s very own local mountain. It’s only 870m high, which isn’t so much after Swiss standards, but for someone like me, who is used to the flat terrain in Denmark, this is still quite impressive..

#zurich #uetliberg
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