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America’s challenges are too great to let partisanship stand in the way. I’ll bring people together to get the job done.
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Clara H K
Yeah, Romney!
Yay, I'm one of the first ones to post here! YAY!!!! AWESOME!!!
Romney/Ryan 2012!!!!!
Vote cuz it's less than two weeks away! Vote for Romney/Ryan!!!
Circle me, Romney! Please?!
Remind us again which bipartisan legislation you support? Oh wait, you have your own proposals. Got it.
Okay, + Nasiha Rizwan , + George Ito , can you guys post on + Barack Obama 's posts. Please? Thanks.
you could bring "both" side together easy. "Both" sides are the same on every important issue. Of course, you and Obama are together against us, the America people...

+Gary Johnson 2012!!!
well if there's one guy who knows both sides of the issues....
Poor Mitt. Did you guys hear about a video people have tried to hide but now they have revealed it on the news that's about Obama? Obama's crazy in that video! He can't do that if Romney becomes president!
Poor Mitt. He has gone through a lot just to run for president and now Obama causes even more pressure!
WHEN WILL OBAMA STOP?! It seems like Barack is desperate for a fight among Americans and wants so badly to destroy whatever Romney wants to do and divide America!
Mitt, I know you and Paul can find a way to stop Obama! Do it before it's too late! I know you guys are geniuses! You can do it!

Romney/Ryan 2012!
what we wanted in the years 1940-1950 was to come Americans to ward off communism but now they come but not Americans. It seems that Americans have come CAI and popularity has plummeted the ranks of Romans
Just recently Sarah Palin used the most constructive comment of "shuck and jive" for the President Of this Country with 50% leaning in favor of him I'd say that was a insulting, and racially demeaning .
Now you wish just natural resources without thinking that our nation will gave many minds for the American Dream
"!Aright W.Mitt Romney&Paul Ryan Take Over Ohio,Colorado,Iowa&New Mexico Yeah!"
oBummer go home,wherever that may be.
why is anyone listening to this lying loser? if america thought bush was bad. watch this guy.
Everyone, Kato is talking about obama,he told me to tell you vote ROMNEY/RYAN 2012...............hE DID'NT KNOW HOW TO SPELL ROMNEY.
We agree! America is too important to let Partisan stand in the way-check out
Taxes, Off Shore, Poor Foreign Policy, Women are a forgtten gender, the working class will become the third world class, America will become a cess pool for industry if you vote Romney Ryan.  
I had an argument the other day, about what Sarah Palin said Shucking and Jiving only a liberal would turn it into a racial comment.....look it up

shucking and jiving 
noun Slang .
misleading or deceptive talk or behavior, as to give a false impression.
+Linda Edmondson Women certainly are a forgotten gender by the Democrats.  Fortunately Romney realizes that women are more tha just a uterus, and that women care about jobs and supporting their families too.
+Riplee Smith nice language... did u learn that in school??? smh ignorance is bound in the heart of a child... grow up and have a real discussion
i hope you can live by those words Riplee, because if your not a millionaire thats exactly how the Republicans feel about you. and if you had no family and you got to old and physically unable to care for yourself, you`d change your stance.
+Christina M Schmidt Kubisky yea how about you go and look up the orginal term for the word... i mean if you look up nigger you wont find the orgin of the word... youll find some new definition.. dont pick and choose what you want to believe... no matter who you vote for the race baiting in this race is ridiculous
So you can tell us obummers plans for the next four Dirty Joe? Otherwise go help him on the campain,they need more clueless people like you Joie
+Warren Dew I dis agree the right has totally forgtten women. They are of the impression they are just a usefull thing to have.
Obama 2012
+Warren Dew Shhh,your ignorance showing!
Haha, You're the ignorant one voting for Obama. So what if I'm obnoxious? I'm loud and I'm proud. You don't like what I say? GET OFF MITT'S PAGE! Haha
Amy yours is to and theres a string hanging,tuck that in.This means you Amy campbell,you lost sheep.
Romney is far from ideal, but atleast hes not obamma so he's got my vote.
Liberal's prove it time and time again they are sick and suffer from a mental illness everything with them is vile, psychotic. They have no principles or morals and will always side with evil.
+Christopher punty you just summized Romney's entire campaign plan. It's working for a lot of ignorant people.
Lol I'm not a republican. I just see facts. Obama has to interrupt Mitt in every debate right before Mitt makes a point, just so that Obama doesn't get smashed. Anyone who votes for Obama hates America. In order to be president, you need to be born in America. Obama cheated there too, haha. If you want America to go in the toilet, vote for him. As for me, I'm tired of arguing with you idiots. I have better things to do. 
This is a public forum so telling people to get off this page sounds pretty biased and childish. Plus your ignorance is so telling of what your politics are. Sad,sad,sad!!!!!
Shawn is just ignorant.That must mean he supports oblamer.
Ripplee, are you in the Independent Political Party by any chance? Just wondering. :/ 
amy is sad,sad,sad.She voted for obummer.
+Tray See Your Momma is Blessed, but what about that 12yr old raped by her father that became pregnant.
+Riplee Smith, I voted early for Obama, and I have 13 years of Military service.  If anything, I am doing more for America than people like you who only have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to giving opinions of who "hates america".  Tell me what's your contribution and I will consider taking your opinion seriously.
+Tray See, so if I'm a minority in the military, and probably paying more taxes than you, then I have an identity crisis if I voted for Obama?
i don`t understand Traysee, who should leave you alone? your family or the gov`t? when your old and alone you`ll change your tune.
+Tray See, I am not collecting a Government check.  I am earning my keep and paying my taxes.  You know who's collecting a government check?  Politicians who get paid with my tax dollars, accept corporate "donations", and have private investments in companies that ship businesses overseas, and dismiss our sacrifices in Iraq and Afghanistan as "not a priority" in their speeches.

But according to you, I'm just collecting a paycheck, so what do I know, other than serving overseas so you don't have to?
+Tray See That's right , spin the issue, fact is you have no regard for your Mother, or any other women. So be it. Our rights to freedoms for medical privicy, birthcontrol, will have to come with our fight.
Mitt does not have to explain away Benghazi, Fast and Furious or the 160,000 lawsuits brought on by the misappropriations if the stimulus money. He is a businessman who knows how to let the private sector create jobs! Vote Mitt
Romney and Obama both r stupid idiots who r gonna ruin the world if they r voted as president. If Obama wins we r gonna go into an even deeper depression than we r already in. If Romney gets in we wont have a FUTURE!
I pay ALL kind of Taxes in Texas.  We are consumers too... did you forget that?
+Tray See those girls in your profile pic are hot. You hittin' that? 
Feliza I guess you just have to pick your poison
+Tray See, so by your logic... +Mitt Romney is also someone who is not earning his pay as a government official.  So what's your point?  At least my profession is more noble and we are held at a higher moral standard.  We are not allowed to take "donations" from special interest groups, and we are severely regulated by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.  Maybe you should look that up sometime.
I believe thats Obama Biden TELL '12, Forward=left no thanks 
Forward means forward... left is left.. lol
romney was overrided on the majority of his work as governor, this statement is BS
+Tray See I guess the same one that allows you to call me a dumbass. Feel better? Did you know there is 34 trillion$ sitting in off shore banks, and some of that is Romney's. Medical, I paid for it. I'm not murduring childern, I fight for womens issues. Obama 2012 
Josiah Sears... in what state? 
So Romney doesn't know how to work with Democrats? Next you'll try to say MASS is (R) and women aren't allowed to vote there.
+Riplee Smith, your home-schooling and redneck pappy have clearly made you what you are today. Good luck with that.
Man, what is happening on this post? Did the Facebook crowd get lost and end up here by accident? There's usually some intelligent debate, or at least some level of maturity. Full moon or something...
Romney worked with Dems in Massachusetts. Where he did not draw a salary the same as when he was over the Olympics and he took them from millions in debt to profitable. For those who think both candidates are awful, why vote, if you don't vote you can't complain!
My definition of legitimate rape, voteing for mitt romney
But I'm sure if you really wanted to know you'd check Mitt's official site already.
+Tom Garcia Mitt Romney has more military endorsements than Obama can ever hope to have.
Good we need a strong military.  Our world is a mess and Obama can't seem to get it
With the kind of rhetoric and the policies you have been advocating (and then forgetting that you advocated), there isn't a chance you can bring anybody together.
For a President that dug a 6 trillion dollar hole while promising the opposite, you got balls saying Romney's numbers don't add up.
Romney/Ryan 2012!!!
Kathy, we have the best military in the world why do we need to spend more on the military? Why do we need to police the world ? 
Like the old saying"Know Israel, know peace, no Israel no peace".
is it me or does it seem like lefty posts are almost always mean, name calling, rude.....what is their problem  left/right lets be civil freedom of speech, free to have an opinion in this country so far.
+Bernard Boone We need to avoid making the military cuts that Obama has scheduled over the coming years.

Wouldn't hurt to have a military strong enough to protect our Ambassadors, too.
Vote Romney because Obama takes us BACKWARDS
+Linda Edmondson "what about that 12yr old raped by her father and got pregnant"

And you want to call the right extreme?
You will bring everyone together as long as they are white and male. To you that is everyone.
+Chizzy Nicole Romney wrote 2 books on his views on America and his proposed policies. You can find them on and on his website.
Obama will not stand with Israel when the time comes. He says he will but actions speak louder than words so whats with the christian and jewish vote
+Janet Wells Well since Obama is muslim dont be suprised if there is a first, a second and a third lady. Oh yeah and he smoked weed during high school and wrote about it in his book "Dreams Of My Father."
Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.
Ronald Reagan.....
Warren , i think we spend way to much on the military how many planes ,bombs and ships do we need , the problem is that we are wasting resources and huge amounts of money fighting two wars we should have never started in the first place , 
If Romney wins it will prove God wants to destroy America, because that's all Romney can bring if he's elected.
+Tyler Derner Oh my, Obama smoked weed??? Anyone who smokes weed must be dumb and a dreg of society. Of course it also means that they're poor leaders and could never be elected to any position especially President... oh wait....
your party has let partisanship stand in the way for 4 years what changed you mind now? think of where we could be if the small minded gop had actually tried to do something to help the country rather than expending all that effort to try and keep obama to one term. it is pathetic and sick to put your own self interest and hunger for power above the nation.
+David Miller Think of where we might be if the Democrats had actually done something worthwhile the first two years Obama was in office. After all, they controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.
Tyler, what difference does it make if the president is a muslim 
+Bernard Boone That's a fair opinion, I would counter that by saying that we, (USA) are best served by maintaining the largest, most technicaly Advanced military known, there by achieving peace by might, to strengthen bonds with allies 
Goodbye Mr food stamp, MTV nation, welcome some serious attention.
Well our country is based off of christianitya nd muslims do not treat woman equall. And for the weedd question im just saying that our president breaks the law, thats not a good example now is it.
+David Miller oh really? Then what's the point of Presidential elections? According to you he has NO power, or at least Obama doesn't. Is he the only one that has NO responsibility for 4 years in power? Be my guest and blame Congress but Obama signs the bills or sends them back so please stop insulting our intelligence. At the end of the day it's HIS ship and it's still sinking so it's time for a better Captain!
Obama doing weed in High School shows kids "Hey dont worry drugs wont hurt us, Obama did it and nows he is president". So that was a stupid comment.
Obama has done many things that he calls good, but I am here to prove that most of those things are actually bad! For starters, about 40% of the jobs lost with Obama were woman. This could take a big hit on him later on. Over 4 million moms or wives have lost their jobs! Obama has done absoutly nothing to try and help the women of America, and he trys to say most women want him then Romney.
 Obama also likes to brag about how he helped git rid of the "Don't ask, don't tell" rule in the military! Now, this shows a weakness to our enemy, when they see two gay guys start making out with another man! I do not dislike them because they are gay, but it does express a weakness to our enemy! That is something they can jump on and gain confedince. Plus the rule seemed pretty fair to me, They will not ask you if your a homosexual, but you cannot tell or show them you are! What is wrong with that. Probaly 80% of the military disagrees on what Obama did. It is just plain stupid, but since he is stupid I guess you can't blame him!
 Next, Obama announced a couple days ago that he supports gay marriage. Many people thought this would help him, but from my research, I can see that this will come back to haunt him later on. Everything in this country is based off of the bible, such as: The laws, and how killing and stealing is wrong; Every man is created equal and we even say that our country is "Under God" in the pledge of allegiance. In the bible it says that you are not suppose to marry your own gender. So if everything else is based off of the bible, then why should we change this. A fuuny thing was on the same day Obama announced that, Virginia voted 69% on banning gay marriage! Isn't that funny!!!!!!
 You know how Mitt Romney is getting yelled at for being a "bully" during high school! Well a new thing has come out that Obama was also a bully! In elementary school he pushed a girl for no reason. Even after admitting this he still has not apoligized. Even Mitt Romney has apologized, which proves Romney is more of a man than Obama!
  Also gas prices have gone extremely higher since Obama has come into office and each time he has been asked about it, Obama always changes the subject, or Blames George W. Bush! Yet when something good is going on, he says that it is all him, even though Bush is really the one to thank! Once again he will not just man up to it! He loves to brag about how he carried the order to kill Bin Laden, which is great, but he tries to say that Romney would have not carried out the order! Yeah, Right!!
 Obama Care cost trillions of dollars a year! Putting the U.S.A. in debt! Not only that but very few people like it! In fact, more people like Romney's medicare, which cost only billions of dollars, then Obama's trillion dollar medicare!!!!!
 This has to prove to you that Romney is way better than Obama, who is, in my opinion one of the worst presidents in history!!

Tyler, last time i checked this is suppose to be the land of the free which also means to worship anyway you want , just because your a Christian doesn't make your beliefs any better than anyone else's , and you say muslims dont treat women fairly and i say women haven't always had the fairest treatment here in the U.S ........geroge bush admitted to useing cocaine in his younger days does that make him a bad person 
I love this supposed anti-partisan message when Mitt's politicizing the deaths of diplomats in Libya. Sure you're going bring people together.
'continues Romnesia lying to the American people
enough is enough
I saw a story today that one of the great manufacturers in this state, Jeep— now owned by the Italians—is thinking of moving all production to China,' he told the crowd.
Yet there was simply no basis for Romney’s claim, beyond a wildly misinterpreted Bloomberg News article about Chrysler’s plans to open factories in China to make Jeeps for sale in the Chinese market. A Chrysler spokesman mocked the rumor and offered a firm assurance: 'Let’s set the record straight. Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China.' Indeed, Romney had the facts exactly reversed, because Chrysler is planning to add 1,100 new jobs in a third shift at its Jeep Cherokee plant in Detroit next week, according to Motor Trend magazine.
The Romney campaign declined comment on the candidate’s ridiculous assertion, but nobody should be surprised to hear him talking down the automobile industry’s recovery. He hopes to win over working-class voters in crucial Ohio by sowing confusion about the Obama administration’s auto rescue — and his own opposition to the Obama plan. That is precisely what he did during the final debate with President Obama, who derided his attempt to 'airbrush' his position against the bailout.
But the best evidence against Mitt Romney’s prevarications is provided, as it is so often, by Mitt Romney himself."
Tyler,all i can say is why dont you try and raise your own kids and not look for others to be role models to them, you should be there role model not strangers 
Yes we'll get the job done...with the Chinese workers Mitt loves so much. 
Tyler, what you said doesn't make sense how does being gay make our military look weak you think someone being shot at is wondering if the guy shooting at them is gay, 
Not valid rebuttal. The Word Gay Is Been Perverted By Homo sexual
I stand with you +Mitt Romney  As you begin your term in January 2013, show the American people how it's done.
2012 The most eminent moment in the life of this generation of Americans, consider it a battle if you wish of your life between light and darkness. (metaphorically) When the nation suffers from economical collapse and  emotionaly manipulated by current goverment. Every single person must understand ,that his choice is to do the give his voice and vote for the mement of emotional outburst or a clear and sane thinking . Thinking about your future and the future of your children. Being opposite to that is simply being selfish, which we all know has no future!
I am a USMC veteran. USMC is tasked with guarding our embassies. I'm glad I am not serving while Owebama is in office. Romney/Ryan 2012
Jerry, I'm a army vet and I dam sure wouldn't want to serve under romney
I also have a child with a disability. He is my pride and joy. Waiting in line for socialized medicine is not what my son needs. Gotta vote for Romney/Ryan 2012
Jerry, that's true, and no one is to blame but obama for what happend in libya but i dont think romney is the best choice for this country right now
Joe don't know I got out while Clinton was in office
+Jerry Ricketts Obamacare is not a single payer health plan. You can buy any insurance you need for your child. There is no waiting in line. Why are you making up falsehoods?  It's a massive windfall for the insurance industry, and it's what Mitt Romney himself proposed. 
+Bernard Boone do you really believe Obama is worth keeping in office?  I just don't get it.
Romney take us back to the good old days it's  got to be better than this.
Does anyone know if the story about Obama and his wife having to surrender their law licenses??? They lost them? I heard cause of insurance fraud . is this true??? plus me if you have any info please :) +Mitt Romney 
Mitt would need to stop lying and actually tell me what he stood for to even have a chance at my vote. I am not in the 47%, he could be a good president for me....but his story is different depending on who he's talking to. I want to know about his tax plan...the details and the costs, not the promises of flowers and ponies. I'd like to really know what his foreign policy will be....not just "I agree with Obama, but I think we should be meaner and louder". I want to see him disavow the religious nutbag contingent in his party, and not resort to pathetic race baiting. I would like for him to tell us that he's for marriage equality and for women's reproductive rights, and I'd like to hear a realistic plan on education from him.
If it looks like a psychopath and acts like a psychopath, it's probably a's a nice little video on Romney's past...

And if that doesn't convince you that the US-Style 'democracy' is corrupt, then here's an eye-opener about the Commission on Presidential Debates that the Dems and Reps control, so you will never hear third party candidates or real questions at the 3 measly debates.
+Kanishka Ray under Owebummer's plan it will be cheaper for companies to accept the government program and all will become socialized medicine. Just wait. You will see. My family in British Columbia are very unhappy with the socialized medicine in Canada. You will see. We will all be begging for scraps from our government if we continue to vote for socialism.

He has brought people together. Gays, women, peace lovers, people of all shades, smart people, are all together and against him.
Romney/Ryan 2012 and 2016. Allen West/? 2020.
+Joe Hullett I've seen clips of Owebama saying it is a single payer system and clips saying it wasn't. I'll try to find the clips was amusing for sure.
which one is easier to work with--87% democrat or 50% republican?
You have to win dude. If you don't, we are all done. No more mess-ups, no more missed opportunities, no more flubs. You have to be perfect from here on out. We need you to be flawless. It's not fair but it's what we need in a President. Obama cannot do this job. 
+Joe Hullett its all over you tube just look up Obama single payer system. NOT GOOD for my child for sure.
Romney has a record of bringing people together. Let's give him a chance! #mittromney
Romney obviously knows how to get the job done. He's proven it. Obama has proven he knows how to lie, worse than Watergate, again and again. Go Romney!
Noel, When faced with an opposite who will not move in your direction, will not engage or even bend, advances concepts completely in contrast with your values and objectives, sometimes the only way to be true to your values is to block. Or in this case, defend. 
However, history already records that Mr. Obama had no relationship with any Republicans. He had no established relationships with any seated Republicans so that he could begin to engage. 

For reference, see how Reagan dealt with the USSR. Not Bi-partisan at all. 

Bi-partisanship means give and take. All this administration does is take. Take and Take and Take. They cannot grow the country with increasing the government burden and the tax rates on the employers. ( ie. the "Rich"). 
+Mitt Romney  Chrysler calls your charge of them sending jobs to  China "fantasy" They want to expand and sell in China.  Did you make a mistake? or were you trying to scare people into voting for you?

Trust Matters!  

If we cannot trust you to be honest on the campaign trail, how can we trust you in the oval office?  Why did you feel it necessary to make such statement like that, causing undue stress on middle class working Americans? for self serving political purposes, Chrysler has fully repudiated your statement. are you just trying to scare voters to vote for him?  If it were true you said you would fight to save jobs.  Really?  what about the thousands of people you put on the unemployment line, welfare and the food stamps line and adding to the 47%? Yes ROmney you built that! The Truth is Chrysler's jeep division is hiring thousands  in three of it's plants and the President's bailout has given it  another win, international sales of Jeeps and in China in particular.  Stop reading the blogs and find the real document, you have the phone number of can get the phone number, and called Chrysler before you ran out there repeating false statements without the facts, as you have done so many times. The president has saved over a million jobs in that bailout but you want to end jobs, you told that with relish and joy, how could you find joys in the prospect of people losing jobs?  What a shame and a complete waste of your education which taught you to research before you open your mouth and mislead people.  Check, Check and double check

A lack of candor to win is not a show of good character or trustworthiness  and trust matters, integrity matters, and scaring people into voting like you instructed your wealthy business owners to do, intimidate the workers into voting for you, speaks volumes of the heart of a man that would stoop to anything and without boundaries.  Go back and find where you lost your moral compass.

You dog Trump got outed on National TV on the letterman show when he said you'd get tough on China while touting his clothing line... made in China!  He was not intelligent enough to remove the made in china tags before putting them in front of Letterman.  what a shame that Donald is making a fool of himself and losing respect among his peers,  and losing his apprentice audience. I suspect it's close to being dropped as it's audience starts to dissipate for his faux pas.
8 years of pure hell by George bush, and people thought Obama could do it in 4, lol, bunch of idiots. If Romney gets into office, some of you would be begging for George Bush to come back, but lets cut the BS Obama skin color is the main issue people have a problem with 
This country economic system has fallen, prepare for the worse no matter who is fallen
May God be with us! I pray that we make the right choice for this election!
I mean no matter who is in office, I can't wait till Romney gets in office, and see the faces of those who voted for him three years from now, those who voted for him, will say we need Romney out bring someone else in lol 
Total bullshit, and for those who say Romney is known for bringing people together, my question is what kind of people 
your right +corian barrett about Obamas skin, but thats the MAIN reason he was voted in. Everyone wanted on the band wagon that voted the first "African American" president whether he was qualified for the job or not. If anything that's reverse racism which is just about as bad as racism. You vote on who is qualified not on their outer appearance.
Mitt has experience reaching across the isle!! We all need to work together again to make America great!
Let's vote for someone who has hope in our country and a vision for our future.
would you like to explain your comment +J. S. Hansenius  how has he earned these 4 years? through our crumbling economy? or maybe our failed foreign policy? must I remind you of Benghazi? I don't see it.
Mitt Romney will say just about anything to get elected. This "severely conservative" politician does not have a history or creating jobs. Google Sensata.
In my lifetime it is the Republican part that has been the most extremely partisan. They have also been less successful at fostering healthy economic growth. Clinton and Obama moved to the center when elected. (George Sr. was ok in this respect.)When the GOP is in charge of something they move right. The last 2 years of Congress have been the most obstructionist and least accomplished in our history. Give me a centrist Conservative party to vote for or you cant have my vote.
The sad thing about this election is that the two major parties will destroy the country either way with adding to the debt or making health care a legal requirement.  If everyone voted for a independent party then maybe we could make a real change.  Probability of this happening is unlikely.  Prove me wrong and america might stand a chance of doing something it should have done years ago.
 +Mitt Romney   Why are you hiding your vice president?  the Ryan Romney Ticket having a problem with Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, you got thirteen more like them to go through before the election, Are you going to hide all of them too?
Lol.. Love the Obama loving trolls... Go hit up an Obama post instead of bringing your bullshit in here. ROMNEY2012.
Mitt Romney " Like A Boss "
+w.s. corners hahahaha...  If higher taxes for the rich worked for Clinton, it will work now.  Nice try.
There is no honor in a man who knowingly and repeatedly give false information in his speeches. Even when he is called on it, he continues to state falsehoods. How can anyone trust someone who says things just to get votes. You have no idea what this man would do as President because you can't trust that what he told you during the campaign is true. Boggles my mind to try and understand how this man can poll above 30%. 
Mitt's whole life has prepared him to be the next President of the United States and get us back on a good path for our future.
It's a simple choice this election: Vote for the capitalist...(Mitt)   Vote for the Marxist (Obama).
Yes, let's vote for mitt.he said that he will start this ? Is where; for China.let's move to China that where all the jobs are going.we can all work for 90 cents on the dollar and have no health care sound like fun. Your focus is on the wrong target look at congress.if you want the country to move
Jim A
You are ONE person inf the formula. You can attempt to do this, but do not promise what is not in your power to do. Leadership is knowing what need to be done, knowing what you can do, and knowing the difference.
Weli A
You want my vote, release your tax records. Mitt, If you cared about America that much you wouldn't have been hiding your money in the Cayman Islands to evade taxes.
Wait I can't tell if he's lying or not

Romney is a gutless, lying weasel, whose campaign co-chair made a racist attack on Colin Powell yesterday. And today, Romney was caught lying that Jeep is moving all of its production to China. Jeep rebuked him, saying that they are expanding production EVERYWHERE because they're selling a lot. And that's in addition to 1100 new jobs they added in Michigan.

As for the continuing bulls--- about the President being a "communist", that's the Republicans' drumbeat trying to make him look foreign. The fact is that the Dow Jones and S&P have doubled since President Obama took office, and they are near their all-time highs. And the NASDAQ has more than doubled. Also, corporate profits are way up, as are executive salaries. Worst. Communist. Ever.

But that isn't enough for Sensata, a Bain Capital company that Gov. Romney has an $8 million investment in. Sensata is more profitable than ever, but Bain forced their workers to train their Chinese counterparts (while taking down the American flag and replacing it with the Chinese flag) who are earning $1 an hour, and will close the plant in Illinois.

And that isn't to mention Romney's support of pro-rapist Republicans. What disgusting pigs these people are.
Kevin, actually the 2nd term of George W. Bush was the most obstruction Congress in history. It's not just the Republicans who can't get along with Obama, it's his own party as well. His last budget was voted down 97-0 in the US Senate, which is majority Democrat. It's not a centrist Conservative party we need most, it's getting rid of the current left-wing president who has accomplished exactly nothing, and whom no one likes.
We need Romney for President. Get out and vote for him!
Obama has one thing going for him. People don't like to admit they were wrong.
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
I'm doing what Obama said and voting early!!  Voting for Romney that is lol
ter nea
Everyone already hates the Twit! You have zero credibility with the citizens.... One lie after another and then more denial. Pathetic campaign!
Republicans vote for Romney because of Fear and the belief that they will actually be successful. You really think Romney cares about you? He doesn't care about anyone. I want to see him live off of 28k a year and support a family. No Hope If Romney Wins
Mitt, the United State is not a company and we, the Americans is not a profit.
The question we should be asking ourselves is: Do we want to be America, or do we want to be Greece?
I think Romney will help us stay America, and Obama will put us in the same financial situation as Greece. You can blame Bush all you want. I blame the current mentality among so many in America today: entitlement. One of the ideals that America was founded on is the freedom to succeed OR FAIL.
Voted for Obama today! Vote early people!!!!
from looking at this post i can see that many people are suffering from #romnesia
Hay to all the people who vote for Mitt, tell me something can you trust him? Cause i dont trust him as far as i can see him. He lies about everything he going to do as POTUS, he wasn't a good Gov in Mass. Ranked 47 in job creation in Mass, that is not good. Plus he ships jobs overseas. The US is not a company and we the people is not up for profits.

Recent researched proved that republican supporters have low IQ. So I'm not even going to argue with them. Why waste my time. Their undeveloped brain can't even understand when Romney feeding them BS. 
If am privilege to vote i'll vote for obama.he reconstructed d economy,if not for obama and his team america would have bcome another greece
Obama tried and failed.  Romney has the experience to really get the deficit going in the other direction and get our economy going again! #mittromney  It just bugs me all the things Obama promised, even after he knew how bad the economy was.  A few examples: 1. Obamacare won't cost a dime.  It now costs 2 trillion over two years.  2. Obamacare isn't a tax.  Supreme Court and Obama's own lawyers says it is.  3. Pass this stimulus and unemployment will stay below 8%.  Only for the first time last month it did. 4. I'll cut the deficit in half.  It grew by over 50% in 4 years. 5.5 trillion!  It is our spending that is hurting America.  If we continue on this rate, we will end up like Greece.  Time to put someone who knows finances in the Whitehouse!
Even the 47% you don't care about
Romney's 47% statement was taken way out of context. Romney is running because he wants to get the economy going again.  He is running to restore America's strength in the world and get our country going in a healthy direction.  He is a man of integrity with an inspiring vision for America!
He agrees with all sides because his stance changes with every step he takes. 
Yes Mitt.. 2012... You, Ryan..Take this country BACK!.
Obama has failed. Fire Obama before it is too late.

+MATT REVELL .... THATS THE SPIRIT...! And then we fix this country... Adios, obama... Biden, just get the f&@k out...
After the she lacking Obama got in the 2010 elections you would have thought he would have learned to listen to the citizenry and not thwart them....but no he had to go and give defacto amnesty to non-citizens...against the will of the he doesn't deserve another four years....unless you are talking prison....
he is running a campaign with 5 empty points and an economic plan that doesn't add up:

First: the number 5 is pretty to the brain just like 3 and 10. We have five finger, toes, appendages (head, arms, legs), and so on. Our brain likes the number 5.

Second: Those 5 points are vague  They sound specific but that's the point. If you don't listen and think, the SOUND specific.

Third: His math doesn't work. As he said:

He'll cut takes across the board and close detections on loopholes mostly on the upper class.

He actually uses the word "most". "Most" is 51%. This is a ploy that MOST people don't catch. They hear cut taxes and close loopholes. The reality is, he'll cut taxes and the deductions and loopholes will cause everyone to end up paying more in the long run. Any logical person knows we need to cut spending and raise revenue. This is how he hides raising revenue.

Fourth: He like stop down economics, also called "Reganomics". An economic plan the first Bush called "Voo-doo economics". Regan himself, in a 1984 speech in Atlanta, Ga, said the idea worked in theory but not in practice.

Fixing the economy will rely on the middle classes tendency to spend money:

1. Lower taxes dramatically on the middle classes. Causing an influx of cash which they will spend to pay off debt and buy things.

2. Slightly raise taxes on upper class to compensate for the loss in revenue from the middle class taxes and increase revenue slightly.

3. Leave business alone aside from closing loopholes that allow over seas job placement.

The middle class will spend money driving revenue into the business creating demand. High revenue and high demand equal more workers and increased pay to the wealthy and investors. More workers, more revenue, and higher pay to the wealthy and investors will equal more revenue in taxes.
Bot to be rude but have no common SENCE!!!!! 
Obama is our president I want someone with common SENCE which is Obama!!!!
Hey Romney, stop spamming G+. It is really getting annoying. You are worse than the Inspirational Quotes and Yes I Knew That. I'm gonna block you because you are just too annoying. Not worth trolling.
With his surrogates calling out race baiting messages and he fails to repudiate them.  this shows lack of leadership.  he has no control over his party so they say anything they want
Well here is another fact CIA spoke and said that they were ordered to "stand down" including coming from the president. Well I don't know about you but I would live a president with integrity and values oh and leadership which Obama totally lacks. Once again he proves his administration is evil, the truth is coming out little by little, this is why he in quotes will get to the bottom of it. Americans look at the bigger picture and stop being so ignorant. America is desperate for a new leader , Romney!:) 
I'm not voting at all but I would for Ramney if I were. Both run by the Same group anyway 
Why do the yanks not understand that the whole western worlds economy went bad? It has nothing to do with Obama.
GOP is a party of NO and it's a fact. Check the record of what the GOP was doing in the last 4 years. GOP said NO to everything and wasted money on trying to vote on blocking Obamacare. Romney's program is Whocares!
Just watched "Obama's America 2016". WOW! Strongly suggest y'all watch it. OMGoodness! Mitt already had my vote, but wow!
It's Romney's campaign co-chair who supported the UN resolution saying that Zionism is racism, and you think Obama is not supportive enough of Israel.  It's amazing how consistently low-information the Romney/Ryan voters are.  Of course, given that the tax math doesn't pass a 3rd grader's basic math skills (20% across the board cuts, but the rich still pay the same?  that fails basic math), I can see why Romney's supporters must be ignorant.
I guess I'll just add my two cents worth into the current foray...I'm a retired USN (20 years), ever since I've been able to vote, I've voted for the republican party.  Unfortunately when the quality of candidates for the Republican party dried up, I voted for Obama. I'll be doing the same thing this time around again.  Once the Republican party can provide 2 candidates who are worth their salt then I'll go back to voting for them. 
Wendy W
And Mitt is going to cross the aisle and work with Dems? Gimme a break!
Wendy W
+Riplee Smith do you believe in never interrupting when someone is lying out their ass ever other sentence? Maybe it's time you rethink that.
romneys record as gov..47 out of 50 in job creation..a 60% disapproval his last year as gov..
Which are you the pot or the kettle?
60% disapproval ratings his last year as gov of mass..
Don Jones

" Get ready for Bush 3.0.  If electing this chicken hawk doesn't scare you, you haven't been paying attention.  The party of Romney, Akin, Mourdock, Sununu-too extreme and not fit for leadership " 

@ Don Jones, how are you getting on sucking Barack Obama's Richard ? 
The Republican party has done NOTHING else but denying cooperation in the last four years. You had all the chances to convince Your fellow cons to help bring the country forward. Yet You failed to even try. 
Imagine the following scenario. You take a new job created when your predecessor in that job retired. The boss was not satisfied with that persons performance in the job and told you he expected you to do better. The boss told you when you hired which problems he wanted you to address. Now, after having that job for 4 years and failing to make any significant progress in solving those problems, you are sitting in your bosses office for a performance evaluation. When the boss asks you to explain your inability to make any significant progress on the issues you were hired to correct, your response is to blame your failure on: 1) your predecessor and 2) your co-workers. Can you imagine you still having a job after that evaluation?? Well, can you?
Don Bludau

" I guess I'll just add my two cents worth into the current foray...I'm a retired USN (20 years), ever since I've been able to vote, I've voted for the republican party.  Unfortunately when the quality of candidates for the Republican party dried up, I voted for Obama. I'll be doing the same thing this time around again.  Once the Republican party can provide 2 candidates who are worth their salt then I'll go back to voting for them. " 

Thank you Captain Pugwash for that intelligent contribution to the debate. By the way did you sort out your problems with Seaman Stain ? 
kothetwin575@gmail   and
ko thet win
best of wishes
Respect !
Hahahahahahahaha......where's Mini-Mitt? Liar liar liar
John Mesamore

" Benghazi any one " 

I am still waiting for an answer from that Obama zombie
Rodrigo Blanco

who claimed there were 39 Marine Corps combat troops stationed at the US Embassy in Tripoli Libya on 9 11 2012, ( in the 4real World there were zero ), and that none of these ( fictional ) Marines were dispatched to Benghazi because Benghazi was a temporary thing whereas in the 4real World Benghazi is a major city in Libya and the site of a US Consulate, where he got the 39 figure from ? 

#Benghazi Benghazi
Absolutely right. We need to get rid of partisans who make statements like "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President _______ to be a one-term president."
Just because you do not like Obama, whatever reason you created in your head, doesn't mean the alternative is better. The grass is never greener than our current administration. Obama | Biden 2012
+Margaret Leber so your saying your ok with racist ignorant comments? Your saying these kind of comments are accurate. The America I live in and stand for has no place for nonsense. Mitt Romney is a far greater "shuck & jiver". How can you vote for a guy that you don't even know where he stands? 
+Warren Dew WarrenI respect your opinion but like every other conservative you talk with out facts. The G.O.P cares nothing for women. That's why there are saying and doing the thing that are going on right now. Outlawing a women's choice, finding women in binders because they don't deal with women on a regular basis, saying uneducated things like "legitimate rape" and that a women's body can selectively conceive. Facts sir, always go by the facts.
I'm with Romney, Ryan all the way!!
"America’s challenges are too great to let partisanship stand in the way."

This sits interestingly with the fact that Congressional Republicans publicly stated that their #1 goal was to get rid of Obama.
Damn some of you all just don't get it, after what George Bush has caused in his 8 year turn, it would have taken Obama another term to try to turn the country around. I remember vaguely at his victory speech he said America may not get there in his first term, but he said we are trying to move forward to being a better country. I remember that speech till this day, he did not make any solid promises because he knew that the bush administration completely turned this country upside down. Some of you all thought he could change after 4 years. I didn't believe it at all, because he said it may not happen, Romney thinks he could do it in 4 years. And the question to Romney is, is how, he has not once explained his plan to change the economy. Some of you all are voting blind. And it's shocking he supports the middle class, what middle class. There is no such thing anymore, either you are rich or poor. When has become a issue in your life and you look at it as a bill, you are poor. When you have to think what's more important food or a medical bill, you are considered poor. Another question for Romney groupies, do you think he can turn It around in 4 years, and if he doesn't would you vote for him again, because obviously everyone thinks Obama has failed, and hell some thought he even failed before he got into office.
That ad made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.
I mean when gas becomes a issue, you are considered poor. Living in the suburbs doesn't mean anything, even though the poor lives in a decent home.
And the reason why I sort of do not want to see Obama in office, is because of the hidden hatred of racism that some whites or other races have towards blacks, because I swear from experience and seeing it on the news, people who had that hidden hatred towards blacks is not hiding it anymore. And I feel someone would try to assassinate him if he is re-elected. So if he doesn't win, it's a win for him and his family because this term his life will be on the line if he is re-elected. If Romney becomes president, I will fear for the well being of this country. Also a side note taxes will go up in 2013. And yes Obama had nothing to do with it, Uncle Sam made it so.
+corian barrett  race card, race card, blah blah blah. Are you saying all those people who swept Obama into power 4 years ago have suddenly decided to be racist and try to vote him out. Wake up man, he failed - he told massive lies - he should be fired. I know it will be painful to admit to yourself that the guy you put so much faith in didn't meet expectations. I felt the same. Look, read this article and then tell me he and Hilary should keep their jobs... 
So, if Mitt can't turn things around in ONLY 4 years, will all you Romeny supporters want him out of office also? I bet you will want to give him another 4 years!!! 
+Anthony Brown I just don't want a COWARD as Chief Commander Officer! Obama was more concerned over protecting his terrorists pals than our American brothers.  If he didn't approve saving an American Ambassador in peril, can you expect him even lift a finger to defend you?!
Julian, all presidents lies, but this man name Romney has not even given a damn preview of how he will change things around, not once have I heard a plan explained, but oh he does have a hidden agenda once he gets into office, and as far as race, stop being naive, you know it's the damn truth, if your white you will never understand where I'm coming from
Belinda oh please, you call him a coward, are you doing anything to protect your country have you served in the military 
Belinda bush was more about protecting his terrorist buddies, hell he even funded them 
romney had a chance to prove what a great job creater he was as gov but his state had one of the worst job creation rates in the country when he was governor.
If Romney wins he will fail, and will deny he has failed. He may have been a good governor but a president, I think not.
Good ad. The look on POTUS is great. Go mitt!!
you are saying that because you are black and he is not
Why would u vote for a racist prejudice LIAR??
Fact is Mitt can and will work across the Isle and get things moving. Obama has clearly demonstrated a complete inability to work across the Isle and get anything done. Under Obama the next 4 years will be four more years of gridlock and stagnation or worse. 
President Romney! January 20, 2013.
You can only be as successful as your party and backers will allow. I would consider voting for you, but I can't support the GOP platform and their extreme ideology. I don't want this country run by a party that believes the earth is 5000 years old, ancient man rode dinosaurs and a uterus is property of the government.
+Mac Butts, you're taking your last name waaaay to literal. All I can read coming out of your mind is shit. 
It's time for change. Get the lier out of the White House!
The real question about Romney should be about his family and himself owning the the voting machines in Ohio, Washinton and Texas. I ask all of the Republican party to please explain to me how and why this is legal and should be allowed? I certainly hope the Supreme Court Justices are paying attention . This debacle is a law suit waiting to happen !!!!
Right On Chris...OBAMA all the way !!
 Tray See, think about the people who are 60 now.
+corian barrett for the record, I'm mixed race - My mother is as black as Obama. Blacks can be racists too and whites can be on the receiving end. You keep telling us what Romney will do, based on what - your prejudice about his skin color. But look at what Obama has done already based on his ideology.
+corian barrett "If Romney wins he will fail, and will deny he has failed." HMM.. Yet Obama has already done that.
#ObamaWorstPresident  in History is coming to an end.  Unfortunately the biggest American "con" since Orson Wells "War of The Worlds".  It's now an Obama War on Americans. Only several more months.
+Sean Reynolds He took the deficit from 10 to 16 trillion when he promised to halve it. His stimulus was just a way to funnel your taxes to his friends who in turn donate it to his campaign. The lies surrounding Benghazi are the most blatant I've seen. They alone should put an end to his reelection prospects. His ideology: he wants to redistribute the wealth so that everyone feels indebted to the government. He believes anyone who makes profit should be regulated. He probably genuinely thinks he has the answer and can make utopia. People like that are the most dangerous because they think things will be so good that any pice is worth getting there. Like Christopher Hitchens observed in his book Hitch 22: “A map of the world that did not show Utopia,” said Oscar Wilde, “would not be worth consulting.” I used to adore that phrase, but now reflect more upon the shipwrecks and prison islands to which the quest has led.
Please be advised that Google+ has a serious systems security problem which is being utilized against Governor Romney. It can happen that folks who support Mitt Romney can post on to this the Mitt Romney page and they can see their own postings but they do not display to the general page community. 
Vote Romney, the better choice.
President Obama 2012-2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 u know..........if we needed a good liar as president, then we would call Mitt Romney in...................... 
Think carefully before're voting in an entire party and their agenda. smaller govt, but only for business. Less "tax", but close loopholes (except for oil, banks, multi-nationals and über-rich). Sounds like a squeeze by the GOP on the middle....not drinking the koolaid...sorry.
Let's get the party started. Romney wins by landslide. Every vote counts except those absentee ballots from troops went down in plane crash. 
the problem is, if you actually bring people together (I doubt you will), it will be the right-wing you've been pandering to during the primaries, the "establishment" force-fed you and your non-specific agenda to that extreme right-wing that still doesn't want to admit that they never wanted you in the first place. If its true that a president's first term is for re-election, then I am certain your goal for reelection will be to pander and yield to your base and the extreme, so that they can support your bid for re-election.
Therefore, Mitt, I don't think in these hard economic and social times you will be fair to every American, I don't even believe you know what the word 'fair' means... And seeing how adept you are at saying what you think everyone wants to hear regardless of contradiction, I don't think you can bring people together. So my vote isn't for you. 
Bring people together? You can't see or hear it, but I'm laughing. 
He's done it before and he'll do it again! Mitt Romney for president! We've seen what Obama has done and it's not good. 
when Romney was the governor, he worked with 87% democrat so he was virtually a democrat (look at the out comes all of them are democrat-healthcare, education etc.).  when he was in Utah olympics, he deal with his friends for contracts and got a lot of help from federal government.  At BAIN everybody knows what happened there.  The next congress is going to be 50% republican at best (tea party included) --- as known to all investors  
"past results do not guarantee future performance"
+Mitt Romney You can be as partisan as you want, after indicting and prosecuting for TREASON, Mr. Obama and those responsible for the decisions that let 4 American Citizens be murdered while they watched and heard the horror of their fate.
Funny you say that now but your handlers are in the 'do nothing to help the people camp', as seen in the past four years when Republicans blocked any legislation the people need.
What humbug.
+Belinda Blok yeah Obama is coward. And he let 4 four Americans die. And Romney will deprive rights and allow millions of Americans to suffer because of the right wing nutjobs and religious freaks in his party. So much b.s.
Romney! You are full of promises and nice words... I hope you don't win because you will be in big big troubles if you become president...
+Johny Ringo Obama had help available just one hour away.Despite repeated requests for help, our citizens were left to die alone. Remember, our special operators got Bin Laden based on intel from the CIA, Obama took weeks to finally approve the hit. How dare you try to take credit from our brave soldiers.
No flip flippers for me. Thanks
This is utter Bull shit+ Aron Smith and total disrespect to the dead and their families please think about what you are posting Lie upon lie!!!
I would like to know why none of your sons served in US Military?
+Jennifer Towery as a female if you wish to vote this party into office you are moron my dear, but I should have known that by your idiotic rant about Muslims and that birther trite. You uninformed voters scare the shit out of me. Please crawl back under that rock you've obviously been living under. 
What if the Reps and Dems actually stopped their childish BS and did what is best for the American people vs what's best for their dumb parties? Maybe then our country could really move forward, but until then we are screwed.
im sorry. i just have very strong opinions. everyone is entitled to their own opinion
+Johny Ringo Why name calling?  Is that all your lexicon allows in the form of political exchange?  At least my picture is me, you had to borrow someone's else to pretend.  LOL!
+Victoria Chapman want to test how much you know about Obama?  Tell me what is the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
Just so you know. You are entitled to your opinion. It's baseless and childish but it is yours. 
. Oh it must be almost a week before the election and obummer must still be struggling as his bitter minions are vomiting up the racist card 
+Johny Ringo You're not even a real G+ member, you're a fly-by seagull, #crapstorming on posts that are above your intellect.  Your unwarranted attack on +Susan Miller is another tactic of the uneducated, wannabe debater.  There is no comparison between 9/11 and #benghazi .  I don't debate with mentally and socially impaired people, so please do not interact with me, my posts or my comments again.  Thank you.
Gotta love all the liberal bashing, if it wasn't for liberalism this country wouldn't have been founded
+Jason Habiger  and +Joe Dirt  Shame on you bullies.  +Riplee Smith is a teen, and I admire the fact she muster the courage to voice an opinion.

What did she say that was sooo personally offensive to you that you both went after her like criminals?  BACK OFF!
Ryan Ng
Go Romney. But Obama is still great.
How are you going to bring the country together? Your greatest skill is giving it the pink slip and selling off chunks to line your pocket? Sure we will be unified, in the unemployment line. Mitt you have too many issues, there is no way you can unify this nation. Not without making a lot of very real enemies first, and that is hardly unification.
He can't bring everyone together as he has already told you that he doesn't care about 47%. Don't fall for his lies!
When +Mitt Romney said that he's not responsible (not that he doesn't care, +devin mynett) for the 47%, he was speaking of them as voters, since those 47% DO NOT PAY INCOME TAX. These people tend to look for alot of handouts, making Obama their naive choice.

Get the facts people, stop believing liberal media.
is that why you vetoed everything as governor, and the state legislature had to override your vetos to get anything accomplished, not because of you, in spite of you?

808 vetos and one success, Robamacare... 34% exit approval rating... 
its great Kevin has the God given ability to tell us what someone meant when its crystal clear as spoken. your probably due for some sort of promotion up there on bullshit mountain.
Mary Jane, you mean the left can not use public records as facts? is that another rule on BS mountain? 
Marriott, $70m tax avoidance case lost, mitt was chief auditor, responsible for direct oversight of the tax records and filings... son of boss ended up being a son of gun for mitt. public Court records, no spin needed
+Mike Mac you know if you tag people in your comments it makes it easier for people to respond.

You honestly think that Romney meant that he doesn't care about 47% of the population?

All politics aside, have you ever been in a conversation and had someone take something you said the wrong way?

Just wondering.
What kind of jobs... below jobs
Obamas administration will cheat till the end. If somebody sees Obama please ask him to tell the truth about Bengazi, that's bothering me big time, CIA came clean.
I wish i could bill you +Mitt Romney for pain and suffering. During your last debate, i banged my head hard and long because you didn't even attempt to answer a question. 
mitt romney, what a tool. obama, what a traitor
Lets just put out a glossy concert folder and call it a plan for the future.ROMNEY/RYAN 2012
+Tod Anderson well then your head must be a bloody pulp by now if you've paid any attention to Obama's dodge-o-rama on Benghazi! Keep banging away as you'll never get a straight answer from him!
I understand why people voted for Obama once... I mean the whole fool me once saying...but how the heck do they vote for him again? Has to be the horrible bias of the mass media. Because there is no way Americans are that out of the loop.
Complete B.S. If you lose the election will you still bring people together? Thus far you and the Taliban-like Republican party have shown that to be a NO so your statement holds no truth value for me.
If I was in a union I would be embarrassed that I have to have my hand out from other taxpayers. Where is your pride? 
Mitt has a plan. Out with Obama...only ten more days! I can't wait!
+Mark Olsen - can you tell me what Mitt's plan is? cuz more tax cuts doesn't sound like a great idea.  Would honestly like to hear your thoughts. 
Wow you people should be ashamed don't call out on other people when you don't have a say so can go for whoever you want but why do you have to announce it to the whole world.because whatever you people say there will always someone who's negative...
I have lost "Hope" these last four years, I am ready for a "Change" and am looking "Forward" to a "Change I can believe in" President Obama just isn't "Optimal", that's why I'm voting for Mitt Romney 2012.
Bringing people together by dismissing half of them. 
Well said, the homeschooling is not gonna work again, does he think we're stupid or something and that we'd vote for him again, please! Romney 2012, lets make it count America. 
or having the republican congressional members make a goal for their "elected" terms to make President Obama a "one term president" is what we voted those officials to Washington for is a good thing right? That is how republicans are going to move the United States and its economy to move forward. This doesn't put republicans like Romney into a position to say "NO" to everything President Obama proposesss that would be good for the country if only it had not been proposed by President Obama. 
You'll be tossing U.S. citizens over the side in order to hand fat checks to your cronies at those $50k a plate fundraisers. Didn't you say you don't care about the 47%? Oh, yes you did. 
I'll bring people together by filibuster and blocking bills like increasing the debt ceiling. 
Cannot trust, all lies, no substance! Choosing George W. staff / advisors for your plan of future President - déjà vu scary. Radical right must be stopped. Romney is one of them. I have lost all respect for the Republican Party. People know who you are voting for, it takes more than tuning into talking heads a few weeks before an election. Research super PAC's. Watch world news regularly. Seek all your information from truly independent sources. Subscribe to U.s. government feeds. And for goodness sakes don't let politicians rhetoric turn you against one another. Fact the WORLDS economy crashed and greed played a role in it. It was not the poor guy down the streets fault and it won't be fixed overnight, especially if people start fighting with one another. Voting for Romney is another vote for George W. on multiple levels. May love and peace be with you all!
where is obamas plan? he thinks a budget is a speech.
neither are good choices. neither will follow the principles of american law. he is just the lesser of 2 evils.
besides...nationalizing and socialicing happened in the 1930's in another country...germany.
It looks like both sides are "here" "together", bickering on your post. :p
Jonny Waters(sea monkeys)your comments are stupid and your pic fits it.What a waste.And Sean,if you care about the future think about who your supporting.Obama does'nt even care about his own sevice men let alone what they have done for the country.Dont be like the waste of space Johnny Waters(sea monkeys).Think about if that kid your holding if they were serving and the debt created and money printed that will riun the kids future.
Weren't you against FEMA...before you said you now support it? 

You can't flip flop your way into the Oval Office, Mittens dear.
Yeah, don't go learning new things about stuff and changing your mind like that, MItt. Stick to your archaic dogmas, Ok? ;-p
Working together for change...I HOPE and PRAY for some REAL CHANGE RIGHT NOW in our nation--for a STRONG AND PROSPEROUS AMERICA! I am voting for freedom, and the Constitution of the United States--I am voting for integrity, for goodness, for opportunity--I am voting for women and children, for poor and rich, for Catholic and Mormon and agnostic, for black and white, for Democrat and Republican--I am voting for the family and religious freedom--I am voting for a balanced budget and lower taxes, for essential government programs, for education and the elderly, for our military, for accountability at home and abroad--I am voting for ALL AMERICANS--I am voting the individual I believe will open up opportunities to all and will strengthen our economy and our position in the world...Mitt Romney 2012
Folks should try to put together an Obama Zombie Apocalypse survival kit. 
Keep a sharp lookout for Obama Zombies. 
Obama Zombies

One who has political beliefs motivated by social image. 

One who refuses to make political decisions independent of the media. 

Obama Zombies present themselves as very political. 
Jill is an Obama Zombie. She threw out her Lysol spray and bought expensive eco-friendly cleaner. Now she doesn't feel guilty. She has one Che Guevara shirt, one Obama shirt, and one Gandhi shirt, all three made in China. 
Maybe Obama has eaten Hillary Clinton's brain ? 
Obama Zombie

(n) A person who blindly follows Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. Obama Zombies are very common is America and worldwide. They contain various characters list as: 

•Can not describe a policy or voting history of Obama 
•Voted for Obama only because of skin color 
•Follows because it is the latest fashion. 
•Does not know why or what is required to determine a qualified politician 
•Uneducated in politics 
•Left wing radical 
•Plays the race or class card when people criticize Barack Hussein Obama

Examples of Obama Zombies: 

Political personality cult victims based on race,class, or political views, and beliefs that have negative,hidden, or secret agendas to serve the cult masters, and to takeover outsiders.

#ObamaZombies  Obama Zombies
MITT, You are amazing! I know you can make this country better then it's ever been.
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