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We will provide the leadership and vision to restore America's greatness. Stand with America's Comeback Team today!
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where's the long-form tax return???
Go Mitt!
+Mog V. Debs the way it's organised right now it have to go before it will bankrupt us and future generations
Is Romney for any government services other than Defense? Honest question. I haven't heard him praise a single government program, are they all likely to be cut? Is the plan to rely on corporations for everything?
romney worked hard for every last cent of his money, he even gave away his inheritance. surely the rest of america could just keep their million dollar inheritances and not be having all these problems?
+Jeromy Mogharbel You'll find all the answers to your questions on Romney's website, Jeromy. Why not take the time out to read it?
the best bet.. to lose! oh snap
So, in most of your speeches you say America is the greatest nation in the world. ( We all know thats not true, you can just check where we rank in the world in education, health care , income, I can go on ) Now you want to "restore Americas greatness ". Hey mitt, release your taxes like your dad did. Why the off shore accounts ? Very un american dude.Tell the American people the truth, stop lying just to gain power.
Mike Baer
With the choice of Ryan, it is clear that the ticket is serious about fixing this economy by moving away from government control. Stay focused!
+Patrick Mccann You may be right about America no longer being the greatest country in the world now. Patrick. No more AAA rating, too much  debt, but we all know who to blame for that though, don't we?
hmm the top 5% of americans hold 80% of the wealth? surely extending the upper bracket tax cuts will solve the economy's problems
+Marty D'Arcy you know that when America's credit rating was lowered by S & P they also released a memo that explicitly said it was because of the House Republicans right? like, this isn't some paul krugman analysis you can waive away. the people who did a thing, said this is why we did the thing.
+Mog V. Debs And 47% pay no taxes.  The middle class pays the most. Don't forget those facts.
In 85 days Romney can start his journey into obscurity, as another failed Republican campaign. You know what I love about getting up in the morning? Knowing that Barack is my president
+Marty D'Arcy I'm on it. Honestly. And I spent a good deal of time going through "The Path to Prosperity" instead of relying on media breakdowns.

My synopsis is that Romney is emphasizing a tax cut across the board, for all Americans and Corporations. But, he is also emphasizing drastic cuts in social programs.

The problem I see is that it is somewhat assumed by this strategy that the extra income provided by tax savings should allow someone to afford the necessities they lose with the program cuts. The problem with this is that it does hurt those who need the help most. When lower and middle class families have to make hard sacrifices, like food vs gas, it stifles growth. 

Do I think that there are people taking advantage of the system? Of course. But just because the system isn't perfect doesn't mean it should be blown up. Is the government inefficient and over spread? You bet. But the solution isn't to slash all programs and go to a fend for yourself system either.

America should be setting the standard of living for the world. It is not the governments responsibility to provide everything for it's citizens, but it is it's responsibility to enable all those that are hard working and dedicated to amount to some level of personal success and comfort. Social programs help accomplish this. Tweak and retool an imperfect system? Yes. Blow it up? No.
Can you please define this greatness that we apparently have lost, and what exactly you are going to do to restore it?
R you talking about the people who make min. wage? and the number is not close to 47%
they pay no income tax, but they pay plenty of sales taxes and other agency fees. if you feel that our problem is people making minimum wage are taking home too much money, enjoy your ultimate presidential ticket.
If you want an increasingly fascist government that tells you what to do and believe vote for Barack Obama. 

Romney/Ryan 2012!
+Jeromy Mogharbel That's the only thing government does well. They've wrecked education. They've wrecked healthcare (and more to come). They've wrecked trade, energy, etc.
What were you sharing with this crowd..your tax returns?
bush should not have put us in TWO wars where he had to borrow from the china ya think, maybe
Virtually no one is hired for minimum wage (I work in the employment field). Minimum wage is a union ploy to raise their own inflated wages.
You know the tax returns thing is just like the Birther thing. Senseless. What happened to thinking Americans?
If any one needs to see my tax returns I have nothing to hide
I'm sure I could find something to question in everbody's tax return who makes over $100K
+Becktemba Kazemde Tax returns are things that every American participates in as adults. It demonstrates fiscal responsibility and honesty. The birth certificate fiasco was easily disproven and had no legs to begin with.
The difference between the birther thing and mitts taxes is we know one of the issues is not true. But ur right about thinking americans.
+Patrick Mccann I have nothing to hide either, but the IRS said they rejected mine due to Fraud!  They will tell me nothing more. But how odd.....they certainly accepted my check for my 2011 taxes owed!  
I'm sure if your looking for perfection you will not find it any of the candidates. Lets get real folks.
I feel Obama should release the Fast and Furious records PLUS his college records as well, but seems he isn't going to do that either.
Maybe someone here can tell us HOW he afforded all those first rate universities?
+Jeromy Mogharbel Romney is very much an evolutionary leader, not a revolutionary leader.  He will modify existing programs.  I haven't heard of any major programs that he would eliminate.

I don't see any plans for drastic cuts to social programs.  Medicaid, for example, Romney plans to convert to a block grant to states, to permit states to tailor their solutions to their individual needs.  However, the grants are not cut from current medicaid levels.

The same is true for other programs.  In general, the idea is to limit federal budget growth to inflation, rather than the recent growth rates of significantly above inflation.

The one thing that will disappear under Romney is Obama's "stimulus" spending.  There we're talking sweetheart loans to companies like Solyndra that are being eliminated, though, not social programs.
Fast and Furious, ok, college records, really, thats what ur goin with?
+Becktemba Kazemde I think that is the point. Obviously the tax system is rigged if you can find something questionable in anyone's tax return if they make more than $100K
Obama's once right hand man, Rahm Emmanuel is a straight Fascist.  That kind of thinking permeates the Obama Administration. By the end of an Obama 2nd administration, you'll have Americans at each others throats.
The tax system needs to be changed. I kind of liked the idea of the 9-9-9 plan with some modifications. Thats what we SHOULD be talking about.
+Patrick Mccann Sure, Patrick. I'd really like to see those college records he has had sealed. What could be in there that is so important he had them sealed?
Fascist, really? this kind of bullshit is what gets in the way of real dialog
+Aaron Taggart Who says you have to make over $100,000 to be the victim of a fraudulent tax return?
So if I understand this correctly, cutting taxes on the wealthiest citizens free's up that money so they can hire more people.  Yet the wealthiest citizens have been making record profits the last few years and we still have stagnating wages and the great majority of people still living paycheck to paycheck.  What I don't agree with is that so called "trickle down economics" is a valid way to help the working class.  Maybe there should be a clause stating that in order to get the tax break they must show X number of jobs created per percentage point.
We should be talking about Banks that can aid and abet our enemies and yet get only 2 days in the headlines.
I don't know, maybe he smoked a joint or something. Who cares?
LOL +Becktemba Kazemde ...I have seen blood shed already more than just throats; if you come to Romney threads often enough!  *wink
Fascism: a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism
Joint or something? Nice try +Patrick Mccann .  lol
Obama has already admitted to that....more than once!
It's no secret worthy enough to seal records.
sure sounds like bush to any thinking human
Patrick, Left yourself wide open won't take the shot.
Bruce A
The wasted $757 billion Stimulus package was supposedly earmarked  for the construction of new roads, bridges, sewer/water systems and the smart electrical grid -- Pelosi's famous "Shovel ready Jobs, Jobs, Jobs". Those shovel ready "jobs" never happen. The $757 billion legislative bill to nowhere is what our country got. That boondoggle alone should make a critical thinking citizen stand up and say, "Anybody but Obama."

But Mog apparently wants more of what we were served up in Obama's first administration. Dems like to make charges of "Too radical or too dangerous for America.' Seems to me that describes the Progressive movement perfectly.
+Warren Dew First, I do appreciate your responses.

Eliminate Title X Family Planning Funding — Savings: $300 Million. Title X subsidizes family planning programs that benefit abortion groups like Planned Parenthood.
-This disregards the benefits of Planned Parenthood. Feel free to be anti abortion, I'm not going to argue the merits of that here, but unplanned pregnancies are a detriment to the lower class.

Pass the House Republican Budget proposal, rolling back President Obama’s government expansion by capping non-security discretionary spending below 2008 levels.
-This involves cutting Medicare and replacing it with a new program (which they named Medicare again) with a voucher program and yearly limits. Which means that amount of care is capped, much like our broken system.

Those are from Romneys site. No I haven't scoured every instance when he may have suggested a program would disappear. But I do feel (subjectively, obviously) that his reformations will lead to an effective end to many programs. That is, even if they exist, they won't be helping.

Once again, that I do want to say that I'm all for reform, but I believe that the GOP has a tendency to neglect lower and middle class people.
How about some leadership and show us those tax returns. Mr. Romney? You are running on your business acumen. Part and parcel of any U.S. business or businessman are taxes. We need to see your taxes especially with the collapse of Wall Street so fresh in the minds of Americans.
Well said +Bruce A !  An important point is to look back in history.  The last time the govt created shovel ready jobs (the not-so-great depression), they were temporary short lived jobs.  Even if Odumbo had created something worthwhile, they weren't long term.  History has shown that throwing money at a problem only prolongs it.
I don't think it matters who gets the presidency, as either Obama or Romney won't be able to do very much to fix the economic situation.  Realistically taxes will need to be raised on all citizens and spending decreased in order to bring about real change, and neither Democrats or Republicans are willing to do what it takes.  We spent 1.6 trillion on the military industrial complex alone last year, if anything needs to get trimmed up,  I think that we should look there first.
Shouldn't +Mitt Romney successful management of his personal wealth be considered as a positive indicator?
Don't care about college records, just mindless distraction. Not even close to the level of mitts taxes, off shore accounts, ect. Bruce A. I can't drive down the rode here in the San Francisco area without running into construction. 
Comeback to what?  Massive off the book spending, endless wars and corporate ownership?  I'll pass on that offer.
 Belinda Block: not to people who think a certain way. No matter how clean or successful he his its not what they are looking for -really. 
I consider tax returns also a diversion, +Patrick Mccann .  Plus you may not know, but any money made on foreign transactions must be reported to the IRS as income.  Aside from that I am more worried about what Obama does with OUR money more than what Romney does with his.  So far I have seen nothing but squandering.
I'm ready to get our America back. Enough said on my part. Time to move on for me. Ya'll take good care!  :-)
It's a load of crap. Wouldn't vote for this polished turd and his turd-polisher VP if they were the only trolls in the election. I do not feel like voting away women's rights, and granting more tax breaks for the 1% and their corporations with off-shore tax shelters.
Where's obamas college transcripts and why is he hiding fast and furious documents from us? Why 42 months of >8% unemployment went he promised <6 with the stimulus? Where did all of our tax money go?
Does anyone wonder if republicans and democrats are utilizing bots for any social media interactions?  They could easily be programmed to spout talking points and it's way cheaper than putting people to work.
+Mitt Romney ...platitudes just don't cut it anymore...all the political pandering of utopia is falling on deaf ears...I'll be glad to run your campaign if you'll do what I say...from what I'm seeing so far you're gonna need a lot of help and be willing to have the fortitude change our dysfunctional government.

1. Your Tax Returns...stop ducking and hiding...wanna make someone shut up about your tax returns...then tell the truth. "Yes I have taken every possible deduction allowed by law. I have not broken any laws. Are our tax laws fair? No! That's why...if elected I will put forth a measure to totally rewrite our tax laws that are fair for all citizens and not written for the benefit of the wealthy.

2. You have to find common ground that both republicans and democrats agree on...put the social issues aside for the time being...
A. Reform/Simplify the tax laws
B. Stop the influx of corporate money/lobbyist into politic's
C. Shut down the Federal Reserve...that's a monster congress allowed that rules our political structure...

None of the above are feasible if in fact our political system is a servant to the aforementioned...which is what more and more people are becoming aware of...the borrower is servant to the lender! The people are getting poorer and the politicians are getting richer!...thus the pandering and platitudes only serve to substantiate these feelings.

People are fed up with the juvenile political bickering between both parties. We are paying your salaries to represent the people and act like adults, not like the silly little children you are acting like. 

...and oh yea, those stupid ads running on television...just stop it...stop the name-calling and blaming...stick to issues and answers...just because you and obama have hired idiot's to run your campaign's and super pacs don't mean the rest of us are equally stupid...Man-Up...stop trying to tell people what you think they want to hear and start by just telling the truth....the truth will set you free!
Why is gas $4.23/gallon? This is hurting everyone.
Bruce A
Romney and Ryan are promising to cut the federal deficit. I would imagine they will shave $5million off the budget by retiring Obama's touring teleprompter. 
+Jason Butcher I haven't seen gas that high in months.  Mines sitting at a higher then I would like $3.56.  Still need to keep in mind that the president can't control gas prices on a large scale.  Its a globally traded commodity.
Lance G
Go Mitt! Ryan is awesome!
Bruce A
Obama has been in campaign mode since 1996. If he's re-elected for a second term what will he do with four years of free time?
Gas is $4.23 here in CA.  My health insurance doubled in the last 3 years reason stated "due to the new health care mandate".  These are the issues that concern me the most not Romney's stupid tax return.  And do you think the Obamas are poor?  They are the super rich hanging out with the idiotic hollywood elite begging for money to get reelected.  
...either way it's garbage in, garbage out...politicians serve their benefactor's not the people...
First lady Michelle Obama's trip to Spain in August 2010 cost the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service at least $467,585.  Do you still care about Romney's tax return?  At least he spends his own money.  Michelle spent yours and mine.
How are you going to restore America's greatness by raising all of our taxes so you can keep fattening up the rich? How does shipping American jobs to China restore America's greatness? It's all empty platitudes until you can show us a real plan to improve the lot of the middle class. Obama at least tried to pass a jobs bill - which guys like Paul Ryan voted down again and again. What's Mitt's big idea, other than just running the Bush playbook of deregulating big business and shoveling more money at the billionaires? We all saw how well that worked out.
Bruce A
When a person touches their nose while they are talking it means they are being deceitful. That's body language 101. When Obama does the same thing while his nose is growing that's a tell.
I still care about his taxes because while the American economy was in the toilet between 2004-2007 there were a few who make out like bandits. We was robbed and Congress wrote the ransom note. We just want to make sure that Mr.Romney is on the up and up. It is the least we can do after paying for Wall Street's screw up once. Fool us once shame on them, fool us twice, shame on us. No more corporate welfare.
China has Billion+ people no way your going to keep jobs from them. Econ 101 We have to be creators Romney saved the jobs he could. If you don't understand that. we are in trouble.
+Mike Vago you want a presumptive nominee to give you a specific plan when the sitting president hasn't had a jobs council meeting in 7 months and has never even submitted a budget?
I hope, for this country's sake, that not all of Romney's supporters are as crazy as +Adrian Wainer . The first black president is going to bring back slavery? If you're going to post nutty conspiracy theories, at least come up with a more plausible one, like Obama's going to crash the moon into the Earth. Or he's going to use the same time machine he used to put phony birth announcements in the papers, and go back and help Abraham Lincoln kill vampires.
Bruce A
I hear people say, "Corporations are evil and should have to pay higher taxes." "Evil" is just a sales tool used to activate the weak political minds or those void of individual thought wandering the political landscape like Zombies in search of their next mind meal. 

Taxes and energy costs ripple throughout our economy.

Electricity has necessarily gone up as a result of Obama's vision of the kinds of energy we use and who we purchase them from. This increased energy cost causes all goods and services in the private and public sectors to increase also. Those increases are passed along to end users -- small businesses and corporations. Their increased costs are passed along to you and me at point of sale.

Taxes have the same trickle-down effect. Corporations and small businesses will pass their higher taxes to the end users -- you and me. So, whenever taxes are raised they are really increasing hidden taxes on you and me and not the evil Corporate America.
Propaganda and mind control practiced by politicians and MSM...I like the Zombie I affectionately refer to the Zombie Party Loyalist...
Bruce A
+Matthew Dance Thank you. I'll go now and leave the cleanup for Mitt and Paul to do.

Still can't find my teleprompter or Republican talking points and I feel naked without them. 
+Bruce A I can see where you are coming from, but aren't you just pointing out that corporations will win no matter what.  I don't find corporations "evil", rather I find them greedy and mostly unconcerned with people other than what can they do to extract every possible cent from their meager budgets.  If corporations are going to get taxed at a higher rate, then you say they will pass that cost on to the consumer.  I think that consumer confidence in our business leaders is at an all time low, and pandering to the business leaders is not going to help bring that confidence up one bit. 
Bruce A
Okay, one more.

Voting for Obama again is like handing the keys to your beautiful car to an inexperienced driver who never puts gas in the tank and will only drive it off-road. [Ring, ring] "Ah... Hi mom, dad. The car is stuck in the mud. Could you come down here and help me get it out?"

"Drivers license REVOKED! And you're grounded for life."
And in other news:  The Treasury Department says in a new report the government expects to lose more than $25 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout. That's 15 percent higher than its previous forecast.

Yet another Obama flop.  He would have been more successful blowing our tax dollars in Vegas.

And I'll bet even the most ardent Obama supporter given the choice to invest their hard earned money in a project by Obama vs one by Romney would pick Romney 100% of the time.  Because when it comes down to money we can relate to, the stuff in our accounts, logic often trumps emotion.
+Jeromy Mogharbel You bring up the issue of abortion and the funding of Planned Parenthood.  While I'm not a huge fan of late term abortion, I think that every child should be a wanted child, and that no one other than the mother is in a better position to make the difficult decisions surrounding pregnancy termination.  In fact, I used to contribute $100 a year to Planned Parenthood.  The story of why I stopped may be instructive.

To understand the story, you need to understand the Stupak amendment, which is part of Obamacare.  The Stupak amendment prohibits most health insurance policies offered on Obamacare "exchanges" from covering abortion.  Obamacare requires small businesses and individuals who don't have employer health insurance to use these exchanges.  Because Obamacare has additional provisions to promote the use of exchanges, and because of the effects of competition and standardization, these provisions of Obamacare are projected eventually to eliminate all health insurance abortion coverage:

Planned Parenthood originally objected to the Stupak amendment.  However, when push came to shove, they betrayed their supposed mission and supported Obamacare.

Why did they do that?  Well, it turns out they stood to gain more money under Obamacare.  That money wouldn't go towards family planning, but it turns out that only a minority of Planned Parenthood spending is about family planning any more.  Most of it is for general purpose women's health care.  So basically they sold ou and supported legislation diametrically opposed to their principles in order to feed at the government trough.  That's when I quit contributing to them.

Planned Parenthood is no longer about planned parenthood.  It's about getting money for one set of gynecologists at the cost of another set of gynecologists.

In the greater scheme of things, a cut of $300 million - $0.3 billion - to "family planning' that funds one particular chain of women's health clinics is tiny compared to the $100s of billions spent on medicaid and medicare.  General women's health expenditures should be addressed in the latter, not parceled out piecemeal to specific politically favored organizations.

And incidentally, that's an excellent illustration of why I think Obamacare is such bad news for actual health care.  It favors politically connected special interests - Planned Parenthood, corporate hospitals, the pharmaceuticals industry - over health care organizations that may do a better job for patients, like physician owned hospitals.  Bet you didn't know that Obamacare restricts physician owned hospitals from expanding.

As for "capping" medicare, no one believes that the current rapid growth in medicare is sustainable.  As you say, Romney does want to limit the growth in medicare expenditures, to something only slightly larger than inflation.  Obama cuts medicare drastically to help finance Obamacare.  As someone who will be eligible for medicare in a little over a decade, I'd much rather have Romney's version.
Since nearly all abortions in America are in fact done as a method of retroactive birth control, how is there a "difficult decision" to be made here? Couldn't that decision be made earlier, before a human life comes into being? Shouldn't it?
+Robert E. Waters Ideally unwanted pregnancies would all be prevented through the use of inexpensive birth control.  Unfortunately, the situation is not always ideal, such as in cases of rape.  In those cases, the decision of the woman should be respected, not the decision of politicians and the bureaucrats who administer Obamacare.
Wow. Not the RAPE default excuse for killing babies. Really? How many more years will you guys reach for the rape card. Most abortions have to dow with stupid kids sleeping around. 
+Ryan Tempura Not to mention that Romney paid $3 million in federal taxes in 2010, and another $3 million in 2011.  I doubt I'll pay $3 million in taxes in my lifetime.
Bruce A
+Dave Hardee I'm saying that corporations already do pass their taxes along to us. It's embedded in their product or service price. Materials, labor, marketing and all of their other costs are calculated into their pricing which usually adheres to their industries profit margin.

Example: Go to your local grocery stores, comparison shop at three of the closest ones to your home and you will see comparable pricing. The reason for this equality of pricing is their industries profit margin. 

So, in a very competitive industry you will see an average profit margin, say 2% for the Oil and Exploration industry. Some companies will set their profit margin higher than the other companies IF they have certain competitive advantages -- like better quality, delivery time or better customer service.

A company paying zero taxes will not be passing that cost along to the consumers. Competition will keep the profit margin at a competitive rate and I will be a happier consumer :-)
Odd all these folks want to see Mitt's tax returns. Gee, the long term cap gains tax is 15% and they are going to continue to holler when they see he pays only 15%. Guess what, if a billionaire's secretary had only long term cap gains as income, she'd pay only 15% fed income tax. Why does the president refuse to release his school records? What is he hiding? Did he fail Econ 101? Too many Marxist courses?
America's "greatness" will return when we become competitive in the educational arena; 21st place and......dropping? Mitt, what's the plan?
What are your plans when he wins (MITT ROMNEY) Newbias Maximus?        Ryan Tempura see you at the polls voteing for Romney.
You to  Aaron Smith, let's get those people there to vote for Romney. ROMNEY & RYAN   2012
Romney is a tool and so is Paul Ryan. Sure let's all vote in these guys so they can give the rich big fat tax breaks at the expense of the middle class. 
Better to give the rich tax breaks than to piss our money away to companies like Solyndra.
Isn't it great how Romney wants to pretend that the Ryan pick wasn't made in desperation (and bound to fail miserably), yet he and all of his surrogates are using the phrase "Comeback Team"?!  
The end of social security, medicare, medicaid, unemployment insurance, worker rights, regulation, women's rights.
Romney/Ryan 1912 - "Believe in America's Past"
+John Benjamin You may want to check that.  Obama has already attacked all those things in ObamaCare.  $700B cut to Medicare - CHECK! 
If Romney wins, he will truly not pay any taxes and then he won;t be afraid to show his returns anymore
+Ted Brunell Obama cut no benefits in the cost cuts to Medicare. CHECK! The donut hole in prescription drug benefits are also closed. It is cost reduction, not benefit cuts. CBO trusts the numbers and even Romney/Ryan don't dispute it, as Ryan includes the numbers in his budget. 

Secondly, all those things? Obama's attacking women's rights? Food stamps? Pell grants? Transit funding? Student loans? Social security? The Ryan budget isn't serious at all. It's just mass destruction of the livelihood of the poor and huge tax cuts for the wealthy. It even reduces tax brackets from 6 to 2. Next stop flat tax!

Romney is already running from the budget. He has lost Florida. When he loses the election, you'll remember this post.
+Ted Brunell Sorry, I didn't know how to link to you in my post above, I apologize. I am new to google plus. Thanks for responding before.
+Ted Brunell So should I give the president a cookie? lol  Just having a little fun. while true Bush did have his hand in ti, The President just completed what Bush had started so the charge that The president was returning a political favor is a hoax and no wrong doing was found and no such declarations was made as Romney declares
+Michael Dennis As long as Obama is not the President anymore I'm good with that.

Really, I thought that there were important issues to discuss this year, not just Romney's taxes.  Since Romney's income is mainly from Capital Gains, he is most likely audited every year (and thus the long delay in releasing the 2011 return).  

This is about as important and the most transparent President in history releasing his college records.
Ted & Traci, again it is pointless to argue back and forth. Lets just go help everyone and vote for Romney. Let them insult us, they are doing this to get you. We know this sitting president is done. They are the ones worried, dont let them upset you.
Prediction - Obama becomes makes a new record on losing the popular vote while still earning the electoral vote for the win.
Oblama's time is gone, it's time for the Romney/Ryan team!
I for one support our new Chimney overlord.
+Ted Brunell College Record? really you by pass tax records to talk about college transcripts really? How he deals with taxes will tell how he will deal with your pocket book.  And we already know that the president was the head of the Harvard Law Review, not a position just handed out. Romney voted to cut his taxes and raise them on the middle class in Mass. when he was Governor. in fact In Massachusetts he is over 30 points behind the president, Why is that?  They know something about him. John McCain won his state, and even Michael Dukakis  lead in and won Massachusetts, although he lost the election. Romney is not even leading and will lose not only the election but he will lose Massachusetts as well. Everyone should been listening to listen to Ann Coulter "If we do not run Chris Christy Mitt Romney will be the nominee and we will lose"  Go figure! Thanks for the input Ted Hope your week is great
+Michael Dennis Tax rates did not go up here in Massachusetts during Romney's term, and in fact he prevented at least one proposed increase.  He did close loopholes, such as one where banks were claiming to be real estate companies to get a real estate tax break.
Ok guys if your wondering why we who voted for Obama last time in the independent world have changed our minds it may have something to do with the mentality that Democrats have shown us. Ok the best way to sum this up is this.......



Here is your sign!!

Sorry the soup kitchen is closed we the American people are all out of hand outs

There's Obama and Johnson, did you forget what choice means?
Mitt, what is all that stuff about "Son of Boss" where you were chief auditor for Marriot?  It sure looks pretty bad, IRS called the attempted deductions you approved "fictitious" "fabrications" and reversed them all.  The news says you were hired into this Auditors job specifically to engineer this "Son of Boss" tax avoidance scam, because that is what you did at Bane.

What's the deal with all that?  and Why are you unwilling to release your tax returns, even though you demand those around you release them to you?
+Warren Dew  no, technically, tax rates did not go up, but he increased fee taxes  for licenses etc, so he did increases taxes.

He does not talk a lot of about his record, but there is a lot of articles out here that describe his failed term as Governor as "808 vetos and one success"  the success being Romney care.
+Ted Brunell   yea, we are talking about Romney here, not Obama, but good attempt at deflection.  One interesting thing that would be good to see is his 2009 returns.  That is the year of the IRS Amnesty program for tax evading criminals.  Did Mitt participate in this program?
+Ryan Tempura   2 years of tax returns?  Your wrong as usual, but good try,  He has released one year, 2010, that is it.  He has not even filed 2011 yet.
+Jason Butcher   Auto bailout is Obama's flop?  Last time I looked, it was a GOP program, signed and put into place by a GOP president in 2008.
+Jack Scalfani How are they stupid kids?  Have adults shown any more self control than teens?  I am pro-life, but I don't believe that teens that get pregnant are "stupid."
Scott S
America's Blowback Team
+Mike Mac Your speculation about the 2009 return is lunacy. First, no Republican could run for presidential office and be a tax cheat. We've seen that being a tax cheat is not a problem for Democrats, but it would be death at the ballot box for Republicans. If you'll recall, Romney ran for president in 2008. Second, it is ridiculous to assume that a guy who gives 15% of his income to charity is breaking the law to get the money. 

But if you are really that concerned that such might be the case, why not also be concerned about the hundreds of other representatives you have in congress and the White House? There is absolutely no reason to think Romney is more likely to be cheating on his taxes than to think Obama is, but there is reason to think Obama doesn't consider cheating on taxes as being a bad thing, since he had no problem hiring a few tax cheats for his Cabinet. 

And Romney has released both his 2010 tax return and the paperwork for the 2011. He's paid some $8 million in taxes over the last two years. 

The auto bailout is Obama's flop. While Bush did loan them money to float them until a bankruptcy filing (probably a mistake), it was Obama who bypassed the normal bankruptcy process, stole tens of billions of dollars from the bondholders in order to give it to his campaign donors, and then infused the company with many more billions of taxpayer dollars to keep the companies from completing the bankruptcy normally. Obama interceded to protect unions at the expense of the auto industry and to do it he used taxpayer money. If Obama had not interfered with the process, the companies would have been able to renegotiate contracts which affect the cost of production and thus would be more competitive in the marketplace. 

That doesn't guarantee failure by any means, but it is likely this is among the factors that has caused GM's stock price to drop by 50% over the last 18 months. 

Whatever happens out of that, Obama's behavior there is a clear indicator of his method of operating. He clearly is willing to take money from taxpayers to give to those who donate to him. He has done this over and over. Yet, his blind, mindless followers attack Romney even though the returns that he has released show absolutely nothing to criticize. 

That's why, when you turn a blind eye to blatant corruption you can see in the White House and instead cry, "there must be corruption in the tax returns I haven't seen!", you have no credibility. 
As far as the "tax scandal" it is a baseless accusation.  Remember in this country the accuser is supposed to provide the evidence.  The accussed is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

You know that if the democrats had ANY evidence that Romney did not pay his taxes, it would have been released and splattered all over CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX news by now.
We should set up a 'References' section somehow.
While you are at it, show us your Columbia Records, Columbia Thesis, Harvard Records, Selective Service Registration, Medical Records, Illinois state Senate schedule, Illinois State Senate Records, Law practice client list, ooops, that is Obama that has all of those and more records sealed!
Mary M
Thank you for not choosing Gov Christie, he is selling out to Islam
 Read below....

We Need To Petition the RNC To Remove Chris Christie As A Speaker

Thankful Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan instead of Governor Chris Christie. We don't need another administration that bows to and appeases our enemies and enables them to creep sharia law or anti-terror/jihad policies into the war on terror.

NJ Governor Chris Christie hosts Ramadan dinner at the Governor's mansion for his "friend" Imam Mohammed Qatanani, member of Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas (a State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organization) and his lawyer, a regular defender of terror suspects, whom Christie appointed to a Superior Court judgeship.

Even Sec. Napolitano's DHS wants to deport Mohammed Qatani.

"During his speech at the Iftar dinner, Christie said proudly: “You’ll all be fascinated to learn that in many publications around the country, I’m called an Islamist.” No one ever actually called him an Islamist, and I am not doing so now. What he is actually is the Islamists’ Useful Idiot."
While i disagree with Romney's use of religion to justify political decisions, I like his economic plans, and respect him as a successful businessman.
I wish Governor Romney would elaborate more on his [edit: plans for] regulation.  I like what he said about how we wouldn't want doctors practicing medicine from a garage. But just saying he'll cut the red tape makes it sound like he'll let the big banks run wild again. He needs to acknowledge that government has a policing role there. 
+Mike Mac Romney was a good governor here in Massachusetts - far better than his Democrat successor Deval Patrick.  Romney just happens to have a lot of successful experience, and is emphasizing his business experience at present.
+Mike Mac Bush was responsible for some bailout of Chrysler and GM in the form of loans which are now repaid, but Obama doubled down on that policy with share purchases that the taxpayers are set to take a big loss on.  Fortunately Romney is neither Bush nor Obama.
Crowd looks pretty small. That's a good thing I suppose.
+Warren Dew  Okay stand back everyone!  The Warren Has Spoken.  lol  How goes it  How's the weather up there?  is it cooling down yet? Thanks for the remarks Warren 
Look if your a racist you need to keep it to your self there if a fine line between making a comment and being on professional,a lot of people agree so if I was you I wouldn't make racist comments,and I say this with all do respect.
Stupid Romney. Mocking China will lead to a disastrous failure.
+曹建 Are you reading the same post I am?  Seems like there are a lot of comments here that have nothing to do with the post.
Comeback?  To what?  The Bush years?  You're kidding right?
I find it funny that middle class people want to vote for someone who is going to take a huge shit all over them and only protect the rich and wealthy to a further degree then they already are.  Anyone who thinks Trickle Down Theory works needs to ride the short bus to work everyday (if their competent enough to hold a job).  The Economy, yeah, that's totally Obama's fault even though Congress and the Senate have intentionally sabotaged any of Obama's plans, the GOP has made it quite clear that their only goal is to make Obama a one term President and they don't care if they have made the economy worse by doing so, as long as they get back into power to continue W Bush's failed policies.  
I am disgusted not only with our government, but with the American people for being so stupid, so lazy, so gullible, and so complacent about the tyranny in our country today. Can’t we all draw a line in the sand and say, “enough”? Or are we destined to continue our slide into more and more poverty and tyranny?
Also, no one seems to care that Romney held a campaign event hosted by a convicted drug dealer, there is no excuse for this as the Romney Campaign knew he was a convicted drug dealer.  Sadly the money raised from this event is probably less dirty then most of the money that he has raised for his campaign.
Soooo, Obama is a move to the future? If so I don't want it. He promised to cut the deficit in half, promised. What did we get, a massive increase in the deficit. You may want his vision for the future but I sure don't.
Scott S
I wonder how many people will vote for Romney just because he's not black...
I'd ask how many people will vote for Obama just because he is black.  Bigotry on parade!
+Ryan Tempura , Lets see, started Bain capital funded through money from known "death squad killers", majority of his money comes from billionaires are already asking favors from him before he gets in the white house.  Totally out of touch with the common man.  Has completely flip flopped on every policy he put forth as Governor of Massachusetts.  Has very questionable answers to why he won't release his tax forms even though his father had no issue doing this when he ran for President.  Obama's wife saying at one point that she was "ashamed to be an American", hell I was ashamed to be an American under W Bush.  A VP who think in vitro fertilization is wrong even though Romney's own daughters have had in vitro fertilization done.  No plans or policies put forth accept a tax plan to give more tax cuts to the super wealthy while taxing the middle class more.  Ashamed to admit that Obamacare is modeled under his own health care policy he put in place as Governor (although Abortions where covered under Romney's health care plan while they are not under Obama's).  A wife that say's they have nothing to hide in their taxes but refuses to release any info on it (basically releasing them is more damaging then not releasing them).  Already making statements that he wants to start another war with Iran. A do nothing GOP Senate and Congress who doesn't care about getting this country back on track as long as they get Obama out of the White House (Ok, that's not Romney's fault but it's just plain wrong). Romney's wife on their "tough times" in college, yeah, they can relate to the common person or middle class. "*They were not easy years.* We were happy, studying hard. Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time. The stock came from Mitt's father. When he took over American Motors, the stock was worth nothing. But he invested Mitt's birthday money year to year - it wasn't much, a few thousand, but he put it into American Motors because he believed in himself. Five years later, stock that had been $6 a share was $96 and Mitt cashed it so we could live and pay for education. Mitt and I walked to class together, shared housekeeping, had a lot of pasta and tuna fish and learned hard lessons.We were living on the edge, not entertaining. No, I did not work. Mitt thought it was important for me to stay home with the children, and I was delighted."

A Vote for Romney is a vote for Big Businesses period.  He will only do what is in their interest, he could give two shits about the people who put him there if he is elected.  We will go back to the same W Bush policies that put us in this economic mess in the first place.  
+Ryan Tempura , i will just end on saying this as arguing about politics is pretty useless as your not going to change my mind and I'm not going to change yours.  I can attack Bush all I want, he's what got us here, starting two wars, one justified, the other was NOT (Iraq).  Do your own research since the Bush tax cuts and unemployment, it's pretty obvious Trickle Down theory doesn't work.  Creating jobs?  Point me to a link where Romney has put for any plan or policy to create jobs, he hasn't, he hasn't come up with any policies except his tax plan.  The "I didn't build it thing" was totally taken out of context by the Romney campaign, if you can't see that you are blind, that's like me believing that Romney killed that guys wife, learn to read between the lines.  I work hard for a living, I have never taken one handout from the government.  I don't hide undisclosed amounts of money in off shore tax havens and I don't want a President in office that will only have the backs of large Corporations that would rob the elderly blind without even blinking an eye.  Create jobs, yes, Romney will create many jobs overseas so that's great for their economies but I'm more concerned about the US's economy.  It's disgusting to me that you have to resort to personal attacks to try and get your point across, assuming I'm on welfare, I pay my taxes, and a much higher percentage of taxes then Romney does.  So go ahead and attack me if I think it's wrong if someone making over 3 million dollars a year will get a $250K tax break under Romney's tax plan.
Ehem +Kevin Matthew  I'm afraid you didn't read far enough. Pls note:

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email that the song was inadvertently played during the setup for ONE event before Romney arrived. The band learned about it in a tweet from Romney's North Carolina stopover. The song will not be used again.

These types of dustups are nothing new.
There was Ronald Reagan's appropriation of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA."
Tommy Petty and Michelle Bachmann squared off over "American Girl."

And John McCain's campaign ran afoul of a number of acts in 2008, including Jackson Browne and Foo Fighters.

Soul singer Sam Moore asked President Barack Obama to stop the use of "Soul Man" in his 2008 campaign.

So enough of your TMZ celebrity post. +Kevin Matthew
I'm sure it will get more attention elsewhere.
I was kind of neutral on him.  I kept an open mind and waited to see if he had any innovative small business proposals.  He didn't, but what completely flipped me was when he wouldn't stand up to Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke "a slut".   He was too cowardly to stand up to a bully, and that is not the kind of character I want in a President.   Hearing his recent speeches accusing President Obama of "hate" though, I have to say I am totally disgusted by this man.  I realize this may appeal to certain kinds of personalities, but I plan on encouraging everyone I know to not vote for him - he is a dirty politician. 
Green Energy is good .....
Maybe quit stealing hard working Musicians music? 
idc what ppl think about me saying this buuut...... PEOPLE WHO ARE VOTING FOR OBAMA THIS YEAR ARE CLEARLY JUST PLAIN STUPID!! -_- 
Politics aside green energy is possible and the technology is there if implemented correctly.  Half of Germany is powered by solar.  I wish America would take steps in this direction but then again there are many powerful lobbyist that don't want to see this happen.

+Ryan Tempura  , my statement was completely true.  I do pay a higher percentage in taxes on my personal income the Romney.  When billionaires like Warren Buffet are saying they pay to little in taxes that says something.
IOUSA Live - Warren Buffett on Taxes

+Rheanna Jean I could easily say the same thing about Romney, everyone is titles to their own opinion, just because they don't agree with yours does not make them an stupid.  
+Kevin Matthew You have no idea who you are voting for since everything about BHO seems to be a fabrication, an outright lie, or a secret.
+Josh Fisher You may pay a higher percentage, but you pay nowhere near what he pays dollar wise. He donates much more to charity than you do as well.

As far as Germany, you didn't mention that the government subsidies make German electricity the most expensive in the world.
For all those complaining about tax records... Why doesnt Obama release his college records? What could you possibly want to hide in college records?
+william dover , If I made millions or dollars a year I would have no problem with paying a higher percentage rate in taxes.  *Of course he pays more, he also makes at least 50x more then what I do and that is low balling it*  These people can afford to pay more.  Your blind if you think the rich donate to charities out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it for Tax Write offs, it actually saves them money donating to charity as they would pay more in taxes if they didn't.
Wow +Josh Fisher envious of those that have more than you?? You want some of that. You just don't want to have to work for it.

One of the problems with taxing the rich is that they keep lowering the bar.

Your remarks about charitable donations simply reveal your ignorance about the tax system. Perhaps you should release your tax records.
+Josh Fisher You are making one of the common mistakes in your view of charitable donations. If you make $1,000,000 and you give $100,000 to charity, the deduction is that you are now only charged taxes on the $900,000 you have left. It hardly makes sense to assume that "greedy rich people" are giving away $100,000 so they avoid paying out $35,000. See, the math says that would leave them $65,000 behind where they would have been just by paying taxes. 

To explain the 15% capital gains tax rate, let's look at that same guy. Let's say after taxes he now has $500,000. He can put that in his Scrooge McDuck vault on his stack of $1000 bills, but we want him to invest it. 

However, he knows that he could lose his money if he invests it. So, we tell him that if he doesn't lose the money, we will only tax his profits at 15%. So he looks for investments where the risk/reward ratio makes him feel comfortable investing money he has already been taxed on. 

The higher the tax rate, the fewer investments will be attractive. It's not about what rate he "deserves", it's about what rate will get him to risk his savings. 

Guess what? This type of investing is available to all of us, not just greedy rich people. You can choose to risk your savings like this instead of wasting it in retirement accounts and the like. You know why we don't? Because of risk. 
Hello Mitt Romney. I think you would be an awful president. 
Hello Paul Ryan. I think you would be an awful vice president. 
+Chris Rehm With respect to charitable donations, that's not actually completely accurate.  There is a loophole called "charitable contribution of appreciated assets" that allows you to deduct the market value of an asset even though you never recognize as income the capital gain that led to that market value.  Effectively the contribution is double counted.

This is also something that only those rich enough to have a portfolio of high risk investments - so some of them get to be highly appreciated - can really take advantage of.

I am kind of hoping that this is one of the loopholes that Romney will close.
+Chris Rehm Also with respect to capital gains, I see it a bit differently.  Part of the "capital gain" that one is taxed on is just the effect of inflation, which is not a real gain.  I think the reduced capital gains rate is a rough compensation for that effect.

Personally, I'd prefer to see a more exact adjustment - adjust capital gains for inflation, but increase the tax rate to compensate.
I believe every American citizen should be taxed @ the same percentage rate, & that tax should be non refundable once we agree on a proper percentage rate.
Please get back on track.
Jobs, Economy, Debt, Deficit spending.
Please, Please, Please,
Thank you.
Go Back to #Bush  Team is a more apt description of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan
if you realy want to lead america to a new beginning take the victims of electronic torture seriously end there suffering and save the taxpayer's fifteen to thirty billion dollars a year these people are forced out of there lives and forced to live in poverty relying on government assistance unemployment,welfare,housing and medical the burden this places on the american tax payer is enormous everybody in this country is a vicyim either directly or indirectly
Electronic torture?  You mean like run on sentences on the internet?
+Warren Dew re. Charitable deductions: I don't see how that would change the point. Taking your statements as fact (I'm unfamiliar with this loophole) if I were to take my $500,000 and buy an asset, then it appreciated to a value of $1,500,000 and now I donate it and write it off, I've given up something I could have just sold for $1.5 million. So, even if I get to write that off against personal income and save 35%, I'm still out a million. Even if I double the tax savings to say I would have paid personal income tax on the income from the item, I am still $500,000 behind where I would have been if I'd sold the item and paid the taxes. (and please note I was applying the tax rate to the full amount instead of the increased value to amplify the potential savings)

And that was the point I was trying to make. That is, the fantasy about rich people making a profit by giving stuff away is just nonsense. 
+Chris Rehm Ah, okay.  I agree, they don't make a direct profit.  The loophole just allows them to avoid paying taxes on some of their other income.

I do put the caveat "direct" in there, as billionaires who control their own foundations can direct those foundations' "charitable" work in a way that benefits their companies.  For example, when the Indian government was evaluating switching to linux, the Gates foundation made a bunch of big donations in India, which put an end to that idea.
+Warren Dew You may be right in your desire to not tax capital gains on investments which simply hold their value against inflation, but I would suspect that trying to exclude inflation would simply lead to horridly complex tax calculations and I'm pretty sure we've got enough of those. ;-)

But the real discussion about capital gains tax rates circles around the left's general ignorance of why the rate is 15% (soon to be 18% I think). The higher this rate goes, the fewer things people risk their money on. The lower the tax rate, the more things seem worth the risk. 

The left uses the rhetoric "pay their fair share" to manipulate the ignorant who are clueless about what drives the tax rate. 
+Chris Rehm I agree that the "fair share" rhetoric of the left is bogus and reveals a lack of understanding of economics.

Adjusting for inflation would simply involve adjusting the basis for capital gains by the consumer price index - multiplying by a ratio.  It might have been cumbersome back in the day of manual calculation, but these days we've got computers to do that stuff.

And I think the benefits would be large.  There's a place for short term, high risk investments, but I think there's also a place for long term, lower risk investments - and the present system heavily penalizes the latter investments.  For example, for an asset that was bought in 1995 for $100 and sold in 2010 for $150, inflation accounts for $45 of the $50 nominal gain, and the inflation adjusted gain is only $5.  In that case, today's 15% nominal tax rate amounts to a real tax rate of 150%.

Fixing distortions like that would allow for a smoother running economy.  And if inflation adjustment permitted us to also use the same rate for earned income and capital gains, that would forestall the silly "fair share" attacks as well.
+Adrian Wainer Yes those tricks are beyond the capability's of Conservatives on G+, or maybe the majority of people on G+ see through MIT's BS and are rightfully spamming all of his BS posts.
Well the truth is, the US has too bail out Europe. There is no alternative.
Romney's 13% tax rate does not include the sep ira that grew by $100 mil tax free during that time period.  That's half his net worth gained completely free of taxes.  Does this lie change anyone's mind about him?
Well the truth is, the US has too bail out Europe. There is no alternative.
In my opinion, the bureaucracy is majorly corrupted. Take lobbyists for example. The organizations with the most money "buy" congressmen and women to ensure life is easy for them. Then the average person can't change anything unless they ride the surge of a nationally recognized catastrophe or success. Nothing any president can do about it, well, not any president currently in candidacy. 
+suma chatterjee - 18th August ~ +Romney Ryan ~  Leadership is urgently required . Many Americans have no idea about American Greatness of the Past .  Situation is such that, people are doubting whether little bit of Humanity and  justice for economy will be too much of expectation from the President . So far, Obama has kept only one Fund of Defence Department . Other Departments are there without any Fund . So , if there is war , only then money could be  brought out . Other Departments should be stimulated equally . 
Don't follow the herd or those who say you should vote for certain candidates. Find out for yourself which candidate best suits your worldview:
Seriously....Can't you guys even photoshop in a black person? I've said this in previous posts. Finding black people in these pictures is harder than a game of "Where's Waldo"
as a republican and iraq veteran, this is the best we could do? chalk-up another disenfranchised citizen voting for the incumbent. GOP, you really need to stop pushing the moderates away. move back to the center, it is the only hope you have left.
+Kyle Mead So you are going to support a guy that has kept unemployment above 8% for over 3 years?  Have you been able to find a job since leaving the service? Iraq/Afghanistan vet unemployment is about 9%.  Is that something you support?  Maybe you are supportive of his proposed cuts to TRICARE?  How about all the leaks that are coming out of the White House regarding military operations?  Nothing like taking care of your brothers and sisters in arms, right?

I spent a couple of decades in the military and retired a few months before the election that allowed Obama to take office.  No way could I support someone with a record like Obama's.  Oh sure, he was in office when Osama finally met his fate, but it was a Bush's policies that got the win.  The draw down in Iraq - designed by Bush and Rumsfeld before Obama took office. 
+Kyle Mead You are saying that Mitt isn't moderate enough for you?  Mitt is so moderate he's almost a Democract! Mitt is far to the left of JFK.
I hope that this greatness restoration does not mean more of us have to die in Iran to achieve.
The "R" in your logo looks like a finely sculpted butt. 
+Ted Brunell To be fair, possibly all +Kyle Mead has read is the left wing propaganda that passes for press coverage these days.  You could get a pretty distorted opinion of Romney and Ryan that way.

Kyle, who would you have preferred was nominated, and how do you think they would have been better than Romney?
+Kevin Capolino No Paul Ryan was not born in Kenya. Wikipedia serves as a good reference to start further education on subjects. 

"Paul Ryan was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin" - Wikipedia

Wikipedia isn't the source of all truth and is capable of being wrong as mentioned in their disclaimer but I haven't heard of anyone say he was born in Kenya so I think i'll just look as far as Wikipedia this time.
We definitely need to a team to provide leadership that cares about ALL of us here in America.  I really feel though you +Mitt Romney  and Paul Ryan can do that.  You all definitely have my support.
Let's see your Harvard Records, Obama.
Hey Mit! Is there less government in Europe, Russia, Italy, etc...? You know why, because it allows people to do whatever they want. You want to turn America into the new Africa Diamond mines. By putting all the poor people to work in industrial factories. Anyone making less than $500,000 a year.  Your brain washed broke followers can't even see it.  You want to enslave the poor, anyone making less than $500,000 a year. Because anyone making less than that can't afford to be a republican. But their to brain washed to know that.  
Amazing what people will do for a free pepsi :).
+Thomas Terence Conservatives picked McCain over Romney for the same reason liberals picked Obama over Hillary.  They thought that he'd be the best person for the job at the time.
+Thomas Terence A lot of people thought that McCain was the right man for the job, conservative or not.  The conservatives knew that McCain is a moderate, and thought that he would be the best choice to work with congress - both democrats and republicans - to fix the looming crisis.  Instead the majority of American people chose Obama and he has made things worse.  Its time for CHANGE.  Romney is more conservative and will be willing to make the hard choices and cuts to make America profitable again.  If McCain were running today, his moderate position would probably not make him the best choice for today's challenges. 
+Thomas Terence I am not sure what it will take to break the grid lock in Washington.

Lets hope that making a change prevents that from happening.  Romney has some experience in dealing with financial crisis and getting things back on track.
+Thomas Terence I agree with you completely.  Some people take way too much enjoyment in being a road block to others.
+Thomas Terence How is Romney a career politician after only a single term as governor? Also your statement contradicts Obama's comments on the matter.
+Thomas Terence I'm not following you. I realize that 4 years ago we elected the least experienced President in a century and a half, with disastrous results. Are you now arguing that experience is a bad thing?

I see you didn't challenge my assertion that your statement contradicts Obama's comments on the matter.
+Thomas Terence As long as we're selectively responding, Romney is too moderate for you, so you're voting for Obama?
I can't imagine why anyone would constantly run down Romney unless they thought Obama was a better choice. Barack has made several comments about what makes America great, they all involved entitlements (inferring we weren't great before them) and big government. Also see his recent "you didn't build that" (the least offensive of what he said) speech.
Our Dollar has lost power worldwide in the last 18 months, we have greater unemployment -8 % -than ever before, more Americans of all income levels than ever before in history are grocery shopping with government food cards. Now you tell me, what is so great about that??? 
"The welfare state under Obama has grown by 19%" What does this made-up number even refer to? Obama's reduced government spending, and he would have cut welfare payments to GE and the oil companies, but Mitt's buddies in Congress wouldn't let him. Also, we've created more jobs every month for three straight years. It's not Obama's fault he inherited double-digit unemployment from 8 years of Bushenomics - you know, the economic plan Mitt wants to bring back.
+Mike Vago it refers to how many people are dependent on government entitlements to survive.  In our modern society, it sould be going down.  But when a government is stifling corporations from hiring people and has created a bad economic environment, then the numer goes up.  Obama has created a lot of jobs, but lost more than he created and that is why he must go.

Obama said he "owned" the economy a year ago.  Things have not gotten better.  He continues to blame everyone but himself.  Saying that GW Bush is the reason for the bad economy at this point is almost as laughable as saying that Clinton had economic success because of GHW Bush.
Nate M
"Romney's income was $13,696,951 in 2011, and he paid $1,935,708 in taxes. Romney's income for the year was more than 263 times larger than the U.S. median household income of $51,914.

At 379 pages, Romney's 2011 tax return is nearly twice as long as his as his 203-page return from 2010. A full 267 pages of the latest return are devoted to listing Romney's investments in 34 offshore corporations and partnerships, including 15 in the Cayman Islands. Of the 34 offshore companies, 30 are located in countries considered to be offshore tax havens by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Romney's Swiss bank account, which appeared on his 2010 tax return, has disappeared. His personal Bermuda-based corporation, Sankaty, remains. Romney also shifted $111,081 offshore to a Bain Capital affiliate based in the Cayman Islands during 2011, and an additional $296,471 to a Golden Gate Capital fund, also organized in the Caymans."
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