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Thank you to those who stormed the beaches, took the cliffs and freed a continent. We should never forget ‪D-Day.
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Mr. Romney, for once I agree with you completely, but I still don't want you in the White House.
Actually, it was Sovjet that wasted Nazi-Germany. A lot of Americans died on those beaches but why put that into the political race in 2012?
+Ulf Karlsson, it's the 68th anniversary of D-Day, it doesn't have anything to do with the election, just historically pertinent.
+Mitt Romney Why international community has closed their eyes on killing of innocent kids peoples in FATA Pakistan !!! Is't this shame for US . Indeed very shameful 
D-Day should be celebrated and remembered.  WWII was truly a just war because we declared war as per the Constitution, kicked butt and came home.  It's the last time we did that properly.  +Mitt Romney   Do you support getting a legal declaration of war from Congress before committing troops?
+Patrick Read  It might very well be so. But at this period of time most of the things the candidates say are related to the coming election. 
If it has nothing to do with the election, then why would some handler post it on a Presidential candidate's Google Plus page?

To politicians it is ALL political. Don't delude yourself.
I think a lot of people would say it was Russians fighting on the Eastern Front that saved the continent. Not to say the D-Day fighters were not brave and honorable people, but let's ensure we remember that they weren't alone.
+Ulf Karlsson Ok, but we're splitting hairs now.  Is a presidential candidate showing admiration for a famous American historical event really going to change your viewpoint of them?  Did the posts rolling in on Memorial Day change your view of one candidate or another?  It's a fluff piece, who cares from an election perspective.
Of course it's not going to change my view. But I can guarantee you that some analyst and some handler somewhere after looking at data from focus groups made a serious decision to authorize this post because of the high probability that it will increase vet voter turnout for Romney by a fraction of a percentage point.

Politics is politics. Self-serving and only one goal in mind.
+El Kanagavel The Soviets took part in WW2 but needed huge amounts of supplies and fighting equipment supplied from the US and the other Allies.

Europe must have already forgotten that the US, Britain and France also stood ready to protect the rest of the continent after the Russians enslaved Eastern Europe. The Communists murdered more people than the Nazis could ever dream of killing.
+Patrick Read , thanks man.

So everyone else that is turning this post into a patriotic pony show for America's involvement in WWII: Weren't we totally uninterested until Japan smacked us in the rear while we weren't looking, or am I thinking of a different war?
+Casey Attaway The US was very involved as a supplier of arms to England and the attack by Japan wasn't as much of a surprise as people think.

WW2 pulled the US out of the Depression. 
Thank you Mitt!  Thank you veterans!  Thank you liberals for showing your true colors.  
Mitt avoided the draft four times. That doesn't make me liberal... FYI

It's not like he actually posted this. His people thought it up. At least they spelled everything correctly this time.
+Scott McElreath 
So Romney must take the blame when a programmer has a typo but he does not get credit when he posts something patriotic and non-partisan?  Typical liberal nonsense lol. He was serving his God which is just as high a calling as serving country.  Go back and pray to Obama a little harder...
Todd, people like to make up stuff. No need to know facts these days. That's why Republicans don't support education. They don't want us be learnin' things... People think Obama is a Communist, but they don't even know what that means:)
Nate, he didn't post it. I don't like Obama either. Go back to watching TV. There were plenty of Religious people that died in Vietnam.
Funny how the Republicans assume anything negative posted to their favorite presidential candidate equals being a liberal Obama lover... 
+Thomas Terence    There are not many Theodore Roosevelt Sr. or Jr. in US today. Lip service is more secure and might open doors to Washington where similar people serve. 
+Scott McElreath Liar. Romney's foreign Mission service was mandatory as a Mormon. He returned to the US while the war in Vietnam was at its height. There was no draft dodging on Romney's part.
You must be thinking of Bill Clinton.
Milton  - He was protesting for the draft here in the US. That wasn't after the War... Plenty of poor people died that were Religous and didn't have money or a rich family to get their "paperwork" for not having to be drafted. He should have been against others being drafted as well, for his Religion.

His Religion was important so he didn't have to get drafted, but he made sure everyone else did. BS
+Scott McElreath That's a pretty simplistic view of it as there's plenty of blame to go around. And don't confuse an objection to the state providing a service with an objection to it being provided at all. 
ULF, thanks for naming most of the people that caused the current economic situation:)
Todd, it's the truth, That's why it's simplistic. The truth is usually let wordy than bullsh#t...
Does this post from +Mitt Romney have anything to do with Vietnam?  
I didn't think so.  Everybody should be thankful for the veterans of this country.  Doesn't matter which way you lean.
Yes, it does. The example of Vietnam shows Mitt's view on War(s). Let the other people fight them while I do God's work making sure they get drafted to go.
Another bullsh#t-proof claim, +Scott McElreath, is that Democrats oppose educational reform and school choice because they are beholden to teachers' unions. Simple!
+Scott McElreath No, actually his post had nothing to do with Vietnam.  Check your history, D-day has nothing to do with Veitnam.
+Scott McElreath Your point? Romney didn't do anything that any other American could have done. There is no indication that he received any extraordinary treatment.

I personally oppose the draft and I volunteered to serve in uniform. I even oppose war but I happen to be good at it.

I also believe that a man's duty to God takes precedence over duty to country. Romney exercised that right.

I call BS on you.
Thanks veterans!

Thanks Mitt for four more years of Obama!
+Scott McElreath I did not start any liberal hate talk.  I was simply pointing about this post had nothing to with Vietnam what so ever.
Did you take history in school?  D-Day was WWII
Milton - Mitt received four draft deferments. That was normal.

"according to Selective Service records. They included college deferments and a 31-month stretch as a "minister of religion" in France, a classification for Mormon missionaries that the church at the time feared was being overused. The country was cutting troop levels by the time he became eligible for the draft, and his lottery number was not called."
I know when D-Day was. I also know what Mitt did to avoid serving his Country. I posted my original comment directly to Mitt in hopes of a reply, but the Mitt supporters took that as me being a liberal Obama lover. I didn't ask any of you anything. My comment was directed at Mitt. If you brought it elsewhere, that was up to you. I thought I had the freedom to post like you all, but I guess the New World Order is starting early! lol...
I am in no way a Romney fan or supporter, but I want to comment on the article linked to above which claims that "Romney Demonstrated in favor of Vietnam War Draft." This is a misleading headline as what he was doing was objecting to the interference with the normal conduct of business at the school he was attending. His sign said "Speak out, don't sit in." This is a far cry from a ringing endorsement of the draft expansion. He very well may have been in favor of it (I don't know and I'm too lazy to google it), but this protest of his is only evidence that he didn't like the antiwar protests interfering with the mission of the school.
Milton, I proved my point already. Sorry you are still looking...
Todd, I don't have time either. I respect your opinions, but I expect to be able to post mine like you do. Peace:)
Milton, I know the truth. I'm not going to educate you. Find it yourself. Believe what you want. You are free to go.
Next time I will just leave my comment as it stands since it had nothing to do with anyone other than Mitt.
+Milton Ragsdale Missionary service is NOT mandatory for the LDS church. I'm LDS, and many people I know have not served missions but are good, active members of the Church. 

+Mitt Romney served God, which, arguably is a HIGHER calling than serving one's country. Take that as you may, but not getting drafted means nothing more than Mr. Romney wanting to serve God. He only had one chance to do either - so he picked the Lord.
I'm not an Obama fan and I don't have him in any of my circles.  If I did, it would be to get an opposing view, but I would not feel the need to make puerile and off-topic comments every time he or his staff posted something.  I do not dispute the freedom of Romney opponents to comment on Romney's posts, but I think you should know that 90% of those comments just make you look stupid.  Actually, my annoyance is my own fault.  I know ahead of time what I will find but I still occasionally read the comments anyway.
Romney if you was seeking Honor such veterans Why hell are you not seeking to push Obama out of Office for not being a US Legal President,,Note Hitler Was not Native Born German..
John- This is the first time I posted anything to Mitt. It was one comment directed at him. So you must be talking about someone else:)
Likewise, Scott! But I don't think anybody said you couldn't post! I circled all of the presidential primary candidates and have discussions on many of their posts. I'm a classical liberal so I get (and give) flack from all sides!
Comment #64: Godwin's law. :)
Bruce, He is, he is running against him for President.
+Bruce Anderson Pointing out that the Kenyan Bastard is a Kenyan bastard only seems to draw unwarranted criticism from the media.
Mitt's family has a long history of avoiding military service. It's a family tradition.
Milton - "Governor Romney has said repeatedly that he believes President Obama was born in the United States," said Eric Fehrnstrom, a senior adviser to Romney.
Mitt was born after the beaches were stormed, etcetera.
too bad Obama couldn't take time out of his busy fundraising schedule to mark the anniversary of this day when so many young men gave their lives protecting freedom
+Scott McElreath that's not what he said. He simply said POTUS did not take time out of his schedule to recognize D-Day. (at least not today).
i like a good republican every now and then i like ur hair cut
Good Job! We love you Mitt Romney!
+Scott McElreath Oh well, Scott, I'm not so sure President Obama has so much respect for the military himself.  Obama spoke to the Air Force Academy graduates last week. He "stopped" the air show so he could depart and attend a campaign fundraiser. Then he made them wait in the stadium for the closing ceremony so he could skedaddle.
We have to assume he was more concerned about his fundraising than he was about the military Air Force graduates.
Marty, I don't think Obama is doing a great job, I was just pointing out that Obama has at least attempted to help vets after they come back from War, but I'm sure you will say he didn't. I don't care either way.
+Scott McElreath I think all Presidents have done their best to do everything they can for our veterans, Scott. But it seems the majority of discussion this thread has been military and war, so that reminded me of an article I read this week and posted here. That's all.
I must admit I WAS disappointed when Obama stated that there may be a cash flow problem at one time and that Seniors and Military would be the ones that wouldn't receive their pay on time. Sorta makes you wonder where his priorities are at times.
+Scott McElreath And NO, Scott.  I do not think ALL politicians are fake.  Many have given their time and much of their life only for the good of America. It certainly wasn't for the Presidential salary.
Marty, most politicians are fake. They have to be. Yes, some try to do good, but most cave to special interests in the end which is very unfortunate.
Your opinion, +Scott McElreath .  And I respect it and your right to post it.  Often times that is true.
Hallo K
Be it ideology or stratagem, the GOP has blocked pro-growth policy and backed job-killing austerity – all while blaming Obama.
Hallo K
what   will  mitt   do  if   europe     economy      tanks ? .
Hallo K
this   guy   aint    no   better    than   obama  
Hallo K
the   usa  economy   tanked   in   the    g w  bush (GOP)  8 YEARS.

two     wars     adding    a   trillion   dollors    to   debt         and   obama    have   to   fix    GOP   mess    in   4   years.

you  have  to  spend     austerity    doesnt   help    europe     and  will  not   help   usa   austerity     puts  you   back   into    recession.  
Hallo K
Brilliant! Again, a genius using MSNBC as a reference I suppose....
Romney is AUH-MAZING!!! ROMNEY 2012!!
"Since you have been gone...away...I ain't missing you at all."--Tina Turner.
Man, Romney does something like commemorate D-Day and it sets off a torrent of controversy and bickering. I shudder to think what will happen as a result of his upcoming post, tentatively titled "Why Lesbian Hookers are entitled to Smoke Weed and let their Infant Anchor Babies register to Vote upon Conception, but only if they are Christian and Forced into Weight Loss Programs."
Chris S
i hope obama wins
When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts was No. 1 in debt and No. 47 in job creation. That's Romney economics—and it won't work for our country.

OBAMA 2012
And Obama's economic plan is working wonders, huh? Romney will get @ least 53% of the vote.
Yes there are more +`s than comments. Epic fail for Mitt haters. lol.
You are not making sense if you keep saying that Romney is no better than Obama.  Obama has had 3+ years in office to prove his worth to his country.  He has failed.  The country isn't better at all (same unemployment, more debt, etc).  In fact, you can make a case that his policies are making everything worse.  Now it's time for someone else to try and turn this ship around.  If Romney fails in 4 years we kick him out and start sending a message to these politicians that we will not tolerate this anymore and that we expect better.  The first one to come around and make things better will deserve a second term. 
It is actually entertaining to watch the Democrats panic.  Their "god" has failed them and they don't know what to do.  They are scared spitless that the Republicans will sweep all three branches of government.  And IF they are successful in turning the country around, the Republicans will maintain their power for years to come (just like 1980 to 1992). 
Mitt Romney comes from family of lies. His Father put a fast one on Americans insisting he was born in the USA and run for president. His mother, Lenore, was born in Utah and his father, former Michigan governor and one-time Republican presidential candidate George Romney, was born in Mexico. Check Mitt Romney birth certificate released below. In many ways, they appear to echo today's complaints that Trump and some other conservative "birthers" have made about Obama while questioning whether Obama - whose father was from Kenya and mother was from Kansas - was born in Hawaii.

In George Romney's case, most of the questions were raised initially by Democrats who cited the Constitution's requirement that only a "natural born citizen" can be president.

As early as February 1967 - a year before the first 1968 presidential primary - some newspapers were raising questions as to whether George Romney's place of birth disqualified him from the presidency.

By May 1967, U.S. congressman Emmanuel Celler, a Democrat who chaired the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, was expressing "serious doubts" about George Romney's eligibility. Should Americans trust this guy? He is fishy to me.

Here is his fathers birth certificate
+Alfred Taylor your an idiot. you are critisizing him for not being born in the usa. Obama has a falsified birth certificate and it as been proven fallse multiple times, we have a muslim arab running this country...
Leave God out of this idiotic discussion.
But you have forgotten the people who's pensions you walked off with, after some of them had worked almost all their lives.  what amazes me the most is you have not an  ounce of remorse.  it's almost sociopathic
+John Martinez    I am truly sorry that you are on your current situation.  I know it's difficult.  I have been out of work since August 2008, myself just before it became apparent we were in trouble as a nation.  I hod George W. Bush Accountable for that. He fell asleep on the wall.  We had been bleeding jobs since 2006 and Bush took no action.  

John the majority of Americans do not realize is that the American Middle Class has been under financial attack since Nixon. The employee wage freeze, froze our pay while big business made record profits.  The Late Ronald Reagan, Trickle Down Economics was called by then Vice President Bush as VOODOO Economics, because he understood the trick in the trick-le. It actually trickled up from the middle class to the wealthy.  Do you remember the National debt clock that was in time square, Romney had resurrected that clock up fro a couple of speeches until they realized that clock was up under Reagan.  Reagan did massive borrowing to fund the tax cuts, and the American middle Class had to pay the tab under Clinton. Two years into Clinton's presidency the clock was taken down.  Clinton left office with a 2 trillion dollar surplus.

Along came the president, the GOP now has shuns and has remains relatively un-named during this campaign and has done no appearances. He took a 3 trillion dollar surplus and made it evaporate! John, Where did it go?  I did not get any of it.  I hope you at least got some of it, and if not John, someone got that money.  Bush Era Tax Cuts for Wall Street and the wealthy.  It was not the middle class that almost destroyed our national economy, it was Bush and the wealthy who miss handle investments (JP Morgan Chase, recently, is still at it -5.3 billion lost0). They took Tarp set up under Bush and gave themselves big pats on the back and huge bonuses (on would have kept me employed 2 years), taking our money and putting it in their pockets.  DO you know that big business is holding on to three trillion dollars (3,000,000,000,000)  John that is enough money to employ 60 million, 50,000 dollar a year jobs! John they could end unemployment in America.  What I find most interesting is that unemployment fell to just above the number The President and his number crunchers said. it would go below.  Business is deliberately holding back on hiring denying the President this victory.

John do you have any idea what a Venture Capitalist does? Here's an outline.

John this next thing is going to be hard to wrap your mind around, I know I had trouble myself.  the New GOP is not after winning or buying an election, it is about the Very Wealthy, the same ones that brought us the Great depression and the fall over the investment cliff of 2008, who want to buy this nation right from under us, get this John, They want to own the USA for themselves and Romney is theirs. and bot the Middle Class's.  Think John, Sheldon Adeleson just donated over 4 million dollars to two PAC Donald Trump, Victor Friess, The Koch Brothers.  John do you think they, as venture capitalists. are giving that money away, never to see it again? before it's over over two and a half billion dollars from Billionaires will poor in to Romney's PAC and war chest. They have set Romney up as a puppet.  These guys are 50 times more wealthy than Romney. DO you think John for one second  that these wealthy guys are giving up that kind of money because they have a great concern about you and your family?
They want to a larger return on their huge investments (ROI) it's not a giveaway.  I'm not going to tell you how to vote, that is completely up to you and your perfect right. An I pray that you exercise it and protect it and the rights of others. if the come for one groups, eventually they will come for next then the next until their get to yours, then there will be no one left to help you protect yours right.  

The voter purges are really an attempt to cheat and deny genuine citizens their rights to they can win. If they, God forbid, are successful at cheating, how far will they take this once they have started?here is where they are going. to lock it all up so that they are the only ones that will rule our nation. What has history, even recent history like Syria taught us when only one party rules?  Civil War. and they have the guns and ammo to take any resistant descent out, with stand your ground laws to back them up and keep them from going to jail for annihilation of unfavorable groups.  History, John; History tells us the story of where this all is going.  Check out the blog the outline tells how Venture capitalism has been a part of our economic problems and how it drains and drags on our economy, and blame it on the president.  Like reducing funding to Public Education until it is dysfunctional, they say Look Public Education is not working, we need to get rid of the Department of Education. (they have always done things and scapegoated others.  On jobs, they are holding the Presidents Jobs bill and will not pass it.  Anything that will help the economy and create jobs the GOP has blocked or filibuster it and made every excuse n the book not to help the middle class.  Do you know that about 90% percent of all con men are really tall, dark and handsome. Jim Jones, David Koresh, Well not so much Bernie Madoff, But if you watch American Greed, You get to see the face of these deceivers, who people willing hand their money over to.Well John I hope you have a great week, and do some research, don't vote on your feelings however you vote, do it on research and strong knowledge of what is actually going on around you. 
Have a Great one

+Luke Bustamante  Hey Luke glad to see you are commenting and speaking your mind. but there is no need for cursing and name calling.  Th birth certificate was not falsified, and the moment Then Senator Obama, began to run for office he was fully investigated. There would be no way for him to make it in. The FBI is skilled at detecting forgeries and falsified document. The have examined that Document a thousand ways to Sunday and nothing was found to disqualified him.  with the resources they have, they'  of found him out. and he would have been jailed for fraud. so please man you do not see how you make yourself look when you post stuff like that.  3 1/2 years, they definitively would have found him out. Take Care Luke  Hope you have a great week.
You seem like a smart person, and I agree with u on the cursing even though Iam guilty of it now and then. On the other hand i also disagree with you and believe sometimes the rich and movement are so great that even the FBI will and have through are history lied and hid the truth.I do know you are not an expert and niether am I, but come on man really?
+John Martinez Romney is no chance, he'll fill his partners pockets not ours.  do you know what a venture capitalist is and what they do? I studied them in the late seventies and into the nineties, they put people out of work. Te billionaires backing him are not doing so because they think he wants to help the middle class?  if you believe that I hope for you and your families sake that Romney loses, . he loves taking out tax dollars and give them to his friends taking money from the government and giving it to himself like he did at the Olympics

You have to know what you are replacing one thing with another, sometimes the headache and the heart ache are really not worth it. But just as long as you vote and never take your vote for granted. the only vote that does not count is the one that is not cast.  
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