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This last week, hundreds of thousands of people from across the country stood with Ann. Now, one supporter is invited to sit down with her for a bite to eat. Donate $5 to be automatically entered for the chance to win
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But she's not the one running for President.

This is similar to how Palin used her children during the 08 election.
+Casey Attaway Where have you been? First Ladies in recent history have always been involved in the campaign. That is a ridiculous comparison.
Will she be baking cookies and bringing them to the dinner? Can dogs enter?
Ann is reportedly a great cookie baker. I think that should definitely be on the menu.
Awesome! If Ann commits to baking cookies, I'll commit to donating at least $5.00.. even though I am a left-leaning hippie dog and not going to vote for Mitt, regardless of how delicious the cookies are...
Doesn't matter. I think she will have problem competing with Michelle Obama's personality and educational background. Ann might have fought cancer but I don't think that will be enough to contribute to Mitt winning this election.
The people want jobs, money and a future. Not cookies.
Too bad Obama hasn't delivered jobs, money, a future, or cookies.
+Rufus Dogg I hate to break it to you, but dogs can't vote.

Well, except maybe in Chicago.
Well, it is good for the cookie eating Mitt that the Republicans keep blocking the President in his tryings to cope with the economic crisis.
Too bad he didn't have that excuse for the first half of his presidency... Excuses, excuses...
Only a plate of food can not sustain me,rather what I need is a job.
Well, I agree. He should have been tougher on the Republicans.
"Stood with"? You asked us to sign a birthday card. I don't usually refer to that as "standing with" someone...
I wonder if dog would taste better with salsa or with Indonesian spices?
+Warren Dew Perhaps, but since I have incorporated myself and corporations are people too, my friend, I am of legal voting age in dogs years. We can let SCOTUS decide whether my vote is legal or not. #citizensunitedrocks #electiongonetothedogs
Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake" and Mitt Ann says "let them eat cookies." apropos
+Kevin Bonham You really should read something besides that Left-spin. Not good for your brain.
I was offended by reporter's comments that they thought Ann Romney should be more sensitive to the needs of her dog. I'm pretty sure that's sexism, because they were obviously implying "because she is a woman"
+Jeremy Evans Actually, both of those tend to deaden the taste buds so... we're actually ok eating food without a lot of spice. Chicken, fish, beef, pork butt... that sort of thing, smoked or grilled it fine...Hey, thanks for asking!! We should have you for dinner sometime. :-) +John Abbott Lástima que hay tantos tejanos en Texas :-)
+Gracie Babcock Being sensitive to the needs of her dog is not sexism. Actually, she is a woman playing her role as a presidential candidate's wife - in this case, a pretty home wife baking cookies standing by her man, Mitt.
I wonder if women identify more with a big firm Harvard Law grad married to another Harvard Law grad or to a stay at home mom married to (yet another) Harvard Law grad.

No way for me to know. I like them both, but I'm going for lunch with Ann!
Yes, do that. And ask her what she can do for her country - beside trying to make her husband seem more traditional and common than he really is.
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♥ Go Ann ~ the First Lady to be ~
♥ You did more than anyone can expect from a woman raising
♥ children and supporting wonderful husband.
♥ Raising a kid is a full time job, and you did it wonderfully!
♥ God bless ♥
(¯`♥´¯).✫* ✫*☮♫(¯`♥´¯).✫* ✫*☮♫(¯`♥´¯).✫* ✫*☮♫(¯`♥´¯)
Ira Hz
Donated! & please romney select Senator Rubio as your running mate + you will garner alot more independent votes than with Paul Ryan.
The difference between Ann and Michelle is that while Michelle is "playing" at being the first an extraordinary cost to the tax payers...Ann is continuing a lifestyle choice that she made long ago and has not altered based on this election. It is just difficult for people to grasp that women like Ann actually exist.
+Kimberly Mlazgar Do you know Ann Romney personally? Do you know that she is not playing a role as a presidential candidate's wife? How do you know that Michelle Obama is only playing a fake role?
+Jeremy Evans I linked to data, explain to me how that's spin. Yes, the last one is at the huffington post, but I was referring to the graph contained within, which is a calculation by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office
The focus shouldn't be on Ann's cookies and children. It should be on Mitt's ability to run the country. And I think he lacks credibility in that view. 
Are you serious??? If we are going the "lacks credibility" route, what credibility could Obama tout he gained as a community organizer. Mitt has a resume a mile long!
Mitt has successfully turned around multiple businesses-enough to earn millions- and he also successfully ran Mass. with a democratic legislature. That's more than Obama has done. You're right. I hope that is what this election turns on.
+Gloria Shine I have now seen some of your videos. They seems to be rasistic, psychotic in their view of world and definitely not linked to reality. Hope you have a psychiatrist that can help you with your problems.
Ira Hz
seriously. and hes racked up a deficit already greater than bush's whole term. Romney is more a bi-partisan than Obama will ever be.
Reagan wasn't rich before the House. And definitely not Lincoln.
the impartiality of the CBO is not unquestioned. However, even they agree that food stamp rol[l]s have swelled by 70%. +Kevin Bonham
+Ulf Karlsson You definitely need some Psychoanalysis help yourself -- can't distinguish reality and accusing others to see a doctor. You certainly need some serious help with your attacking behavior.

You are a math student and you can't do simple math! Go back and crunch numbers and learn the Obama insanity how he ran up debt to bankrupt you.

Lincoln could cope with a problematic senate and administration but Washington was different then. It is very different to run a company or being a governor than being President of U.S. Bill Clinton realised that after some years in office and then he took actions and grew bigger.
too bad Obama has none of that experience and has also failed to adapt.
Obama will be able to go to bed early on election night because the GOP is making this easy on him. It will be a walk in the park.
All the republican candidates this time have been weak. But the game is not won yet and hopefully Obama know that. If he wins, I hope he grows more this time and start to play the political game in Washington without being naive and in a harder way.
Obama is taking the election more seriously than any of his opponents can understand. But I still doubt it will be a long night. :)
A "bite" sounds creepy. "lunch with Ann" might have been, it its just creepy to enter a contest to eat with a future first lady...more power to you though....
A bite. Oh no! The rich are vampires!!! :D
Casey, the evil millionaire, Fuhrer Obama has sucked the life out of this country. Just like he sucks the life out of delicious puppies.
Wow Jason, you need some help buddy. You have way too much hate to be walking around in society. It's 1 thing to not like a candidate, but something completely different to say things like that.
And to be honest, I like Obama for President more than i would Romney. But with that said, I have a lot of respect for Mitt and believe he's a good person and would do the best he could for the country.
+Casey Attaway Good for you, Casey, because my cookie jar is almost empty after over 3 years with Obama. :-(
+Ulf Karlsson Unfortunately, Ulf, maybe Lincoln could cope, Bill Clinton may have learned eventually, but we don't have any more money or time to let a community organizer learn the ropes. His time is up.
I'm voting for Mitt. If I had any doubts they're gone now after Obama's famous "silver spoon" comment. If it weren't for rich people my dad wouldn't have a job and I wouldn't have been able to afford going to the university this semester and the last. Really the full blown effects of the economy are hard to see when you're the one collecting food stamps and unemployment checks.
Marty, you do realize that calling Obama a "community organizer" is the same as calling Romney an "ice hockey team manager". Both have grown in their careers since then, let's focus on real issues instead of buzzwords. 
+Georgi Trifonov Community organizer is the only experience Obama had (besides part time Senator before election). Romney has had more experience in every area of business and government besides your "ice hockey team owner/manager" comment. I'm ready for someone that knows the economy with true financial experiences. Obama has had his try and now it's time to see if someone else can clean up this mess and renew the American Spirit.
Those are real issues to me!
+Marty D'Arcy Seems that Mitt is a weak candidate. He had problems during the campaign to compete with Gingrich and the others. He didn't stand out enough - and still don't. He reminds me of John F. kerry who also was a colorless candidate compared to W. Bush during the 2004 election. It is also interesting that the Republicans kept, and still do, blocking Obama as much as they possibly could during the years - they rather put their own country at risk than let go of the idea to get Obama out of the House.
+Ulf Karlsson You sound like you are judging Romney on his personality, Ulf. I prefer to judge him on his financial accomplishments and trust of his abilities to get America out of this crisis we are in right now. If you think the Democrats never blocked Bush agendas then you need to go back and check history. That is the way of DC! It may surprise you to know I am an Independent, so arguing "party" is a total waste of time with me.
Hey guys! if they run Mickey Mouse, He's our guy!
+Chris Barcelo Your right in one area of your statement, Chris. Obama is certainly a Progressive! But if you think Romney will do nothing but kick the can down the road you are terribly wrong. I have seen his determination to get America back on solid ground and I admire his determination. Why would I ever even consider supporting a Progressive??? The America we are seeing today is not the America I believe in and our country has gone backwards in more ways than one. I'm ready to move forward with anyone than the "Progressive" in office now.
Lifelong conservative, I am. When owebowma took office, I was positive, respectful, optimistic, toward him. This man has failed, blundered, lied, disappointed, shamed, embarrassed, insulted, etc. etc. etc. $15.6 trillion, $4 gas? Now the dog eating? What next?(no wait, I don't want to know)
+Chris Barcelo Your points noted, Chris, but only time will tell. I'm willing to wait and see.
Marty- maybe you've seen something we're not seeing in Romney. I've said it before that I would take Romney before any of the other GOP candidates, because I see him as a moderate. He's not scary the way a Santorum or Gingrich president would be.

At the same time, the fact that Romney was a businessman before that means nothing to me. There is no evidence that being a businessman makes a better president in any way. Presidents have the best economic advisors at their disposal. Reagan was an actor, Bill Clinton like Obama was a law professor. The Bushes were businessmen. The point is that no president makes decisions by himself on any major issue.
+Georgi Trifonov My thought has always been that a President is only as good as his advisers. Obama surrounded himself with radicals that have brought him down and caused him to lose the respect of the American people. Romney has the support of highly respected experts and knowledgeable sources. I'm willing to support him in any way possible.
It's becoming more obvious every day! I watch some very biright people defend this guy, and it always make's me wonder?
Marty - that's debatable at best. I see nothing radical in what Obama has done. In fact, to many liberals it's disappointing to see him fold on many issues they expected him to support: single payer healthcare, letting the Bush tax cuts expire, real financial reform (eliminating "too big to fail"), legalization of marijuana, gay marriage to name a few. Those would have been more liberal policies that today's conservatives may label as "radical". Instead, Obama has been moderate at best, and on some issues, like marijuana crackdowns, his administration has been even more active than Bush was. All the "radical" talk on the right is unsubstantiated. 
I was trying to point out the media's double standards. They would not say that about a woman who was not a wealthy white Republican.
Well, a poor white Republican woman will never be a presidential candidate's wife - at least not so easily. Media knows that Ann is "come and grab a bite with Ann" just because she is Mitt's wife. She would never have taken herself that far alone. The role she is assumed to play is the role of a wife that stand by her man and take care of family and dogs. Hillary Clinton didn't play that role well and was therefore targeted quite hard by media during Bill's time in Office.
+Georgi Trifonov Please don't take my words out of context, Georgi. " I stated "Obama surrounded himself with radicals that have brought him down and caused him to lose the respect of the American people." That is still my opinion regarding the likes of Van Jones, Eric Holder, to name a few. They have also destroyed racial improvements Americans have made over the past 50 years. We are back to square one on that too. Time for me to take my leave for the day. I have other responsibilities than to spend time with those that misquote me or argue with a fence post! JK. take good care now, you hear? ;-)
Rely Mitt, Your rely using your wife to get money for your campaign. I think this just proves that you rely don't care about women's rights and you view them as things just to be raffled off.Obama thinks that all women are equal to men and he would never raffle off his wife like this. If any republican women are reading this I want them to think would they like to be raffled off for money?
Actually, I would say that it is more the Republican Party that have destroyed the racial improvements of the last 50 years, since the racist rhetoric these Republicans have used against Obama finally has given effect.
Marty - apologies for misquoting you. And- I judge the president by his actions, not by the characterizations that some make about him or the people around him. One is only radical if he does radical things. 
+Georgi Trifonov Thanks for the apology, Georgi. My faith has now been restored in you! :-)
Enjoy what's left of the weekend!
+Marty D'Arcy That link goes the a highly conservative and republican site. So is is not very neutral in this matter. Fake statistics and other lies seem more or less natural in the Republican rhetoric.

White house annual report at
(Even the White House records show this to be true, so you won't believe that either.)

I'm sure you will find something wrong with all the links +Ulf Karlsson , but that is all I have time for. Try doing a search of your own instead of putting me to work. I'm sure you are capable.
Yes, Fox News! But you can't compare like I think you do. You have to look at what position they have compared to each other and so on. Example is Sandra Abrevaya who earns 90 000 compared to David P. Agnew who earns 93 840 and Sarah Apsel who earns 108 717. Well, those numbers tell nothing if you don't know the position of those people and what they do. Actually, Sarah Apsel is a policy assistant and still earns more than David P Agnew who is deputy director of intergovernmental ...
Look at that! The person who has the lowest salary accordning to the White House list - Modi, Kalpen S. - is a man. He gets 41 000.
Georgi Trifonov, from my years of observation I would not classify the Empty Suit in the White House as a radical- He is the worst kind of backward-thinking conservative Progressive: His ideas, policies and actions are all proven failures, nothing is new but the tired, retreaded Liberalism repackaged and foisted upon the American people through deception.

You also have to judge a public servant by the advisers who he appoints- The current regime's appointees are largely academic theorists, not experienced professionals.
The administration brings to mind a quote by playwright George Bernard Shaw from his play, "Man and Superman": "He who can does. He who cannot teaches."
My addition would be "He who cannot teach administrates."
hm.. If you want to teach you have to know. And accordning to your addition there have only been incompetent leaders during the years the American presidency and administration have existed. That answers some questions about why U.S. losing influence in the world of today. Well, You are wrong. White House administration of today is not backward-thinking conservatives. In many areas they break new ground as an American administration.
+Ulf Karlsson Nice try, Ulf, for changing the subject by pointing out the lowest paid man on Obama's staff, but it won't work. The White House link proves the fact that women are paid approximately 18% less than men. But I give you credit for ignoring the facts by changing the subject. That maybe a good idea.
Hey Romney, listen. If you really wanted to show your supporters your love you would've gone out to eat yourself.
+Jeremy Evans - Actually, let me elucidate you: I too have eaten dog, as Sateh, and it is served with peanut sauce in Indonesia and it was uncommonly tasty and tender.
OBAMA 2012!!! Get out of here Mitt
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