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Are you going to pull a +John Boehner and back down when the going gets tough and fold like a chair???
What are YOU going to do about it?
Thank you George W. Bush for that and the tax cuts to the uber-wealthy. By the way spending is actually down under President Obama, so please stop lying about everything +Mitt Romney
+Loretta E, he said he is going to cut and consolidate programs based on whether or not we feel like we should owe money to China for them.
+Joe Dzado yet he wants to add more to the debt by cutting the taxes on the wealthy
How bout Barry's promise to cut what doesnt work? Yah, thats a good one.
+Damien Raine Could you cite that? Not agreeing or disagreeing, just curious what you're basing that on.
+Damien Raine, you assume he wants to do that, but I'm pretty sure he never said that.
+Adam Schlager The Bush tax cuts, a long with the huge ballooning on Defense Spending, on two wars one of which was basically a lie from the beginning, led from the Surplus we had when President Clinton was in office, to by the end of Bush's time as President of adding more than $4 Trillion
+David Miller learn to actually fact check, and don't source Wikipedia, anyone can change the "facts" on that site
+Damien Raine Preliminary source. Not credible. :) Try something secondary or primary. (As long as we're throwing out Wiki).
"Bush administration adds $4 trillion to the national debt"..
The debt is at $15 trillion.
I didn't know Bush was running this year.
The issue is that cutting domestic spending, but increasing the military budget doesn't do anything, and this is coming from an Afghanistan war veteran. We need to increase spending on SNAP, Unemployment Insurance (which btw I lost mine because of the cuts from the debt ceiling and still can't find a job), college, and green energy.
+James Stilwell sorry.

+Damien Raine Go give it a try - see just how long it takes the WIkipedia community to fix any false information you want to put in an article. They're pretty good.
CBS...good source for ummm ....Drone Overhead! Duck!
There are jobs , you just think you are above most of them. Take the menial job offer until the better opportunity you desire comes along.
Not having income never got any individual into credit card debt trouble. Spending what one does not have is the only way to get into that debt trouble. We do not have an income problem. We have a spending problem.
+Damien Raine You're not still searching for what "MOS" means, are you? That would be pretty disgusting; I really hope it's not true.
+Damien Raine I have to say that I agree with you that cutting domestic spending while increasing military spending doesn't help our fiscal position.
By increasing income while simultaneously cutting spending we can resolve the issue much faster. Trickle down economics simply don't work, which is what Mitt Romney is proposing to fix the economy. We really need to take both sides views and make them work together.
+Damien Raine To quote you: "...this is coming from an Afghanistan war veteran"

a) No one says "Afghanistan war veteran" - It's "Afghan war veteran"
b) Everyone who has been in the United States Armed Forces recently knows their "MOS" by heart.
c) While I'm sure someone who would lie about such things might still be able to make a good argument (somehow), you do yourself no credit by doing so.
I say scrap it all. If we cannot take care of ourselves and need the government to take care of us we do not deserve to live
I wasn't in the military my husband was he is a DV now but even I know his MOS by heart.
Cuts are necessary, but an increase in revenues is equally important. Just my opinion, sadly, I think all political figures know this, but are afraid to say it.
+James Stilwell "Your MOS is always given as an alphanumeric code" Oh, I dunno. I think that depends on which side he was working for. . . ZING! ohhh
I think history has shown that trickle down economics works rather well. Just keep inflation under control and let company's produce products and services. There's nothing to tax if no one is working. Quit forcing everyone to do business overseas.
It all boils down to WHO actually gets to spend the $$ that WE earn....we either keep it here on MAIN STREET or we send it to 1600 P STREET and they SPEND it with STRINGS attached, of course!
This is what is killing our country, not stupid social issues and invented rights. We have a Bill of Rights and protections under the law. Let's get the finances straight and stop being distracted.
+Damien Raine The Bush tax cuts actually cut taxes more for the working class than for the rich. For example, the marriage penalty relative to single taxpayers was eliminated entirely for lower incomes, but was merely reduced for the highest income brackets. Granted tax penalties for marriage have been creeping back in under Obama in the form of per return, rather than per person, tax credits.
+Loretta E Romney's private sector experience gives him knowledge of which budget cuts can be made without cutting services. He used this experience in Massachusetts to cut the budget on an inflation adjusted basis when we in Massachusetts were facing a major budget shortfall. As president, I'd expect him to use the same techniques on the federal budget.
+Chris Cecil At least one person in this thread was under the misimpression that Obama had reduced the budget, rather than expanding it substantially. Maybe it's people with that kind of misimpression that need this kind of thing pointed out.
+Warren Dew Wow, it's amazing how misinformed people can be. I hope people will do their own research. Read the paperwork people!! I guess it's too much to ask from America....

BOTH the romney and the obama plans cut NOTHING. Decreasing an increase is not cutting!!
+haven Sincere, Have you checked the headlines on Greece lately? Were you paying attention when their rioters set fire to entire blocks of buildings? That's what happens if you raise taxes while cutting spending.

Cut spending, sure. Close loopholes, yes, if done carefully and in a way that doesn't overburden the economy with taxes. But it also helps to have the patience to let the economy mend itself - and to get rid of government programs that interfere with that economic mending.
Lance G
"Decreasing an increase is not cutting" +Chris Cecil that is an awesome and true statement.
Lance G
Under Obama we're borrowing 50,000 dollars per second. That's insanity. Stimulus spending doesn't work. If it did, why is he calling for another stimulus bill?
Stimulus spending is keynesian bulls***. Hayek knows how an economy works. We need to listen to him for a change.
+Scott McAdory To the contrary, the Reagan tax cuts resulted in higher real GDP growth per capita in the 1980s and 1990s, interrupted only by one relatively mild recession under Bush (father). The only previous similarly good period in the last century was in the 1960s after the Kennedy tax cuts, before inflation and bracket creep eroded them.

The Bush (son) tax cuts appear to have headed off what should have been a big down turn when the internet bubble burst. Granted that may only have delayed that down turn by a few years, and we're seeing it now, perhaps partly because the Bush tax cuts increased the tax system complexity rather than decreasing it as Reagan's tax cuts did.
If Mr. Obama wins re-election, and his budget projections prove accurate, the National Debt will top $20 trillion in 2016, the final year of his second term. That would mean the Debt increased by 87 percent, or $9.34 trillion, during his two terms.
Mea Culpa.
If I've made a mistake in questioning a self avowed "veteran", I am truly sorry; that would be indefensible. I'm glad I could remind you +Damien Raine to place "Afghanistan" on the "places you've lived" section of your profile (screenshot, anyone?).

Anyone who serves deserves and gets my thanks, regardless of their political opinion. That goes to you and yours as well +Genavie Stevens
Whoa. That number is so big, it's just like... 4 commas?
+Marty D'Arcy The magic of exponential growth. And Bush grew like that from Clinton. Don't you see? The right-left paradigm is false. Both side are in it together! and neither will stop the spending because most of that inflated money goes to their rich friends. Romney and Obama are the same.
+Chris Cecil I don't see it as a conspiracy, Cecil. I was only disputing Damian's statement that spending was down under President Obama. The link was a recent one since you can't compare 2010 to 2012.
who said they were in it together? Obama has his rich crony friends and Romney has his rich crony friends. They give away the people's money. Bush did it. Clinton did it. We need honest people in government and neither one of these guys are it.
+Chris Cecil Your statement saying "both sides are in it together" gave me the impression of conspiracy. I'm not sure what other choices you feel the American voters will have in November, but I only see two. Obama or Romney. I chose Romney. That's all.
Ron Paul is still in the race!! There is still a chance for someone honest!! It can happen at the convention. If Ron Paul doesn't get the nomination. Then that's the end of the elections for four years. Goldman Sachs Vs. Goldman Sachs isn't an election it's a farce and the outcome is painfully clear. Romney will never win without the Ron Paul supporters and we won't vote for him.
+Chris Cecil Y'all got a mouse in yer pocket?
I prefer Ron Paul over the other candidates but pouting and staying home is just agreeing that you are irrelevant.

The GOP has to control the White House and Congress to repair the damage done by the current regime.
+Milton Ragsdale Liberty has been "irrelevant" in this country for a long time, but we're bringing it back. The polls show, in general, Ron Paul supporters will not vote for Romney or any other Goldman Sachs puppet. Romney will not improve things. He isn't against these illegal wars, he isn't against the FED steal from us with inflation. Just because I won't vote for Romney or Obama doesn't mean i'm staying home. On election day, I plan on doing the same thing I do every election day. Taking off work and running a info table letting people know what each person running stands for. If the main election is Goldman Sachs Vs. Goldman Sachs that changes nothing in my plan, that's how it was last time and the time before. The local & state elections will have liberty-minded people that will need our help and those are more important than the farce at the top of the ticket. We aren't just trying to win the white house, we're trying to win the country back.


RON PAUL 2012 or RAND PAUL 2016
+Chris Cecil Half trillion dollar deficits and trillion dollar deficits are both bad, but the latter are twice as bad as the former. Rabid libertarians' unwillingness to vote for the lesser evil is a big part of the reason why liberty is irrelevant right now - no one is willing to push it gradually back to relevancy.
+Chris Cecil I don't care about the polls.
While I do agree that much of Washington DC must be dismantled, it isn't going to happen with only one person in the White House. Ron Paul is no Reagan, able to force a hostile Congress to agree with some of his ideas.

If a handful of Ron Paul supporters cannot tell the difference between the current candidates its because they never understood the question in the first place.
Lesser or two evils is still evil. I don't vote for evil. I have made my choice. If we will always settle for the less of two evils, then they can always put up two crooked guys and know the crooks win no matter what. Oldest trick in the book. Stop falling for it!

While I agree Ron Paul is no Reagan. It even suprised me how much Ron Paul could change for the better if elected. A large number of the things wrong with D.C. rest in illegal executive orders and other overreach of the executive branch. Congress wasn't involed in their creation and doesn't need to be part of their dismatling. Those things go away Day One and we will be many times better off.
What's your take on moving to a territorial tax system like most other developed countries?
Goldwater tried explaining "regional compacts", do we really think territorial tax systems would get a different result at the ballot box? Perhaps we should, as we'd wind up with "territorial Californias" under the current track; it's better to fix the whole problem, and address the real issues -- a group of people want more from Government for free, but what our Government is designed to provide is a limited Social Safety Net. Yes, the "safety net" needs fixing, the expectations and administration of it are a major part of the problem, but until we stop the circuit logic that liberals have established -- that Government must do more -- we won't "get to that", no matter who is making the promises, or how we set up the tax regions.
+Chris Cecil I don't see it as a "lesser of evils" contest. Believing that Ron Paul is the only person not in on the Great Conspiracy is wandering into tin-foil hat territory.

The Tea Party enacted change in the right direction- They managed to wrest the House away from the Democrats and are in the process of replacing GOP cogs that need to go.

+Matt Micklavzina Do you mean as in economic and trade zones? No. The states should compete for businesses and jobs- Look how corruption and economic incompetence is driving businesses out of California. Government is just another business but usually inefficient and run by the least qualified.

Government does best when it does least.
The lesser of evils wasn't directed at you. warren brought that up. However, I don't think you need to believe in any crazy vast conspiracy to accept that both Romney and Obama are crooked. They don't have secret meetings in their shared lair of super evil. lol. They don't even give their stolen government money to the same groups! But they both support giving from the government funds (money they either took from us, the people, by force i.e. taxes or inflated, which means the wealth behind the money is also stolen from us, the people) to private companies and that is theft. Ron Paul sees this as theft and admits it as such. He also has never taken a cent from lobbists and is the ONE person to opt-out of the goldplated congressional pension. Now that's honest!
+Chris Cecil Just to be clear, I personally do not regard this year's election as a choice between evils; I think Romney will move us in the right direction with regard to both taxes and spending. Indeed, this will be the first time since the 1980s that I'll be able to vote in favor of a presidential candidate, rather than against one.

That said, I would rather vote for the lesser of evils, as I had to for two decades, than throw away my vote entirely.
Really I agree with Warren Dew. If you want to see change, you have to vote. If you don't vote, that's one less person to fight against Obama. And I know it probably won't come down to the last person, but you have to know that your vote is important.
+Kari Clark No one said anything about not voting. Just not voting for crook A or crook B, there are other choices without selling out. And as I wrote above, the local people running are much more important to support. Can't do that if you don't show up. I think the real question is will you all vote for Ron Paul if he gets the nod? He's still in the race and the way delegates are going, anything could happen at the RNC!
+Chris Cecil If by some miracle Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, of course I would vote for him in November.
....its also unpatricotic, to be a traitor?
Raise taxes on the rich and end corp loopholes.
+Robert Donnelly Those are proven failures, time and again.

GE pays no taxes because they spend millions in programs that would otherwise be supported with taxpayer money- GE also employs an entire division made up of ex-IRS workers who all know US tax codes better than the chumps who write those codes.

Want to see deficit spending go through the roof? End tax loopholes and incentives.

How about cutting government spending? It works.
on paper all businesses pay taxes, but you know as well as I that who really pays is the consumer , Im not saying that's a bad thing but the more you raise taxes the more product costs, and the more gov.can spend remember they have printing presses they'll never run out of money
+Milton Ragsdale If you want to end government spending then it should end most military spending and start spending it on domestically.
Get off your ass and spend your on money and keep your hands out of my pocket
+Robert Donnelly I'm pretty sure that if you want to end government spending, it's a bad idea to "start spending" any saved money anywhere.

The defense department is about 20% of the budget. You can't get all of the cuts out of any 20% of the budget. You need to look at everything.
what budget ? we haven't had a budget in 3 years
Good point Scott! What are we sending these bozzos to Congress for anyways? I have the fill their own pockets! What these politicians have done to our country financially is a crime and they all need to be investigated for fraud!!! Everyone thinks the Enron case was bad, what they are doing in congress is flat out robbery of the American people.
+John Hansen You need a new source that actually provides facts, instead of fabricated political propaganda.
When the Democrats dominated Congress they raised the Debt Limit every six months, which is why the current regime has racked up historical debt levels in addition to historical defict spending. To blame the GOP is plain ignorance in the face of the facts.
Only Congress can declare war- It is in the US Constitution. Congress controls the budget. This is fifth grade civics. Stop blaming Bush.

I opposed all US foreign intervention in the Middle Eastern region but it was still Congress that failed to fund the wars.
Susan B
negative comments and then positive comments? guys it is hard to be a politician with the media bringing out about this or that etc (some are true and some are not!)!!! a example is Mitt and his DOG!! I am so tired of hearing about this!!!!!!!!!!! we are talking about the presidential election of the U.S and it has become dog issues!?!?!? I am voting for Obama because he doesn't put his dog on top of the roof...??? LET S LOOK PAST ANIMALS AND LOOK TOWARDS MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES !!!!!
Susan B
wow.. you haven't been paying attention these last 4yrs Erving!!!!!!!!!! Go mitt!! anybody but obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do u want a country with that much money and military power closer?
That is only the beginning if Obama is re-elected!!! 2012-2013
+Dub Step The Fraud has made things worse and there are still idiots ready to hand him another blank check. Lincoln was right- You can fool some of the people all of the time.
...but not all of the people all of the time. We are in this mess because of Obama.
well, its not entirely his fault, but he has spent more money in his tenor than all presidents before him combined... so ya, the blame leans his way, but not entirely. Im voting Romney, its time we see what a private sector CEO can do for the USA.
You want a man for change vote Ron Paul.
His record speaks for itself.
138 thousand dollars.
It just means the total debt divided by the number of US citizens.
EDIT: Not at all a Romney fan (or any statist), just on the page randomly and saw your incorrect comment.
Yes Romney does dont have any clue on the truth, the number on that board is false. Maybe he meant the number he fired in his lifetime. That Romney is an idiot
+Loretta E I agree with Ron Paul on most issues but the GOP voters back Romney. I am willing to wait until the GOP has its convention to see if Ron Paul will be involved with the Romney administration.

I'm an Independant so I only monitor the primaries. The Democrats haven't had a new idea in over 50 years and none that have worked.

+Scott Swain Yes, the Romneys have dealings with Goldman Sachs.

So what? I have a Chase credit card but that doesn't mean Chase influences me in office- And yes, I hold elected office.
Conventions mean little. It is the delegate vote that truly counts. Besides even if Paul does not make it onto the ballot we can always write him in.
...besides do we want obamney for another four years?
Obviously the "job makers" that people put their trust in can't fix our debt because they are paying a lower tax rate and they are exporting our labor jobs to countries like China. How can America a country build up by the people, put their trust to fix the country in a few rich peoples' hands. Isn't that the reason that we BECAME a separate country, to give the PEOPLE power.
I see it I also see A revived auto industry I also see a costly senceless war Romney supports
This fellow does not know how to spell? or is it the fault of the key board?
More like: "Up the spending. Re-route to military."
Mitt for president! He will Beat that high score!
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