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This is the most important election of our lifetime and I ask you to vote for love of country this Tuesday.
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I will be voting for revenge. Revenge against those who say only certain Americans can get married.
Revenge against those who blur the lines separating church and state.
Revenge against those who halted progress in Washington all because our current POTUS is a black liberal.
Revenge against those who believe 47% of the U.S.A. consists of lazy good-for-nothings who want handouts.
Revenge against those who believe women shouldn't make as much as their male counterparts in the workplace. 
Revenge against those who have disenfranchised groups of American voters with suppression laws.
Revenge against those who hate, negate and discriminate.
Love of Country
Romney/Ryan 2012
not sure how voting for this panderer translates into love of country.
I was in the crowd when you spoke those words Mitt and all I can say is you got my vote!!!! Romney/Ryan 2012 .... and the guy above me is an idiot!!!
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
+Chelsea Hoffman What worthless major are you?   I suggest you try and read something not posted on DU or DailyKos and question your liberal professors.  
Not sure why you would subscribe to something you theoretically don't like.  cough... troll 
Joe S
Obama for America. USA 2 legit to quit. 
+Josh Herring OSU Brilliant.   But the big words scare me.   The intellgence just washes over me.  
+Chelsea Hoffman You may be right.  Obama may win.  But that hardly validates your personal idiocy.  You read pure crap and then repeat it.   Sociology or Poli Sci?  What's your major?
+Egržvýd Chálobodor Go away
+Chelsea Hoffman I'm sure that there are a number of jobs in the fast food service industry that await you.
Hepiniz emperyalist sermayenin uygulayıcı aktörlerisiniz!!! Yok birbirinizden farkınız....
If you look at what Mitt actually did at Bain Capital, buying companies with healthy capital position and selling off bit and pieces to make a quick buck, I'm wondering what it means to apply his business experience to the US. If you draw the analogy, he'd have to sell California back to Mexico to pay for the deficit, while taking a hefty commission. Business leaders do not make good presidents.
+Ken Carlos :) judging by the content of your page and the desperation in your comments to me, I can confidently say *run along little boy; The grownups are talking* 

P.s. Google. Use it.
+Laura Schoeck Actually Laura, I think you will find the economics of 8 years of Bush's War on the World would probably have had something to do with that.
I love it when liberals who have never run a business criticize Romney.   I bet a number of them work at Staples, a company that flourished under Mitt Romney.
Romney, Obama wants to take the riches money and  give it to other countries when here we owe How much
Romney is the pick!
Same old, same old!  I have heard this for the past three presidential elections. Seems like the GOP of fear could come up with some different lines. I will be toasting the win of President Obama, our president but I will for sure listen to Romneys concession speech.  I just want it to end with the election so the GOP can reorganize and purge the party of the T Heads and the Bible thumpers. Oh!  What else would they have?
This isn't Obama's deficit. It's the fault of the previous Republican administration. Almost all of the spending occurred under Bush, and was made worse by absolutely irrational tax cuts for the upper class. Anybody that says you can blame Bush's mistakes on Obama is a fool, a liar, or simply ignorant of the facts.
+Chelsea Hoffman You are a novelist and a crime comment-something.   I employ people who pay taxes and buy stuff.   Get it?  
I love that moment when Mitt said "read my lips, no new taxes"
+Chelsea Hoffman Still waiting on you to put down the cosmo and school newspaper and let us all know what your major is.
+John Smith I'm saddened that the GOP ran such a campaign of misinformation. Look at that +Ashlynn Griffin  and her idiotic comment about "obama taking riches away and giving it to other countries" -- straight out of the mouths of "fox and friends" -- collective IQ of under 90. It's shameful.
BHO never took responsibility for "Bush" mistakes.  If BHO were responsible he would not blame GWB but take responsibility and fix it.  How many years does BHO need, 100 years?
My reason for voting will be to ensure people like Mr. Romney never hold the reins. His inability to hold a stable position, his clear disregard for all of America's citizenry, his blatant lying and pandering...those are not qualities of a leader.

In the past four years we've seen a country left in shambles by the previous administration start to be corrected by President Obama. We've seen the job fall stop, the economy hit record highs, the auto industry turn around, millions of Americans get healthcare when they had none and rights extended where there were none before for same-sex couples. 

Mr. Romney wants to go back to the old policies with an economic plan he won't even give you specifics about. He'll sell you the car without the test drive.

No thank you. I'll vote for love of this country for those that love it. Barack Obama 2012.
+Chelsea Hoffman Yeah, we need more Obama honesty and integrity.  Like Benghazi.  And Solyndra.  
+Chelsea Hoffman I need you to pay for my beer.   Since Obama wants me to pay for Sandra Fluke's birth control and a zillion Obamaphones, I think you should buy my beer.  Send me a check, smart lady.
I will be voting for both.  I will vote for Barack Obama because I love my country.  Because a political strategy in which one political party creates gridlock for the sole purpose of damaging the economy and making the nation ungovernable is put into disrepute.  If Republicans are rewarded for such behavior, they will do it again, and so will the Dems.
Thanks, I will. I will be voting Obama. 
Thanks, Mitt, for bring out the best in our President. He has my vote. And I love my country.
Anyone who votes for Obama is on the public dole, a union thug or an idiot. 
NY Daily News Endorses Mitt Romney.  It looks like everyone is jumping into the lifeboats. JustSayen.
I did +Sam Falcon , but maybe you should take another look. Selling businesses that are making enough profit to pay its workers and give a healthy dividend were sold for parts because the return on capital employed was less than the industry average. Not a bad thing to do when you are an independent investor looking for the biggest short term return possible, I agree, but not the type of thing that makes a country. The businesses that were closed through those actions cost local jobs, wrecked communities and decrease US GDP. Not bad for a business leader, not good for a president. Exactly my point.
Obama's message went from Hope and Change in 2008  to Payback and Revenge in 2012.  No thanks...
Romney/Ryan 2012
Its like watching someone who is taken off life support. It was a good campaign effort, Romney. Time to start campaigning for Christie 2016!
I have already voted for the President, President Obama. I can only pray that a majority of Americans follow suit and re elect a President of the people and one that will let freedom ring in this great country for everyone and not just the top earners.  The worship of Mamon (money) has resulted in the campaign that the GOP has run and I hope the grand old party will purge itself after loosing this election. 
I hate how the media are making this election seem so close.
Ken, running a business is not the same as running a country. Experience in one does not translate into the other.

And if it did? The last person we'd want is Mitt, whose entire business experience is borrowing money to buy businesses whose flattened growth made them cost effective, then selling off assets (machinery, patents, brands), and then saddling the company with the debt used to purchase them, and quietly allowing them to go bankrupt, having sucked all the value out. Yeah, Mitt is rich, but he's not "built-a-business" rich, he's "robbed-a-job-creator" rich. He's "hid-his-income-in-the-Caymans" rich.

He's just a highly successful parasite.
With scruffy facial hair and a bassacwards flat-billed cap?
I'm personally rooting for Mitt, but I urge everyone to vote, regardless of your choices.  The important thing is that the outcome reflects the will of the people, so that we can put this behind us, let bygones be bygones, and move on.

If Romney wins, it won't mean new wars or an economic disaster.  Worst case--he will be a custodian president who may not get much done (especially with a Democratic Senate) but will not cause any harm.  

If Obama wins, his wings will be clipped by this close call election and he will have no mandate to lead.  Half the country (maybe even a majority of the electorate) is voting for the other guy, so he's going to have to work even harder to convince the Congress to pass his initiatives.  No Congress members are going to risk their own jobs for a weakened Obama.

Bottom line--get out there, inform yourself on the issues, and vote!
+Ken Carlos I'd vote for Christie. Cold day in hell before I vote for Mitt Romney.
Lance G
Can't wait to vote for Mitt. After seeing what a community organiser can do, we need a CEO to clean up the mess.
+Matt Milsap I like Christie.  Romney is not my first choice.  But Obama is horrid.   He is an inexperienced liberal on a Paul Krugman level.   If you vote for him while supporting Christie then you aren't really thinking.
Mitt will be the first truely rich president who didn't own slaves. A giant step forward.
+Ken Carlos I love how you just assume people's back-stories. I actually have run a business, and am now working in a fortune 500 company designing business processes. So I hope you aren't including me in your earlier comment, quote:"I love it when liberals who have never run a business criticize Romney." Also, your attack on someone using the words "put down cosmo" reminds me to tell you to maybe put down the beer and pick up The Economist. Here is an interview with its US chief editor and why he endoreses Obama:
Too bad the problems that occurred in the housing markets were a direct cause to subprime mortgage loans pushed by Clinton and Dems. We have to give EVERYONE a mortgage no matter what, pure liberalism. How far better would we be if we gave loans to folks who actually could afford them?
+Ken Carlos Mitt has just flip flopped too many times for me. I think its safe to call them lies. As a "moderate democrat", many of my ideologies align with the GOP. Just not the tea party ones. Mitt clearly sold out to them and IMO it lost him the election starting with Paul Ryan.
+Lance G We had a CEO for 8 years. He got us into two wars, turned a surplus into a deficit, brought our worldwide respect to an all-time low, and damaged the GOP reputation so badly that he was't invited to speak at the RNC this year.

I'll stick with the current President. Thanks.
I fail to understand how voting for someone who sends jobs overseas, fires workers, and supports misogynist candidates will save us. Get real, like Jesus would ever vote Republican or own a gun.
+John Lathouwers I didn't engage you sir.  Stop with the linking.   I read almost everything I can find and try to read more liberal stuff than conservative.   Every time a liberal professes to be a business owner, I question it.   Liberal theory is violently anti-business.
+Sam Falcon And I hope we never have to experience how wrong you really are. There is nothing wrong with turning a profit, but there are ways of doing it that are just not conducive to a long term sustainable growth and stability. You are confusing a quick buck with real success.
+Matt Milsap Can't argue with some of that.  Like I said, Mitt wasn't even close to my first choice.   I am not a tea party guy but I think they get more derision than they deserve.  But Obama is a total zero.  If you vote for him as a "moderate" I question your tag.
+Ken Carlos if you're so interested in my bio, you can click the "about me" section of my profile or use Google. 

As for your immaturity and misogyny-drenched comments containing pretty much nothing but buzzwords; Like I said, get back to me on Wednesday. I'll look forward to what you have to say then.... and I'll also look forward to the inevitable spike in the national suicide rate. Just sayin' 
Please. If you love our country, please don't hide your income in the Cayman Islands! Pay your fair share. The country is for all of us, not only those who profit from other people's work.
+Matt Milsap How utterly typical.   Milsap says he's a "moderate" but his profile says "I can't wait to vote for Barack Obama."  Good gravy do you libs have to lie so people will read your tripe?
lol, +Ken Carlos The alternative leaves me feeing utterly excited to vote for him indeed.
+Ken Carlos And I have stated before not to consider myself a liberal per se. But then again, I wouldn't consider The Economist to be liberal media either... So I may be wrong... I just really fucking hate Mitt Romney, and that seems to make me a liberal. Also I thought I was clearly using past tense. I WAS a business owner. Actually in theory I still am, but I haven't written an invoice in 5 years because I'm making about the same money as a full time employee. Also I get better benefits as an employee than as a business owner. So I'm not saying the climate for business can't be improved. But I don't believe Mitt is the guy to do it. He is clearly unreliable, highly influenced by those around him, and as I said before, he simply wasn't the best candidate, by FAR for the Republicans to put forward. But I guess the Republicans were just to holier than thou to nominate Newt and to much of control freaks to nominate Ron, too bad.
No  Obama. False hope BAD change. That's Barack Obama. Socialism, tax and spend, big government, broken promises, trillion dollar payback, lies, bailouts, new gun laws, abortion propaganda, amnesty for illegals, bowing to saudi kings, arrogance, bankrupting our country, leaving men behind. WE CAN STOP IT! Vote Romney/Ryan this Tuesday!
+Chelsea Hoffman National suicide rate?   Another "compassionate liberal.  Not sure how you got the "misogyny" out of my comments but I know how you libs see hate behind every tree. 
Wow, Ken. You really like to create your own world to live in, huh?
"Stop with the linking."
"I didn't engage you, sir."
"Every time a liberal professes to be a business owner, I question it."
"Is any Obama supporter not a wet-behind the ears kid?"
Just deny everything and everybody who doesn't fit your version of reality. If you always do that, you can never be wrong about anything!
+Jessica Williams Bender I'm all in favor of broadening the tax base. Turning illegals into tax paying citizens just makes sense to me. They're filling our ERs anyway.
+Matt Milsap Hey man, just post that you are an Obama supporter.  Be honest.  Don't come online and say you are a moderate that "would vote" for the GOP when you are one of the Obama asskissers.   Take your leg thrill and represent!
+Ken Carlos "compassionate" isn't in my tagline. Put down your "cosmo" sweetheart and pick up a book or two. Your use of buzzwords and regurgitation of connie-speak isn't improving your image any. :) 
+Ken Carlos I am an Obama supporter, as I have said numerous times, as I cannot even imagine the extremes to which Mitt Romney will ravage our country further.

I've also said that a more liberal republican could also get my vote.

no military service and a record of bankrupting jobs and declaring the money they used to buy the companies as an "investment" (tax deduction). At least Obama has a record of net job creation. Now tell me job creation would be higher under a Romney administration and don't forget to email me your psychic degree from Miss Cleo.
I was just contacted by the payroll dept.  Taxes will increase by 2% for social security & 6 to 8% on payroll as of Jan. 1 2013.  I'm as middle class as it gets and THIS is just wrong!  How did this happen before the election without our knowledge?
Vote for love of country. GO MITT GO USA
+Matt Milsap ZZZZZ.   I've read all the DU bumperstickers.  You are a fresh faced Obama asskisser.  You don't think or read.  He's "god" to you.  That's fine.  Just be up front about it.  Say "I think Barack is like, so very cool and stuff and he'll bring all that change and stuff and I just want us all to love each other and stuff."  And pull that donkey lever.
as I posted above, we're witnessing death by removal of life support. Ken is case in point.
We need a President that actually has created businesses, not a career politician who has created government jobs. 
+Matt Milsap No, be my guest.  Pull the donkey lever like the trained seal you are.   You bark at Bill Maher's comments don't you?   Pull it.  Just be honest about it.  You don't think, you just pull the damn lever. 
Like I said, (I sound like a broken record), put up Christie and GOP has my vote.
+Matt Milsap When your employer lays you off becuase he can't afford the Obamacare taxes, re-post your love for Barry O.
+Sam Falcon , short term gains and destruction of long term viability is NOT success!!
+Matt Milsap Why do you have to be so dishonest?  Your profile says "I can't wait to vote for Barack Obama again."  Own that vote!  You have to be proud of it.  
+Ken Carlos Do you have anything relevant to say or do you just demean and try to intimidate everyone who disagrees with you?
I'm voting for Obama because the GOP has drifted too far to the right on too many issues.
Lance G
+Justin Meisinger who cares about deficits? Owebama has spent 6 trillion in three years. Besides you aren't talking about the mythical Clinton surplus are you?

Oh and it's nice to see the US so respected in the world now. Somebody tell that to the middle east who hang and burn effigies of Obama now instead of Bush. But are right to an extent. Chavez and Castro sure do love us now. 
+Michael Bradley Intimidate?  Nope.  Just asking for honesty.  Mr. Milsap came online and said he was a moderate person leaning GOP but couldn't vote for Romney.  Turns out he's just an Obamabot.  Is asking for honesty intimidating for liberals?
Ken, you assume too much. I'm not Canadian. I'm a US citizen, working Vancouver. I was born in Oregon, and lived there my whole life, until 2007. I own property there, I pay taxes there, and I vote there. I'm an Oregonian.
You, on the other hand, are an inveterate troll.
+Ken Carlos I'm not hiding it and I wouldn't call it fealty.  I call it a choice in a different vision and plan than what the GOP platform is.  
 I can't say I've seen any proof that politicians have any "love of country"
+Cody Yarbrough Why am I a troll, sir?  Wait.  I disagreed with a liberal Oregonian living in Canada.  I got it.   Can't do that. 
So says you.  Your communication skills and style on this thread appear to be somewhat lacking.   As for having a shallow profile that would appear to be indicative of a troll, your profile isn't exactly overflowing with friends, nor are your most recent posts showing anything more than a one-sided predisposition to any thing anti-Obama.  
correct Carlos, and Mitt got my vote and I did not vote for any incumbents in the house or senate for they are our biggest problem. We the people need to straighten their act out and soon.
Rumor has it that Obama may tell us why he let 4 Americans die in Benghazi.
Gary G
Romney and Ryan are two of the most deranged politicians I've seen in my life.  They want to overturn the abortion law, put right wing lunatics like Thomas and Scalia on the Supreme Court, give tax breaks to the people who need it least, force unwanted military expenditures on the Pentagon that they don't want or need, neglect or completely ignore clean energy, create a voucher system for MediCare which won't begin to cover seniors' medical bills, defund Planned Parenthood and PBS and on and on.  Plus, Romney has surrounded himself with the same incompetent advisors who did so well by the US during the Bush administration.  These two need to be stopped ASAP.  
Anyone throwing a victory party this tuesday?
+Mashell Jolley Anderson Not sure how much detail you would like me to go into, but I definitely would like to defend that statement and will do so till you are satisfied. (perhaps to +Sam Falcon 's surprise) There are a lot of articles, but you can start by looking up "KB Toys" and see how they went out of business. Go ahead, take a look and if you have additional questions or comments, lets take it from there.
+Michael Bradley You discerned all that from a review of a profile on Google+?   I just have a low tolerance for voters of any stripe who just vote without giving thought to what they are voting for.   Obamabots are the worst.   And they react violently when anyone dares to criticise him.  Why is that?  He's a cigarette smoking, failed lawyer and community organizer.  He's failed miserably in the White House.   But his supporters are just venomous.  I don't get it.  
+Ken Carlos odd, you seem to discern the same about others just from a review of a g+ profile yet criticize me for doing the same.  

I'm sure there are plenty of reasonable and rational people voting in this election for their candidate of choice based on whatever issue or issue(s) they feel most strongly about.  

The fanatics on the left aren't any better than the fanatics on the right.  

Based on just your few posts in this thread and those of your profile, you yourself are appearing to be just as venomous as those you are railing against.  

If this isn't who you are or the image you wish to convey, perhaps you should rethink the way you deliver your message.  
Vote love not hate.
Romney/Ryan 2012!
+Ken Carlos I think you should review all of your comments on this post and then come back and tell us about what's "venomous". 
+Mashell Jolley Anderson At the risk of being classified as a left-wing source, you could also look up some articles of "Matt Taibbi" on the subject.
Greg Mankiw is not an incompetent economic advisor. He wrote the book on Macroeconomics (literally, wrote the bestselling University macroeconomics textbook) - and if I recall correctly, was recently called to be the Dean of the Economics department at Harvard. He has a blog, with which he keeps up with students of his, . . . and he's not pretentious, a la Krugman. (Sorry, Krugman, but it's true).
I think the two men are opposites one is a Parasite the other a man has given to charities, and has been a Positive force for good, Obama is a taker all his life, Romney has always given to people. Romney will be a Marvelous President. Obama's Presidency will always be remembered for corruption,scandals, and murders of innocent people. That will be Obama's legacy.
I am buying a 40' yacht with my new romney wealth, what are you spending your money on? #romney2012
+Derek Ringer. That's untrue, Prior to 2005, subprime mortgage loans accounted for approximately 10% of outstanding mortgage loans. By 2006, subprime mortgages represented 13% of all outstanding mortgage loans with origination of subprime mortgages representing 20% of new residential mortgages compared to the historical average of approximately 8%.
+Mashell Jolley Anderson Then what are you looking for..  a direct feed to your synapses may be difficult. I'm not sure how you can be satisfied that I'm making false accusation, but if you won't look anything up yourself, would you accept a direct link to an article? My only fear is that would just trigger a denial of that specific article and then I'd just have to post another one. I want to defend my point, but you have to be open to receive information.
Clinton's surplus was really Gingrich's surplus. It was the Republican revolution and insistence on a balanced budget by Speaker Gingrich that made Clinton look good. The more you pat Clinton on the back for that, the more you are endorsing Republicans who forced him into it.
Mitt's going to make 12 million jobs in his first year, who doesn't want a bulter?  #romney2012
+Mashell Jolley Anderson And I'm not sure why you think having a fake profile should disqualify me from having a real opinion  based on real facts. I don't think it is a bad idea to remain anonymous on these topics. Some of these Romney supporters have guns you know. More importantly, the unfortunate polarization and the ugliness of this campaign has made it risky for business, my business to be open about my political opinions, and my religious ones for that matter. People are taking this way to personal. Your unwillingness to look at/for facts and to 'convict' me based on 'personality' by the way is also disappointing.
Absolute worst case scenario - less than a 1% chance, based on latest polls and scientific analysis of data, Mitt Romney is elected when Idaho is called. For this to happen, he must win Ohio (unlikely), Florida (toss up), Virginia, (behind), Colorado (behind), New Hampshire (behind), etc. or some miraculous combination of such. Far more likely scenario - Obama is elected when California is called.
+Michael Bradley Dammit.   Why do you have to be nice?  Takes all the venom out of me.  San Fran?   Great town.  
Mitt for the win, c'mon people keep the faith.
+Brian Lougheed I am in the Tea Party and your claims are absolutley false. I assume you haven't heard about the NAACP in Houston huh? Check that one out if you want to make claims of racist and voter harassment.
+Brian Lougheed Are you a 9/11 truther too?   Geez.  You have to show an i.d. to buy beer (in just two years, Mr. Lougheed!).  What's so intimidating about showing a card to vote?  I'm not intimidated.  Then again, I'm not an illegal alien or trying to cast a vote for a dead person.  Only Democrats get votes from those two blocs
The GOP has their hand so far up your rear there is a reason we call you Mittens.
+Brian Lougheed Homosexuality is a sin and such an abomination against God that's why! Why do gays need special rights? Why do their needs need to become political?
Homosexuality is a perversion of the brain and people like you encourage people that its OK to be perverted. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.
Vote Mitt, let him trash the economy. Sell US out to China to save it, become communists.

A vote for mitt is a vote for the commies. 
+Travis Ramsey Have you been treated harshly by gays? You seem to be carrying some hard learnt lessons about the homosexual lifestyle.
+Phil Grainger Jesus Christ is my savior and I am not going to support sin that he died for us to be forgiven. I don't hate gays, just their actions.
Hate the sin. Love the sinner.
Don't vote for bigotry, hate, avarice, superstition, and greed.

+Phil Grainger +Chelsea Hoffman That's cool. I pray for both of you to get right with the Lord. Jesus is there for you and is just waiting and wanting you to call for him. You won't regret. Even for the jokes and insults towards me I hope one day you two will be my brother and sister in Christ.

Sorry pal but picking out specific things in the bible to attack Christians doesn't work on us. The old testament is what life was before our wonderful savior saved us. That doesn't mean we are exempt from sin. Get right with the Jesus and you will see what I mean.
Revenge is one of the worst possible motives for anything, particularly to vote. I'm voting for you Mitt because I love this country!!!
+Travis Ramsey no thanks, I have an IQ and an education.. I don't need your fairy tales and voodoo mojo dances or whatever it is you cultists do.

If you believe in prayer you should try praying for all the children molested by christian-catholics instead of random chatters on Google+
Lance G
Lol +Brian Lougheed they also rode donkeys back then. Guess we believers aren't so great. 
Really +Sam Falcon Is that your professional opinion. KB toys sucked... Well, they were making a profit. And they were paying their employees enough to support their families, so at least for them, it didn't suck. Bain put in less than 5% of the companies value and took over, dismantling it, selling off pieces  putting people on the street and laughing it all the way to the bank. The money didn't EVEN go to the stockholders. It went to Bain consultant fees... aka Mitt's pocket. (+Mashell Jolley Anderson may be interested in this too, I hope...)
We don't have levers in Oregon, Ken. We vote by mail.

You're a troll because you thrive on making others angry so that they will respond, which gives you and excuse to vent vile and spew nonsense. You may think it makes you relevant, but it actually demonstrates your complete irrelevance. It also weakens your "side" because your insistent drama is obvious to everyone else that reads it, and people don't like to be associated with it. So, yeah, keep flapping your gums, dude. You're worth more to my side of this debate than most of our own supporters.
Do you guys not find it the slightest bit depressing that My comment has the most "+" on this thread and I support Obama? That should really tell you something.

+Warren Dew revenge isn't hatred.. hatred is doing all of the things that people should vote in revenge against. Disenfranchising gays, ethnic groups, women, and pretty much everything that doesn't fall in line with the far-right ideology that is so obviously dwindling in popularity. After all, your VP pick idolizes a woman who idolized a serial killer who dismembered a 12-year-old girl to the point of forming the ideology you conservatives love so much. You want to talk about "hatred" -- look at your ideology and judgementalism. That says it all right there. 
+Warren Dew The bible is full of stories of people motivated by revenge and hatred, but not so many mormons in the old testament.
Yeah +Brian Lougheed , if you want to attack Christians like +Travis Ramsey  you need to quote errors in the NEW testament... What I guess he doesn't know yet, is that there are just as many in that part of the "good book"...
Also +Travis Ramsey Jesus never said anything against gays... Just FYI... Go check your bible again...
+Brian Lougheed Wow my last post just went right over your head. Didn't you read I don't hate sinners but I hate sin? That's what God wants us to do. Sure we need to love, give, have peace, etc. What about conviction for sinning?
Oh and I'm against gay marriage too. If I am blessed with children I don't want them around their friends gay parents and pollute my child's views with poison.
I'm voting for Mitt. That being said, the amount of uneducated drivel in this comment thread from so many allegedly intelligent people is ridiculous. Do you people love repeating Maddow and Maher talking points without doing any fact checking at all? I like Mitt, I'm not jaded that he is perfect or had done everything perfectly but I agree with him on most topics and think he will be a good President.

I am not a fan of Obama. He has had one of the least transparent presidencies ever (which is saying something), he has covered up something about Benghazi and Fast and Furious, he talks about what "we" are doing until it succeeds and then it is what "I" have done, every speech sounds like preaching to mindless sheep (which does not mean people are), and there is yet more laundry list of items I don't like. However, my biggest problem is that he does not lead. He does not inspire anyone, he passes blame on everything to someone else, and he is anxious to get good publicity whenever he can whether deserved or not (Sandy response was fast but poor, still capitalized on it).

And besides, one campaign is millions of dollars in debt and the other has zero debt. That says all you need to know. 
+John Lathouwers he never said anything against child pornography, molestation, rape, incest, polygamy, bestiality either. He didn't have to because he came to fulfill the old testament for us not recite it.
+John Lathouwers Most non believers make the judge comment. If I repeat the bible I'm not judging. I'm telling you what it says and doesn't say. You are judging me.
+Chelsea Hoffman anyone can call themselves a Christian. Words mean nothing. Its your actions that define who you really are. Those molesters are false BUT they do have the opportunity just like you to reach out and ask for forgivness and give your heart to Christ.
Seriously? +Travis Ramsey , you were only repeating the bible? And pray do tell, which part of the bible were you just repeating when you called homosexuality sin and accused hypothetical homosexual parents of poisoning your children's mind? Keep in mind you just renounced the old-testament though...
If you worship christ you're a christian; that's the definition of christian; and it says in your bible that no other man can tell you whether or not you believe/worship. So are you picking and choosing from your bible?
Actually +Travis Ramsey  , the bible isn't that judgy on rape.. of slavery by the way... Not the old or the new...
christians will throw away their religious morals for Mitt Romney -- they are prostitutes. 
I'm an atheist and I have more moral conviction than those who sell out their own religious dogma to elect a mormon.... a man who believes jesus will come to Missouri and that women can't get to heaven unless their keepers say it's cool. You know, the people who baptise the dead into their mormon church even if the dead isn't mormon... derp derp derp
you guys are voting for someone who fundamentally thinks it's okay to dishonor the dead of thousands of Jews, Christians and other faiths by posthumously baptising them as "mormons" -- Good job with your votes!
+John Lathouwers Read Deuteronomy, its all there. If you surround yourself with sin you will sin as well. We all sin everyday but its our duty as Gods children to not give in to sin and I will not let my children be poisoned by worldly views. That's why I will raise my children in church is God blesses me with them. Children are so innocent but this world is corupting them with drugs, sex, violence. They are kids! They should be treasured and loved without worldly perversions.
I'm sorry many of you feel the need to bash Christ. The bible says we are to be persecuted. I pray for each and every one of you. I really do. I don't want anyone to go to hell. You never know when your time will come when you pass away. Why take the risk of hell when you can have everlasting life with a Savior and Father who love you more than anything.

Anyways I'm done debating for the day cuz its time for football.
VOte for romney.. he wont put us all on welfare
+Travis Ramsey there's no such thing as hell. Do you believe in Santa and leprechauns too? 

Have fun watching football... that's sure to spike your IQ
+Travis Ramsey if your son is gay, people will blame you. Not sure who they will blame if your daughter is gay
+Ashlynn Griffin it's statistically proven that the numbers of people on welfare are higher in "red states" -- i.e. White, unemployed conservative voters. Go figure. 
+John Lathouwers A fake profile doesn't disqualify you from making arguments. It does, however, call into question any claims about your background, like your claim to have run a business - unless you are hiding from creditors that you cheated, or something like that.
+Warren Dew yeah, because the only reason someone would want privacy on an online social networking profile is to "avoid creditors"...

such concrete logic...
I will vote, I will vote because I do love this country I want to see the United States rise  back to its full glory and prosperity. I know the man for the job is Obama. Its time to finish what we started four years ago.
Obama 2012!!!!
+Chelsea Hoffman poor redneck/hillbilly voters on welfare blame government for their job prospects. They lack the courage to admit mistakes.
+Chelsea Hoffman Revenge is all about hatred.  Anyone who actually cared about women, for example, would not be talking about "revenge" - they would be talking, as Romney has, about why so many women have been forced to drop out of the work force under Obama, and what could be done to fix that.

While it's unsurprising that the first post in a thread has the most plusses, I do find it depressing that Obama's supporters seem to find it so natural to vote on hatred, yes.  I just hope Romney wins so the country won't be suffering through another four years of hatred and revenge.
You have my vote as well as all of my families votes. We can't take 4 more years.
People have falsely represented God's character throughout history. I am a believer in Christ Jesus and encourage all to look directly at Jesus and God through the Bible (Try the ESV translation, its easier to understand).

As far as America, we have distorted so many things. One example is that abortion takes a woman's choice away. Abortion really only takes a "do-over" away, either through the woman's choice to have sex (which is a choice) or rape when there is no choice. Rape, of course, is difficult and I can't see the government taking the abortion option away for that case. But the reality is that a person born from rape is a child of God and is wonderfully made. The world throws some tough things at us! I would be ecstatic if the law stayed the same, but the hearts of woman (and men) faced with this choice did not choose abortion. There are many other distortions on both sides.

For this election, I believe that Obama is not good for America - in fact down right destructive. Romney has enough potential to get a chance.

I want an America for my kids that is in better economical situation. As for the poor, we the citizens need to do a better job of taking care of them, instead of the government doing a bad job. The left cares enough to want the government to do it, the right does not want to pay the government to do it - and the mean time it doesn't get done. The government should focus on creating the STRUCTURE for the left and right to do it together (non-profit, church, community groups, etc)

+Valerian II Masao conservatives believe in how world was. women = weak. polygamy = god's blessing. taxes = bad. Its part of how we conservatives think. You can't change us because thats how the world works best. Liberal ideas are destroying America but making it a better world for women by stealing money through taxes.
The bible is full of Angry white men not just the republican party.
I just can't get over Romney's failure to comprehend word play on "living well is the best revenge." His pathetic attempt to twist what Obama said confirms that my decision to vote for Obama is the right one.
Yeah +Travis Ramsey Deuteronomy is old testament. You know, the book you didn't think was all that important when you denounced its literal truth in your post to +Brian Lougheed . So which is it? Are you going to accept old testament and all its commandments or are you rejecting it as a book of law... Or were you thinking of just picking and choosing whatever meets your fancy? Cause that doesn't sound very infallible to me...
This is clearly over stated. I would say the election of 2000 was far greater...and America got that one wrong. Cannot trust the rich G.O.P 
Yes I do believe in America.  I believe that taxes on the middle class kill jobs.  I believe the answer to the debt is employment.  I believe that economic activity allows us to all become better people.  And I believe one candidate understands this.  You have my vote Governor.
Yeah well +Warren Dew , if there weren't so many bigots around, then maybe I would feel comfortable enough voicing my opinions publicly  but for now, and as long as nutcases like some of the participants on this page roam the streets, I feel the need to hide. I feel persecuted for my opinion, so in lieu of real freedom, I'll take the cloak of 
anonymity to protect my 1st amendment rights.
"This is the most important election of our lifetime and I ask you to vote for love of country this Tuesday."  - Classic narcissistic Willard.   Why does Mitt consider THIS election the most important election of our lifetime? I personally consider the 1932 Election between FDR over Rep. incumbent Herbert Hoover, which led to the end of Prohibition, the creation of Social Security, and the defeat of Hitler to be the most important election of 'our lifetime' - my Grandparents are 85 years old.   The 1964 Election between  Lyndon Johnson against hardline Republican Barry Goldwater was also very important because it led to the passage of Civil Rights Act, but also the escalation of War in Vietnam.   

In 2004,  the Christian Coalition stated the election between George W. Bush and John Kerry was, “the most important election in our nation’s history.” Really, more important than George Washington defeating John Adams to become the first U.S. President? Or was the Christian Right stating 2004 was important because George W. Bush would sign TARP for $700B for the largest banks, botch Hurricane Katrina Rescue response, and fail to find Bin Laden for another four years? But again in1996, during Clinton vs Dole election, Ralph Reed, executive director of the Christian Coalition, declared it “the most important election of our lifetime.” In 1988, Rep. Sen. Robert Byrd stated,“It may be the most important election of this century” when George H. W. Bush ran against Michael Dukakis.  

Mitt Romney's 'This is the most important election of our lifetime' line is as old Bush's failed ideas that increased military spending and tax cuts during record gov. deficits will add revenue (note corporate profits are at a historical high, while the deficit is expanding). 
Romney Ryan Choose The Right. 2 more days
I am voting for Obama! Thanks for asking Mitt!
Can anyone tell what revenge is Obama after?
Voted for Obama.  Mitt, I hope to never have to hear or see you again come Novemeber 7.
Valerian II Masao I am Church I am to be married to Christ at the same time I am married to my Wife does that make me a polygamist? Let he who is free from sin cast the first stone. Christ Jesus is on the throne of David his Father David had 350 wives what does that mean? You make a lot about nothing. Would you call King David of Israel a Polygamist  the bibles leading king and profit before Christ Jesus who prophesied about his own son a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec ?
+Mashell Jolley Anderson yeah, he did kind of generalize the polygamous nature of Mormonism there didn't he. Let me state unequivocally that polygamy is not at all common among Mormons and even if it were should not be held against them. What is kind of worrying though is the adoration of their fraud convicted self proclaimed "prophet" founder and his ridiculous gold tablet story, which he couldn't even convince his own wife with. But the most worrying part of all is the fact that the last 60 posts are about religion while this is supposed to be about a presidential election candidate. If there is to be any hope for the future we really should keep religious differences from interfering with our ability to live together. This union is only as strong as its weakest link, and at the moment a lot of people think it is the economy, I think it is our inability to overcome religious differences.
+Valerian II Masao Not saying Bush was perfect, but peak federal revenues with the Bush tax cuts were 25% higher than under Clinton.  The deficit problem is because spending is too high, not because taxes are too low.
That does it. I'm no longer supporting Romney. I'm voting Obama.
Romney/Ryan 2012 - for the love of your fellow Americans!
+Warren Dew Bush also started and lost 2 wars and defeated Al Qaeda but he racked up a ton of debt and plunged the economy into the biggest nosedive since the 1930s. Going to take 20 years to recover from the mess he created.
I wonder if Moochelle will spend as much on her vacations when she't not putting it on our tab.
+Mashell Jolley Anderson Wow, I thought the comeback would be difficult, but you exceeded expectations, really? "and the church you are married to got started how?" That's your comeback? You aren't going to deny or defend your prophet... Well good for you, I guess... But rest assured, you can attack any church you think I'm "married" to as much as you want, especially since I never mentioned "my church". So enlighten me... Which churches beginnings do you find "just as questionable" as your own? (as you think is mine)
I love my country as much as anyone, and that is why I am voting for President Obama.  I do not want to turn the country back over to the Republican lunatic fringe.
Nancy Pelosi racked up a $101,000.00 bar bill in a year as speaker for her plane rides to California.   She's a woman of the "people."  And her and her posse like that Grey Goose vodka and want the "people" to pay for it.  Think about that when you pay your taxes.
Please don't vote on rumour and hearsay search the facts and vote with your heart. Mashell, President Lincoln abolished slavery during the civil war. Lincoln was a republican. Republicans are not without sin; however, they try very hard to do the will of the majority of all the people. It's the true definition of democracy!  
+James Rushing Lincoln was a republican... Yes... And the republican party was left of the Whigs party... Which was pro business... I'm not sure where you want to go with this... I'm not sure this is relevant either.
Still blaming Bush?  LMAO  Let's look at the facts.
The day the Democrats took over was not January 22, 2009. It was actually January 3, 2007. The Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate at the very start of the 110th Congress. The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

At the time:
The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
The unemployment rate was 4.6%

The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?
Congress added to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!
Hey Ken Carlos - you  be a hatin up a storm boy. Take that man Ken to a preacher, he need a cool hand on his head.
+Ryan Wickersham According to your profile, you've supported Obama all along.  But hey, misrepresenting your background is what you Obama worshippers are all about, I guess.
I'm not making this about religion +Mashell Jolley Anderson , but I'm quoting you when I write: "If I'm praying for Romney and you're praying for O, does that mean our prayers each other out and the candidate with the most prayers wins?" So guess who made it about religion!!

P.S. Those 2 comments were from 2 different people. You are keeping me apart from other posters I hope... or this could get confusing.
+Phil Grainger Debt increased over the 8 Bush years by $4 trillion - $0.5 trillion per year.  Over the 4 Obama years, debt increased by $6 trillion - $1.5 trillion, three times as much, per year.

If you're worried about debt or the deficit, getting rid of Obama should be job #1.
+Mashell Jolley Anderson What Lie did I tell about yours?? I told nothing but the truth. The founder of your church was convicted of fraud. Did you not know that? As for the second accusation, he tried "reading" his "gold tablets" to his wife who threw away the manuscript and challenged him to "read" it to her the same as before. He decided to recite a new and improved version instead. This may be less cleancut when it comes to proven fact, I admit... But the fraud conviction stands undisputed. For the other anecdote I have only the late great Christoper Hitchens as a source. I'll have to look up which source he used to get you more info. I'm sure you may not agree with Hitchens, but few have been able to refute his source even if they disagree with his conclusions.
There is NO WAY  I could ever cast my vote or Mitt. I am not Red or Blue, but love America as must as Republican's do, if not more!! How can you say you care about our country, but have such distain for the Middle Class!!!! No more Social Security, Medicare or Public Education! Unions all gone, Minimum Wage lower than it is now.... Sound good? Then vote for Romney. I am very worried that we  will become a nation of haves and have nots! If you care care about your kids getting a  free Public Education, enjoying the Social Security and Medicare that you have EARNED, and having all Americans pay their fair share of taxes, then vote for Mr Obama.
+stephanie kilburn Actually Romney is the one who has a plan to save social security and medicare.  Obama's the one who wants to do nothing - well, except for stealing $716 billion from medicare to help fund Obamacare - and let them go bankrupt.
+Warren Dew Bush was a failure, didn't pay off debt during an economic boom. Didn't fix wall street corruption. Started spending like a drunken sailor. Invaded Iraq without reason. Let 9/11 occur under his watch. Makes the recent bengazi incident seem trivial in light of epic intelligence failure
Read "Klein Zaches" by E.T.A.Hoffman.
Vote for Romney
Liar, sell-out to the foxbagger lunatics, 47%, and on and on.
Romney is the greatest, sleaziest used car salesman. 
+Phil Grainger And then, Obama doubled down on Bush's worst policies, tripling casualties in Afghanistan and doubling the deficit.  Fortunately, there's a choice besides Bush and Obama this time:  Romney.
Questions +Mashell Jolley Anderson ? I don't think I have any questions for you. You said I was wrong about something. So I guess "what was I wrong about?" would be the only question. And to save you the search, let me repeat what I wrote:"The founder of your church was convicted of fraud. Did you not know that? As for the second accusation, he tried "reading" his "gold tablets" to his wife who threw away the manuscript and challenged him to "read" it to her the same as before. He decided to recite a new and improved version instead. This may be less cleancut when it comes to proven fact, I admit... But the fraud conviction stands undisputed. For the other anecdote I have only the late great Christoper Hitchens as a source. I'll have to look up which source he used to get you more info. I'm sure you may not agree with Hitchens, but few have been able to refute his source even if they disagree with his conclusions."
+Warren Dew The surge in Afghanistan was the Petraeus idea. The army had complained about the lack of resources since 2003. Unfortunately Afghan exercise is a lost cause like Iraq, Bush wasted 6000 lives and 100,000 casualties.
+Phil Grainger Petraeus reports through the chain of command to the president.  It's the president's job to nix stupid ideas.  Obama blew it, and more have died in Afghanistan under Obama than under Bush - with more yet to come.
Lance G
Ann Romney rides horses while Barack Obama's brother, George Obama lives in squalor in Kenya. The 1%!
+Warren Dew had Bush surrendered to the Taliban in 2006 Obama wouldn't be cleaning up his mess. Trying to spin Bush's wars as Obama's failure just makes you look more stupid than partisan.
+Phil Grainger Bush should have pulled out of Afghanistan in 2004 after destroying the Al Qaeda camps, sure.  But Obama had four years to do the same, and went in the wrong direction, killing an extra 1400 U.S. troops.  Fortunately we don't have to vote for either Bush or Obama this time.
obamacare..... a different health care for the poor.....medicaid.   has any other country created a government health care system that provides a different program for the poor?   obamacare punishes the poor.     get rid of it and give the same health care to everyone...
+Paula Kalamaras It was Obama himself who said to vote for revenge.  Obviously he wants his 47% to take revenge on the middle class, which supports Romney.
+Warren Dew  yes, winning is the best revenge.   I would say that a good mix of the middle class support both candidates.  
+Warren Dew you are the classic party hack. How many countries will follow the US into Iran?
+Phil Grainger Pretty sure if anyone goes into Iran, they'll be following Israel, not the U.S.
Apart from the US who donates military aid to Israel?
France is a very successful socialist country.
I find it sad that political discussions can become so angry and hate filled that any form of discourse is completely and totally rejected wholesale, without regard to the merit or value of the argument. This kind of behavior does not help promote unity, it divides us. We as a people can get so passionate in our beliefs that we become too prideful to challenge them.

And then I notice that there is just two, to three more days of this nonsense. Hopefully there won't be riots because of the outcome.
+Mashell Jolley Anderson Oh good, glad you didn't resort to the "he said, she said" defense and actually cited some sources of your own... [/end sarcasm] Oh no wait, you didn't... 

Anyway, you have taken the default "so what" or "what of it" stance to the fraud accusation. Ok, that was not entirely unexpected, as I think it is standard doctrine. But I do question why my statements are evaluated on basis of character and trust for using a fake profile, but your founder having fled the state after the issuance of the arrest warrant for banking fraud... eh, "so what". Not exactly consistent but, what should I have expected. Convincing a devout Mormon 2 days before 'this' election... No I'm not that deluded.

But I have to clarify that I wasn't citing that flight from prosecution, I was referring to his conviction in March 1826 for being an imposter, at the court in Bainbridge, New York. The trial during which he admitted to defrauding. Denying that?

I'm sure you have a good answer to the inherent racism of the Mormon faith, as it was founded. Right? Or are you simply going to say, "oh we recently fixed that." .... Right... because a truthful prophecy can just be fixed by simple amendment if it becomes socially untenable... Right?
+Mashell Jolley Anderson Oh and I do apologize for saying "his wife" instead of "his neighbors wife", glad you cleared that up for me. Oh wait you didn't. You were clearly aware of my mistake but chose to answer simply "no" instead of providing clarification. I'm guessing you don't really want any clarity on this matter. So about those missing 116 pages... Why exactly were they never reproduced? Should I wait for your answer or just look up the standard one online...?
A vote for Romney is a vote to the end of this country. We cannot afford another term of people who don't believe in freedom, science and common sense. How can anyone vote for a party that is willing to disenfranchise so many voters, peoples right to chose who they love and the fact our planet needs help. The entire platform he ran on was based on disinformation and changing his beliefs to whatever was politically expedient. God help us if he gets elected. We will again be the laughing stock of the world with a President who believe that magic underwear and a secret word will get your own planet. Sound just like getting twenty virgins waiting for you in heaven. Of course the Republican party has become the American Taliban.
+John Lathouwers oh brother. Go troll somewhere else. You don't even have any facts straight.
what a joke Romney, what is the record of accomplishment he got? > the romney care was in real a Hilary's care program (but didn't pass the vote)!, his bain capital bought and sold US company's, to do profit they sold them even they knew many thousand of US employees will loose their jobs, other company's closed and were remove from the US to china,.... and his income was forged for his tax payments! ... hiding money offshore,... what a nice record he got! a businessman without conscience, who doesn't care about 47% of US citizens
Yeah my facts don't come from idiot pundits paid to lie and say they love this country while watching it fade into black. You need to wake up get off Fox and Limbaugh's tit and see the truth. Of course you probably still believe Obama is a secret non American Muslim. So what's the point...Never mind go back to sleep. The world isn't getting warmer and it isn't against the constitution to use religion to pass laws against people's rights..
Yes, instead your "facts" come from idiot pundits paid to lie and say they love this country while watching it fade into black. You need to wake up and get off MSNBC and Maher's tit and see the truth.
Have some balls and vote for your Country not revenge! Revenge.....a moron said for revenge
+Chelsea Hoffman Whatever you think, there is no place for racist neither here nor HOUSE.
it is not possible to be a mormon bishop with a straight face and not be a crook.  mormonism is a cult with a history of fraud from its very first second.  this is not about faith or freedom of religion.  it is about a century and a half old criminal enterprise disguised as a church. I was brainwashed into it as a child and when I grew a critical thinking capability the scales fell from my eyes.  Romney's adept lying is completely consistent with mormon practice. This is not bigotry; this is an informed judgement.  mormons worship only money. Every thing else is cover.
Love of Country...enough said....Romney/Ryan for new hope and new changes!!!
+Jacob Bendixen you're just not high enough in the church yet to find it out.  the holy of holies in the mormon temple has a altar topped with a giant dollar sign, and the secret they whisper in your ear there is "there's a sucker born every minute"

it would be too easy to make a comment about the moronic priesthood here, so I won't.  oops. too late.

mormons believe that UFOs piloted by jews built the empire state building.  or some other such absurdity.
not exactly.  at first, I was taught to believe lies. only later, when I became a priest, did i actually get training in bearing false witness. it's a sacrament of the church.  which is, of course, why mormons make such great salesmen. like mitt. the whole point of going on missions is so you practice bearing false witness with a straight face.
nah.  after I left the church, I had no need to either believe or tell new lies.  you should try it some time.  quite liberating.  you can start with that whole "joseph smith justifying coveting his neighbor's wife by looking into a hat" thing. gets pretty easy after that.
my extreme contempt for mormonism is informed by actual experience.  I exaggerate a little, i must admit, only because a complete critique would take way too much space, and is quite pointless if conversing with anyone who drank the kool-aide too long.  perhaps that is the case for you.   suffice it to say that I taught myself demotic just so that I could read the joseph smith papyri, and that no portion of them corresponds in any way with the Book of Abraham.  He is a proven fraud, and in the old testament, the mandatory punishment for a false prophet is death, which he justly recieved in that jail.
you too can teach yourself demotic in about a year. mormon archaeology is a complete crock of shite. there are no iron or steel weapons or horse bones in the new world.  the lies simply do not stop bubbling out of mormon scriptures. wake up, and stop being robbed by the church of your time and treasure.  jesus said: where the hungry are fed, and the naked clothed, and the sick healed, and the prisoners visited, there you will find me.  it's the rare mormon who knows jesus. don't see too many mormon soup kitchens. no money in converting the poor.
500 former military commanders endorse Romney from their own pockets.  Only 5 endorse Obama.
Make that 501 commanders. Col, 0-6.
Obama is an idiot and fool. He has played the race card often.
Romney has a background and education with WORK HISTORY.
Of course the military industrial complex wants Romney, as a religious man, a war with Iran is almost guaranteed.
+Curt Mayer You sound like a fake. People do not talk in such words about faith they used to belong to even if they became disappointed in it.
How much Obama pays you per post?
Mittenz in his own words doesnt care for 47% of the country. How can such a man run for President of a country. Prediction election day

Chance of Winning
Obama: 86.3%

Electoral Votes:
Barack Obama: 307.2
Mitt Romney: 230.8

Popular Vote:
Obama: 50%
Romney: 48.5%

Thanks for re-electing President Obama for another 4 years. Thank you for moving this country #forward2012 and not backward like mittenz
After seeing this comment from you, Mr. Waters, I now know where you stand.  It's your right to support Obama, who has flat out lied about Benghazi, broken promises about cutting the debt in half ( and doubled it ), Being a bi-partisan President ( and being extremely partisan ), and being one of the most divisive Presidents we've had.  It used to be the American Dream to succeed.  Obama has succeeded in turning half the country ( apparently including yourself ) into being against the American Dream.
+Pratap Kode Citing the NYTimes has no more credibility than citing the Huffington Post, or  All are purely partisan rags, and not pure news.  And the stats you show are in extreme conflict to many other news agencies.  You'd be better off posting those stats on Obamas page, where people read and believe in those sources.
+Al Scott I changed my post because I mis-read "trailer" as "traitor".  I should wear my glasses before posting.  That's on me.  But The gist that I keep is, you should stay with MSNBC for your "truth", and I don't know where leftist's like yourself live... communes?
Dear Mitt, You've run a brilliant campaign, said all the right things, held your own, delivered the correct message and I know you did it for America. Thank you! 
+Kevin Pohl Don't have an ounce of hate for any person.   I have a tremendous amount of hate for the scurrilous actions of people, especially when it is wasting my tax dollars on personal needs.   But if you are okay with Michelle taking 28 people to Spain on your dime or you are thrilled  to fill Ms. Pelosi's martini glass, why don't you just give them your credit card and let us non-Obamabots keep more of our money?
Very articulate Qualaya!  I'm sure we're all very impressed with your argument in favor of Obama. 
No thanks, I'm not voting against equality and human rights for my friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. If Jesus were around today, Romney would be voting against HIS human rights since Jesus was a poor, brown-skinned carpenter.
Romney Ryan - some one America can be proud of!
The Obamabots are out in force. They are sacred, scrambling because they know they will lose tomorrow.
This election matters, we need leadership to get our debt under controll, and to turn us back on track. Please go out tomorrow and vote Romney/Ryan. 
Obamabots are a profane bunch.   Simple minded and profane.
I'm voting for Mitt!  Time for real change and capable leadership!  Romney has a record of success.  I'll hire him as my President! #mittromney  
I am voting for love of country tomorrow.  I will be voting for President Obama.
Well, I vote because it's my duty and my right to do so.  I won't vote for Mitt, however.  Just can't stand him.  And, pray tell, Lori..who and what did Mitt lead?  
I'm voting for love of country tomorrow too: a country where we believe none of us stand on our own, that the good of each of us is the good of all of us. I'm voting with a country that believes we are all created equal, whether we're men and women, gay or straight, black or white or brown. I'm voting with a country that values privacy and responsibility and knows the decisions you make on who you love or what you do with your body are consequences and decisions you bear and no one else. I'm voting for a country that loves its people more than its money. I'm voting for Barack Obama.
That is what makes this country great.  Freedon of "Choice"  Thanks Matt for your post, I totally disagree with it but I still love you as a fellow citizen.  I'm voting for Mitt Romney
I still would like to understand who will be Mitt Romney's Customers  if I choose him in this election. If you look at America as a Company that needs turning around, who are the Customers/Shareholders in the turn around? 
+Simon B Johnson is "more liberal than Obama on social issues and more conservative than Romney on fiscal issues."

I am sure that people voting for Romney don't want more liberal than Obama or more conservative than Romney... That is why they are voting for Romney...
Romney loves the country so much he can't find a single American bank to stash his cash. C'mon man.
Romney loves his country!  I vote for Romney!
Simon B
+Paul Jewkes - or perhaps they are voting for Romney because a) their pastor told them to, b) their boss told them to, c) Fox News or some other outlet warned of the dire consequences of what would happen if they didn't. 

If they think - as you do - that Romney is the middle of the road candidate, then they should go for it.  However, if anyone can, after 18 months of campaigning and numerous flip-flops, position reversals, outright lies and endless repetition of one mantra ("I have a 5-point plan"), actually know what Romney stands for and what he will be capable of then they know more than the rest of us who have spent those 18 months wishing for some-sort of coherence.
OR they wish that Romney was even MORE conservative on social issues?
That is why I am not voting Johnson...The more liberal someone is on social issues the less I vote for them.
i wonder what the mitt romney white house wound be like if we had a 1st 2nd and 3rd lady
Don't worry, I'm voting, but it sure won't be for Mitt.
+Simon B and people are voting for Obama because they love to settle their kids with huge debt and to make Greek style economy collapse and riots a reality in US.
Obama MUST GO.  Mitt Romney is the only hope this country has to avoid becoming a European style socialist state.  He wants to make this country the land of opportunity it used to be instead of the Land of  Entitlements that Obama seeks.
Vote Romney.  Obama supporters in favor of expanding America's Socialist entitlement programs (like Obamacare), remember ..."A Government that can give you anything you want, has the power to take everything you have" (including your future!).
Romney for America!  Romney for the Economy!  Romney for Freedom!!!
yes i will vote .... for Obama !!!!!!!
VOTE ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOSE ROMNEY LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of what? Hell? Indecision? Unemployment? Debt? i can go on and on.
lets use the constitution like we alway did and put the executive order back in the constitution and don't let executive order ruin our country
Romney has no heart, if he did he wouldn't say blatant lies.
go to hell romney for president
Be a voter for love of country.  Vote Tuesday!
Mitt will win tomorow.
If you are voting Mitt, Go Vote.

If you favor  B.O., Halo 4 comes out at midnight. That is your consolation prize.
Love of country. People just want to work. 
Praying for and voting for Mitt Romney!
its not too late to get out and vote, you can vote 4 times
 rdknyc596 wrote this. I copy and pasted it. Because it is true.

With each day that draws us closer to this election I am amazed that this election is so close. There are 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. 47 million who have an EBT card. A dead Ambassador and Now, Obama's Katrina.

Obama released a photo of his situation room. I use the word 'his' because the only words he uses well are I and me. or His or Mine. He seldom says we. I live in NYC and it was great when he visited Jersey to see the devastation. But, you all must understand how bad it is here. NYC is only now getting light to the bottom 1/3 of Manhattan. Many parts of Brooklyn are dark. Rockland, Westchester, CT, are a mess.

We have limited subway service. For those who don't travel underground, you cannot understand how this effects people. Lines for the busses wrap around 2 blocks. Lines for gas for 10 blocks long in 4 directions if you can even find a station with gas. Staten Island is still under water and they are pulling bodies from the marshes.

Yet, the mainstream media, which in days was howling at Bush's inaction, say nothing about Obama's walk with Christie and the Optic of him today in Las Vegas. People have no gas, no transporation, no work because half of this city is not functional and no food. Fema is non existent. And Napolitano today--who should be here--said supplies will get here soon. Great.
Obama in Vegas spews his negative attacks. His campaign advisor said today his energy is coming from his loins. Really?

We have a president who played 600 hours of golf in his first three years. That is 24 hours of golf over 25 days. Does that anger anyone? He has a jobs council which met in January! It is November. Does that not Motivate all of us to say No More? He has met with his cabinet two times this year yet has the gall to propose a 'business cabinet seat' but has yet to fill the Secretary of Commerce seat which is the 'busines cabinet seat' since it was vacated three months ago. Perhaps by not meeting with his cabinet he does not see the EMPTY CHAIR. Oh wait, it is his chair that is EMPTY.

Does it not Bother you that he skipped 60% of his intelligence briefs. No president has done that in the history of the 'Intelligence brief'. Perhaps our Ambassador and the 3 heros who died defending our consulate would be alive today if he actually had engaged with the experts from the CIA, DOD and DOS. Does it not enrage you, that Obama is the first President in the history of this country to NOT SIGN into LAW a BUDGET? Not just for one year, but for all four?

Folks, look for pictures from the aftermath of Sandy and google Sandy and Staten Island and you will see that this man is a complete, incompetant fool.
Don't vote because you are a democrat for this man. Think About it first not through rhetoric and invective lines of attack. Think about the facts. And the reality. Don't vote for 600 more hours of golf. Vote for someone who will actually work for America.
my fav moment of the campaign was when ryan was asked 3 times to explain his tax plan.
romney in London was the next funniest moment
and the oops moment from the texas tornado
My favorite will be Obama's concession speech tomorrow.
How is it that every four years the election is the most important one ever?
China's doing to poorly they're taking all our jobs. And the Roman Empire lasted over 500 years. I give our democracy about another 100 years tops.
+Peter Poythress Those of us with children understand we're voting for their future!  Unfortunately a lot of my leftist acquaintances don't care about that because they don't have children.
Romney/Ryan 2012 for a better future for America!
Romney/Ryan 2012, America's Fail Team!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU Mitt Romney!!!!!  thank you for standing up against President obama and standing up for the American people when our country needed a hero to save us from ourselves.  even though you didn't get it you showed me what the real meaning of hope was and gave me the ambition to go into politics and change what i see wrong there.  i was not old enough to vote for you but if cheering you on had count as a vote you would have won, so thank you Mitt Romney!!!
+Hannah Renner If you are not already a member, please consider joining Conservative Union.
Ward A
Stop bumping this thread. Conservatism as you know it is over right now. Give up. You lost.
+Cody Yarbrough okay so 4 and a half years after Bush is out of office and we have over 6 trillion more dollars in debt and a  former president who has had nothing to do with any sort of political decisions is STILL causing the deficit, yeah that doesn't make ANY sense what so ever you are simply listening to obama crap and going around saying it to everybody before you think of the actual logical answer to the deficit.  ill give you a hint:IT WAS OBAMA. he is only blaming everything on the republicans because he does not want to take responsibility for his own actions and so he decides to blame everything he does wrong on the republicans and every uninformed citizen in america believes him cause they don't care that he is lying and stealing from us. answer that and when you can come back with something other than some crap about republicans being racist or hates women or children and schools because i can tell you firsthand that is a load of crap, then i might take you seriously.
+Claire Galczyk I blocked Scotty. I don't have time for a disability check moocher who doesn't take care of his kids he had with 4 women. 
Yeah, I blocked that tard Scotty a while ago
+Brian Serviss awww, LOL! I didn't realize I was liked in that way, by Scott anyway..Hmmm, I can't seem to Tag him now..Now I'm Sad...
0bama can only trace his ancestry back to his whore mother and his maybe-daddy who ran away and left him a bastard.
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