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Has anyone within the Campaign figured out yet if you guys agree to have a Blind American Veteran Relay Operator call Mitt on Memorial day relaying a message of hope from a Deaf American veteran? The +Blind Veterans Help Desk is training Blind veterans to be relay operators for Deaf veterans.
If Mitt himself cannot post a humanized message. If he cannot speak to us like people about something positive, not talking smack about Obama, if he can't tell us what he has been accomplishing over the past 4 years, if he can't be a person and speak into the camera to us, then the next message I get from this ridiculous feed of nonsense, I'm totally not following this candidate anymore.
i m glad mitt talks the truth about obama. the country is the same or worse than when he took office and that is the fact and no whining about anything else is going to change that
We're with you, Mitt!
anyone with any sense, knows that socialist policies is what destroy countries NOT free market evonomy.
The liberal/socialist schtick has always been big government knows best...Obama supports this view...trickle up povery has NEVER worked, and American patriots, will not stand aside and let the greatest country in the history of the world fall to socialism. Obama will go in November and Mitt WILL be president!

MITT 2012, "BELIEVE" IT!!!
Mitt Romney AND Barack Obama are no good for the future of this nation. Mitt Romney will do you even worse than Obama, just instead of in the name of "Socialism" it will be in the name of "God". Either way its a joke, and either way it's not helping the future of the "greatest nation on Earth." Just another self centered douche trying to pay back his campaign debts to Goldman-Sachs by allowing corporations to not pay taxes.
+Jeff Pack Try going to Mitt Romney's website, Jeff. You will find answers to your questions there. ALL political candidate posts (even Obama's) are managed by staff and not the actual candidate themselves. This includes Obama's posts as well.
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obamas supporters say the economy is improving but they have a hard time trying to prove this. unemployment rate still the same, gas is twice as much, debt has racked up, credit rate lowered, etc
Marty D'Arcy
and there in lies the problem. That's what they all do. and maybe he does need someone to post updates, but he also needs to realize that it is equally, if not more important for him to partake online as it is offline. that's just where the world is today. no body wants 100% canned messages that are sent from someone else. he needs to get involved and speak with the actual people who are following him or else they won't be.
+Jeff Pack There isn't ONE candidate running for President that has the free time to "sit" a social media thread. If you don't think their days are 100% full, just see if you could fill their shoes for 24 hours! Use your common sense. I have located every question I have had about each candidate by visiting their websites. There is more info there than imaginable! The candidates have and will also be doing TV interviews and more debates. I'm sure you will garnish each and have all your questions answered. It's still 6 months before elections.
I agree. Bad bad bad black man.
Absolutely, Mitt you're my first choice and have been from the very beginning. If anyone can find a way to give our country a viable health care system while at the same time saving it from the National Debt, Mitt is the man. More importantly someone has to save us from the National Debt and Mitt is the only one who knows how to make hundreds of millions, so he is the only one who can teach a whole economy how to do make hundreds of billions.
I agree, +David Nelson I was even a supporter of Romney in the 2008 election cycle, but with suspending his campaign I didn't get to cast my vote. THIS time I am a volunteer for his campaign and believe in him 100%.
+Abbas Abedi It has nothing to do with his race; it has to do with his policies.
typical...always claiming it has to do with his race...not that his policies have failed quicker than a socialist in Italy...but its ok for ragheads to hate white americans
If you say so Warren Dew. I'm an economist. His policies will kill the economy except for war companies, yall will be scrounging for jobs while your sons and daughters die trying to take over the world. Obama 2012 (with Ron Paul's policies... wait and see).
Hooray for socialism the penultimate failed ideology
"boooosh" The left never accepts blame. BHO= worst president in history. Anything would be an improvement.
The right calls the left a 'a failed socialist ideology'... when it's not socialist or failed... then the soudbite parrots repeat what they hear the traitors of Fox News say (ex. Hannity and Reilly)... proving beyond doubt (to anyone who can do basic research) that the blue collar workers (I was a waiter for a decade, so I know this is a fact...)... are morons. The GOP is just trying to hold back jail time, executions etc. This all you got Romney? What influence will you have with the GOP's electoral fraud committee with me in the States?
(Oh, there are neocon traitors... from Bush days in every media outlet... Cheney was thorough!)
...and ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and PBS are not sock puppets? FOX has the only objective journalism in the business, unless you WANT be spoon fed with Obama socialism.
The Supreme Court actually allows Fox News to lie because it's a corporation. Fox News actually won a court case allowing them to lie. Get an eddication.
(old enemies might notice I'm not using my proofs... it's because I'm on a break from politics... but idiots irritate me)
+Abbas Abedi You must really irritate your self, then, with all your "eddication". Mitt for president!
@Mitt, there's no point in lying to me... just as there was no point in lying to me in Oklahoma... yes, my range is larger now.
Good come back... join my rhetoric party?
I do not watch any news programs...and If I did,+Abbas Abedi it wouldn't be NBC and it is obvious to anyone with a brain...liberalism is socialism...if someone refuses to work it is not my job to carry them. 
KISS YOUR SAVINGS GOOD-BYE! Because the left has bankrupted the country. Their only plan to get US out of such a wicked huge unpayable debt is drive up inflation and thereby pay back the $15Trillion with dollars worth only $3Trillion or even only $1 1/2 Trillion. They'll pay back the $15T but the money they use will be worth a 10th of what it was worth a year ago.

Overall rating
+Kevin Brown Do you have legitimate sources to prove that? I have been hearing that thrown around a lot recently, but I have read A LOT of documents saying otherwise. Last year I read a private investigative report on the top 50 American corporations and the taxes that they paid in the 2010 fiscal year-unfortunately I am unable to find the PDF on my computer- and not a single one of them paid more than 10% of the annual revenue in taxes. And the majority of the corporations that paid under 10%, were spending more than 15% of the annual profit on lobbyists in D.C. I will continue my search for this PDF and share it with you when I am able to locate it. I hate to see this nation blindly accepting what our "leaders" and "trusted politicians" and "pundits" say as true fact.
Obama did not invested in energy, that is why it is so expensive!
+George Coelho The Usurper did not invest in energy because they did not "contribute" enough protection money.
why do you hate gay people mitt romney ?
there aint nothing wrong with a little man on man or some scissor action, George.
+Wang Long you are not even american! Why countries that hates America supports Obama ?
Your country is communist! Don't think because Obama is our president that we are communist too!
oh herro george amercia shitty country very shitty country china numba 1! that being said, however, I believe a person is entitled to marry whoever or whatever they please, regardless of where they are from
+Wang Long Why don't you make campaign about gay marriage in china? OH i forgot, that in your country campaign about gay rights is punished with death! So don't tell me whom to vote.
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