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All women play an important role in our country – donate today and get your “Moms Drive the Economy” bumper sticker
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you should tap Secretary Condoleza Rice for Vice President.
I think the Governor of New Mexico will be hiis pick for VP..Susana Martinez
Blah blah blah $$$$$ Blah blah blah $$$$$
Thank you, God bless (Your town here)
They've already started slinging the mud already, Mitt. Hang tough and gird your loins, amigo. Buona fortuna!
Condoleezza would be a great choice. I'm just happy we finally have a candidate and can focus on winning the White House and not the nomination.
Its a perfect choice especially with the left inciting racial tension and promoting conservative values as anti-women. In addition it might bring a few of the conservatives that are standoffish about the nominee being too moderate.
You know Mom's are Democrat's too, right? How does Obama pit one against another in regards to women?
I'm not sure how much this bumper sticker would add to your campaign, but it is funny.
Moms drive kids to soccer practice
Obama was giving bumper stickers for free, while you are making us donate 6 bucks. Make it free please!
I do like the design though
Dude really , you want it for free....Socialest
Dads are doing Mom's jobs as well !!! Well trying, and failing :)
+Danning Yu its called fund raising ... Thankfully, Mitt is demonstrating his Fiscal responsibility :)
C. Rice as VP. that is all. keep the rest of the kabuki.
What does Mitt drive oh yea... he has someone to do that for him
Glenn H
Nikki Haley is my choice for vp.
I feel like it is Mother's Day. ;) Go moms!
i hope u 'll be different from others.
git in the kitchen and make some pie
$6.00 for a MOM's bumper sticker is far better than the $500 Gingrich wanted for a picture with him! lol
Or santorums Outragous $20.00 pubic hair
I like it. I trust there's a Romney campaign bit on the right end?
Thank ya.... Thank ya very much,
I'm here all week
try the veal.
circle me baby and see the snarky side of life
Mr Mitt Romney good idea, must be Ann Romney your wife idea, I really liked it, at lease this time moms is important too! Not like Obama used woman for birth control thing, shame on him!
May God bless you, and guide you in his wisdom.
To those that mentioned it, Rice was a great secretary of state, but I don't think her positions on domestic policy are sufficiently in line with Romney's to pick her as VP.
well if we wants better relations with china
remember they do like rice
.... Alot
Exactly,women plays an important part in this country. Over 92% of women don't have jobs in America.
What's with the left's #WarAgainstWomen who choose to raise the next generation? I guess if you're a woman, you have to choose what they want you to do in order for them to consider you worthy. What a bunch of hypocrites.
William Oppong - Where did that stat come from? You make things up when you're posting? 92% LOL WRONG
Theres a thing called a toaster... and it dosn't work eather
+William Oppong If 92% of American women did not have jobs we would not even have an economy and there would be no America to drive around. THIMK!
yea man give +William Oppong a break, this is america and he wants to make shit up well you go bill
The patronizing tone of that statement is matched only by your hypocrisy in blatantly pursuing women voters now that the women bashing primaries are over.
+Scott Saige Typical leftist squirming from Politifact. The fact is, the statistic is correct - of net job losses since Obama took office, 92% were women. Granted William Oppong misremembered it.

The "blame it on Bush" thing is really wearing thin. The fact is, most of the job losses in Bush's last years hit men - it was only under Obama that they started hitting women worse.
Women are great ! my Mom stay home raise me and my brothers and sisters! i do think my Mom work hard at home and she know than we do cuz she manage our family budget and take care all of us. love my Mom even she work at home.
I wish Ann can be my mom ( of course not her money!) I Just want all her love and care, her boys are so lucky!
Lol, Propaganda... Wouldn't Fly Flip... sorry Mitt
+Daniel Sorrentino There's no reason to limit ourselves to just one way of appealing to women voters. Stay at home moms vote just as much as single women do.
sir if you pray hanuman on tusdayfor win this election because barac obama prey hanuman and win eletion last time thanks i hope you win this eletion and save america
+Thomas Terence Seems to me Romney is saying positive things about women. I don't see any whining there.
Moms drive the economy, so why are you waging a war on them?
Paul B
He's not waging a war on moms, moms are fine so long as they have lots of kids and don't use birth control
Ira Hz
+Corey Reichle I think you got your politics mixed up > It was a Democratic anchor who said Mom's have no role in economics. Not a Republican > +Paul Bass We just don't think contraception should be covered in the Health Care System, and should be the responsibility of the Individual > Simple as that
+Ira Hz, however, Romney is on record being opposed to women regulating their own uteri, and ending affordable access to birth control, thereby promoting women in the workplace.

So, yeah. Romney thinks women aren't all that important to the economy, unless they are barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.
Romney is actually fine with contraception; he stated that in the debates. His issue is when it becomes a religious issue; he doesn't think the Catholic Church should have to pay for contraception. It's to be noted that Obama later changed his regulations not to require the Catholic Church to pay for contraception as well.
Hm, so then we are to make special laws regarding religion, is what Romney think, in opposition with the first amendment?
+Alexa Alexa If that's true, it just reinforces Ann Romney's point that the Obama economy has been particularly hard on working women.
Ira Hz
+Corey Reichle No he is simply Fiscally Conservative, like most true republicans. If you care more about Social Issues than Economic ones then your simply Democratic, and should vote for Obama. His Health Care Reform, sucks by the way > & is un-constitutional
+Ira Hz , the fiscally conservative thing to do is to cut health care spending, by engaging the entire market; not to keep paying out the nose in federal dollars for it.

+Warren Dew, true, he made a special law exemption an employer from the rules, based on religion.
+Ira Hz I care at least as much about social issues as about economic issues, and I certainly wouldn't vote for Obama. Even ignoring Obama's "detain and assassinate U.S. citizens without due process" thing, a free market approach is better for social issues than is Obamacare with the Stupak amendment and other provisions that limit the coverage people are allowed to buy. There's little chance of a Republican president making inroads against Roe v. Wade when even the "conservative" supreme court justices support that precedent, while there's a near certainty that Obama would further damage the economy in a second term as he did in his first term.
Ira Hz
+Corey Reichle True but at the moment it cost to much to keep straining our health care system on so personal a level. Were 15 Trillion dollars in debt for christ sake! We have to start cutting cost, and recuperate. Start worrying about the whole instead of just the part.
Planned parent is a Racist front group.
Margaret Sanger said about her 1939 "Negro Project", "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever
occurs to any of their more rebellious members."
Ira Hz
+Warren Dew i'm glad to hear you say that > I think if obama did get a second term, with no hope for re-election, it would be even more radical and damaging than the first >
+Alexa Alexa Obamacare includes "private" health care only in the sense that crony capitalism is "private". The regulations distort the incentives to the point that the health care market would no longer bear any resemblance to a free market.
+Alexa Alexa So you deny that planned parenthood was started as a stealth genocide program targeting black people? That is insane.
+Alexa Alexa The most economical solution to health care is a competitive market for health care and health insurance paid for and controlled by individuals, and not by either employers or the government.
+Alexa Alexa Agreed that Planned Parenthood has changed a lot over the years. Given their support for Obamacare with its Stupak amendment, they appear not even to support reproductive choice any more.
Corporations, as well as noncorporate private actors like doctors and clinics, care a lot about helping their customers, since otherwise their customers will take their business elsewhere.
Ira Hz
Post segregation sounds like propaganda > as well as anything with the words "Stealth Genocide Program" stringed so closely together > speculation
+Alexa Alexa I agree that monopolies and oligopolies are a problem because they decrease competition. I don't agree that the solution lies in more government, because the government is the biggest monopoly of all. With respect to the health care market, permitting interstate competition, as Romney proposes, would help open up more choices to individuals purchasing health care and thus increase competition, which would help alleviate oligopoly issues in that market.

I would also note that one of the problems in the health care market is that most people are limited to the one or two plans offered by their employer, which further limits the beneficial effects of competition. Romney would start to help fix that problem by putting individual health insurance on the same tax basis as the currently favored employer insurance.

In Romney's original proposal here in Massachusetts, employees would have been permitted to spend their employer's health insurance contributions towards whatever health insurance the employee chose. Unfortunately that part of the proposal didn't pass, and Romney doesn't propose it at the federal level because he feels that degree of regulation should be left at the state level, but it does show he understands the problems with our present health care system pretty well.
I love +Mitt Romney Mommy ~

God bless, Romney and beautiful first lady Ann and family ~

Washington (CNN) -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Friday that President Barack Obama is leading the country away from the founding fathers' vision and "toward limited freedom and limited opportunity."

In an address to the National Rifle Association's convention, which earlier his advisers had said would be the kickoff to his general election campaign, Romney said Obama's attack on freedom is to blame for the country's slow economic recovery from recession.
+Alexa Alexa I'm all in favor of robust antitrust laws to prevent collusion and excessive market power. My problem with Obamacare is that it goes in the opposite direction: not only is the government failing to prevent collusion between corporations, but the government is actually supporting and participating in the collusion.
I think it would help if we had a president like Romney, who knows how to facilitate compromise between different political factions, as opposed to our current president who seems only to polarize things.
Why 92% of jobs lost during Obama's government belongs to women. And why USA have the fewer amount of woman enrolled on colleges than ever? Mitt Romney i support you!
Tamara, this was actually precipitated by an Obama political advisor bashing stay at home moms, not something Romney did.
"All women play an important role in our country" ... WTF? This is not the policy you stand for +Mitt Romney
+Warren Dew I felt the article in politifact was thoroughly researched and about as transparent as possible. It doesn't dispute the numbers. It explains how Romney's team calculated them and provides a reasonable critique on why the calculation is misleading. Romney is trying to counter the dems narrative that the republicans are waging a war on women - fine, but this particular stat is just nonsense (a true number, but meaningless). One question for you, Warren - do you believe that the US economy turns on a dime and that the government can enact policies to instantly change momentum?
+Scott Saige How you "felt" about the Politifact article show the dangers of judging things by how you feel, as opposed to actually finding the facts and analyzing things.

Take, for example, Politifact's criticism of starting one's analysis in Obama's "first month". When should it start? Well, Obama signed his huge "stimulus" bill into law less than a month after he took office. So in fact, counting from Obama's first month, far from being unfair, seems the only fair way to do things.

Or take Politifact's statement that while women's private sector job losses were more than triple men's total job losses, women's public sector job losses were even bigger. That statistic actually backs Romney up, because Obama's "stimulus" bill focused on construction projects using high priced and mostly male union labor, and Obama expressly prohibited states from using the money to make up what should have been temporary gaps in state budgets.

The result was that states had to lay off women who did work that was useful, while hiring more expensive unionized men to work on make work projects. A more sensible stimulus bill, such as the Republicans proposed, would have allowed an earlier recovery, restoring state tax revenues and reducing the necessity to lay women off.

The truth is, Romney's facts are correct, and Politifact's assessment is a pathetic attempt to spin things in Obama's favor that turns out, when you look at it carefully, to make the case against Obama even more damning. Romney's political campaign seems to be a better source of accurate information than is the press - a sad commentary on the state of the press, but that seems to be the situation we're in.

As for the economy turning around quickly, the economy can do a complete turnaround in a year or two if the government follows policies promoting private sector growth as Reagan did after taking office in 1981. This graph shows how fast he turned things around:

Meanwhile, Obama has managed to drag out the current recession for four years and counting. The current recovery is so weak we should expect to remain in a depression for four more years if he is reelected. That's why we need a new president.
+Warren Dew Ok. I have to remember to choose my words extremely carefully in the political arena. What I meant was that the presentation of the facts, the number of references and the disclosure of the potential political affiliations of the people they interviewed gave the article credibility. You clearly understand that the start date for calculating the statistic is the key. The Romney team started from Jan 1 - 20 days before Obama was sworn in. The economic stimulus act was only passed on Feb 17 and obviously additional time to roll out the funds and start the projects. So is Jan 1 a fair date? Finally, since by your assessment, it takes at least a year in the best case for federal policy to change direction of our economy, it is not reasonable at all to blame the jobs lost in the first half of the 2009 on Obama.
+Scott Saige No matter how carefully you Obama apologists choose your words, it's not going to do you any good when the facts are not on your side. Nor will trying to fudge the facts, such as by claiming the Obama "stimulus" was passed four days later than actually occurred. The facts in the article supported Romney; it was only the opinions that disagreed with him.

The start date chosen by Romney is the last date before Obama was sworn in for a full statistics release, so it's the date that makes the most sense as a baseline for judging the Obama administration. If you think starting the count a month or two later, after Obama was sworn in, would make any difference to what happened over the three years, feel free to recalculate the statistics starting then. The truth is, it wouldn't change the fact that the vast majority of jobs lost under Obama have been from women - which is why Politifact refuses actually to do the math.

As for it taking a year, I said it took a year or two to fix the problem - to finish fixing it, not to start fixing it. To finish fixing a recession in a year or two, you need policies that will have immediate effects. That's what Reagan did so well.

Now, it's absolutely true that the bureaucratic nightmare that was Obama's "stimulus" bill took a long time to take effect. In fact, I complained about that three years ago when the bill passed:

That, however, just provides another illustration of how Obama mishandled the economy. An intelligent stimulus plan would have focused on actions that would have had an immediate effect, such as the temporary tax cuts proposed by the Republicans at the time. One of the main reasons the recovery is so slow is because Obama's plan was actually multiple years of patronage payments to his union supporters disguised as a stimulus plan, rather than an actual stimulus plan.
you right my Dear friend! when Obama took office he said go to fix economics and turn it around that he ask for more and more trillion bail out to spend! put alots trillion dollar to Debt now cuz bail out his friends like Sylandra and others! and now he run the blame game around but he forget when he took office gas price lower than today about 2 time, and he walk in office with super Majority in the House and Senate in his hand but he still run around blame someone else . what kind president is this?smart talk and smart in blame ! if we do look in to his Campaign over three years ago what he said then and now he the one is super flip flop! he promise to fix economics and said John in 2008 don't know how..?
Another example of woman that lost her entire carrer during Obama's mandate is Hilarry Clinton.
It's SO TRUE!!! Without mothers, this country would crumble beneath our feet.
Why are you trying to destroy the middle class
Mitt Romney don't let the muslin destroy the america!
+George Coelho that's completely not true, Obama is American, he was born in Hawaii and they have the birth certificate to prove it.
Also +Mitt Romney If you really cared about mom's you would not repeal Obama-care so they could have better family planning.
Thank you, Ann! I received my "mom's" bumper sticker today! :-)
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