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Mitt knows from experience that hard work and innovation, not government, builds successful businesses. Donate $20 to get an American Entrepreneur T-Shirt and tell President Obama you're proud of your success.
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Don't most businesses start with government subsidized/insured loans and credits to help start their businesses? AND didn't your companies get huge government tax breaks?
+Mitt Romney needs to learn a thing or two about how governments influence business growth, and how governments generate positive business climates. 

Is +Mitt Romney honestly that naive to think that you can build the same business in America as you can in Yugoslavia or China? It's more than just hard work that builds a business, it's the local laws that also allow for positive business growth through tax breaks, intellectual property protection, and loan subsidies. 

The fact that +Mitt Romney has no idea how government plays a roll and creates a climate for positive business growth really should have his candidacy called into question. 

His ignorance while typical at this point, is growing to be too much. 
Hey mitt. If this is your + account make sure at least that your team writes in your voice. Jeesh! 
I really think it needs to be stressed just how much you suck mittens.
12 comments and only 2 that are positive/pro mitt... NOT a good start to the morning...
Release more than 1 or 2 yrs of taxes, Mr. Romney.  Claiming that McCain's example is a precedent is misleading.  All other candidates in the past 30 years have released more than that.  Don't be the lowest common denominator.
Also, about these shirts, you didn't build the road that customers use to get to your business, did you?  That was what Obama said.  Who is distorting now?
Everything I've ever accomplished in life has only been possible due to roads and bridges.  When I learned how to ride my bike, it was because of a government road!  And one time, I even went to NYC (thanks to this wonderful bridge).  I've never built a business, but why should I when a road can just do it for me! 
Are those "Made in China" shirts? And it makes you such a low class, gossipy bleep, Mitt.
Ray Kroc didn't build McDonald's. He purchased it from the McDonald's brothers after they successfully built the business for 15 years. He franchised it. 
I sure hope Mitt made these shirts for the LULZ
Even the most gullible of us understand the Romney principle. Unfortunately he does not understand or care where the rest of us who work hard and take responsibility for our lives are coming from. Like so many of today’s politicians, he continues to discount and disregarded the  middle class citizen who does not have to be a financial predator to live a happy, content  and yes even prosperous life.
Ray Kroc didn't build McDonalds, the McDonalds brothers did.  He just purchased it from them after owning a franchise.
+Andrew Kornblatt On the contrary, Andrew, most small businesses don't use government financing. They use.... 
personal savings,
friends and relatives,
banks, Co-operative Societies and credit unions
venture capital firms
Private Equity
Angel Investors
Industries Development Board of Governments/States
 This is advice on small business financing is from our own Federal Consumer Information Center and the Small Business Administration:
Most of the government run businesses in our country have done nothing but struggle lately. I give you the example of the post office is set to default on billions in health fund payments. Government needs to stay out of private businesses until they can straighten out there own.
How many Jobs did Mitt create over the past 7 plus years? <crickets>  But he want's to be President and re-institute the same economic policies of Bush?  More of the same.....elitist Aristocrat's trying to buy the Presidency.  
Gov. Romney has forgotten more about running a business than any of you morons will ever know.  

Businesses flourish in favorable regulatory environments, which are characterized by less onerous restrictions and lower relative tax rates.  The federal government today is doing the opposite.

Sure, we need roads and bridges and airports, but the heavy lifting and long hours that require success in a business are done by the business owners, not the government.
Those men didn't build them alone to be sure.
+Your right, +Andrew Kornblatt Mostly adverse comments lately.  You see the "labeling trolls" have been hitting Gov. Romney's threads hard lately. Not sure why they end up here and not on Obama's thread. Do you know why?
Putting an out-of-context quote on a shirt give you so much more credibility, Mitt. Wow, and you ask Obama "what happened"? ha!
+Alexa Antonaras You view a wealthy person's money as actually your money?  Sorry comrade, but this is America.  And if we're talking about the "rich" paying their "fair share" then we should just divide the tax bill up equally between every person using government works.  That is fair.  If you just want the rich to pay more so you don't have to, that is a valid position, but you should be honest with yourself. 
Wow.....the misconceptions here today are unbelievable!  I see everyone has been following the liberal news. Wish you would recheck your facts first. That really would make it a more decent debate.
Actually Jason, Ray Kroc at the age of 51 visited the original Mc DOnalds to sell the Mixing Machines for Frappes, the Mc Donald Brothers asked him to work for them establishing Franchises. He did and the first Franchise Owner eventually became the President under Kroc, his name was Turner.
Alexa is confused and thinks that Mitt Romney is responsible for the Tax Code.
I guess Brent has forgotten more about the Great Recession and TARP bailout caused precisely by the policies he has stated. You mean flourish for Wall Street Bankers and Hedge Fund Owners like Mitt?
+Alexa Antonaras Would you please  tell me where you read that Gov. Romney wasn't paying his taxes on overseas investments?
+Thomas Fritts Jr. I have no doubt that Romney's paying taxes so surely there is no reason for him not to release multiple years of tax returns. He's running for the highest office of the land, not the be a school principal. 
+Peter Combs Not arguing that is is the president, or that he did not grow the company.  But they made it.  They came up with the concepts of automation and limited menu items that eventually became fast food.

Putting his name on this shirt is kind of proving the Obama quote true...he did not make that business on his own.
+Marty D'Arcy  Romney said: "The so-called offshore account in the Cayman Islands, for instance, is an account established by a U.S. firm to allow foreign investors to invest in U.S. enterprises and not be subject to taxes outside of their own jurisdiction,"  The "outside of their jurisdiction" is the United States Government.
While I have been a vocal contributor to most of these posts, my only contribution is that the comments are so filled with trolls that's there's nobody intelligent to discuss it with. +Anton Slutsky where are you when I need you? LOL
+Alexa Antonaras Gov Romney has admitted nothing of the kind! If you have proof of that pls let us know where it is reported
Ironically, Romney has probably paid more in federal tax than all of us on this thread will pay cumulatively in our lifetimes.
+Alexa Antonaras prove your fallacious allegations or shut up. Also take note in the investments of our dear President. Many (nearly a majority) are in offshore firms. He also accepted funds from the CIO of Bain Capital (who was running the firm starting in 1999 the year that "offshoring" began). 
Mitt's tax returns and financial information are relative to the discussion in that if he, or some entity controlling his money, has stashed money in offshore tax havens in order to avoid taxing said money, it will show a flaw of character and greed unbecoming one who will be in one of the most powerful positions on the planet.
+Georgi Trifonov I have investments too and taxes don't get paid on them until I withdraw that money. In the meantime it is held in a trust account.
+Marty D'Arcy Marty, if those foreign investors using that account are not subject to taxes out of their jurisdiction, that is exactly what it means.
Obama didn't earn that Nobel prize...someone else did! lulz
Gee +Alexa Antonaras .  Do you always find someone guilty before you actually see their records?
+Alexa Antonaras  that's is one of the mostly bizarrely stupid things I've seen on G plus this year. He hasn't denied it because nobody, save yourself, has accused him of it.
+Alexa Antonaras  He has. He has explained time and again that he has money in accounts that he has no management over and in many cases no knowledge of and that all of the income generated is reported and taxes paid according to all applicable laws. 
+Alexa Antonaras Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman and Schultz Refuse to Release Tax Returns so does that make them dishonest?
+Marty D'Arcy I agree - we shouldn't attack Romney before we can see his records. That's precisely why he needs to release those tax returns and put all the controversy to rest.

And Reid, Pelosi and all the others weren't running for President. And I'm sure their tax returns are available, much like John McCain's and John Kerry's
Charming debate +Alexa Antonaras . I am no cave dweller if that is your intention to be sarcastic.
+Georgi Trifonov Personally, I feel there are plenty of records that it would be nice to see.  lol......and you know the ones I may be referring to here. 
I have only blocked four people in the not quite a year I've been on G+. +Alexa Antonaras for your blinding ignorance, I award you position #5.
+Georgi Trifonov  Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman and Schultz are elected officials and those records are normally disclosed.
After the whole Birther craze I find it both refreshing and horrifying to see the same mentality playing out for his tax returns.
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have flatly refused to make their tax returns public, so their hypocrisy severely invalidates their argument. These individuals are in the direct succession line for the Presidency should a tragedy befall the government, so I'm afraid +Georgi Trifonov that both your arguments are invalid.
+Jason Ansaldo It seems the tax returns are the only point they love to draw on here, Jason. Gov Romney is pretty squeeky clean all the way around.
+Georgi Trifonov From all I can read, Georgi, those Romney accounts are taxable eventually.  Did you know that Obama had overseas investments at one time also?
+Marty D'Arcy  Maybe we should ask John McCain. Apparently he got an inside look at Romney's returns and found "nothing disqualifying there".

+Jason Ansaldo The difference being: Obama released his birth certificate, as ridiculous as that was.

Mitt Romney is not doing his campaign a favor by prolonging this controversy. Obama understood that and he showed his birth certificate to shut the conspiracy theorists up. Why is it so hard for Romney to do this? Don't we all benefit from talking about real issues? And if so, and the tax returns are not an issue - why not release them and move on...
+Alexa Antonaras Only 2 years of taxes are required and 2011 will be completed soon and will be available
Schiltz , Pelosi, Reid have all flatly refused durng their own campaigns to release them. Pelosi and Schultz are very wealthy people. Romney has met the requirements, the rest is financial voyeurism.

If anything was wrong with Romney's taxes from a legal standpoint, and that's all that matters, the IRS would be all over it.  Does anyone seriously think they haven't been already as part of his compliance and eligibility to run? 

Would anyone be surprised if someone from 1600 Penn Ave called over to the IRS and gave them a nudge to double, triple check? 
+Georgi Trifonov Yes he did. John McCain  has already given a press briefing on what taxes he viewed of Romneys and he stated there was nothing there that was questionable.
+Marty D'Arcy I guess we'll have to take McCain on his word. Ann Romney today said: "..we’ve given all our people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how — you know, how we live our life.”

But Republicans shouldn't complain if the Obama camp won't let this go. The smart ones actually understand this and have called on Romney to put the issue to rest.
+Georgi Trifonov I assume Mrs. Romney was only stating the requirements. I know Romney said he would release 2011 once it was completed.
LOL +Alexa Antonaras ....Didn't Jessie Jackson or one of his cronies use that "all you people" phrase once?  Darn, my memory fails me on who said that!  years ago!
wouldnt it be something if every candidate said something nice about the other. witch hunting for tax records that he legally does not have to release is just a decoy that our economy and gov't is going to the crapper.
+Marty D'Arcy It's about transparency. When you're running for the highest office, people expect a bit more than the corporate defense "I did what was minimally required by law, so live with it".
His Tax returns regardless from that time will show little difference. Earned Versus un-earned income, thats about it.
i like how mitt is so in touch with the people that he refers to himself in the third person in his own posts #mitttardney
John F. Kennedy (wasn't he a Democrat?) was another mega-rich candidate who did not release his tax returns. Yet another example of a) hypocrisy and b) diverting attention from meaningful things, like the horrible jobs numbers, declining consumer confidence and the LIBOR banking scandal, a complete failure of the Obama SEC.
+Dave Hardee Such colorful names sound like cocktails. We know Mitt doesn't drink, therefore, he's not guilty of any of this ;-)
THis is all "Majoring in the minors"...

Its a Happy distraction for the President, but is of little relevance..
+Louis Geri I assume Romney's posts here are made by his staff.  Doubt he has time to do them personally.
+Marty D'Arcy obviously you're right and i was just being a rabble rouser, but the name of the account should be +Romney2012 or something to that effect, not his personal indicator
+bobby miller Gov. romney was the owner of his company. Of course he had a job!
transparency? like fast and furious for example?
+Louis Geri It doesn't really matter. Obama's posts are not made by him. When you're president or running for president, you have little time to post on Google+.. Maybe twitter :)
+Louis Geri lol Louis....rebel rousers sometimes have the best statements!  Helps lighten up the thread!
Saying that decreased government regulation makes businesses thrive is like saying that releasing your hands from person's throat makes that person live.  Federal gov't -- get out of the way!

Thank you, Mitt Romney -- the only honest and qualified candidate for 2012.
+Aaron Smith Nice to see a complimentary comment for a change. I'm sure it is appreciated!
They ain't rebels, they're rabble.
@Aaron Smith Government regulation isn't to help or harm business. It's to help Americans.  Regulation is meant to help businesses put people before profit.
Clever, taking a quote out of context and assuming the majority can't figure that out.  Welcome to the information age Mitt...we can research you without your knowledge.  I don't frown upon your success, I frown upon your inability (or perhaps lack of desire) to see that things were gifted to you, that you have had a leg up and, that you did not build yourself on your own.
+Mitch Melykson I haven't read anything about Gov.Romney not working for what he has.....would you tell me about it pls?
As a small business owner I find it offensive to read accusations that ALL OF US start our businesses with government subsidized money. Couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it's quite the opposite. In order to start a business we have to pay fees and keep paperwork current with; state Secretary of State, City Business License, State Department of Taxation, and in my case a federal license, to name a few. All of these fees and licenses go to the federal, state and local governments...NOT the other way around.
+Mike Grimmett And most small business loans are from private firms, private savings and banking orgs, Mike. They didn't come from the government. You are right.
+Marty D'Arcy So true. I've owned my own business for over a decade...I've survived through the market collapse...I can honestly say that for as long as I've been in business, I've NEVER met a small business owner who received funding/subsidization from Uncle Sam. 
I built my business from the ground up starting at my kitchen table. I did not have any help from the government. I have been in business 27 years, am debt free, steadily employ over a dozen people and have one of the top ad agencies in North Florida. 
I've been self employed since 1972, never got a dime of help from any government agency. Managed to own a couple houses, nice cars, vacations in Europe and the islands, private educations for our children, donations to charity, helping neighbors when they need it. long the way paid a boat load in annual property taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, airline taxes you name, we've paid it..

I like many are SICK of hearing from this President how we're not doing it our own and aren't paying enough....he is a bald face liar.

and I always VOTE....100% of the time...every election regardless of what its about..
+Cynthia Montello Good for you, Cynthia!  Everyone loves to hear success stories!  Congrats on being debt free as well!  :-)
+Marty D'Arcy I didn't say he didn't work. I said he had help.  I'm including tax loopholes and boosts from the government that allowed him to attend a good college (even if he didn't directly receive that money the college did and thus was able to improve the quality of it's education)
+Mike Grimmett Relax, Mike. Obama never said that all small-businesses start with government money. Ever. Everyone, democrat and republican, knows how much effort it goes into opening a small business and the endless hours of work to see it to success. Obama's point (before it got spinned out of control) was that we succeed because of individual ingenuity, but also because we work together.
+Mitch Melykson I certainly can't confirm or deny your statements, Mitch.  But even President Obama said there was nothing wrong with using every advantage you could get and that it doesn't make you a bad person. I'm sure we have ALL, at one time or another, used deductions that were legal. I know I have!
Many have even wondered how President Obama could afford his high end education, so I'm sure he used some of those deductions as well. 
+Georgi Trifonov Interesting that you thought I was talking about Obama. Yes, he 'started' it but I was referring to the spin. Government should stay out of the private sector and worry about it's -$14 trillion bank account. If GM needed to fail then let it fail. This is not 2nd grade soccer, not everyone needs a trophy. I do love the healthy debate though.
+Mitt Romney isn't a bad person, probably a decent investor, and most likely a savvy businessman... The problem is that a country can't be run like a business.  We have costs that have to be maintained (military being a big one), we have systems that don't allow for a top down decision/change to be made, and the only source of income that the US has ticks off 90% of the people that have to pay it.  No one LIKES to pay taxes, but unless the US moves into the private sector to earn money (see Argentinian Oil (please no)) then we have to pay taxes and as costs go up so too must our taxes.  I'm skeptical of a candidate that doesn't admit this directly. (Including Obama) I personally feel Obama is closer to that realization than  Romney.
+Mitch Melykson Personally I feel that government should be run as a business. It's obviously not working now being run as it is with so much debt.  There are programs and expenses (just like in business) that need to be cut. I'm hoping Romney will replace the military budget myself.  That is the safety for America and our citizens and we need that now more than ever.
As it is now, our children and grandchildren will be paying this debt off long after we are gone.
The government should only be involved in the private sector in a small way; to help protect us from monopolies and corruption. A taste of regulation is a good thing.
Oh my....look at the time!  Ya'll don't fight now. Keep it clean and simple....if you can!  ;-)
+Marty D'Arcy a business can 'easily' change it's bottom line.  It can raise prices, improve advertising, expand its customer base... in fact many successful businesses will do this before contracting their workforce.  The US can't do that, therefore the only option is contracting the workforce or 'raising prices' (taxes).  I think there are divisions that aren't streamlined enough, but if we flat out slice open every program hoping to trim the fat, I think history has shown that doesn't work either.  I'd just like tax rates to go back to the Reagan era before we start trying to cut jobs at all.
+Thomas Fritts Jr. What they have to do with it is that it is another sign of his secretive nature.

Also, not ONLY business owners pay the taxes that keep the roads being built.  Personal taxes do too.  Speaking of that, let's see at least 5 years of Mitt's.  Oh, look... we're back to that again.
All and all who does what our country's government was built by hard working men who made it so we all could have the freedoms to build what we want. Now making government the main source was not one of those freedoms that's welfare isn't it? Anyway Mr. Obama what ever happened to Clinton's welfare reform where he didn't just let people sit home get fat and live in section 8 government housing receiving a free check from businesses money. All we want is freedom back including financial
I love how when you point out a valid point about the tax system, the unfair advantages the million and billionaires out there have over the middle class and lower socio-economic groups, the hypocrisy of the Republican message, you are called a "Troll" and "ignorant" instead of engaging in rational discussion...
+Mitch Melykson Romney turned around the 2002 Olympics and balanced the budget of Massachusetts--he's not just a savvy businessman--and streamlining a business isn't that different from streamlining government--they both involve cutting unnecessary spending, and spending has gone up when, as a candidate, the President promised that there would be a "line by line" review of unnecessary spending (it just hasn't happened). The President's fiscal policy to "turn around the economy" hasn't helped our monthly interest payments on the debt. In June of 2012, the Federal Government paid $103,886,876,062.52 in interest (see ). That's the price of running Government by allowing expenditures to dwarf income - and it's bad for businesses and for non-business people. Debt is a trap that we're in and with the President's record on spending, the best thing to do is to elect Romney and someone like Kurt Bills for Senate, even though Senator Amy Klobuchar has talked with other Senators about deficit reduction, her record is one of deficit spending (as far as my research indicates).
It's a sad state of affairs when the presidential candidate's campaign team has to pretend it has the reading ability of a 3rd grader.

You know, I know, and the person who came up with the idea for this shirt all know what Obama actually meant when you have the entire quote in context. But instead we all have to hold our hands over our ears and go "LALALALA" so the campaign can attempt to trick people into believing something that was never even implied, much less said.

It is so funny that 80% of the comments here are all Obama supporters! I guess these people have no real jobs, all they do is jump all over ANYTHING Mitt says!
+Aaron Holt There is some similarity to a business (as I stated) but they are different and the same mechanisms don't work.  The income prospects for the 2002 Olympics are similar to a business balancing itself between cuts and earning money.  Many economists (that have studied this far more than I have) acknowledge a need for an increase in taxes just to match inflation rates as well as a trimming of government.  The problem is no one can agree as to what can be cut.  You have the extreme tea party members that want to scrap it all and you have extreme liberals that want to cut anything that supports the military.  The whole reason I jumped on this thread is because I want to show that we moderates aren't happy with any of the choices.  Would I prefer that taxes go only on the wealthiest...yep....would I prefer to keep all government programs intact...nope... We live in a representative democracy, no one elected leader is going to give us what each of us wants and nor should they.  I'm wandering away from the web for a while, but thanks for the intelligent debate and sharing.  I think it is people like us that don't speak in absolutes that will actually be able to turn around this economy.
After 3.8 years, its pretty obvious Barrack Obama was not ready to lead a nation, especially a nation in trouble.  Not by his past experiences which were very limited in managing anything, not on his legislative background as he had none. He was a charming idea, a breath of fresh air..but alas, not competent.

Had he actually spent more than 2 years of his Freshman term in office and not let his hubris get the better of him, he might have been better prepared in 15 to 20 years after writing dozens of pieces of legislation and learned how it all works..
+Anthony Huereca Yes we ALL know exactly what he meant.  Having just listened to the ENTIRE message again, I and every reasonable person can say that he believes that people who succeed that are hard working and smart, got there with government assistance.  Pretty clear and ridiculous if you ask all but the most liberal Obama supporters.  Well that or ask a Socialist....  Obama is all about race and class warfare, and this came out off of his normal teleprompter driven speech.   

This community organizer has to go.  He is making Jimmy Carter look competent. 
I've lived through 11 Presidents...and I cannot recall any of them dicing and slicing our country into little piece by planting hate, envy, self entitlement, selfishness, race, ethnicity the way Obama has. 

The Vietnam era was rough, but whats going on today is a lot worse. 

The disdain that Obama has been able to create among so many people against those who succeed and work hard to make their lives better for their family's' community and nation is astounding. They are now vilified as being selfish and causing the suffering of the less able or successful.

The new heros are those who do nothing but stimulate anger to lay claim to the hard work of others....

+Steve Michael Making Jimmy Carter look competent is no easy feat.  Should we list this as one of Obama's accomplishments?
Actually, no. Every business has help to get off the ground. Either loans, employees, or someone helped. Customers even help it grow. The original colonists who formed this country was not a singular individual! The difference between them and romney is that they knew appreciation. Businesses cannot function without customers, and cannot grow without employees. And to my knowledge only one startup to grow into a fortune company without starting with a loan is Harley Davidson. But thanks for putting this shirt out, I will be sure to inform anyone I see wearing it how WRONG they are, and avoid doing business with them, since they don't need any help even from customers. It is the first time I have been able to thank you for anything, but unfortunately will probably be the last as well.
Mitt, I really want to like you... but you make it hard. 1) When Obama gets tough you say he's nice... 2) Then when you get a chance to take something a little out of context (It's funny when Michael Savage does it - not you) you run with it. You are supposed to be "daddy". You are supposed to make us feel that embracing the corporate wiz who can be a conservative amongst liberals will lead us into the future.  You can turn your lack of  a personality into an asset (competency) or you can make it turn against you (listening to inexperienced advisors). You know how to build a coorporate team; but you are making me question your ability to deal with anything but spreadsheets. The tea party will vote for you - I (the  socially liberal, fiscally conservative voter) am to whom you need to pander. 
We can't ask about his religion
We can't ask about Bain
We can't ask about when he was governor
We can't ask about tax returns

and now we can't ask about his foreign policy...

what is this???

A Stealth Candidate????
Richard - or is Dick better? Either way, I want you to have a concept, and without customers, lying, borrowing, or employing, make that business grow. Lying thrown in to avoid you using a tax haven so you can get tax free interest on existing money or other non-business practices. Build a business with no help. You will find it is impossible.
Peter combs - actually, if you want to use decimals, Obama has been president just under 3.5 years, late august will be his actual 3.5 year mark. But nice try at math though.
Bruce Williams - maybe, the bank? Just a wild guess.
+Andrew Grennan you know about Mitt's new topic in the next days? WAR ON PORN !!! yeah.. this is important...
Lots of Obama trolls. Those gluttons who would love 4 more years of failure, misery and corruption. And skyrocketing debt and unemployment. How many more distractions can they muster between now and November? #anythingbuttheeconomy
+Miki Pedia we can't ask about his religion, we can't ask about his Marxist affiliations, we can't see his college transcripts, we can see a real birth certificate, we can't read the bill before we pass it, we can't stop blaming Bush, we can't stop using the same excuse everytime unemployment goes up, etc.
Thank you, +Glen Sansone   All that transparency has been overwhelming, I agree! out of context.that..isn't that.
+Glen Sansone We can't ask about his time with Bain Capital, we can't see his tax returns, we can't know who his rich investors are. This is all relevant, real details about his past that reveal his true character, that show whether or not he is by nature deceitful and greedy. These are indicators of whether or not he's going to run the country for the people or for himself. You're worried about arbitrary values like what Obama's religion is, or whether he was born in Kenya to some Muslim terrorist. I guess the word I should use is not "arbitrary", but "cooky" and "off the wall", stuff that's just distracting and completely avoids the argument of whether he runs the country well or not. You're worried about Obama's college transcripts when every presidential candidate ever has released all of his tax receipts except Romney? This is how people get screwed over. They worry about arbitrary, cooky, off the wall details and ignore what really matters in this little place I like to call reality. By the way, if you haven't noticed, the auto industry has been restored, unemployment is down, and our economy is no longer in a recession.
+Miki Pedia The worst part is his "war on porn" will probably gain lots of votes from ignorant, pious people who don't realize that no matter how immoral you think porn is, it cannot be eradicated. It's like how republican presidents still are voted for because of the pretense of stopping abortion from happening. Roe vs. Wade happened in 1973, people! If you're still voting for a president because you're optimistic that we're going to overturn something that was ruled 40 years ago, you're not voting correctly! And then there's the gay issue. Seriously people! A man this smart running so he can start a "war on porn" is not going to fix the economy, he's going to screw you.
+Jim Clark What people are gonna keep it out of the hands of children? 30-year-old men? That's like trying to physically recover your toddler from the McDonald's Play Place. This is the internet. I'm only 22 and I'm already behind by five years. It's not something a country can feasibly do, it's something that parents are responsible for. Just because a country doesn't hopelessly try to stop internet porn doesn't mean we corrupt our kids. Found ourselves on the bottom of that slippery slope pretty quickly, didn't we? And I'm surprised Obama got anything done with John Boehner as Speaker of the House.

And to address your second post our country "survives" off of sweat shops in China. Quit ignoring the Malthusian Trap! And by generate tax dollars you mean the dollars of everyone that works for the CEO, but not the CEO who makes more money than a most of the employees combined?
Yeah the GOP has done a great hatchet job on America  The president knows that the middle class has suffered greatly and that we are the UNITED States, are we not UNITED, they we should look out after each other, those that have the means should help those that don't and share what we know so that we help them lift their boat.  It easy to sit as a arm chair quarterback and complain and point fingers, but what is America who is she and what have we done, we speak about freedom, but the poor trapped in poverty on our shores are Americans also, God made this country great so there would be enough for everyone. We have become selfish and self centered, I got mine you go get yours. our hearts have become so dark and cold and enveloped within itself filled with hate, distrust so much so that love, real love has no place to come in.  Husbands killing wives and children and commuting suicide,  our hearts were not created to carry hatred, anger pain and callousness.  I a actually in tears as i sit here and write, when I see how we as a people and as a nation have become so malfunctioning. Some of the things I see written here are not the America I learned about, that sparked dreams in me, they thing that made people come from all over the world come to our shores seeking freedom and opportunity ans one side has made it, forgetting the forefathers that came with a dollar and a dream and we stand on their shoulders and say I made it on  my own.  and we can look at another person who's dreams have been crushed, and feelings worthless, i know that pain. what has become of the beauty that was America what happened to the united in United States of America?

Do you remember in 2007 when this president asked us to help him, that he needed all of us to help him and that he could not so it alone were your ears open? or were you selective in what you wanted to hear? we made an agreement with this president, with our vote we made a covenant to help him to give idea, to be actively involved in your government it is after all a government of the people, for the people, BY THE PEOPLE.  We malign this president when all he asked was for us all to work united to achieve great things. but we broke that covenant, we went back on our word and our vote was our word to work with and help hem. we promised.

Do you realize as I recently did what he meant when he said, "we are the ones we have been waiting for"? he was saying we had been looking or change and WE ARE THE CHANGE so in actuality the vote we cast in November 2007 was not a vote for the president, it was a vote for us. for us to come was a positive force for change, we are the change if we are inactive, sitting back and criticizing the change did nothing. we fail  the president, we failed our country and we failed ourselves but it's so convenient to blame him an absolve ourselves from any responsibility.  YOU and I are the change and we failed to become what he saw we could become and so... we failed our families because we failed to become the change. 

Listen to me it is our voices united that can shake the world and it is our voices united unwavering, resolute, strong and undeterred that will drown out the voices of the lobbyist and the money, it is when we take back the power of our vote become the change the President saw in us in 2007 not squander it. if we had stood together  united behind our vote in 2007, we would have moved congress like it had never been moved before, we could make business hire the same way we made advertisers of a radio personality move by letting them know "we will not buy your products unless you start to hire people Yes we have that power when we stand together united. we have slept on ourselves  Business is sitting on 3 trillion dollars that's 60 million, 50,000 dollar a year jobs. if WE make them move they could end unemployment before end of the year. unemployment for the first time could actually be ZERO They are deliberately holding unemployment above 9% ans with minorities in particular to make a point and rub it in the presidents face.  The do it at the expense of your family and mine. I don't know how to get a grass roots effort together to make business release that money and hire us and our families, and stop shipping our jobs overseas, but maybe one or two of you do know how. it's time for us as Americans to throw that which divides us away for good, and come together for our collective survival if we don't do it who will?  This is what President Obama was trying to tell us, i get it now, I understand it now, I can finally see it now. The president  saw it in us, he believed i us, and when he called us to get involved and not let the politicians lead us around by the nose, but get up out of the arm chair and become involve with local government, badger your local representative, your state officials an your national leaders and make them understand we are not going to take their partisan garbage anymore, they will either perform or look for another job, we under estimate the power of vote we take for granted.  Let's get busy and stop sitting around looking for someone to do something, you are the someone In2007, the president was counting on us did we keep our part of the bargain, our part of the promise where with our vote, we agreed with him to become the change we were waiting did we keep that promise?
So, the new "It's Bush's fault" is "it's your fault". Sweet. 
I'm out of here. Too many zombies who actually believe things like  "the government creates business", lab-grown by unionized government employees masquerading as "teachers".
My Family Built their own Business!!! I am proud of them too!!
+Jim Clark  the GOP is one of the biggest complainers of the "nanny" state, and here they are trying to stop porn. There is no collaborative effort that is going to make porn less *accessible to children unless it's run by the children themselves. The internet is uncontainable. Why don't parents simply educate their kids on sex before the internet does? If you think that's too early, go to Africa where kids sleep in the same room where their parents have sex. We don't corrupt our kids. We shelter them and they go overboard when they reach the age of rebellion. It's evident all the way from abstinence-only education to the 21-year-old drinking limit. Also, the "solutions" you provide are all completely unfeasible. You are evidence of the hard-headedness of the GOP. Just, become a CEO? Are you aware that there can only be so many CEOs in the world? That the middle class contains very few CEOs? You're solution to the problems of the middle class are, don't be middle class. And, don't shop at Wal Mart? The majority of clothing stores in America, not to mention other commerce, are fueled by sweat shops. And to respond to your response to +Middle Class Life, Romney doesn't create American jobs. He creates personal wealth by outsourcing them.
We know lying comes as naturally to Mittens as flip-flopping, but stop misrepresenting what the President said. 
The reality is the government wouldn't need to build paved roads without the automobile and the car wouldn't have gone far as a product without the roads the government built.  The government wouldn't have revenue (aka taxes) without business, and some business wouldn't take as great a risk or make new discoveries without government subsidies. It's a two way street and it would be nice if they would both recognize that and move on to something more interesting like a plan to incentivize American business to onshore jobs or for offshore companies to create jobs here.  Either are fine as long as people have jobs.
Richard, not sure the direction you are trying to go, but that would be rude for them to brag to their customers they had no help or outside influence in building their company. If they do then they should be informed that they didn't do it alone.
"The Government" only exists because the people of the country allow it to exist.  "The Government" has no funds on its own, it is mainly a parasite on the people of a country.  The constitution spells out specifically the role of the Federal government and what its powers should be.  Yes they fund innovations and industries but should they be in that role?  They seem to waste a lot more of our money and resources than they create.  The President hates this country and how it became to be and he shows it every single day.
If you believe in this government you are a communist!
So who controls Obama?  Big Unions.
Mitt also knows that black people are sub-human and don't belong in his church.... 
Mitt also knows how to not pay taxes
Yet he spoke at the NAACP and Obama ... did not!?  He attended a campaign fundraiser instead.   Hmmmh
I really wish Michael Bloomberg ran for president. That's a Republican I can support. 
The people of the country established the government, so of course it wouldn't exist without the people. But it was established specifically to allow people to pave their own ways and begin their own businesses. And suddenly people are fixed on the idea that government is in the way of doing such things?

America is a third-generation family business. All this talk of "founding fathers" and the original drafting of the constitution is a joke. You're going to sit here and tell me that the world climate and economic picture that existed in the 1700s mirrors that of this side of 2000? Get out of here with that.

Anyone who says "The President hates this country" is an unreasonable mudslinger. That's the bottom line. You can be a reasonable person and disagree with the way that the President wants to improve things. But to sit here and say something that suggests that the intent of our President is to do anything other than improve... well that's just silly.

And be careful with wishing for small government. Because when a small government doesn't have the funding it needs, it turns to the private sector. And the greater the private sector's involvement in government, the more money is backing politics, and the more that motives behind legislation become skewed towards $$$. Doesn't anyone else think it's messed up that medical personnel are told specifically to "treat" rather then "cure"? Ask my wife what it's like to be told to give her patient more meds than he needs (often MUCH more) just to give him another bill.

If you have a business, YES, you deserve credit for making it happen, and YES, the government deserves credit for giving you the tools you needed. Anything else is just PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE. Get over yourselves.
+Alexa Antonaras Because big business (ahem "corporations are people too" cough) wants nothing to do with paying their dues, the ones that have been asked of them since day one, and will do anything to make any such suggestion look like an attack on "The American Dream."

When your business is tax evasion, why are you surprised when the government feels the need to find other ways to get your support? The government was always structured on giving back, but once asked, the popular argument turns to "NO, I shouldn't have to give back," like a whiny child.
Tell em the story about the 'White Horse' prophecy Mr Romney.. Tell em how you plan to SAVE us from ourselves.. 
53% of Americans are on some sort of welfare.  If we are not headed towards socialism what would you call it?
And Matt, you are correct we need large government because it has worked so well throughout history.  I think the greatest country ever, started out with the concept of a small government of the citizens that got out of peoples lives and out of the way of progress.   Now the guy who bashes businesses has his hand out wide looking for piece of the pie!
I ran my business for 8 years without any government assistant.
Alexa, I can definitely agree with you on that point.  They all pander to us for a vote and do what they can get away with in front of their big donors.
Ensuring general welfare does not mean giving welfare to the general population just for being born.  People need to be self-reliant, so they contribute to the general welfare of the community.  I think it is more heartless to make people dependent on their governments.
Term limits, contribution limits, campaign limits and donor origin limits would help.  Who is talking about that?  The people in this conversation are more concerned with attacking people for their so-called religious beliefs, so-called racial beliefs and tax situations.  That is exactly what the establishment wants you to do.
Who do you know, other than welfare recipients, isn't giving a part of their income to taxes?
You put words in my mouth, as I never claimed to want a "large government." But it is dangerous to want to shrink the government down so small that the private sector runs the country. That is where we are now, and that is why legislation so often shows preference to the highest bidders regardless of what that means to the "good of the people."

Government never got out of the way of big business, government panders to big business. How self-reliant were the banks when the bailout was needed? They are precisely the reason that many people are dependent on the government, just as they are themselves.

People are born into detriment or success today more than ever. If that doesn't sit in direct opposition to The American Dream, then I don't know what does.
^ Dead on. The loopholes need to be closed. That should be one of the primary focuses. But any talk about that has always amounted to nothing more than wordplay because the biggest dollars don't want to see that happen.
Our government does NOT have a revenue problem, stop it.  They have a spending problem.  If you raised the tax rates on the top percent the way they are espousing you would generate about 85 billion a year.  The government burn rate is 11billion per day.  So you got 7-8 extra days by taxing the upper bracket the way they want!
And does anyone else find irony in the fact that Mr. Small Government posts "I built my business" while also letting out that he wants mandatory porn filters on every computer in the country?

Every now and then, between the popular narrative, we get another glimpse into this guy's true agenda.
it's a good thing Gov. Romney pulled himself up by his bootstraps, with only a family of incredible wealth and a politically powerful father to help
Margaret - that's been the republican viewpoint all along. Talks about "entitlements" they have said that the people need to go out and get a job. That's blaming, it takes two to tango, as does employment. You can fill out all the applications in the world but if no company is hiring your talents, you won't find a job. It's everyone's fault in reality.... We have allowed society to sink to its current level and promoted corporate greed. Now it's ALL of our jobs to clean that up. No president will fix this country alone, if you think otherwise I am sorry.
Jim - How does one become ceo? Most times, by breaking moral beliefs that I for one am not going to break. For buying a pair of 30 dollar shoes rather than a pair of 100+ dollar shoes, most of us don't have the spare income to make that decision. Oh, go barefoot? Yeah most places in society you will be arrested or kicked out of if you go barefoot. Or are you being generous and offering to pay the difference to avoid buying from wal mart? Please work for minimum wage and pay all your bills before calling those who do hypocrites. Lower the prices of things made here in the USA, so that REAL people can afford them. And quit calling names towards the people who are the backbone of the country!
"They use.... 
personal savings,
friends and relatives,
banks, Co-operative Societies and credit unions
venture capital firms
Private Equity
Angel Investors"

+Marty D'Arcy So you are saying they didn't do it alone, as only two of the above qualify as doing it yourself. Just like Obama was saying with the quote that is clearly taken out of context here. Don't believe me, look up the quote for yourself.

It is funny you are complaining the comments are mostly negative. The message is mostly negative, and so the comments will follow. 
Lastly, for all ignoramus individuals, Obama said that entrepreneurs had help, such as a great teacher, or parental influence, to get where they are. However, even if you were raised by wolves and learned to speak on your own, you CANNOT build a business alone. There are lots of influences that play a part in building it. Republicans are showing how ignorant they are, both by taking his words out of context and by saying appreciation isn't necessary as a business owner.
+Georgi Trifonov Interesting that Obama had a penalty for underpaying his taxes on the first return I opened on his page.  Why isn't the press picking up on that?  It would be front page news with Romney.
+Joel Dove my interpretation of the conflict is that President Obama was, very much in context, lambasting successful business owners for claiming success for their own work because other people contributed to it via roads, teachers, etc., i.e., things provided by Government and a collectivist society.  (You didn't build that -- somebody else did that.)

I, along with large portions of America, feel queasy hearing this from our chief executive because I believe in a nation where one of the overarching values is that any individual who works hard enough can succeed because we live in a land of opportunity.

Yes, there are teachers and public sector unions and roads and all the other goodies government provides.  Ironically, who's paying for (i.e., is ultimately worthy of receiving the credit for providing) the lion's share of those services?  The very same business owners the president lambastes!

At the end of the day, everyone receives support from teachers like Elizabeth Warren, the unions, government, etc.  While I'm very grateful for this support, by definition, because everyone receives it, success is determined by other factors, namely the individual/business's hard work, ingenuity, etc.

One parting dessert of irony:  President Obama, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (for not being Bush), taking shots at business owners for success they didn't earn . . .
+Warren Dew We wouldn't know about that, would we? We haven't seen the returns.
"You didn't build that -- somebody else did that."  -- 'that' is a reference to roads, not business.  seriously guys, I know you all want to hear Obama come out and just say "F**K businesses!  I'm a communist! WHAAAAA!" and flip everyone off, but thats just not gonna happen.  and if it does, now that would be entertainment! :-)
Mr. Romney Sir,

I'm a little confused by this t-shirt. I'm not of the Mormon religion, but i was under the understanding that one of the great teachings is that helping others is one of the most important efforts that a person can contribute. I listened to the presidents speech and i believe he was talking about how everyone plays a part in each persons success. Can you explain more?
+Joel Dove I would worry too much about it. Every single intelligent person out there (especially the guy who built his own business) understands that everything in the economy is interconnected in complex ways which you can't explain by a one-liner on a t-shirt (although it's remarkable how many people here think it's really that simple!)
Mr. Disconnected Romney, 

I am an entrepreneur and yes, government help us small businesses to get on our feet.  May be you got lucky and built an empire without anyones help! good for you ... not sure how many of us get this lucky ... 
and yes, for most of the small businesses to get certified federal or state contractors, we have to provide 3 years of personal (including spouse) tax returns including a statement of personal net worth, which includes foreign accounts.  
But to run for the top government office you think its not necessary to  do so ... but again you are different Mr. Romney and rules that apply to common man doesn't apply to you.  I suggest you come to reality, may be become a community organizer to start with.
I just find it very very very hard to believe that Mr. Romney, coming from old money, got no help at all from anyone on his way up.  Surely, dropping out of Standford to go be a missionary in Paris (not africa or some such remote, desolate place, but Paris!) is something he did mostly on his own.  But somehow, he ended up going to Harvard afterwards. I wanna see how many of us can pull this off -- drop out of college and then just go to Harvard.  Sure, nobody helped him there.  And as far as his incredibly succssfull VC firm, honestly Mr. Romney, you did not get a single introduction to a potential financial backer who happened to be your father's ol' chum?  You didn't call any of your friends from Harvard and say "Hey there, John/Jim/James!  Remember how we got drunk that one time and I helped you home? ...".  No?  Hm.  Well then, Mr Romney, surely you are right!  It was all you!  My appologies.  Please continue telling everyone how President Obama, who became the first black President of this country from literally NOTHING has no right or idea what it takes to make something of oneself...
How long do I have to keep my hand up?
+Ahmad AlAmer Agree with reducing corporate taxes, one of highest in the world.  
Not sure about reducing regulations, there got to be some check otherwise we tend to get greedy and the consequences are usually bad, I don't think have to explain that ...
so I see a day later who is still defending Pres. O. on this post, young men like +Georgi Trifonov and +Anton Slutsky who doesn't own a business and wouldn't have a clue on how to run a successful one. funny. I have created an independent services (computer consultant) business and unlike you, I know the high taxes I had to pay every quarter to stay out of the pokie. your unteachable and disrespectful to your elders. I'm going to say this one time and one time only. Obama was making a point but like we have come to know about Obama he has only one meaning to his message. MORE Government. In fact, he sounded like a preacher, didn't he? He is a preacher of the Good News of Big Government and I don't care at this point whether you get it or not. do us all a favor, take your pathetic rhetoric and go troll someone else's post.  
+Greg Kohut hahahah!  this is too funny!  how many times did you ask a reach man for a job, Greg?  you wont even get to MEET a reach man unless you already have a job and know the right people!  If you want to ask someone for a job, you first have to ask someone who WORKS for a reach man to help you in the door and only THEN do you get to ask anyone anything! 

you guys are completely out of touch with reality!  how about we pretend we live in the real world and not in Ann Rand's utipia where life is fair and hard working people just get to where they want to get to by the mere fact of being hard working.
+Aaron Taggart Still someone is helping them unlike Mr. Romney the superman.  
Regarding private funding, have you tried applying for a private loan to start a business in past 3 years?
If Obama has never worked a real job in his life, much less owned a business, how would he know anything about the private world? 

As a consummate politician he has made a calculated risk that most people have not started up there own businesses and would side with him continuing this class warfare he is so good at doing.
Vikram, ever tried to get govt funding as a non-minority businessman?
+Larry Mack wait wait wait a minute.  you want to get govt funding?  *confused*  but thats socialism, innit?  first you yell "everyone for themselves!" and now you want government funding for a business?  hm.  i dont get it.  so the problem is not that government gives out funds, its that you personally arent getting anything?  bitter much?
+Larry Mack  yep SBA, a couple of years back, not a smooth ride but at the end got it.  
Anton, if you are going to quote your favorite author at least spell her name correctly, Ayn Rand, Russian fictional author.
I said non-minority, Vikram.
Anton, Not as bitter as attacking a "rich" guy because he is .. well rich!
Look at us! Look at what they have us doing! we are here fighting one another in war of words, at each others throats over trivial stupidity.  we have got to start thinking smarter than this.  We are all Americans, We live in the United States of America and the politicians have successfully divided us, (divide and conquer) if they can have us ready to kill each other like this. over trivial things, how are we going to see what's really going on. if we do not stop and get united, back to back as the middle class, we will be conquered. I apologize if I have offended anyone, but we are not the America our fore fathers envisioned.

we have differences of opinion, but we can respect each other. the conversation going on here is not going to change anything nor solve anything.  Most of the things we are waging war against each other or nothing more than a smoke screen designed to draw our attention off something really important.  If we do not get this election right the consequences to the middle class will be staggering.  and if we don't get it right, things are going to change real soon and wolves in sheep's clothing are going to be impossible to ever get out of office again, now to some of you that may sound good, but remember history, when only one class rules the other will always suffer. what are our examples of putting someone in power because they say they can turn it around. they all say that.  now you may not like President Obama, but think back to 2007 one of his most powerful statements was, "We are the ones that we have been waiting for"  I finally figured out  The change he was speaking about was us!the middle class.  In our numbers is the power to change Washington and make it work for us. But as long as we are divided, we are weak, disoriented and made to look like fools!  Regardless of who is in office next year, if we don't get actively involved, breathing down the necks of the elected officials, staying on top of them saying in one voice YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR BUTS IN GEAR OR WE WILL REPLACE YOU! we cannot slack off, our battle is not with each other, our battle is against the indoctrination of ideologies- left versus right, that divide us and make us conquerable every time.  things are getting ready to come to a head, and the middle class has too much to lose if we do not get together and unite as citizens of the greatest country on earth we will see another economic melt down.  I have come to suspect that 2008 was engineered to get the government to hand over large sums of cash.  Money that will come back to haunt us in the near future.  60 million jobs are being held up at our expense, for two reasons, to manipulate the election.  the outcome they seek is to have their golden boy who will and I assure you will do to the middle class in Massachusetts, if we give him the job.  Remember this is the most important interview in America, we are doing the interview 
Who ever we chose, there will be consequences.  The first thing when have to decide is and the perspective employers is to fully vet a candidate, just like when any of us apply for a position.  When a boss interviews he is not looking for ideology but can they do the job and will they do what they say.  we have to determine it they have anterior motives and if they do, what are they. today we are voting out of anger and rage and dissatisfaction.  but I have to tell you as I had to admit to myself. We did not become the change that the president asked us to become. WE FAILED OURSELVES! Te President never ever said he would do it alone, in fact he asked us to help him. how many of us got in our congressman and senator's faces and told them - get to that bargaining table put the stupid stuff aside and get things done now.  Some groups have lobbyist in their faces all the time.  that's why they always get what they want.  
If we do not come together as one and say the same thing at the same time, they will never hear our voice. who ever gets in we have to make sure the money does not rule over us, we must let the one elected know HE WORKS FOR US!  WE ARE THE BOSS!  but we must do it as one. When people call up companies an d say if you continue to support this or that, we will no longer buy your products if we jam their switchboard so t o speak they will hear us.UNITED WE STAND!
+Andrew Grennan All Presidential candidates have not released numerous years of tax returns and that did not make them untrustworthy.  McCain only released 2 years. Bobby Kennedy, on the other hand, released zero tax returns in 1968, just like his brother, John, refused to do eight years earlier.  They were all highly respected. I certainly don't see how you think Romney will benefit financially from the Presidency. He accepted no salary when he was Gov. of Mass. nor did he accept any salary for the years he ran the Olympics. What benefits do you see Romney attaining if he is elected President?
+Larry Mack why do you guys always switch to character attacking?  "you cant spell!", "you werent born here!", "you said things on tv that may sound like you are a communist!"  you know what I meant Larry, come on.  and interestingly, you did not respond to what I meant at all!  instead, you decided to focus on the particulars of my spelling prowess.  WHY DID YOU APPLY FOR GOVERNMENT FUNDS FOR YOUR BUSINESS, YOU SOCIALIST!!!???  WHY DIDNT YOU WORK HARDER ON YOUR OWN LIKE MITT ROMNEY!!!???
+Aaron Taggart If you notice, Aaron, the financial sources I listed were where most businesses borrow their money to start a new business.  But before they can borrow any money at all, they must be in good financial standing and have good credit.....They maintain a good credit rating or they will not quality for a loan. Their credit rating they worked hard for and took responsibility for......this is "on their own" before anything else happens.  IF that is the point you were making; personally I'm not really sure what you meant.
but seriuosly, common sense guys.  both sides are right, if we are honest with ourselves.  business owners deserve credit for what they did.  absolutely! but the reality is, even the hardest working people would not be able to get to where they are in a social vacuum.  Wanna try?  go to africa.  any country at all, pretty much outside of the south african republic.  or russia or eastern europe.  there, you can do pretty much anything you want.  dump chemical waste anywhere, pay people anything.  but try to deliver a truckload of goods from moskow to anywhere on the other side of Ural mountains, see how much your hard work will pay off then with one busted up road and no police presence.  when you break down and the bears are after you and your cellphone doesnt work because no company saw any profit in building a cellphone tower near where you are being eaten, just remember, you get all the credit!
The president was not bashing success, he was stating that government helps business to be successful one of the thing it does is protect intellectual property, i helps business protect it's logo and trademarks and inventions. I know that as a business owner I have to battle and remember it is not me alone that makes a business successful, There are customers that help me by buying products and services. the government builds and maintains the roads, bridges and  that products are transported on and allow customers easy access to your store. Municipal parking lots are built by the people and creates a place whee people can park and transact business through easy access to your place of business.  The teachers in public school that taught us and colleges that gave us the tools to become successful No one pops out of the womb an instant business success.  We all have help along the way  publishers publish the books we learn from, furniture and all the things we put into out business and a building we build our enterprise  it in  we don't do all of that I did not make the cash register, the counter, or all o f the products.  The most of al our [parents who encouraged us stayed on our case and taught us work ethics that we would need to succeed beyond what they did.  Yeah non of us make it alone, I had to wake up to that fact one day. One other thing if you have an LLC or are incorporated, the state holds you name so no one else can use it and provides you verified, legal and binding proof so you can win an infringement case. yeah I like that.  so it is not an attack to explain a truth we cannot be so over sensitive  that we cannot hear the truth when it is spoken.
+Anton Slutsky +Jim Clark Great! We can now move on the next issue. Judging by the news, gun control will soon be in the discussions... (not that I want to talk about that here, frankly).
Cougar - since this is your interpretation, I will only say I hope you listened to the whole speech. You have the right to your opinion, and your own interpretation. I am not blasting opinions, only the uneducated sheep who have 3 bags full of wool over their eyes thinking money pitts is some solution and allow him to interpret for them and form their opinion. If you came to it yourself it's one thing, but if you're reliant on Romney for cognitive thought, I really hope you don't vote this election.
+Anton Slutsky Yabutt, "infrastructure" is paid for with the gas tax to the feds and the states. The more gas you use, the more you pay in taxes. So business owners are already paying their fair share there.

Obama's speech contradicts the role of the federal government and the state governments.

It is state governments that create and maintain public schools, universities, technical and community colleges. The federal government didn’t do that nor should it.

If you had a great teacher, she was hired by your local school district, not some bureaucrat in Washington. Likewise, roads and bridges are built and maintained by the states, not the federal government. The same is true of most of our airports and hospitals. When your home or business catches on fire, you don’t call Washington. Firefighters and Police Officers are hired by local governments.

Obama persistently confuses these facts.

So, when Obama said, "Somebody invested in roads and bridges," the answer to that is, "Yeah, we did."

Obama also failed to mention most importantly...all the workers who PAY taxes working for people who start businesses also pay taxes from the income they earn at those businesses...

as well as Property Taxes for local schools it ALL comes from the Entrepreneur.
+Larry Mack 
The party you are defending are the ones that have a spending problem.  Don't act like the debt problem started recently.  It was subject to the eight years of +Larry Mack like thinking that did this.

Spend your money on one of these T-shirts and keep spending your money on politicians that share your spending habits.
+Marty D'Arcy Seriously, Rush Limbaugh :) couldn't do any better? Read behind the numbers(for that, might have to start reading something credible), get into details ... ever heard "Devils in the details"?
+Vikram Sharma . the efacts was not Rush Limbaugh and I don't even listen to him. Don't know what you were reading. Looks like I could exhaust myself trying to make you happy.  Impossible task. You win....I give up. I would argue with a brick wall!
I dislike factcheck and know it is a Lib site, but even that site agrees on spending.

Now, back to my dinner.  chow!
+Marty D'Arcy Thanks for the link! good article, have you read it in its entirety?
Have a good one!
+Vikram Sharma Probably not, Vikram. I was googling to reply to you and making dinner at the same time.  I am chief cook and bottle washer here, Ms. do-everything. nite now!
comeon' willard ... at this point your campaign has lost on every issue ... so now it's getting to the point that you have to distort the President's words to drum up some support for the paul ryan economy you dream of. once again proving that you say and do anything to win ...  
Only government has the power to set the stage for a successful business. If we don't work together for the common good, good will become uncommon.
 +Barack Obama for president.
Republican and Democrats have had (44) tries at the presidency and they are both the reason for our economy.  it's time for a real change.
Mit believes God lives on a planet name Kolob.  Think of the vodoo magic he could work for us as president.
Have any of you even bothered to read the entire speech?  He mentions roads, bridges but then moves on to business.  The "that" in "You didn't create that" is linked to the last thing he mentioned - business.  

Roads, bridges, internet, yes the government helped build them with the tax money collected from individuals and businesses.  With the government, nothing is "free".  Someone always has to pay.  Unless you are the 46% that don't pay taxes.  Either way, roads and bridges are pubic commodity items.  They are there for use whether you are a business or not.  And since we the people paid for them, I guess we owe the success that businesses enjoy to ourselves.

Obama says a lot of stupid stuff, especially for someone billed a a great speaker.  Then a couple of days after saying stupid, unpopular statements, someone comes out and says "What the President meant to say was..."  His original words are his real feelings.  The other words that he meant to say are nothing more than a cover up.

He keeps bringing up issues that should have no bearing on the election.  Instead of speaking of the $15T deficit that he contributed to, or the insecure southern borders, or Iran, North Korea and Syria, or unemployment Obama would rather talk about Mitt's business or his tax return.  For the "most transparent" President ever, there is a lot we don't know about him or his plans for America's future.  All we here from him is how Mitt is successful and its not fair.  Mitt must be hiding something.

I've had enough of amateur hour in the White House.  It is time to #FireObama  
feels like we're back in Kindergarten again
Actually, I have heard the entire speech several times and at first I would have agreed with you. But then it did occur to me that normally President Obama speaks with excellent grammar and that if he was referring to the articles in the previous sentence (roads and bridges) he would have used "them" or "those". So, when I listened again with that in mind it seemed clear that the quote making the rounds is exactly accurate.

But even if it weren't, the quote resonates because it is obviously what President Obama believes. The fact that he was only caught saying it clearly here isn't really relevant.
+Will Kriski I agree, although I may have said that Obama is more like a spoiled, narcissistic 14-year old girl.
+James Barrow . On your statement that roads and bridges are build by the state - you are incorrect. All of it is subsidized by the Federal Government. This is one of the reasons why the speed limit mostly everywhere is 65mph, because if the speed limit exceeds that,the road losses Federal subsidies.
Yeah, you built it by destroying others.
David C
Where you get those shirts made?  Also, why not release your tax returns since you demanded Ted Kennedy to do so in 1994?
Saying that people don't create businesses is like saying Leonardo da Vinci didn't paint the Mona Lisa. Obviously someone helped him a along the way and deserves credit for it.
Shouldn't Mitt's own version of his T-Shirt read "I bought someone's else's business that they had built up. (Then I took all the money out and fired the workers,) Mr. President."
Emory L
Really, you're going to blame Obama for not "coming through" when he is met with a filibuster every. single. time. and then cry and whine when he finds a way to circumvent the hand-sitters in the Senate and Congress that take their orders from Grover Norquist?
Emory L
Also, if you watch the video of Obama's speech he doesn't say that business owners didn't build a business.
+Emory L  you are so correct. The President was speaking about the roads, bridges and tunnels that our tax dollars have built and maintained, streetlights at night, police fr protection and investigation. also what was not mention is Governments role in preserving records of your business name logo and trademarks so no one can steal misuse or injure your business, and the courts to prosecute the offenders. they provide side walk so your customers can reach you and ordinances to keep them clean so customer are not stepping in dog poo in front of your business.  People need to investigate before they are ready to accept what is being told.  Do you know that he put Republicans out of work also? , go back and find the videos, they are all over the web. Romney has a history of lying when it is convenient. his line is gone out of his mouth and it like a fan on a hot day vacillating back and forth all day long.
Romney said of the President "His course is extraordinarily Foreign, but let's see who Romney was actually speaking about.

Seems he has the extraordinarily foreign problems, From Dodging the Draft in France, to starting Bain. Oh just in case you don't know The president, being born in 1961, was only 12 years old, when the draft 1973. Romney however was 19 in 1966 when he went to France on missionary work and spent 30 months there.It was a program set up so certain people can avoid the draft.  Always getting his way no matter what the cost.
I had to also add, that after Romney Lied about what the President said, Ronmey turned around and took what the president actually said and put it in his speech.  That is real sleaze.  It seems the GOP has constantly copied off of the President in campaigns.  McCain with change and now Romney  is in agreement with the President on infrastructural assistance to business being a part of a system that works together to allow access and transportation. without national highways and sea ports how would business expand and enter into foreign market  an move their products around the world, The president worked to open foreign markets to American goods that we've never had before. but business like Bain continue to off shore American middle class jobs jobs further draining our economy. now that they have bankrupted the company they are shipping the jobs overseas, and forcing the workers to teach the Chinese workers their jobs. what an insult to an injury.  And Romney s strangely silent, except for his talking head saying Romney has no role; in Part I agree, but has he at least sought to go there. You also notice that when Romney goes to the states where he bankrupted companies, he never goes to those towns?  he avoids them like the plague on steroids..
NO!!! you blind sheep.  Obama thinks you need him and the gov't to tell you what to think, eat, when to sleep, and when to shit in your own beds.  Conservatives want the government OUT OF OUR LIVES!!!  Obama will continue to trample the Constitution as long as you sheep contentedly baaaaa in the meadow and allow it.  WAKE THE HELL UP you FOOLS!
why would i want a tshirt with romney's ugly name on it?
+Georgi Trifonov I thought Obama claimed no one did anything on their own?  Does Obama think he's the exception to everything?
This shirt might have been true in slave days when slave owners actually did pay to raise your employees, but these days people get public education. Its a simple fact that your rely on public resources to do anything in modern society. Nobody taught themselves how to read, if you did, you probably live in a third world country where there are no public resources. Yea, Obama phrased the argument like an idiot, but the premise is true, you can't deny it.
Dylan, every single thing the government does it does as the result of support through money produced by business. The government creates nothing, it takes.

Business built those schools, roads, bridges, and everything else. Government employees are hired using money produced by business and they are charged with carrying out the tasks that we, the people, require.

Government isn't the daddy, starting a country and making some roads and putting businesses up to run. Government is the wasteful, costly overhead we pay for in order to accomplish those things we deem necessary.
Folks, if you want no government, you are welcome to move to any of the dozens of developing countries where nobody pays taxes, nobody redistributes wealth and you're truly free from those "big government socialists". You won't have paved roads to drive on, or schools to send your children to and when you pick up the phone to dial 911 nobody will ever come, but hey: freedom isn't free. 
+Glen Hughes . Glen my friend, I rather have the Government run my life than corporations. The Government has interest in you doing well. For the corporations you are just another number. And that is what the GOP is after. Wake up.
Hmmmmmm...... +MATT REVELL . I do not belong to any party and never will, but I have had the same experience with folks that support the GOP. You sure it's not just you and the people you have encountered?
I think I know my own family. hmmmmmmm BARACK SUPPORTER, ANOTHER FAILURE FOR THE COUNTRY
+MATT REVELL . I hope that just after hitting post. You realized " F*** , I just proved his point!" Or maybe not, because you could have edited or removed the post. I love me some hypocritical peeps. Peace out.
+Michael Dennis The fact that Romney has changed his mind on....well.. almost everything, it not going to convince any republican to not vote for him. Although when Kerry ran in 2003, he was labeled a "flip-flopper" and surely we can't trust a flip-flopper. Funny how short conservatives' memory span is.

I personally don't have a problem with politicians changing position. You should change your position in light of new and better information. But Romney has changed his position for purely political purposes. He could have never won the primaries in 2012 as a moderate pro-choice, pro-gun control, Republican candidate who believes that climate change is caused by human activity and whose greatest achievement is greatly expanding healthcare access in his state. Hell, he'd be called " a socialist" before you know it. :)
+Georgi Trifonov . Clever very clever. Unfortunately all the peeps in here think that people like me and you are just bashing on +Mitt Romney . And are failing to understand, that some of us are trying to make an educated decision on who we will vote for. I am still waiting for +Mitt Romney ( who apparently has many G+ profiles) to give me some action items to prove he is the better candidate. That Olympics speech is virtually one to one with what all the folks in here are "ragging about ". To all - the internet is very powerful, many sources to get info from, all of them are bias. So read as much as you can and make an educated decision. If your only sources are Fox and CNN, I feel sorry for you and you should not be allowed to vote. Sleep tight all.
+MATT REVELL Isn't that the case.  Lots of Democrats seem to treat their party as their religion, and any disagreement as heresy.  Republicans are generally more willing to look at politics rationally, perhaps because they already have a religion to be religious about.
No, Tax payers paid for the infrastructure that we all use to build our business. Duh!
+Warren Dew  +MATT REVELL   Hello Warren Dew and Matt RevellI I am both a Christian and a Democrat And that Jesus/God practice what we now call socialism.  Jesus had over five thousand people listening to him teach and it became late and he told his disciples, give them to eat. They said, we have nothing to give them besides there is a lad here with three fishes and five loaves of bread how can we feed so many with that?  Jesus asked the lad for the fishes and the loves. He blessed it and broke of peices and gave it to the disciples and they gave to the people, He not only fed all of them, there were 12 baskets full of fragments (Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, press down, shaken together, running over shall men give into your bosom).  When the world fell into sin, God shared his wealth by giving us what he held most precious, he gave his Son on the cross who shed his precious blood for the washing away of sin sin of all that would desire it.  (For God so loved the world that he Gave...),  When Cain was asked of God where is your brother and Cain asked God "Am I my brother keeper?"  He was a murderer.  We are our brother's keeper and Apostle Paul said "if you, having this worlds riches and see a brother destitute and you shut up your bowels of compassion, how dwelleth the love of God in you?  We are our brother's keeper, We have lost love for one another (Love they neighbor as thy self)  So my political standing is not my religion, I never cursed or swore at anyone defending some religion., In fact I am friends with republicans and I love them and it's okay for them to hold the view that they hold, I have no problem with them, never got into a screaming match and  nor made any personal attacks against them.  But I have had some of my Republican friends try to belittle me in the past, some have cursed me out as though I had smacked their mother and called her a really bad name.

I do not support Democrats railing personally at Republicans, the over riding commonality between us is that we are all Americans; it is a fact that we must not over look, we are all Americans and should respect each other as such.  Let's leave the personal attacks for the politicians and the talking heads.  I love you all and pray you all be well.  No mater who wins if we don't pull together behind that candidate and force congress to work, to become personally involved Nothing in congress will change; the lobbyist are hot on it and spending money to get what they want. Are we going t sit around fighting each other? or will we get together and yell at congress with one loud voice, or will we sit back an just complain at each other?  Arm chair quarterbacks never make touchdowns and they don't win the game.  MY Fellow Americans It' Time To get involved  and become the change we've been looking for.  We Are Americans Living in the United States of America, United we stand and we can stand if we just make the decision  to drop the petty stuff and see that our government of the people will only endure if we become one voice and not let the 1% keep us at each other's throats while they rack up on us.  Divided we fall. I have nothing against mitt Romney personally, I Just know what he is really up to.  Oh I was considering becoming a republican a few years ago in the early 2000s but I saw something that disturbed me greatly, the Republican Party was changing and what I saw changed my mind.  I won't say what it was.  But it was big.  So Americans, we must all vote, if we replace, let's make sure we are actually getting a better deal and not change just for cage sake, that would not be a rational thing   we are in an interview process and think about it as a business person hiring someone and both have presented a resume, can we verify the resume?  Are there any unanswered, unsubstantiated or refutable facts? Does it raise more questions than answers and have those questions been fully answered we have to know not just hope the replacement will help an not make things worse. If Romney doubles Down on top down economic, think about this

  1) A double down, huge deregulation, tax cuts and tax brakes for off shoring job; will make us fall twice as far twice as fast and twice what we had in 2008
2) How truthful, open and honest is the candidate, will he actually do what he says, or is there an ulterior motive, and if so what is it?
3) when an applicant submits a resume, and then becomes evasive, and resistant to clarify and verify data, when we call certain parts of the resume into question and then we find that the resume is incomplete.  As a person running a business do you hire that person?  Would any of us be hired if we showed up at an interview like that?  and this job is more important than any.  Would we be hired if we show up for the interview unprepared?   There are more points but i feel these are three important points we should honestly consider.  I for one don't like buyers remorse or in this case hire remorse.  

As a business owner we really delve into so many aspects of a candidate, even to drug testing, financial and criminal back checks and more. we call references and ask some tough questions about candidate for a position and more. if they fail in one point, their resume goes in the garbage.  If I was interviewing Romney during the GOP primary, he would not have even gotten the interview, much less a call back.  I might have made a different choice.  

Having followed guys like Carl Icahn,  Sir Francis Goldsmith, T. Boone Pickens and the like, and I learned some amazing things.about Venture capitalism not all of it pretty.  If I look at Romney as  a Venture Capitalist, knowing what I know about them, it kind of scares me.  They invest to own things.  to OWN THINGS.  It is my belief that The Billionaires that are shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars is extremely troublesome to me are more than donors, they are investing, which means they are looking for an ROI (return on investment) Did you know an emergency manager in Michigan sold the the Pontiac Dome to a Canadian business man? it was a forty million dollar building. he sold it for about 500,000 dollars?  Pennies on the dollar.

 I think Romney and his billionaire friends sees our nation as Venture Capitalists see a struggling business, A prime takeover target.  One where they ROI would be staggering.  I followed them for years and one of the things they do is strip out value in a company load it up with debt. take the debt and bankrupt the company, then write it off. or break it up and sell of the valuable parts to the highest bidder.  This is one of the things he's done for 25 years. How are we to know he won't do the same thing to the USA?  

Don't think it cannot happen, that would provide the greatest opportunity for this to actually happen and history bares this out.  What if he's got an ulterior motive to make a huge profit for his partners?  What if it's actually a hostile take over.  If it is, those that support him are proxies and right now it has turned from an interview to a proxy fight. but unlike a proxy in a corporate takeover, we won't make a dime on it.  We will go the way of the workers in a take over, where they "Cut the fat"  The workers are "the fat" and they suffer at the profit of the takeover artist.  A word of advise, start purchasing stock in the company you work for, if it gets taken over and merged you could make a truck load of money which would come in handy if your job is off-shored or outsourced when they "cut the fat".  Have a great day all, 
+Michael Dennis I seem to recall that in the bible, Jesus' miracles came from God, not from taxing his followers.
     Dont try and change my mind ,I dont need to hear your christen agenda views,I have the right to believe whatever I want,and for your information I was raised in church and went to their schools my hole life. I was raised in a total family of democrats with me out of the hole of it as the only republican.I dont need to hear your lies  and your Obama lies to the public pushing your ugendas and not ever listening to others from the other side of things .And for your information this is what happens when you try to do what my family did and acted like they did with their so call liberal views.They are now split into different little tribes, not talking too eachother, the kids drinking and driving, doing drugs and they have no control of them, helping others but forgetting eachother while the hole time telling these so called christen democratic liberal veiws.                                                         Now me and my kids live a good life,drinking and drug free from crazy views that if your not a democrat we have to push are views on you, and what religion you should worship and how.We are honest,GOD fearing,and there to help whoever needs it. We have come to distiguish that we love ourselves enough along as eachother that we have made a pack with ourselves and GOD, that we will never let that happen to us, and be there for eachother no matter what views we believe in, because we have wittnessed it first hand, political,church,or what one of us have done.                                          They have been taught to listen to other views and to take them into concideration.To be conciderate of other views and concider the differances between what is right and wrong.I can go on, but I want to let you know that we want you to have a good day, and think of others and here their views ,not just hear them,but hear them.dont just push your agenda and hear and see only what you want.  Thank you, I hope  you have a wonderfull day
the message above is meant for Warren Dew
Joe S
"our side"...  that's what is wrong with americans and america today.  we can't see past our differences; we cannot compromise; we cannot see we are ALL on the SAME side.
+Warren Dew  Hello warren! How are you doing? I did not say anything about taxes But Jesus also told someone that questioned whether or not taxes should be paid, trying to trip him up, but his response was, Render unto Caesar what is  Caesar's and unto God what is God's.  and Warren Jesus was God in the flesh. "God was manifested in the flesh, seen of angles, preached on in the world, received up into glory"  Angles witnessed God come in the flesh and it amazed them that God loved mankind so much he would come and suffer crucifixion to give man an open door to access God and make it into heaven, but we have to walk through that door; but he won't force us to.
+Jim Clark +Joe Salas I am on the side of everyone who wants people to be better off.  Mostly I differ with with other commenters only on methods:  I come to conclusions on what should be done to make people better off through looking at the facts and using rational analysis, rather than through political or other prejudices.
+Joe Salas hello Joe Salas,  How are things?  you are completely right, We are all AMERICANS! the powers that be know that if they can keep the people at each others throats, keep us divided, they will be able to conquer us (divided we fail & fall) and we won't see it coming.  The personal attacks and the belittling one another is not going to solve a single is create a single job or pay a single bill.  what we have to do is take back our Government and make it a government of the people once more.  That's why I choose someone I know has a heart for people, who genuinely cares about the middle class.  If the GOP had really put their shoulders to the Grindstone and worked just as hard with the President as they did against the President, instead of making every excuse in the book not to, we'd have been further along than we are now.  I know that the GOP are afraid of the new world they wake up in, and a desire to always being charge, I understand that new thing not before seen can be frightening.  But what I cannot fathom is the recalcitrance they have shown to the Commander and Chief. It's one thing not to like someone and we should always love each other, it's another to show such disrespect for the office.  This attitude is what is coasting us internationally.  The other countries that celebrated the United States, and the historic event that took place, now look at us and say, how little respect they show their leaders.  These are the people who speak about God and country, and an example to the world and yet they have so little respect for their highest office.  What a shame.  The Election of President Obama gave hope to the world that it was becoming better, but what our president faced from the congress has damaged us greatly, and even how our elected leader is spoken about in forums like this. Some of the nasty filthy things that have come out of the minds is astonishing, and make no mistake the world is watching.  You want our world to respect our country?  respect it yourself and our president is the global representative and our disrespect  for him and the office diminishes us in the eyes of the world.  The entire world (except our enemies) celebrated with us our moment of triumph over prejudice and racism, were over joyed to tears and people danced in the streets because they knew it was right.  No president in history has had such an effect on our planet.  But what did we turn it into, a great moment in our history and we went backward and for what?  The attitude and vitriol is shameful and the hearts of America, I don't know what to say, words fail me. I feel so sad for our country we made a huge stride ahead but over the last 3 years, we have begun to reverse course to an error that brought shame on our nation, that other nations had to remind us of the statue standing in New York Harbor and the documents of our founding fathers and said, you want spread democracy and American values here, then get it right in your own country first and then come speak to us.  Many of us never realized how the election of this President has promoted the desire for democracy around the world, his election  legitimized democracy more than any diplomatic envoy has ever done.  The out breaks in other countries are people yearning to be free. desiring democratic elections so they can pick their own leaders just like we do here.  His election brought hope to other nations and hope has sprung up, a hope to finally get out  from under the hand of ruthless dictators; and they are succeeding.  I sit and watch this election and I come here and see how put down the President and Mr Romney (I've said some thing about his record and what he has done, but I never name called him)  and as I write this a deep sadness comes over my heart that we find ourselves here this place where our hearts are ill effected towards one another. It really make wonder, where will we be?  I don't know.  I really don't know Got to go.
+ Jim Clark Hello, I dont think so,and I did make a mistake on who it should have been to.So here is my apoligy to Warren Drew it should have been meant for Michael Dennis. The one thing I do not go for is someone mixing politics and religion and trying to tell me about Jesuses 5,000 followers to make me switch my mind or scold me. I dont think Jesus would appriciate it niether. So hey MICHAEL keep it to yourself and find the simple mind somewhere else that you can brain wash. And Jim Clark I think your cool, wish you were on my side but that's ok. Me and you are how Democrats and Republicans should get along. Not bashing like even both of the canidates do. You have a good day Jim I like the way you respond. Respectfull
That's right their all my fellow Americans, just dont understand swhy others tell me who to vote for,or swear and tell me nasty comments because of who I'm voteing for.I,m not sure sometimes I want to even say anything anymore, and it should'nt be that way. EVERYONE VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT, JUST MAKE SURE YOU VOTE. THANK'S JIM
+Jim Clark No need to apologize.  I think you and I reach pretty much the same conclusions - as we should, if we are both looking at the facts and analyzing them dispassionately.
China built your business , Mitt Romney.
+MATT REVELL  Hey mat thank for your comment. I was not telling you who to vote for. I apologize if that's what you thought. I was making the case for why I am voting the way I vote, and I get to meet interesting people like you.  Matt I hate religion. So does God, he never sent Jesus to Earth to start a religion, there were enough of those going around already.  The GOP have been on the political/religious right for years, so I'mat a loss at why you are somewhat peeved with me.  
Just as you have full right to what you thing, and I respected you and made no personal attack to your mental capacity or lack thereof, I forgive you for that, but I do humbly request that you respect mine also.  I did not call you names or tell you that you did not have the right to speak and share as you have to me.  So can we have respectfulness to one to?  I hope that we can be able to share and learn. I like to learn because Proverbs says "A wise man will hear and increase learning", so II'm willing to listen to you.  Can we agree on that my fellow American? I hope that we can,  Take care, Lo forward to hearing from you again.
Joe S

^^^sooo....mittens are you saying @ 40secs into the above video that olympic athletes are no better than companies??  i wish someone would make a shirt for a runner saying:

actually, Joe, the internet as we know it wasn't created by the government. ARPANet wasn't an internet, since all the computers it connected were governmnet computers. It was more of an intranet.

True internet was created by the same guy who headed the ARPANet team, but he and his team created it while working for Xerox (along with the first personal computer, which Steve Jobs ended up modeling his Macintosh computers after)
Funny, that's the impression I get from Obama.
Doesn't that puke have enough donations already!  The Kock brothers are filling his pockets faster than he can spend it!
+Sara Mays Indeed, Obama has collected more money than any other candidate in history.
Romney, you SUCK for EVERY shipping one job overseas. 
Romney will lose big time, you watch and see. You can call us liberals, you can call us socialists. But I'd rather be that and orotund of it as most Americans are because both parties have betrayed the people with their bullcrap promises. All you who are republicans...get ready for a disappointment and get ready for change or be left crying in the dust. All republicans I have heard on TV, radio, whatever are all about spreading fear that we aren't Americans...BULLSHIT. We're tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Look up what a socialist is, look up what a liberal is before you run your mouth and almost guaranteed, you're one of them but just don't want to admit it because you rich SOB's who got your money from your parents told you that republican is the way. Screw the republic,..this isn't old fashioned ROME that fell okay? Research before you speak. 
Idiot, Romney -  I don't know how you'll manage being president with brains like yours - big bowls of tapioca, that's what your brains are!
Yeah, and it will be nice to have a president with big bowls.
I bet those out of context shirts were made in China, go mittens go...
Mr. Romney
   Or Mr. President
I congratulate you on your assumption of the President of the United States of America  I know you will be President
This news certainly
Steve Jobs actually need the help of Bill Gates to keep his company afloat. So yes Steve Jobs needing Help to build Apply. Facebook need investors, and a ventor capitalists. Henry Ford need help to build roads and gas stations. People don't build schools for there employees, they don't build roads for there good to get to market, they don't build powerplant to power. If you can name one company that "builds" all of their inputs then yes I admit the +Barack Obama  was wrong.

Was it Adam Smith, the father of capitalism and one of the first classical economics who talked about division of labor. We have not been building all of the inputs to a business since the 1700. So guess this shirt really says,"I do not understand business Mr President" or "I run a backwards business Mr President" 
Brent Hay, I think your comment pretty much sums up the attitude that is so foreign to, and offensive to, those who have built so many businesses. 

Where do you suppose the money comes from that the government spends on those things? Business has been paying for every action taken by our government. Even personal income taxes are paid because of jobs provided by business. 

It does seem to be a great failure of our educational system that so many children are confused about where government gets its funding and why it exists. 

Asking business to pay for all these things isn't wrong. But we have to consider that when we make the tax burden on our local business so high that they cannot compete with foreign businesses then our businesses will fold and we will have no tax revenue at all. Right now the United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world.
+Chris Rehm I think my rhetoric actually got in the way of my message. You have shown me the error of my ways. My partisan message was wrong. However, I think I can reword it without changing me message.

As you and +Aleric Lirow  have stated, government represents society. If this is the case we can us the terms interchangeable. The famous quote "For the people by the people" is really saying government represents the people. And when government does not a represent the people. We have the right to create a new government that is representing society.

Since this is the cases then we can say society creates school, roads, access to clean water and clean air. These things are not owned or pervaded by an individual. They are pervaded by society. Economics would call these PUBLIC goods. At some point you ask society for help, you ask it to allow you to uses these goods. And, you and I (as member of that society) say yes. But we ask you something in return, we asked a) to not abuse the good, and b) to contribute to its clean up and creation. 

Yes +Chris Rehm, you are a member of society and as a member you have a say as to what happens to these goods, but you do not control them. Society at anytime can say "NO MORE ACCESS," as it has done in the past. We do not allow our members to pollute in our waterways. We do not allow our member to pollute in our air. We do not allow our members to drive heavy machines and long truck on our roads. This is our right.

When you created your business I am sure you probably incorpated to protect yourself. This documents states that you are separate from your business. And should the day ever come when you are sued your personal wealth cannot be taken. Society gives this to you, to encourage the creation of businesses. However society, you and I, ask something in return. We asked that you pay a fee. This fee is often modest (500 in Delaware). However, it protect society if someone were to sue and your business went bankrupt. If this every happen then society has gained at least a little.

So then, have you not asked society for help in the creation for your business? Could you really build a business without society pervading these things to you?

Show me a business that does not ask society for anything and I will show you a business does not understand itself, I will show you a business that is backward
I have never stated government represents society. Government is the employee of the citizenship. We, citizens, decide we have something we need done that should be done by us collectively. We hire people to manage that task, this is the government. We pay for those things with money generated by business. By definition, business has to exist first or nobody wants to work for the government since they don't get paid. 

Imagine how insulting it is for a land development contractor to be assessed the costs for building all the roads and utility access, etc., and then hear, "You didn't build that, the government did it!"

Here's an interesting true story: I have a friend who started his business with nothing. He worked out of his apartment until he could afford an office. He rented an office with every dollar he had. As he made more money he put every dollar back into his business. His business grew and he reached a point where he was about to start taking home some of the income. At this time he had a couple dozen salespeople who were making around $1000 per week. Meanwhile, my friend lived in an apartment with no furniture. He slept in a sleeping bag on the floor and drove to the office in an old, beat up LeCar. 

He was the first one in the office and the last one out at night and he worked seven days a week. Because of his business type he had to meet all kinds of local regulations and pay for many different fees. 

Then a bunch of his salespeople figured if they were making so much working for him that he must be raking in the big bucks so they wanted to start their own business and the stole a bunch of orders from him and sales leads ran off to start their own company. 

He ended up becoming a great success through is own efforts and great sacrifice and willingness to risk everything to make it go. The salespeople failed at their business because they wanted an easy out. 

So, let's see how this fits in: In your view the government builds things that are paid for by who? Us, the citizens, right? That business owner goes along as one of us paying in his share just like everyone else. So he has paid his share as well. But one day the businessman decided he will risk his security to do more for himself and for ALL OF US. He will build an enterprise that will employ citizens and let them earn money to pay their bills. He will generate revenue that will fuel the economy and feed and house us all. There is no point at time where this business guy is a parasite off of us all. He and his predecessors guys who make our country work. They pay for everything by creating the economic engine. 

Then their employees (the government) come along and say, "You are nothing without us! We made you!" 

Too bad government can't stop by and say, "hey boss, hope you noticed what a great job we were doing."
+Chris Rehm . Have you thought of writing children's books? Ages 1 to 3, only that age group may be naive enough to take a story like that.I agree with you, that hard working people are the real job creators. I wish what you are saying was the rule and hats off to your friend, but he is the exception not the rule. And Chris Governments have existed a heck of a lot longer than businesses.
+Chris Rehm Actually you did, "Where do you suppose the money comes from that the government spends on those things? Business has been paying for every action taken by our government.." This would mean that they create this these things on your behave.

Further more I see you made the point of taken credit for my income. You have left me with the opportune to take credit for your profits. Your profit is my income, my income is your profits. It the circle flow of money. Though this process money and recourse are created. One person one business can not uplift society.

Further more you cant create roads, I said society built road, not government. I payed for them too. I pay taxes, i voted for government to build the roads. I help create this economic engine. I bought  stuff i went to work. I built businesses (yes i own one too). I enter and acted in the market place. With out me and every other member of society, your and my business would be no more. This is basic economics. You need me i need you. I need society, you need society.

Further it a chicken and the egg argument, I need your business to hire You need me to spend so that you can hire.
Brent, the reason there are vast flaws in your logic is it seems to be based on giant assumptions. "Where do you suppose the money comes from?" does not equal "government represents society." If I hire someone to mow my lawn, that doesn't mean people can read his T-Shirt and know what I'm thinking. It means I needed my lawn mowed and reached an agreement with someone to get it done.

I never took credit for your income. I pointed out the relationship between business and employees. None of what I said was directed at you specifically.

And why can't I create a road? In the early days of this (and probably every) nation people created roads all the time. People didn't travel west and say, "Well, the first thing we need is some government employees to build our roads for us so we know where to go." They went, they settled areas, and they built their own roads. When communities became large enough then they started adding the overhead of government employees, paid by the local business, to maintain roads, etc.
My Parents helped me a lot! I'm not ashamed of the little fact Mr. Wannabe.
+Chris Rehm  Money does show that a person represents your interest. Lets take the lawn example. You have an interest in having your lawn mowed so you enter the market and pay someone to mow your lawn. This intern give them an interest in having your lawn mowed. It also means that they are working as your agent.  They are representing your interest to have your lawn mowed.

Same goes for tax, and voting. I am giving the money to the government and saying to them I want a road built, i want a school built, i want my water to be clean. They are representing my interest in these activities. They are representing soceities interest. Government represents society. They are our agent. We give them this responsibility. And as I pointed out in my original posts we can take it back.

The reason you cant build a road it that there is a free rider problem and roads are a public good. A public good has two characteristic, is it non excludable and non rival. Non excludable means that you can not prevent an individual form consuming this good. While non rival means that consumption of the good does not prevent someone else form consuming it as well. An example of this would be national defense. Me consuming national defense does not exclude some else form consuming it as well. We all gain the benefit of national defense regardless of whether we pay. This means that it is non excludable.

The free ride problem is connected to public goods. How do you create a payment system for a market were when pervaded everyone gains the benefit? Basically the free rider problem is were a person does not pay for a good but still gains the benefit because some one else paid for it. Some else paid for national defense so the none payer is being defended.

There are varying degrees of public goods. Road are consider congestible public goods because while they are non excludable, they are revival in consumption. Even so the free rider problem exists. While I can exclude people by build a fence in front of everyone house, this option is prohibitively expensive. I can not make money by doing this. It is too expensive. Therefore these good are not , and can not be pervaded by the free market. 

I know you weren't talking about me. I was point out the circle flow of money that your profits are my income and my income is your profits. With out society you have no profit, with out society I have no income. Markets stop to work with out people. Maybe a better way to introduce this would be "By bring up that circle flow of money you gave me the opportunity to do the same."  I do apologies for the misunderstanding. As you can see I am not the best with words.
To say an employee "represents" an employer is a bit too general for me. I can hire someone to mow my lawn and discover they did a shoddy job. That employee represents his own interests. 

Quite the same with our government. We pay them for a job and then they pass a bill that 2/3s of voters don't want passed. They collect their paychecks but make laws to give themselves more power rather than to do the best good for us. They fail to represent us, they represent their own interest. 

"Free riders" don't stop me from making a road. I didn't say I wanted to make it for my own exclusive use. In my example I discussed roads made by people for the community good. 

My point in bringing that up was to point out the colossal flaw in the president's statement that business owes government for the construction of the roads (and the infrastructure they represent). Business hired the government to build those roads. If necessary, they'd have hired someone else. 

To have an employee that is doing such a shoddy job and is always demanding more money to serve his own interest then come to you and say, "You are nothing without me!" is the insult here. 
+Mitt Romney, did you even listen to the speech?  Context!  He was talking about roads and bridges.  What should make me think you should be our Commander-in-Chief when you can't campaign without blatant lies and misinformation?
Who is free riding? that' a myth   I was laid off from my job in 2008 and did not go on welfare or go on unemployment, I started my own business.  Democrats have jobs and no matter how angry you get, we will continue to hold a job.
James Brahm, did you listen to the speech? I know the common left-wing defense for this is, "It's out of context!" but that's just false. Even if we assume that Obama said, "If you have a business, you didn't build that." and meant for that to actually refer to the objects from the previous sentence and he just accidentally referred to plural objects using "that" instead of "those" (this assumption really doesn't fly if you listen to the speech, but okay) then you would have to take the sentence in the context of the whole speech.

But the whole speech is about how if you own a business, you didn't build it. So how in the world is that "out of context" defense valid? The whole context says that the specific line, "If you have a business, you didn't build that" is exactly how Obama feels and exactly what he was saying! If you boil down the speech, that line would be what you'd come up with. Yet, somehow, to defend it you claim, "out of context!"

+Chris Rehm, he has admitted to his grammatical error.  Also, he did not say that you didn't build your business, he said that government services are vital to the growth of a good economy.  E.g. the internet, paid for by the government and utilized by companies.  And you are on it now.
+James Brahm His claim of an error in grammar rings pretty hollow to anyone who actually hears the speech. Your comment is a beautiful example of spin with total disregard to facts. He didn't say that government services were vital to a good economy. He told business owners that building their business wasn't a result of being smart or working hard. He said someone else inspired you (the business owner) and someone else assisted you and someone else built roads and bridges so your business could run. Then he said, "If you have a business, you didn't build that. Someone else made that happen."

Once it had blown up and the backlash was apparent, President Obama came out with the "error in grammar" claim and the persistent whine, "it's out of context." The context makes it ever so much more clear that "If you have a business, you didn't build that." is exactly what he meant to say and exactly what he feels.

You really should listen to the speech instead of just taking it out of context.

Then you go along with giving government credit for the internet. ARPA developed their small network using TCP/IP to connect defense contractors with the defense department. But why isn't Xerox given credit since much of TCP/IP was based on the PARC Universal Packet? Why not credit AT&T since the design was developed to run on an open telecommunications backbone? Why not give credit to IBM and DEC and the other vendors who implemented TCP/IP across all the different platforms (in spite of the fact most of them already had developed networking protocols)? But the real credit probably should go to the kids who developed Mosaic and then Netscape because it was really the creation of the browser that launched the www and thus the use of the internet by non technical users.

Giving the government credit for inventing the internet is a little like giving cavemen credit for inventing the car because, after all, cars run on wheels and Oog the caveman invented the wheel, so...

Now, for just a moment, think of the immense hypocrisy it would seem to require to tell business owners they didn't build their business because the government (which the businesses pay for) built roads (which the businesses pay for) and then turn around and say the government developed the internet when the government was being paid for by business and all the technologies, innovations,  and implementations came from business.

Sort of mind boggling, don't you think?
+Chris Rehm You're comment is littered with irony, and you have a tendency to put words in people's mouths.

Innovations and implementations come from business, at the expense of human capital. It's the government's job to tie up all the loose ends. Before regulation, clothes were cheap, but they were fabricated with the help of children, many of them losing their lives.

Now that human capital is becoming less necessary, now that a small few have a vast amount of wealth, they're letting us go. That's not good for the economy. That's good for them.

We wouldn't need the government if big business owners weren't so greedy. This is humanity. In an unregulated market, there are going to be cheaters, if you will. Swindlers, etc. There always will be. And right now they are at large like never before. Look at the LIBOR Scandal! Who did that benefit? We have people in this country making money off of money. The financial sector accounts for a serious chunk of American employment. Who are these people helping? What innovations are these people creating?

It's called an elaborate scheme. It's smoke and mirrors. Stop pretending this is about small business owners. It's not.
+Robert Donnelly  According to the article that you linked to Romney also said:

"We have to find ways, not just to provide health care to more people, but to find ways to finally manage our health care costs."

Seems like he is acknowledging that the Israeli system works and ours is still broken.

I bet you are one of the people saying that Obama was taken out of context when he said "If you got a business, you didn't build that".
I can't believe how all you anti Mitt people can drink the Obama cool aid and be so brainwashed. 
Obama has no kool-aid, but Mitt has the potent, double dose Jim Jones Juice ready for you in the wings.  I don't listen to the President, I know who and what Romney really is and what he's really after.  He's after- your money. If you elect him you will find out what I'm saying when America is sitting at the bottom a deeper ravine than Wall Street kicked us into and he's laughing at you all the way to the Cayman's, or Switzerland or.....with your money.  Keep thinking he and his billionaire friends cares about you, if you so desire.  I'll see you on TV tearing out your hair for letting him seduce you into swallowing the Jim Jones Juice, double dose.  A former porn star just endorsed Romney and said"I can't wait till we have another republican is in office, if your rich Romney is your man" (she''s got eyes for Romney and she'll make him her man), Wow what a back handed endorsement that is. isn't Romney the guy that said he's going to regulate computer makers in America and force them to put a porn blocking chip in every computer?  Why not create a software program for the same purpose? it would be cost effective! Isn't this the same guy that talked about deregulation?  really? Wow it seems the Jim Jones Juice just jumped the Jive! I think he's becoming a moderate and moving closer to becoming a liberal.
The debate that innovations are thanks to business is completely untrue. What we owe most of our technology and luxury is thanks to government/ the people funding military research. It is a historical fact that there are great advancements in tech or industry after a big military conflict. On the statement that government doesn't not represent society / the people..... Are you serious? Who elects the government? Why do you go to vote than?
You built the business but not the roads leading to it which give you the ability to move your product. We are in this together people. No one built his own business by himself. You have to interact with people everyday and they help build your business. Electric companies, waste companies, shipping, US Postal Service, etc!
all mitt knows is how to steal money from companies as it was his job for a while. now he is asking for more money. 
How does Mitt know about hard work and innovation? He got a cushy job at Bain because his daddy was rich, and he lent his kid $10 million dollars to start a business. Another difference between Jobs, Ford and Kroc and Mitt Romney? They all paid their fair share in taxes.
+Dylan Bozarth + Government did not build the roads without people and businesses paying their taxes.  The only revenue the government has is through payments from people and businesses.

Obama (the great orator) said exactly what he meant, that is why it took him three days to spin it and say "They took me out of context.  What I really meant is..."  Lame.  When he gave that speech in Roanoke he was not using a teleprompter.  I noticed yesterday he is using it again.  It probably helps him to stay on message and not state how he really feels.  

He doesn't think people who have had success in life didn't do it because they are smart or hard working.  He thinks government got them there.  Instead of just blindly repeating someone's talking points, I dare you to go and ask anyone who owns and operates their own business how much work it takes to run their business.  Good luck finding one that says "With the governments help this is really easy.  I hardly have to think about what to do next at all."
The point of Obama's comment was that without all of the hard work and cooperation of many people, a single person cannot succeed.  We see this everywhere in sports, the economy, medicine, etc etc.  The olympians wouldn't get anywhere without their teams, coaches, parents, investors, just as business owners wouldn't be business owners if it weren't for our laws, infrastructure, their employees, family, etc.  Mitt knows this more than anyone which is why I wonder why he's pushing this campaign point.  I'm tired of seeing it.
+Joey Fontino Romney's point is that it's that business owner who built the business. Just like with the athletes, I might be the guy who washed up towels after training, but I didn't run the race.

If starting a business doesn't require extra work and extra risk, then why don't we all just do it?

And of course, it's those businesses that pay for all the infrastructure.

I think the reason Romney has pushed this point so hard is that it clearly demonstrates Obama's bias against business creators, or at least his ignorance of what it takes for them to make those businesses.
+Chris Rehm I understand your point that it really is the business owner who started the business.  That's fair and true.  But I've heard both Obama and Romney talk on the situation and they say the same thing in this reguard.  That is that running a business is hard and it takes risk, a ton of work, and help.  I just think that this rant on a single "sound bite" taken out of context has been overdone.  There are tens if not hundreds of sound bites where the two are basically saying the same thing.

I think that's what bothers me the most about politics.  They want you to "pick a side" so that you get to root for a team and listen to all of the stupid things they push on us.  I'm not republican or democrat but I follow both Mitt and Obama because it is important to all of us.  I see stupidity from both sides and good come from both sides.  I wish they would focus on facts and policy instead of pushing stupid sound bites.  While I do believe Obama has done many good things, I think he's screwed up as well.  For example, he tried to take responsibility for the oil spill's cleanup.  What a disaster.  But then again it wasn't under his control.  Romney on the other hand wants to make rich people richer and that money has to come from somewhere because there's a limited amount, and it will come from the non-rich.  Even if I was a billionaire I would think that's unfair.  But as I always say, "That's why I'm not a billionaire".

So Romney, stop this ridiculousness and get to the points that matter.  And please no more, "He failed, 8%, bla bla" and more "I will do better, and here is how, and here is how I will pay for it."
+Aleric Lirow Can't say anything worth it's salt eh?  Can you even post on the subject?  You sound like you're booing against an opposing football team that's better than your own.  "Boooo 49ers!  You'll never win the Superbowl!.. again!"
Those stupid commericals about each party doesn't change the vote. I'm sick of them.
+Aleric Lirow Boo The Bulls?  lol.  Seriously though, I picked on you because your post was one of the bottom ones.  The funny thing I find is that while many people think the same way "liberals vs. conservatives" the reality is that I find most people to have very similar views.  Sure there are some outstretched topics like abortion, taxes for the rich, death penalty, etc... but even those most people don't agree 100% with their "party".  That's why I don't have a party.  If someone is a religious conservative against abortion well then they're probably against the death penalty even though your party is for it.  If not, then they are probably confused.  I never read anywhere where it said "Though shall not kill, except..."  So my point is that while many of us "take sides" it's not good for us because we lose track of our own personal goals and end up just cheering for a side and booing the other side and ignoring the reasons why we do/believe/think the way we do.

So, it would be nice to hear a clear statement of your own personal opinion on why you think that Obama has done poorly instead of a team mentality which I can't personally grow from and understand others better with.
Amazing. The next thing Obama will say is that Romney didn't build his way to election, Obama "generously guided him there". And at the last minute, he'll come up with a sob story that'll be all over the news. Just like last election. And every person who has no idea who they're voting for will vote for Obama because, "OH! I saw him on the news! He be the one I should vote for! Just like last election. No, Mr. President, you, didn't build America. I am proud to be an American, thanks to Mitt Romney and everyone who helped him get there!
Sounds like Mitt , the good ole boy, may have used alot of that govt money to build his wealth

Corporate welfare for Bain and Romney

January 13, 2012

Rugged individualist Mitt Romney is all for the free market, unless it involves pocketing millions in government corporate welfare. Check out the impressive list from Phil Mattera of Good Jobs First of all the companies backed by Bain Capital, Romney's company, that fed at the government udder. In case after case after case, Bain was enjoying public emoluments even as it bought and sold and downsized its way through these employers.
 Says Mattera: "Yet a look at Romney’s record at Bain shows not only Gordon Gekko-like business buccaneering, but also a willingness to embrace those very government checks and assurances he is now repudiating. Companies acquired and managed by Bain during Romney’s tenure showed no hesitation in taking taxpayer handouts in the form of state and local economic development subsidies."
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