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I know from experience how businesses work and I'll get our economy moving again.
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The economy is not a business.  The forest is not a tree.
Government is not an Employer it is LEGISLATIVE BODY!
+rich clair It is also an employer.  Also, the legislature is one of three branches.
+Luke Meyers Exactly why Obama's plan for more government control of business is the opposite of what we need.
Well, that's exactly what we need another secretary another department to be managed and another level of bureaucracy on top of all that.  Just one more reason for not voting for president Hussein Obama.
+Warren Dew What "why" are you referring to?  I don't see any reasoning evident that seems pertinent.
+Stephen Ross You realize that emphasizing his middle name like that just makes you sound like a bigoted prick, right?  I mean, it's fine with me if that's what you want, but the only people who are gonna listen to you are other bigoted pricks.  That's not my vision for America.
+Joe Rochinski But zero experince = no plan which would possibly work
+Luke Meyers As you pointed out, the economy is not a business.  The current problem is with the economy, not with businesses.  Government control of businesses is not the answer.
I don't want a businessman running my government like a business. 
+Warren Dew Since economic activity is founded in business transactions, I can't imagine how you imagine treating them separately.  Government control of businesses is in the Constitution -- read the commerce clause.
The guy helped create a few thousand shit jobs and a few million bucks, and now he calls himself a business man? He shipped just as many jobs overseas as he so-called created!
+Warren Dew No, decidedly not.  I'm not calling him a prick, I'm telling him how he comes across.  There is a difference.
Well that will be at least one job he will create. 23 million more to go.
Great post, and a special thanks to Luke Meyers for pushing the last few independents to Romney.  Good work!  
+Luke Meyers The commerce clause governs interstate commerce - that is, trade - not all business.  Government policy and spending can affect the economy without directly controlling businesses.  "The economy is not a business", remember?  You said it, not me.
Who do you think you are +Warren Dew's not like you are a Nuclear Engineer or, oh.   :)
Meh, whatever.  I don't see this discussion going anywhere.
Yeah Go Mitt!!  Too China and stay there!!!
Yeah the people of Mass loved him so much his state is going for Obama.
If Mitt wins 1/2 of CA will be getting a free one-way ticket to celebrate in Baja.  Can't wait, good man.
+Troy Skirchak It is a different story. People might get a great and inexpensive service from one managing company and turn to another company promising them to do the same for free all year long.

Later they might realise that second offer was too good to be true.
I wonder how much the Obama campaign is paying these mindless trolls to spew all this garbage and name calling.
I would much rather have a business man run our country like a business than a dictator run our country like a dictatorship.
I find it amazing how many people simply don't understand or know our history as a country.  Oddly enough those who would vote for Obama usually suffer from this.
Good news our troubles are over the Secretary of Business will soon be on the scene. I'm voting for the man that doesn't need a business czar. 
@Luke Meyers well if by bigoted you mean someone who thinks its crazy that our number one enemy in the world right now are Muslim extremists and so then we elect a president who is a Muslim extremist sympathizer then yeah, I guess I am bigoted. However, by using his middle name to point out that he is a Muslim does not in my book make me a Muslim hater.  But on another note, I really don't give a crap about your vision for America.
+Sean Reynolds One small example to start with, his changes to immigration, which is a role for Congress, not the president.  Part of the 18 enumerated powers thing... ya know.
+Sean Reynolds Do some research man!  I'm not going to recite the entire work amnesty executive order for illegals 25 and up whom get a free ride because he wants their vote.  Just look up Obama immigration order passed in 2012.
Thinks it would be better at present to be campaigning for disaster relief. election will happen
+Louis Cashmer Obama worshippers are happy to do mindless trolling for free - it's what they love to do!
Mitt is not a real leader.  American leaders don't hide their money in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes.  Real leaders don't flip flop on everything.  Real leaders don't sell off American companies to China.  Mitt is not a real leader nor his he even human.
If Mitt Romney runs this country like he has his businesses, prepare to find yourself with plenty of jobs, and ones that you don't want to work.  Companies who have worked with Mitt Romney and Bain Capital wish they never heard of either of them.  His unclear messages are without a doubt what got clients of Bain Capital into a choke-hold of problems just like America faces if we vote for this #Romney.  He has taken over businesses and put them in the pour house.  He'll give you a job and suck the life out of you too. And yes, he'll take away your rights while he's at it.  Just like Bush, he'll dig us into a hole.  It's the road to quick, easy, and unsustainable jobs with Romney, it's where you get what you pay for.  I say we take the long term and realistic plan for economic, environmental, and social prosperity.     #Voteforobaama  
70% of GM cars are made in China... you know, the company Obama is proud he helped bail out with tax payer money?
+Warren Dew i'm sure your paid well to comment on every Romney dis people post!
+Troy Skirchak Real leaders sell off American companies to Italy, like Obama did with Chrysler, then?
+Stephen Korinis If you think it is that easy to just make an executive order... you are wrong.  And if you think that is going to lose Romney the election??? Why are you voting for him?  
+Odell Ward I'm sure your paid well to comment on every one as well.  BTW you call yourself a business man
Hey so has anyone known a president who has put us in as much debt as Obama?
NO that's just one of the reasons he will lose to Romney Romney/Ryan 2012
Well partly Bush I admit that. But mostly Obama!
Please don't hurt yourselves and/or others on November 7th all you Romney supporters. Although the right has tried every trick in the book to mess with voting this election, i hope you all take defeat gracefully and remain patriotic instead of hateful:)
So who is republican and who's democratic?
Really, Romney? How about you tell us what you did right for a change.
You could just shut up. While I'm dreaming, I would enjoy a Cat.
Um Romney did a lot right though I can say about Obama.
Independent voting for the POTUS. The republicans hasn't put forward a candidate worthy of the white house since ...........? G.W.B got 8 and he did a s**t job, i don't see why Mr. Obama can't get a chance, considering all the blockage he's dealt with.
1. Romney saved the olympics
2. He didn't get paid while doing it
3. He created hundreds of jobs
4. He created a helth care system that helped all of Massuchusetts (unlike Obamacare)
5. He gave millions to charity
And FYI Obama did get a chance four year chance and he blew it!
+Joseph Jensen Olympics was easy, he didn't need the money, he created shit jobs along with shipping just as many over seas, he was the creator of Obamacare, and the charity was just Tax right offs. He's losing in the state he ran as Governor, the people there know him better then the rest of us!
(Well somone is entilted to their opinion) none of anything you said was true.

Sorry but the truth hurts 
1900 ongoing investigations into companies that received stimulus money under Obama like Solyndra which is only one of the many alternative energy companies that failed under his regime.  Can anyone name any successful companies in the alternative energy sector that have succeeded that Obama put money into?  Most of the jobs Obama has created are government jobs and the ones in the private sector that did create jobs cost the US taxpayers twice what the job actually paid.  The evidence is overwhelming, a big fat fail for the current POTUS and his regime.  Its time to change the guard and if Romney fails we will vote him out as well.
+Joseph Jensen You can't honestly say what Romneys believes in, he flip flops on ever subject! I can follow someone who doesn't have his own views!
+Odell Ward Under Obama, black unemployment is 13% and black teen unemployment nearly 40%.  I don't think it's Romney that's bad at job creation.
Um who? Obama or Obama? I think Obama
Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem.
-Ronald Reagan
Reagan would not get nomination in current republican party.... 
If Mitt wins will you read the book of mormon?
Does anyone remember the NAFTA trade agreement. If you dont look it up. It cause everything. Bill Clinton caused this by signing. Those businesses literary took 10 years to build infrastructure and move. Think about it and look in to it. You will see.
#America!!!  Listen It's Either The Commander And Chief Or Chairman And Chief!!!  
Obama doesn't flop right? Except for gay marriage, gitmo, cutting the deficit in half my first term, no individual mandate, Bush tax cuts then extended all of them, gave waivers for lobbyists to work in the WH. 
The economy IS business. The forest IS the trees.
dont forget about transparency, idolizing bill clinton while destroying his biggest achievement promising bipartisanship and cutting GOP out of bills and unwillingness to compromise.
oh and vowing to cut wasteful earmarks and doing almost the opposite.
2012, the end of an error. Romney/Ryan 2012!!!
How about a Secretary of Peace?
Dems love to cite their "ground game" and early get out the vote. They are losing that as well this year. Typically Republican turnout is higher on Election Day, lacking a tangible lead is significant.

The Pew Research Center survey found that the race is even among all likely voters nationwide (47% Obama, 47% Romney). Unlike the last campaign, the race also is close among voters who say they have already voted.

In the poll, conducted Oct. 24-28, 19% of likely voters say they have already voted; that is unchanged from the same week in the 2008 campaign (Oct. 23-26, 2008). Currently, Romney holds a seven-point edge among early voters (50% to 43%); because of the small sample, this lead is not statistically significant. At this point four years ago, Obama led John McCain by 19 points (53% to 34%) among early voters.
How? By adding 3 trillion to the defense budget?
You can't rebuild jobs by sending them offshore. You know how businesses work because you strive to find the cheapest labor. You are the worst possible choice for our country.
i agree with you but how can do this without cut taxes,not reduce expenses, progressive budget ,evaluate high income group salaries and good relief work for effected people .I think first we will do election reforms they are very expensive . promise to com good democracy in USA.thanks.  
You are an evil man who sent tens of thousands of jobs overseas. I hope your campaign plane goes down with no survivors.
+Lucky Cinani two can play at that game. I hope you get a pea stuck in your nose and it never comes out.
Actually, +Jay Koster, you CAN rebuild jobs by sending them offshore. Every job exported to another country results in a better job back here. Every device sold because it could be made more cheaply and therefore have a larger consume base had to be designed somewhere, and that design work happens right here int he US.

But don't forget the other side of the equation. Every time a job is sent offshore for cheaper labor it means the product can be sold back to an American for less! The reason I can afford a fancy cellphone or computer is because it was made where labor is cheaper!

One lesson to lean from this all, BTW, is to stop making American labor so expensive. From the costs of Obamacare to those of overregulation, American labor is more expensive than it should be.
+Sean Reynolds I'd point out one clear case of Obama's ruling like a dictator: Yucca mountain. At this point the courts have even ruled on it, saying that Obama's dictate that Yucca Mountain be closed flew clearly in the face of the law. In short: Congress legislated in no uncertain terms that Yucca was to be used, and Obama just said, "eh, no."

There is case after case like this. Through the four years I heard them continually, but Yucca came early and was simple to explain. Everything from the GM bankruptcy through targeted assassination of American citizens abroad just drips of dictatorial action.

Romney's going to need years to clean up even the legal mess that Obama left behind, much less the suffering his mess caused. Obama should have been impeached years ago from his transgressions.
Our current leader has a lot of Golfing experience. 
Last I checked Obama has nearly 4 years experience being the President of the United States of America. How much experience does Mitt Romney have in that office? The real question all US citizens have to ask themselves is how much experience do they want with Mitt Romney in office?
+Sean Reynolds Reagan reduced the tax burden as a percentage of GDP, and reduced the number of lines of regulation in the federal register.  He definitely made government smaller, not bigger, despite your regurgitated Obama talking points.
+Paul Frederick Obama has 4 years experience preventing jobs from being created and causing median family income to be eroded every year.  In contrast, Romney has the kind of experience needed to strengthen and bring back the middle class.
I don't know who wrote this originally, but he or she got it right!

"After his photo-op tour in New Jersey, Obama told the press that he has directed his staff and his administration to tolerate no red tape or bureaucratic excuses when it comes to getting storm victims the help they need. Obama said he had instructed his people to return the calls from officials in storm damaged states within 15 minutes. If they need something, we figure out a way to say yes.

What does that mean? Barack Obama just spelled out for everybody that in the normal existence of the bureaucracy, it doesn't work, and that it takes special commands, fist pounding, presidential orders with fear behind them in order to get the bureaucracy to work, period. ...In addition to this sounding like government normally is totally messed up, government normally can't get anything done, government normally is filled with red tape and roadblocks and delays. Normally government bogs down efficiency. Normally the natural state of affairs of the bureaucracy is to bog down efforts to deal with problems and that needs to be stripped away. We need to strip away the roadblocks, the bureaucracy."
We need a guy who sends American jobs to China. Who are you people?
You're right, +Troy Skirchak -- enough with Obama using our tax dollars to fund companies that just ship our jobs overseas. Romney/Ryan 2012!!!
That's a lie. Turn off the fake news channel.
Hate.. Lies.. Greed.. The Republican way.
Liars here voting for a liar how ironic
What funny is your misunderstanding of what irony is, +travis Breidenbach 

But that doesn't surprise me from someone who can support Romney, who doesn't stand on a principle longer than 24 hours. At least make a decent informed case against Obama and vote Gary Johnson. Then I could respect you.
+Andrij Harasewych The existence of that proposed bill in no way erases the fact that many if Obama's "green" investments ended up sending business offshore. That's no lie, my friend.
+Valerian II Masao Indeed, with the lesson of New Orleans still fresh, one wonders how Obama's trillion dollar "infrastructure" stimulus failed to help the New Jersey dikes.  Maybe Democrat style blind throwing of money at problems is not the solution.
+Andrij Harasewych Bringing existing overseas jobs back to the U.S. is a zero sum game that risks trade wars.  Romney's plan instead encourages U.S. corporations to bring capital back to the U.S. to create new jobs - and economic growth that will help us and harm no one.
signor romney,L'AMERICA E' UN GRANDE PAESE PER ESSERE AMMINISTRATO DA UN uomo piccolo come lei.
Brian Lougheed

" Rush Limbaugh is attacking and unleashing his venom onto Gov. Chris Christie...even resorting to calling him fat.  Rush Limbaugh is far from being physically fit himself...and so much more the facade of Republicans wanting to work across party lines.
 Mitt Romney has been all but irrelevant in the news cycle this week. I'm just waiting to see how "main stream media" and the evil liberal conspiracy will be blamed for Sandy.
 +Mitt Romney keep trying the "photo-op" staged relief events ( complete with a video biography )...and using false and mis-leading ads in Ohio ( debunked as FALSE by CEO's of GM and Chrysler ) " 

Fatso Chris Christie is far too pally with the US Islamist Arab racial supremacy fifth columnist movement, you want me to cry for him because Rush Limbaugh is giving a thrashing to the ideologically incontinent giant windbag Christie  ? 

Hamas terrorists kill innocent Palestinian in Gaza (Rare Video) (Must See)
One of my close friends got laid off, but got a new one in less than five days, True event. not only did they get a job, they had another offer the next day. they underwrite insurance. the second one offered 10 grand more than the first.  God is AMAZING. She gave as she felt led and this was the results. Prayer does change things
I see hundreds and hundreds of WHITE people showing up at your events is that who you will  just represent ?
More likely, Romney as president would be a man with a strange crick in the neck, constantly looking over his right shoulder to see which pickup truck full of movement conservatives was about to run him over.
Deviating Republicans
If you think he has the fortitude to stand up to people such as the anti-tax zealot Grover Norquist and Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who never hesitate to knife fellow Republicans for deviations, you haven’t been paying attention. Fortitude, constancy, commitment to a set of ideas -- these aren't likely to be the hallmarks of a Romney administration.      >Jonathan Alter<
Moving does not equate to emergrating jobs, just based upon your business experience.
Great job of running your Presidential Campaign!  It took a hurricane and FEMA money to give Obama a chance at a come back.  I early voted for Mr. Romney.  We need a new version of hope and change.
We are taking back America! I voted for you our new President. You are our only hope for a good life again.
Yes it will be amazing to be a citizen if you get elected , of China that is , since that is where you have created the most jobs you windbag. 
Yes, and without FEMA money and support many people would now be forced to survive on dirty water, without shelder and without life saving support. As long as you do not need it you can bitch about this. Once your own personal life depends on it, let's see how loud you can screem: F-E-M-A!!! Call Chris Christie and see how quickly your perspective on things can change.
+Jan Kegelberg, having lived through Katrina I can say that overreliance on FEMA is a problem, not a solution.

Where are the state and local governments? Did they so thoroughly abandon the job of protecting their own people that now FEMA is the only shop in town? Did they put all their eggs in one basket... a particularly far away basket centered in DC?

FEMA was designed to be a backup option. New York needs to take care of New York first, and FEMA should step in only after New York has done its best at taking care of itself.

This idea of an immediately responding FEMA is just another type of bailout.
+Sean Reynolds: Not so. The Continuing Appropriations Act didn't shut down Yucca, it simply didn't explicitly provide a budget line for it. The Law of the Land continues to say that Yucca Mountain must be developed, and the relevant agencies have their own money that could be used to develop it even without a specific line item.

In fact, this was one of the courts' big complaints. It found that money had been redirected away from development and toward the shutdown... that in fact the money was there by virtue of the fact that it was being spent, but just not on development. Therefore, the claim that there was no funding is false in its face.
+Sean Reynolds, here's the link to the Court of Appeals finding that the administration had acted illegally.

"Here, the law mandates that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission act on the license application, and the agency still has a significant amount of appropriated money available to at least begin that task.  In those circumstances, an agency appears to have no legal  authority to defy the law in the manner suggested by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in this case."$file/11-1271-1387350.pdf

As in many cases, the court decisively found Obama's actions to have been illegal but were flustered in how to respond to such bizarre illegality coming out of the executive branch. THAT'S HOW BAD THIS GUY IS. The system creaks under the weight of his performance!
+Sean Reynolds, is he a dictator? Well, he pretty explicitly issues his own edicts, having government do what he wants it to do without the approval--and sometimes against the approval--of Congress. Call him what you will.

After all, that was the point of his whole little "We can't wait" campaign. He was flat out saying he was going to act without congressional approval, that he was going to dictate without congressional permission. That's not ok.

And as I read these court rulings from the past few years, the judges are flat out flummoxed. They honestly don't know how to respond to his actions. The extent of Obama's departure from the rule of law is shown by the judges' confusion.
I love the SecBiz idea.  We need this. I love how this Prez is always thinking outside of the Gov't Cubicle.  All problems can be solved by adding another layer of Bureaucracy to it.  That's Obama solution to everything.  If you have a t*rd-flavored layer cake--just add some extra frosting. It will taste so much better.  
+Sean Reynolds it's a unanimous decision that Obama acted illegally. The split is on what to do about it. And as you said, "order the commission to follow through on the original law" ... emphasis on "follow through on the original law." We shouldn't NEED courts to order Obama to follow the law!

Who said it's only a dictatorial when Obama issues illegal orders? Certainly not I. If Romney gets in and starts issuing illegal dictates I'll be right there calling him on it too. But I'm unaware of any president in modern history with Obama's record.

I have no problem calling someone a dictator when he's acting as one. And heck, thrown into a tiny jail cell... executed without a court hearing... Obama's sort of not very far from the minor leagues of dictatorship!
Community organizer who has never even worked a day in the private sector, or someone who has made a living off of turning around failing businesses?

I honestly can't believe this is even a question, what an opportunity we have in Romney.  You may not be a Romney fan, but you can't deny his ability and accomplishments (unlike Obama who has none).
+Sean Reynolds If Romney wins and starts issuing executive orders that bypass laws on the books, I look for you to squeal like a schoolgirl.   But when Barry O does it over and over and over you seem to think it is just peachy keen.  
I understand business also, but realize now in order to compete I would need to really hire a low dollar roofing crew that speak another language cheap labor and buy china made mega socialized funded solar panels, as I live in a Republican state of Texas and people seem to think labor should be cheap or free with no insurance to employees . I bet many in the solar panel install business see this and many in millions of other businesses around the land, I also have bad allergies in Texas, so looking to let a Republican run my first franchise location maybe, if you don't win Romney, I would let you run my franchise in Texas, down this way so you can see a little more about whats going wrong with the USA. Just went to a product launch on a new solar product and it's exciting to see companies in the USA at least design some of the stuff made in other lands, man these people should be making there micro inverters In the USA,. Man I hope you keep working on renewable energy and solar if you win this, can't you see how much china invested and we only invested a fraction in the USA and all these USA young builders that got trained to install solar power or wind or many other renewable energy and energy eff, solutions in the USA, can't you see the need to change over the country to renewable energy? The way I see it, with your path we will have one or two mega stores import china made solar panels and non citizens really; install them in the near future and many many many small outfits and manufactures will go out of business in this also, large installers will come like they have In CA already in an established market, if we want the capitalist folks to run the USA, if your a builder or in any trade or a factory worker or any low pay assembly type, car builder whatever, this country is outsourcing your jobs, and is letting socialized mega store china direct bring your products to your door, it's letting big oil buy a President into office, but this guy probably can run a successful business I would agree, this is why people don't have jobs as big companies I think got people into office for years and allowed our country to outsource. I think many are realizing.

You are such a lier like on oblamer.Spreading your lies for a political agenda to destroy this country.Better just keep your glossy photo book of change and look at it a little closer.
+Sean Reynolds Executive order granting DREAM Act status to a hundreds of thousands, for one.  But since it gives you lefties more free votes, you are okay with it, correct?
+Sean Reynolds You are the typical "as long as my ox isn't getting gored" liberal.  You are happy to throw the rule of law out the window if it serves your twisted goals.  
+Sean Reynolds I hope that Romney is elected and issues an Executive Order de-funding ObamaCare.  Watch Mr. Reynolds scream bloody murder.  "He can't override Congress!!"  
So, +Sean Reynolds, you're done talking about fact and have sunk to personal attacks, then?

I take it you have no remaining dispute with the idea that Obama acted blatantly and illegally on Yucca mountain case?
+Sean Reynolds, I invited you to call him whatever you wanted. I only showed that he's issuing dictates without and sometimes against the legislature. Getting bogged down in labels is silliness.
+Sean Reynolds You are so short sighted.  It's not about whether the DREAM Act is good or bad it's about the rule of law.   The President gave an oath to uphold the law and then issues an Executive Order bypassing it.  He's not an emperor but he's acting like it.  Liberals are all alike:  the ends justify the means.  It doesn't matter if you trample the Constitution on you way as long as you get your way.   I hope you enjoy the precedent this tool of a president has set when a conservative issues an EO overruling Roe v. Wade.  
+Sean Reynolds, as for defunding ACA, one of Obama's strategies for funding ACA activities is by having the IRS tax people in ways not authorized by Congress. So Romney actually COULD defund the ACA by executive order... by actually following the law.
Oblamer= no more America.The agenda of his will be complete you just vote for him because of his movie star status,skin color,dont want people to think your racist,rock stars like Nikki (crap) Sixx and jonny bon jovi,dont want to feel or look like you casted the wrong vote 4yrs ago,because you listen to mainsteam media with oblamer agendas,no knowlege of what real problems were caused by(and not Bush) but the intaganizing that clinton and gore did to other nations and left Bush with,because your dream of clinton as he was the one to push the agena for free trade with china and the start of jobs going overseas,man do I have to keep going,because if I do you I WONT GET THE POINT ACROSS TILL NOV. 19TH THERES SO MUCH WRONG WITH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THAT I ONCE USE TO BE PART OF TILL TRUTH HIT.Biggest and worst vote ever casted was the first term of that underminding clit-on.One thing to think of,her name is Nazi Polozie
+William Dover I love it when liberals say Obama is somehow qualified because he's been president.   He was unqualified, untested and inexperienced when the media and their barking seal public elected him.  He's been an abject failure in this, his only job ever as an executive.   It's like hiring a kid out of high school to re-wire your house and after it catches fire you re-hire him because "he's done it before." 
I don't mean to confuse things with facts, but Obama campaigned on the promise of not legislating through Executive Order, as he accused Bush.

Obama has simply not produced.  It is simple.  We have more unemployed now than when he was elected.  Incomes have fallen and homes have been lost.

People have suffered and continue to suffer from a recession that ended in June 2009.   It has been three years and things are worse for many.

I want a President who has participated in America, not simply in philosophies and theologies which hate it.
ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 Real change not messured in words and a big smile but achievments.
He says these words, I don't think Mitt understands what they mean.
+Sean Reynolds: actually, that's not true. The Supreme Court found that Obamacare, as written, was unconstitutional, but they allowed ONE PART OF IT to stand through a saving interpretation. They didn't rule on whether the rest of it could stand; they ONLY addressed the individual mandate and the medicare expansion in their ruling.

There are many other issues with Obamacare, and those are working their way though the appeals courts now. Many of those challenges were stalled to wait on the SCOTUS ruling on the individual mandate, but now they're free to proceed.

But a Supreme Court ruling addresses specific complaints. Just because it allows certain complaints to stand doesn't mean others won't bring it down.
+Sean Reynolds: specifically, Obamacare imposes a tax on businesses in states that establish exchanges. However, Obama has directed all businesses, regardless of state exchange, to be taxed. That is against the law Congress passed, but Obama has no problem going there.

So, if Romney instructs the IRS to follow the law he would have defunded Obamacare through executive order, and done so legally, but reascending Obama's illegal order.
Trolls here to show their ignorance.LOOK AT THE RACIST PHONY DONKY LOVING ZOEY.Enough said.
+Sean Reynolds look up the law yourself; it's right there in the text. Further, you can look at the legislative history and statements of senators wherein they specifically acted to NOT tax businesses in states without exchanges. They altered the language of the law to not tax those businesses.

But there are more issues too. Another example off the top of my head is that since Obamacare was allowed to stand as a tax, then it must be, by Constitution, started in the House. However, the law as passed was effectively started in the Senate to get around a lack of votes on the vague understanding that it wasn't a tax bill.

Alright, so here we are. The unconstitutional law only stands if it was begun in the House, but it was begun in the Senate. So that's a new line of legal challenge that began after the SCOTUS ruling.

So, the Democrats have left us a huge mess. They should all be fired for their Obamacare crap if nothing else. Meanwhile, Obama is a president who won't follow the law. Forget losing the election; he should have been impeached long ago.
+Sean Reynolds: again with the personal attacks and namecalling! Jesus Christ, have you no reasoning to stand on?

No, Sean, I'm not a Free Republic reader. I tend to read legislation, court filings, expert commentary, etc, and when I see court dockets filled with challenges to Obamacare, I don't need Free Republic to tell me something's amiss. When I read judges trying to figure out how to fix Obama's illegalities, I know something's wrong. But this stuff is so technical and buried--and the press does such a poor job reporting--that this information doesn't get out.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure which is Free Republic at all... I just don't get my information from untrustworthy sources like that. I go right to the source.
+George Schubert: Mitt plans to institute policies that will have the private sector create jobs. It's obvious what he's saying; you're working hard to misinterpret him.
Because of the buisness side that he knows,and your goverment cant because they are not experianced enough leaders playing president thats why he needs outsidehelp and why they cant.Now 2yrs ago anwser these two.Why was nothing acomplished the first two,and when the last two years came and he new he lost the senate and congress and the problem was not fixed.Why did he not get the buisness men together then and just sit there and golf.Now that he is not going to be president he says thats what he will do. 
i dont like romney. People if yall would wake up he's tryna fool us into voting 4 him so he can fuck da world up. He doesnt care about us. He's shelfish and I can see it in his face.
80.9% chance you Romney shitheads will be crying in your meth come Tuesday, according to Nate Silver. Ha Ha!
Where's all the media covering the dumpster diving, hallway pooping New Yorkers in despair?   If the president was a Republican, we'd get 24/7 coverage.   But instead, the media is covering Benghazi.  Wait, no. 
+Chris Carlin those who represent us in Congress aren't fired.  They are elected officials, and apparently you don't know how that works.  And when they can't get things done, that is why we have the Executive branch to get through the stalemates.  That is the purpose of the Judicial branch to place a check on the Executive order in this case.  Do you not understand the concept between Separation of Powers?  Have you taken any political science courses?  You say you go right to the source, but that doesn't mean anything if you are as uneducated and ignorant as the rest of those who are voting for Romney and Ryan.  Your Romney/Ryan sources are full of lies, lack factual evidence, and are constructed to sway uneducated and self-centered people.  Congress doesn't work because of extremists like Paul Ryan, so if you want to see laws passed by congress I recommend voting for more moderate republicans.  Your party has gone off the deep end and so have you.
+Nicholas Berardi WTF? We have an executive branch to take over when the legislature is locked up? That's is an amazing statement! Completely off the wall!

The purpose of the executive branch is to execute the will of the people as expressed through the legislative branch. There are no two ways about that. It is uncontroversial and indicated constitutionally, practically, and traditionally.

It is the very concept of separation of powers that sinks your amazing claim. If the executive were able to swoop in when the legislature isn't making law then there wouldn't be much separation.

So no. You're amazingly wrong. Completely and utterly.
+Rodney Peterson Another member of the intelligent left wing.   Calls those who disagree shitheads and meth addicts.   Kinda like the classy Obama spokesperson screaming "let's win this mffkker."   If Obama wins, I hope Rodney is near the welfare office when Barry runs out of other people's money and his sheeple start rioting when they don't get their welfare check, Obamaphone, etc.  
+Rodney Peterson Maybe ol' kind hearted liberals like Rodney will open his home to the deadbeats and feed, clothe and house them.  In reality, like most liberals, Rodney wants to show his generosity by spending someone else's money.  
+Chris Carlin Why isn't the legislature doing things to get you jobs?  You seem to think you can elect a President who will do that for you?  I'm confused.  But as you wait for Election Day, instead of trying to prove invalid points with your own opinions, go do some research and prove to me that constitutionally, practically (practically?), and traditionally (You must be a religious fanatic too) executive orders have been followed.  HISTORICALLY, executive orders have been made in controversial situations time and again.  Of course they are controversial, because you have a lot of wackos who for instance think that segregation in schools is an alright thing to do.  They get to elect representatives to congress too, don't ya know?  So when congress can't solve a problem such as that, an executive order is issued.  Is that the will of all the people? I don't think so.  Go read a book, and pick something other than the bible buddy.
Let's see, over 22% of the businesses that Bain Capital invested in, WENT BANKRUPT!! Great track record, ... NOT.
+Nicholas Berardi, as has been explained time and time again, an executive order does not and can not take the place of legislation. An executive order that conflicts with legislation is illegal and invalid precisely BECAUSE an executive is not allowed to step in and play legislator when he doesn't like what's going on in Congress.

My Yucca Mountain link from before is a fine specific example. As the court rightfully said, Obama's executive order ordering the halt of Yucca Mountain was illegal and must be brought in line with the law.
+Adrian Wainer Technically, you are correct.  But the result is the same.   If it takes $150 to buy a loaf of bread because Obama printed up too much money, then we are still out of money even if we have the near worthless paper.  In any event, our ever-increasing entitlement class will still come to the trough and find out it is empty and then they'll start destroying the property of the ones who have been paying to support them.  
Like I said, I hope all the loving, caring liberals open their homes to all these wonderful people.   It won't happen.  Liberals are stingy with their money and generous with ours.
+David Aguilar You don't have the slightest clue as to how business works, do you?   Since you are so keen on Bain projects gone bankrupt, let's talk about Solyndra, et. al.   At least Romney invested his own money, not mine.   Obama bet the house on shaky green projects that cost us billions and they went bankrupt.  I bet you aren't mad about that though.
+David Aguilar And what's with liberals' hate for successful businessmen anyway?   You despise and demonize success while deifying unwed mothers, homeless, etc.  Your heroes include Sandra Fluke.  A career college student who wants me to pay for her birth control pills.  Liberals love those who take but hate those who create wealth.   Just ignorant.
+Ken Carlos  Obama "bet the house"?  I think that term would require waging a DoD war on polluters.  The investment in Solyndra was hardly "betting the house".  But I'd like to see him bet the house, because climate change is a fact.  Speaking of betting the house, Mr. cool coal guy Romney will put our environment to ruin.  And when Sandy et al come around, he'll throw a rigged can food drive!  LOL!!!  You'll be wishing you bet the house on renewable energy and a straight shooter instead of a charity-cheating flip-flopper. 
+Nicholas Berardi, it doesn't really matter what you bet or why you bet it when you're betting on a loser. Whether it's for climate change or free puppies for all the children of the world, Obama's... well.. sorta dumb, and doesn't know enough about anything to bet correctly.

But then, that's why government shouldn't be placing those bets with our money. If I want to bet or you want to bet then great! More power to us! It's our own money to do with as we want, to risk as stupidly as we want. But let's get government out of that betting business by getting rid of the Better in Chief. 
I just love the green crowd, wind turbines and solar save us from man made global warming, our savior Al Gore, inventor of the WWW. (sarcasm)
Well more to the point, +w.s. corners, it's a crowd that flies in the face of science while claiming to embrace it.

The green crowd doesn't bet on losers intentionally; they simply get conned into supporting projects that have no way of working because they're promising things that aren't physically possible.

"Hey, dude, come buy this anti-gravity belt buckle from me! It'll let you fly like a bird!" Well, no, that's ridiculous and impossible, right? Well so are many of these solar power technologies they bet on. The science just isn't there.

Which, frankly, is fine. Go take risks and bet on unlikely things! That's the American way, to take risks! But just don't risk our shared tax dollars on these things...
Clearly unaware of the solar companies that are succeeding across the nation.  What science doesn't support is all the biblical BS that Romney supporters have spewing out of their mouths.  By the way, +Chris Carlin, there is enough solar energy making contact with our planet each day to generate a year's worth of energy consumption.  Why would we ruin our mountains, streams, and children's future when we could invest in a better future.  You would know the answer to that question because like so many Romney supporters, you really only care about yourself.    
+Nicholas Berardi Don't kid yourself that Obama is working to save the planet. He doesn't give two hoots. What he cares about is revenge. He wants revenge on people who create value, because he never has, revenge on the coal, oil and gas, industry because it existed without him, revenge on rich people who actually earned their wealth, because he doesn't know how, revenge on soldiers because they are tougher than him (just look at the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, and the order to stand down for those who could have helped in Benghazi). Finally he wants revenge on Romney because he spells the end of BO's power trip, as he let slip earlier in one of those rare moments when we hear his true feelings - i.e. sans-teleprompter.
Ken Carlos

" +Adrian Wainer Technically, you are correct.  But the result is the same.   If it takes $150 to buy a loaf of bread because Obama printed up too much money, then we are still out of money even if we have the near worthless paper.  In any event, our ever-increasing entitlement class will still come to the trough and find out it is empty and then they'll start destroying the property of the ones who have been paying to support them. " 

" "+Adrian Wainer Technically, you are correct. "
Sorry Sir, Adrian Wainer is not just technically correct, he is correct. 

Monsieur Ken Carlos, I hope you would understand that I am not going to write a whole cookbook and post it on to a social networking site for folks who do not understand how to collapse a Western liberal democracy but would like to do just that. But unfortunately Obama appears to understand how to do it. 

" If it takes $150 to buy a loaf of bread because Obama printed up too much money, then we are still out of money even if we have the near worthless paper. ",.
If it takes say fifteen hundred US Dollars to buy an ordinary loaf of bread because a second term Obama Administration has deliberately engineered a hyper-inflationary financial death spiral, you likely will be out of money but Obama and his personal cronies will be doing perfectly okay. Furthermore, the Obama Administration and the MSM would work together to create internal and external scapegoats, so that whilst there would be widespread civil disturbance it would be directed by the Obama Administration at real and imagined enemies of the Obama Administration. A likely scenario is that eventually the Potemkin facade would crumble and even the low education welfare dependent leftist underclass would realize that Obama is an Islamist Fascist and that they had been used as cannon fodder in establishing an Islamist Fascist dictatorship state in America and they could try rioting against the Obama Administration but they would be simply mowed down and minced up by the Obama Administration internal security forces using 7.62 mm and 12.7 mm machine guns and anti-personal mortar rounds. 
+Chris Carlin agreed, it makes me wonder what it was like in the day of JFK when he made the promise of reaching the moon by the end of the decade. You know there was some reaching across the Ile back then.
+Mitt Romney You got this! On Nov 6. America will elect a leader of integrity. Keep your promises sir and you will go down in history as one of the great presidents like Reagan.
+julian mann did your teachers ever tell you anything about vocabulary?  You sound like you are reading from a Mitt Romney script.  And if you want to talk about creating value, well Joseph Smith is great at that.  You really believe Romney?  Have you no mind of your own to filter through the lies?  You want a tougher guy for a President?  How about you send your family to Afghanistan if you are such a man, +julian mann 
+Nicholas Berardi: I take it you want to ruin our mountains streams and puppies with solar panels, then :) I mean, the grand plan to encase our planet in solar cells to harvest enough energy to power the world... well, the math just doesn't add up. It causes more destruction than the conventional fuels at a far higher price!

But Obama's not very good at math. He's shown that in scheme after scheme that didn't really work out mathematically, not to mention his inability to figure out how the Romney tax proposal worked. Meanwhile his own is mathematically impossible...
And you do realize how scientific research works right? They are drastically cutting the size requirements and upping the efficiency of solar panels. With more money invested, the science moves faster. 

People probably said the same about computers when they used to take up an entire room.
Romney/Ryan 2012! Let's win this one! 
LOL +Johny Ringo Quite charming!  you have been doing your homework! Good going!
( you forgot VERY old, Johny! Plenty of miles under my belt!) 
+Johny Ringo  At least I don't hide behind false faces or profiles. What you see is what you get. No need for me to hide, is there?
At least I remember my manners.
Ummm +Steven Wormuth  I really don't know about Johny. He just seems to have the obvious need to be on the grumpy side!
I've never seen his "other side" if he even has one.
+Steven Wormuth Oh, heavens no! +Johny Ringo lives alone, just like most happy democrats, and is totally rich.  Just ask him, he'll tell you.  That's how you know, because wealthy people tend to brag about their money to complete strangers online.  And the really smart ones vote for people who want to tax more of that money and give it to winning companies like Solyndra and GM.  I think you got the rest right.
Wow +Aaron Smith  Thanks for the info! I had no idea he was rich!  Maybe I need to get closer to him?  lol
I'm just a poor, OLD,  retired Stew.....err....I mean waitress!  
And +Johny Ringo  is such a REAL, burly man. He likes to pick on little retired Stews to show his manliness! Maybe he can loan me a few extra bucks to get by until Tuesday, eh Johny?!
Guess what +Johny Ringo I have news for you. Flight attendants are there to save your butt, not wait on it!
Guess you aren't a world traveler, are you? 
All you want are FREE hand-outs! I've seen a million like you.
Are you a Liberal? 
I tend to agree with you +Steven Wormuth , especially when they try to be show-offs and know-it-alls! Glad my patience is wearing thin by now. It's been a long road of nasty political comments. Just shows ignorance on their part.
Thankfully it's almost over. *sigh
+Andrij Harasewych, as a professional scientist I daresay you'll have to defer to me on this one :) No, pouring more money at science doesn't somehow enable it to break the laws of physics. There's only so much energy you can extract from a sunbeam. After that, no amount of money will get you one more Watt.
When investors looked at companies like Solyndra they looked at what they were doing and saw that it just wouldn't work. The math just didn't work. The science was impossible. So they didn't invest.

That's why Solyndra needed the government cash in the first place, because smart people with expertise refused to bet on a losing horse with bad science. However, since it wasn't his money, Obama had no qualms about it. That was a story repeated numerous times during this administration... Obama, he just isn't that smart a guy.
mitt romney if i can vote for you i would just try to lowwer taxes and do something about the army base in huntsville alabama gate 10 thats were my mom works and she does maintenince and she gets paid 10$ an hour and shes beem working there for 10 years its her boss he his a cheap person!!!!!
+caleb freeman  Huntsville airport is a very busy one, I know. I used to commute through there. Your Mom must work hard there! 
Me +Emily Ann ?  I'm not sure what you mean. I haven't said a word about Obama. Have I?
+Emily Ann   I'm pointing fingers at no one.  Just sitting quietly.  What's going on? 
+Nicholas Berardi Solar energy is a pipe dream because it is not economically feasible.   Like it or not, Mr. Tree Hugger but it's a fact.   And no, I don't believe in global warming nor did I believe you and you shrill greenies when you warned of a coming ice age in the 1970's.  Al Gore was a journalism major and has ZERO experience or education in science yet you and the rest of the horde of hippies follow him like a guru.   Gore is also first class huckster and hypocrite.   Banks millions a year off the global warming scam.  He lives in a 20,000 square foot mansion, flies in private jets and rides in SUVs all while demanded that we live in a solar powered hut and drive a Prius.  You want to do that, be my guest.  I'm not following the Goreical to the see the Wizard.
Obama set socialism not.   
+Emily Ann  Polls look great for Romney this evening. I am quite happy actually.  Don't think I have mentioned Obama once. Not sure where or what you have been reading.  
+Emily Ann  I'm not even sure I was here last evening. Romney's polls look great! 4 more days! If Romney wins he will help ALL families. I have been a volunteer for him since April.....and in 2008 as well.
You must have me confused with someone else.  
Bye +Emily Ann  No problems.  Mistakes happen with everyone. Enjoy your evening and let's keep Romney and his family in our prayers!  :-)
+Anderson Pope Romney will represent anyone with a sense of personal responsibility, white or otherwise.  In particular, his economic plan will help bring down unemployment rates, which have risen to 14% for blacks and 40% for black teens under Obama.
+Mitt Romney  well your platform is so shaky it makes me cringe when I see how far you will fall.  the GOP raised a stink and made the authors bury this report.  what I've said all along, Tax cuts do not create  jobs. In the words of Joe Biden, "I'ts a bunch of malarkey,. a lie repeated until everyone believed it so strongly they would curse other out when they tried to share the truth about that lie.  One thing and one thing only creates jobs, volume sold. no employer is going to hire just because he gets a tax cut, especially if no additional personnel is not needed.  A business opens becasue the feel they have a product or service people need. not to get tax cuts.  if they don't sell, they make no money.  they don't make money they are not going to hire and shell out more money.  When The Middle Class family has disposable income, the go out and buy, if the demand is greater than they can handle even with total productivity pushed, and the additional revenue can more than support another employee, and provide an acceptable margin of profitability, then and only then do they hire. people get laid off because business was slow, that is not enough customers and not enough sales and profits are hurt.  Don't let the GOP deceive you anymore with this lie.  A a business person I know this to be true. when business is really good and I need more hands on deck, I try to increase productivity. if we reach the limits of that then we look at hiring additional people. taxes never play a part, only profits.  This Job creators and tax cuts for jobs is a form of manipulation  nothing more.  to make you "take pity on poor little overtaxed billionaires hiding Billions tax free in the caymans where George W. Bush was the keynote speaker for hiding you money in the Caymans.  they hid money, pay no taxes and then want to cut services so they can have more money and leave the middle class to foot the tax bill and then call you the 47%.  This is fact, from experience and school.  it's not rocket science. well here's the link that dispels the lie we've been sold for so long.  Tax cuts do not create jobs, they do this to make us side with them and push for tax cuts to make them richer.  If  if a tax cut is not tied to long term job creation, it will just not happen!  They had the bush tax cuts in 2008, but what happened, their taxes did not go up! So why were we bleeding 800,000 jobs a month in 2008? Greed, selfish greed.  it was not a middle class person that caused the crash. it was wealthy Wall Streeters playing risky games the bi tax cut crowd which Romney was a part of.  and now people want to take the fox that raided the chicken coop and killed half the chicks and want to put him in charge of the hen house.  I call that insanity more of the same old lies and manipulative gobbledygook that nearly killed our nation, but now they want to do it on steroids and get another bailout on steroids to pay themselves bonuses again like last time but on steroids.  That's what you get with RomneyJacks peanuts and a surprise.
Ga bi
Mitt Romney, I don't care what anyone says about you. Whatever the democrats say, there is always a way to respond to their comment. You have the lead. I am voting for you, and I know you can turn this country around. 4 more days! Good luck, Mitt! 
Secretary of Business? That's all we need. Government should stay OUT of business. It's called the free enterprise system. When government starts steering business, it begins to favor some over others (think green businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses, campaign contributors, etc.). Government then decides which businesses win and which lose, and that's called Socialism. These democrat presidents keep expanding government. Carter created the totally useless Department of Education (education should be a state and local institution, not Federal). Ever since the establishment of the Dept of Education -- despite billions and billions of dollars spent on it and by it -- education standards in the USA have plummeted. Do we really want the govt to do the same thing to business? God help us!
Lots of words, but you missed the point, if you raise taxes, you kill profit, lower taxes let a business reinvest and expand, creating more profit (from increased sales, your point). Liberals have never understood that. And never will. Oh and lower taxes lure a business to an area, I guess thats why with a very high corp. tax rate we are losing businesses to other countries...

We gave Obama a chance (not my choice) lets give Romney a chance.
I know my vote won't "count" as I am in California, but I am voting for Romney and Ryan.  :)  For the first time I am actually voting FOR somebody, and not just against the other guy. Yay! I want to be able to say, "Yeah, I voted for him!" when Mitt Romney turns this country around. Please be awesome!!!
+Jim Avila The problem with your reasoning is that most of the jobs in the solar industry are from installing the panels, not from making them.  By insisting on expensive panels from companies like Solyndra, Obama is limiting the solar industry, and preventing the installation jobs from being created.
+Heidi Ramos You vote counts too!  The popular vote can affect the strength of the mandate Romney has to roll back the Obama policies that have devastated the economy.  But if you want to help more, you can always sign up as a volunteer on his web site to make phone calls over the weekend!
+Jim Avila Why?  The U.S. makes essentially all the computer CPU chips in the world.  Do Europe and China and India need to put prohibitive tariffs on our CPU chips so they can develop domestic sources?  I'd prefer to avoid trade wars and some things we're going to sell to overseas, and some things we'll buy from overseas.
+Jim Avila I guess you missed the news - Apple computers use Intel chips and have for quite a few years now.  So do computers by Samsung etc.

On the currency manipulation, it should also be noted that our own Federal reserve is manipulating the dollar, too - about which Romney is critical.  Once we quit manipulating our currency under Romney, my bet is that China will be happy to quit manipulating theirs too.
+Jim Avila which is exactly why we need to get rid of Obama. We need to make solar manufacturing cheaper in the US, while his policies have made it more expensive, even to the point that he's called for extra taxes on imported solar panels to make sure they're as expensive as US panels.

It's an amazingly bad set of policies he's laid out. One one hand, he insists that we need solar. On the other, he makes solar more expensive....
If a company hired a CEO and he added 40% to their debt and only had 1 to 2 % growth the stock holders would fire him. Period.

Look up the figure for the "stimulus", $831 billion. Instead of shorthand write it out.


Ok as far as jobs "created" (goverment doesnt create jobs, but lets go with it) 4.5 million, lets be generous, some estimates are up to 7 million (complete fiction, but ok). Write that out


Each job cost the tax payer (not goverment, remember its OUR money)  $118714!

And that is if the stimulus was responsible for EVERY job, oh wait I forgot..."You didnt build that..."

Look up average taxes paid by anybody, its about $3400. (all of these are non party related sites like wikipedia) Lets be generous, say $4000.

WITH NO INTEREST, it will take 7 million taxpayers 14.5 years to generate 50% of what was paid out. What loan goes without interest? It would be like the worst business deal in history! Any business that did this would go bankrupt!

And that folks is where Pres. Obama is taking us. Bankrupt.

Lets replace Americas CEO!
GWB was a texas oil man who ran a baseball team, that experience made a lot of difference running the government #romney2012
Looks like Chris Matthews and libs won't be getting thrills up their legs on Tuesday when Romney takes the show. Romney/Ryan 2012!
Obama's Bengazi = Bush's 9/11? Just need 3000 more corpses
Sean Reynolds

" +Marc Funston How long is this "lower taxes let a business reinvest and expand, creating more profit" going to persist?
It's been shown to not be true, over, and over, and over, and over and yet people still think it is a valid economic concept.  You "conservatives" need a new playbook, your old one is tired and been proven untrue.

Check this report (PDF) out, it goes into detail about just how untrue your beliefs on taxes are: 

* " 

* Edited from the original. 

@ Sean Reynolds, I am not an economic analyst so I am not particularly interested to get in to a technical macroeconomics debate on this issue. What I can say, is that the debate on this the Mitt Romney page is massively stacked against Mitt Romney for the reason that Google+ is being seriously censored in a clandestine fashion to support an Obama victory in the 2012 election and if persons who are well very versed in economic matters would attempt to argue with you in this thread and do so in support of Governor Romney, whoever is manipulating the Mitt Romney page will probably gag them, so that their posting do not display to the general page community. I can also say, that there is reason with regard to what has been going on in Facebook to have suspicions that the Obama Administration or at least parts or a part of the Obama Administration know that Facebook is rigged to act as a propaganda vehicle for Islamic extremism and is hiding that information from the public because the Obama Administration or at least parts or a part of the Obama Administration is actively engaged in treason against the United States of America. The bottom line for me is that whatever the argument about Governor Romney's economic policies, there is a nasty whiff of Zyklon B about the Obama Administration and it needs to be evicted from the White House on Tuesday. 
+Johny Ringo I don't want SS.   Let me opt out now and you can keep all the money I already paid in.   Just let me invest my own money and I will actually have something when I retire.   I'd rather the government just maintain the military and build a few roads and let me take care of myself and my family.   But that won't happen because lazy-minded people like you want Daddy Obama to provide for you.   And you will sacrifice whatever freedom you have left to get it.  Pathetic.
+Sean Reynolds We used to be a country that took responsbility for our own lives and well-being.  I am sick of liberals like you who say I don't care for others because I don't want my exorbitant taxes spent supporting others.   I give to charity and support my family and extended family.  Liberals and Obamavoters instead take and take and take and get mad when we don't want to pay for it.  Liberals also are notoriously stingy with their charity giving whereas conservatives are generous.  Liberals like you "dazzle" us with your compassion for giving away other people's money.  Tell you what, Mr. Loving Liberal, take in a family of deadbeats if you like and feed and clothe them.  But get your damn hands out of my pockets and buy you own votes because I need my money to support my own. 
+Sean Reynolds I take care of my family and give to charity.  I'm not interested in helping out people decades younger than me who won't work and didn't prepare themselves for the workforce.  If you want to feed, clothe and house deadbeats, be my guest.  But quit pretending to be charitable with other people's money.  I'm also glad you are happy to pay in the the Ponzi Scheme that is SS.   You'll have two jack shits when you retire to live off of given decades of mismanagement by your pals in the federal government most of whom used it to buy off the deadbeat voting blocs.  And please, pull out your checkbook and buy Sandra Fluke's birth control pills while you are at it.  At least we'll prevent one less liberal, dependent idiot from being born.    
+Sean Reynolds And let me hazard a guess:  you've never started or run a business.   You don't know the first thing about how taxation strips you of all but a couple of dimes of each dollar you earn.   When you grow up, start a business and live in the real world a while.
Obama is going to win in a landslide.  There is nothing you racists can do about it.  America has moved on past you're narrow minded views. 
I LOVE you Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shook hands with you last night!
+Sean Reynolds on social security you forgot to mention when we all chip in those union government employees who can opt out like teachers unions as an example.
It seems when the ship starts to sink the rats get out first.
Actually its a great deal better for PARA here in co, tax payer contributions guaranteed over the rise of inflation. Would be nice if S.S. would be there for the rest of us, but don't count on it.
Troy buddy,I Oblamer does win,what do you think he will do?I just heard to day that the Republican are going to keep the house.2 THINGS. 1) do you really think he will reach across the ilse like he said in 2008 but has not in 4 years.2)And if your only so called in 4yrs only did obama care,and take claim you got bin laden,what do you think he can do with the next 4?Will he no co pays for EBT card users,and claim to have taken down eveil empire of George Lucas for the 4 billion disney paid him.Then claim its for the welfare system then tell you joe cant remember where he left it.
Its para or pera one or the other 
+Sean Reynolds Yeah, SS is such a great system it's broke and they (and you) are talking about raising the retirement age and soaking small businesses with higher taxes.   It's broke and there's nothign but IOU's in Al Gores "Lockbox."  But since you get your info from Rachel Maddow, you ignore the facts.
Hey Mitt, WAY off subject, but I was thinking... You'd look really AWESOME with a go-tee... You should try it out when elected. 
+Sean Reynolds, you're quite ignorant as to how the world works.

When you say Social Security is fine so long as we're all going to continue paying in... you're describing a Ponzi scheme! Don't take my word for it that SS is a Ponzi scheme... take your own!

We don't pay for Sandra's birth control, the insurance companies pay for it? Where do the insurance companies get their money? From us. The company is just the conduit that funnels our money into her birth control. Shall we say, "No, hun, I didn't buy a new bass boat; my credit card did!"
But most importantly, I'd point out that the problem isn't that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. I'm all for letting people put their money in Ponzi schemes if they really want to; none of my business if people want to throw away their own money.

The problem is that we're legally forced to make that investment. We can see how bad an investment SS is, yet we're forced to invest anyway. Just like Solyndra, wars in Libya, and pumping out New Orleans (I use that example because I was there). These are bad investments that folks like Obama are eager to force us all to invest in.

So that's right, +Sean Reynolds, +Ken Carlos is selfish for wanting to let people keep their own money instead of taking it from them to put toward things he wants. Oh the selfishness!
+Sean Reynolds sure it can collapse like any Ponzi scheme can. What's stopping it from doing so? Right now it's paying out more than it's taking in, so it MUST collapse.

Funnily enough, my point was that Obama is LIKE a dictator in that he's issued numerous illegal dictates without and often against the approval of the legislature. I then went through a few of those with you and you don't seem to dispute it. But I said you're free to pick whatever term you'd like to describe a leader who acts that way.

However, Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme in that it fits the definition of a Ponzi scheme. There's no "like" to it. It's similar to a Ponzi scheme the same way that an F150 is similar to a truck.

As for whipping out your checkbook, you whip it out to pay for the insurance, thus paying for her birth control. You try really hard to obfuscate what's going on, but the fact's the fact.
+I Call Bullshit: Exactly. So that's why we need to get rid of Obama, because he's forcing taxpayers to buy into these businesses.
venture capitalist  took over healthy companies, load them with debt, then siphon it off into tax free off-shore accounts. Mitt and his cronies got rich, hard working Americans got fleeced 

Gov of Mass, 808 vetos, (almost all overridden and put into law in spite of him), one success, Romneycare, and a 34% exit approval rating when they threw the bum out after one failed, embarrassing term.

"saved" the Olympics with government bailout money.

Made between %15M and $150M off GM bailout (investigation underway to find exact amount since he will not release his tax records)

And you were saying?
+Mike Mac, not only is your description of venture capitalism not true, it doesn't even make sense!

If VC did what you describe, then nobody would invest in the overtaken companies because they'd know the debt wouldn't be paid off, and so VCs couldn't do it in the first place. Your story contradicts itself!

Think for yourself, man.
If Mitt wins he will tear down American companies and move them to China.  That what he does.   Moves American companies to China and lies about it.  
+Chris Carlin   your opinion does not change the definition of venture capitalists and what they do/did, go do your research, they are parasites.

Some of are not reading or being brainwashed on what they did and do, we lived it.  Also see, corporate raiders  they were also known under that name.
+Sean Reynolds: not true. Government's can't "raise revenues anytime they want." If they could, Greece wouldn't be in trouble right now; they'd have just raised the revenues to pay off their past debts!

So as things stand, SS will collapse like any other Ponzi scheme. Alright, so you (wrongly) say government can raise revenues anytime they want... but then the collapse of ANY Ponzi scheme can be prolonged by injecting more revenue into the scheme. Still a Ponzi scheme.

Alright, so you say we should tweak SS to have lower payouts or higher buyin... well, that's what Ponzi schemes often do as they try to stave off collapse. Still a Ponzi scheme.

Finally, you once again point out that we're forced to participate. That we're forced to participate in a Ponzi scheme doesn't mean it's not a Ponzi scheme.
+Chris Carlin   don't forget, the meltdown across Europe was caused by the USA financial collapse  in 2008.  Always keep track of the context of your statements, then you will not stray
+Mike Mac, my opinion? Who said anything about my opinion?

I simply pointed out that the version of events you tell doesn't make sense. It requires us to believe these greedy, cutthroat financial folks are just looking for ways to throw away money. So which is it, are they greedy parasites or are they guys with so little want that they'll burn their cash for the heck of it?
+Sean Reynolds I can't even get my insurance to cover a 3-D ultrasound.. I just paid around $3000 to have a child and my sister-in-law paid $25 because she quit her job and got on Medicaid.. I mean seriously you think this system is working?
+Mike Mac: no the meltdown wasn't caused by the US financial collapse in 2008. Had the countries had their balance sheets in order, practicing proper financial diligence, there wouldn't be a problem at all. The cause of the meltdown was a bubble that had to burst eventually.

The cause was making bad bets. Shall I say my losses in a casino came from the roulette wheel not landing on 12 where I had put all my money?
+Sean Reynolds I'm saying that a Ponzi scheme can prolong its life by injecting new money, and that eventually governments will run out of money and ability to raise more money to prolong the Ponzi scheme that is Social Security.

That the US can, today, raise a bit more funds to prolong the Social Security Ponzi Scheme doesn't mean it will always be able to or that Social Security isn't a Ponzi scheme.

So, since the US can't raise more revenues indefinitely to prolong SS, SS WILL collapse.

I'd invite you to quit doing the world a disservice and making up this nonsense about SS not being in danger of collapse.
+Sean Reynolds I'm sorry, I work in healthcare.. I'm here to tell you that Obamacare taxes healthcare companies heavily through regulation. It makes it harder for innovation to occur in the industry by such things as IT regulations, and regulations on medical device manufacturing, policies and standards, data retention, etc.. this drives cost of care up, not down.
+Sean Reynolds: Ah. Out of facts and reasoning to support your position again, I see. That seems to happen a lot to you... why can't you take the hint that you're wrong and go learn about how the world actually works?

Also, "eventually we'll need single-payer" is simultaneously an admission that Obamacare doesn't work and is a call for tieing healthcare to yet another Ponzi scheme. Just what we need.

The trouble with fictions is that eventually they fall in the face of reality.
+David Manson's point is key. It's what Obama and his ilk are all about, borrowing from the future to pay for things today. Attacking the prosperity of future decades and attacking our children's quality of life to pay for pet projects today. When Romney/Ryan refer to the Democrats' plans as a moral issue, this is what they're talking about.

Obamacare isn't bad because it might help some people pay for healthcare. It's bad because it pays for the program, unsustainably, by diverting resources away from future medical advancements that would help everybody, among other things.
+Sean Reynolds I notice you don't mention contributing to charity.  I guess "taking care of each other" is for other people, not for you?  Sounds like you're the one that's selfish, not +Ken Carlos.
Mitt, Please ask you team to stopping spamming my email.  My wife and I already voted, now don't make me regret my vote by the continued spam!  Enough is enough.  I don't need 5-10 emails A DAY from you and the many different folks who have their names tagged to it like your wife and kids!  Thank you.
Today news reported Obama  has campain ad in Iowa that says Wall steet Journal stands behind him.The editor and people on the paper did interview and said they dont stand behind him in fact its opposite and a lie.Everthing in the commercial is a attack of fear and the editors in the interview said this is the 15th interview since the add and we do not support him or what he said.Lier 'n' chief.ROMNEY/RYAN 2012
ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 oblamer adds in Iowa today saying people endorse him like the wall street journal.The editors said and quote"this is are 15th interview since the adds and we do not support him,and in fact they see the add as total hate and fear breeding.We support the opposite.Romney/ryan 2012
Mr. Romney is true that you only care for the "WEALTHY" people?!
+David Manson  BS,  the cost of healthcare the last 2 years has went up less then the rate of inflation. Prior to that it increased by 100% or more in some cases.   Obamacare controls costs, the last two years clearly shows it. Sorry it conflicts with what you need to say to make Obama look bad....
Obama doesn't need our help in that department,
unemployment rate
His own comments
You didn't build this
1 term proposal.
+Chris Carlin   the "borrowing" you mention started heavily under Reagan, not in 2009. Please consult historical records.
I wont get into any other points you have as they are all based on this fallacy so they are invalid by default.

80% of the current debt can be directly attributed to spending during GOP administrations, or as a direct result of those administrations.
+Hannah Sterling, for some reason the press didn't cover it, but in the infamous hidden camera footage of Romney meeting with donors, they talked about needing to get rid of the cronyism that's overtaken DC and make it work for the little guy instead of the wealthy and connected.

In fact, Romney's tax proposal of limiting deductions is a tax increase that will ONLY affect the wealthy. After all, it takes a wealthy person to claim that many deductions.

So no, these claims that Romney only cares for wealthy people are lies.
+Mike Mac, so? At most, the matter of when a bubble was inflated only confirms that there is a bubble...
+Mike Mac all data that I've seen about health care costs contradicts what you said. Please cite your sources.
+Chris Carlin    his "deductions" also include every deduction that the middle and lower class has available to them , every one of them.  .The wealthy can easily afford to not write off a jet, but a widowed mother of three kids can not afford to not deduct her mortgage.  A disabled vet can not afford to not deduct his medical expenses for a wheelchair.

His plan is fact checked proven to fail. and all major economists not inside the GOP bubble agree.
+Matt Pierce You may want to pass your message to Obama's team as well. I received SEVEN emails from Obama's campaign just yesterday, a phone call from them today and I am not on their email list and have NEVER registered by phone number with anyone!
I have already voted as well and assumed this would get me off the political list.....but it hasn't.
Even Nancy Pelosi is emailing for Obama!
Why are they contacting conservatives?   
So the people who run it who go on TV lie,and Obama uses them as a uplifter for him and says they endorse him.Wow! what is it Mike?
+Matt Pierce I've already voted too.  I just delete the emails - only takes a second - though I'm also helping out with additional volunteering.  Only 3 more days.
+Mike Mac: Ah, I see you're actually not informed about Romney's actual plan (but that doesn't stop you from criticizing it). Romney has talked about an overall cap on deductions, but it takes quite wealthy people to have that many deductions in the fist place. Your poor widowed mother of three probably isn't worrying about about whether her tax bill includes over $100,000 in deductions...

His plan is fact checked and his math adds up. And all major fact checkers not inside the Obama bubble agree.

(But how would you know that if you're not even aware of what his proposal is?)
+MATT REVELL  by policy,  the WSJ does not endorse presidential candidates.
Then why is Obams commercial saying it does stand behind him.I dont unerstand?
+Mike Mac You Obama supporters are resorting to flat out lies now, eh?  Even the liberal New York Times knows health care costs are skyrocketing:

The cost of health insurance for many Americans this year climbed more sharply than in previous years, outstripping any growth in workers’ wages and adding more uncertainty about the pace of rising medical costs.

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit research group that tracks employer-sponsored health insurance on a yearly basis, shows that the average annual premium for family coverage through an employer reached $15,073 in 2011, an increase of 9 percent over the previous year.

Obamacare is causing increased health care costs, not decreased costs.
+Warren Dew  research and fact check the study, they are not saying that increase they claim happened is due to ACA at all, in fact, they say exactly the opposite.

Know your material before you quote it.

Plus, don't assume I am an Obama supporter, I have never voted for him. I am just anti-Romney, 100%
+Chris Carlin   Chris chris... Romney has no plan for deductions...  When pressed in the debates, he said "make up a number"  come on man.....  remember that?

if he has a plan, he was not aware of it. 
+MATT REVELL  I have not seen the commercial you mention, but if it says the WSJ formally endorsed him as a presidential candidate, it is wrong.  if he said they endorse his policies as positive, then he may be 100% correct.
I wouldn't argue that heath care costs have been on the rise for years, however their is cause for concern regarding Berry Care, costs must go up to cover pre existing conditions.
Mike,what are Obams plans?I hear or see nothing just a book of glossy photes everywhere.
+Chris Carlin   but the plan doesn't add up, that is the problem.   it relies on a fictitious growth rate in GDP that Ryan and he made up, pulled out of thin air.  There is a big unknown variable X. Tax cuts have historically stifled growth, last time it reversed it.  Maybe Magic Underwear will make it different this time?

His plan does not add up, and when looked at from a historical standpoint, its doomed to fail.
+MATT REVELL   you would have to research that, he has a web site, I am not here to sell Obama, I am here to call BS on Romney's lies and deception.
+Mike Mac even the thing you quoted--your own citation--proves my point.

So you DO know about the deduction cap proposal. Well then why the heck would you ignore it with your nonsense about his taking away deductions for poor widowed mothers of three? Hoisted on your own petard there...
+w.s. corners   costs do not have to go up for any specific reason.  There are no rules like that in group type policies, reality is it is the opposite. Revenue flow is more like a lottery, when more people play,  higher payouts can be given with the same $1 scratchoffs.
So if you dont support Obama,and you are here for Romney lies.Who do you endorse.
+MATT REVELL Good to see your still plugging away. now you mean the Ryan Romney ticket right? And Mitts Commercials didn't drip with tinges of racial division?  You are kidding aren't you/  
+Chris Carlin  he is non-specific about any deductions cap and always has been....

and bottom line he will have no authority to put anything in his "plan" into place. he can only propose it. (its been proposed before in even less vague terms and shot down in flames)
+MATT REVELL  Paul did not make it, Johnson is a likely alternative for people that are fed up with Romney's compulsive lies, and Obama's admittedly slight of hand tricks in some areas, but he will not win.  Unfortunately in this election, many will be voting against someone instead of for someone.
That is sad because it craps all over our democratic process and its true intent

But truth be told, I can stomach Obama with his admittedly meager record (its no where near as bad as the GOP needs you to think) 
a lot better then I can stomach the "new" GOP.
+Mike Mac But he has been specific in terms of this discussion. He has been specific that his proposal would have a deduction cap far higher than any middle class person would hit. A poor person won't care much whether the number is $200,000 or $250,000 as long as the number is specifically way above the, what $10k max that a non-wealthy person might claim.
No I have not seen one commercial for Romney showing racial division,sometimes its only what a person viewsand thinks is is not always the truth.But hey how are you doing?Its good to hear from you.I thought I had  just seen this morrning the pic change.I was not seeing your old pic for a while.I see your doing the same.You are one of the few I met where its still friend nomatter what vote your casting.
+Chris Carlin  he has not been specific at all.  In the debate he threw out numbers, not nearly as high as what you are quoting now.   if I recall he first says $17,000  then $25,000, he was pulling numbers out of his butt and looked like an idiot.  Sorry, that is what he did, no matter what he says now.  He proves he will say anything to win at every turn
Thats cool Mike,My friends (some) and my uncle who I help and see all the time are for Obama.Some minds you just cant change but their still my friends.I was just wondering.I have not heard to much on third party canidates this election here in WI.
+Mike Mac I would agree that It well may be an election of lesser of 2 evils, possibly and if you feel stronger about Johnson by all means exercise your right to do so. I myself believe we need to strengthen BOTH parties. I think as a country we will be at our best when both parties are the strongest candidates possible. (My pipe dream, I know)
+Faraday Defcon  I studied these guys for several years during the late 70s through the 80's and when a company goes bankrupt, that is predetermined as the route to take a particular company for greater and faster ROI. that's Return On Investment.  there are no mistakes when it comes to private equity and bankruptcy. here's the skinny. they either turn it around for long term profit, turned around to be sold outright, or flipped, or to run it into the ground while stripping every bit of value they can get. this includes cutting the wages of workers (they tell them, misleadingly,  the sacrifices are necessary to save the company and jobs).  they cut benefits and will do two things when it comes to worker pensions.  they will raid the pension fund by either taking back company matched contributions and cease any further matching  while still taking out worker contributions from their pay, and when they bankrupt it they take that also, or they will just take it all but by the time the workers find out, they have no job and the company is down the tubes.once they have all the concessions they can  which bloat the balance sheets, they borrow huge sums of money often from more than one source. the take the money in fees and dividends to shareholders (investors), then they stripp out evey ouce of value they can (which is what Romney will do to America hey he's a private equity guy and that's all he knows it' pretty much all he's ever done.) then they just walk away richer and the lives of the workers shattered and communities devastated left in their wake..  you can vote anyway you please, i'll never tell a person how to vote but i will share it with them. just so they know  what they  just might be getting themselves into when they do, can you imagine bankrupting America for for fun and profit?  can that be why he will not share his true plan for America?  if it is do you think America would vote for a man that night "Let America Go Bankrupt" for personal monetary gain? I seriously doubt it
+Michael Dennis   kudos on a pretty decent summary of what this 70' and 80's "venture capitalist" agenda is/was.  They first made their huge fees, obscene profits, then either the company recovered, or was stripped for ROI to the investors.....  Nothing positive really, they were viewed as bottom feeding sharks then, and still are
+Mike Mac, but even those numbers are specific. They're specifically high enough to mainly hit the wealthy! It doesn't matter precisely how many cents the cap would be set at; high is high.

Maybe he came off looking like an idiot to you, but to quite a few people he came off looking great, looking like a guy who wasn't going to just throw out promises. He was actually looking to have a legitimate, reasonable tax policy and proposing to actually work with Congress on the specific numbers.

In fact, that's the specific proposal that Romney and Ryan were consistent about: they were specifically going to work with the legislature to arrive with final numbers. It wasn't just a proposal for tax rates; it was a proposal for process and cooperation. What a welcome change! A breath of fresh air!

As opposed to Obama, for whom "cooperation" translates to "everyone cooperates with my demands."
+Michael Dennis on the other hand, can you imagine Romney turning the finances of the country around for long-term prosperity?

I mean, what are you saying here, that America is bust--a failed effort--so Romney's going to strip it like VC would any failed company? If the US is in THAT dire a situation then we have far bigger problems than who the president is...
+Mike Mac The Wall Street Journal masthead editorial supports Romney about as strongly as could be imagined without using the word "endorsement":

The Republican has adapted as a candidate to offer genuine change that meets the political moment.

Mr. Romney has treated voters like adults and offered them a true choice about the future. He is promising change, and for once that abused term doesn't mean for the worse.

Looks like Obama was lying, as usual, when he claimed to have WSJ support.
Sooner or later Romney is going to change his mind about all this stuff, so I've decided to just see what happens on Tuesday.  
+Mike Mac  You said....
BS,  the cost of healthcare the last 2 years has went up less then the rate of inflation. Prior to that it increased by 100% or more in some cases.   Obamacare controls costs, the last two years clearly shows it. Sorry it conflicts with what you need to say to make Obama look bad....

Are you aware that under a new ObamaCare rule as of October 1st,  that Hospitals face fines up to $125,000.00 if they readmit too many  Medicare patients within 30 days?
These fines will now be passed along to the consumer. And if a medicare patient needs to be readmitted within 30 days, do you think the hospital will accept them again knowing they will face these huge fines?
+w.s. corners It's clear from his unsupported false assertions that +Mike Mac is an Obama troll.  If he didn't vote for Obama in 2008, it's only because he was too young or didn't make it to the polls.
+Warren Dew, I don't believe Mike Mac is a troll. Obama supporters really believe the things he says! They're just disconnected from reality.

We can't entirely blame them. The press has been so bad spreading a false picture of the world during this cycle that they're just not exposed to factually accurate information. 
Well today was fun, time to get to work.
Mike Mac is not a troll,He is not for either canidate.He has that right,some people just dont like the main two.
MITT THE TWIT! I hope either Obama wins, or Romney gets Impeached. What an idiot.
+Ruben Lensvelt: at this stage it's looking more and more like the Carter vs. Reagan roffle-stomping. 

First: The polling methodology used to indicate that races are close rely on "Likely"  voters instead of "extremely likely"  or "_will vote"_  responders.

Secondly, most of the polling organizations rely on LandLine responders. It is estimated that over 30% of American Citizens no longer have a dedicated land-line, instead leveraging cellular service or Voice-Over-IP solutions.  This alone means that the polling information is skipping a huge percentage of possible respondees. 

Third, a greater number of families are working 2 or 3 jobs in order to make ends meet under the Obama Policies. These would be considered prime candidates to vote for Mitt Romney, but chances are, they probably are not home even if they do have a landline called between working hours or evening calls.

Forth, that greater number of families and US Citizens working 2 or 3 jobs often results in schedule shifting or planning. Many of the polling organizations count on getting some respondents on their days off. Those 2 or 3 job families or Citizens are far less likely to have a day off to sit at home. Instead, because they do have 2 or 3 jobs, the raw numbers of stats (not to mention physics) dictates that in order to prevent schedule overlapping, a large number of those possible pollee's do not have a day off to be home at. This links back to the whole point of a people using Cellular systems for phone contact. 

* * *

So, when we account for the methodology of how the known polling systems work, we get a disturbing conclusion. 

The people most likely  to be home, have a landline, and are available to answer a phone, are either going to be unemployed people taking advantage of government handouts (and thus likely to vote for Obama), or people who are rich enough to be unaffected by the recession (and thus don't care who wins). 

* * *

So, what does this ultimately tell us? 

It tells us we can't trust any of the polling organizations, and many journalists should brace themselves for a landslide election not seen since Carter vs. Reagan. 
+Warren Dew , how can you complain about Obama's job creation when Romney is selling this country out.

Romney's China Investments Called Out, Underestimated By Obama

The Huffington Post

Comments (1,649)

President Barack Obama on Monday highlighted Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's investments in overseas companies, a rare jab at Romney's personal wealth during a debate that largely centered on foreign policy issues and domestic military spending.

Asked about the effectiveness of his administration's Iran nuclear sanctions, Obama took a swipe directly at the former Massachusetts governor, saying "The fact is, while we were coordinating an international coalition to make sure these sanctions were effective, [Romney was] still invested in a Chinese state oil company that was doing business with the Iranian oil sector."

Obama was right, but according to a recent tally by Mother Jones,the president actually underestimated the scale of investment by Romney's trusts in the country the former Massachusetts governor has pledged to label "a currency manipulator" on his first day in office.

While Obama cited only one oil company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the Romneys' 2010 and 2011 tax returns show investments in at least 10 Chinese companies, a total investment of at least $391,800.

Among them were New Oriental Education and Technology, a company in which the Romneys' blind trusts invested nearly $60,000. New Oriental is famous for stealing copyrighted U.S. academic tests, and was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars by a Chinese court for it.

In what could prove an awkward point for Romney post-debate, the issue of intellectual property theft came up repeatedly on Monday, and Romney railed against the Chinese, who, he said "are stealing our intellectual property, our patents, our designs, our technology, hacking into our computers, counterfeiting our goods."

Other Chinese companies the Romneys' trusts have invested in include and Tencent Holdings -- two huge Internet companies -- and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, an Asian stock exchange holding company that the Romneys nearly doubled their money on.

"I want a great relationship with China," Romney said Monday night. "China can be our partner, but -- but that doesn't mean they can just roll all over us and steal our jobs on an unfair basis."

Another Romney investment in China was in Li & Fung Limited, a supply chain management company that oversees the transfer of Chinese-manufactured goods to giant American retailers like Target and Walmart -- precisely the types of products that many argue have cost American jobs at home as they've been outsourced to cheaper labor markets.

Under pressure to explain many of the overseas investments made by his blind trusts, Romney has maintained that he has no control over the trusts' choices. But according to an aide who spoke earlier this year, his investment manager, Bradley Malt, works "to make the investments in the blind trust conform to Governor Romney’s positions, and whenever it comes to his attention that there is something inconsistent, he ends the investment."

Mother Jones points out that during Romney's first Senate campaign, in 1994, the private equity millionaire painted a very different picture of how much control each investor has over his or her blind trust, saying, "The blind trust is an age old ruse, if you will, which is to say, you can always tell the blind trust what it can and cannot do. You give a blind trust rules."
+Brian Williams Both Romney and Obama have investments in China.  Frankly, I don't care where they put their private money; I care where they put taxpayer money.
John Ef
A good man,American,altruist,friend, I'm sure, a man which has given of himself when necessary! A 'real' leader with business acumens that dwarf our ( soon to b X prez).by an magnitude of at least 10x.......My understanding is he does not smoke, use caffein, alcohol or has any other vices at all! I hope & pray, in my ways; that this is really an 'healing and reconstitution' of our beloved nation! I believe myself and millions of others are ready to begin; with sincere respect>J.M.F.
I get a kick out of all you people on here that want to tit for tat. Romney has been running false ad's and lying to the people for that last 1 1/2  years. He let jobs in freeport, Il go to china. And is still playing word games with the people. He knows he has lost the race.  I have voted here in Florida and I voted for Obama thank you very much.
John Ef
this is correct in all aspects accept Mr. Romney's moneys are in an blind trust that presently he probably may/may not be able to mitigate! Tax payer revenues should be invested back to this nation's future! China is an 'hole' different topic... 
Best & easiest  way to get the economy working again saving billions & earn billions a year is the FAIR TAX PLAN.... Common sense  tax reform this is the best for business & fair to all Americans rich or poor.
John Ef
Well Toad, I just have no-thing to mollify you & your ilk!!
+Todd Johnson Personally, the Obama ads had some accusations that were over the moon with falsehoods as well. So I don't believe you can label Romney as being the bad guy.
I have already voted as well.  
+Todd Johnson I'm sure you realize that President Obama has or had offshore accounts as well. Those facts are already proven.
+Marty D'Arcy: I get the impression that the various posters using Offshore accounts  as a method to attack Mitt Romney really do not understand Blind Investments, how banks invest money, how stock brokers invest money, or how basic investments actually work.

Ergo, they are not really capable of understanding, much less caring, that Obama has similar types of investments managed by professional financial analysts and third party handlers. 

As far as those posters are concerned, it does not matter what Obama does or has. All that matters is what Romney does or has. As such, Romney must indeed be vile and evil for having a third party invest in Chinese companies.
1. Go on TV/Social Media TOMORROW and announce that you will be appointing RON PAUL as Secretary of State if you are elected.

This should help you more in the swing states than ANYTHING else. Just Do It. Please +1 this, share this, or write your own message supporting this, if you agree!
+Marty D'Arcy Not to mention that Romney's supposed falsehoods, such as the Jeep ad, were admitted to be "factually true" even by left leaning sources like the Washington Post.
Right +Je Saist . I have noticed that many times here. I guess my investment account is too small to have to worry about such issues. Just a shame my pension has been lost due to the Obama economy. I'm not alone in that boat either, sadly.   
Oh yes, +Warren Dew . I think accusing Romney of murder was the first one.  lol.  I'm afraid that one did catch me offguard though since I had to go to a bridge insurance package myself.
John Ef
One does as one has to; no real reason nation's issues cannot improve; it's been bad with war's and all, but B.O. has really 'screwed the pooch'!
+John Ef Thank you for that laugh! "screwed the pooch" is a new one I have never heard!  :-)
I sorta like it!! 
Great speeches this weekend from Romney. America will begin to bounce back starting next week. The grand ole USA will have the right leadership that we been missing!
I certainly hope so +Travis Ramsey .  News reports said tonight that we may not know the winner Tuesday night many voting problems everywhere!
Mitt Romney is not wrong! Blacks have more than 50% are not tax.
+Marty D'Arcy Yeah it looks like it may go well into late Wednesday morning. As long as we get Romney I don't care. This is the biggest election of my lifetime. Every now and then America needs a revolution and its now time.
Blacks have been hit hard by the Obama economy, with black unemployment at 14% and black teen unemployment at 40%.
This has been one of the biggest elections for me as well +Travis Ramsey  since this economy hit the airline industry as bad as it did.  Chapter 11's right and left!  But I wanted Romney in 2008.  Broke my heart when he withdrew. 
+True +Warren Dew .  But they are still voting for Obama BIG time if you believe what you see on TV as they stand in line to vote, giving the newsmen interviews.
I have become a real news-junkie over this election. I live and breathe to find out what's happening all day long. I wonder where my life went sometimes!  Don't know if I should be happy or sad that it is almost over. lol  
+Marty D'Arcy Wait and see. The airline industry will make its comeback. All these fed policies and groups like the TSA are going to be in big trouble and not get away with so much like they have been. Its time to crack down on these crooks and liars and Romney is very willing to do it.
We need more privatization in everything and less public. That makes life easier for everyone and I really think more secure. A private company doing the se work as the tsa will not get slaps on wrists but actually fired if they pull the same stunts.
Sorry I went off on a rble there but I really think everything will be set on the right path beginning Jan 20th.
Oh, +Travis Ramsey  I agree that the airlines will come back. But once a judge rules that pensions are gone, it's all over but the shouting! Too late for me, but maybe the future generation won't have to worry about it if Romney can get this turned around for them...and I believe he can. Obama couldn't and I really don't think he has the capability to do so. It's time.  4 years of this was enough.  
+Marty D'Arcy Agreed on Romney's 2008 withdrawal.  I really felt he could have won handily then, not having to run against an incumbent.  It felt premature to me, but looking at the numbers, he was right:  after super tuesday, he had no chance.  And the practice certainly let him sweep the primaries this time around!
LOL did you all see that rap deal epic battle with Romney and Obama, to funny, Obama one,. in my view, whats yours?
+Marty D'Arcy With respect to the blacks, most do not know those high unemployment numbers, as neither Romney nor Obama has been mentioning them.  And, blood is thicker than water.  But I have noticed that whenever a black person shows up on the Romney threads, and I mention the black unemployment numbers, they kind of do a double take as they come to the realization that Obama's policies have really been bad for blacks.

A small number of the smarter and more observant blacks are realizing that their interests lie more with the Republicans.  I think that within the decade, Republicans will poll as strongly among blacks as Democrats do, as blacks realize it's the Republicans that help them get jobs and leave the Democrat welfare plantation.
I am curious how the house and Senate will break down this time.
Media are making the election seem closer to maintain viewer interest and advertising revenue. Vote will be Barack 55% Romney 45%
I've noticed that as well +Warren Dew especially with the younger black youth that have been here, but I'm not so sure they keep up with the policies or details. Then there are the older ones that seem to be missing some important aspects as well. So it's hard for me to decipher.  
+Phil Grainger you assume a lot, most of us here voted early for Romney already so your speculation is pointless here.
+w.s. corners Most pollsters think the Republicans will retain control of the house, but lose a few seats.  The Democrats are favorites to retain control of the senate, though that's less certain.
I believe you are way off +Phil Grainger .  Even the polls don't show the margin being that wide. Most say they are dead even today.
I know my congressional district our republican runs against a constitution party, no democrat this time
Go to Youtube under comedy and check this Obama and Romney rap, Epic rap battle. LOL
Eagle! LOL someone will get it!
+Phil Grainger What information out there gave you the idea that all blacks and Hispanics voted Obama? Sure there is a strong percentage because libs are good at lying to them but I give people the benefit of the doubt and there are many who are turning to Romney.
I think you are falling for the illussion that the punditry class creates, you listen to the ones that tell you what you want to hear. Romney scares the crap out of a lot of people
Romney/Ryan 2012 - get the economy back on track!
End the Islamist Tyranny serve the Obamas their eviction notice from the White House on Tuesday. 
Thanks for creating millions of jobs! In China . :)
Will you be saying the same thing in 2 years?
Pretty logical that Obama might be having issues with his birth-certificate if he is not actually a human being. 
Elephants are really smart

Peter the elephant plays with a Samsung Galaxy Note. This is all real, no film trickery, post-production or hidden cuts -- he's just a very clever elephant. Check out the unedited footage clips if you don't believe it.
What's this Is Obama a Reptilian ? what did reptiles ever do on anybody to be associated with a creep like Obama ? 
Elsa F.
Mitt Romney should have won the election. End of story.
I love how you right wingers debate.  :) 
Elsa F.
Haters gonna hate.
You are the hater. We won haters like you lost
obama cheated Romney wins deal with it
Would you like some cheese with that whine?
Hate..  Lies.. Greed..  The Republican way.
Elsa F.
Has the Democratic Party looked in the mirror lately?
What if your mechanic said "I know from experience how toilets work and I will get your car repaired."
Would you like some cheese with your whine?
+Scott Williamson oh I'm terribly sorry sir. I didn't mean to have an opinion of my own. I suppose that's not allowed. Only part of the world can have an opinion and everyone else should keep quiet. I forgot the rules again.
+Scott Williamson I'm sorry, I'm not sure who Rachel Maddow is.

Son? I'm a 34 year old from Central Missouri - are you sure we're related?
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