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Mr. President, America has not dictated to other nations. We freed other nations from dictators.
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hahahaha get out of here Romney, go buy the new iMac and iPad mini or something
Travis C
We helped overthrow the democratically elected leader in Iran so we could prop up a "friendly" dictator.  We did that.

We armed Saddam Hussein against Iran when they went to war.  We did that too.

To act as if the US has a flawless record in international intervention is delusional.
"Here's my one decent soundbite from last night. Please vote for me, I really want to be president."

Great job agreeing with the president on everything last night, you wet blanket.
Tell him like it is Mitt.  Go get'em.  Avoiding traps was the name of the game last night because he subject to say just about anything
Leo T
One of the few good points made, that were few and far between. I was disappointed /:
Joe S
smh...i thought i told you to stfu.
Mitt you have my vote!!

+Ernesto Fernandez why the hell are you on Mitt Romney's fan page, obviously you like him enough to follow him.
How can you be this Naive Mitt? How can you have such little faith in the intelligence of the people voting for you, or is that the point? Either you're inept, or you believe your voters are inept. 

The United States most definetly has a history of dictating to other nations instead of working with other nations. The United States used to be the Borg. Now they are more like the federation. (yup star trek reference). 

The countries in that region are now more willing to work WITH the United States because they don't have to be defensive of their cultures. On top of that list of countries you named, how many of those nations had dictators that the United States removed?

What Dictator did the United States remove from Saudi Arabia and Egypt? 
Ron York
Good job Mitt, you have my vote.
+Ned Ousley Why, in the name of anything, would the man elected President of the United States, want to weaken it? There isn't a shred of logic in that statement.
+Travis Cobb Saddam Hussein rose to power within the Iraqi Baath party all on his own; we didn't dictate that.  After the Iraq war, we carefully helped the locals set up a democratic government, and let them elect whoever they wanted.
Leo Olsen
Great job Mitt! "No Apology"
Indeed. But liberty earned by the patriots of a nation will be kept longer than the one gifted to a nation, often with strings attached. Is liberty with strings attached still liberty, or are the strings little more than a leash?
Not flawless, +Travis Cobb , but not like Obama depicted, as if we're some evil sobs that want to take over the world and boss everyone around.
Obama's such a sap! How could anyone be as stupid to tell Romney that we have aircraft carriers and submarines and fewer bayonets. Like Romney didn't know this?
Btw: A marine tweeted and text saying "We still use bayonets by the way'. You've just been served Obama!
I didn't say we installed Hussein, I said we armed him against Iran, which we did.  +Warren Dew 

We armed a dictator only to have those weapons turned against us and our allies.

The installation of the dictator was in Iran.
You Americans never cease to amaze me when it comes to politics...You willingly give up your hard won rights by choosing either of these 2. Choosing Romney will plunge you back into the dark ages. Deny either side a win, and try to find some people that won't try to f#ck you over and over. Clean up your act USA, as your empire is in decline! 
+David Dietle Sounded to me like the president was agreeing with Romney.  Then he tried to follow Romney back to domestic policy, though "nation building at home" just emphasized Obama's distorted view of that domestic policy.
And people wonder why all hell is breaking loose in America.  Want to see worst, give another 4 years to Obama.
Joe S
+Eric Ecuyer obviously you didn't hear obama's comments and are only taking faux news commentary.  obama said we use FEWER horses and bayonets...not none as you and your tweeting marine buddy are eluding to.
+Tonia Addison-Hall If you lived in Iran when we helped overthrow their democratically elected leader to install a dictator that sent Iran into poverty, you may feel like the U.S. is exactly a bossy sob that does what it wants to further its interests regardless of the people affected/
you should travel a bit more ...
I could hardly believe I was listening to a president of the united states of america when obama was talking.  Some of the things he says is sooooo beneath the Office of The President of The United States of America.   He has definitely lowered the bar to an all time low.  It's time we got someone with some Statesman like attributes in there
+Joe Salas I do hate the fact that Obama has shoved more people below the poverty line and made them poor, yes.  We need Romney so we can get a more robust economy and the poor have good jobs available and become middle class or rich.
My Dear Fellow Americans! One does not have to be a PHD to figure out that America can and will do better with our beloved Mitt Romney. We needed Barack Obama to rid ourelves of Hillary Clinton and John Bush McCain!  Look Forward with Barack Obama but Go Forward with Mitt Romney for One Term Only. Then Support & Vote for Silvia Stagg Democratic Presidential Candidate 2015-2016 National Primaries-General Election! silviastaggforpresident
+Frank Mansell He wasn't any different from Romney in the first debate, only less smug about it. Be fair, Romney is pushy as hell. is he excused because he isn't the president?
Obama was IMPLYING that we didn't use them anymore.  The exact word is irrelevant.  The TONE is what mattered.
You high on something +Warren Dew ? Mitts incredible tax plans will do just that ey? Yeah, lowering the tax for the higher incomes will help the poor... 
+Eric Ecuyer I understood Obama's comment to mean that he thought ships were obsolete, and perhaps that he didn't realize aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines are still ships.  It just shows how his knowledge of defense policy is lacking.
+David Dietle Romney HAS to be "pushy" because he is surrounded by liberals.  The moderators of ALL the debates are absolutely, 100% liberal and support Obama.  He was being ganged up on.  What do you expect?  

Me, I WANT our commander in chief to be STRONG, not weak, and being "pushy" is part of being strong when others are trying to be unfair and hold you back.
+Olaf Meester Romney's tax plan cuts taxes primarily for the middle class.  Those with higher incomes will get a tax rate cut, but much of the benefit will be consumed by having their deductions cut, too.
No one can free a nation but the people of that nation itself. Sure we got rid of a couple dictators and installed puppet leaders in their place. Trading one dictator for another changes nothing. It still is not freedom. Much like trading you or Obama as our leader will change nothing. Either way we will get more war, more debt and less freedom. You and Obama are two side of the same coin and last night just reinforced that. I lost track of how many times you stated you agreed with Obama on something evil... 
Obama's handling of Israel is flawed, you make time to speak face to face with Netanyahu, not run off to a campaign fundraiser! Romney/Ryan '12!
"!To Moving Forward With Team W.Mitt Romney&Paul Ryan For 2012!"
+Warren Dew Do you honestly believe a man that stupid could get elected president? George Bush was close, but he had a cadre of smart people to prop him up. Obama had no such infrastructure.

I think you're pushing the bounds of credibility with what you will apparently believe to shore up your preconceived ideas.
+Silvia Stagg You realize, don't you, that you are a complete wack-a-doodle? You a) make no sense b) write atrociously and c) appear to suffer from Black Helicopter Syndrome. You need professional help, ASAP.
I think it shows Romney's lack of appreciation for how much a single ship can accomplish. We don't need eighty five more ships if the capability of the ones we have is sufficient.
+David Dietle world of difference.  Mitt has consistently shown respect.  Obama has consistently shown contempt and disrepsect
sighs I feel sorry for those people that voted for obama just cause he was black or he was Pro-gay. 
+David Dietle Romney was polite and did not interrupt Obama except when necessary.  Obama, however, was interrupting Romney so much he barely got two words out a couple times.
"!Go W.Mitt Romney&Paul Ryan For 2012!"

"!Go Vote America!"
+Frank Mansell I respectfully disagree. He speaks over the moderators whenever he feels like it, dodges direct questions and always steers the conversation back to his comfort zone (the economy) and spoke over the current president like he was a petulant employee who did not have the right to not let him say what he felt.

Romney is a dismissive elitist. Watch the video of the guy in the wheelchair asking about medical marijuana and tell me that is a respectful candidate blowing off an genuine question because it made him uncomfortable.
+David Dietle Better look at Obama's record if you support Medical Marijuana.  I have a Medical Marijuana card for my back nerve problems and guess what?  My provider told me MORE PEOPLE have been arrested for marijuana under OBAMA than even under BUSH!!!

Obama is a LIAR.
Marty hd
Romney/Ryan 2012!
+Tonia Addison-Hall Try reading the entire post before responding to it. It's an example of Romney being dismissive and cold to another person because he didn't feel like talking to him anymore because it got uncomfortable.
David Dietle

" +Ned Ousley Why, in the name of anything, would the man elected President of the United States, want to weaken it? There isn't a shred of logic in that statement. " 

Arab Muslim culture has a very strong emphasis on the use of asymmetric warfare which includes internal subversion, it makes prefect sense as an Islamist with exposure to Arab culture for Obama to try to destroy the US by becoming President. 
Joe S
+Tonia Addison-Hall ain't no comparing bush to Obama on mmj. Obama wins hands down. ...most of the arrests and prosecutions have been at the hands of republican prosecutors trying to make a name for themselves. some research. :) 
"!Obama Has Prevent That He Can't Deliver To The United States Of America!"

"!He Can To Other Country But The Home Land!"The United States Of America!"
Joe S
Oh. And you like your mmj card, eh? Rmoney will take that away from you asap. See that video and see what he says. 
+Chris Cecil Romney is running on the economy, so it pays for him to minimize his differences with Obama on foreign policy.  That said, there were a few clues as to differences if you were listening carefully.

First, there was "you can't kill your way to peace," which Romney said at least twice.  He didn't explain it much, but it is at least the first glimmering of realization of what is wrong with the current foreign policy there.

Second, when asked point blank whether he would do as many drone assassinations as Obama does, he didn't actually say he'd do as many:  he said he'd do it for Al Qaeda leaders.  Most of Obama's drone attacks, of course, are on middle ranks of terrorists, not leaders like Osama bin Ladens.  Combined with the comment about not killing one's way to peace, that suggests that the number of such assassinations will be reduced.

I'm sure that won't be enough to satisfy you, but for me, it's at least the beginning of a return to a sane foreign policy.  And frankly, saying anything more at this point would have been political suicide.
+Joe Salas BOTH Obama AND Romney have the same position on medical marijuana.  That's my point.

And actually, no, I tried to use it and it did work, but it made me stoned.  The marijuana that is bred to NOT get one stoned is almost impossible to get out here due to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT coming in here and making them all close up!!!

So, no, I can't use it.  I have kids and a home to take care of, I can't be stoned all day long.  It was a waste of time.
+Sam Falcon the people of those countries are muslim so I would expect they are going to elect muslim leaders. See the first country to revolt, Tunisia and their election results in 2011. In Lybia, finally Gaddaffi who was responsible for at least 300 american deaths was finally brought to justice but not by american soldiers but the Lybian people.
Romney will win this election. He has a plan, all Obama has is character assassination.
Ask yourselves if Obama is telling the truth when he says the military doesn't want more money.
On the question about America's highest priority worldwide, I hoped one of the two candidates would cite our need to be an example--to handle our own affairs appropriately. Seems to me we are way too concerned about telling others what to do and way too unconcerned regarding our own needs.
David Dietle

" +Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO is a f8cking c8nt. Insane drivel of a conspiracy theorist. Go away, you need a jacket with long arms and buckles, not a computer. Blocked for being ridiculous in the extreme. " 

@ David Dietle, the attack on the Twin Towers of the WTC on 9 11 2001 in NYC NY was a conspiracy by Arab Islamists. Are you saying David Dietle that the Twin Towers are still standing and the Bush Administration fooled people in to believing that they were destroyed on 9 11 2001 when they are still there standing in NYC completely undamaged ? 
Joe S
+Tonia Addison-Hall you are confusing topics to suit your arguments. Those are "total" arrests. ...and demand increase isn't factored into the graph, so I think it may be a bit skewed. 
I can't believe what i am reading on this blog...the Obama haters...when is it ok to lied or mislead people on what your believes are...The governor is not telling the true on whole lots of issues the American people care about...i hope they can see through him before it gets too late.
+Sam Falcon  begin with a PLUS sign then their name.
And welcome to G+
+Joe Salas  Again, you are wrong.  I live in a medical marijuana state and have a card.  I know what I'm talking about.  They issued a NEW "clarifying memo" here:

Then proceeded to shut down all the dispensaries here.  Now the people, like me, who could use it instead of addicting pain medication, are screwed.  I cannot get it anywhere and I have no idea how to grow my own nor would I want to.
There you go +Sam Falcon You are most welcome! You are a quick teach!  ;-)
"We helped overthrow the democratically elected leader in Iran so we could prop up a "friendly" dictator.  We did that.

We armed Saddam Hussein against Iran when they went to war.  We did that too.

To act as if the US has a flawless record in international intervention is delusional."

Well said! 

I don't want any more tax dollars going to the military. 
Anybody who disagrees with Romneys forgeigns policy must really examine themselves because Obama left 4 Americans dead after he had 230 requests for more military and he said no to all of them 
American know the governor will say any thing to get elected...they too smart to fall for that.
Victor Manneh

" I can't believe what i am reading on this blog...the Obama haters...when is it ok to lied or mislead people on what your believes are...The governor is not telling the true on whole lots of issues the American people care about...i hope they can see through him before it gets too late. " 

I do not hate President Barack Hussein Obama, I just happen to think President Obama is a disgusting lying Islamist piece of sh1t. 
"!If I Could Take Back My Vote From Four Years Ago
I Really Would America!"
Good thing that Obama took out that dictator Gahdafi and Villionous Osma Bin Laden
"!Obama Himself Said In Last Night Debate!"

"!That This Country The United States!"Was Doing Better Then When He Was Ever First Elected America!"
"!Go Team Romney&Ryan Yeah 2012!"

"!Take Notes America!"
+Cole Brandenberger +Johny Ringo do you have proof that he is wrong? Hilary is Part of Pres. O's cabinet isn't she? They had numerous requests for security and had the money to provide the support and didn't. your the antagonist here and this is a Romney blog. you have the burden of proof here. hey Cole, I bet Johny will not be able to disproof what your saying. I think johny probably agrees with Pres. O. that their deaths were not optimal but he will fix it. any Republican administration would (or should) have been required to fire immediately for a failure like this but not Hilary and Pres Obama. where is the Press on this one? no where.
+Johny Ringo We are a Coast Guard family so here is an example close to my heart.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committe.The congressman said the Coast Guard needs new ships."If we had the money and support to do that, that would be optimal, but it just appears that Congress is not in the mindset of providing those funds," Thompson said.

Also, body armor for troops and armor for humvees. That ring a bell in your Obama apologistic mind?

Use your common sense. When was the last time you heard of any government agency ever saying they had enough money?
Obama's not being truthful with you, and I think you know it.
hahaha owned by Obama ...... hahahahah  wait wait AM STILL TALKING !!!
You tell him, President Romney!!
+Vccastanhocastanho Castanhoaquariano Porque vc se importa com os afazeres dos estados unidos? E' porque o brasil recebeu $2 billoes do obama para pesquisar o petroleo?  Cai fora, amigo, nao queremos mais um presidente que gasta dinheiro que nao existe.
I thought Romney did great at the debate last night.  He was very presidential and kept his cool.  #Mittromney2012
romney's an ass. one question for all you romney supporters... are you a 1%er or is your income level on a par with the other 99% of us? 
Obama the best as far one can see from all the things been going on for the past few decades ... Mr.Obama at least shows us a clear plan how he is going to clean up the mess all the ex USA presidents made .... Mr. Romney just talking , talking , and last debate he looked scared and he looked like he dose not understand what he is saying....
Sorry Romney , but Obama is going to Win , cause he knows  what he is doing and saying ... Vote for Obama...
+Stephen Smith Straight up middle classer here.  I sometimes wish I were a rich banker with Obama in office so he could send a few billion my way.  Well, I'm not a rich 1%-er banker, so I'll be voting +Mitt Romney.
He he he, I just love reading conservative freak out... No matter how many times you'll repeat "Romney Won" it will not change the fact that Obama wiped floor with poor Mittens. Oh and just to be on par with everyone - Mitt did look very well through this wiping process, he kept his cool and pretended it rains....
Im moving to Canada if Romney win...getting the hell out of here....
+Jamie McCleod We'll help you pack.  You'll probably like Canada and its social programs.  Will you take Obama, Biden, Pelosi, and Reid with you, please?
hey lucio... persidentiable? really? please tell me you're to stupid to vote...
Romney got draft deferments...Ill never support a are you gonna be for a war, but to scared to fight in it....
Liberals really are delusional, they think because he raised his voice and kept repeating the same old tired speech that he won the debate.Obama the pied piper of liberals......Romney/Ryan
+Stephen Smith I assume I am part of your 99%.
That is exactly WHY I am voting for Romney!
+Sergey Lucktinov The last of the debates are over but the game isn't finished. Wait until Nov. 6th. May the best man win!  Romney 2012!
+Aaron Smith He didn't choose to enlist....he didn't get deferments....When you ask for that..It because your dont wanna be chosen to go fight....your asking to be passed over...To sum it up...your saying...choose somebody's elses son to go lose there life...
+Marty D'Arcy Are you sure he will be different from Obama? In the last 3 debates he looked exactly the same as Obama.... Policy-wise...
+Richard Gozinya Whatever makes you feel better... If you want to I can even call Obama COMMUNIST, hope you'll sleep better after that. 
+Richard Gozinya I have no respect for people who say they hold different positions to different crowd. I'm not an idiot to fall for it.... 
LOL.  Yeah, USA has only been a benevolent and altruistic nation in the world these post 50 years or so...
+Calvin Nader funny thing won't because I can leave it open....Why?? Are you gonna come close it? Doubt it!
+Sergey Lucktinov HE, meaning Romney, was being himself, a total gentleman with excellent manners and solid policies, without the Obama rudeness of interruptions and denying his actions which have been debunked all day on the internet. I have done my homework.
Governor Romney needs no apologies on his behalf to America. His honesty showed through loud and clear. Maybe your vision is all fogged with Liberalism to see clearly. Enough said.
WC Hall
Americans don't dictate to other countries.  Americans do provide more foreign aid to other countries than any other ten countries in the world combined.  Americans are the most generous people in the world.  Americans have sacrificed more lives and treasure fighting for freedom in foreign lands than any other country in history.  For example: more Americans have died fighting for French Freedom than French citizens.  America has been the leader of the free world and has stood up to oppression, dictatorships, and communism.   We need to stand with our allies and let them know that we've "got their backs".  
Oh wow. Seems like Romney needs to crack open a history book. Ever heard of the Shah of Iran? Or the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy? Banana republics in Central and South America?
Good luck winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)*
+1 if you think Mitt Romney is a  Laughing Hyena
+Stephen Smith There was another man in history, who convinced a country of people that they were poor, because others had all of their money. That they were poor, because someone else was rich. Adolph Hitler.

I am at the lowest part of the 99% . My income is virtually none existent, and must be a slave to housing assistance and food stamps.
Looking at you, your posts, and your pictures, it is easy to see that you have not a clue what being poor means. You are easily middle class, if not upper middle class.
You speak ignorantly. You regurgitate baseless rhetoric. You liberals are never going to recreate the hippy era or Woodstock, no matter what desperate measures you attempt.
While all of you spoiled, MacBook having, overpriced coffee guzzling boneheads were raping people on Wall Street and claiming to be trying to help the common man.... All of the real people watching, that you claimed to represent, were being sickened by your self righteous display.

We do not want handouts from the government, at the extreme cost to others through heightened taxes, and pulling funding from other programs to foot the bill.... We want JOBS! WE THE PEOPLE WANT THE LAND OF THE FREE, AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE, BACK TO BEING THE IDEAL IT WAS MEANT TO BE!
Wow. The President calls out Romney on this "apology tour" lie in the debate, and he keeps repeating the lie! We need to stage an intervention - Mitt's addicted to lying!
Obama needs to stop contradicting himself. He's only blowing himself up and that's what makes him weak! M.R. FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
"Government doesn't make jobs, so elect me so I can make jobs."  "Federal spending is out of control, so let's go spend billions on an election campaign."  Romney is bad.
 +Joe Salas  Obama just flat out disrespected Romney. Only to show you he's full of himself. When the military was out their working their buttocks off and the Navy Seals were tryign to get o Bin Laden (WITH bayonets too.) Obama was playing golf. Bush never played golf when something important liked this happened. And neither was Romney
+Bryan Kroger Well, how do you think the deficit GOT any worse. Because of the government! Stop Trolling!
I'm gonna vote for you Romney. USA USA!
how do you present yourself in front of the Americans people
you are not believable person for this country
shame on you +Mitt Romney shame on you
Is this the best you can come up with Mittwitty?
+Sylvia Hopkins well unfortunately the majority of america has decided that being condescending and immature are qualities that decide who won the debate.
Mr. Romeny, only if u had the vote of everyone who "follows'' you.... Mmmm.. wait! or everyone who doesn't follow you! u'll definetly win the elections... XP
Ok I am not even from the US and I can tell you that voting for Romney is a bad idea. Seriously you have got to be stupid to do it. He is going to turn your country upside down. All because he wants to win and come off wealthy and powerful. Get a clue America please.
nobody likes you Mitt Romney, your gonna lose
(God Bless 'Murca)
+Adam Wall I'm sorry, is this your argument for not supporting Romney? Do you have any facts that provide such an allegation? There is more truth to what Romney has said and promised than what our current administration is doing. Do the fact check buddy. Oh by the way, if you aren't living in our country, then you shouldn't speak your opinion about our Candidates. 
+Adam Wall Do you mean upside down like buildings will be underground and sewers exposed, or like Texas and Florida will swap places with Michigan and North Dakota?
yeah and f ing as president Obama has not visited Israel but he did before and instead of hosting a fundraiser, he actually went and prayed so i guess your not a blatant liar but you do take advantage of the people who dont have time to do a fact-check and find out that your a lying hypocrite by making that slide like 2 seconds long
Are you really that off the wall and have a problem expressing yourself without sarcasm - somewhat like President Obama.  Chill out and have an intelligent conversation which I believe you are cable of.  (no sarcasm here, really)  
Please be more specific, +SEBASTIANO GRASSO so we will know what you are taking about.
It's quite rude to see you on a Romney thread name calling with no facts to back up your claim.
Mr. Romney I believe ur a lying piece of shit that is going to ruin the country just like u did Massachusetts 
+SEBASTIANO GRASSO  Yes, we are serious.  If you're going to spout off on a Romney thread, and want to be taken seriously, back up your claims.
My parents r voting 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur awesome!!!!!!!!! Obama is not a good persident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u win Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama is a lairer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romney SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romney is clearly the best choce!!!!!!! Americans open your eyes!!!!!!!! Obama is ruining your once great America!!!!!!!!!! VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, these things are usually so overwhelmingly full of support. Sorry Mittens. Looks like you're losing steam.
+David Dietle Funny you say that.  Looking over the thread earlier I saw more support than usual for Romney.
Maybe the Obama trolls have finally lost interest.
Conservatives are a quieter bunch anyway with generally more respect and knowledge of the facts. No need to troll on other websites and do the same as Liberals do here.
America look at the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROMNEYS THE RIGHT PICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Marty D'Arcy "Conservatives are a quieter bunch anyway with generally more respect and knowledge of the facts. No need to troll on other websites and do the same as Liberals do here." 

Have you read the conservative posts in these things? Respectful is not a word I would use. They resort to name calling at the drop of a hat.
Bon K
+Marty D'Arcy They both lie. All politicians lie right? Well, maybe Romney isn't lying. Maybe it is just that he forgets what he said for his position in the past. Or maybe that he really changes his mind so frequently that he isn't quite sure himself what position he took last time around. You can support whoever you want, but the "facts" of "changing his mid or "lying" as most people call is out there, everywhere. You don't need someone to provide that "facts". It's really everywhere and hard to miss unless you try hard not to see them. 
+Bon K I guess that depends on who you listen to or what you read on a regular basis. Personally I do my own fact checking and prefer to know all the facts and the truth. We each must be responsible for ourselves.
I don`t care what people think about me for saying this. I`m only 11 and I know Mitt Romney clearly a much, much better pick for president!  Obama is ruining peoples lifes!!!!!! Romney can`t fix everthing, but he can do a much better job then Obama!  
Obama & Biden sound like the new version of Grumpy old Men. Romney'12
Bon K
+Marty D'Arcy That's good. Then you do know he changes his mind all the time. He says one thing at one place and something else at another place for the same issue. You can support him, but you can't deny that "fact" right? :)
Well, apparently a lot of people don't like that and they call those things "lies". 
+Bon K You haven't stated any facts, so I can't comment specifically, +Bon K
Sorry I can't help you. I'm sure you know how to fact check on your own.
No Face or FACE Off ----to those who will be ready, willing and able to fight. Cause it seems to me half the country wants us to punch, kick and fight first Then reason later - The remaining half will reason and think of our past coniquneces when we flex our muscle. Seems to me we should second guess our selves if we throw the first punch. We might be bigger and stronger yet I recall the story behind a man named David who picked a fight with the bigger guy. We all know Mitt was a bully in high school beating up on the weaker guys, but somehow I am not sure he learned his lessoon because I dought he has ever really experianced a black eye. We will soon see what that looks like on the wimpy face of the man who grew up as a mommy's boy, spoiled lying and politician high gloss finish. Kinda like a shinny new car with only a few cylinders firing at a time. Not anywhere near what it really takes to be responsible and balanced. He does not speak the truth period.  
Thank you +Andrij Harasewych.  I suppose you realize that youtube is a personal one by someone named  SageOfQuay's regarding his "free-thinking" as he calls it. There are no facts there. The sequences are chosen specifically for his personal video.
You did great you should show Obama that youre gonna support every single Americans regardless of class poor, middle everybody not just the  rich.
+1 this if you like all the comments I post!
+1 this if you (Or your parents if your not the right age like me) are voting for Romney!
You are doing fine +Rachel Walker  and you need not worry. Matters not your age, but your opinion that matters; whether you are supporting Romney or Obama. Stay interested in politics. There are many lessons to learn there.
But what does worry me, Rachel, is there are many comments here from adults that I feel are offensive and not for an 11 year old. So you may not find this thread very kid friendly. 
Mitt Romney is not the right presidential candidate.  He has changed his mind every debate, based on what he thinks will get him elected.  Nobody really knows the real Mitt Romney, or what he will do if he gets elected.  Obama sticks with his ideas, and we all know what his objectives are if he gets re-elected.  Obama/Biden 2012!
Shut up you are not wanted here so go ahead and drop out now and make it easy for Obama's country, because if you win we all are screwed well not the rich people because you will be giving them more money instead of helping the middle class, real smart Mitt real smart with this being said here's who people should vote for
Rachel Walker You're not the only young person here. Dont feel lonely :)
Not trying to be rude or anything, But Obama gets the Black and Mexican votes most of the time because on average they are not as well off as White people. Obamacare is about giving free stuff away and making future generations pay it off. Sounds good to them I dunno but not to me. I support Romney/Ryan 2012 because they can most likely fix that problem in a better way.
Reminds me of When he apologized to the Al Qaeda when they attacked the embassy in Benghazi. Its like " Im sorry for him getting in the way of your bullets".
+William Kennedy I believe that this was already DEBUNKED as a lie. Neither Romney or Obama have apologised to Al Qaeda. Get your facts straight. 
Heck yeah, find yourself some video or article of him saying that. I won't find one for you because i wanna see if you can do something productive in your life for once instead of going with Obamacare. colin mcdermott
Are  u serious , this is a blatant  accusation and obama  is for all  , He  want the average  America see their  future.  in other words,health insurance plan by Obama will free the poor from been  cheated by the rich class
Romney did great last night!  A classy guy who will restore the principles that have made America great! +Mitt Romney 
maxwell yankah just to correct you here, his plan is robbing America of more money that we dont have, print more money, pass more laws and regulations, rinse dry an repeat. He also keeps borrowing money from China adding to our troubles and going around like we have an unlimited supply not really thinking that he is ruining the once great America.
+maxwell yankah How do you figure that the poor have been cheated from the rich?  The rich and the average American will be paying their share to give you Obamacare. And Obama has taking money from senior citizens health plan as well for your healthcare. Why is that fair?
You've lost your mind, from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama (until we parted ways) to Iran, Time and time again the U.S. has sided with commercial or strategic interest to the detriment of the indigenous peoples. This business of toppling dictators is BS. Money, plain and simple. 
Bon K
+Marty D'Arcy Well, I wasn't asking for help for fact check. Since you've done your fact check I was wondering if you would agree that Romney has been changing his mind frequently on many issues. I take it you don't agree on that. So much for fact check I guess.. :)
lets just say this he got elected a president for a reason
and obama has more important things do to hes president isnt he
Once again I must say I agree with Romney because we have freed nations from dictators....
+Roney Thomas Obama goes to Israel as a candidate but why not as president? You have to work with our allies as president not turn your back when they need us!
Obama has NOT visited Israel in his entire 4 years as President.
I don't care what side you're on. When you name call, I don't want to listen to any of you people. Please grow up or get a proper education. I thought reading this thread would be enlightening, sadly, I was mistaken.
Bon K
+Marty D'Arcy I figured you wouldn't. That means either you haven't seen those the video clips and articles showing that he has been doing that, which are mostly direct quotes from him or footage of him contradicting himself in so many occasions. Or they are all made up stories and lies... to you. Well, I think that was enough.
A poem to answer the question of why Romney was afraid to speak about the troops 

Protested for the war, 
and in favor of the draft,
then he dodged them both 
and fled away  to France
I like the comments about "it's not how many ships you have, it's that one ship now can do more than xxx older ships."

Well folks, as any parent can tell you, if you have 2 or kids and only one parent, how many can you effectively watch?  Ships are not airplanes.  They take time to get from one place to another - days...  Less ships mean their are fewer to patrol.  How about an easier one.  Both you and your wife works.  Your car breaks.  How does that affect your operation?

Less ships, less presence.  You can have the hottest ship in the Navy, but if it's in Pacific and you need it in the Atlantic...oh well...
+Brian Lougheed I heard with my own ears Obama apologize for America! Don't try fooling anyone on this. We heard it for ourselves if you have watched the news for the past 4 years.
 Romney, I don't know if you noticed.... But the President's full title is: President, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of [this is the important bit] the United States of AMERICA,  Barack Obama. 

As in, when he is re-elected if he spends another 4 years off of Israel's shores I will still rest easy knowing that my President has his priorities in order. As in he doesn't feel the need to coddle his allies when his people need their President at home.

It's called personal responsibility. Something you'd know nothing about if your standard comments on Bain [and if we're honest everything else] are anything to go by.
+Johny Ringo That article is an Op-Ed and one person's opinion. It isn't a fact check. 
+Candyce Moore Since Obama was needed at home, why did he miss over half of his intel meetings?  Maybe he could have saved the lives of 4 Americans in Benghazi!
sssshhhh Mitt. We know Mr. Obama is going to win the election. It's okay, don't cry. 
Ridiculous rhetoric is ridiculous. Romney has already been embarrassed for trying to politicize this. Learn from his mistakes. And considering Obama's record on Terror vs our previous President, which included 9/11 and then a red herring to get us into Iraq after letting Osama Bin Ladin's family leave the country with personal bodyguards so they weren't harmed before leaving [Also with direct consent from then President Bush... Oh and did you want to bring up vacations and being away?]

So yeah. I'll take President Obama any day then a return to the past. And I do mean a complete return as +Mitt Romney has filled his cabinet with people that helped cause the mess the country was left in when the President took office.
+Candyce Moore And please explain to us why President Obama didn't send security to Benghazi and Ambassador Stevens after his state dept. and intel knew he had been asking for help for over a month???
But it appears Ms. Moore has no reply. Since I have personally spoken with several CEO's of airlines since 9-11 I happen to know a few facts about that tragedy and I wanted to fill her in, but alas, my time for this evening is up. G'night
+Marty D'Arcy You flatter yourself. I had no reply because I was doing other things. Some people also exist off of G+.... I'm unsure why you think having spoken to CEO's of Airlines would matter to me. Or why you'd think I'd believe you? Whether you have or not is immaterial. Facts don't lie.

Or rather they don't when you don't take lies as facts.
Oh this is what...  Democracy Looks Like
Much better debate than Facebook
Yeah! Let's go free some more nations from dictators! Four more wars! Four more wars! Screw diplomacy, invade Iran!
Romney/Ryan 2012 - The ONLY Choice
Two more weeks until this pathetic joke called "Romney/Ryan 2012" is finally over and off the Ohio airwaves.
only way Obama wins is to buy electoral votes
@everyone FYI:... especially +Mira Lewis on another thread... here you go...dug it up just for if there are souls out there hating on Obama for this reason... put it to rest... and seek real FACTS.
and +Mira Lewis read this and believe this as if you would read a bible... Shame on Edward Klein.... and shame on her for not checking her source...Please Read Below.......... 

As Media Matters has noted, The Amateur is filled with falsehoods, distortions “lazy research, bad writing, bizarre generalizations…and gossip forwarded by anonymous sources.” New York Times literary critic Janet Maslin said the book “adds little to the record about Mr. Obama’s past” and that Klein “has no capacity for explaining specifics” of his criticisms of Obama. The intro to her review reads:
“The Amateur” by Edward Klein is a book about an inept, arrogant ideologue who maintains an absurdly high opinion of his own talents even as he blatantly fails to achieve his goals. Oh, and President Obama is in this book too.
And as recently as last May, Klein was still promoting the conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim. But aside from his new thinly-sourced book, Klein has a history of advancing false allegations about Obama as fact, so much so that conservative writers like Peggy Noonan,Kathleen Parker and even John Podhoretz won’t take him seriously.

so I'll say it again... I think i see why so many americans are so tainted... it got everything to do with that clown author name "Edward Klein"...
i wouldn't up it pass The Koch Brothers or 1% to push a FLUNKY to write a book to spew lies about Obama...

The Book "Amateur" by "Edward Klein" ....

I wonder why he didn't write a book on ROMNEY...

Now that would be an interesting read...
the truth on Lies and Deception is always a (best seller)

but that won't happen because the 1% only wants America to read only one side - THE LIES... probably paid for and pushed out by the Koch Brothers, which started it all... King of LIES and DECEPTION... they've been manipulating America since they inherited their father's money.


Obama is American... a Harvard graduate... a very smart and Honorable man... He can power this country FORWARD...
just 4 more years guys... just 4 more years...
No thanks, kainsian theory economics and sharp move to left, keep that hope and change, I'll keep our constitution.+Kelvin Kennedy 
+Charles Powell Nobody knew how deep and bad it was until Oct 2008... even well into his first year it was starting to become more apparent the mess Bush left behind. It was really bad. Imagine if Bush didn't leave that mess, and Obama was judged starting from an even playing field? It would have been like the mid-90s again under Clinton. So he's good enough to pull us out of this mess over the last 4 years, but we can't give him a chance to effect real change over the next 4 years? I think he earned it to be honest.
Liberals need to face the truth, Obama was the hip choice 4 years ago, but has no real answers. He doesn't reach across the Ile as advertised. He was rushed into a powerful position without qualifications. 
american people, we should free america from the dictator of obama.
Milty C
Please spread the word about third party candidates !
This is a dirty campaign, not to say campaigns are clean, but this one has gotten really "low". Stick to the facts...Obama has no "good" record to run on, so all he's been doing is attacking Romney's character to draw the attention away from his failed 4yr. presidency. Obama has shown what he can do, now lets see what Romney can do! :)

"!Obama & Joe Are Very Sick People America!"
+Sean Montague Just to take one example, if we allow Pakistan to disintegrate, which they aren't too far from right now, the ISI is going to be selling their nuclear weapons on the black market to the highest bidder.  Some of them are going to end up in the hands of terrorists.

The truck for the truck bomb used in the 1993 World Trade Center attack - yes, the attack that you didn't hear about because it wasn't such a big deal - was easily large enough to contain a nuclear weapon, had the terrorists had one.  If we're not careful, after the next terrorist attack, we'll be missing half a city, instead of "just" a couple of skyscrapers.

Our military is stretched thin right now.  With the additional cuts scheduled under the Obama administration, we may see things really start to fall apart.
+Jack Carpenter III The NDAA also authorized the defense department spending.  The problematic part was just the rider permitting indefinite detention without trial, especially for U.S. citizens.

That rider was, according to Democratic congressman Carl Levin, requested by the Obama administration.  Romney did not say he would have requested that part.
+Carl Moebis We didn't know how bad it was going to get until well into 2009 because it wasn't going to get that bad until Obama messed things up further.
Are you nuts? We deposed Iran's gov't and put the Shah in place. We put Saddam Hussein in place. The list goes on. That's not dictating to other nations? Yeah, and Syria is Iran's only route to the sea.....
Sheila Nelson Nawaz

" Are you nuts? We deposed Iran's gov't and put the Shah in place. We put Saddam Hussein in place. The list goes on. That's not dictating to other nations? Yeah, and Syria is Iran's only route to the sea..... " 

Who is " We " ? 

[ still no answer what is it coffee break time in the offices of the 
وِزارَتِ اِطّلاعات جُمهوریِ اِسلامیِ ایران
In Tehran ? ] 

Supreme Homosexual Leader Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei
please focus on The problem of diaoyu island!don't hurt the emotion of chinese,or you will deserves punishment
Now that is what I would call "optimal"!
Great job Mitt.
The statement seems purposely constructed to have two opposite meanings.  The quantum mechanical Willard/Mitt. 
All I gather from all the posts videos and articles I've read and watched is the enormous divide that exists in the USA. No matter what side wins this election, the other side will actively work against the other side, REGARDLESS if it is good for the country or it's people. You have really big issues to take care of. 
Great job Mr. Romney. Already voted for you
+Olaf Meester Maybe you're right. But I would agree with Bill Clinton on this one - the elections will serve as the event that changes the political dynamics in Washington just like the gov't shutdown did in the 1990s. Before the shutdown, the GOP and Clinton were hardly "working together" as some would portray it now. After the shutdown things improved. It will be the same thing after Nov 6 - once Obama wins a second term, the GOP will realize that the extreme-right agenda doesn't pay off (you know, things like "legitimate rape", "ban contraception/abortion", "when women get pregnant from rape it's "god's will" an so on..) I do believe that then the party will take a new direction towards the middle (much like Mitt has done in the past few weeks). Then again, in the unlikely event that Romney wins, I would fully expect the Dems in Congress to be 100% oppositional  so nothing will get done again.
+Warren Dew, you took Obama's comment as, "he thought ships were obsolete"... This clearly shows how deaf you are to anything that may show Mitt Romney as even being slightly misleading. +Mitt Romney was talking about the number of ships being the defining factor of whether or not our navy is adequate. Obama was pointing out that ship count is a poor measure for assessment. That is, 10 17th century warships is not better than 1 air craft carrier. 
Romney/Ryan's top priority are restricting women rights, reproductive rights, gay rights, voters rights, starting wars, middle class, transferring government power to non-democratic corporations and the redistribution of our wealth to the 1%. 
+Robert Donnelly no it isn't... you believe all that only because you don't want to have to actually justify your vote. That is just as much of a lie as saying, "Obama's top priority is to have the government take over all free market and redistribute all the wealth equally among the people, keeping everyone dependent on the government for everything." 
+Candyce Moore You are the one who mentioned former President Bush and 9-11. Not I.
+Jamie McCleod you may as well start packing now buddy. Dress warm and take as many Obama supporter as you can...Romney/Ryan will win November 6th.
Your a puppet for corporate greed Mitt Romney, you stand for all that is wrong in this country. It's probably wishful thinking but I hope you lose by a landslide.
Tired of the Obama loving trolls. Time to get the socialist bottom dweller out of office. 
Don't understand why it is OK to take something from someone who EARNED it and give it to SOMEONE who DIDN'T. In my book that's called stealing in CUBA it's called socialism, in America it's call Obama economics. 
Our President shouldn't have to go on an apology tour, if he does it's proof we need a new one.
I know I feel better knowing the Conscientious objector has my back!
+David Dietle As to why a person elected to be the president will want to weaken the country - you can see one version of "why" in "2016: Obama's America".  You can also reflect on Muslim Brotherhood program document about quiet jihad or converting democracies from within.
I am so tired of the twisted lie's coming from Obama. We used bayonets in Iraq and horses in Afghanistan.
Poor Johny Ringo....drinking the koolaid. I have a higher than average income and I don't like it to be taken away from me to give to people who don't even attempt to do their part. What ever happens to the Democratic party slogan....ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. And before you say what have you done for your country...I am a veteran.
no word about india by both , you know that india is the one that had the nuclear deal with US but not with china or pakistan .
+Aaron Taggart Obama's comment likens ships to horses and bayonets.  That implies that ships are obsolete.  Whether Obama actually believes his comment, I don't know - Obama often says things that he should know to be untrue.

As for the ship count, you and Obama are incorrect.  The types of ships today are largely the same as in the 1980s, when the Navy had around 600 ships rather than the current 300 or so.  Indeed, many of the actual ships are the same - the USS Enterprise, currently returning from the middle east, was commissioned in 1961.

The ship speeds are the same - it still requires days or weeks to travel from a home port in the U.S. to a trouble spot around the world, meaning that we have to keep ships on station.  The amount of ocean that needs to be patrolled is the same.  The level of piracy and the number of hot spots around the world have arguably increased.

The only ship type you can really argue we need fewer of is attack submarines, since there are fewer potential large enemy ships that might need to be sunk.  However, we now need dedicated cruise missile submarines that didn't exist in the 1980s, and  we need more minesweepers to counter threats from regional powers like Iran to shut down key shipping lanes.

The long and the short of it is, the number of ships still matter.
+Warren Dew, I don't claim to know more about how many ships we need than our commander and chief... I imagine that because of the new capabilities of the airforce (faster jets and larger strike radius's) we don't really need as many ships as we used to.

I take it you are some expert on naval development and current military strategies? 

I like how you say that I am incorrect about my assertion of ship count... so you would take 10 17th century warships to battle against an air craft carrier? 
+Aaron Taggart Wrong again - the fastest U.S. military plane was the SR-71 from the 1960s; speeds have not increased for decades.  Just because Obama showed off his lack of military knowledge in the debate doesn't mean you have to do the same, you know.

And yes, I'm a Navy veteran who continues to take an interest in naval development and current military strategies - and who believes in knowing the facts before talking about things.
+Warren Dew fastest manned aircraft is not the same as fastest aircraft...

I know +Mitt Romney likes to leave out little facts like that to make his point, but that doesn't mean you have to as well.
+Jason Pogany I'm not rich but I'm also not jealous of the rich. They earned it and they should not be required to "share". It's called freedom.

If you want money, make it yourself. That's what we do here.

You are the materialistic one...
+Jason Pogany , Being wealth is not villainous, for government to tax 'wealthy' at a higher rate is insane
+w.s. corners It is neither villainous to be wealthy or insane to tax those who are wealthy at a higher rate... 
When Mitt said "WHEN I win" was so epic.
Like if you agree.
+Aaron Taggart so where is the incentive to excel, the American dream if I may ask, those who earn say 100k will in theory still pay double my taxable income. If you keep taking just a little more it just keeps adding up to socialism.
Let's just get it over with - tax the rich at 100%. Then, when the taxes still barely put a dent in our debt and there's no reason for businesses to operate and all the jobs are gone, we'll finally get through to some of these people.
12 million jobs  is easy with the Fair Tax Plan 
+Regan Gassaway Nobody has ever suggested anything remotely close to that. It's 4 percentage points that the top income bracket would increase by if we finally let the Bush tax cuts expire. They were meant to be temporary since their inception, you do realize that, right?
+Jason Pogany is a nutjob. Should be a flat tax for all. What you are talking about is socialism plain and simple. Move to Cuba buddy the government you want is already in place in a beautiful tropical climate.
Free the American people from the IRS ... support the Fair Tax Plan
+Jason Pogany funny how socialist won't just relocate to Cuba. There is plenty of room there. Many Cubans are in our country now to escape the very polices you speak of.
I don't care how big you think you are, if you don't nip socialism in the but it will whoop all are asses. Keep Americans free!
Politifact says your "Apology Tour" comment earns you a PANTS ON FIRE rating, ... LOL
Maybe I'm being a little harsh. Maybe you're down on your luck. Don't resort to stealing from others. Dig deep, work hard, you can do it. I believe in you. If Katy Perry can do it, you can do it. Watch the movie. Maybe you will be inspired.
For all the know-nothings out there. It was Adam Smith who first said that the wealthy should pay MORE taxes than the working class. But what would he know, ... he's just the FATHER OF CAPITALISM!
And a flat tax rate would have rich persons paying more tax.
+w.s. corners: "so where is the incentive to excel"

Oh that is your concern? I am glad it is only that because once I explain to you how our bracketed tax system actually works, your troubles will be laid to ease!

Tax brackets only affect the taxable income that exceed the previous bracket. So if we only had one bracket at $50,000, in that incomes below $50,000 get taxed 10%, and incomes above get taxed 20% (I am making these numbers up but you expressed concern for double the tax rate so that is what I chose). The people who make above $50,000 still only have their first $50,000 of income taxed at the lower 10% level.

So given those numbers, someone making $40,000 would be taxed $4,000 meaning their take home pay would be $36,000. Someone making $60,000 would be taxed (50,000*.1 + 10,000 *.2) = $7,000 making their take home pay $53,000. Since $53,000 > $36,000, there is still incentive to move up.

In fact, the only way for there not to be incentive to move up with this system is if the bracket tax rate was 100%.
Mr. Pres. I believe that Mr. Romney is right I believe we have released them from their own prisons, however I'm not sure at what cost it has cost us, and what the outcome will be for what we did, god bless America!!!
Warren Dew if you ran for president I would vote for you, you are brilliant.
Yes we are just do your homework and you will see for your self
We Have To save Big Bird !!!! Think About Your Kids ANd Your Childhood !!!!
go romney i am voting for you you 
I love this quote!  Read Mitt's book!
+James Shipley , which quote is that James? The one that every fact checker out there has called a terrible lie?
What is mitt's foreign policy? kick more butt? start more wars? send more american body bags home?
+Andrea ABWOB, You think it's good that Obama brought back the soldiers? You think it's good that he made us lose the war that we had almost won? You think it's good that our President is a Muslim? You think it's good that our President showed vulnerability to the Middle-Easterns? You think it's good that our President bowed to a Saudi Arabian King? You think it's good that he has brainwashed the entire Country? At least Mitt loves this Country when Obama hates it. At least Mitt wants to win. At least Mitt wants to bring us back to freedom. 
Romney/Ryan 12
Peace thru the Soviet Union fell..not peace thru apology.
Preventing the French, Belgians, and others from speaking German was soooo baaad....say it with me (all you young soccer playing kids whose Single Mothers forgot to teach how to keep score)...winning is good....hmmm....winning is good.
Excuse Me, +Johnny Waters , but adding cussing doesn't make your argument anymore convincing. Obama DID go on an Apology tour, so read up on YOUR facts.
When Obama took office in 2009, he did visit several foreign countries aimed at forging better relations in Europe and the Middle East. reviewed Obama's speeches in France and Egypt from that time and said, "Obama never apologized."
We need a change, Romney, you are that change.
Anti colonialism from President Obama. Outdated, out modded. The British Empire was desolved many years ago. 
Obama can't win against you Mitt. You are in our prayers. Keep going. YOU CAN'T FAIL!!!!
Our current president, "Barack Hussein Obama", born as "Barry Soetero", among other names, a citizen of Indonesia, at least according to his grade school records at age 6; Several years down the road, having passed the Bar, but before having been sworn in as an attourney in Illinois (my home state), Had Sworn Under Oath TO GOD That He Had NEVER gone by or used ANY OTHER NAME in His Life, In Effect Defrauding the State Bar of Illinois and Perjuring Himself. Can Mr. Soetero Be Impeached for Perjury?!?
One more thing, sorry: Here is the Link Showing Mr. Soetero Lie Under Oath.
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