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With 40 days to go, pay tribute to our nation's 40th President, Ronald Reagan. Sign up to receive your FREE bumper sticker, and let America know what's at stake this November.
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"!freedom i can see it already yeah 2012!"(:
Looks like a re-read on Ronald Reagan is in order.
Great quote from Ronald Reagan - Romney for President!
You know, Ronald Reagan was a socially liberal, fiscally conservative politician, right?

Mitt Romney, being a staunch Mormon, is socially conservative and fiscally conservative.

Mormons aren't allowed to drink alcohol, use tobacco or drink coffee.

But Romney would never let those that don't already know this find out about his faith's prohibitionist fundamentals, now would he?
Mitt....I will vote for you but you can keep the bumper stickers. I paid too much money for that car to stick trashy bumper stickers on it. 
Being a staunch Mormon does not make you socially conservative, Harry Reid is also a staunch Mormon. Don't generalize all people of a religion that you clearly know nothing about. FYI I am also Mormon. 
Where are the bumper stickers with all of Mitt's great quotes?
Uhh it's fact that Romney is a Mormon...

He speaks down about social liberties, such as women's rights and worker rights... so it isn't a stretch to see that he planned on bringing Mormonism to the US government.
Here is a good quote for you!
And this President wakes up every morning, looks out across America and is proud to announce, 'It could be worse.' It could be worse? Is that what it means to be an American? It could be worse? Of course not. What defines us as Americans is our unwavering conviction that we know it must be better. -+Mitt Romney 
Hey Mr president dont listen to Crazy Rachel Zack. She hasn't figured it out yet..... Useless
In April of 2001, a piece of writing turned up in the Oval Office. Describing what she called a "wrenching family journey," the author urged me to support the "miracle possibilities" of embryonic stem cell research to provide cures for people like her husband, who was suffering from Alzheimer's. She closed, "Mr. President, I have some personal experience regarding the many decisions you face each day. I'd be very grateful if you would take my thoughts and prayers into your consideration on this critical issue. Most sincerely, Nancy Reagan."
It's also a FACT that Harry Reid is a Mormon, so why hasn't he implemented his "Mormon agenda" into Washington? 
Reagan was not as obsessive about anti-abortion legislation as he often seemed. Early in his California governorship he had signed a permissive abortion bill that has resulted in more than a million abortions. Afterward, he inaccurately blamed this outcome on doctors, saying that they had deliberately misinterpreted the law. When Reagan ran for president, he won backing from pro-life forces by advocating a constitutional amendment that would have prohibited all abortions except when necessary to save the life of the mother.
Ironic from a guy who supports repression of women and anyone who isn't straight.
lmao Reagan and Romney don't agree on most [social] issues other than how to make money [ fiscal ].

Reagan's approach to abortion, seeing that his wife was all for it for her own reasons, is quite the opposite of Romney's fundamentalist-Mormon social values.
"!obama supporters keep on feeling sorry for him poor obama that's!"
Reagan drank alcohol (prohibited by the Mormon faith), used tobacco (probibited by Mormonism) and drank coffee by the gallons (again, prohibited by the Mormon faith).
KP Congratulations on having the most screwed up profile name and being the last survivor of the US Government's LSD experiments.
Again you can't keep going back to generalizing that all Mormon's are the same, because it's simply not true, there are liberal as well as conservative faithful Mormons. Look at Romney's record as Governor is Massachusetts, he ran as a pro choice middle of the isle Republican.  
Do you have a problem with Slavics, or something?

You're pretty white... I'm sure there are members of your family that wrote their name in Cyrillic.
And Reagan drinking alcohol, coffee and tea literally have nothing to do with this argument. 
There are plenty of Mormons holding public office on both sides of the political isle. Do you know who Harry Reid is?? One of the most influential and powerful Democrats in the country, he is Mormon, a good Mormon. 
BTW. JFK was a Catholic. I don't recall Him forcing US Citizens to attend Mass. Jimmy Carter was a Southern Baptist, US Citizens were still allowed to buy liquor.

Do your keepers know you escaped from your padded cell?
Southern Baptists definitely aren't prohibitionists.

Mormons, on the other hand, are quite prohibitionist.
Reagan wasn't a mormon.  If you're trying to say he's not EXACTLY like Reagan... well duh.  As for me I'm primarily Czech.  You are the racist, racist.  If you think that last statement sounds stupid, you're right.  That is exactly how you sound.  And... if I wish to paint with a broad brush as you did.. All of you libs are stupid racists.  So there =P
What I'm trying to say, Mr. or Ms. Field, is that Romney is a staunch Mormon. Mormons, by ideology, are highly socially conservative.
Social issues aren't really the top issues of this election.  It's primarily about the economy, and the closely related issues of the budget and our debt.  Foreign policy is probably next on the list. 
Reagan began the concept of deficit spending as permanent policy and his presidency marked the beginning of the rise of China. I guess that quote was to indicate the generation after he had finished his presidency.
uhhh what do you think the "Occupy" movement is?

It's social liberalism.

Deficit issues are fiscal. We aren't discussing fiscal policy.
Nah. with the GOP in office, the IDU wins -- as does its members... the KMT, for starts. (KMT is the ruling party in China)
The rest of the "free world" is headed for Social Democracy (as opposed to the USA, which is a Capital Democracy).
Everyone go flag that foul Samuel Jackson video paid for by the Jewish Council.  We don't need that filth on Google Plus.
All the Norweigian states (Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden) are socialist --- the prized flavor and darling of modern socialism being Social Democracy.
According to Forbes Magazine (a capitalist periodical), the happiest nations start at #1 with Denmark; Sweden at #4... Canada at #8..Brazil at #12
And the USA is at a depressed #14
+Kpbictadpep omec sorry if i didn't spell it right but i am glad you can read because there is a lot of people who can't  and more who can't spell just read google +.
^^^^^^ LOL, reading isn't 'MERKAN, commie :)
+Benito Cue the republican congress has done nearly nothing this entire term, least productive since congressional record keeping. Obama has gone around congress whenever possible because there is a concerted effort by republicans in congress to defeat Obama, even at the cost of the American people. You should be ashamed of your party.

Reaganomics started the beginning of many of the problems we deal with today, China, deficit spending, loosening financial regulations,all for short term benefit. My generation will have to deal with the long term repercussions of your parties' short term, political calculations.
Not only do you read, Sir, me thinks you do a great deal of copying and pasting.
Of course I copy and paste.

"Your own words" is so that you don't get in trouble for plagiarism.

On the Internet, I'd rather give direct quotes rather than paraphrase everything.
I could just re-type everything, thus avoiding copypasta -- but that just takes longer and Windows has a nifty "clipboard" to make productivity more rapid.

How do you bring information to a discussion?
Then I suggest you give credible links to your quotes.
I'm not sure how choosing not to do those things makes you bad or unfit... I mean, Penn Jillette doesn't do those things either, and you certainly can't claim he's pushing any kind of prohibitionist agenda...
+Brian Wagar I need to be old to know the Reagan presidency? Then that would mean everyone on this thread is too old to know anything about 18th and 19th century presidential history. o-0
Penn also doesn't marginalize gays or women as Romney does.

Those are Romney's morals.
Do you honestly think that his morals won't spill over into the way in which he governs?
Transmissions are often skipped or not published on G+, Sir.  You should know this if you have been a regular poster here.
ALSO, geniuses, if you have a competent browser, you can highlight what you want to research, right-click and hit "Search Google for.." and you can gather all the intelligence you want.
I may also suggest that you get a nickname that can be used by other posters so they can directly reply to you.
so really, citations are hardly needed if your audience knows how to use a modern computer.... and since you're all here, I'm assuming that you know how to research and fact-find.

But you're telling me that I have to hold your hands..
don't you find that insulting to your intelligence?
Why are you feeding these LIEberal trolls?  They have no job, no car, and stay in mom's basement next to the washer and dryer.  +Joel Taggart He thought it was dirt but it is only pubic hair off of obama's scortum on there hence you know about teabagging a little.
My comments have nothing to do with a browser, Sir or Madam.
Do as you wish. I have no time for your foolishness. 
lol Are you telling me, +Marty D'Arcy, that no one has yet figured out to copy my name, type a +, and paste my name in order to link?

Or just to paste my name...

Really, this concept is new to you?
Come on... I didn't think to assume that it was that big of a 'secret trick'...

Sorry for assuming?
+Крыстафер Гомес "KMT is the ruling party in China"?  Are you serious?  The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party in China.

The rest of your comments show an equal disregard for facts, unfortunately.
[ Moving from investment planning comparisons to a comparison of plans for organizational structure, one finds considerable similarity between large US corporations and the structuring of Soviet industrial ministries. One commentator on American industry has stated:

"It would not be very much of an exaggeration to say that the very large divisions of General Motors are run much like units of a planned economy. They resemble remarkably, in their interior organization, the Russian "trusts...... Equally striking is the parallel between the approach of the management . . . to the problems of industrial organization." ]
+Крыстафер Гомес That document refers to the Soviet Union in the present tense.  It's at least 20 years out of date.

I guess that explains why your alleged facts show so little connection with today's reality.  Yeah, the KMT was the ruling party in China - in the 1930s.  Just because you read it once doesn't mean it's going to stay true forever, you know.
And if GM was organized like the Soviets, that's probably why GM went bankrupt, too.
Yes, it is an old document (do you really think we'd be able to sit here and discuss CIA top secret documents if it weren't? thank you, FoIA)

But that doesn't undo the fact that the GOP is allied with the CURRENT KMT.

So, it would seem that this nation is STILL copying Soviet, and by extension, Maoist methodology.
All pray to Saint Reagan
+Scott Barrett I agree that Obama's policies have the U.S. heading towards bankruptcy as well.
Uhhhl... +Scott Barrett... are you saying that the GOP is going to disobey the orders from the union that was founded by the GOP?

Isn't that saying that the GOP are hypocrites?

(of course they have to follow the orders of the IDU... kinda goes without saying...)
I would rather have little or no hypocrisy when it comes to elected officials and people who are supposed to work for tax payers like me.
Reagan wasn't any saint, but he was no empty chair by any stretch of the imagination. He ushered in the end of the cold war (Hasselhoff be damned!) and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Reaganomics (a.k.a. trickle-down economics) did what it was supposed to do; reverse a terrible 1970's economy caused by the former Carter administration. Reaganomics wasn't a cure for cancer, nor was it a free ride for all. But, it was a "success" for it did what it was supposed to do. Too many people are refuting it because of what it didn't do.
I'm just conveying information, +Scott Barrett.
Since I assume you'll research all of what I've said, it would detrimental for me to present falsehoods.

But maybe you're upset that I'm bringing this scathing info to your and everyone here's attention...

Propagandist? Obstructionist?
No.,. you couldn't be something like that; could you?
And if you think I'm an Obama voter, you'd be wrong...

I'm a social democrat -- just like Bernie Sanders.

I love the USA and would die for my nation; but I don't fit into either of the two parties that typify US elections (Democrats and Republicans).

I'm planning on voting for either Jill Stein or Roseanne Barr.
(before you laugh about Roseanne, remember that Reagan was an actor, too)
+Jose Valencia The U.S. population increased by about 10,000,000 since Obama took office.  100,000 net jobs is basically nothing next to that - what about the other 9,900,000 people?  And the average household income is still down by $4000 per year.
+Brad Jennings Agreed for the most part.  However, Reaganomics also worked from the bottom up, by cutting and simplifying taxes for everyone, just as Romney plans to do.
but higher taxes and an increase in the minimum wage isn't a good philosophy either
+Jose Valencia When newborns grow up to be 4, 14 year olds grow up to be 18 and College freshmen graduate.  That absolutely means more people need jobs.  Why do you think 50% of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed under Obama?

As for the fall in real wages, it's largely due to inflation from excessive Obama spending.
Obama must go he proved that he is  not  good enough to deliver what he had promised!
its not anyone's fault 50% of recent college grads are unemployed. That's how the system naturally. People retire others fill their spots. Takes time though. Also inflation isn't caused by govn't spending, it's caused by an increase in federal reserve printing
+benny abraham It's not that barack Obama's not good enough because he is . It's because he doesn't know how he thinks that sending money will fix the problem witch it doesn't it only creates a much bigger problem !
"!Downland the Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan free apps there free!"See What's Going On Rite Now Until Election Day America Enjoy!"
Could someone get a count for all the jobs bills passed by this congress?
+Brian Lougheed Sorry i will not be brainwashed media bullshit ! That stuff is aimed at demarcates like you !
"!And you can now make your choice easier online totally for free!"Make your choice count and Vote America!"2012!"
"!hi benny!"obama did indeed lie once aging!"And made promise he would never keep and fail terribly!"Go Romney & Ryan For 2012!"
lol it is absolutely hilarious that supporters of the GOP are completely blind to what the GOP is doing out of the camera's view...
What I also find hilarious is the fact that, so self-blindsided as they are, GOP proponents ONLY want news and reports from the sources that THEY like.

If you want FACT, then you need to dig deep.

Know thine enemy; but above all, know thyself.

In order to learn, ALL sides must be examined - not just the ones you prefer.
I hope you elected!!!! Just a suggestion!! Demand that our constitution be taught in our schools. We have a liar for a president,maybe it's time to get back to the basic theology of what made our country great.
Too bad Reagan isn't the one running for president. At least he was likeable.
The country is not a business. Business can afford ruthlessness. A country can't.
+Крыстафер Гомес   Can you prove this?  Where is your proof?  FYI, he doesn't even claim much of what he is allowed to claim.. And now, people are angry because he doesn't claim more..  FYI, he pays more in taxes in a year, than you will earn ever in 10 years...  if not your entire life...  And another FYI, since you know everything...  he has NEVER sent one job to China..  So you need to get your facts from someone that isn't a liberal ass kisser.. Even obama has stated that his ads went overboard and that there has never been evidence that Romney or any company he owns sent jobs to China..  Pay attention man!!!!!
+Kit Malone Gullible voters kept Clinton in office because he was "likeable." The presidency isn't a popularity contest but the opportunity for voters to choose the most qualified individual.

Would you choose a "likeable" heart surgeon over a competent one? That seems to be the current trend in politicians.
+Brian Wagar What do I call what? The country? Not a business. America is not in the "business" of making money.

A country is a collection of people. It's not a family or a business, it's a collection. Collections simply exist. The government's job is to maintain the security of that collection, protect it and to some degree, lead it.

In America, our collection allows us to have businesses and families, because 236 years ago a group of guys drafted up a set of rules to ensure that. But the collection IS NOT a business and can't be run like one. 

+Greg Swagler Of course he pays more. He has an 8 figure salary, he'd pay more if he paid 1%. 

+Milton Ragsdale Clinton was great for this country and our economy. That's an awful argument.
+Milton Ragsdale But I might choose to vote for someone who doesn't need to resort to vague jingoistic nonsense. I find that sort of thing intensely unlikeable. But, you know ... I'm just a gullible voter.
+Milton Ragsdale So Romney doesn't, has not and won't lie? A fucking angel, that man! He must be hiding his wings out of modesty. If he says something that is untrue, he'll just switch to that position, so he retroactively told the truth, right?
+Kit Malone No no! He doesn't lie. That's the point, I guess. Romney is like Jesus; infallible and perfect. Not at all repressive, regressive and greedy.

He gave money to charities, too! Granted, one is owned by his family, and the biggest contributions went to the Mormon church, who doesn't really distribute it to the needy, but they were non-profits, and that's the important thing.
+David Dietle +Kit Malone So, you'll take Obama's lies?  And a free cell phone?  On top of 4 years of utter fiscal failure???  Nice attempt to put words in +Milton Ragsdale's mouth -- I'm sure he appreciates it.
+David Dietle No America dose not make money, it manages money.. and the lack of management is shown in the state of witch the country is in. There is only one question you should ask , for get about health care and all that other stuff the question you should be asking is how is he going to manage to pay back the national dept ? he's going to raise your taxes, while raising your taxes he's going to borrow more money !
The moment someone asks me to "prove" something is the moment I realize that I'm talking to idiots (in order to "prove" I'd have to go find information on the Internet and bring it back.

Then I'd have to prove the proof.
and that just continues to repeat forever, because the "guy on the other side" wouldn't even go and read anything that I'd present -- so the entire exercise of "proof" would have been pointless, in the first place.

You need to not be a moron and find evidence on the contrary.

Didn't anyone attend college? Or HIGH SCHOOL, for that matter?

Wasn't debate and research part of your school's curriculum, or was I just especially fortunate in having a competent and worthwhile educational track?

No, you twit; Romney isn't sending anyone or anything anywhere.

What's happening is HIS COMPANIES are doing this.

Jesus christ... 
The very fact that there are AMERICANS talking down about "Liberals" is shocking, enough, because THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WAS FOUNDED BY LIBERALS


Did you just drink your way through school or something?
You're acting as if you've never spent a day in college or HIGH SCHOOL.
+Aaron Smith So Romney doesn't lie? Ever? And the republicans have never blocked legislation that would have helped people simply  because they wanted to make the president look bad? 

You're just as biased and skewed as we are. And yes, I don't care if he lies about some things because all politicians do. Romney will too. Get him of your little pedestal.

He would deny my wife and daughter the right to abort a baby that was forced upon them by someone, or who's birth would kill them. He would tell people who have done nothing wrong in their lives to pick themselves up by their bootstraps like "he did". The country has the responsibility to its citizens who can't take care of themselves to take care of them.

This isn't the wild west, it's the most developed country on Earth and denying any of our citizens the right or opportunity to improve their lives is a fucking crime. 

Not all, but too many republicans are crazy ass tea partiers or religious zealots. That mentality will put us on par with a crazy repressive country like Iran.

+Brian Wagar He inherited a catastrophe from Bush. Do you honestly think that if Romney won, and the Democrats blocked everything he did, we'd get anywhere? How is Romney going to pay for our defense budget without keeping up taxes?
+David Dietle "He would deny my wife and daughter the right to abort a baby that was forced upon them by someone, or who's birth would kill them."

Romney is adamantly opposed to abortions, unless it involves cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is in mortal danger.
I'm afraid your assumption is false in your quote.
+Marty D'Arcy  Nope, because he supports the Republican platform, that is now to deny it even in cases of rape and incest. Is he going to fight their policies if elected? No, he's going to do whatever his constituents want him to do.

Plus, he tried stalking a woman out of getting a life saving abortion. He WILL push his religious beliefs if given the opportunity, which is not the right of the president, and in fact, against the constitution.
+David Dietle I am aware of that the Republican platform says, but the above is what Romney personally believes. And you said "Romney."  No one knows as of today if the Republican platform will change on this.  As you know, the Democratic platform has some disagreements of it's own by watching the Democratic convention this year.
+David Dietle  Mormons are not the only religion that don't believe in abortion.  The Catholics believe the same.  I'm not Baptist but they may also disagree with abortions as well.
+David Dietle Stop blaming bush ! and yes i do think that , Barack Obama wants every thing done with out the approval of the house or senate.
+Marty D'Arcy And I would fight against any other candidate with such a clear track record of trying to impose their religion. That includes atheism. 

Morality can exist without religion, and religion has no place in politics.
+Piero Lecca I assume that is a matter of opinion and you are allowed yours as I am allowed mine.  Personally, I believe in financial and business freedoms and enterprizes.
+David Dietle I happen to believe in religious freedom. I see no area Romney has tried to impose his religion on government. He is allowed his beliefs just as Kennedy did as a Catholic.
Maybe the Democratic party needs to review their thoughts on religion.  Notice they tried to remove God from their own platform?
Im with mikey romney ryan great ticket romney needs to get nasty with obama thou time to let it ride n kick but just like biz
+David Dietle "So Romney doesn't lie? Ever? And the republicans have never blocked legislation that would have helped people simply  because they wanted to make the president look bad?"

So, it's my turn to have words put in my mouth, I guess.  I don't know where you're pulling all this random talk from, but I believe you might have anger issues.

"You're just as biased and skewed as we are. And yes, I don't care if he lies about some things because all politicians do. Romney will too. Get him of your little pedestal."

If all politicians lie, then how do you choose your candidate?  And please, speak for yourself -- being informed is different that being biased.  I consider myself the former.
+Marty D'Arcy I do as well. My biggest fear with him is his bowing to whoever is paying the tab, and too many of those people would suppress truth and knowledge. 

I am completely for the Democrats removing God; God has NO PLACE in our government. Keep it on the money, whatever, but keep it out of congress and the White House.

+Aaron Smith Didn't address a thing I said, just the tone. Read what else I've posted, you'll know what I am voting for. I am informed as well. Don't assume my sources are biased because they don't agree with yours.

So once again; do you think Romney doesn't/won't lie? Since that seems to be a major reason so many people don't like Obama, then it must disqualify any candidate who lies. Otherwise you just don't like him for being a Democrat, which is fine, but be honest about it.

I'm honest about why I don't like Romney; I think he's dangerous for those close to me.
Obama made many promises he didn't even attempt to come thru on. Romney is a liar as well. Good luck picking a President from the ones chosen for you. 
+David Dietle Not sure if you have noticed, but I am a female. I personally believe that it should be a woman's choice if she wants an abortion.  I relate it to the government dictating to men if they can have vasectomies! That is none of the government's business either!
But I must tell you, the abortion issue to me is not the most important.

I am more concerned about the government debt that Obama has accumulated and WHO will pay for it.  I am also concerned about the safety of America! Since Obama ignored the latest 9-11 terrorist attack and is STILL keeping America uninformed, allowed 4 Americans to be killed when he had warnings, how do you expect him to keep all of America safe?  Granted, I am former airline (re: to 9-11 WTC), but maybe my knowledge about those attacks gives me more more worry than the ordinary citizen.    
There are more than "Democrats" and "Republicans" and "Libertarians".

The problem with US Politics is that if you're not a "D" or an "R", you're invisible -- and so, the only people in power are Democrats and Republicans.

If you've never considered a candidate that isn't a D or R, you're pretty much part of the problem with this nation.

Give the "other parties" a vote, and you've taken some power away from the ones that have been causing problems.


They're both capital democrats, so what do you expect to change?
+Marty D'Arcy  If we lose individual freedoms, then who cares about the economy? The country is made of individuals, and their freedom to be equal trumps everything else.

American IS SAFE. Bush was in power when we were attacked, a Republican, and our military was plenty powerful. And he apparently had plenty of prior warning as well. If you're going to believe one story, believe them all.

A group of assholes in another country overwhelmed an embassy; that is a far cry from flying jets into skyscrapers and killing thousands. In either case; was the president privy to the information and told their advisers to piss off? or are some of these things beyond their power and they get blamed because they are the president?

I don't hate Bush for 9/11. I hated him for quite a bit else. I think he was a moron about a good number of things, and morally bankrupt for the rest of them. Similarly, I think Romney is a sociopath, meaning he CAN'T relate to others. He doesn't relate to others because he can't, he isn't wired that way.
Inspect any other 1st or 2nd world congress, and there's many more than 2 or 3 governing political parties (except authoritarian or fascist nations, of course).
Commons Political groups
  Conservatives (163)
  New Democrats (100)
  Liberals (35)
  Bloc Québécois (4)
  Green (1)
  Independent Conservative (1)
  Independents (1)
  Vacant (3)
+David Dietle  You're right about individuals freedoms! Obama is doing his best to turn America into a Socialist country and I (and millions others) reject that notion. We SEE where he is taking us.
America is NOT safe. This latest incident proves it. Cutting back on the military is the last thing we need to do now!
David? Guess what? The LAST thing we thought the terrorist would do was attack via commercial aircraft. There was NO warning! I'm sorry to inform you, and no, I will not tell you how, but I have inside knowledge on that.
I refuse to debate you on Bush. He is gone, we have had Obama for 4 years and I want my country and solvientry back.  Enough said. Vote as you wish, but take off your blinders first please.  
Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir 55,758 29.79 3.03 20 2
Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn) Bjarni Benediktsson 44,371 23.70 12.94 16 9
Left-Green Movement (Vinstrihreyfingin - grænt framboð) Steingrímur J. Sigfússon 40,581 21.68 7.33 14 5
Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkurinn) Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson 27,699 14.80 3.08 9 2
Citizens' Movement (Borgarahreyfingin) no designated chairperson 13,519 7.22 — 4 —
Liberal Party (Frjálslyndi flokkurinn) Guðjón Arnar Kristjánsson 4,148 2.22 5.04 0 4
Democracy Movement (Lýðræðishreyfingin) Ástþór Magnússon
Evo Morales Ayma Movement for Socialism 2.943.209 64,22 88 26
  Manfred Reyes Villa Plan Progress for Bolivia – National Convergence 1.212.795 26,46 37 10
  Samuel Doria Medina National Unity Front 258.971 5,65 3
  René Joaquino Carlos Social Alliance 106.027 2,31 2
  Ana María Flores Social Patriotic Unity Movement 23.257 0,51
  Román Loayza People 15.627 0,34
  Alejo Véliz Peoples for Liberty and Sovereignty 12.995 0,28
  Rime Choquehuanca Social Democratic Bolivia 9.905 0,22 
+Marty D'Arcy 
Obama is FAR from a socialist.
He's a capitalist, through and through.

A socialist would have told the [failing] banks to go fuck themselves, as Iceland did... and then they prosecuted their asses.

We would be so lucky to become a socialist economy -- but our economy is a Capital Democratic economy.

That means, most or anything is allowed in pursuit of capital (money/wealth).
+Marty D'Arcy Just because I don't agree, doesn't mean I'm blind. The country is not being turned socialist. You don't think we as a country don't have a responsibility to our citizens?

And we aren't safe? Maybe our little islands in a violent part of the world aren't terribly safe, but that was an illusion to begin with. It's not like we have Apaches circling them. Our military is fine; we spend a retarded amount of money on it. We still have the best trained soldiers and the best equipment.We'll do fine.
+Крыстафер Гомес The Founding Fathers also kept slaves, ran businesses and farms, rebelled against big government, opposed unfair taxation, supported the rights of the armed citizen and saw nothing wrong with prayer in public school.

Today's so-called "Liberals" have very little in common with the Founding Fathers so stop being deceptive. I would call today's "Liberals" more Backwards Reactionaries" since they vainly cling to failed social programs, such as Social Security, Medicare and Welfare, instead of letting them expire as originally planned.
aaahhhh go open a window in a plane somewhere...
Do you know what caused this nation to rebel?

King George was spending the People's money to pay back his Royal Debt, leaving the poor and destitute to fend for themselves.
English: A new way to pay the national-debt / design'd by Helagabalis ; executed by Sejanus.

SUMMARY: Cartoon shows King George III and Queen Charlotte standing before the Treasury, moneybags under their arms, their pockets overflowing and bursting with coins (funds from the Treasury to cover Royal debts), William Pitt, his pockets full of coins, hands the king another moneybag taken from an overflowing wheelbarrow; the Prince of Wales, George IV, stands to the right looking destitute; a quad-amputee sits on the ground to the left with an overturned and empty hat between the stubs of his legs, which are fitted with prostheses.
+David Dietle Check your facts. Obama is cutting military spending. That is the last thing we need.  As far as America being safe, convince yourself. Fine.  But I know better. I have children that I want to keep safe. Obama is not capable of doing that.  I suggest you delve into more information on that issue.  Even left wing CNN is now reporting the facts and disagreeing with Obama. Enough said, but thanks for your input.
The Founding Fathers were rebelling against the CONSERVATIVES in England that wanted to retain the Crown.

The Founding Fathers were LIBERALS.
+Savage Walker I see you can't take a joke either!  Get serious! Looking for something or someone to pick on?  You are on the wrong thread about commercial aircrafts and their safety!  lol
Debts amounting to over £3 million over the course of George's reign were paid by Parliament, and the Civil List annuity was increased from time to time.
+Marty D'Arcy All government spending has to be cut, even the military. Even more so, entitlement programs have to be eliminated entirely. Government must be reduced to its original, modest purpose.
+Milton Ragsdale It appears that some here don't understand the meaning of trolling.
Troll is someone who posts inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
+Marty D'Arcy   I didn't say he wasn't cutting military spending. American isn't safe? Is Canada planning on invading? Afghanistan? No, our sovereign nation is fine, and electing a democrat isn't going to change that. The last 2 republican presidents got us into war.  We aren't defending our nation, we're sending our people to other countries to die.

Do you think any one fighting force on earth can take on America in a head to head fight and win, even if we lost 30% of our military? Name me one. And that's assuming we didn't have the support of our allies.

Considering Romney insulted our oldest ally, he'd be the one to make that happen.
Thankfully +Milton Ragsdale Finally someone here understands!  Thank you!  Your additions are more than welcomed!
But I do disagree about cutting the military. Cut in other areas.
If the military pulled out right now, nothing would happen.

We're only there to make sure that we keep a handle on the oil and poppies.
And... if we were invaded right now, with all our troops overseas, we'd be fuct. I mean, game over.

We've even so much as sent the National Guard (our MILITA!) overseas.

We are, literally, defenseless right now.
Thanks, +Marty D'Arcy , I happen to agree with Ron Paul -The US does not need troops overseas anywhere. The very fact that the US has to borrow money from the likes of China in order to give that money to countries that hate the US is insane. It is just as insane to borrow money to protect countries that should defend themselves for a change.

The friends the US has to bribe aren't really friends.
+Milton Ragsdale  I agree on many issues of Ron Paul, but not all.
I certainly don't agree with him enough to write him in for President. If I did, Obama may get his 2nd term!  lol
But we do need enough military to protect us from another attack......all angles.
Ron Paul denounces public welfare...
But upon closer inspection, we find that he's been collecting Social Security* while he works as a high-paid private physician.

That money could be going to someone's grandparent; but Ron Paul is wiping his ass with it while pissing on the people that he intends to lead.

*(social security is socialist, as you know)
+Marty D'Arcy With so many troops overseas, are we now ripe for attack? From Russia? Or China? Are we fending off Red Dawn!

Go Wolverines!
+Крыстафер Гомес Ron Paul deserves his SS. He worked for it, just as I did.  FDR started it in 1935.
I don't consider SS socialist. That is monies WE paid in as savings. It is not given away as FREE
If you're not worried about invasion, then you shouldn't be worried about any "risk" of bringing, if not disbanding, our military back.
Wasn't it our buildings here in the States that were "attacked"?

I mean, shouldn't we be HERE in order to "stop terrorism", instead of else-where?
it isn't Obama that would be "keeping America safe".

We have Generals that Obama will listen to..
Generals that are the eyes and ears of Obama.

What the hell are you talking about, +Marty D'Arcy?
+Крыстафер Гомес  Unfortunately, I don't have time to sit and peruse websites all day. I have responsibilities on a daily basis. I only depend on news websites lately for a brief time daily. We do not all have leisure as some do.
Then +Крыстафер Гомес Obama should have paid closer attention to international affairs.
NO thanks. My free time has ended for the night. Time to scoot and get to my duties.  Pleasant evening all!  :-)
+Marty D'Arcy So he offers up proof and you blow him off? That explains everything to me. And Romney will destroy our image in other countries. He's not even president and has made great inroads toward our allies not liking him.
You realize this is lame as shit... you know you can do this, too...

Or is that your plan? I go "fetch" your shit, and then read it to you?

dude. you're not a child.
do your own fuckin homework
He tries, +Marty D'Arcy, but look what happens when he shakes his hand with an Islamic leader.

The GOP blow it clear out of proportion.

There are still people that think he's not a US citizen, for god's sake.
+Крыстафер Гомес
Take your foul language elsewhere.
+Крыстафер Гомес
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.  G'night
Reagan was the greatest president of my lifetime.

Obama was the worst president of my lifetime.

Go Romney/Ryan 2012!!!
Sarcasm is pure irony, which is the basis for comedy. It's the blood of wit.
+David Dietle 
"Marty D'Arcy Your actions asked for it."

I ask for nothing but courtesy for all commenters, David. Simply for those that have thread and chat manners. G'night
Arte you kidding me .you have 40 days and this is all you can come up with. How about millions of unemployed and underemployed. How about the navy seals that died trying to help the ambassador. You dumb ass no wonder your losing
+Marty D'Arcy You dismissed him after he went out of his way to provide you with backing for his claims. In case you hadn't noticed, people don't enjoy being dismissed offhandedly. Romney's been doing damage control on that for a couple of weeks now.

+Milton Ragsdale And when you cut the military spending and the USA gets bombed again or worse , I hear your voice screaming the loudest for military spending !
Who exactly are America's allies, +David Dietle ?

My whole life, I have thought Israel was one. The Obama administration hasn't made this clear to anybody. Israel is worried and surrounded by terrorists. The Obama administration gave the Muslim Brotherhood 1.5 Billion dollars of taxpayer money and access to the White House. These are the same animals that want to destroy Israel. They are the animals responsible for the 9-11 attacks this year.
+Marty D'Arcy It's a normal human response.

+Bill Thick, Jr. Netanyahu doesn't have the support of his government. Not wanting to instigate a war is not not supporting your allies. As far as the rest of our allies? Most of western Europe, Canada, India, Japan...  We have many.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the elected government in Egypt right now. Last I heard they were trying to balance things in that country. Egypt isn't any more responsible for what militant assholes in their country are doing than we were for some dumb fuck making a stupid movie that pissed them off. nation under fraud, divisible, without liberty and justice for some.  Pledge of alligiance of the Conservees! :D
At any rate, I don't expect anyone's mind is going to be changed, nor is anyone going to look beyond their comfortable bubble. This right here is a nice little microcosm of what's wrong with the world in general. Endless bickering with no headway, ever. no progress, just stagnation.
+David Dietle you're right, only 29% of the Israelis support that loon Ben. If he wants war with Iran, let him have at it, the warmongering bastard! Israel's prime minister, doesn't represent peace, Ben has made them dependent on the U.S. as a tool to justify a nuclear end!

"No more war!!!*
...and here comes +Jenni Buccio with the fake picture she took from the internet as her avatar.

+David Dietle ...the prime minister of Israel has the support of his people. Period.

Learn to debate without calling names. You Obamadrones are hurting your candidate, not helping him.
+Bill Thick, Jr. is that the only pathetic argument you have? You warmongering pseudo-militia moon bat. Why don't you move to Israel, they take the US's leftover crazies from the Bush wars.
+Daniel Shetler are you saying that I didn't share a fact? If you have something that refutes my information, share it!
...and of course Jennibot says "no more war". Tell me, Jenni. Have you ever served your country? Have you ever been to war? Have you ever seen combat? Don't try to speak for people like myself who have. Every Israeli citizen has seen what I have. You can't speak for them either.
+Bill Thick, Jr. where's your source that he has the popular support of his peoplr?

Ironic, too that I never called anyone names (I was calling the militants assholes) yet in the next sentence you resorted to exactly that...
+Bill Thick, Jr. if I did, I wouldn't be so happy about being sent to war because of someone's ego bull, Bush's! That's who you served, that's why you went, that's why you killed, that's why you hate!!!
I stand by my statement. Everybody knows +Jenni Buccio took her profile photo from online images posted by a hair salon in Texas. Why is she afraid to show her real face? Typical liberal robot. At least I stand behind my statements with a real profile photo and location. I also make my points without cussing and put downs.
+Bill Thick, Jr. I have friends on G+ that can verify, but, it's not going to deter me from telling the truth!!
People who invade countries like Kuwait deserve to be killed, as do Muslim terrorists. I said that with my real name and location. You are welcome.
Democrats elect Attorneys for President...Republicans elect Actors, Draft Dodgers, Bermuda Tax Cheats, and ex-Burger King employees
...and here enters another liberal afraid to show his face. Hey Mitch! Atari is GAY!!!
Hate-mongering, wow, this one has them all! LOL
I fought to defend an innocent country that was invaded when you were still swimming in your daddy's nuts! I hope you find him ;)
+Brian Wagar you're just as pathetic. Is that all you have to offer? Can you state facts about your Mitty, in between your idiocy at least?
I think our friend Bill is really a Log Cabin Republican in disguise...
Ronald Reagan would be embarrassed at what the GOP has become..the party of hate and fear.
I sure will. I will start with teaching you how to do chores and earn your keep. I will teach you to take responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming others. I will teach you to work hard, instead of expecting entitlements and I will be a parent and not your friend. You will grow up to be self reliant and proud, not a liberal coward with a hand out. Imagine how much better off you would be if your parents had a backbone and morals like me.
+Brian Wagar that was pretty lame! I see that earlier, you never answered a very logical question posed by a wicked smart user, why? Because yes, you're too brainless to have challenged her!!!

You're too easy, boring!
My grandparents will be voting Democrat for the first time in 40 years. =)
Seriously? Geesh, Mitt really could dig up or say just about anything right now at this point and people will freak out about it. "Mens penises are never more than one generation away from shrinkage!" "I'm tellin' ya, they'll get smaller in one generation if Obama is re-elected!" I guess Mitt never actually meant what he said about Obama a while back about scare tactics...Way to go flip-flop'r!
LOL, I can't write what I want anymore!!! Pathetic Romney thread!! I had my say, Ciao stronzi!!!!
+Bill Thick, Jr. Unfortunately, I dont fit your small-brained stereotypes. My Dad is a PHD engineer and Im a self employed IT engineer and business owner and father. Maybe I need to be your Daddy....
You stereotyped yourself by using an avatar of an Atari shirt, +Mitch Stokely . You couldn't handle being my father. You aren't man enough to father a conservative, veteran son.
You people are boring me.

Romney/Ryan 2012!

Good night! Sure I will see you again. I always do.
Freedom at stake u F..... kidding me. People are starving to death because you and your big business pals are killing us sell economically and u tell us that we are free.......We are all economically enslaved , freedom is but a dream.
"Why would you vote for the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama in 2008" - Newt Gingrich on Romney
Stay strong +Mitt Romney Don't let the constant flow of bashing, name calling, false accusations, and media bias get you down.
Electrify the people of the USA with a vision of your tomorrow they will vote for you.
+David Dietle Embassies and consulates are considered sovereign territory, and the attacks in Libya and Egypt were attacks on the United States.

Obama's incessant drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in the Arabian Peninsula are inflaming the people of the middle east against us and making us less safe.

Allowing Iran to get a nuclear weapon will not make us more safe either.  Obama's policies are making America far less safe for our children's generation.
But which Ronald Reagan are we talking about? The alternate-universe Reagan who never raised taxes, never increased the deficit and never reached the other side of the aisle? He's from the same universe of communist, foreign-born, Muslim Obama who picked up the country in excellent shape and somehow managed to ruin it. I stick to this reality.
Republicans don't know this but Reagan lowered tax rates but raised effective taxes paid to the government overall, having one of the highest tax increases via two bills enacted by him that increased tax revenue! How ironic....but the GOP are too dumb to know this...shhhhh
Please don't make us go though four more years like the last four. Vote Romney Ryan.
+Nick Paterakis Really? People are starving to death in the US? With government spending over a trillion dollars a year there are people in the US starving to death? I'd like to see some documentation, considering that the most common disease among the American Poverty Class for several decades has been obesity.
+Mitch Stokely Actually I think Republicans know perfectly well that Reagan's tax rate cuts resulted in increased tax revenue due to economic growth.
What the hell does this mean?

Sounds like doom-n-gloom war mongering.
+Warren Dew The guy said that people have starved to death...You'd figure that they'd eat at home instead of just at school.
Lets combine our efforts NOW for Romney Ryan. 
Next, Mitt will tell you that Obama is coming for your guns and bibles. Beware.
+Fredo Rodriguez There is NOTHING Obama has done to limit access to firearms. This is only true in the delusional right-wing mind.
+Warren Dew Yes. And - that quote continues: "You know, I think what you'll find is that people of every background—there are going to be a mix of people. You can go in the toughest neighborhood, you know, working-class lunch-pail folks, and you'll find Obama enthusiasts. And you can go into places where you’d think that I'd be very strong, and people will just be skeptical. The important thing is that you show up and you're doing what you're doing."

So even in this "controversial" comment, Obama never wrote those people off. Unlike that other recent presidential candidate.
+Georgi Trifonov Yeah, Obama took the entitlement approach of assuming he should be very strong in those areas, instead.  He's always an expert on what other people should think.
+Warren Dew Well, that's not really what he says. His whole point was against making assumptions.
There are 40 reasons for the FAIR TAX PLAN... 1.. Common sense tax reform
Socialism has been a proven failure time and time again. Let's get Romney on the job to bringing responsibility back to America!
@ Brain Lougheed Why are you having to troll? Maybe because you have nothing to do with your life and your time. 
Let's talk about what really matters. 16 trillion in debt, 28 million Americans on foodstamps and unemployment through the roof.
Let's talk about that, all day, every day.
If Romney can be just like Reagan then we have a great shot at a full blown American comeback. Stop the taxation without representation! Start DRILLING!
All Christians Fast & Pray for Romney-Ryan to deliver us from the Obama hell in USA.  Fast & Pray so that Romney-Ryan can deliver excellent, effective, superb debate against the Obama to win the Romney-Ryan 45th President of USA with the God's blessing of superior intellect, wisdom, ideas, plans, energy, effective speech, health, power, and energy to deliver most effective debates so that 80% of Americans get to know the wisdom, intelligence, and experience which Romney-Ryan can deliver for the healthy recovery, restoration of USA and VOTE for ROMNEY-RYAN to be the 45th President of USA.

†★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★†

†★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ ❤ †★† ❤ 

Reagan - tripled taxes in 7 of his 8 years in office and still managed to triple the National debt at the time. As far as Romney-Ryan, the only thing they're capable of doing is delivering us from the frying pan into the fire. Tweak your dosage.
Let's give them a chance to try.  We need someone that can change the culture of Washington.  He did it with MA, he did it with the Olympics  I bet he can do it with Congress. #mittromney2012  
Oh, the dramatic irony of a fast to support the billionaire presidential candidate. 

He invokes Reagan like every good Republican, but Reaganomics was the beginning of todays ills, and we are currently cleaning up the long term effects of that presidency. 

You know what I'd like to see happen? Someone making over one million dollars a year being taxed at a rate that is similar to someone making 50 thousand. You know what would also be nice? A Congress that passes legislation from time to time, or maybe even fills their obligations to keep the district court judge positions filled.

Republican obstructionism in Congress is an act that has been a nuisance at best, treasonous at worse. Every Republican should be ashamed at their representative in Congress, as their stated goal has been to defeat the President at any cost, even at the plight of the American people. Do your research, watch what is happening, be aware of the current political environment, and you will find that a vote for Obama will be a vote for reasoned, fair, and equitable government that has been putting people back to work for 3 years now.

Republicans in Congress do not support you. #mittromney  does not support you. They support the plutocracy, government for the rich and no one else. 
And some people believe anything that supports their pre existing ideals
If Obama is a jihadi martyr, then I'll change my mind. Until then, Mitt is still an out of touch robot with no direction or specific policies, and Obama turned around a spiraling economy while his critics fought against every attempt at reasonable policy as a political calculation. Republicans have lost their way, and they have made obstructionism and scorched earth politics a party platform, and that's not good for America.
Under Obama  cost of goods has gone up  30%   on some things more  & increasing. Under Obama all I've heard is talk and when he had 2 years of democrat congress  .. He  went after healthcare not getting America back to work  & even had $800 billion from Bush to do it with ... What did he do pay off the unions
How about religion.. there's a good one  ask Obama why only Muslims where aloud at DNC  
You're out of your mind.  The economy is still in the dumpster.  There are less people working in the US now then there were 4 years ago.  I'm not sure if Romney's plans will help but certainly another 4 years of Obama's strategy won't.
LOL more about the islam thing.  you righties are so afraid of anything that isn't white, straight, and christian it's amazing.

first of all, the president is not a muslim, but even if he was, the 1st amendment guarantees his right to be one and be the president, you could read it sometime, but you probably wont.  secondly, there were a wide variety of speakers at the DNC.  are you saying joe biden is a muslim now too?  he spoke at the convention.  Bill Clinton... muslim?  lol.  again, you righties are so fearful!  and in this case, the thing you're afraid of is a lie.

the economic arguments, while i disagree with them, are not oozing racism like the "he's a muslim", or "he's not an american", or "he's a foreigner" stuff... but since many of you guys think ayn rand novels are economics textbooks rather than fictional novels, and since many of you think anyone to your left is a "socialist", even though you would struggle to define socialism without wikipedia, it's another tough conversation to have.
we do not want mitt romny  to be aleader of america,please do your praivet bussiness '.
Americans out of work, 28 million families on foodstamps? 16 trillion in debt? We can't afford to reelect this Obama.
+Mitt Romney   Wow!  What magic Etch A Scketch did you pul this one out of and why are you trolling your own page? is the 48% remark affecting your thinking?   by the way what ae you thinking?  I sometimes wonder if you know yourself, please tell me you are not having Alzheimers or demetia.
Kim Do
I supported Ronald Reagan before and now I'm excited to see Mitt Romney become the President of the United States! You have my vote! I respect all that you do and for continuing your efforts in running this race! I apologize on behalf of our fellow Americans... the things some of us say are too cruel... please forgive them.
+Michael Dennis - Wait, so Old Jimmy Carter's grandson released the tape beause he thought it would make New Jimmy Carter's opponent look bad?

Does that about sum it up?
+Jordan Miller No but good try.  Romney did it to himself and the wound is deeper than many people have come to realize yet..  that 47% remarke will haunt him for the rest of his life.  Romney is Toxic and his toxicity is spreading, hsi support is starting tro dry up, he's hoping to come up with one zinger, but zingers do not win election,  Mit is no prepared for Presdent.  He is suffering from political Hyper ADD, he's losing a lot of sleep and he's starting to sound loopy.  the pressude is great and with so little slep he willfalter stumble and never get up. he can't just levl a bunsh of charges and trying to get something to stick is  not going to work. his phantom 59 point plan is a lot of Romney speak, says a lot but says he has it confined to 5 points, not swift if you ask me. his menat deficiency is amazinf to say the least.
+Michael Dennis - that made almost zero sense, so I am not sure how to respond. Can you please tell me what you had for breakfast? My four year old son and I were discussing what trolls eat. Thank you in advance.
+Jordan Miller   Calling me names now  sorry didn't mean to write difficult words.  let me make it simple. Mitt Romney is a stupid man to be so intellegent, so out of touch and a selfish bore.  He has no clear vision, he's all over the place and no one is sure, after al this time, what he stands for,   He seems lost, dazed and confused.  He rarely answers questions, just a bunsh of Romney speak.  When he went to try to reach out to hispanics, he insulted them and used a slur, becasue he did not care enough to do some rudamentry research.   This would have helped him avoid insulting people.  His visit to Telemoundo, only open the gap wider. Romney does not hae a secret weapon like the President. (the one he's hiding is so impotent that he is not willing to bring it out. his secret weapon will be in the Caymans visiting Romney's money just before the election  Maybe he's actrually goping there top bring home some of Romney's money home
+Jordan Miller What he was getting at, is Mitt is not your Reagan. Mitt can't speak to normal people, because he is not normal. He's a sociopath, willing to destroy people's lives to flip a quick buck, and it's beginning to show.  

Mitt's strategy through the primaries was stay out of the spotlight, and let the other guys screw up until they run out of money and drop out, but in the generals, that doesn't fly, and the more we learn about him, the more regular people despise him.

From what I am constantly reading, conservatives don't want Mitt, they are just dealing with him because it's their best chance against Obama. Is the former governor of Massachusetts your favorite candidate? Really? This guy can't be your number one pick, but that's why he doesn't talk about himself, or any specifics about what he would do as president, he just outright lies and plays petty political games.

A vote for the Republican party is a vote for continued obstructionism at best, more deregulation and calculated destruction of the American way of life at worst. Their goal is to open the floodgates so that normal people like you and I aren't on a level playing field, so that the richest among us can get a little bit richer. And why? because that's what the richest among us asked for as they personally donated their check to the election campaign. 

Obama reversed the worst recession since the Great Depression, and has begun the process of rebuilding this country after decades of neglect. Like always, the cleanup crew will take the bumps and bruises from the people on the sidelines, but the choice is clear: Stick with the guy who has created steady growth for 3 years now among the worst economic conditions in our lifetimes, or take your chances on the guy who has given no specifics, has publicly wavered on every major political issue since the beginning of his adult life, has not one conservative bone in his body, and left Massachusetts in absolute shambles after he stepped down as governor. 

The GOP is bad for America, and they could care less. 

#mittromneyisbadforamerica   #barackobama2012  
lol the funny thing is... I see this bumper sticker and I think what's at stake if Romney were elected. My Freedoms. If buying this sticker supported Obama, I would.
Instead of obama or romney bieng voted in we should make them fight each other to the death, then deport the one that lives (from the planet)...with a big slingshot 
You copied Obama! You know Obama is better than you. Will just have to find out on November, 6th! 
But Obama copied it from Stalin!!
He wasn't talking about corporate freedom Mitt. Oh wait, it was Reagan? Maybe he was.
the FAIR TAX PLAN ...Everybody keeps there whole earnings ..
Common Sense Tax Reform.
Fuck Reagan. The man was a monster, and his wife was a close minded bitch. Glad they are both dead.
you're probably not including your gay kids or kids that may have an illness in that, Julia.
Obama the communist can't think of anthing he wouldn't take away from anyone. No freedom with him.
You have successfully summed up why I'm NOT voting republican!  How many more liberties are you, my fellow Americans, going to let the republicans take from you.
LIVE FREE! +Gary Johnson 
You're no Ronald Reagan.  Also, Republicans might want to consider idolizing someone else if they're going to talk about reducing spending.  Reagan did, after all, increase the national debt by 189% while in office...

And yeah, Gary Johnson 2012, all the way.
Its a good thing the Republicans treated Ron Paul supporters with such respect.  It goes a long way to show how they value freedom of speech and our democracy.  (and yes i am being sarcastic)
I am still wondering how many people will write in Ron Paul for President?  If enough people do, would he be elected or is our political system so screwed that the people's voice no longer counts?
You better pray and hope that is not the case. Remember Bush Sr and Clinton? Texas voted for Pereaux and Clinton won. We will be slaves if O wins. He is nothing but a fraud! You and I would be in jail. why isn't he!
its a shame perot did not win. unlike mitt perot was a real conservative, who didnt have to lie to win. mitt you are an embarrassment to all real conservatives.
Mitt Romney, you are far from Ronald Reagan.... But you already know that...
Lucky for us, the hypnotism that blinded Americans in 2008 seems to have diminished and people are finally opening their eyes to reality - assisted mightily by Obama's atrocious record of failure and weakening of our nation for the last 4 years.  GO R & R!
More true than people know. If they knew the truth they would not vote owebama. 
I want to be part of those trying to preserve freedom, not those trying to make it extinct.  Vote Romney!
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