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Join me tomorrow at 1:45 PM CDT for a Google+ hangout. Have a question? Submit it using #AskMitt .
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Looking forward to it thank you!
I just attended a class about social media and e-commerce, let me tell you, this is not what you are supposed to do... I smell a failure like #mcdonaldstories
I already know you will be the next president! We are behind you 100% of the way Mitt!
He doesn't control the #askmitt tag anymore. If I wanted to add that to any question everybody who was checking out that tag would read it.

Ex. "How do you feel about grinding up children, turning them into chicken mcnuggets, lacing them with small pox, shipping them over to china, and handing them out to turn a profit? #askmitt"

And now he looks like a moron...
he only looks bad if he can't figure out the right answer. was the proper response to child-grinding programmed into him?
If an overwhelming amount of those types of questions were to come up, he could be stuck with egg on his face.
+Darrell Henderson Um no he doesn't. I could take and do #askDarrellHenderson and that doesn't make you look like an idiot. I only makes the people asking moronic questions look like a moron. The fact that he is using a hash tag instead of other methods shows he is not caught in the net of past technology.
#askmitt Do you have egg stuck on your face?
#AskMitt, In your own state of Massachusetts the two Candidates vying for the Senate seat have come to a common agreement NOT to take PAC and Super PAC monies, to the monetary detriment of their campaign should either accept money.

One of your common themes has been to lead this country in a new direction; why not start by renouncing any and all Super PAC money this election cycle and go back to a more civil, and issues based campaign?
+Darrell Henderson I see two issues with your reply. 1. Other groups have done the same thing and only McDonald's has had this failure. 2. The site they failed on was twitter with different ways of dealing with hash tags.
hey mitt will you be able to answer this queston: why dont you have any plans for improving education
If elected president, would you support a bill to grind up children, turn them into chicken McNuggets, lace them with small pox, and hand them out for profit? #AskMitt
Wishing you best of meeting ~ We sure need to vote out Obama nightmare. Obama has done nothing but "Massive Debt", "Wars", and "Market Hype". No O-nightmare after Jan 2013.

God bless Romney
I've got a 2-parter:

1. Given that, as President, you will not have direct control over the legislative process, what will you do to ensure the repeal of Obamacare?

2. What do you intend to replace it with?

Gov. Romney,
What's your view on Obama's space policies, and what would be your administration's goals for NASA, and the research and exploration of space? #AskMitt
Mittens, 2 questions:

1. Which Mitt Romney are you? Are you the one who is currently pandering to the extreme right of the GOP, or are you the Massachusetts moderate that I used to have a modicum of respect for?

2. The scope of government has grown dramatically since 9-11 vis-a-vis the patriot act and similar laws. What if anything do you intend to limit or eliminate these powers and undo the damage that has been done in this area by your party and by the current president?

America has always been the land of opportunity, and all of us aspire to the American dream. This is what I grew up being told by everyone. Today one hundred thousand start up businesses less start up each year. Why is this? One reason is the cost to compete with big corporations, the cost of internet advertising and the high cost of doing business, as well as credit card fees that make it hard for a small business owner to get ahead. Businesses advertise just with their sign in front of their store and by word of mouth. In today's economy this is no way to compete and have the American dream. Our economy is in trouble, Join us in our efforts to do something now to stop the bleeding. If you are a small business owner and wish to help other business owners and in turn help America's economy then join us.
Looks like Mitt is finally fulfilling some of your wishes! Then be there... and ask away!
I can barely wait until November! Go Mitt! 2012
Thank's Mitt, you rock.
I cant' make it because I have to work, but good luck.
Yep, I'm at work, but please do this again! #VirginiaVotesMitt. #Ofcoursewedidn'thaveanyotherchoice.
Here is a question, tells us why Mormons say is Jesus Satan's brother?
Here is another question, what genetic evidence is there that American Indians are actually Jews?
Hey +John Bill. I'm a Mormon, so I guess I can answer the question. Mormons don't say that Jesus is Satan's brother. I've heard opponents of our church say that we believe that, but we believe in the same Jesus that the rest of the Christian world believes in - the Son of God.
John. Who cares? This is a Presidential race. Not religion class. The man solves business issues and is a good person who is smart enough to be wealthy. He gets the economy and has always found a way to get things running right. I say he should have the support of all Americans who realize we can't save anyone else in this world when we are bleeding to death! We need triage and treatment. We need Romney 
I was just thinking the same thing. People please. This has nothing to do with religion.
If I bring my dog will you promise not to run him over with your Cadillac?
+Matt Vaughn"Who will redeem the earth, who will go forth and make the sacrifice for the earth and all things it contains?" The Eldest Son said: "Here am I"; and then he added, "Send me." But the second one, which was "Lucifer, Son of the Morning," said, "Lord, here am I, send me, I will redeem every son and daughter of Adam and Eve that lives on the earth, or that ever goes on the earth."
One more, Mittens:

Why did you tie your dog to the roof of your car?
+Zach Stein, why did President Obama tie this country to the svelt roof of Solyndra, high gas prices (he and his team yearned for them), rejecting the keystone pipeline, ballooning the deficit and the size of government, stomping on religious freedom, apologizing for America, accepting $1M from a misogynist, yet complaining Mitt needs to stand up to the "de facto leader of the republican party," bailing out and subsidizing his union friends, insisting on wasting taxpayer money on energy sources that amount to a whopping 2% (tops) of global energy production, and neglecting our veterans?

I'd add more, yet I assume you probably stopped reading by now.

I'm amused to read your comment because I'm sharply reminded of our president and his cronies, whose best defense is to resort to name-calling ("Mittens," "the flat earth society"), while insisting their opponents are clearly Luddites:
+Cougar Abogado Yes, because that all has something to do with my questions.

Also in regards to Bill Maher's donation (which is what I assume you're talking about): Obama cannot coordinate with SuperPACs, just like Romney can't coordinate with the pro Romney SuperpPAC that continues to bash his opponents. So you can't say "Obama accepted."

I'm not a die-hard Obama supporter so I can't defend everything about his record. But in regard to energy sources that currently amount to 2% of global production, isn't the point of investing in them that the amount of energy that they produce increases? So if it's currently 2% and we invest in it, and the output doubles, then it would be 4%, and so on. And in regard to veterans, Obama doesn't allocate expenditures, that's up to congress. One thing I will say is Obama voted for the GI bill, unlike McCain when he was a senator, and worked to extend veterans health and unemployment coverage despite republican opposition. Veterans benefits have been cut, but you can hang that one on your own party as they were the ones who wanted to cut them. Obama negotiated a lesser cut.

My best defense is reason, I just happen to enjoy deriding Willard "Mittens" Romney by calling him "Mittens".
+Zach Stein, what's stopping the President from denouncing Bill's myriad misogynistic remarks? How about for the sake of his daughters? I'm not asking him to return the money. Yet, he could stop whining about Mitt Romney standing up to Rush Limbaugh when he refuses to publicly repudiate Maher (who women groups have said is much worse). All his campaign is willing to do is quietly skip Maher's show.

The problem is less with investing in green energy and more with the government taking taxpayer money to foolishly choose losers (read: Solyndra), rather than letting investors and people who will lose their own money choose the winners. (The President's administration specifically pegged Solyndra for the cool $500M it received before going belly-up.)

I'll be candid in saying I'm unfamiliar with all the veterans issues, yet I'm confident President Obama has done little to resolve them.

As for reason being the best defense, how does focusing on a family-reported event, which the family all looked back on fondly (I assume until people started twisting it) represent sterling "reason"?
+Cougar Abogado As far as solyndra is concerned it was a bad investment I won't dispute's also obvious why it happened, there was a rush to find a company to invest in and they didn't do their due diligence. As far as investing in green energy in general, I think thats a good idea because it's a new sector and we have the opportunity to become leaders in it. There were other companies that got loan guarantees that didn't fail.

As far as the dog on the roof that shows poor judgement and a lack of humanity. The family may look back on it fondly, but what does that say about them? And yeah I'll admit I said it to agitate but I still stand by it as an example of poor judgement.

As far as veterans issues go the president can't fix them simply by fiat. I'd say the VA needs a lot of work and needs a comprehensive overhaul, but that's been going on since the Vietnam era. One candidate in this race actually has a terrible record on veterans issues, that one being Santorum, who brokered a land deal with the Catholic church that ended up ripping off the department of veterans affairs to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. (I actually read about this in the New Yorker a couple weeks ago, and I think there's a paywall so I can't share my original source).

I know he's tried to get congress to consider legislation that the administration wrote that would improve GI bill benefits for returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as give vets extended unemployment insurance. I also know the new jobs bill he put forward at the end of last year contained a provision with a tax credit for hiring veterans (I'm not sure if that remained in the bill once it passed congress). Another big issue he championed was the 9-11 first responder medical aid package, which ultimately ended up watered down (and took years to pass) in the house... When it finally passed, it included a GOP amendment that would deny treatment for mesothelioma and other cancers caused by inhaling toxic particles, as well as a provision requiring fire fighters to prove they're not terrorists before receiving any benefits.

Should Obama denounce Maher? Sure if someone asks him that in an interview. The difference is Mitt wouldn't denounce Rush even when asked directly about it.
How long is it gonna be because i will be at school untill 2:30p.m. and i might not be able to get on the computer untill maybe about 3:00 or 3:30 or maybe later?
Keep the welfare program cuts coming!!! They have been so abused that people have become so dependent, entitled, and lazy ... it's scary! It's time to sink or swim people.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
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#AskMitt If Congress doesn't have the authority to regulate healthcare, then how do you, as a limited-government Republican, justify supporting DOMA? I'm fairly certain the Constitution doesn't give the federal government any more right to regulate marriage.
Dear Mr. Romney,
I am a 7th grader from Illinois, and I think that you are the only candidate with the experience to run our country. Almost the whole rest of my school is democratic. Obama promises, but never follows through. Santorum has no experience. Gingrich, forget it. But you, you worked hard in the private sector, and made Bane a great company.
Chailuv Gidwani - #AskMitt
Your very stupid Chailuv, 7th grader? Ever heard of Ron Paul.
Get with it
+Juan Ortiz Your comment to Chailuv, a 7th grader, is a very disturbing one, Juan. Best you hold your nasty remarks to someone your own age and size. He is allowed his own opinion just as you are. Maybe you should stay on Ron Paul's thread instead of harassing posters here. Chailuv didn't deserve your criticism.
Mr. Romney, what are your plans about the gas prices? And what about our health care situation?
#AskMitt So, what do you think of Rep Paul Ryan new budget proposal.
Marty D'Arcy my nasty comments. Did I use offensive language towards this 7th grader? How about you hop off your brain washed media wagon and learn the truths about the world. Ronmey will be the next Bush, hes only winning because of vote fraud. Harrassing people on here? Yeah, proof please. Hop off
#AskMitt Do you believe setting up a voucher system for Medicare, make sense considering the last 5 months of life are usually the most expensive.
President Obama has used the term balanced approach to the budget. Not one area gets cut more then the other. The Rep Paul Ryan budget continues funding the military at the same rate. Considering by 2014 we will be out of Afghanistan. Do we need to continue funding a large standing army, when special forces are a better use. #AskMitt
The United States only has 2% of the Earth's oil supply, does it make sense to drill every hole to get to it. #AskMit
In Ohio fracking may have caused mini quakes, should the industry be forced to come up with a better method to get to the natural gas. #AskMitt
Senator Coburn today stated to day Americans don't want a 3rd party in the medical exam room. However many Republican led legislative have done just that, for women reproduction. Do you think women need the govermnent help in chosing proper medical care. #AskMitt
Don't vote for this guy he is a lying scumbag who is in the illuminati/dark cabal (these are the people that lie and supress technonolgies which would allow us to fly around space like its normal, and free energy so we wont have to pay the oil companies money) VOTE RON PAUL!!
Mitt Romney is a big government politician just like Obama, Santorum and Gingrich. Look at Mitt Romney’s campaign contributors and compare them against Obama’s in 2008…virtually identical. Mitt will look out for the interests of Big Bankers and Wall St…just like Obama did with his bailout of Wall Street. Want an honest President who is incorruptible and actually will do what he says? VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!! Or vote for a typical Republican or Democrat and see our country continue to decline. The establishment politicians on both sides caused the mess we are in today. Let’s not vote another establishment politician in okay? For my child’s sake! Vote for RON PAUL…the only one who actually cares about what is happening to this country.
mitt romney i am a 13 year old and dont know much about politics i am wandering what u plan on doing for schools when u become president not that they need to be improved much
#askmitt In your opinion, is there anything the federal government can do to ease the financial strain on college students. I know that when I graduate from the University of Kentucky, I will have around $60,000 in debt, and that is for a state school. If there is something that government can do, what would be the best course of action under your administration?
How will your budget affect the overall deficit when your first term is over?
How do you plan on accomplishing this without an uproar in society?
Change is coming for the fsavour of mankind if you vote RON PAUL
#AskMitt I am a college student and conservative, yet never understood the party's role in social policy. Regarding same-sex marriage, why does the party believe that smaller government and less government interference is best, yet attempt to regulate personal lives with regards to who people can marry? If religion is the reason, then I feel it is not valid because people have a right to religious liberty and the government should not govern based on religion.
Do you see Iran's nuclear endeavors as an imminent threat to the US and/or our allies? If so, do you think that the international community has the audacity to effectively suppress Iran's development and use of nuclear weapons? Are you for or against preemptive international and/or unilateral military action against Iran? Why?
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#AskMitt Governor Romney I am an underemployed teacher who is very worried about the state of public education in this nation. If you are elected President, what steps will you take to make the American public education system competitive with the Asian and European countries that have leap frogged us in the world rankings?
How do I join the hang out at 1:45? Is it open to the public?
Thank you sir, I'm supporting you
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Mr. Mitt Romney told yesterday that "freedom" the key to boost American economy? Freedom is a vast meaningful word....! what about tolerance and flexibility....!
bakhtiar i think you are taking this way to siriously what he is talking about is freedom of restriction with the americans economy
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