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President Obama said he can only change Washington from outside. We're going to give him that chance in November. Click "+1" if you're standing with Mitt.
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Just a few more months until presidency!
If you all would just stop blocking his agenda in the name of your own self interest, there might actually be some change.
Lol, not standing with "Mit" the git. To be honest, to the European viewer you are a more dangerous choice for the USA and the rest of the world. Let's call it: Obama, the lesser of 2 evils.
Get Obama out of the White House!
+Peter Billing The Republicans can say the same thing ten fold back to the do-nothing Senate run by Harry Reid.  The Democrats refuse to even bring up for a vote the 40 jobs bills the House Republicans have passed in the past two years.  The Democrats in the Senate have refused to even bring up for a vote a budget bill for over three years! 

Don't you dare say that the Republicans are the ones trying to block an agenda.
"!i hope obama's bag's are already packed!"& on there way out the dross of the white house!"once&for all america wow!"
+Robert Soyars There isn't a single jobs proposal in the deregulation legislation republicans have passed. Koch brothers profits do not mean more jobs, just dirtier mining operations.
I prefer to think of it as my own opinion, +Peter Billing .  I prefer it (recalcitrance) over your Kool Aid any day.
why would they bring them to a vote, +Robert Soyars , when they know full well they're going to be stymied by the blatant abuse of arcane procedures that were never intended to allow the minority to block every bill they want to?
@peter billing, bringing things to a vote sometimes is userful JUST so that politicians can be on the record for their true actions.  Do you think this would be a waste of time?  Maybe we should spend time passing legislation so that people can pay extra in taxes if they want... that should work.
You have my family's vote +Mitt Romney Make our country prosperous and the envy of the world again.  
I'm With Team Romney ALL THE WAY!

Romney/Ryan 2012

Southern Women For Mitt!
Mitt doesn't have a clue that is why all the smart republicans are running to the exit. Obama will get a 2nd term by default
+juan alderete Regulation and taxes have everything to do with jobs, or rather the lack of them.
Can't wait to send that idiot community organizer back to Chicago. 
I can't wait for the split in the GOP after this thing goes pear shaped!  Moderates are going to have to divorce themselves from the hard right.  They'll have no choice; their conscience will demand it
Well, there will be a large party of moderates who have divorced themselves from the far left to greet them in the middle +Peter Billing ... it will be a good day for America.  Mitt's going to win, btw...
+Robert Soyars Just because they claim they are jobs bills doesn't make them so.  Jobs bills provide jobs for people, not goodies for those who aren't hiring.

No sane business owner hires a worker because he can.  He only hires when he needs to in order to meet demand.
+Mike Moore No, a jobs bill is the American Jobs Act.  Businesses already are sitting on over $1 trillion in cash.  They aren't hiring because of a lack of demand.
+Tyler Allred Not sure there are as many dems ashamed of their party as there are repubs, but a moderate middle grouping from both sides is a very good idea.

As for Mitt winning, who's drinking the Kool Aid now?  Only the most blinkered of the 53% still think that.
+Robert Soyars They can claim whatever reason they want.  The reason coal demand is down is because it can't compete with the glut of natural gas that has driven prices down.
Out with Obama, in with Romney!
+Jim McMaster They aren't hiring because they are fearful of the unknown regulations and taxes that are coming to hit them in the next year or two.  Obamacare is a HUGE unknown to businesses in how much it will truly cost them, so they are sitting on their reserves and waiting to see who wins and what regulations and what taxes are going to be. 

The government is the one who is causing the businesses to sit on their cash.  The lack of demand is because there are no jobs, so when people don't have money to spend there is no demand. 
"!i have some paper bags if you need so obama!"
+Jim McMaster The price of coal has gone up because of government regulations, specifically those of the Obama administration.  Did you forget that in 2008 he said he would put so many regulations on them that they'd be bankrupt if they tried to stay in business? 

Since the price of coal is skyrocketing, that causes natural gas to become competitive.  It's still Obama causing the layoffs and the price of energy to go up.
+Kyana McCoy You mean someone that earned $23 million in 2010, gave $7 million in donations to charities and such, and paid $3 million tax?  That's a worthless human being whom you want to kick his ass?
Jai Ko
+Sandy Lane I can't believe someone can say "women for Mitt"
r u 4 serious? 
A major freeway in California is named after the great Ronald Reagan! After he leaves office, Chicago should name a dead end after Barack Obama!

Romney/Ryan ALL THE WAY!

Southern Middle Class Women For Mitt!
Jai Ko
you people are dumber than a herd of fucking sheep. 
Jai Ko
don't think liberal/conservative democrat/republican. just look at what Romney says. Not just snippets, frankensteined into a beautiful or ugly caricature, but whole statements that he makes. Have you guys seen the video of what he tells a bunch of millionaires? No? Go type "Romney video" into google. That generic of a search query will get you some interesting videos. 
Look at what Pual Ryan says (first off, he has two first names) about women/rape. It's just despicable. 
There both idiots. Romney pisses of half the country with his 47% comment. Obama camp wont let that simmer, and come out with the new American Flag that pisses off half the country. They both seam to not want the job.
Obama couldn't change any place from anywhere. Rabble-rousers don't know how to govern, they're best left to rousing the rabble. He can do that from Hawaii.
Jai Ko
Let's just watch the debate. I hope you all pay close attention. 
Fuck Wall Street and the Candidate they are trying to buy the White House for.
Poor Mitt, he can't help it, he was born with a silver spoon up his ass.
Read the quran surah5:51 and 7:3. It tells you that Islam can not and will not take allies unless you become a Muslim. Stop paying Islamic states. They will back stab USA by bankruptcy. USA was founded on Christianity and atheist not Islam.
That is the first constructive comment you have made +Jai Ko  I am so looking forward to Obama without a teleprompter, and the Biden/Ryan debate?  Let's just say it will be comical.
So if you agree Governor then why are you running for president?
+Ishma-il Denson Just a guess -- because he's coming from outside Washington to clean up Obama's mess, perhaps?
El cambio de gobierno, en los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, 2012, indiscutiblemente  es el asunto mas acertado e importante, que pueda pasar en el mundo............Mitt Romney 2012
+William Lahue you are wrong that the country was founded on that. My proof, look no further than the very first amendment!!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
obama will win 4 more years when debbie wasserman schultz grows a new pair of yayas
Obama said he wants everybody to pay their fair share. Everybody should include the dead beats with their hand out, as well as the wealthy.

I suggest we start by taxing welfare checks and food stamps.
+chris collins Yeah!  I'm sick of Wall Street and their rich bankers getting bailed out by this president!  We've had enough, Obama!  Romney/Ryan 2012!
+Aaron Smith exactly what "mess" did Obama make. Before he signed ANY LAWS, Republicans said they were going to oppose everything he supports. Even things republicans supported in the past, they oppose them because he supports them. What kind of governence is that?
+Jai Ko Romney already told them to get lost, he doesn't want them and just can't let go. Don't worry, the Dems will send him back to his country clubs. They can't follow him there.
Republicans SCREAM constitution this, constitution that, so how can it be you want to make an argument against the very document that makes this country what it is?
And how in the hell can you support a man who hasn't told you ANY specifics on what he will do to this country? NOT ONE! Its dumb to think you can go to an interview and an employer ask you what will you do to make this company better, and your only response is, you have to hire me to find out! LMAOOO You know Mitt isn't going to win. 
Where's the -1 when you need it? 
+Aaron Smith you a had choice bush and soup lines or allow this president to clean up the mess. You appear to be enjoying stability.
Vote Libertarian because those two yahoo's are either stupid or evil
+Aaron Smith you do know that the wall street bailout was signed under President Bush right??? Look it up
Ishma: purpose of the 1st amendment is that Govt. can not form, or push any one religion on its people.
I don't hear any mention of the taxpayer money Romney received to fund leverage buyouts of companies. Thats welfare at its finest! 
Uh +Ishma-il Denson You realize the democrats had control of the Congress for 2 years?  Republicans were a minority and unable to block anything.  That's where we got the Obama Care entitlement that no one asked for.
+Mike Moore No, I have a degree in business admin and have studied economics.  I think you are the one who doesn't understand jobs and business.
"!Obama supporters go cry somewhere else thanks you!"
+Gerald Hedges ok, with that said, how is it that this country was founded on Christianity  then? It was not. People migrated here in part to have religious freedom, which they were not given in European countries. If this country was founded on Christianity, it would have been written as so. If no one can show me PROOF and not just an ideology, then your argument is invalid
+Joe Hullett How did I troll?  By interrupting the Romney love-fest?  I posted only one slightly snide comment.
+Faraday Defcon certain tax deductions are welfare to those who don't need it. I mean for goodness sake, there are tax deductions for people who buy private planes and yachts! People who claim the child tax credit i don't think should be considered welfare. When oil companies are making money hand over fist, and still get govt money so that they don't have to spend their own and can stock pile it instead of hiring more people=welfare. Tax breaks so people who work can adequately buy food is not welfare. 
"!it's really sad to see how obama!" has you guys raped around his fingers!"it's really your own loses obama supporters!"
Ishma: Well documented that most were religious and believed in God. But since they were fleeing the Church's rule of England, and Europe, wording in the FIRST amendment.
+Joe Hullett to answer your question. Republicans could have blocked it. Democrats didn't have a super majority in the senate nor 66% in the house to block W's veto, IF he would have veto'd it. But remember President Bush ADVOCATED for the bailout and he personally interveened! His secetary of treasurer Hank Paulson was the former CEO of GOLDMAN FREAKING SACHS!! He MADE the banks take the money!!!!
+Ishma-il Denson ...I will tell you exactly what Obama has done to ruin this country.

He has driven the debt up to 16 trillion dollars. Fuel prices have doubled during his administration. This is the longest, highest unemployment streak since the great depression. There are record highs for welfare and disability. He has signed executive orders that can take away every Americans rights at will. He has hired the attorneys that defended Guantanamo Bay terrorists to run the Department of Justice. He launched an illegal war in Libya, which was not approved by congress. He left foreign embassies unarmed on 9-11 of all days and then issued an apology to the Muslims for a movie somebody else made. Obama has bowed to Saudis. He thinks its more important to hang out with Jay-z than it is to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister. The list could go on and on. If these aren't enough examples to show why Romney is better suited for the presidency than Obama, I don't know what else to say.

I am voting for the guy who is a proven job creator. I want a country with jobs, not the country of welfare we have now.
+Joe Hullett No, the Democrats only had 60 senators to override filibusters for about 50 days, from Franken's swearing in until Kennedy's death.  For all that time, both Kennedy and Byrd were hospitalized.  The only vote they appeared for was PPACA.  The Republicans filibustered everything else.
+Ishma-il Denson You do know that Obama supported and repeated the bailouts, right? The federalist papers would help you understand what the country was actually founded on.

I'd say that record poverty and soaring unemployment is a mess. It belongs to Obama. He had a Democratic majority in the house and senate for his first 2 years and still failed. That can't be blames on Republicans.
Jim your correct, Obama care passed because they were able to buy votes including 2 Rep.
Number one, what was the debt BEFORE he took office? And were republicans crying about it then? Number two, NO PRESIDENT controls the gas prices and more oil leases has been given out under this president in 3.5 years than all of 8 years of President bush.  3, Libya was not a war. We had no active military troops on the ground, and only provided support for other countries to that work. And show me the exact words where he said, Muslims I apologize, or I am sorry, or America is sorry. and +Bill Thick, Jr. Show me proof of Romney's "Job Creation" record. Don't worry about it because you can't because he REFUSE to release those details!! 
So +Aaron Smith you meaning to tell me, that he was suppose to fix an economy in two years what it took 8 to trash AFTER republicans were handed the best economy in this COuntries history man??? Really, if you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.
+Steven Meadows Obama embraced and extended all of Bush's mistakes, and we get stuck with over 8% unemployment for most of his presidency. He's giving your hard earned cash to failing companies and lining the pockets of unions with Obamacare. I don't want 4 more years of that.
The debt was only 5 trillion after 8 years of Bush.
The Federalist Papers isn't nothing more than 85 essay's written by three people. Three people didn't find this country! Its nothing more than their bias opinion on what the country SHOULD be in their eyes.
"!Steven is it,first of all stop with the lies!"Your just like obama with all lies & keeping his b.s on down low were really over it already faces it!"
WHAT UNION, name just one and SHOW PROOF, got money from the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT?
+Ishma-il Denson He promised that he could and would do it in his first term. Why won't you hold him accountable for his broken promises?
You are NOT answering my question +Aaron Smith . I knew it was bullshit when he said it, because I have the common sense to know it was more to the mess than he even knew. 
And if we are going to go by PROMISES that has failed by politicans, we would have ZERO govt!!!
Ishma, Oil leases are up. But not because of Obama. Obama has halted most drilling offshore and Fed land. Oil companies are paying owners to drill on private land. Any of you in Oil, i got i big yard.
+Ishma-il Denson SEIU gets special provisions and exemptions in the bill, thanks to Andy Stern's $60 million contribution to Obama in 2008. There's a huge one for you.
By bailing out General Motors, GM couldn't go through bankruptcy and renegotiate with the unions. It did make the unions more powerful. One more reason not to reelect the guy.
Is GM not the number 1 car company again? And GM did go thru Bankruptcy. Look it up
Unions were also given 15% ownership of GM
And our beloved Corvette is now made in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
+Ishma-il Denson Stay tuned, I'll provide you a link when I'm back at my computer... on my phone right now.

Unless you'd like to do some research yourself.
+Aaron Smith i'll wait, and yes I am doing my own research as well. From creditable places not named Fox News
B.Hussein Obama has become the Lloyd Braun of American politics. He looks and talks coherently but deep down he is insane. There's no bigger insider in Washington, D.C. than the sitting President. By admitting today "you can't change Washington from the inside" I guess that means he is going to resign from his campaign?
"!lol.i'm so sorry america but it must be said!"i have never ever seen a president so far up hollywood star's behinds!"
GM going into bankrupcy anyway in another year or two at the most. Most of their profits are over seas and can not bring that money into the U.S. Report out last week show's 93% of loans here are sub prime. And their losing $49,000 on every Volt produced.
I think I prefer the way Mitt Romney said the same thing back when he lost to John McCain: "I don't think you change Washington from the inside. I think you change it from the outside."
+Ishma-il Denson After receiving $49.5 billion of tax payer dollars, one would expect them to be #1. But they're not. Take a look at more recent news and you'll see that they're headed toward bankruptcy again.

Why do you support Obama bailing out these rich, spoiled companies and banks? 
Its been good debating you guys. I have to go now. But I will say this has been a nice and informative session that I have learned A LOT from. Than you. 
Here is an example of how to blow a whole in someone's argument. Its called....PROOF
“Our results in North America, our International Operations and at GM Financial were solid but we clearly have more work to do to offset the headwinds we face, especially in regions like Europe and South America,” said GM chairman and CEO Dan Akerson. “Despite the challenging environment, GM has now achieved 10 consecutive quarters of profitability, which is a milestone the company has not achieved in more than a decade.”
Romney is now hiring "volunteers" to canvas in Ohio.  Good news for unemployed 47%ers!
"!Obama keep hangout around hollywood star's!"to make himself look like his amazing president!"but still every unexperience!"
Extremely "regretful."  Would never vote for someone who runs all negative campaign interspersed with "me too" comments when he feels the President is right. 
+Ishma-il Denson They still haven't repaid the loan, and a big part of their profits comes from the government contracts they own. More taxpayer dollars being siphoned by this leech.

Still can't believe you support the president giving our money to rich companies and banks.
+Aaron Smith once last thing...this guy owns the washington examiner so there is ALOT of bias in his reporting newspaper... Often identified as "Christian billionaire Phil Anschutz",[36] he is a Republican donor who supported George W. Bush's administration. He has been an active patron of a number of religious and conservative causes:
This quote doesn't even make any sense!!!!!!
Wow Romney is getting desperate!!!!
Obama all the way!!!!
You are right +Jim McMaster ...sorry. that's what I get when trying to divide my attention between 2 things.
+Donna Combs Can't agree more! There is no substance in the vast majority of things Romney says. 95% of the time he's attacking Obama, and for the 5% of the time he agrees with what Obama has done he dismisses it as "anyone would have done it". Like the Bin Laden raid - apparently anyone could have pulled that one off. Except for the folks who looked for Bin Laden for 10 years in the wrong country... 
My view is he did what he had to in order for more people can keep their jobs from GM. Can keep their homes, etc.
+Ishma-il Denson Companies fail every day. I don't see why the government gets to pick winners and losers. GM should have been left alone so the company could restructure naturally. As it stands now, they've taken our tax dollars and shipped tens of thousands of jobs offshore.
+Aaron Smith How did bailing out a company responsible for tens of thousands of jobs lead to more jobs overseas? The auto industry isn't just a group of companies, it's much more interconnected. GM failing would have had catastrophic ripples throughout the country.

It was biting the bullet and propping up a company that screwed up because of the implications of allowing them to fail.

Romney is as ignorant/misguided as the others who say that social welfare is just a bunch of lazy fuckups standing around waiting for their hand out. Most people getting help from the government have no choice. It's humiliating having to pay with food stamps or wait in line to get a welfare check. Some people abuse the system, yes, but you don't put a stop to something simply because some people misuse it.

Or if you do, then you make guns illegal, because they don't use up tax money nearly as much as they kill people. You can't have it both ways.
"!Obama supports go eat some hamburg helpers!" if that's really what you enjoy lol!"
I love how all the conservatives are whining about Obama, because he didn't do everything he said he would do( having a republican congress probably helped a lot, especially Mike Enzi). Anyone who thinks Romney is going to follow up on his promises is either an idiot or an ignorant fool( there is a difference). Besides, Presidents who win second terms are usually a lot more assertive and in general better, since they don't have to worry about being reelected.  
+Aaron Smith The billions of dollars from the federal bailout helped the bankruptcy process get done in about two months, much faster than anyone thought was possible. It saved plants, workers, after market wholesalers and millions of jobs at time when credit was disappearing and our overall economy was slipping down the drain!
Nic M
Says Mr. "Hope And Change" Oh lord save us.
Keep in mind, Ford is bigger and has more international business than GM 
Change  is tax reform  Consumption Tax & NO Income Tax Fair to ALL Americans  .. Common Sense 
If Washington is hard to impossible to change from the inside, why are you making it bigger and harder for people to get out of the system you say you wish to change. If you want to change the system why are you making it bigger and more massive so you can not get out of it to change it.

Could it be you want to make it so big you can not get on the outside to change anything. Which makes things look like you really do not desire change, you just want a big fat bloated system that all depend upon so it can not change or get smaller to make chance an easier and less painful smaller size.

Less painful equates to less burdensome and costly to the people what must pay to feed you fat asses in government
Steven Sauls

That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard, what do you think this is A Brave New World
America does need to be changed from the inside out.  The system is rotten and Mitt has no solution other than return to the Republican America that allowed a deregulated banking sector and caused the 2008 financial crisis.  Vote anyone other that Mitt
Can't do it. Public safety is not a priority for the GOP.
Lance G
+Jim McMaster and +Bill Thick, Jr. Actually the 2009 budget was signed by Obama a bit late in 2009. Remember Pelosi faught with the Bush administration for months, so Obama owns the Pelosi pork laden budget.

I'm sure +Warren Dew has more details on it.
The riot resulted from anger over the movie portraying Mohammed as a child molester. Can you imagine the crap that would go down in America if a movie was made calling Jesus a rapist.                                                                     

Steven Sauls, You're stupid, Obama is a devout Christian + it was the common people who rose up in anger, not the government. What do you want him to do, bomb a civilian city and instigate a war.
he means you dick faces who have been in there for so long and are so corrupted like you. somebody new and from the outside who has no political ties aka not you has to come in
+Clayton Decker  How was saying "What those assholes did making that movie was shit." qualify as "apologizing"? The "movie" was shit and clearly intended to piss people off. Plus, the guy who made it wasn't even American. Explain to me how any part of distancing us as a country from that was an apology to terrorists.

Plus, the attack on the embassy wasn't an "act of war", otherwise any random mugging by a foreigner on American soil would be an "act of war.' Who are we going to fight, by the way, especially since all of the attacks were soundly decried by the bulk of the people in the countries they happened in? Do we declare war on assholes? If so, you should probably hide.

+Steven Sauls, you're ignorant enough that you should have your internet privileges revoked. I thought the low functioning retards were supposed to stay in their rooms.
+Joe Hullett Care to point me toward an objective source that shows the president apologizing? Like the exact words where he says he's sorry for our way of life causing all of this.
+David Dietle you are clearly in denial.  Obama started his term with the apology tour to Islamic nations, remember? 
Am I the only person who thought he looked like a mobster in a track suit in that picture? That "R" logo creates the illusion of a stripe and the hair seals the deal. I'd swap the photo. Put a jacket on.
+Ishma-il Denson You obviously have no idea what the Federalist Papers are really about.  Do you realize that judges use them to understand the meaning behind the words in the Constitution and therefore they influence the way the law is interpreted?  Your failure to understand that means your government indoctrination worked wonders.
+Joe Hullett Nope, don't recall it at all. Do you have link to the speech on youtube or something? Or should I just shup up and accept what you say at face value?
Please. spare me this hypocritical clap trap.
+Shashank Biradar You are horribly mistaken about what Christians would do if a movie degrading Jesus was produced.  There are have been "artworks" of Jesus made of poop, but you don't see Christians going around killing and rioting in the streets because of it.

And you are absolutely wrong about the trailer to a movie being the reason for the protests.  That's a lie perpetrated by the Obama administration which the media picked up and ran without even checking the facts.  Now the administration has had to admit that it was a planned terrorist attack committed on the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks by Islamic radicals.
Joe, America should apologize for all the crap that is happening in the Middle East, they are part of the reason why all this is happening, this nation has been sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong. It started with the America's support of the Shah, an abusive monarch in Iran, who made sure the oil was plenty and cheap. When his abusive regime was overthrown, America re installed him, for a rich reward. When he was overthrown again, America provided him amnesty, denying the Iranian people justice. This is just one of the injustices in the Middle East. Anger bottles up, and by the way Clayton, it was only a small group who specifically targeted to kill, the rest of the crowd were protesting.
Cool, an conspiracy theorist. I bet Romney is pleased you're on his side, +Robert Soyars. It's fascinating, like seeing an elf.

An insane elf.
So ... Richi rich the serial tax evader and flip flopper in chief is re-redifining his campaign now.
+Snr Adrian P. Castel Let's put that myth of the liberals to sleep about deregulation.  One, Bush tried four times to get Congress to reform Freddie and Fannie, but the democrats, led by slobbering Barney Frank, stopped it and even said there was nothing wrong with the two quasi-government entities.  Not only that, he was sleeping with one of the CEOs. 

The second major fallacy about the made-up deregulation is what about Sarbanes-Oxley?  You remember the whole Enron and Worldcom scandals?  That led to one of the largest reforms and regulations of the financial sector in history and it was done by Republicans in Congress and signed by Republican President Bush.
"(A major freeway in California is named after the great Ronald Reagan! After he leaves office, Chicago should name a dead end after Barack Obama! ") .......I would like to know who built  THE FREEWAY ?
  idiots .....and fascists republicans
+Jim McMaster Your graphs regarding coal & natural gas do prove what I'm talking about.  The price of coal jumped up 40% since 2009 while natural gas was cut in half.
Every person in the United States needs to read this letter to Mitt Romney, from a Wyoming mom. This is the reality of the 47%, Mitt. Deal with it.
Dear Mitt Romney:
I saw your video.
I saw you speaking candidly and off the cuff about me. Don’t get me wrong, I know that you didn’t mention me by name or anything, but we both know you were talking about me.
When you were talking about 47% of the population that is never going to vote for you because we are “dependent victims” who lazily live on government programs like food stamps, I can’t help but take personal offense. In fact, once you decided to lump in anybody who is never going to vote for you, you weren’t just talking about me, but many people I love, and about 90% of the people I know.

My children eat because of food stamps, Mr. Romney. Now, sir, I want you to picture a Wyoming cowgirl: a mother, a fighter, a righteous, determined, God-loving woman. A Rocky Mountain Grizzly Bear Mamma that would make Sarah Palin’s makeup-wearing pit bull shudder. Picture me staring you in the eyes as I ask you, “What business have you got talking about me and mine like that?”
I am watching you run your Richie Rich mouth on TV right now, with your little flag lapel pin over your heart. You brag that you will bring “12 million new jobs and rising take home pay.” Quite frankly, I have no reason to believe you or your failures in arithmetic. Even if you did manage such a feat, I’d point to the 4.5 million job head start you had thanks to President Obama saving the nation from the failed GOP policies which you use as a platform, and which nearly caused a second Great Depression.
You said that you think that 47% of Americans “think they are victims” and you even said it wasn’t your job to worry about us.
First, I must argue with you. I am not a victim. I have been beaten. I have been bullied. I have been raped. I have been addicted. I have been alone. I have been poor. I have been homeless. I have been sick and broken. I have chosen — each and every single time — to stand up and pull myself and my family out of those circumstances. I beat every one of them without any riches to aid me. I did that without any inheritance, any gifted stocks or bonds, any loans, any rich family, or any elevators for my cars. I did it because I am not a victim, I am an American. I am the Mom-in-Chief of my house and nothing less than the very best that I can provide will do. I am the product of women who forded rivers to fetch the mail after working a hard day’s labor on the Laramie high plains. I am a force to be reckoned with.
If you don’t believe me, you could ask the doctor who has to take fluid from my spine on a regular basis to preserve my ability to see, due to a rare disease. If you don’t believe me, you can ask our Ambassador to China Gary Locke, who personally invited me to a bill signing when I helped Washington State legislate protection for children in schools against bullying by sharing my own experiences. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my children who have seen me struggle but always, always provide for them. Any one of these people will tell you, that this American is not a victim.
You call me entitled. I devote every day of my life to bettering the planet I live on, with no hope of profit. I am sorry, sir, but you calling me entitled is like the pot calling the dove black. That isn’t going to work. I challenge you to stand at my side and let the American public judge which of us is entitled. I spend every dime of my and my husband’s earned income as quickly as it comes in, right here in my town. Every dime I earn and spend stays in America. I am the ultimate Job Creator. Who are you to challenge me?
You call me entitled. Every year on April 15th, I am certain that I have shown every cent that went through my pocket honestly. I dream of a day when I am well enough off to pay taxes. I fantasize of the flourish with which I will write my first check to the IRS. I would give any earthly belongings I have to be self-sufficient enough to be able to pay it forward to the society that I love.
No, you cannot challenge me, Mitt Romney. I challenge you: where are your tax returns?
I fought, I graduated at the top of my class in college, and I pursued graduate studies. I took loans against myself, believing that this would pay off, but then, in 2009, something happened.
No, it wasn’t Barack Obama’s inauguration; it was a sudden injury to my spine that ended up revealing not one but two severe spinal diseases. Since then I have been unable to finish my studies or to work. I’d like to know, Mr. Romney: how many months of physical therapy, how many of my surgeries, how many of my scars must I share to prove my devotion to wanting to be better? How many of my efforts must I submit before you’ll see me, an American citizen, as worthy of your worry? When you tell me to take responsibility for myself, I ask you: what after that?
This evening, when you justified your awful statements in that video, you said that you had said what you did because you were reassuring your donators that you could win this election. I’m sorry that you have to pander to your base like that. You seem to have sold out your soul. You have forgotten “the eye of the needle” with that wealth you’ve got. You’ve left behind Matthew 24:50. I hate to be the one to tell ya buddy, but you are not the promised one. The promised one understands that the 47% you are talking about are more than low wage workers and elderly people who worked their whole lives and paid into the system, they are the 100% that your God is concerned with when he said “Love thy neighbor.” You may pay a tithe with your wallet, but it’s obvious you’ve neglected to tithe your heart.
My husband left for work at 7 AM. It is now 9 PM and he won’t be home again for two more hours from his second job today. I spent yesterday at the emergency room. I have been waiting for two years for Social Security. I do not understand. How much more do we have to work to show you that your call for jobs isn’t enough? You must also be concerned for the whole nation, and whether we eat, and whether we have medicine. You must care if a hardworking, devoted family like mine is unable to survive after investing their best efforts. How many jobs do you expect every American to take? Three? Four?
You simply must stop and consider those you dismiss as beneath you or you cannot be our leader. It is an unwritten but widely understood rule of the presidency. I don’t know what they taught you when you were out there scalping businesses hard-won on the backs of people like that 47% you so rudely kick around, but in the real world, we care when Americans suffer. We care when you forget the young military men and women who serve our nation by sacrificing their lives. We care when Americans go hungry. We care when Americans jobs are sent overseas and rich men hide societal resources in offshore accounts. We care that we are being ripped off and even if you find profit and power in our suffering, we still exist, we still care, and we will still stand up.
See? You called me a victim, you called me entitled, you called me a lot of other things in that video, but on every count you are wrong. Just by writing you this letter, I’ve proven I am not your victim. Just by living my life of hard and dutiful effort I have proven that I am not entitled. In fact, I consider it a duty as a citizen of this Great United States to shout loudly and proudly: “Mitt Romney is not and never will be my President!”
I warn you Mr. Romney, the one thing that I have not, and will not ever lose, is my voice. I will sound it each and every one of these 50 days until Barack Obama is re-elected, we will vote with Compassion, and Wisdom, and Empathy…and you, sir, can keep your spite and your hate and your rhetoric and see your way out.
Sarah Zacharias, a.k.a. The Bucking Jenny
~ For more of my work please be sure to check my Blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter Feed, and my publication archives at Open Salon and Addicting Info. Also, the days are counting down, click below to register to vote in your area. The Bucking Jenny proudly supports Obama /Biden 2012.
+David Dietle What on earth are you talking about?  What conspiracy did I supposedly make up?  Everything I've written has been truth.
Ronald Reagan:

"To this day, the mentality of the Reagan era, of the predatory, corrupt culture of greed and heartless accumulation, of the psychotic faith in the absolute virtue of the free market, continues to poison the globe. Human compassion was cast aside for animal hungers and naked self-interest; ruthless colonialist ambition became the hallmark of American foreign policy. Reagan was a mouthpiece for the wealthy, the lucky, the elite and the power-hungry, an intentionally banal and wise-cracking speaker with a “folksy” crudity and passion for sound bites that managed to pass for logical arguments and sound philosophy. Understanding Reagan’s savagery is important for understanding the nature of the imperial capitalist system we live in.

US Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon had left the White House in disgrace, the former for escalating mass murder in Vietnam and the latter for the same activities, plus illegal wiretapping. Both were subjected to the wrath of protesting Americans in the 60s and 70s. Reagan, however, would oversee the end of all that. Reagan was a known to purposefully instigate violent conflicts with student movements who opposed his policies—on May 15, 1969, Reagan sent in police to crush protests in Berkeley Park in a confrontation known as “Bloody Thursday.” 2,200 National Guard troops then occupied the city of Berkeley for two weeks on Reagan’s orders.

Reagan signed NSD 52, authorizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Guard to round up hundreds of thousands of people and place them into military concentration camps. With help from Marine Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, who would later become infamous due to the Iran-Contra Scandal, Reagan organized an operation entitled “Rex 84 Bravo.” This contingency plan contained blueprints and authorization for the federal government to declare martial law in the United States, abolish the Constitution, place the military in charge of state and local governments and give them unlimited power to move and execute citizens and imprison Americans viewed as security threats. When the air traffic controllers’ labor union, known as Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO), organized a strike in 1981, Reagan ordered the 11,345 striking controllers fired. For years after the first cases of AIDS were documented, Reagan refused to use state resources or social mobilization to help contain the virus which primarily affected homosexuals. By the time he acknowledged its existence, 30,000 people had died of the disease, the epidemic of which still plagues the United States.

Due to draconian cuts in social programs, a proposed directive by the United States Department of Agriculture in Reagan’s Administration tried to have ketchup reclassified as a vegetable, which would have allowed public schools to cut out servings of vegetables for school lunches. The Office of Management and Budget reported eliminating nutritional requirements for subsidized meals for low-income students netted a potential $1 billion a year.

Some statistics regarding the era of Ronald Reagan are also relevant for analyzing his policies:

- The top one percent’s share of household wealth had dropped from 1929 to 1981 from 44% to 27%. By 1998 it was back up to 39%.

- “The Congressional Budget Office says the income gap in the United States is now the widest in 75 years. While the richest one percent of the U.S. population saw its financial wealth grow 109 percent from 1983 to 2001, the bottom two-fifths watched as its wealth fell 46 percent” – CBS

- Meanwhile, for households of all ages, between 1983 and 1998 the average household net worth of the poorest 40% in the U.S. declined 76%.

- “The biggest indicator of a healthy society – average life expectancy – dropped. People in the U.S. now don’t live even as long as people in Costa Rica. Meanwhile the U.S. infant mortality rate has risen […]” – CBS

- In 1983, 50 corporations controlled most of the news media in America. By 2002, six corporations did.

- The number of Americans without health insurance climbed 33 percent during the 1990′s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

- Farmers in 1999 were getting 36% less for their products in real dollars than in 1984.

- In 1980 there were less than 500,000 people in prison in the U.S. By 2000 there were two million. In 1980, 8% of the prisoners were there for drug offenses; by 1998, 28% were.

- Ninety percent of young white male workers are now doing worse than they would have 20 years ago. Adjusted for inflation, the income of a recent male high school graduate declined 28% between 1973 and 1997.

- Wages for the bottom 10% of all wage earners fell by 9.3% between 1979 and 1999

- Median student-loan debt, 1977: $2,000. 1997: $15,000

- Ratio of executive pay to that of a factory worker in 1980: 42 to 1. Ratio of executive pay to that of a factory worker in 1998: 419 to 1. Annual pay of a factory worker if it had kept pace with executive salaries: $110,000

- In 1977, the disclosed wealth of the top ten senators was $133 million. In 2001 it was $1.83 billion.

- In 1982, U.S. foreign debt was less than 5% of GDP; by 2002 it was almost 25%

- Between 1973 and 2001, the incomes of the poorest 20% went up 14%, that of the 20% in the middle went up 19%, but the richest 5% went up 87%.

- The real value of the minimum wage peaked in 1969 at over $7 an hour. Its real value is now at $5 an hour.

- Eighty-six percent of stock market gains between 1989 and 1997 flowed to the top ten percent of households while 42 percent went to the most well-to-do one percent.

- In 1998 the top-earning one percent had as much income as the 100 million Americans with the lowest earnings.

- Two-thirds of American households headed by a person between the ages of 47 and 64 in 1998 had the same pension wealth or less in real dollars than they did in 1983. Almost 20% of all near-retiree households could expect to retire in poverty.

- By the turn of the century poor black families were working 190 hours more a year – and poor white families 22 hours more — than in 1979 for roughly the same pay.

Since Ronald Reagan:

- The two richest men in America — Bill Gates and Warren Buffet — own more assets than the bottom 45% of the country.

- Anti-trust laws, once considered the great mediator of commercial excess, have been steadily eroded.

- Organized labor has become a mere shadow of its former self [...].

- Between 1980 and 2000, the U.S. per capita spending on schools increased 32%. The per capita spending on prisons grew 189%

- California built 21 prisons between 1980 and 1998; it built just one college.

- From the inauguration of a full-scale war on drugs in 1985 to 1998, the number of deaths per 100,000 for drug-induced causes almost doubled. In other words, having a drug war proved twice as deadly as not having one.

- There has been a massive shift towards the language of capitalism in all aspects of our conversation and speech, making our words more clichéd, less meaningful, less enjoyable, and less human. To an extraordinary degree we now speak to each as salesmen rather than as fellow citizens. This makes for a pretty seedy culture, full of insincerity and deceit while short on cooperation, individual creativity and shared goals.

- The age of Social Security coverage is rising as the public is being taught not to expect that either Social Security or Medicare will continue to serve as they do at present.

- There has been a dramatic increase in homelessness.

- Efforts to control individual rebellions against the banal and life-draining culture of extreme capitalism have produced increasingly authoritarian, militaristic and punitive tactics such as the war on drugs, zero tolerance, and the conversion of public schools into quasi-detention centers [...].

- Advertising has invaded every aspect of our life, making existence increasingly one long commercial.

- Our environment has steadily and dangerously deteriorated [...].

- Medicine has been converted from a public service to a corporate exploitive enterprise.

- [The United States] increasingly use corporatized prisons without adequate public supervision and prison slave labor to serve corporate interests.

- [V]oting turnout has declined.

- Corruption, both corporate and political, has increased to the point that it is no longer deviation but an assumed part of our culture. We all live in a Mafia neighborhood now."

Great President guys
+Damian von Schoenborn  Here is the quote from Politico (

“I think that I’ve learned some lessons over the last four years and the most important lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t change Washington from the inside,” Obama said, appearing to admit his inability to fully deliver on one of the driving themes of his 2008 campaign. “You can only change it from the outside. That’s how I got elected. And that’s how the big accomplishments like health care got done.”

Seems pretty accurate to me.  He was talking about things HE learned and one of those is that he (or anyone else in his mind aka "you") cannot change Washington.  He admitted he failed.  He was elected on the premise of "HOPE and CHANGE".  We are losing hope and need a change.
Bravo Joe, Bravo

Where did you get cliche bad*** phrase from
+SEBASTIANO GRASSO Heartbreaking story, Sebastiano. Have you ever read any of the letters sent to President Obama in the past 2 years?  I think you would find them an eye-opener too.
+Shashank Biradar Where in that article did it state that a radical Christian is the one who shot the people in that temple?  
You have insulted me as one of the 47%. Those who take personal responsibility and care for their lives should NOT click 1!
+Robert Soyars Then please explain how Obama's regulations caused the price to spike in 2008?  You might want to consider that there are other factors that affect prices.
+David E Newhouse Maybe you should wait til the rest of that "secret video" is released, sir.  My home environment is on disability and I was not insulted at all because I am bright enough to understand what Gov. Romney meant.
47% of you are free loaders. -Mitt Romney
Whatever, everybody cares about the "results" that I swear that both leaders can lead to corruption :) (JUST PUTTTING THAT OUT THERE!
*hands +Michael Rios  a hearing aid.  Sorry you took Gov. Romney wrong, Michael. On disability here and I know he wasn't referring to me, just as you shouldn't.
What about Pres. Obama saying that the middle class is hardworking and needs to have values and take responsibility.  Middle class needs to spend and not bundle away money.  Where does that exactly place the wealthy and poor.  Middle class is suppose to make the rich richer and the poor poorer?   Education is great and I believe it is necessary; as the same time I am seeing student loans being made and many educated people with debt and no jobs.  No to mention the fact that the gov't will be looking to get that money back come tax time.  I see a new source of revenue for the ????? which class?   Not the wealthy, middle class nor poor! 
+Joe Hullett No, you made the claim, back it up or shut it. You want to spout off, fine, but if you can't or won't source your claims, then you're a blowhard and shout sit down and shut up. There's enough ignorance in our species without people making baseless claims. If you don't want to, then fine, that's your right. I'll just assume you're an angry, childish person who just wants to bitch.

+Robert Soyars Then prove it. Provide me with some unbiased, objective proof. If it's the truth, that should not be hard.
+David Dietle  You may as well blame me too.  I am the one that posted the link of the white house finally admitting to that attack being a terriorist one and not over a movie. Jay Carney also spoke of it on the news tonight and confirmed it.
Isn't it funny how liberals are interested in the context of things when a failed liberal president says "you didn't built that" but not so interested  when another candidate says "my job is not to worry about those people"?

To help out - here is the quote from a factchecker website so all you who love context around a quote can actually see all of that context.

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

So is it true that 47 percent of Americans don't pay income tax? Essentially, yes, according to the the Tax Policy Center, which provides data showing that in 2011, 46.4 percent of American households paid no federal income tax
Pretty sure you, and everyone else this ad appeals to, are taking the quote out of context (reminiscent of  "you didn't build that"). It's pretty obvious to me that he means that Washington politics will never be changed by those in Washington because the same game of politics has been played for decades. Rather it is the people, those outside of Washington, that must stand up and demand the change that we need to better our political system (aka, vote, participate in community, know your politicians). But maybe I'm just being rational.
Obama is a politician, that's the only thing wrong with him. Romney is more than a politician, he is senator Palpatine without the charisma. Go ahead and elect an ignorant reptile who has already admitted that he doesn't give a flying fuck about half of your country. Only in america...
I would have voted for a few different republicans but I'll never vote for someone who only cares about himself. He's done nothing to show he's trustworthy.
+Marty D'Arcy Who did I blame for what again? Where did the link go? I didn't see it and I can't find it.

+Ted Brunell The issue everyone is having, completely within the context (and which is why he backpedaled on it) is that he was referring to not only the incredibly small number of cheats, but to people who work multiple jobs and still can't break above the poverty line, vets, retired people, kids working through college, and countless others who don't pay taxes simply because they don't make enough money to qualify for it.

I pay a shitload in taxes since my household income is 6 figures.Taxes are a part of life and the primary reason we are so powerful a nation (where do you think defense spending comes from? Private investments?) I find it amazing that when we talk about out of context statements, Obama's was a partial sentence, Romney's is a full paragraph.

I've heard the whole thing, the context is immaterial since the interpretation is identical with and without the supporting paragraph.
+Jim McMaster If the debt was $5 trillion at the beginning of Bush's term, and $10 billion at the end, that means he added $5 trillion in his 8 years.  Meanwhile, Obama has added nearly $6 trillion in less than 4 years.
+SEBASTIANO GRASSO I believe it was private contractors paid with tax dollars earned by private citizens and businesses that built the freeways.
+Michael Rios Tell that to all the people that's jobs were SAVED by Gov. Romney
Mitt, you're so out of touch with Americans that you think we're all either beggars or rich. Just leave...
+Cheyenne Hunt +James Trevail There is a lot more wrong with Obama than just being a politician.

A vote for Obama is a vote for four more years of unemployment, tax hikes on the middle class via healthcare, distrust, high gas prices and lack for direction for the United States.
+Mitt Romney , why do you turn to G+ to spout you views? The G+ is what some would call educated society, which brings me to my question. Why would you be backed by a group of educated beings? The sheep are over at Facebook. It would seem to be easier to convince thoughtless animals as opposed to those that can find and point out the flaws in your reasons for why you should be president.
Just food for thought. I guess only those who can think will be fed.
Who's jobs did he save. He guts whatever he touches and pockets the money.
How does a president effect gas prices Ted?
As far as the argument about blocking agendas: has ANYONE actually researched the number of filibusters since Obama? Please just go look before you say something foolish
+Ted Brunell we had 8 years of unemployment and distrust, and the GAS PRICES WENT UP DURING BUSH'S PRESIDENCY. That's like blaming a crack baby for its mother's addiction. It's fucking stupid.

The President, ANY president, has little to do with gas prices. Romney would raise actual taxes on the middle class, because the money to pay for everything has to come from somewhere and he sure as shit doesn't want to pay it himself. But even that is a bullshit argument, i admit, because a lot of Obama's "failures" were the Republicans in congress blocking everything, no matter how right it is because they wanted him to look bad so their guy would win the election this year.

It's like punching a kid with his own hand and saying "stop hitting yourself." You don't block people and blame them for it. Romney's an asshole. I have no issue with you disliking the president or voting republican, knock yourself out. I DO have a problem with anyone electing Romney, especially just because he is in their political party because he's a sociopath. 

He wants to be the president because he wants it. It ends there.
+Michael Rios Ff you look at the net job creation or job loss, Bain Capital directly created thousands if not millions of jobs.
If you take a holistic look at what Romney and Bain accomplished, they were responsible for the growth of hundreds of very successful companies who have hired thousands if not millions of people collectively.
+David Dietle I doubt you saw the whole thing unless it was the clip they showed on the new which was well.... a clip.  Even Mother Jones said it was a clip.  I posted the whole paragraph he was clearly talking about the 47% of people that are currently supporting Obama. 

When did ROmney back down?  I must have missed that.  Seems to me he is standing by his statement.  It has not "evolved" like some people's stances on issues do.

I am well aware of how defense works having served for 20 years and worked in and around the military for the 4 years since I retired.  Oh, and I also make 6 figures, so, nope, I'm not that impressed.
+Michael Rios Romney pockets the money, Michael?  Where did you see the proof of that?
God and I changed our World in the ARMY. But I had to change the person in the mirror first.
And my efforts were noticed by the Comptroller in FORCE COM. You'ed be surprised what a little peon can do
WG9 5803 LA Barclay
+Shashank Biradar Yet most of the Iranians I've chatted with on the net would like to have the Shah back if they could.
+Ted Brunell Don't you find it odd that NBC and MSNBC aired the "secret tape" of Romney but said they couldn't verify the video of Obama saying he believed in redistribution?  my oh my.....isn't our media informative!
+Ted Brunell His agenda keeps getting blocked, regardless of what it may be. Your country always does better when a democrat is in the whitehouse. But hey, that isn't fair; it does better whenever there is an intelligent, competent man in the captains chair, which usually means a democrat.
Mr. Romney needs to hire Monica Crowley.........she will guarantee him the presidency.
Give me a break like Mit the Twit is not going to change anything, both of our choices are lousy but I would rather the devil I know then the one I don't.  All politicians are liars, not one of them are ethical in any way look how they run their campaigns. Why talk about what you want to do in detail when you can smear each other? Oh lets talk about the so called promises everyone makes.... they don't happen... they never will.... why ? Because the presidents have little power at all honesty. The legislative branch of the government makes policies not the President.... so all and all whether its Obama or Mitt doesn't matter.... worry about your congressmen more.
That is your own word from 2007. You have changed so much man!
Have you read the open letter to you? You have offended half of your fellow American Citizens. What were you thinking man? Seriously, what is in your mind? You are running for President of this great Country for pete's sake. 
900,000 women jobless since 2008.. thanks democrats.
+David Dietle Wrong.  Gas was $1.61 when Obama took office.  What is it now?  $3.69.  That is a $2 increase according to my calculator. I am sure that with your fat check it doesn't impact you as much as others.

You may want to take a look at this chart:

I remember in 08 there was a young, unpolished, inexperienced senator running for the Presidency and he blamed Bush for people having to pay more.  Funny how he doesn't want to take responsibiity for it now that he is in office.  What happened to all of the bad speculators on Wall St. that were driving up costs that he would take on?  What about his bravado about becoming better friends with the middle-east that we buy oil from?  What happened to his domestic energy policy that would allow us to buy less for foreigners?  I guess the  answer is "You can't change Washington from the inside."  Obama failed.
+Ted Brunell No, he was saying that 47% supported Obama. he was making an assumption. The number he was quoting was the percentage that didn't pay federal income tax, then he assumed from there that they supported Obama.

You're right, Romney didn't back down, his supporters did. Which means they know he's a fuck up and have no faith in him.

And that's super you served. So did my dad. He's an asshole. I've grew up in the military, and while I tip my hat to anyone who serves, they are still people. I knew more than my fair share of wife beaters and child molesters growing up, so don't act like everyone who wears a uniform is an angel. I was not trying to impress you, by any stretch. I couldn't care less what you think of me, since I assume it rates some where lower than whale shit.

My pointy was that I pay taxes, lots of em. It's the price of freedom. Someone with a military background should know that in any given situation. you're only as strong as the people to either side of you. Dismissing people because they need help is the act of a greedy, selfish prick, and we don't need another one of them helming our country.

America is not a popular country. If you want to see the rest of the world turn even more fully against us, elect Romney. He can't even visit our longest standing ally without offending them. How do you think he'll fare against Iran, or god forbid, Russia? Being president doesn't mean you have the biggest dick in the room and show it off to everyone, but that idea seems lost on everyone who says the embassy attacks were acts of war. It's bigger than your stupid ego.
+Michael Rios The President really can't but Obama blasted Bush for high gas prices in '08.  Seems that he had a plan then to keep then down. Turns out his "plan" was just another broken promise.
This just in fox news says Mitt Romneys down by 7 ...ouch
+David Dietle Here is the quote again:

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it -- that that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. ... These are people who pay no income tax. ... [M]y job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

The only times 47% is mentioned is when Romney is talking about Obama supporters.  The sentence immediately before the sentence about income tax  is in the same paragraph as the other sentences about the 47% of people voting for Obama.  That means that the topic is still the same as what was introduced at the beginning of the paragraph.

You may want to invest some of your income into a community college to help you with reading comprehension.
Lance G
I get a kick out of people who don't know the difference between a donor (political) meeting/discussion, and a (policy) speaking discussion.

Mitt said that his job in campaigning was not be concerned about the 47 percent of people who would vote for Obama no matter what, but to persuade the 5 to 10 percent in the middle who are reachable.

Unlike in this video where it was a policy discussion.

Obama In 1998: "I Actually Believe In Redistribution"
+Jenni Buccio You're back.  I knew you couldn't stay away.  Is the Obama page any more lively?
+Ted Brunell The wrong part is assuming the 47% who don't pay taxes are all freeloading moochers.  Most of them are working people who take advantage of things like the Earned Income Credit, Child Care Credit and Education Credits to lower their taxes.  Taking advantage of legal credits to pay fewer taxes...most Republicans think that is a patriotic act.  Romney certainly does it.  And most of those credits were expanded by the sacred Bush tax cuts.

That is the wrong thing.  The insulting thing is the assumption that the only reason anyone would support the President is that we are bought.  I fact, probably the largest group of"moochers" are the elderly, who form a large part of Romney's base.  It also is a fact that the stated with the largest proportion of non-taxpayers are in the South, another part of Romney's coalition.

Believe it or not, there are lots of intelligent, honest people who believe in what he is doing, and thing Romney would be a disaster for the country.
+David Dietle There was no assumption involved.  Obama has been at around 47% support for months.  Rasmussen, Gallup, and AP all have Obama at 47% currently.

And yes, some of that 47% are also in the different 47% or so that doesn't pay income taxes.  Others are in some of Romney's other categories.  I know plenty of people who do pay income taxes, have an entitlement mentality, and support Obama.
+Ted Brunell Interesting... your quote appears to be missing the middle part:
" There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. That that's an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. And I mean, the president starts off with 48, 49, 48—he starts off with a huge number. These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn't connect. And he'll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean that's what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people—I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives."

That's the complete paragraph. My source:

Is it a liberal source? Yup. It's also a verbatim transcript of what he said without the really damaging parts removed. You really should double check your sources. You wind up looking a little foolish posting partial quotes. It makes you look like you don't believe your own rhetoric.
be4 no change,,,,,,,,,,,,now we are waiting..............
Matter of fact, +David Dietle .  We are on disability but still pay plenty of taxes.
BTW, +David Dietle .....Romney isn't going to give tax cuts to the wealthy. Who told you that?  They may have less deductions actually.
That quote couldn't be further from the truth. President Obama can't seem to change those old, backward biblical myth worshipers!! Nice pic of the president though. :D
+Jenni Buccio Why would he? He happens to be one of them.

By the way, Obama said that, so it must be true.
+Warren Dew true, there ARE a lot of people out there that make everyone look bad. I've never said there aren't people out looking for a handout, and a sad number of them are liberals (I would go so far as to say most), but they are a small percentage.

There are also many filthy rich people who hoard their money AND get  tax cuts (or "hand outs" which is what we call it when they aren't wealthy) and they are actually more damaging to the overall economy because they aren't spending their money. It's not about taking their hard earned cash, it should be more about getting them to spend it somewhere that it will actually flow back into the rest of society. That ain't happening, and will happen less. So yes, if you're wealthy in this country you get taxed more because otherwise you'll (typically) Scrooge McDuck it and that helps no one but you.

+Marty D'Arcy If the Republicans get their way, then the bush era tax cuts are kept for everyone. Going by the budget plan that the party is backing, the burden then gets shifted, through other means, to those of us in the middle class. The money has to come from somewhere.

Plus, they may have fewer deductions, but it doesn't take a lot of creativity to avoid paying much in taxes, especially if you have the means to avoid it. Like capital gains. Some of the biggest tax cuts are for people drawing enormous amounts of money on investments. Again, hoarding money is like hoarding cats. It benefits no one in the long run, and it smells.
+David Dietle I got my quote from Politico, but yours does seem more complete.  

Fact checkers have still graded his speech as mainly true.  

If you support Romney and are in the group that doesn't pay taxes, this probably does not change your opinion of him since you know he wants to reduce people's dependency on entitlements.  Obama in the meantime does not say that.  Obama keeps talking about government programs (entitlements) to help people.  

If you pay nothing for lunch as work and I say as a guy that is trying to become the new boss that I will give you lunch for free at work, do you really care?  That is the point Romney was making.
+Jim McMaster Romney was talking about while he is campaigning that he is not going to focus on the 47% of people that always poll for Obama.  They are dedicated to him.

Once he becomes President, I am sure Romney will work to help everyone.  You have to when you get elected.  Winning the election doesn't mean that you only support the people that voted for you.  You have t be for all the people.  Winning elections simply means that the majority have faith in you to do the job best.

Gloating of course doesn't help once you are elected because it alienates people and can effect efforts to be bipartisan.
+David Dietle Personally I don't believe capital gains or inheritance should be taxed. The savings will come from cuts to other programs besides raising taxes on the middle income. He explains all that on his website.
Believe me, once the wealthy can't deduct their mortgages on their homes, etc. there is no way to cover for that aspect. Been there done that already.
+Aaron Smith you're such a child when it comes to comments. I see your imaginary friend "god" binds you to your delusional candidate, so sad that your political views are owed to your biblical sources, than any logical philosophy. Get real, god does not exist.
+Ted Brunell I'm going to take a second to thank you for acknowledging the discrepancy. Let's me know you are speaking with conviction and not rhetoric, I can respect that.

But I think you're confusing aid with entitlement, and that seems to be a core problem with the republican vs democrat world we're currently living in. The right in general seems to equate needing help with sitting around simply waiting for someone to grab your belt and pull you up to success.

My wife grew up with a single mother who had to sometimes rely on government aid while working 3 jobs to pay rent and raise a single child. Believe me, unless you have some serious mental issues, NO ONE is cool with doing that. People prefer independence, it's why we exist as a nation. That 47%, whether it's people who don't pay income tax or people who will vote for Obama, most of us just want to live our lives as best we can and would prefer to NOT have it handed to us.

The government in this country exists by the people FOR the people. And when the people need help, it's their job to provide it. Romney seems to believe that everyone should be left to float on their own and sink if they can't swim. Unfortunately, too many people have cinder blocks tied to their ankle, while the republican nominee was born on a yacht.
If anyone else were to say something like Obama's quote, it would be considered SEDITION...
The rhetoric and behavior of Congress is sedition.
+Jenni Buccio That same "imaginary friend god" and bible guide the president's decisions and policies, according to Obama.  Will you still support him?
+Warren Dew Do you know crap about the Shah.

Despite his vow to act as a constitutional monarch who would defer to the power of the parliamentary government, Mohammad Reza increasingly involved himself in governmental affairs and opposed or thwarted strong prime ministers. Prone to indecision, however, Mohammad Reza relied more on manipulation than on leadership. He concentrated on reviving the army and ensuring that it would remain under royal control as the monarchy's main power base. In 1949 an assassination attempt on the Shah, attributed to the pro-Soviet Tudeh Party, resulted in the banning of that party and the expansion of the Shah's constitutional powers. 

In the context of regional turmoil and the Cold War, the Shah established himself as an indispensable ally of the West. Domestically, he advocated reform policies, culminating in the 1963 program known as the White Revolution, which included land reform, the extension of voting rights to women, and the elimination of illiteracy. 

In 1967 he crowned himself as King of the Kings (Emperor of Iran) and his wife, Farah Diba, as Shahbanoo (Empress), which caused discontentment amongst diffrent levels of society. These measures and the increasing arbitrariness of the Shah's rule provoked both religious leaders who feared losing their traditional authority and students and intellectuals seeking democratic reforms. These opponents criticized the Shah for violation of the constitution, which placed limits on royal power and provided for a representative government, and for subservience to the United States. The Shah saw himself as heir to the kings of ancient Iran, and in 1971 he held an extravagant celebration of 2,500 years of Persian monarchy. In 1976 he replaced the Islamic calendar with an "imperial" calendar, which began with the foundation of the Persian empire more than 25 centuries earlier. These actions were viewed as anti-Islamic and resulted in religious opposition. 

The shah's regime suppressed and marginalized its opponents with the help of Iran's security and intelligence organization, the SAVAK. Relying on oil revenues, which sharply increased in late 1973, the Shah pursued his goal of developing Iran as a mighty regional power dedicated to social reform and economic development. Yet he continually sidestepped democratic arrangements and refused to allow meaningful civic and political liberties, remaining unresponsive to public opinion. 

By the mid-1970s the Shah reigned amidst widespread discontent caused by the continuing repressiveness of his regime, socioeconomic changes that benefited some classes at the expense of others, and the increasing gap between the ruling elite and the disaffected populace. Islamic leaders, particularly the exiled cleric Ayatollah Khomeini, were able to focus this discontent with a populist ideology tied to Islamic principles and calls for the overthrow of the shah. The Shah's government collapsed following widespread uprisings in 1978 -1979 and consequently an Islamic Republic succeeded his regime. 

Beset by advanced cancer, the shah left Iran in January 1979 to begin a life in exile. He lived in Egypt, Morocco, the Bahamas, and Mexico before going to the United States for treatment of lymphatic cancer. His arrival in New York City led to the Iranian takeover of the American Embassy in Tehran by "Students of Imam's Line" and the taking hostage of more than 50 Americans for 444 days. 
+David Dietle I'd like to think you're right about the general population, but based on the people who show up on Romney threads, the vast majority of leftists - I won't say liberals, because they're not - the vast majority of leftists who show up here have an entitlement mentality, and are here to argue for government guaranteed this that and the other thing.  And to be honest, that matches my personal experience; the leftists I know are takers, not givers.

I completely agree there are many extremely rich people who also fall into that category.  And the ones I can name - Buffett, for example, who is well known for being a tightwad who doesn't spend much of his fortune - are Obama supporters.  Buffett just accumulates cash in his company, which just does trades, and as you say, he doesn't spend much of that money back into the economy.  He talks about his secretary because that's one of the few employees he has.

If you look at the billionaires that support Romney, though - people like Adelson and the Koch brothers - they run actual productive businesses.  Adelson's casinos and the Kochs' oil company, those are the kinds of companies that hire a lot of people, buy supplies and equipment, and pump money back into the economy.

And of course we have Obama who bailed out Chrysler and GM, and Romney who published an op ed at the time saying he wouldn't give them handouts.  So I absolutely think that division - the division between thinking in terms of entitlements and thinking in terms of responsibility - runs along the same lines, with entitled billionaires supporting Obama and the hands on productive billionaires supporting

I'm not trying to change your mind tonight, but maybe it's something for you to think about.  Romney, while not a billionaire, may be familiar with some of the tax dodges that they use - legal double counting of contributions of appreciated assets, setting up your own personal nonprofit trust, things like that - and part of the closing of loopholes he mentions might be clamping down on some of those abuses.  He's not likely to hit the Adelsons and Kochs hard, but he can afford to squeeze taxes out of the Soroses and Buffetts that Obama is in bed with.
Block and blame. That's your game. My vote is with Obama. Yes...I'm the 47%.
+David Dietle I'm all for helping people, but I also believe that people do not like having to be dependent on others for their well-being.  I bet the single mom that your wife knew growing up wanted a better life.  My wife was herself a single mom at one time and worked her butt off to make ends meet.  Those types of people are admirable in my book.  

Others try to take advantage of the system.  They want to government to provide a handout for them.  I don't agree with that.

I do think that entitlements, handouts, aid, whatever you want to call it need to be used as a safety net and not an alternative to work.  By changing the domestic economic environment, we can make it to where more people have to opportunity to work and get off of aid/entitlement programs.  The process to determine when and how they are administered needs to be overhauled too.

Promising more aid/handout/entitlements is not sustainable.  That is the direction Obama believes is Forward for this country.  I don't share that view.
+Patrick McKay Romney has absolutely no chance of winning November, big ticket donors are already pulling out! Romney himself may believe he can’t win the Oct. 3 first presidential debate against Obama. Romney is still struggling to define a campaign platform and message from which to run while pulling his foot out his mouth. Romney is in enough of a hole that he cannot depend on the presidential debates to turn his candidacy around. 
+Jenni Buccio I can't believe that I actually agree with you on your statement about congress.  Enough of playing partisan games.  America is about to go over a fiscal cliff.  It is time to be bipartisan and move the country in a direction that is best for all Americans.

Of course I do not think that Obama is the right person to guide America right now.  His past four years have proven that.
+Shashank Biradar The Shah was pretty bad, I agree.  Most Iranians I've chatted with nonetheless would much prefer to have him back over what they have now.
+Chris houser Block and blame sounds like what Obama does every day.  Yes - I'm the 53%.
Everyone who is fighting on behalf of Romney needs to remember one thing and only one thing. At no point in 2008 were the Dems willing to look at the series of events that led us to the debt and sliding economy. It really isn't worth fighting them on it now, because they kind of have it coming. We know who is to blame, so I refuse to argue any longer. 

Romney/Ryan 2012!   That is all we really need!
+Warren Dew For starters, people commenting on the internet are a vocal, incredibly stupid minority and not representative of whatever side they support. I do get the irony in that statement and likewise mean no offense; but really, go anywhere and read the comments on an article and feel your IQ start to dip.

From my perspective, the Kochs are a horrible example since they fund attempts to suppress science in the name of business. Regarding Buffet, the last I heard he was one of the 1% that was encouraging other rich people to donate their money rather than hoarding it. Bill and Melinda Gates were with him. Buffet is a tightwad, it's why he's rich. People don't get rich by giving away their money. Unless, of course, it's to a tax-deductible charity.

+Ted Brunell Like I said, some people abuse the system. Obama isn't saying we need to keep throwing money at the fuck-offs to fix things, the idea is to NOT cut the aid off. Again, with the gun allegory; just because it could and does get misused, doesn't mean it needs to go away. Literally anything can be misused. Just because some asshole shot up a theater and another a temple doesn't mean all guns should be taken away, and just because a bunch of lowlifes game the system doesn't mean we should shut down services that help people who need it.

For my money, I''l take the food stamps and shit can the guns, but then I'm a whiny liberal. Oh, and my wife's a cop and I would just assume some free-stater asshole here in New Hampshire doesn't shoot her because he doesn't recognize the need for speed limits and drug laws.
Do you have other strengths than just complaining about the current government? If you would be strong by yourself then you could convince people with your own arguments. But obviously - you aren't.
+Jim Clark I agree with you, Romney and Ryan is exactly what America needs: More debt, more war, and the rich absolutely NEED more money, and screw those poor people who needs them, and the gay's can go to hell

YEAH!!!!! NO
I kind of feel bad for the (probably) unpaid interns that have to post this crap all day long.
+David Dietle Actually, donating to foundations is exactly a way to hoard money - in perpetuity, even after death.  Foundations protect their capital as much as any billionaire, and of course both the donations and the foundations' internal income are tax free.

But that's okay - sounds like the hoarding argument was being made because it sounded good, not because you actually believed it.
+Aaron Smith as promised ill go through all the sites and vet them, then give my informed opinion. I owe u that much fairly.
+Kirby Bridges ...why would you feel bad for interns? I don't think there are any here, but if there are, they are working toward bettering themselves. Even if they are interning for Obama, they aren't in welfare (I hope).
Why don't you have more parties and more people to choose from? Your choices seem rather limited. You could use a central party, a green party and many many others. It would be very hard for one party to block important bills to pass just to spite a president if there were four or five of them. Over here we even have a "christian party" and one party concentrating mostly on looking out for the elderly, would you believe that?
And Kirby...why do you want butt sex? Think you belong on Obama's stream if you want that.
+Bill Thick, Jr. 

I feel bad (they should, too) that their jobs basically consist of cobbling together poorly made mudslinging material. Also I'm not sure why being on welfare is a bad thing, but OK I guess that works too.
+Ishma-il Denson Thank you, I hope we are able to find some common ground, or at least common sources of good information.  If you find better, neutral sources in your research, please do share them.
True or not, you won't do any better, Mitt.
+Aaron Smith Forbes is correct and you learned our economics is dependent on global environment. Our automotive corporations are multinationals The 2nd source isn't reputable a source.
What a lame and pathetic attempt to redirect attention from the abhorrent things Romney said about half of Americans by taking half a sentence out of context and trying to make some abstract insinuation out of it.
+Anders Ruohio That is an excellent point. Things would be much better here if we had more options. Unfortunately the two sides are dug in so tight and see thing so differently that their followers are almost rabid. It would be very hard for another party to break through. I just don't see it happening in my lifetime. But your analysis of the situation is correct.
+Aaron Smith So my take away from that was that they're saying that since GM already had employees in other countries, the bailout outsourced work? I don't see how anyone who's remotely not crazy or stupid could come to that conclusion.

What about the tens of thousands of Americans they employ? And the parts and distribution companies that live and die by GM's business in this country? They should all fail because GM has plants in Mexico and Canada? Really?

+Warren Dew So... Foundations never spend any of that money, then, right? They just hold onto it and pay no taxes? No, I completely believe what I said. If they are hoarding, then they suck just as much as the rich assholes who hold on to their cash.

I've just never heard of a charity sitting on their money and flipping everyone the finger. I could be wrong, but I choose to be wrong on the side that helps people instead of cowering in fear that someone might misplace money, or God forbid, stuff it into an overseas account to weasel out of my responsibility to the rest of the country.
+Chris Baker Actually Romney had great things to say about the 53% that aren't Obama worshippers - things like "independent" and "thoughtful", for example.
+Kirby Bridges don't know why being on welfare is a bad thing? Are you serious? When you are on welfare, the government is supporting you with taxpayer dollars.

Before welfare, churches and charities did the same thing. It should not be the job of government to support people.

I am only speaking for myself, but if you get hungry or homeless, I suggest you find religion quickly. My wallet is open for many, but closed for you! You can access my cash through my church.
J Krah
i'm "hoping for change" this November.
+David Dietle Do you really think GM kept all $49.5 billion in the US? Can you prove it? Isn't outsourcing jobs one of Obama's major criticisms of Romney? I guess it's no big deal when Obama finds companies that outsource 4/5 of their produced work to other countries.
To mr Peter billing you are an idiot this country can not take 4 more years of Obama
+Warren Dew Of course he had good things to say about the people he assumes agree with him. Did you really say that? Just like I assume Obama would say nice things about me and people like me, because he assumes we're voting for him.

Duh, keep your friends close. Romney said what he said because A) he assumed no one beyond those people would ever hear it and B) 
He only cares about being elected. Does he want to make America great? Only so far as it makes him look good or otherwise gives him what he wants. 

Bottom line, Romney cares about Romney. He cares about his constituents only as far as it affects him. His behavior is sociopathic; he doesn't care for others (he flat out dismisses any responsibility for those who won't vote for him), he will say what he thinks others want to hear if it advances his goals.

When directly confronted with something he doesn't like, he becomes angry and dismissive. Thankfully for the people who have been in his life he grew up privileged. If he hadn't, he'd very likely set fires or murder hookers.
+Shashank Biradar that in the United States Constitution? Is that in the Bill Of Rights? Where can I find that in our founding fathers documents, or in any amendments to our constitution?
Obama is right. It's up to the people. Let's get off our comfy chairs and do something about it. Four more years by the way.
+Aaron Smith never said that, never implied it. GM already had those employees overseas. The criticism of Romney is that he took jobs that WERE American, and sent them overseas for a profit. Night and day.

Of course they spent the money where it needed to be spent. Does America exist in a vacuum or are we interdependent with other nations? There is a major difference between maintaining your existing infrastructure and selling it to another country to cut costs. Did GM originally outsource those jobs? By definition, yes, but that's not the president's fault, that scenario existed before he got the job.

Much of what he is blamed for is not cleaning up the bullshit the last guy left. That like blaming the janitor because he didn't clean the mess your drunk kid made fast enough.
+Steven Meadows I did admit upfront that it's biased...but if you take the time to read it you might gain a new perspective. You can always learn something, even from a source with which you disagree.
I wouldn't buy a used car from you Mitt. It's true you can't get anything done in Washington with Republicans sitting on their ass for the last 2 years. How's that Farm Bill coming along? Oh that's right that can wait till after the election. Pathetic
F the constitution, according to that document, women are not equal to men, which is absurd.

Why don't you try to think for yourself, instead of just taking what you hear at face value +Bill Thick, Jr. If the government does not take care of its people, then what's the point? Think of it from the perspective of the homeless, the hungry, and the deprived. 
If Washington could be changed from the inside wouldn't this conversation have ended long before Obama was president? Or is it just that Mitt is our Luke Skywalker?
+David Dietle While praising GM for shipping jobs that once were American to other countries and not living in a vacuum, and worshipping Obama for blowing tens of billions of our taxpayer money on that sorry company so they could create the volt, please try to be at least a little consistent when discussing Romney's handling of the failing American companies he saved with private dollars. Otherwise, you look like a hypocrite.
+Shashank Biradar It's easier to dismiss than to empathize. Keep in mind, the very person many of Romney's supporters purport to serve (Jesus) would be horrified at the fact that they symbolize everything he is said to have died to stop.

I'm pretty sure the popular concept of Jesus would be disgusted at a man who said he didn't need to care about the people who need it the most. But then again, Romney's a pretend Christian anyway.
+Shashank Biradar ...The constitution does not say "women are not equal to men". I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but you are trying to reinvent 5th grade History class.
As far as your "F the Constitution" comment, I literally fought for it. How did you serve our country? ...or are you just here to destroy it?
+Steven Sauls Even if Obama were raised Muslim, what would it matter? The vast majority of Muslim people are good people trying to do right and don't approve of the violence and terrorism.

+Steven Meadows You're more than willing to give President Obama credit for the stimulus when supporting the theory that it helped save jobs and speed these companies' recoveries.

Meanwhile, other President Obama supporters are pinning the costs of the stimulus on President Bush in attempts to fight the claim of President Obama adding $6 Trillion to the deficit in half the time it took President Bush to add $5 Trillion (with BOTH Presidents dealing with two wars). I don't know of +Jim McMaster 's leanings, but his posts place the blame of the cost on Bush, and his aren't the only ones I've seen do that.

Many times when placing the blame on Bush for the costs, Obama supporters will stop claiming the stimulus helped the economy,and just focus on the cost. When taking credit for the stimulus, they'll say, "Look, we're much better off because of it."

My point being, either President Obama (and his supporters) need to A) accept the blame for the addition to the deficit and continue to claim it was a good thing; or B) give Bush the blame for the addition to the deficit and continue to claim it was a good thing; or C) realize that both Bush and Obama had a hand in passing it (Bush encouraged Congress, Obama signed it into law) and then debate whether it was good or not.
I meant the other one, whatever it's called, forgive my ignorance
Ever hear the term humanity referred to as men?  Same thing genius.  Look it up in the dictionary.  Also, I gave up my liberties and fought to defend the constitution and your right so say stupid shit.  I suggest you use that right sparingly.
+David Dietle ...why would you call Romney a pretend Christian? I am Catholic. I am very familiar with LDS. They have every right to practice their religion as much as I do, or as much as you do. Let me see you have the guts to call the prophet Mohammed names or degrade Islam here with your town on your profile. Don't mess with anybody else's religion. Its just messed up.
+David Dietle I'm pretty sure the popular concept of Jesus would favor private charity over taxation.
+Aaron Smith its not question of whether i agree or not, if you cite anything make sure the source is reputable or you dont known what your reading is fact based or misleading statements.
Mr. Romney, you and your running mate, and the entire Republican party it seems, are delusional.
"!Sorry But We Are Best Team Ever Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan Get Ready America Yeah 2012 Wow!"
"!we will be partying in usa go!" team mitt romney woohoo yeah 2012!"
A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders!
+Aldric Williams ...just in case the liberals haven't told you, it is not politically correct to 1+ your own posts. Lol! Maybe they only tell the conservatives LMAO!
What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
"!Mitt Romney is gonna rock your vote woohoo!"
GM....look at what law enforcement is driving. There is the profit. Government.
Conservatives: Their lack of empathy is almost inhumane and frightening
I can't think of one positive thing that has come out of Obama's presidency. Instead I can think of trillions of negatives. We have a successful business man who knows how to get an organization out of debt vs a guy who only knows how to get us into more debt.
"!its gonna be the four july in november for Mitt & Paul there gonna rock the vote yeah!"(:
+Steven Meadows Thank you for the advice. If I believe a source is too biased, I make it a point to disclaim it as I did. However, you can always learn something from those who have different opinions. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.
+Shashank Biradar Conservatives are well known for higher charitable giving, in addition to paying taxes. How is that not compassionate?
+Bill Thick, Jr.  I have the freedom to do what I want and plus 1 what ever I want. So you can take your opinion and put it with the rest of them.
You are the only person patting yourself on the back, Aldric.
"!its gonna be a great christmas & great new years & an amazing way to end this year 2012 yeah babe woohoo!"((:
Some people are so full of themselves it's pathetic. +Bill Thick, Jr.   You complain about liberals, your dollar isn't worth CRAP!! and I hope Obama prints even more money and people like you can get off your high horse.
+Shashank Biradar I can see how one can assume conservatives are not empathetic, but we actually just have a bigger perspective of the long term welfare of the person, their children and the country's future. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a life time.
It's half-time in America. Time to get the failing freshman QB out, and put it a veteran leader. 
It's like making my kids do their chores, homework etc. It would be a lot easier for me to just do it for them, but when I am patient with them and let them struggle through the "learning how to work hard part" they end up developing a life long habit that will be a huge blessing to them and all their future posterity. They will have the potential to not only help themselves, but the resources, experience and know how to help many others as well. Instead of being dependent on me the rest of their lives.
+Warren Dew actually, if you take what Romney said, word for word, and 100% in context, you realize that the 53% he was praising were the 53% who make enough money to pay federal income taxes... it had nothing to do with who "worships" obama. I am in that 53%, and i assure you that Romney has absolutely NO shot at my vote. There is no spin, and no angle required whatsoever to see in what he said that Romney's view of America has exactly one dividing line, and that's wealth!
"!Obama is jealous of Mitt Romney because Mitt Romney is everything!"Obama is not that's right america wow!"
it's just odd that all this guy posts about is Barack Obama
rational, informed, republican... you can only choose two!
+Aldric Williams it isn't just people like +Bill Thick, Jr. who would suffer from the wholesale printing of money. Savings and retirement accounts would be hurt. People in static paying jobs would suffer from erosion of their earning power - inflation would really flair up. Be careful what you wish for.
"!please fire obama once & for all america thank you!"
+Chris Baker Actually, I was using quotes from what Romney said, as opposed to your paraphrased distortion.  You are clearly in the "47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what" that Romney talked about - that's a direct quote.  The other 53 percent consist of 45 percent that Romney considers "Republican" votes plus "five to ten percent" independents.
GM profits are labeled "government use" (police, sheriff, constables, senator,road side maintenance etc. Funny you don't see that.
"!i would love to see Romney & Obama go face to face!"
Well mitt, you are certainly not interested in making this country any better except for a very narrow, wealthy segment of people and I say that as someone who was a hard core republican for a long time. You and your cronys represent the worst of this nation not its best.
+David Miller So, who did you vote for in the primary?

By the way, 53% is hardly narrow.
"!i'm watching Obama speak to the latinos community here in L.A i'm still not buying his lies!"
James J
4 more years for the first president who has kept his promise and brought us back from economic disaster! 
He was right the first time - Obama brought us back for economic disaster.  I guess he wants to keep the U.S. economy a disaster area by reelecting Obama.
+Warren Dew There's no paraphrasing, there's no distortion. I'm a grown up, educated, and yes, thoughtful person. I've listened to every word that Romney said on that tape, and there's no amount of wishful thinking or reverse engineering that can change their very clear and simple meaning: Romney views America as those who deserve because they have, and those who don't deserve BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT. The sad (for you) irony of the whole thing is that Romney's dependent, unthoughtful, entitlement seekers are at least thoughtful enough to see the same simple facts I mentioned here. It's so strange to see a presidential race decided mid Sept like this! You GOPers must feel like all the air is gone from the room! Sorry dude, maybe next time!
"!Obama did attemted to being a lier!"And that he did lie once aging & not only to the latino community but many more!"lol i told you guys first america!"(:
Who is the "You" referring to in Obama's statement? Is that Romney?
+Nestal Wan It's a generic "you"; the statement means the same as "one can't change Washington from the inside."
+Chris Baker You might want to look up the meaning of "paraphrase".  Since you're not quoting, you are by definition paraphrasing.

Happy to help with your education.
You and Iranian goverment need to war .and we must pay .
+Mitt Romney hey... I told my 65 year old dad you couldn't win because something was going to bring up u alienating the less wealthy... well you did.. The Republican parties fundamental fail is that they don't realize they are all 4 generations apart from the younger voter and the angry unemployed .... get with society so you can win.. and make gas not 4 bucks a gallon and the EPA not over fee our businesses
You are the better candidate by far but you are like a Bob Dole.. great leader but not very likable.. or personal... get a better marketing team... u need to win bro!
+Aaron Smith you just can't information because it agrees with how you feel and what you think. Select sites with integrity and the information you read will reflect it.
"!sitll rocking the vote with mitt romney & paul ryan for 2012 yes sir wow!"
+Bill Thick, Jr. Romney will be very disappointed with you minion, I think he told you to get lost. Didn't you get the video. your efforts are the primary reason he is losing. Donors are abandoning him and people are volunteers are leaving his campaign. He doesn't want your vote Romney was very explicit about that.
You two keep go back and forth like each is better than the other when in fact +Mitt Romney , both you and +Barack Obama are not healthy for the country at all...
You people are funny. You just want Obama out becouse he is Obama. You live better today than 3 years ago. And what exactly will Mitt do? All you talk about is how much money he made and donated. So did Michael Jackson, Donald Trump and Bill Gates. Would you have them for president. All i see from Mitt is "trashing" Obama. How about some solid definition of problems and giving a real solution. The fact is Mitt is just like Bush. But i think many of you will say Bush days are the best days you ever had. :-)
Bush is same Mitt and both love war for usa and world.
Is That Fear I See In Romney's Eyes?  Why Yes! I Smell The Fear.
Obama Is going to lose this election. The American people are too smart to be taken in by his con again. The man asked for this job, and when we gave it to him he dropped the ball hard. He and his campaign are nothing but populist nonsense. And racist and sexist.
Oh Mitt, you're a struggling buffoon. Have you forgotten that you said the exact same thing on 2007?
I am glad he cut the deficit in half like he promised though.
I don't think most people realize that the leadership of the democrat party is pro-slavery. They seek to put free people into chains. Not literal chains, but the chains of economic bondage. They want everyone to be beholden to the government so they will keep voting them (the democrats) back into power. Look into your heart, you know this is true.
I'm waiting for after election .I'm shure for us smart pepel.
Nope. Voting for obama or ron paul.

Good luck Romney you just lost 47% of the vote so if you wanna make that happen you need to convince 95% of the rest of us... and you already lost this vote.
+Warren Dew Your math is bad. If it is 47% democrat,and 45% republican, and 10% independent than Mitt is banking on 102% of... wait what percentage of whom?
We from 'outside' Washington will grant his wish, we will vote him out and claim both houses of congress. Only by having one party for the next few years that want to get our finances under control will real change happen!
How can we have a president who has not passed a budget yet.  He can not even get his own party to vote for his budgets, because they know he won't keep to them.  $ 6 trillion and counting of over spendng, plus he just got the Fed to turn on the printing presses for more money $ 40 billion per month till employment starts to turn around.  We just can't afford any more of this type of leadership.
+Steven Sauls Poor minion Romney all but dead...does Harvard law help... your my minion now.hold still while put my steal toes on.
+Steven Sauls Romney force feed you all that garbage, your in no position to question any candidates qualification now or ever. I'll give the straight answers.
Thanks to you, I've requested termination of my 25 years of membership with the Church of Latter Day Saints.  I was deeply ashamed to be religiously affiliated with someone that found half of Americans so contemptuous. 
How did you like our Olympic Games Mr Romney? Was it as bad as you predicted it would be?
More than half Americans hate you. All of us Brits do too.
not good, four years have proven that. 
Actually is sucked for +Paul Owen UK came in 4th in the medal count.  Guess who came in 1ST?  Yeah, The USA!!!!. 
Mitt knows how to change things from the inside out.  Culture is everything!
from the outside? obama is correct about that
Mitt has changed every org he has worked in. He is a leader!
Amazing that at a time like this, we have a candidate as prepared as Mitt. 
Prepared for what, to lose?  I agree.  
We elect the person to change Washington...from the inside.  Pres Obama has divided, Mitt will unite.  He has a proven record.  From what I've read in his book he knows how to change things for the better from the inside.  Obviously Pres Obama has issues.  Culture is everything.
Obama has indeed failed the middle class.  He has governed left, and now tries to swing to the middle before election.  But, his record remains.  That's what amazes me about folks on here supporting Obama.
Most of the attacks on Obama, I would characterize as barking up the wrong tree.
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