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My plan will create 12 million new jobs
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J Krah
2 more days!!!!
Keith C
No, it won't.

My rebuttal is as valid and detailed as your claim.
But, the government doesn't create jobs.  How will Mitt do this?
I would still like to see the golden record.
by getting government out of the way so things can move faster alan. Like Obama said about the recovery efforts in new jersey lol
Mitt is referring to the MOODY'S REPORT, that forecast 12 million new jobs over the next 4 years, even if the President spends those four years in Camp David drinking Scotch. 
Also, you should start making plans to evacuate Salt Lake City and all areas surrounding the Yellowstone volcano.
my plan would economical heal the U.S.A. I realize romney has concept f differentiating between U.S.A. and america because his grandfather fled the country so he could own many women that's why romney hasn't any compassion for women.
You should also start making plans to evacuate Anchorage and tell the Russians they need to evacuate the area around their HAARP facility northeast of Moscow.
Also, tell the Swiss to start evacuating the area surrounding the LHC facility.
I love Americans they know how to was their hands... what did you learn after voting TWO times for George W Bush ? Because W was not elected by French ppl or Russians u know !? So be responsables and also please LEARN from your past actions... this is not a Vegas party... 
Unfortunately, Mitt suffers ED (Electoral Dysfunction) and can't get up over 200 delegates for any prolonged period. The country needs a President more capable than that.
Mitt has a proven record in business creating jobs.  Yes, some takeovers do close businesses, but open the doors for bigger business.  Paul and Raymond....nothing but a bunch of liberal crap that means absolutely nothing...only said because there is NOTHING to support Obama on.  Even Obama said (paraphrased) when you don't have anything to support your campaign, then you tear down your opponent.  Obama has nothing but 4 years of failure that he is trying to re-gift...and don't bring out the Bush blaming, it's about time he grows a pair and takes responsibility for what's happening now and stop hiding behind everyone else...including the maker of a YouTube video that no one saw.
Libs....before you say anything about what I said, please post what Obama has done that is good for the country, that the majority wanted and that he didn't abuse Executive Orders for.  And he didn't kill bin Laden, Navy Seals did.
When companies like Staples expand and take over the market, the total number of jobs usually goes down, because all the little independent shops and their support network are put out of business along the way.
And, as Governor, Mitt managed to only create 30,000 jobs over 4 years, for a population of 6.3 million.  So you may need to recalibrate your dogma. 
Oh my...the race card...when there's nothing to fall back on.  I haven't seen anything racist in any of these posts, except yours, Noble.  Dan, can you believe Obama?  He hasn't told the truth since before his term, and what has Mitt lied about?  Remember, as MA Gov, Mitt has a majority Dem Congress.  High taxes doesn't bring jobs, it turns them away.  Proof of that being the Regan years
Diana C
We can't wait till' November 6!
On Obama, before his first term, it's not so much he didn't tell the truth, but rather, he didn't know what the "truth" was. The problem with a new candidate is that you never know what the presidency entails till you gain the office itself. Then all new presidents have the "oh fu^&" moment, because they realize their original promises can't actually be implemented. Everyone who takes that office will have that realization, Romney as well, assuming he wins. 
Mitt's just trying to take credit for the turn around that Obama started.  If you want that turn around to continue, you must vote for Obama!
Well you made a claim, now you valid evidence is.... 
+Steven Sauls Yes - backwards, away from the CLIFF that GW Bush pushed the country toward.  Just about every measure is improved compared to 2009.
Romney/Ryan 2012!  Let's win this one!!! 
+Steven Sauls That's a completely STUPID thing to say, since it was Congressional Republicans who threatened default that won the downgrade.
+Richard Tibbs 7.9% unemployment is a turn around? a turn around is four numbers shorter. The economy is getting better despite the Vacationer, you didn't build that, highest middle class tax raise in American history Obama
Umm... there's a flaw premise right there, Congress did that first off... 
..... Still not a single valid argument, some opinions... but nothing valid or objective... 
Here's my thing about Obama knowing, or not knowing the truth before he was Pres.  He has a very short active political career, which he was very inactive in prior to his term.  He never had a real job, that he actually worked in, and suddenly he was POTUS.  He has no idea how to manage, but I do firmly believe, he knows what he is doing.  He said he wanted to rebuild America.  In order to do that he first must deconstruct America, which he is doing very well. +Richard Tibbs I seriously hope you are smarter than that.  Look at the status of our nation.  Over 1mil fewer people working than before he took office, 16 trillion dollars in debt (more than our GDP), businesses leaving the country in droves, the US dollar declining to the point that it is quickly decreasing as a standard trade currency, and China owns most of our debt and is gaining more of our country.  This and so much more is what Obama brings.  Please put your party out of your head and look at reality, which is not what Obama is preaching
Romney will win, 2 more days cant wait. 
Bengazi is Obama's Black Hawk down
Well Romney has 17 people that are advisers from the bush admin. he is the one that put this country on the brink. The republican house is the one who blocked 95% of the things Obama wanted to do to make this country great again, which it is on its way back to if we stay with Pres. Obama.  Romney is still run the lie about jeep to this day and jeeps CEO even said it was a lie. For women's right, Romney is disgusting to presume that a woman can not make choices when it comes to her health care. So that is all I have to say about that.
+Todd Johnson Obama had a filbuster proof house and senate for two years. the other stuff hey pay attention to his record and not the Obama lies. I did
+Todd Johnson  I happen to be a female and I have never had ANY problems with my healthcare decisions.....even before Obama took office! I also paid for my own contraception without government help or assistance. Your argument is worthless!
Todd, get a clue. He had two years of TOTAL control. The White House plus the House and Senate and they failed to do a darn thing other than use a budgetary procedure to pass a healthcare law nobody wanted. Republican's aren't blocking a thing. It's the Democratically controlled US Senate that's blocking things.
+Todd Johnson Keep in mind, Bush was working with a Democrat Congress.  Obama called Bush unpatriotic and irresponsible for what he did, yet Obama used the same policies Bush used, but put them on steroids.  The president doesn't have any more power than Congress will allow, unless he goes against the Constitution, which Obama does.  The country would be in a much worse place today if Congress would have let him get by with what he did in his first half.
Actually, Republicans in Congress did that.  Turns out that holding the debt ceiling hostage has ramifications, who knew.
They are using turnout models from 2008 to gather those polls. That renders them obsolete. Democrats are not and will not turn out in those numbers this year. The independents are with Romney. He will get over 300 electoral votes.
Bigots and morons for Romney 2012 !
Idiots and lemmings for Obama 2012!
+Todd Johnson another thing about women's healthcare.  What does free birth control have to do with health care?  Sex is an option, not a disease.  Having sex without knowing about your partner is your choice, it's not a disease.  Pregnancy is a choice, not a disease.  Healthcare is about disease control...if you want to help women out, then give them free mammograms (which Planned Parenthood doesn't do), free cancer treatments, free mastectomies, free hysterectomies, etc.  These are healthcare issues, not sexual choices...that's all Obama is concerned about, and Obama care doesn't fix any of the others, it just makes them worse.  Before you start in on how great Obama care is, I challenge you to attempt to read the law.  I don't believe you can, unless you're an attorney who can understand all the legal crap and wind through the maze that the thing is.
How is he going against the Constitution? I don't care what some one calls some one else. And what did bush do for us but drive the country in to a great big hole. Every one wants to blame Obama for this Deficit when it was bush that started the war with Iraq on the thought there was weapons of mass destruction which was a lie. So bush was the biggest mistake of the USA.
+Don Goodwin  Please take your name-calling elsewhere. No one needs that type of commentary here or anywhere.
+Lee Mills in Ohio, they ALREADY HAVE turned out in 2008 like numbers. Already in the bank.
+Todd Johnson Obama did sign the only patrician NDAA into law which allows for the government to hold citizen with out trial indefinably  But to be fair only seven people voted against that bill.
+Lee Mills said: "Republican's aren't blocking a thing. It's the Democratically controlled US Senate that's blocking things."

<sigh> yet another low information voter. :(
Women's health care as far as birth control is more then what you wrote, Birth control helps woman with many female problems. It help to keep Endometriosis under control, and help prevent Ovarian cancer and the list goes on. So learn something about women's health care.
Lee  you are 100% correct and so is Dillard it's refreshing to see someone posting facts again.
+David Aguilar so the 40+ jobs bills the house voted for aren't being blocked by Harry Ried?
do you rally want a group of men deiding what your daughter(s) can do with their body?  Maybe we should look into legislation on Viagra and Cialis.   Kind of hard to get anything done in congress when the republicans had decided 4 years ago that they wanted to make Obama a 1 term president.  Yes the Navy seals killed bin laden, but the order had to come from the commander  n chief.  would you say the same thing if it was a repub. president ?
In the current 112th Congress of the United States of America, there are 242 Republicans in the House and 190 Democrats.
I'm sure most people like that, but it forces Religions who oppose that to provide it. THAT is unconstitutional  goes against the First amendment if you must know. Not providing birth control does not infringe on any ones rights the last I looked. +Todd Johnson 
+Todd Johnson I know plenty about women's health. No where does it say that a woman can't take hormones. That decision is between her and her doctor. Hormones are NOT outlawed.
Please take note that certain types of hormones and birth control make a woman high risk for breast cancer, so please do your homework.
I happen to walk in those shoes!
That's like saying that Jehovah's witnesses should be allowed to deny blood transfusions to anyone who works for them because it goes against their religion - it is NOT "infringing on religious rights" to require equal access from all employers.  Nobody is forcing them to take contraceptives, only give insurance plans that cover it.
yes in the opposite direction!! back 50 yrs.
Ryan last i look it was fair health care for all people not just men. Or those who can paid for it. So the woman that has problems should not be able to get help if she can not pay for it right?
+Ryan Prior said: "so the 40+ jobs bills the house voted for aren't being blocked by Harry Ried?"

ROTFLMAO, Republicans haven't voted up a single jobs bill, they are too busy trying to control women's bodies.
15% of religious organizations provide they're own insurance. 
+David Aguilar do your home work, wake up grow up smell the pansies and ask why repubs who fought so hard for women's rights are now fighting against it?
Marty I was not talking to you, but it should be a women's choice to make that choice, I just like see that a women can make her choice, not the politicians of this country..
Does anyone here know why Willard Romney and the Republican Party have been conducting a WAR on women?
Excuse me +Todd Johnson  this happens to be a public thread and if you don't want to know the truth I suggest you post elsewhere.
No one has said women can't make choices. She may take any medication she and her doctor agrees is good for her.
Your original post about women's healthcare had NO name on it, so I assumed it was made for comments. That is the way "threads" work. 
OK Todd, let me break it down for you.  Yes, Bush did his bit to put the country into debt with the war, no doubt.  I personally don't agree with everything Bush did.  The WMD were there, but during the Clinton years, the UN inspectors pulled out, which gave Hussein time to move them.  I'm not saying the Iraqi war was completely right.  Obama's term is responsible for 4 additional conflicts that has cost the US more money than Iraq did.  He raised the debt more than every other president combined.  More jobs have been lost and more people out of work than with any other pres.  As far as women's health, I am well aware what certain hormone treatments can do, but condoms, the IUD, diaphragms, the morning after pill and abortion have absolutely nothing to do with healthcare.  If women should get hormone treatment free because of preventative health issues, why not make all preventative meds free, for both men and women.  It's because it's only a front to win women's votes.  Incidentally, birth control is free from planned parenthood, free health clinics and schools.  One of the biggest anti-constitutional things he is doing is going against freedom of religion.  Requiring people and churches to go against their teachings and beliefs to provide contraceptives is unconstitutional.  Placing a damper on Christianity to make sure someone else is not offended while allowing Christians to be offended is unconstitutional.  Also taking away my freedoms from government control and growing government to where it controls every factor in out lives is unconstitutional.  The constitution forbids the federal government to control.  They are to govern the state governments, which govern the people.  All the control he has put in place is completely unconstitutional, such as owning a private business (GM, remember).  There is much more and I don't have time to list them all.  I challenge you to look them up and just read what actually is happening through credible media sources and government sources. 
Well Ryan then they have to follow the law and provide contraceptives. If not pay the price for breaking the law.
+Peter Poythress If abortion is murder, than miscarriage is involuntary manslaughter.  Turns out that happens a lot, try again.
Or sue the government for passing a law that infringes on they're rights.  Or vote the bastards out
+dillard martin said: "Obama's term is responsible for 4 additional conflicts that has cost the US more money than Iraq did."

?!??! This is just a flat out LIE.
The Catholic church against paying for birth control is back in the Supreme Court. The court has agreed to hear it, so I suggest we wait to see what they decide.
yeah I need to see those conflicts and the cost behind it.
It's because they hate chicks, right?   I mean, all conservatives are chick hating women bashers, aren't they?   David Aguilar is so prescient.   He pulled that one right out of the mist.   It's not a Democrat talking point or anything.  Tell us Oh Great Soothsayer;  what of the War on Women?   You mean the battle not to pay for Sandra Fluke's birth control pills so she can hump in confidence while attending Harvard Law School?
When Texas becomes majority Hispanic (and that day is coming soon) the Republican Party will cease to exist.
is every body unaware of the first amendment?
The constitution forbids the federal government to control.  They are to govern the state governments, which govern the people, don't you just hate being governed.
the First amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
Praying for Romney to win. Go Romney!!
+Patrick Tommaso It is against our Constitution for the government to tell religious affiliations what they can and can't do.  Understand?
Wow!  Now, Mitt Romney is for a stronger middle class.  What's on Romney's menu on Monday?  Can't wait for a Obama win! 
ya um mitt doesnt care for the middle class he just wants tax cuts for the wealthy class so ... OBAMA FTW
Obama just sticks his foot in each area to test the waters, freedom of speech attacks, right to bear arms attacks, and freedom of religion. He sees what the response is going to be , before he takes the next larger step. Four more years, and you will not recognize America. Watch Obama's America 2016 out on DVD. Do what Billy Graham says, pray, read your Bible, pray, then vote Biblical principles. I agree if there is to be a chance for American survival.
+Marty D'Arcy He wants to reduce the tax rate for all Americans, but there is a little math problem.  How is he going to balance the budget without raising taxes on middle income Americans?  Before you blah blah blah, explain to me in simple English how? 
+Angel Martinez Even Massachusetts couldn't afford "Mitt the Quitter" so they booted him out.  Certainly, we can't afford another George W Bush in the White House.
Let's all vote for Obama! Because after all he has the largest tax increase on the Middle class in American history, Has made it legal to imprison citizens with out a trial or even being charged indieffinitly, has taken more vacations than all presidents combined, Put Communists in charge of New departments, passed a law that wages a war on the free exercise of religion, ignored the attacks on Bengazi...but surely he is ten thousand times better than Romney right? let's vote for the fucktard who gave us 7.9 Unemployment, added six trillion to the deficit (more than Bush in eight years) Cause surely he's the reincarnation of Jesus and Mohammad rolled up in one.
+Arun Kumar Growing the tax base for starters.
+Kevin Gaspar Check this out for yourself. Obamacare does not exempt any religious groups.

The HHS religious exemption applies only to organizations that primarily restrict their employment and services to members of their own faith. This would include houses of worship and parochial schools but would not include institutions like hospitals; social service agencies, charities and institutions of higher learning sponsored and run by a religious entity that opposes contraception on religious grounds.
The bottom line is that it would force an entity like the Catholic Church, which sponsors a broad array of secular programs servicing the larger community, to underwrite activity it believes to be sinful in order to continue those efforts.
Some of these are speculation, not fact.
+Arun Kumar Sure its when there are more people working and earning a wage that qualifies that they pay taxes into the Federal Income Tax System. You wanted simple so I am trying to keep it thus. 
+Ryan Prior Let's see...Tax increase, false.  NDAA, true.  Vacations - false, compared to Bush Jr.  Communists...not sure you know what that means, false.  War on religion, if you count Christians not getting preferential treatment as war I guess that's true, but the rest of us think that's OK.  Bengazi intel was about the same as Bush and 9/11, so there's equal blame there if you'll admit to Bush's issues around then.  Unemployment was getting worse each month when Obama took office and it's on the way down now, the deficit is an inherited legacy from Bush's congress (Obama has actually lowered the annual deficit since he took office).

So there you go.
+Kyle Conroy The tax of the Afforadle health care act was the largest in us history.
but but but...government doesn't create jobs!
Please help me out here.  What does Mitt define as being "Middle Class"?  Pardon my ignorance, but some people think they're middle class, when in reality they're making over $250k a year, while others think they're middle class but qualify for Pell Grants and other kinds of 
Government assistance.
I cast my vote because I LOVE MY COUNTRY! No revenge on my American countrymen, ever!
Sadly, none of the Obama trolls here give a cogent argument as to why Obama earned another term.  Obama has failed on too many policies to be re-elected: zwickpoliticalcommentary.  Time to hold Obama accountable.  

Romney has a plan and should get his chance.  After the last 4 years, America needs some R&R in 2012: Romney & Ryan 2012!
Excellent Commentary +William Zwick  Your research and hard work are really appreciated! Thank you!
+Arun Kumar , you can pay for tax cuts through economic growth.  The best way to illustrate is:" I would rather have 20% of 100 than 50% of 10." Obama inaccurately cites a Princeton economist who acknowledges Romney's plan to cut taxes can ultimately be neutral.
+Curtis Brownley The only problem with what you just said is that it doesn't work in practice.  The wealthy and Republicons have brainwashed many without providing any proof that reducing tax rates ignites economic growing leading to a broadening of tax base.  Congressional Research Office commissioned Tom Hungerford (a Research Scientist / Statistician) who looked historical (from 1945 to 2012) to see if there is any statistical evidence to suggest that reducing "Marginal Tax Rate" leads to more prosperity.  What he found is the following:
1) There is no evidence to suggest that reducing "Marginal Tax Rate" increase economic growth, increases savings and investment.  Absolutely there is no evidence based on analyzing historical tax rates.
2) However, there is evidence that reducing "Marginal Tax Rate" drives up "income inequality" between the Wealthy and Poor, which is exactly what we face today.  Income equality is up, social mobility is down.

Here's where you can find his "technical paper":
+Kyle Conroy Holy crap what rock did you crawl under. The individual mandate the one that went before the Surpreme court. Gonna cost the middle class Billions every year.
+William Zwick Sorry, try the link now.  It should work. 
It's all good to say that "I'd rather have 20% of 100 or 50% of 10", but you've got to show evidence that reducing "Marginal Tax Rate" improves the tax base, revenues, savings, and investments.  None of that is true as you will understand after you read the reputed research paper.  We had massive Bush tax cuts in 2003 and were extended in 2010 and where are the jobs?  Your tax cuts didn't work!  All it did was balloon the deficits just like under Reagan!
Can't believe you would give Bush 8 years to set us back, and Obama only 4 years to fix it...!!!!!  Just like Romney, your math don't add up....!!!!!
+Ryan Prior Do you know what the mandate even is?  It's not a requires people to have health insurance at the same time it caps the amount of profit that insurance companies are allowed to make.  If middle class families can't afford health insurance, there are subsidies for that. 

So tell me again how it's a tax?
+Angel Martinez Well said!  If I am fighting for my life, if I had a choice between Bush and Romney, I'd pick Bush in an instant.  Never the liar Romney.  I may not like Bush, but on any given day, Bush over the Liar.
+Marty D'Arcy Obamacare doesn't tell churches what they have to believe in. Obamacare tells EMPLOYERS what they have to cover, medically speaking. Once you become an employer, you fall under different rules. Also, Rastafarians don't get to smoke weed legally just because it is one of their religious beliefs. 

Obamacare or Romneycare, whatever you want to call it, is the law and all employers have to follow it. 
Also the best part about all this economy talk is that Romney's plan fixes the budget in 8-10 years, but gives Obama less than 4 with a hostile House working against him.  Coupled with two speeches Romney gave - one to Bain stockholders saying it takes an average of 5-10 years to turn around a failing company, and another in 2004 when Bush was running for a second term, where he said blaming the President for the economy is "poppycock".

Romney in 2004: Blaming President For Economy, Job Market Is "Poppycock."
+Kevin Gaspar Good post!  I just can't wait for "Mitt the Quitter" to finally quit political life for good.  No Republican gets elected without Ohio, and no Liar gets elected lying to the American people.
Kyle, Obama is the one that said in an interview said, that if he did not turn the economy around in three years, he guessed he would be a one term president. I agree with him, he made the economy worse, he increased the National Debt over 16 Trillion dollars ( and growing every second), and he should be a one term President.
What we really need is for all parties to understand that once an election is over, as a country, we're all suppose to come together and make it work...Obama did not get much cooperation....!!!!  Sad...!!!!
I can tell you this, +Arun Kumar , tax increases don't work.  My hometown suffered severely from the Clinton 1993 tax increases.  There were 2 factories.  One produced boats and the other RVs.  People were out of work because the "luxury tax" on the wealthy affected their spending habits, and it put people out of work. That was a major factor turning my blue collar Democrat community into a blue collar Republican community.

I don't have a good study "in the can" for you to view.  The best I could find was this graph based on Gov't stats.
Kinda sad to blame someone for not being able to fix something that someone else broke....!!!!!!!!
i bet obama's plan would get rid of 12 million jobs! if i was old enough to vote i would vote for you mitt romney!
+charlie oviatt If you were old enough, you would vote for Obama because by then you would have a reasonably functioning brain.  I know it takes a while for Republicans, but eventually you all do.  
I love to see arguments from trolls: insults.  No logic or brain required.
+charlie oviatt Seriously? The only people who have been President since you were born are Clinton, Bush, and Obama. And you're going to vote for the Republican? Have you been paying attention at all?
+William Zwick I feel for your community and I am sorry to hear that, but we got to distinguish between rationale and emotion.  When most people argue against Obama is based on emotion and rhetoric.  The facts speaks for themselves, but people like yourself don't think rationally and ignore facts.  Here's another study, if interested, from Stanford University, that asked whether "Millionaires left California after that State instituted a Millionaire Tax".  The evidence says "NO NO Nooooooooooooo".  Check it out here: 
+Kevin Gaspar , there is a difference between negative and positive law.  The former prohibits and action and the latter requires an action.  Obamacare mandates are positive law and different from the drug prohibition example given.
No thanks.... We're good... The numbers are climbing and we lead better in so many areas.... And our plan is better... TAX THE RICH....YEAHHH!!!

# Obama / Biden 2012
Republicans be  honest.
 how can you  vote  a liar
I can't believe that all the money that was spent on your collective educations, you can come up with a plan like... Voting for Mittens and the little smurf boy... It amazing that you Americans, that drink the same water I do, breathe the same air, and watch the same debates... You all are really embarrassing...
Actually, I don't act emotionally, +Arun Kumar .  To say that I have been doing so in this discussion is rather intellectually dishonest.  
I can't wait for Romney to start looking for a real job next Wednesday.
  Wow !!!! too funny to hear some comments like
  "  I love you Mitt " how do you love someone who cheating  and continues to lies
"As president, I will create 12 million new jobs."  —Mitt Romney, during the second presidential debate
"Government does not create jobs. Government does not create jobs."  —Mitt Romney, 45 minutes later (Oct. 16, 2012)
Andrew Parrish figure it out, you don't have to see instantly in a post that is about 120x120 pixels with legible reading. 
Im pretty sure he won't reach his goal because of the democratic party will be uncooperative. But im sure he'll get close enough to say he did a good job. Obama on the other hand says thing like im going to make 4 million new jobs, which in his last term saying he would fix the economy, which he didn't and he says making a deficit of 5.6 trillion more was a "success". Romney/Ryan 2012 better ideas better people, better economy because it rhymes  with Romney. 
Obama's campaign. FORWARD to more economy weakening Obama-care  and FORWARD to 5.6 trillion more Debt. This plan is going to be a success. Stuttering communist. 
+dillard martin From The Economist's endorsement.
"On the economy, the most powerful argument in his favour is simply that he stopped it all being a lot worse. America was in a downward economic spiral when he took over, with its banks and carmakers in deep trouble and unemployment rising at the rate of 800,000 a month. His responses—an aggressive stimulus, bailing out General Motors and Chrysler, putting the banks through a sensible stress test and forcing them to raise capital (so that they are now in much better shape than their European peers)—helped avert a Depression."
These people certainly know more about formal economics than I do, but I know that the Dow Average has doubled, corporations are holding record amounts of cash and there has been a stabilization of housing prices.  Thirty consecutive months of job growth, even if it were only one new job a month, is better than the situation as it was when Obama took office. This all in the face of dedicated obstructionism by the Republicans.  Obama has earned a second term.  We should make sure that he gets it.
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
Time to fire the empty chair!
I do not want in my country extreme  fanatics  tea party
Yes!!!  For Democracy. Obama 2012
+Richard Tibbs , if you look at the trends in the job growth, there was improvement prior to Obama taking office (albeit still negative overall).  Economist predicted in the Fall of 2008 that the recession would end by June 2009, and they were generally correct.  If you look at the trends since the Summer 2010, the GDP has been trending downward.  If you look at the timing of the Obama policies being enacted, they never really had any impact on stopping the recession or creating a real recovery. (Even the stimulus cost over $228,000 per job for the 3.5 mil "saved or created."  That's pretty darn expensive.)
+Aidan Patrick O'Brien Reagan's plan created two decades of sustained growth in the U.S.  If Romney's plan does half that, it will be ten times as good as what Obama has done.
stop !!! the extreme right in this country.
 Vote for President Obama
One term governor wants to be president, again. Why didn't you run again +Mitt Romney , if you were so loved, and why are you losing in your home state(s) in the polls?
+Bradley Olsen since you LOVE Mittens because he LOVES America, I thought you may enjoy this quote;

 _I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that's the America millions of Americans believe in,That's the America I love_
–Mitt Romney (January 2012)

If you can figure out what he is trying to say, please be sure to share it with us:-)
Go Romney/Ryan!  We need real leadership in the White House.  Ideology will only get you so far.  Romney has a proven record with business, the Olympics and Massachusetts.  I'm electing Romney for his experience and what he can do, not because I want to be his friend.  Don't like him?  Fine, but the fact of the matter is is that he DOES have the experience to get the job done!  Obama is a community organizer, not a jobs creator.   Obama had NO record to show he could handle the most powerful position in the world.  He had never run a business, he has never balanced a budget, he had never run a government of any kind!  Fellow voters, let's consider the job we're interviewing for and let's hire accordingly.   We need fiscal conservatism more now than ever and Romney/Ryan offers exactly that!  People are fed up with the policies of the current administration and that is why I believe we will see a Romney/Ryan victory.  
WND and NYPOST not credible sources, but thanks for playing.
+Kevin Gaspar , such an award winning argument.  I'll just claim Media Matters are liberal hacks and lack credibility - you never even got to the plate.  

+Brian Lougheed , those are kinda funny examples of success... well, the last one since Obama had a majority in both houses during his first year.  It made it pretty simple to pass his legislative agenda.  Too bad the agenda was largely a failure from my perspective: zwickpoliticalcommentary  
But I thought private industry was the only thing that could create jobs!
+Brian Lougheed , I must add that the "ended the war in Iraq" was really Bush. Obama simply managed the ending started by Bush - but Obama actually attempted to extend the US troop presence and failed to extend the Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq.  As I like to say, "Obama kept the promise because he failed to break it." 

So, yeah, Obama has been a failure.
Seriously 12 million jobs! Any of those @ a fair pay rate?
Leading economists agree but also state that due to the policies of the Obama administration this will occur whoever is elected so quit trying to lie your way into office. With all the flip-flopping do you even remember what you actually believe anymore?
Sorry +William Zwick My sister just came from Afghanistan for the third time... Bush just said we won.. But he didn't officially start any withdraws.. My sister last two tours have been about packing up materials to pull out.. And both those pull out tours have been since Obama... 
The 12 million new jobs that he claims to be able to create are just coming from a plan that President Obama has already put into effect that will make 12 million new jobs. Good try, Mitt. #Obama2012
After the last 4 years, America needs R&R in 2012: Romney & Ryan 2012!
The only agenda Romney has is for the advancement of himself and people like him! All you folks who are middleclass and voting for this clown, WAKE UP O_O!! He doesnt care about you, nor can he identify with you and your daily struggles. Romney promotes "jobs" but Obama promotes "education". A way to advance!! I dunno about you,but i dont want to work a 9-5 all my life.... I want a career! #OBAMA2012 \^_^/
Your plan will destroy this country. Old man, your time has come and gone, step aside, your pockets are already full.
Who wants to bet after he loses, his wife files for divorce.
Simple question that I've heard few people ask during these elections.. what's your definition of a middle class? Monetarily speaking.
This guy is fighting for presidency since the dinosaurs were young. 
what a joke Romney, what is the record of accomplishment he got? > the romney care was in real a Hilary's care program (but didn't pass the vote)!, his bain capital bought and sold US company's, to do profit they sold them even they knew many thousand of US employees will loose their jobs, other company's closed and were remove from the US to china,.... and his income was forged for his tax payments! ... hiding money offshore,... what a nice record he got! a businessman without conscience, who doesn't care about 47% of US citizens
Maybe, but hopefully we'll never find out.
But, government doesn't create jobs...
No +Frank Estrada gov doesn't create jobs. But it kills them. Unleashing our nation's energy, rolling back opressive regulations, ending Obama admin's crony capitalism policies, that will create jobs.
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
You sad lonely man, +Brian Lougheed. So pathetic and alone you try to influence the elections of other nations with your hate and bigotry. It won't work, Obama is a failure, and Americans don't like failures.
+Jordan Miller Of course Romney says if the military budget isn't increased by 2 trillion unfunded dollars, that will cost jobs. But yet the government never creates jobs?
If the military isn't properly funded, it will cost more than jobs. It will cost our freedoms, it will cost our lives. This nonsense that Obama spouts about not needing ships and money is nonsense, and you all know it. Obama needs to look at a globe. He will be suprised to see that most of our planet is water. Naval superiority is crucial. Peace through strength is the only way to have peace. 
500 former military commanders made their endorsement...
5, that right, ONLY 5 former military commanders endorsed Obama.  
Brian, you've obviously been asleep. The msm has been making a big deal of his faith for a very long time now. CNBC and MSNBC, along with the most extreme liberal-progressive left wing channel Current, have been hammering home his religion. If it's from the right it'll get trashed. If it's from the left it'll be praised, no matter what. The spinsters haven't stopped since the campaign began.
Brian Lougheed

" Why is Mitt Romney's faith and what he believes in not as issue or not even talked about? Yet there's all sorts of conspiracy theories about President Obama and his faith.
 The treatment of women, their view of black people and being cursed by God, magic underwear, secret and closed temples, baptizing non Mormons that are dead...Anne Frank for example...among other Jewish victims of the Holocaust.
 What about southern Baptists and their belief that Mormonism is a cult?
Is Romney going to answer to Salt Lake City and his prophets? or follow the rule of law? " 

Annelies Marie Frank 12 June 1929 – early March 1945 died in Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. US President Barack Hussein Obama is both a Muslim and an Islamist and Barack Obama's view is that as a Jewess she had it coming to her. Furthermore, members of the congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints did not ram civilian airliners carrying unarmed non-combatant women and children in to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC NY on 9 11 2001.  That is why President Barack Hussein Obama's religious views are an issue.  

#Benghazi  Benghazi
I will vote for You! You respect our value! 
Mitt Romney says he is going to create jobs and has a proven track record as a State Governor and a businessman whilst on the other hand Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist who is is trying to destroy America and the Western Civilization by collapsing the US Economy, I think that makes it a pretty clear choice as to who to vote for on Tuesday.

#Benghazi Benghazi #DebtStar Debt star
Romney Ryan 2012! America is coming back with a strong economy!
That would be 250,000 new jobs per month.  During the 90s tech bubble the job rate was 234,000 per month on average and that included the H1b Job infusions from immigration.  What exactly is going to drive this job creation engine ? 
I guess Mitt is smarter then the leading economists, because from what little they know of his actual "plan" he will end up tanking the middle class. Sorry Mitt, your lies are empty and after tomorrow we won't have to deal with your sorry face ever again.
Speaking of plans, Obama hasn't had one in 4 years - or whatever it is it's working really well. 
Hah. Because the middle class now has corporations not people and families in it.
Just compare their records both Romney and Obama! Romney did much better than current President. The current President does not have any experience managing businesses or a government. It shows the last four years in the office. Nothing,nada, zero. He did not even vote for any issue while he was a senator for a short time. No commitment, promised made not met or ignored! No more, nobama!
Romney/Ryan 2012!
+Albatros D III Man you are just spewing garbage... Barack is an American... with a Christian Faith...Obama is a 1991 graduate of Harvard Law School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review... and before he even became President... he had countless letters from Law Firms where everybody wanted him to work for them... "that says a lot about Obama's Character"... the man is intelligent... and Since He been President... he orchestrated the raid to kill Bin Laden, he revamp the Health Care System, and Revived the economy and created jobs, which continues to grow...

From the disaster he inherited from BUSH... He's done a lot in 4 years.... he need 4 more years to finish the job he started.

Obama/Biden 2012
 Kelvin Kennedy, No actually he made the country worse. Obama barely had anything to do with the Military. He cut military spending. My brother is a United States Marine (Oohrah!) and he knew Obama would mess this country up and so did I. We were both right. The only thing he changed was the Unemployment rate. And it didn't even go up, It went down to 8% So Go Romney, Screw Obama! And Oohrah to all them troops who DON'T get to vote because of all this shit that's fucked up in this country. But God Bless America. Thank you.
Romney/Ryan 2012....................  :) 1+ this if u agree. 
Kelvin Kennedy, I think Obama belong to working for a Law firm and he can start thinking which one on Nov. 7, 2012. You should know that he depended a well known minister who own many apartment in low income area in Chicago who has taken advantage of those people who lived there. He can't even produce his transcript from Harvard.
+Brandon Wigginton You must have crawled under a rock after BUSH left the White House... you have to be present amongst the living to speak on such matters.  Apparently you've never resurfaced from under that rock if you haven't seen all his accomplishments.  

+Rene Sancho another clown resurfacing from under a rock... 
get a clue.... so you're a follower of Donald Trump... smh... idiot!!!
you speak non-sense.
Please don't make the mistake of Obama for another term America.
+Justin Bruce the Only mistake i see is Romney lies and inability to run a country.  He's a Failure at everything... even in providing information on his plan... the Auto Industry... FEMA... and the list goes on...

No mistakes here.... Obama/Biden 2012 all the way!!!!  
Does anyone know what the hell the details of his plan ARE??
Obama has no agenda except to continue his plan to bankrupt this country and create more parasitic welfare minions
YOU ROMNEY PEOPLE ARE #CLASSIC you dont even know what your voting for.   You just have so much damn hate in your blood that you rather see a country go down in flames than vote for the RIGHT reason .... all you ROMNEY WOMAN ARE ABOUT TO BE FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHTS ALLLLLL OVER AGAIN... GET READY TO NOT TO HAVE ANY SAY IN ANYTHING!!!!!!!  KNOW YOUR FACTS AND DO YOUR RESEARCH.... YOU DONT HAVE TO TELL ANYONE WHO YOU ARE VOTING FOR.... JUST THINK SMART...... #VOTE FOR WHATS RIGHT NOT FOR COLOR....
So much ignorance, don't want to even try to start replying.  I'll just say, the country needs a change from the failed policies and hidden agenda of Obama.  Romney/Ryan 2012
Yes, +Stan Hyatt is right listen to him people.
If Obama wins we all might as well go move to Saudi Arabia. Since Obama wants to be like them.
+Tim Olsen I viewed it... that is pure garbage... what about the way he handled Hurricance Sandy... the Auto Industry... and all the mark-up and media said about that.... Chris Christy couldn't have said it better... and where were you when all the talk was going on just days ago how great a leader he is...

go sell that Malarky somewhere else... I'm not buying.

+Justin Bruce you still talking... do you ever make any sense...???
that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard... 
Dems plan for last 4 years. Pelosi: "We Have to Pass the Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It"
Anyone notice that Romney states that 7 million jobs will magically "happen" when he cuts taxes for the wealthy and businesses?  I guess the misguided belief is that if a business suddenly gets a tax break, they'll use the windfall to hire people they don't need - that's good business sense, isn't it?.  And if the 1% get yet another tax break, they'll immediately start crapping out companies requiring thousands of workers to open their doors, right?  

Of course, there is not a shred of evidence that cutting taxes for the upper 1% creates jobs or increases GDP, as this report studying 65 years of data shows - you know, the report from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service that Republicans tried to suppress last week.

Anyone who believes that a huge tax cut will create 7 million jobs is seriously deluded.  Romney has no plans to create jobs... he just wants to make rich people richer.
Government doe not create jobs except when I use it to create jobs...
That's my class, and it needs strengthening! 
Thank you Mr. Romney, I'm sure China will appreciate the 12 million new jobs after you lay off more Americans.
^to the above photo stating a stronger middle class...pure BS.
Yes Shawn, thank Obama, and prior administrations for that little non fact you stated and while you're at it, read about SAFTA and NAFTA too. 
+Paul Laedke I dont get the hate for Romney from even the most liberal democrat. He is a moderate, he is not going to do ANYTHING extreme like the Obama campaign wants you to believe. He got elected as Govenor in Mass, one of the most liberal states in the country. He is going to get rid of a healthcare plan that a majority of Americans do not like. He is going to cut rates and cut deductions to simplify the tax code and reduce rates for the middle class. He is not going to ban gay marriage. He is not going to get rid of Planned Parenthood. He is not going to raise taxes on the middle class.
there is nothign more fun than to piss off a romney supporter.
+Jeff Dowell In all seriousness, do you really think Romney is the radical right-winger that the liberals have made him out to be?
Your plan will create a failure for this great nation that we may actually NOT recover from.  You're a lying, uncouth and totally despicable individual and if you some how do manage to squeeze out a victory it will be only because of your parties lying deceitful ways to muscle their way back into power.

No one in their right God given mind would vote for someone who has been caught in so many lies as you.  
+Kevin Lupo You do know this is politics, right Kevin? You do realize political campaigning is dirty, no matter what side you prefer? Also, please tell me you are not getting so upset at a politician for not presenting the complete and total truth? There are a lot of things to be upset at in the world, this is not one of them.
Dude there is a seperate post for the rage against obama comments.
#mittromney Do we want more of the same?  Or, real change?! Romney will get America strong again.
The "rich" worked hard and spent the time and effort to earn their money. Why should they be taxed more?
Well now we know who's the millionaire here.
I fail to see your logic, if you want money hell don't take it from us get up off your ass and work for it dumbholes.

Romney once again claimed that his economic plan would produce 12 million jobs. This sounds like a pretty bold statement, especially considering that only two presidents — Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton — created more than 12 million jobs. Romney, in fact, says he can reach this same goal, in just four years, though the policy paper issued by his campaign contains few details. It is mostly a collection of policy assertions, such as reducing debt, overhauling the tax code, fostering free trade and so forth.

But, in fact, the number is even less impressive than it sounds. This pledge amounts to an average of 250,000 jobs a month, a far cry from the 500,000 jobs a month that Romney once claimed would be created in a “normal recovery.” In recent months, the economy has averaged about 150,000 jobs a month.

The Congressional Budget Office is required to consider the effects of the so-called “fiscal cliff” if a year-end budget deal is not reached, which many experts believe would push the country into a recession. But even with that caveat, the nonpartisan agency assumes 9.06 million jobs will be created between 2013 and 2017. (This is a revision downward; CBO had estimated 11 million in January.)

But Moody’s Analytics, in an August forecast, predicts 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, no matter who is president. And Macroeconomic Advisors in April also predicted a gain of 12.3 million jobs. In other words, this is a fairly safe bet by Romney, even if he has a somewhat fuzzy plan for action. We have often noted that presidents are often at the mercy — or are the beneficiary — of broad economic trends, and Romney’s pledge appears to be an effort to take advantage of that.
Moreover, the Fact Checker column this week gave Romney Four Pinocchios for an television ad that incorrectly jumbles together a bunch of studies to achieve that 12 million figure.

[Glenn Kessler, Washington Post]]

well if you knew anything there Marcus, you give corporations (the Rich) tax breaks so that they keep their businesses in the US and not ship them overseas. People cant figure out why businesses leave the US? Well there is one reason, along with less redtape, less regulations, and no corrupt unions to deal with. He said over and over that he is not raising taxes on anyone, so i dont know what left wing idiot told you that he will be raising taxes on the middle class. Do your homework, and dont get your biased information from MTV.
Yes, 90% of those jobs will be in China.
he might say tht nut how will he do that
You have to admit that the present President of the United States, BHO, has not fullfilled his promises. The one thing that I can not seem to get over is that for two years he had a dem congress and nothing happened. I think he is a lazy president and I think tha tthe only thing that he has going for him is the color of his skin. Never in the history of presidential candidacy have we have voter turn on the color of the candidate's skin. The victims here are really the poor black folks that believe, as they did in his first election, that they will be given preferential treatment. Also, this president, for the last several months have deceived the American population with regards to our slain oversees ambassador in Bengazi. NO matter what they do to cover it up it still is not going to change what happen and that is the administration lied and left our American troops there to die, heroically I might add. I gave him three and half years but now it is definetly time for a change. We need real leadership from someone who has the expertise in both finance and business. The current President had one of the most limited governmental resumes since Grant. I just don't feel like I am going to be fully represented, as a white male, fairly with a Barack Husein Obama administration. 
+Jennings Cotten The issue liberals and conservatives alike have with Romney is that there is virtually nothing the guy stands for that hasn't changed (sometimes multiple times). He was "severely conservative" before he became a moderate and now on some issues he is borderline liberal. This is a guy who will tell you whatever it is you need to hear to gain your vote, and will change positions tomorrow. All politicians flip-flop, but Romney has set a new standard for it.

And once Obama gets reelected tomorrow, the GOP will have a "duh" moment - you can't win elections by standing for nothing.
that is true but at the same time so does Obama. a few weeks ago he was against gay marriage and today he is for it. I will vote for a moderate conservative over a liberal anyday.
"Liberals" can you stop with this "he got Osama" crap. The CIA and Navy Seals got Osama, and how did they get him. They got him through intell gathered from enhanced interrogations, which your God Obama was against and got rid of.
I'd be more inclined to look for one job, sir.
+Vicki West I can already see Donald Trump and Jack Welch blaming "those Chicago guys". :)
Can you promise me that you will not indefinitely detain me during your presidency? That is the only way you could ever win my vote Mr. Romney. 
why do i need to shut up? @tyler yarbrough? because i love my country? im hooraying us all on as one? im an american, red white & blue runs thru my veins! and if you think i need to shut up from my comment then u got serious issues. you mustt not understand what im saying. and you got a nerve.
I would like to vote for Romney because I fell he has a special guide with him & that guide believes in truth mite not sit well with all but its their
But Mr. Romney, when asked for details to back up your 12 million jobs claim, your campaign cited studies showing that 12 million jobs will be created regardless of who is the next president, and even cited studies showing that these jobs would result from Obama's policies. How can you continue to make the ridiculous claim that this is a reason to vote for you?
With Romney we will strive to succeed in making a better America! With Obama we will plummet to a all time low taxes will go up employment will go down and the government will fall. Based on the statistics I don't see how ANYONE could vote for Obama. 
And to all those who are idiotic enough to deny Obama credit for the killing of Bin Laden - you rationale of "the SEALs killed him so they get all the credit" misses the fact that Obama is...well...what's the title.... COMMANDER IN CHIEF? Stop embarrassing yourselves. 
+Kelvin Kennedy You must not care about your country if you vote for Obama. He promises so many things and never accomplishes them. Your just one of those people who think there always right. But you're not dude. Get some sense. Obama won't care for the jobs, the people, or the country itself. He's all about popularity and money. On the other hand, Mitt Romney actually cares about the country and it's people. You can go ahead and think you're right but you're wrong bro. And I think the 12 million who will have jobs will agree with me! Thank you.
+Georgi Trifonov I like the argument that saying that Obama doesn't get any credit for the killing of Bin Laden because he wasn't there is the same as saying that Bin Laden doesn't get any credit for the murder of the victims of 9/11 because he wasn't there.
+Joseph Jensen Given that under the last 4 years of Obama employment has gone up and taxes have gone down, why should we believe your argument at all?
+Brandon Wigginton You do realize that the 12 million jobs are going to be created regardless of who is President, right?  The study Romney's campaign sites for their 12 million jobs claim says that. :P
+Thomas Farrell Dude why are you Romney's page if your an Obama supporter. Just get outta here you hater. And actually The UNemployment rate has gone up. Not the employment. And Obama had NOTHING to do with the killing of Bin Laden. You don't know anything. The General of the Marines had the permission to seek through with the mission and he did. And they went through it. But then some of the crew lost their lives (Pray for them and their families) and my BROTHER is out there right now fighting for us. God Bless this country and the Armed forces that are out in Afghanistan and other foreign countries. And pray for the people in the east coast. So go to Obama's page and support him. But get off of Romney's page if your gonna hate.. the same with the rest of you Obama supporters.
+Brandon Wigginton People come to this page because it's public, and because somebody has to point out the distortions that Romney is spewing.  In regards to Bin Landen - who do you think gave the General permission to invade a foreign state to take action?  The only guy who can, the President.  
+Kyle Conroy Actually the General can have the choice to invade foreign states. It's not just the president. So study your facts. Quit jumping in people's conversation's and support the terrorist Barack Obama. Good day
The middle class needs Romney, as do the poor and the rest of America!  Let's get him elected as our next President of the United States!
if you are referring to Obummer you are correct.
Andrij Harasewych -  As a woman, I'm proud to vote for Romney!  As a mother and grandmother, I'd be ashamed to vote for someone saddling the next generation or two with as much debt as Obama has done in his first 4 years.  How much higher could he drive the debt in the next 4 years if you keep him in office???  I sure don't want to find out!
Actually +Alexa Antonaras she's exercising these rights.  She does have the right to choose.  I feel bad for your IQ :(
+Janice Williams Really? Debt? Well, Congress voted in any spending that was done and Congress blocked jobs acts. Who was majority in Congress while this was going on.....

oh yeah.
But then again, I wouldn't expect you to be any more an expert on politics or economics, since obviously you spend your time trying to convince yourself Romney is all about women's rights... /facepalm
You can't trust Mitt Romney on protecting choice.
"Roe v. Wade has gone too far." (
"I believe that since Roe v. Wade has been the law for 20 years we should
sustain and support it." (
"I will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose and am devoted and dedicated to honoring my word in that regard." (
 "I respect and will protect a woman's right to choose." (
"I never really called myself pro-choice." (Mitt Romney - "I never really called myself pro-choice")
"There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda." (
 - (later the same day) "Governor Romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life." (
You can't trust Mitt Romney on flat taxes.
"It's a tax cut for fat cats." (
"When he unveiled his economic agenda this year, Romney said he would pursue a 'long-term goal' of a 'flatter, fairer, simpler structure.'... On Wednesday in Fairfax, Va., he said, 'I'll lay out some additional ways to make the tax code more flat.'" (
You can't trust Mitt Romney on federal spending.
According to memos, emails, and other records now housed in the state archives, the Romney administration made the pursuit of federal funding a top priority, establishing a federal grants office to scour for opportunities and bolstering its presence in DC by retaining a powerful lobbying shop for help. Internal documents show the administration bemoaning its low ranking in an annual "pork list" detailing which states brought home the most federal bacon, and aggressively planning to boost that ranking. Which they did: Between 2003, when Romney took office, and 2006, Massachusetts climbed as high as nine spots in the pork rankings. (
You can't trust Mitt Romney on Pell Grants for college.
He previously praised the Ryan budget that gutted the Pell Grant program (even picked Ryan as his running mate), "criticized President Obama for doubling funds for Pell grants," and lambasted the program's "expanding entitlement mentality."
or was it:
"I want to make sure we keep our Pell Grant program growing." (
Why would Mitt Romney NOT pursue federal funding for his state during his tenure as governor?  Was he elected to that office to reduce federal spending?  NO.  Did he promise not to pursue those funds?  NO.  Would he have been irresponsible not to attempt to gain every financial advantage for his state while governor ... YES. 

Different office, different goals, different responsibilities. is FOR SURE.....the DEMOCRATS cannot do it!!!!  Obama does not have a clue.  Mitt Romney IS the ONLY one for America and our wonderful country!!  Another 4 years of Obama, we will be the United States of Islam.......and FARTHER in debt!!!!!
+Trystan Smith , why don't you ask the people of Massachusetts - you know, the people Mr. Romney actually governed - how good he is at it. We'll tell you that he "balanced" the budget by rearranging the state's debts and payments so that payments would be reduced while he was in office but would go off like a debt time bomb as soon as his successor took office, and by pushing a lot of expenses onto the towns and cities, causing immediate financial crises on the local level. You should consider that after our experience having him as our governor, he didn't have a second term... because he left office with an approximately 35% approval rating and couldn't have won re-election. We didn't want him back to run our state. Why the hell do you think he can do a better job of running the entire nation?
+Thomas Farrell A better question is if you're so full of tears over the man why are you following him on G+? Just to whine? ffs. The amount of hearsay purported as truth in your post and the massive oversimplification is more transparent reaching by another weak minded person prompted by the obama propaganda campaign. You don't hate Romney. You've just been convinced to hate anyone not obama or obama approved.
btw rearranging payments to offset interest is the textbook first step in reducing debt. Maybe if you guys hadn't been so short sighted you'd have seen the long term plan.
+mark hare , you expertly use the standard republican tactic - you don't like the facts, so you change the subject and call the speaker names.


I've lived in Massachusetts for a long time now, I knew and despised Mr. Romney for a long time before I ever heard of Obama. I was at the Gay Pride parade where he sent his staffers to hand out bright pink flyers claiming he would be better for gay rights than Teddy Kennedy. I remember it because we all laughed at him because he was the only candidate who sent hired people to try to get our votes and didn't bother showing up to smile and wave. He now denies it ever happened, I've heard.
+Thomas Farrell So basically you hate him because he's straight and as I pointed out you were brainwashed by obama propaganda. Why didn't heir obama speak up for your gay rigths at the start of his term? Why wait until he's trying to get reelected? Thanks for proving my point. The real candidate who is pandering is obama. Romney PAID people to visit your parade. That's not good enough? I did not use any ad-hominem. It's not name calling to observe and report on behavior and infer as to the motivations and reasoning.

I LOVE the facts. The problem is the facts you get from main stream media and fringe lunatic groups are not facts but more propaganda citing selective states calling themselves facts and even relying on a correlative coefficient as a substitute for fact which it/they is/are not.
+Trystan Smith Did you follow any of the links I posted?

Please explain WHICH of Mitt's stances on anything you agree on. I can, beyond a doubt, give you evidence of him saying the opposite.
Yeah everyone should vote for Mitt Romney he would make everything better
Mitt needs someone to wash one of Ann's Cadillacs, who wants a job?
Jaron C
Heaven help Romney win!  We have spent the last 4 years without a president.  
On Wednesday when our President Obama gives his victory speech, may God shine a path upon the extremist fringes of the right (those who currently call themselves _Republicans_ but have no clue about what this once great party meant to all Americans). May God bring them back to sanity again and help them understand that even though they are a rapidly shrinking minority, they are still Americans and a part of this great nation. 
Middle class will go bankrupt because of you. I just dont understand you.
+Mitt Romney  You did not tell the truth about JEEP! even after you were told by Chrysler and GM that what you were saying was not accurate, you put it in an ad on TV/  So many middle class auto workers who you say you care about were put under so much undue stress over the fear of losing their jobs, and were in a panic after the industry had almost crashed in 2009. he did not take them into consideration before he let that falsehood fly.  he could have hurt car sales and had a negative impact on the stock market.  We cannot have a shoot from the hip before you have the facts. romney could have called to get the story straight, but he ran off and put a lot of people in a state of panic, how careless, thoughtless and self serving

Ohio is angry with you doing such a really lousy thing is shows you lack the character you try to project, even Mormons #mormonsforobama   are voting for the president and in your own state you are 20 points behind they know you best
With all of the facts that some of you have about Mitt Romney one of the many questions that I have is why wasn't he elected 4 years ago...his credentials are the same aren't they?
Create jobs or destroy jobs?
what are you could be go on almost tomorrow november 6th on tuesday hope you win mitt romney? are you happy, i dont have no money give you some $15.00 pay for done
People like Romney destroyed the middle class in 2008-2009.
GO FUCK YOURSELF ROMNEY YOU SELFISH BASTARD. Isn't freedom of speech just lovely. Vote no on Romney, save yourself from the move to Canada.
So If Romney wins all the Libs are moving to Canada.  YEA!!!!
He supports the middle class, but that makes over $1 million per year... Is that middle class?  I just must be having a bad year then.
Romney's definition of "middle income" is anything at $200k and over.  Ugh!  Obama 2012!
Ugh! Obama, I agree.  Go ROMNEY!  Romney/Ryan 2012!
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
B.O was a mistake. Time to rectify it. Vote Love. Vote Freedom. Vote Romnet/Ryan!
We gave Obama the benefit of the doubt, for 4 years, but he has been a major disappointment, and lied to the American people.  It is time for a new President who puts America first before his political survival.  Obama's "story" about Benghazi is unraveling into the greatest scandal since Watergate, but then nobody died in Watergate, and our consulate wasn't destroyed, so Benghazi-gate is orders-of-magnitude worse.
Why do so many people and Countries think Obama is the right man to continue to be president?  Billionaires Koch brothers endorse Romney.  Why is that?  Is that some kind of brotherhood.  
Dear Diane - When you compare the Koch brothers to the Wall Street trillionaire tax cheats, the uninformed multi-billionaire entertainers, and the large billionaire media outlets that have covered up Solyndra, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious, as well as the negative and racist class warfare rhetoric of the Chicago political elite machine that won't even give you a trash can in Chicago if you are registered as anything other than a Democrat - I will side with the Koch brothers thank you, at least they earn their money, and employ lots of folks with very good paying jobs.
Morning, I would drag my naked body over broken glass to get to the polls to vote for  Mitt and Paul !!  and that is how committed the silent majority are!  We have watched BO lie and media cover for him for 4 years!! Today you shall hear us ROAR!!  
well wats this guy gonna do for america i vote my dam self tell ya the truth eava thang 2 dollla
Mitt's "plan"? Which is "can't talk about it, ask me later!" Is it anything like the Paul Ryan plan, to have Congress vote down every jobs bill that comes up?
+Georgi Trifonov Mitt Romney has NEVER been ultra conservative...ever. I am very conservative, and I know what they look like, sound like, walk like. He is not. Mitt Romney is a business executive. Anyone in business knows the executive is usually not outspoken on special interests group, but is focused on getting stuff down. Usually they shy away from any talk of religion, politics, or anything else that could polarize the people who work for them. Many who have dealt with Romeny confirm this. Obama is an idealist who does NOT understand how to get others that do not have his ideals, to work with him. While he may have great ideas (I personally think not), he lacks any ability to get others on his side. This has lead to Obama passing one of the largest pieces of law without the support of ONE Republican congressman or senator. Romney knows how to get things down. He did it in business, he did it in politics.
+Jennings Cotten.... that's BS... tell the true reason why the Republican won't work with Obama.  At the very beginning just as soon as he signed into the oval office... the Republicans hosted a private meeting plotting against him... 1 GOP fool said it on national TV... that this was his only GOAL in life is to make Obama a 1 term President... with the rest of them talking about taking a country back.
The question was asked..."Take it back from who?"  No one is dumb here... they want to get the black face off the Head of America...
that is the only reason why Republicans won't work with him...
That was part of their plan... to BLOCK every bill to make him seem incompetent... but that's okay... he got it done anyway... he took it to the people... the 1% can't control a whole nation if we vote against them.   So that crap you spewing... I'M NOT BUYING IT....
It shouldn't matter what COLOR a person is to lead a country...
just as long as he is qualified... and Obama is very well QUALIFIED.  JUST LOOK AROUND AT WHERE HE BROUGHT US FROM... 

GET A CLUE... jenny boo boo

so to say he should NOT lead because he's black... THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!

OBAMA 2012
Romney is the obvious choice for an American comeback! He has so much more experience going into this election than his opponent ever had. He will be an excellent president!
+Steven Sauls smh..... clown... have your eyes been closed this whole have to wake up man... it's a wonder how you get around dude... Lord knows you have no brain... just sit in a corner and be quiet... someone will come for you... guide you... feed you.... give you know... basic stuff so you can live.... cause i just know you're lacking in all areas... #YellowShortBus  

Obama/Biden 2012
What? Do you even know what your saying anymore Romney? Now you're just straight up lying.

It's a sin to pollute. Coal and Oil are not the answer to America's problems any more than dope and alcohol are the solution to yours. Pumping more oil out of the ground isn't going to make more jobs. It's clear that there are more jobs if we get to work... changing the status quo; We need electrically powered railroad transportation infrastructure, wind energy farms, and clean air. People voted with their dollars to cause the automobile industry to fail. Now We the People own part of the auto company. What we want those who represent us in government to do is not sell that stock in the automobile companies, but to buy more. Vote on our behalf in the shareholder meetings, and steer those companies towards retooling factories to produce rail and wind energy. We want to share the ride in social transportation.

Read 1 Nephi 12:16-17. The "fountain of filthy water" is an oil gusher. The "mists of darkness" is coal smog. Our temple is not surrounded by burning cauldrons of oil. It is surrounded by life; by green growing things with pretty flowers. There's a reason for that. Choose life. Coal, oil, and nuclear energy are not compatible with life. They are not on the narrow road we must follow... which is lined with windmills, thank God, not crucifix.

We must extend the Word of Wisdom to encompass the health of Our Living Planet, another key element of the God Head... (Think of the original "trinity" as merely the point of a large host in wedge phalanx emerging from a mist...)

Karl Martin Hegbloom
May God bless this GREAT NATION the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with his SPIRIT OF TRUTH, PEACE, DISCERNMENT, INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM as they make time and effort to come and cast their votes for our future-as they together make the great decision of this nation's leaders, with subsequent consequences for coming years and decades-

...we think of our fathers and mothers, and their fathers and mothers back, and our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren generations forward, and we go vote...

What an honor and privilege it is to vote!!!

(And let's keep it honest people). :-)


Romney/Ryan 2012
Hahaha it should be a joke clearly as Romney won't care about 47% of americans
i rather him not win.. he gone cut out weave... && i love my weave.
I can't say I am sorry for people in support of Romney in this thread, but now that he has lost, I hope you guys will give thinking with your heads, a serious consideration.
you are listening to much to the television it isn't over until all votes are counted and the fat lady sings, but most of all when God says it is over.
"Government does not create jobs?"  Now that you've lost, will you tell us your plan now?
It sucks that you lost........ now we can prepare for less freedom, higher taxes, less jobs, less security, less military, and more debt. Of all I disagreed about with you, I would have supported nearly any decision involving those, because with where you were starting, there pretty much no way that it could have gotten any worse    "Don't Tread On Me."
 Sadly people dont understand the real importance of one vote. For the people who haven't cared about looking into what's happening in the economy recently "thank you" Obama lovers now where screwed. We gave him a chance he screwed that up shouldn't you decide to get your heads out of your asses and realize what he is doing to our country? unless your totally fine with adding 22 TRILLION dollars to our current debt of approximatley 16,240,464,220,032 which just to let you know is rising every second by the time 2016 around thats what its gonna look like. while i was watching the news yesterday i saw "happy" Obama people jumpin up and down and dancing. well let me tell you what.. no one will be doing that as the years progress. This man.. this so called president.. is going to increase just about everything we will think of.. for those of you who buy gas for your cars i hope you enjoy spending just about $6 dollars for 1 gallon. so that will continue to rise to. And after the U.S is destroyed and done for mainly the economy.. where do we go? nowhere because 1. Canada you can get arrested for saying stuff 2. Germany there having immigration issues and so many more places are affected. So once again thank you, you ignorant bastards for once again making a absolutely awful decision putting him back in charge when we had another chance to fix this stupid mistake.
I'm sooooo mad that obama win
We waste fresh breathing air on people like Mitt Romney.
You are very strange, but also ignorant!!!!Marge Allred
Mitt, We can start again, you know like a failed company you have had to deal with.  We can come back as a strong America.  We have to know how to create jobs, we need your knowledge.  Marge Allred
So, then, why are you paying attention to the Romney posts??? Back off!
It's so nice to see that we're all still such very good friends....  <3
no matter what side you were on, we're all in this together...
No, we are not in this together.  Some are socialist and communist traitors, like Obama.  Don't put that on the rest of us.
Allison Smith

" No, we are not in this together.  Some are socialist and communist traitors, like Obama.  Don't put that on the rest of us. " 

Communism and Socialism are radically different. The Socialists in Russia with the support of the British Secret Service were trying to kill Vladimir Lenin. Obama is not a Socialist. There is a slight possibility that Barry in the White House could be a Communist but if he was both a Communist and Socialist at the same time he would probably need to be suffering from a multiple personality disorder or some other bizarre neurological condition, whilst it is possible that Obama is both a Communist and a Socialist, it so unlikely that it is hardly worthy of consideration unless you have some legitimate evidence to support such a claim, Ma'am. Frankly Ms Allison Smith, I wouldn't think it unreasonable to harbor suspicions that in reality you are an Obama troll trying to make yourself look like a conservative. 
Angel Martinez

" no matter what side you were on, we're all in this together... " 

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God.

I can't see any reference to the President in that, so Monsieur Angel Martinez if you are seeking to claim that US Citizens are required by the Constitution to support Barry in the White House I think you are bowling against a sticky wicket. 
Obama will probably try to make himself President for Life if he is still in the White House in 2016. Impeach the piece of sh1t. 
I saw Mitt Romney in person! So cool!
Thanks for everything you have done +Mitt Romney. I wish our country could have done the same for you.
S. W.
We love Mitt.
Y.... johnny ringo, u look like somebody just walked over your grave and took a shit on it.....
create 12 million new jobs and destroy the environment as we know it?
Inez K.
I hate Mitt Romney. Go Obama! 
with your plan for a stronger middle class, it will simply turn it into a lower class.  
Inez K.
+Raymond Riley Why does everyone need to evacuate those places. Also BOO MITT ROMNEY!!!!!
Hey Mitt. Shut up. You do realize trump is a Republican? Your supposed to be attacking Hilliar. 
Mitt Romney, it always takes a bigger fake and con man like you to spot a smaller fake and conman, besides you are a has been with a poor track record as wanna be president. Stand behind Trump even if you consider the man to be a trash dump. Unity is strength. 
You were Pathetic in 2012 and YOU ARE STILL PATHETIC IN 2016
What a circus show. Mitt for the middle class. Yea right. You most likely don't even know what that means "middle class". You're so far out of touch with reality. This stupidity that the our party is showing now may as well just give the election to Mrs Clinton. No wonder people are so up tight in this country. And all these high powered Republicans can't figure out why so many people like Trump.
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