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We need a new direction – and that requires a new president.
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y do we need 2 change directions
nice whats the middle name it should be glorious
we r already goin the correct way so
nd i dont c y we need 2 change directions cause the first year that a black man got into office there was less crime
we also killed Osama Bin Laden
nd i bet no white president would've never found him cause u aint clever enough
Am sure tomorrow you will lose, any way you don't seem to care alot about American middle class. Lets go Obama
Diana C
Yes! Listen to what the future president has to say.
+Elijah Irby Your the one that makes Obama supporters look bad. That was racist towards white people (its possible) and your grammar sucks. You probably have no knowledge of what goes on around you and you sound plain misguided. BTW Obama didn't kill Osama. Seal Team 6 and the brave souls that commit-ed this act did.
but Obama organized the plan so stfu
+Elijah Irby  Bullshit he did the generals and military intelligence officers did dumbass. All he did was say 'yes lets do that' any president could have said yes and it just had to be Obama that did it.
Diana C
Whatever. I just want Romney. Not that I'm racost or anything, so don't start complaining.
VIRGINIA is with you, Mitt! Real leadership requires a real leader, not empty platitudes. 
+Mitt Romney I've already voted for you, but if I were a Democrat I've vote for you a second or third time...if i had a car....and wasn't busy at Starbucks.  
In this elections we are deciding to maintain the good progress Obama has set so far and we just want to give him more time to get all of us back to work,so why change now? 
well i hoped y'all changed your  clocks yesterday and change your president tomorrow cause something is not right with $16,217,935,604,820 in debt
Did Obama case this debt or you republicans ,Obama has clean the house,bush left every thing a mess and now this second term we are going to see real progress from president Obama 
After 4 years, we need some R&R in 2012: Romney & Ryan 2012!
There's no getting around the debt increase on Obama's watch from 10 trillion to 16 trillion. Further, the last two years of Bush was a Democrat congress when things really started to go down the tubes.
Obama tried but he's not cut out to lead.
Willard, give it a rest. You wont win, you gave it your be$t shot. 3rd times a charm.
why am voting obama? he is the only choice to take us through recovery safely, Romney's trade wars with china will not help us at all
go Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like Mitt Romney. He is awesome!!!!!
My prediction for the popular vote: Romney 78% Obama 22%
Obama, one more term. Mitt romney can go dig a hole and climb in
Best Wishes to Romney and Ryan on a Big Victory!  God Bless!
a vote for mitt is for social time travel back to the 1950's. great for the kkk and tea party.
Mitt is not the right guy to run a country.  We need a president with a backbone and who cares about the nation as a whole, requirements that he clearly does not fulfill.
+Co Picco Who's better than Romney to run the country? Because I'm sure Obama isn't judging from the last 4 years.
Obama only cares for the veterans and the poor, who's looking after those hard working folks in Wall Street? #romney2012  
Hopefully enough American citizens can use their intellect and not get buried under the mainstream media propaganda that Mitt comes out the clear winner. Then perhaps we can move this country forward instead of continuing to head downhill and backwards at a breakneck pace.
+AntiObama Rebel You fail as a Republican.  You use Obama in your name and you're thereby promoting him.  You are obviously one of the moronic sheep the Republicans manipulate.  I'm sure you'll be voting against your own best interests.
Goodbye Abortion :D

No human should be considered a "mistake".

Did you know that when a baby is being aborted, it actually tries to hide in a corner?

That is cruel. 
Wendy, not all Republicans are Christian. :/
+Ron York America votes with its gut. Not racist just don't trust black people.
I give you Romnesia  the direction  Go Back  for good in Michigan
Amen !!!
Can't wait to kick back on my days off and fallow the results come in, Romney takes state after state in a landslide!
Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are the best radio host on the radio (for politics) 
+Johnny Waters Do not say shit about Romney with "facts" from those Obama infomercials. If you want facts, don't listen to BS. Research before anything.
+Wendy Sue facepalm Wendy, not all Republicans are Christian, and just because somebody turns to the Democrats, it does not mean that they are turning his/her back on God. 
Well +Johnny Waters I don't think Obama even tried in his first 2 or 3 years in office it was only in his last 1 or 2 years in office when he realized if I am going to be the president for 4 more years I hath to try to make this country better and by the time he started to do something he had to start campaining. If this is the kind of person you want for a president then by all means vote for Obama but, if you want a president who will work with and for the people then vote for Mitt.

Romney/Ryan 2012
+Johnny Waters if you don't watch TV then how do you know who to vote for? 
Well there was no evidence of it. +Johnny Waters
+Johnny Waters We cannot suffice much longer with Obama's spending. He will bring more debt to the united states. He is already the first president to have wasted THAT much money in such little time.
Well if you want to vote for revenge vote for Obama then but if you want to vote for the love of your country vote for +Mitt Romney 
makes me want to barf....Mitt is a criminal, a lying, cheating.  He has no business running this country.  +Joseph Jensen I vote for women rights, I vote to move this country forward.  I vote for the only one who can do that... I vote for President Obama
Romney/Ryan 2012! I'm ready for a BIG win!  
Well than your on the wrong team +jeanne whitlark Obama hasn't cared for womens rights. If you got to know Romney you would know he cares for ALL peoples rights.
I don't care what u "liberals" think. Romney could get this country back in shape and in a healthy economy in seconds. for all of you that are going for obama... you are mormon haters. Hello? how many YEARS did it take him to even get below 8%. it's already going back to the way it was with that clown still in office.
If people are just voting for Obama just because Romney is a Morman that's pathetic because I AM A MORMAN!!!!
Obama Biden!!!  Lets move FORWARD not backward
Even if we agree with your premise, you haven't given us (middlle class) any reason it should be you. Obviously the wealthy class has good reason to vote for you - lower taxes that the middle class will pay for.
Forward is propaganda for a lack of success, Obama says make a big election about little things. He's running the prevent defense just hoping not to loose. Romney12!
+Emma Parry  You are only repeating Obama's rhetoric. We have all heard that sentence a thousand times. It means nothing.Try something new, ok?
i am a mormon too! Now because I say that doesn't mean it's the only reason i am for romney. obama still can't do jack crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Us Mormons hath to stick together and I am for Romney too
Romney will strip women and gays of their rights. Vote no on the man with the fake hair. Im not talking about trump.
Obama is not going to continue the Bush taxes for middle class in 2013, that adds $2,500 to your bill. He said energy under his plan would necessisarily skyrocket, that means middle class will pay at least $2,500--$3,500 more each year. That in addition to Obamacare that carries a heft 21 Taxes, that will increase the average middle class family by @$1,500 to $2,500 next year. There is no limit in Obamacare on how High the Insurance companies can raise your premiums, or co-pays by the way. So with taxes, and energy increases on the middle class for 2013 that is a"minimum" of $6,500 to $9,500 increase on the middle class in just these three areas. Taxes, Energy, and Healthcare.
GO FUCK YOURSELF ROMNEY YOU SELFISH BASTARD. Isn't freedom of speech just lovely. Vote no on Romney, save yourself from the move to Canada.
Obama wants to tax his way to prosperity in the name of equality! It will never happen! My fellow Americans it is equal opportunity not equal outcome! Romney/Ryan'12
Romney wants to lie his way to Presidency. That will never happen!  Go Obama for 4 more years!
Obamanos! Keep your change!
Romney/Ryan all the way!
+Bawn Marmaduke But that doesn't mean they will continue either. First they will have to go thru Congress and it is doubtful the Republicans will vote for it.  
+Bawn Marmaduke Excuse me, sir. I assume you have heard that Governor Romney will be cutting taxes 20% for the middle income?
And +Bawn Marmaduke one needs your offensive language please.
We have had children on this thread many times.
He has no plan to continue any of the Bush tax cuts in 2013, wealthy or middle class. Look it up. Of course he says he is working on tax cuts, and jobs for the middle class, he will tell any lie that you want to hear to get re-elected.
LOL +Acelia Harding Just trying to post the facts.  That's all.  There have been so many misquotes here. So keep your ears and eyes open!  ;-)
Please! The only way he will get i the White House is by throwing out votes and buying his way like most republicians
FUCK YOU AND YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh +Penny Handy You must be confused about the Acorn scandel and the Democratic vote last year!
+w.s. corners They have been barred forever I hope, but we all know they are all still out there.  Probably under another name this time.
Thank you Romney supporters! Tomorrow's the day!
The only change Romney knows is changing good paying american jobs into low paying Chinese jobs, Obama care mitts Idea, Change Obama's slogan in 2008 election he can't even come up with his own slogan 
He probably doesn't even know his given name  HINT, Willard  Oh shit can't use that it doesn't poll well
If Romney loses republican congress will send economy into nose dive to avoid raising taxes. If Romney wins Democrats senate will send economy into nose dive to stop frivolous tax cuts. Either way economy is screwed. #realitycheck  
+James Man no Romney misquoted Obama, the dems where booing mitt at a rally and too shut them up, obama said no the best revenge is not voting for him. #romney2012
That's okay +Phil Grainger .  I'll don't need revenge. I cast my vote for my love of America instead.
Barack Obama is a very angry man and it is showing. 
Good for you +Phil Grainger I don't know many people that could own a new yacht with this terrible economy.
I have been trying to sell some of my most precious possessions but no one has any cash to purchase. It's devistating to see America in this shape.
+Marty D'Arcy I moved my money offshore when the economy look like it was going to tank. laid off my workers and sold my factory. used the money to buy CDOs for pennies in the dollar and sold them back to the Fed for face value.
Congrats +Phil Grainger I assume that was a good move, but most people didn't get a chance to rearrange their lives.  Many lost their pensions....I am one.  So I am ready to get back to working again for our country.
Mitts going to give huge tax cuts to the people who work hard, we don't need it but taxes are for schmucks right?
In case you didn't know, Mormon women have had more rights than any other group of women in history.  I belong to the largest women's organization in the world - The Relief Society! An organization that is part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or the Mormons as some like to call us. Voting for Romney IS supporting women and their rights.  Those who don't know the Mormons have a false idea that Mormon women are suppressed, but that is just the opposite.  We have been free and encouraged to decide things for ourselves since the beginning days of the church in 1830. Utah was the first state to give women the right to vote. Does that sound like a church that wants to suppress women?

Just because women don't hold the Priesthood, or authority from God, doesn't make them any less valuable in God's eyes or the eyes of Mormon men. Women hold many positions of leadership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - just go to one of those churches and find out for yourself.  You'll also find out just how much they believe in and worship Jesus Christ as well. Reading the Book of Mormon will give you more insights into the teachings of Jesus Christ as there are more references to the Savior in the Book of Mormon than in the entire Bible.

Regardless of my religion, I wouldn't vote for someone just because they are or aren't LDS/Mormon - I take voting seriously and vote because I believe the person I'm voting for is the best option at that time for the job.  If Mitt Romney was Mormon or not, I'd still vote for him because I think he's the better choice than Obama.  I pray that God will help Americans through this election, and the healing process that needs to take place afterwards for us to become a united country again.  It seems to me we have become very divided under Obama's leadership.  I believe Romney is the man of the hour - the man who can help our country be great once again.
Too many families are suffering and they need every break they can get. I'm afraid Obama's business sense doesn't compare to Romney's so I am voting for the one that can return us to the America we all remember.
By the way, there are rumors and threats of violence out there so hope everyone takes caution in whatever you do and be very careful.
+Marty D'Arcy  If you know the right people everything is possible, Mitt knows the right people.
+Marty D'Arcy poor people are poor because they are either lazy or stupid and expect the government to pay for their failure.
Since Obama came into office the SP500 has recovered all that it lost and made up a bunch more, if you are poor change stockbrokers
This election is sooo important we need Romney to be prez or it's the end of our free America and the beginning of total gov' control
A friend of mine had been in Monaco for a few months, when he came back and instantly noticed how socialist America has become. and here is the shocker he voted for Obama as well as his staff. I asked him if he was going to tell his staff to vote for Obama again and he said no he sacked them all when he moved his factory to china. chinese don't vote
+Phil Grainger so what you're saying is, Obama has been a friend to rich Wall Street types? Popping up the stock prices because money flowed there because there just wasn't enough activity on Main Street to keep the investor's interests?

Things where a lot better under Bush.
I don't really trust Romney, honestly I don't like Obama either but he seems better for the country right now... Someone with similar (but improved) ideas to Romney would be good for us in 4-8 more years but can't handle that right now... also Romney isn't very stable in his opinion's, which we've all seen evidence of
Romney is prepared and capable to be a great President!  His experience show he is the perfect candidate to handle the issues facing this country right now.  I've met Romney and some of his family.  They are people you can trust.  They are honest and good people. +Isaac Davis  Give Romney a chance!!!  Our country literally cannot afford Obama!   #mittromney  
ohh! i was wrong all i thought that old man is W. Bush..,sorry for that..huhuhuhu
Presidential candidate +Mitt Romney  benefiting from the private equity fund Bain Capital from an advantageous tax route that runs through the Netherlands. Netherlands for the American Bain, which Romney was established as a link in his extensive international web of trusts and holding companies. 
According to tax Jos Peters, who advise large private equity firms occurs, Bain with the Dutch route about 80 million dividend managed to dodge. "Bain also saves a lot of Irish capital gains tax if the shares are sold," said Peters. Bain nor the Romney campaign has responded to repeated requests for a comprehensive response. 
After the last 4 years, America needs R&R: Romney & Ryan!  
For me  both are  =    ( love  USA )
David Connor

" a vote for mitt is for social time travel back to the 1950's. great for the kkk and tea party. " 

@ David Connor, the Democrats are the party of the KKK and racism, please go and F8ck off. The Tea Party has many and varied people in it because of the nature of its structure and some of them might well be racists but unlike the Democratic Party the Tea Party is not a racist organization and also unlike the Democratic Party the Tea Party does not support the KKK. 

Army of the Free - American Civil War
People forget that Martin Luther King was a life long republican and it was Richard Nixon that ended the the Jim  Crow laws. You would know this if you went to the Glenn Beck rally in 2009 
Four more years somewhere else besides the US! Romney/Ryan all the way!
But Mitt... we've already told you, we don't want the "same old thing" back in the white house. Sorry sir, you are not a force for change.. at least not in any real sense. You plan to take us back to failed policies and destroy many of the values we as American's hold dear. You are not a Patriot sir, you simply are not. You lie to us. You cheat us. You insult us. You sir... you are not one of us.
Today a new president=a new America

Romney/Ryan 2012
Maybe we do need a new President...however...we do not need a Monster like Mitt Romney in Office.
mitts victory will be epic. 45/55 landslide
I honestly cannot imagine how anybody could possibly want to vote for Obama.  When I see a car on the road with an Obama sticker my first thought is "Aren't they embarrassed?".  Seriously, this man is dragging America into the toilet.  We need to flush him out of office.
Wrong. The role of Government is to protect the values bestowed upon us as guaranteed by the Constitution. WE are in charge of the government. When you say the government is in charge of the people then your prescribing to ideas of Socialism. A vote for increasing the size of government is a vote for increased Socialism. When your standing in line to vote today remember that. Because that wait in line to vote could be you in a few years waiting in line for toilet paper.
Wrong Roger. The purpose of government is to SERVE THE PEOPLE.
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss....
Today is a Great day, Today Obama gets reelected again. GREAT day! I voted for Obama, Have a good day and VOTE.
There is no difference between these to banker puppets. Either way is more war, more debt and less freedom.

Vote for Freedom
+Gary Johnson 2012
+Chris Cecil Sorry but threes no way your man is getting voted. Its either going to be Obama or Romney but ZI heard he did have some good points.
Voting for the "winner" just because they will win is not smart. We must all vote for the best person on the ballot and let the chips fall as they may. That is the only way for this to function correctly. I already know who the winner will be. It will be the man that supports murder by drone without trial, locking people in cages when they have violated no ones Rights and giving away our tax dollars to their well-connected friends. Doesn't mean I should vote for him and neither should you!
+Chris Cecil I voted for Ross Perot once and helped throw the election to Bill Clinton.  If you want Obama again, then vote for Johnson, as he appeals to sensibly minded, capitalism oriented voters.  I can't imagine what a liberal Democrat could see in him, so he is simply a spoiler.  Yes, he is an interesting candidate with some great positions.  Even his ridiculous emphasis on legalizing marijuana makes sense if viewed through the framework of abandoning the war on drugs.  He is not a Viable candidate, however.  Until we have proportionate representation in the electoral college, and in general, then voting for someone like Johnson is wasting your vote (unfortunately).
Mr McMain is absolutely right.  Voting for fringe candidates ( like Johnson ) who won't garner more than maybe 1-3 percent of the vote, if that, is essentially a vote for Obama.
Don't worry, Romney will change his direction in about 5 minutes.
I Live in Florida.  Romney received my vote this morning.
The left only has empty accusations, revenge, and fear mongering. Romney will strengthen the middle class and help businesses create jobs, two things that Obama has neglected during his stay in office. Romney has a real plan, read it for free on I'm also reading his other book "No Apologies."

Time to evict the amateur. Vote for prosperity, vote Romney 2012!
Voting for love of country or vengeance couldn't be easier! Romney '12
+DJALMA CEZIMBRA Espero que faca um voto por Romney, meu amigo :-) O plano dele vai restaurar este pais!
go get a damn tan with those jersey shore ppl....really...nobody like u u remind me of this girl Ashanti
Get a job ... oh yeah the coward and chief made sure they 're aren't any...
Not voting for the rampant liar and flip flopper. Go Obama!
Go Romney!!! We can't have Obama any longer!!
Go to caloforina and win 55 elctiorl votes!!!
My family will vote for you future  President Romney! P.S. My hamster's name is Mitt Butterball Romney Sirmans!
Why do you need a new president? This one is fine, there is nothing wrong with him, he's average as can be.
A new direction is  common sense tax reform the far tax plan which is fair to all Americans saving billions every month creating jobs 
you suck romney and screw republicans
i don't care what YOU think but i like Romney.
You can do it (WE CAN DO IT)! :)
obama will stay i maid shore of that so don't get your hopes up
the people look like they're trying to eat brains
Go Mitt Romney! This country needs you! 
zome hu
go aobam!i support you the black man
Okay Jacob Bain, you are a PAIN!
+Mitt Romney you're 4 years late ... we already GOT our new President and are already headed in the right direction!  Forward!
so glad you lost!!! GO OBAMA!!!! 
The 47% + 5% Have spoken!
You say that like its a good thing. I dont think you understand that Obamo added 8 trillion dollars to the debt in four years. I guess America wants to see how much debt we can get and how much we can inflate the dollar.
Romney looked like a man who could do real work lifting the economy given his business experience..he was more left leaning and much gracious as a man, than his rhetoric suggested..
Oh well. We are just going to have to move on with life and continue to try to make the best of it.
I sincerely hope that Romney runs in the next election.
Crap, he lost..... Oh well.....@Christians At least the Rapture will come earlier. But that means that we will have to preach even more than usual..... 
Don't give up Romney! So this election didn't turn out. In four years, you can try again! I am still on your side, 100%! You have people that support you and are on your side. The people won't abandon you now!
Mitt Romney,
You deserve  better. I am ashamed of the foul language, the lies and verbal insults you have endured . Thank you for adding  class and integrity to this campaign  You should have been our President. I am so sorry
about the results. I am still in shock. Yet even in your concession speech you words  reflect what was  best for this country. You were prepared to serve and  I salute you.
Sally Marshall 
Romney we all know Illinos (obamas home state) is known for cheating in the elections. We still think you are the best canidate that will come for a while!!! :)
+Mitt Romney you know why you didn't win. Cuz u had horrible ideas that were already tried and failed. You had no fuckin chance of winning the election. You should have saw this coming!!!
Listen. i know we had our hopes for romney and he didn't make it. I had hopes for him too. the past is the past. We can't change it. the only thing we can do now is hope obama will lead us into the right direction (unlikely) but we just have to have hope our country won't fall apart. We are never here to sulk, but to make the most of the future and learn from the past. Maybe obama will realize that too.
The problem with this country & voting for the issues! Is not what unfornunatly, the people did! Well informed & well educated people did not vote for who "they like" like I heard so many unformed people say they were voting for"..informed & well educated people looked @ THE ISSUES!AND WHAT A SPIRAL DOWNFALL THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO SEE! IT'S A SAD DAY WHEN WE VOTE FOR WHO WE LIKE, BASED ON RACE, YOUNG VOTERS UNINFORMED..JUST HAPPY TO BE VOTING FOR THE 1ST TIME, & PEOPLE JUMPING ON A BANDWAGON OF A BROKEN ECONOMY, W/MORE TO COME! JUST LOOK PEOPLE @ OUR DEFICIT NOW! Also the rights to CHOOSE OUR OWN DOCTORS WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST! OBAMA WILL NOT LEARN! My father was an immigrant from HUNGARY born & raised there! But he went thru HELL to even get here so long ago & was treated as the lowest HUMAN(HAH!) ON THE TOTEM POLE! My grandfather from another country much earlier even was treated worse!  I AM NOT A RACIST! I HAVE TRUE FRIENDS FROM EVERY WALK OF LIFE!  I always look @ today & what the future may hold or can bring,but i have found that too many people don"t learn from the past without looking at it , in it's real context!  I am also a historian! I could talk all night, but it's time for bed! OH! I ALSO COME FROM A LONG LINE OF HISTORIANS! HOPEFULLY WE CAN TALK LATER! hAVE A GOOD-NITE!
I am terribly disappointed about the results of the election, but am thankful that it was possible to vote for someone I genuinely trusted and really wanted for president. An unusual experience since Reagan. My profound thanks to the Romney family for the dedication and work they devoted to giving America one last chance. I am so proud of them!  They were willing to give and give and give to help our country.  May you be blessed with the comfort of knowing that you did your best against a dishonest machine, and that you maintained standards of truth which lighted our country with hope.
Your campaign was the most uplifting and honest we have seen in years. We need men like you and Paul Ryan in government.  I know you will do what is right for your family but I hope to see you active again soon.  God bless you and your family and keep you.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support. Thank you for your patriotism and your service
So agree with you too.God Bless Romney and his fammily.
Love the fact the liar is gone. It doesn't pay to have romnesia.
sry romney, i wanted to vote for u but im a kid, and Obama shouldnt have won, u should have
It was so close. But, you should have one, all-in-all.
Kiki Kingston

" >.> We don't need a new direction. All we need is
ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ Teehee "

I don't know what competence as politicians One Direction has but if I was choosing a pop group for the role of President I think it would be the Sugababes, I can't see those girls bowing down to the Saudi King like Ol'Barack Obama did.  

#RedDress Red Dress #Sugababes  Sugababes #MittRomney  Mitt Romney #PaulRyan  Paul Ryan #RickSantorum2016 Rick Santorum 2016
do you think it was a waste of money? I think so.
Regret seeing all these bad comments concerning you MrRomney
They should pay attention to the saying "If you cannot say something
nice, say nothing at all."
we dont need a new direction , we need to follow the same cos all this turning is getting us lost .
Obama is the socialist!  They have too much nerve comparing you to Hitler.  Obama is a socialist/communist dictator.  Thanks to Obama,
our economy is gone.  He couldn't fix a bicycle, let alone our economy.  He's not intelligent and neither are those who voted for him.  They'll all be crying about losing their jobs soon enough.
Allison Smith

" Obama is the socialist!  They have too much nerve comparing you to Hitler.  Obama is a socialist/communist dictator.  Thanks to Obama, our economy is gone.  He couldn't fix a bicycle, let alone our economy.  He's not intelligent and neither are those who voted for him.  They'll all be crying about losing their jobs soon enough. " 

" Obama is the socialist! ",.
Obama is not a Socialist, he is an Islamist. 

" Obama is a socialist/communist dictator.  ",.
There is a very small possibility that Obama is not an Islamist but is in fact a Communist.

" Obama is a socialist/communist dictator.  ",.
Communism and Socialism are different from one another and whilst Obama would like to be dictator in the style of Saddam Hussein or Adolf Hitler, he is unlikely in the foreseeable future to have any practical possibility to achieve such a role for himself.

" He couldn't fix a bicycle, let alone our economy.  He's not intelligent and neither are those who voted for him. ",.
Obama is a very intelligent individual and it is possible if he was interested to work to develop the US economy he might be able to achieve a great deal in that respect but the issue is that he is an Islamist whose objective is to destroy the United States of America and the most effective tool he has available to him to damage the United States of America is to wreck the US economy and that is what he is deliberately attempting to do. 

" neither are those who voted for him. ",. 
If say people are hard line communists who want the US destroyed it would make a lot of sense to vote for Obama, so such people are being logical and arguably acting in an intelligent fashion in voting for Obama. 
U got that right. Did u hear the load of bull going on about Obamites barging into our houses and stripping us of our small semi-auto guns? number one: WHERE IS YOUR WARRENT?! Number two: IT'S STILL PLAIN UN-CON-STI-TO-TION-AL!!! That, for all u ''liberals,'' means that it goes against our constitution and our rights. Obama is making us more vulnerable by the SECOND! that right there strips us of our second and third right. They say... guns kill people. REALLY?! (sarcastic. as is the rest of this post.) I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. OH WAIT... I DID. It's the idiots that go kill people or themselves.
You may have more $$, but President Obama is rich in something you severely lack.

It's called integrity.
Rich Williams

" You may have more $$, but President Obama is rich in something you severely lack.

It's called integrity. " 

Is it true Mr Rich Williams you are working on a biography of Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer May 21, 1960 November 28, 1994 titled, " A good friend and an all round nice guy ", ? 
Haha, he lost.  He only cares about money and his own ego.  Thank God he lost.
Volkan Can

" Haha, he lost.  He only cares about money and his own ego.  Thank God he lost. " 

@ Volkan Can, are you a homosexual ? Bu arada söylenti Türk Başbakanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, bir eşcinsel olduğunu, bu doğru mu? Ve Farsça aptal maymun cüce Mahmud Ahmedinejad Erdoğan'ın eşi olduğunu, aynı zamanda da bir gerçektir?

I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science. Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men.
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
There is some good news for Republicans (esp. those that worship Rasmussen's biased polls). During the 2012 election cycle, Rasmussen is no longer the WORST polling firm! That honor now belongs to Gallup. Mason-Dixon is the second worst, with ARG and Rasmussen 3rd and 4th worst overall. ... Maybe Rasmussen can recapture that bottom spot in 2014?
David Aguilar

" There is some good news for Republicans (esp. those that worship Rasmussen's biased polls). During the 2012 election cycle, Rasmussen is no longer the WORST polling firm! That honor now belongs to Gallup. Mason-Dixon is the second worst, with ARG and Rasmussen 3rd and 4th worst overall. ... Maybe Rasmussen can recapture that bottom spot in 2014? " 

So does that mean then that the poll which estimated that forty five percent of Turkish people think Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are having a sexual relationship with one another could be a significant underestimation of people who hold that view.
no no I cant belive tou thought you were gonna win because america wants to go FORWARD!!!!! GOBAMA!
George Ito

" Victory Barack Obama!!!!! " 

Beating the opposition does not of necessity mean that the victor(s) is / are either of a higher moral standard or even particularly skilled. The Third Reich Military went through the French Military in 1940 like a hot knife through butter and a serious reason is that the French Military where fighting using 1914 1918 tactics in 1940, similarly Governor Mitt Romney was fighting a Presidential election in 2012 as if it was 1984 or thereabouts. The Nazis in 1940 were not even being original they copied the ideas and tactics developed by the British which the Allies were going to implement had the War carried on past 1918 which was called Plan 1919

Partisan Song | Canción de los Partisanos
Mary M
The voting machines were tampered with, have it investigated and the election overturned and the person who THE PEOPLE voted for in the Oval Office.
Mary M
I know what I said, why would you post it as a quote? You see, stupid is still very much alive and this election was only won due to voter fraud, it can be overturned.
There are several wards in Ohio that had 100% of the vote for Obama. It was not all "vote early, vote often", although that was part of it as well. 
Bill Thick, Jr.

" There are several wards in Ohio that had 100% of the vote for Obama. It was not all "vote early, vote often", although that was part of it as well. "

The Irish Republic purchased an entire electronic voting system for national elections then junked it, without ever using it and went back to a pen and paper system because of the much greater security provided by a pen and paper system, so I am well aware of the security problems which automated electoral systems can create. I am also aware that it is a standard methodology of the Obama Camp to try to crash legitimate criticism of the Obama Administration by having Obama supporters trolling as fake GOP supporters making nonsensical criticism of Obama in an attempt to drown out legitimate criticism of the Obama Administration and make GOP supporters look like nutjobs. The issue which will invoke sheer panic in the Obama Administration is not if a few voting machines here and there have been knobbled to advantage Obama and that is exposed but if the public gets to know what has been going on with the hacking of Facebook in order to support Islamic extremism, encourage illegal narcotic use and make it practically impossible to argue conservative views on Facebook. The hacking of Facebook makes Watergate look like a high-school prank by comparison.    
There is absolutely no way that Obama could win 108% of the vote in more than one district. Those preaching Fair Voting, and No Pictured I.D. voting needed in America, better wake up and smell the New Obama Brew of coffee. You know the one that every one is smelling, and being forced to drink.
I know, & I don't like it, and neither should any true blooded American.
Mary M
Math is simple however their numbers are tainted.
It came from a precinct in Cleveland, Oh. , +Shashank Biradar . There was another precinct with 140% of registered voters voting. There are duplicate votes. There are dead people voting. There are illegals voting. This election was stolen by filthy, lying liberals.

"White and Christian".....are you serious? Let me tell you about white Christians. They don't wear suicide vests to blow up civilians. They don't fly planes into buildings and kill thousands of innocent people and they don't chop off arms of 8 year old children for stealing. Want to talk about brown and Muslim?
You can use Google as well as I can.....and that blog had a link to the AP for verification.
Bill, I will re-post to Google + what I alone have on voter fraud as well as being a victim of it. This is for Jason Pogany and Shashank Biradar. I'm sure Marty has a lot more.
If these two are smart enough to go back to home Google +, mine are up. I read more than I saved. Anyone else want to show these two Einstein's there threads? Be my guest, we can always go back and delete them later.
Bill Thick, Jr.

" It came from a precinct in Cleveland, Oh. , +Shashank Biradar . There was another precinct with 140% of registered voters voting. There are duplicate votes. There are dead people voting. There are illegals voting. This election was stolen by filthy, lying liberals.

"White and Christian".....are you serious? Let me tell you about white Christians. They don't wear suicide vests to blow up civilians. They don't fly planes into buildings and kill thousands of innocent people and they don't chop off arms of 8 year old children for stealing. Want to talk about brown and Muslim? " 

It is good to see that you are using your social network Islamist Arab racial supremacy propaganda Bullsh1t detector Senhor Thick, pity there are not more like you. Keep up with the good work

An American Carol Radical Christians
Keep them coming. Maybe we can put them all up for comparison, side by side.
Jason Pogany

" Cleveland, Oh said that in 2010 and again in 2011? I would have to say........zombies? Only explanation I can think of. ;) " 

It is often the case that there are many similarities between Obama supporters / Ron Paul supporters / Occupy supporters and Zombies. It is very regularly the case that they are  slow, dim witted and present a threat to the lives of ordinary decent people. 
Republicans will always have the psychotic vote,
The Democrat are better know for bathing in a pool of blood, abortions 55 Million, abortion centers in big inner cities where poor blacks, average 59% of the abortions, whites 57%, The Democrats far left agenda is going to kill the very people that they say they want to protect. Martin Luther Kings niece, Alvela King (also a minister), said that genocide on the poor, and especially the Black, is being done now, and has been for decades. The black will vote for Obama if they think it's good to have a " Brother in the Big House", to get food stamps, welfare. free gas, free cell phones,free mortgages. The Latino's voted for amnesty. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is about to come to an end, with Obama's new Spending Cuts. First on chopping block, Food Stamps, Medicare, and Medicad. I believe you have lead this Great Country to destruction, all over  "Free Stuff", that is going to end. The Democrats have the blacks, and the poor right where they want them. Voting Blindly for " Stuff", not what is best for the Nation. Our nation is >16 Trillion dollars in debt and that is Trillion with a "T", and rising every second if you ever read the paper. Obama is tied to deaths of Americans in Benghazi &  Mexico. Border Issues with Gun running in Mexico  and in Libya. Many more I'm sure, since he helped set the Middle East on Fire, by supplying Rebels with  military grade weapons under the pretense of establishing Democracy. The rebels in Libya took to the street this week yelling "Hell with Freedom, Give us Allah, Give us the Koran, Give us AK 47's, Give a Caliphate;" That friends if you don't know what it is, "A  World Domination of Muslim Rule." with Sharia Law. Catch my drift, Obama has just opened up the entire Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood rule.The only thing standing in their way is Israel. Obama is a Muslim, his cousin confirmed it. That's why 87% of American Muslims voted for him. Go ahead and turn a blind eye to the real facts, that you should have voted on in this Election, instead of the "Free Stuff," you thought you would get or continue to get. Better get off of the couch, and start looking for a job like the rest of Americans, (with 21 million still unemployed, and underemployed.), and you might want to check out Day Care soon also.
+Jason tell me one fact that I stated that you evidently disagree with. 
+Jason if you watch conservative and liberal media, read conservative and liberal papers, magazines,internet included, how on earth can you dispute one oft he facts that I listed. Well get started my friend.
+Patricia Holloway I have an idea for you. Print out a copy of what you post here, and give it to someone you trust to read (e.g. a close relative, a doctor/therapist) and ask them what they think. Perhaps they will suggest professional help, and that would be good advice.
Glad to be back with you of lesser mentality to look up and search your own agenda. The only thing you could come up with my entire post is the fact that Obama is a true Muslim. You neglectled all of the really important issues. that's swell. I will re-post the statement of his cousin in Kenya part 1 of three, that erases any doubt of our Commander in Chief's true agenda, and it's  hot Jewish or Christianity. The comments will re-post in < five minutes.What about the rest of the statements in the article you said were false. Tell me right now so I can back them up as we speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
You Jason Habiger, and David Anguilar are poor specimens of the Obama team that is trying to overtake the world, you do not even know what You are standing against. Sad, Sad, Sad.
NO you go to your mommy house and cry and also listen to PYS
I went to bed because you two never answered. There were at least five posted on voter fraud, plus the one Bill came back at you with above. You are blind, and refuse to see or hear the truth,so have a blessed day in your ignorance. If you could not go onto Google+, again and read our re-post you are un-educated, and have no desire to learn. I did not read about Romney popping up 4--5 times on touch screen machines, I did not read about half way house, and Nursing home patients being dragged to the polls and shown how to vote for Obama only. One man was furious because he said his daughter had the mentality of a seven year old & this should have never happened, Nor did I hear of Romney getting more votes in the precincts than there were registered voters (some up to 158%), nor did I hear of Romney sitting on multiple lies until after the Election, as Obama is being accused of with the General Petraus scandal, Benghazi cover-up that continues, 206 coal companies set to close the first of the year, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy the next four years, and I'll pray for you, because you are going to need it. Jason and Bradyn , you were meant for each other.
Brittney Rogers, your language so tells me you are a liberal, and a Obamabot. Have a great day!
Mitt your a worthless piece of shit, or maybe your not worthless, I'm not sure, I'm a Flip Flopper just like you.. Welcome to the educated world. Asshole.. Also, your son, Tag is a pussy.
Fred McAnlis you should join Brittany Rogers for a cup of coffee. You two share the same lame views, and your language makes you look about an inch tall. I am very aware you also are a liberal, and an Obamabot!
+Patricia Holloway  I drink my coffee Black and with my wife ... because My President Won the Election, and your candidate LOST,, so for you too Patty, Welcome to the Educated World..And I'm 6'3" tall but you can say 1 inch)) neither you or Mitt went to Math Classes
+Wendy Sue and +Mashell Jolley Anderson  Sorry, but it was McAnlis in High school,, I think it was 40 years ago though,, but I did attend Math class and spelling class too, McAnlis yea thats it.. Welcome to the Educated World. DumbAss's
Интересно что ждать России от такогокандидата...
+Wendy Sue WOW Sorry DumbAss Never go in McDonalds since my son hit 8 years old,, I'ma health nut, and my wife Is a Special Education Facilitator and never has had a booth hahaha.. Fact is Still the same your Clown Romney Lost..   
My sister graduated in 69 Not me you Dumb-Ass math experts I used spell ck.. hahah
Election results ...

Obama  62,615,406  51% (332 Electoral votes)
Rmoney 59,142,004  48% (206 Electoral votes)

nothing more to say, the American people have spoken, ...
McCain in 2008  59,934,814 votes
Rmoney in 2012  59,142,004 votes, ...
Comments after the election by Texas Republican Senator elect Ted Cruz:

“In not too many years, Texas will switch from being all Republican to all Democrat,” he said. “If that happens, no Republican will ever again win the White House. New York and California are for the foreseeable future unalterably Democrat. If Texas turns bright blue, the Electoral College math is simple. We won’t be talking about Ohio, we won’t be talking about Florida or Virginia, because it won’t matter. If Texas is bright blue, you can’t get to two-seventy electoral votes. The Republican Party would cease to exist. We would become like the Whig Party. Our kids and grandkids would study how this used to be a national political party. ‘They had Conventions, they nominated Presidential candidates. They don’t exist anymore.’ ”
Peter Y
obama won, so you don't have to complain anymore, he won't have a third term.
Politics isn't about voting every 4 years. Remain active in politics for more than 1 day of every four years.
+Andrij Harasewych said: "That's what happens as Republican leadership becomes increasingly disconnected from the majority of their party."

What is really hurting the Republican Party is the large number of people leaving it. Their polling experts were really confused this election about the polls because they were showing that a large majority of independents were voting for Rmoney. What they didn't understand is that those "independents" were actually former Republicans that no longer wanted to call themselves Republicans. They thought that Democrats were being oversampled when actually it was Republicans that were being oversampled ..
But +David Aguilar  the large number of people are leaving because the leaders are listening to the vocal minority of conservative hardliners, unwilling to compromise, even when it means the country has to sacrifice.
Yes, those people that are leaving the Republican party, in a two party election, still went for Romney over Obama, because Obama was obviously too left for them. However, they would rather not associate with the party other than that. Romney wasn't really their candidate, it's just that Obama DEFINITELY wasn't, so Romney won out by default.
And they certainly didn't see Gary Johnson or Ron Paul as viable alternatives, both because they just quite aren't ready for that switch, as it involves dropping a lot of the religious sensibilities that have wormed their way into the leadership ranks. (well, except for Ron Paul being anti-abortion, which makes no sense because libertarianism is about personal choice and no government intervention... but now I'm side-tracking)
I think the Republican party is either going to be  a) forced to change, or b) the libertarian party will have a massive growth, as more people jumping ship from the republican party realize libertarianism is the only true route to a smaller government. Whether that means we'd have three major parties, or whether it would only be Democrats and the stronger of the two (Libertarian or Republican). We shall see over the next decade.
your right. and you are better then obama who is so not good. you are the best you should have won
+Andrew Bytheway said: "President Obama said he would cut deficits in half. Instead he doubled them."

This comment has already been debunked as a flat out LIE by every fact checker out there. Why do you Republicans cling to your lies? It must really suck to have nothing to believe in but lies, ...
lol "completely wrong".  one of the most despised 'politicians' in the country, repubs and dems alike, and most deservedly so.  "worst republican nominee in history" not my words
+Spirit of 76 Why are you posting my profile link and quoting me? Internet much? You can simply click my name fool.

I'm still glad he lost. I'm more glad that you are so seethingly bitter that you felt the need to make an incomprehensible sentence about an issue you obviously don't know that facts about. Your tears sustain me.
Stelio Freeman

" +Spirit of 76 Why are you posting my profile link and quoting me? Internet much? You can simply click my name fool.

I'm still glad he lost. I'm more glad that you are so seethingly bitter that you felt the need to make an incomprehensible sentence about an issue you obviously don't know that facts about. Your tears sustain me. "

@ Stelio Freeman, did you come to this conclusion because you are a homosexual ? 
More anonymous ignorance from people who can't stand behind their words. Not surprising to see this bullshit on Romney's stream.
+Stelio Freeman That's exactly what I was thinking. Go ahead an call me gay too. Me and my wife will laugh about it. Being gay is not a bad thing. Being an ignorant bigot is.
#ObamaZombies Obama Zombies

Obama Zombie

(n) A person who blindly follows Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president of the United States of America. Obama Zombies are very common in America and worldwide. They may display many or all of the following various aspects, list as follows: 

•Can not describe a policy or voting history of Obama 
•Voted for Obama only because of skin color 
•Follows because it is the latest fashion. 
•Does not know why or what is required to determine a qualified politician 
•Uneducated in politics 
•Left wing radical 
•Plays the race or class card when people criticize Barack Hussein Obama

Description of Obama Zombies: 

Political personality cult victims based on race,class, or political views, and beliefs that have negative,hidden, or secret agendas to serve the cult masters, and to takeover outsiders.
Stelio Freeman

" No, +Good Morning Vietnam. It was when your mother was licking my balls and your girl was tonguing my tip.

By the way, calling me a homosexual isn't an insult you bigoted asshat. Being gay isn't offensive. Being a small minded twit is offensive.

Hide behind your profile punk, in real life - any one of my gay friends, male or female could make your their bitch. "

@ Stelio Freema, Good Morning Vietnam didn't criticize LGBTI folks but you are thrashing their mother. The truth is Stelio Freema, is that you are just a typical lefty Fascist scumbag aren't you ? By the way, President Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist and Islamists believe that Gays and Lesbians should be killed, which is hardly to the advantage of Gays and Lesbians is it ?
+Croix de Lorraine " By the way, President Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist and Islamists believe that Gays and Lesbians should be killed, which is hardly to the advantage of Gays and Lesbians is it ?"

That +Croix de Lorraine is an ignorant little shit too afraid to post under his real name, because he knows he simply spouts unsubstantiated hate speech against the president of this country.
And who the fuck cares what religion someone's father is? My dad is Christian. Please don't hold that against me, I'm agnostic.
+Theo Theo So you think we should be pushing more into Afghanistan, into more wars we cannot win? Even as we worsen public opinion in that region about our country because of our warmongering? It's THAT warmongering which will cause war.
+Theo Theo OF course Romney said that. Everyone fucking said that during the election. But it's not as easy as calling up Iran and telling them to stop. Are you 12? You clearly have no understanding of foreign policy. 

A foreign policy is not simply saying you will tell Iran to stop messing around.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will warn Iran on Tuesday that the United States will "do what we must" to prevent it acquiring a nuclear weapon, and appeal to world leaders for a united front against further attacks on U.S. diplomatic missions in Muslim countries.
But seriously. It's obviously a fake profile. You have 2 people circled, The Curiosity Rover, and Mitt Romney. You are clearly just a terribly stupid excuse for a troll account.
Mary M
What about all the reports from early voting that said the machines would click over to obama even when they voted for Romney. And the person in Ohio who tried to file a court order the day before that the machines had a software problem but the judge dismissed it. Oh and the 59 precincts in Philly where Not One soul voted for Romney (another first in history) and the 141% of votes cast in one FL county out of 100% of voters. And let's not forget the precinct in FL that Allen West's recount showed 900 ballots cast with only 7 registered voters. Why isn't Romney raising hell about this? Where is Trump with all his money now, why doesn't he have it investigated? Why doesn't the RNC, what's wrong with everyone!?!
+Mary M Proof or GTFO.

They have no proof, THAT is why. And irony of all of it is Tagg Romney indirectly owns the 3rd largest voting booth manufacturer. 

Get your head out of your ass.

and sidenote: Trump is going broke, because he doesn't know a thing about business.
go obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
" Rotherham metropolitan borough council yesterday failed to apologise to the couple and refused to release the findings of an internal report into the case.
Social services did not confirm in writing to the foster parents the reason why the children were removed even after being repeatedly asked to do so.
The couple believe this was because the council did not want the true explanation for the move to be on record. The wife said they were concerned that this lack of clear documentation would leave an "unexplained black mark on their file."
The couple, who are in their fifties and have been described as "exemplary" foster parents, said they were concerned they were concerned the "slur" would count against them when they applied to look after children in future.
The wife said: "The issue for us here was not whether we could foster again, our agency told us that we can. It was whether the slur of character was going to hinder us from having any placements of our choice."
The Daily Telegraph  

UK Council implementing an Obama Socialist One World Government parenting directive.  

+Johny Ringo That's not really how the internet works... lol. As much of an asshole as I think Romney is, he still has a right as a person to have a google+ account, just as much as you or I.
Is it true that President Obama is married to a Pakistani Man ? 

Cecil Gaybody does Women's Things every weekday 
Andrij Harasewych

" Oh loo, it's +Expose The Reptilian Deception someone else who likes to spout complete crazy talk from an anonymous page. What sore losers. " 

I do not think the argument that President Obama is a heavily bio-engineered reptilian who has been constructed to superficially appear to be a homo sapiens should be dismissed out of hand. By the way are you a reptilian, Mr Harasewych ? 

the Reptilian Deception
It is interesting how people who have attacked the 2012 Republican Party Presidential nomination Mitt Romney for being a polygamist and for belonging to what they would argue is an extremist religious organization that is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints have no issue with the religious beliefs or lack of and marital arrangements of folks like Mr Galloway.   

George Galloway a happily married man

#Palestine Palestine #GorgeousGeorge Gorgeous George #MittRomney Mitt Romney #RepublicanParty Republican Party #GOP GOP
thanks for sharing your opinion. I personally think that the country would be in better shape if Romney had been elected.
That's why even Business & worled leaders are lining up behind Obama plolicies as beneficial for growth & increasing income.  Not to mention all the plolicies he's put in place for smal-business to gain loans & expand business.  Simply being the President of Wall-street or running a country like an business (all about the numbers) isn't great for an econoomy.   And, Mitt "Mr. Data" Romney didn't understand a damned bit of data when every person with a brain said his campaign was floundering, but "Mitt" chose to ignore facts, and look at the 'Lying Data".   Sure sounds like a "Leader" to me, huh?
Mitt srry you lost the elections but your awesome anyways
So Mitt Romney is a condescending piece of shit asshole who disparages people and tries to keep it off the record...Wow! Color me Surprised! 
hahah u lost cause u suck so dont do it again cause ur horrible freedom of speech so leave me alone dumb dumb
i thumbs nown u mitt go barack obama, obama care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Romney, I hear you were/are reading Battle Field Earth you're awesome. I wish you would try again for re-elections. You had my vote :)
+Elijah Irby Um I don't  think so. It hardly worked have you noticed how much black on white crime there is still? 
"Україна третього тисячоліття" - країна; космічна, медична, високих технологій, позаблокова, сільскогосподарська супердежава третього тисячоліття.... 
Amen! You are my hero! PLZ RUN FOR 2016
+kaboomZ The Creeper Said the guy with the obvious troll account misspelling simple words. Minecraft YouTuber, great - you are 12. What right do you have to talk politics anyway? You are just parroting whatever your parents taught you at this point. Come back when you have the right to vote. #kthnxbai  
+Andrij Harasewych 13 actually. I have more of a right than you America hater. And you should be ashamed that a teenager has a smarter opinion than you. Now why don't you shut up and go burn the constitution with you fellow liberals
i will never vote for this disgraceful president. he's a fucking embarassment. i'd expect obama to kick him in the nuts! that direction is NOT the way to go at all. i vote for obama.
+Josh Opray he does not care about you. You have aa problem with America. I hope you die
+Andrij Harasewych is a complete idiot he does not deserve to live in America because he is a fucking dumbass. I hope he dies soon because when he does he will die with many regrets.
+kaboomZ The Creeper By the way, all I did was point out your error in writing cohesive sentences while you were making fun of other people for intelligence. I think it is you who has the mental deficiency here.
What makes him think he can win this time ?? Let it go Mitt !
With you America will stand above Democratic party standars

Hello Brother Mitt, how about sharing some of your wealth?! What are you gonna do with all that money, man!  lol!
+Brad Allan Romney is not "shit" that walks. In addition to making it near to being elected US president, he accomplished (and is still accomplishing) a lot in his life. He served a volunteer 2.5 year Christian mission in France, no doubt, learning to be fluent in French! He served as LDS Bishop and LDS Stake President. He's the former governor of Massachusetts. He was a businessman who made over $250 million dollars, hardly a "shit walking"! How much are you worth, Brad Allan?! Show some respect to the man! If he ran for US president this time, he'd be the perfect alternative to the racist, loud-mouthed Trump!
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