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Help turnout the vote and elect Mitt. Call from home:
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How could I possibly to anything for Romney, I am a women and I think GOP have it all wrong.  Moving forward not back to the 1950's
Best of luck to you tomorrow, Governor. :)
I voted for a third party, and so should you.
I will always vote Democrat!!!! I will not be happy if the rich man gets into office.. I believe that the poor deserve some help not only the rich and famous!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry too busy calling Obama voters...taken off the rolls by your repug governor friends
got to believe in God to hate him.....Romney is no christian, certainly his policies have place in the christian faith.  Romney is all about destruction....tearing down sending it off to China.
i hope mitt takes it all so the u s a will be a better place to live
America needs a little R&R. 
+Wendy Sue the vacation thing is a riot.... look at your great President Bush spent most of his time on Vacation.  Romney was absent for half of his time as Governor, looks like you want the Bush years back.  Remember to move your money out of the stock market cause he is going to make it crash!
+Rich White We killed your God, do you want us to dig up his body and force you to eat soup with his bones?  
+Rich White not very christian of you!  Jesus preached love not hate.  I don't care if you hate me for being a woman or a liberal... Still 
I love it, these liberals all flock to Romney's posts. I can't wait for tomorrow, time to make Obama go packing. I bet Romney will even help Obama load his moving truck. ;-) that's how nice of a guy he is.

Wendy, if you took the time to research what you're talking about, you'd see that the numbers paint an entirely different picture.
+Rich White actually I still don't care if you are a christian or not because being a christian should not come into a decision regarding a president.  I don't concern myself a troll any more then I consider you one.  I just I have every right to comment on this post as you.   I have every right to voice my opinion.
+jeanne whitlark actually fox news is the most balanced at this point sense ABC MSNBC and CBS all decided to completely ignore the biggest cover up sense Watergate. How can you even come close to defending that. Yet you still criticize people for watching fox news. Its OK I totally understand. Your Intelligents deficit makes you want to vote Obama so i can see where being informed scares you. 
+jeanne whitlark yes your right and since I am here supporting Romney and your here to put down people supporting Romney that makes you a troll. Kind of a dumb one to. 
Its so obvious that Obama is loosing his butt to Romney. Other wise the Obama troll army wouldn't be so thick lately. They need to stop us from saying good stuff about the next president. Obama's a joke and the country knows it. At best he will have his 37% liberal support because they can't think on there own and Republicans and independents will all go Romney. Fyi Romney is up 22 points with independents. Sorry guys looks like its 8 more years with a Republican. Hope you can handle the prosperity. Then again you are actually going to have to get a job. 
Its fun making liberals get all bent. lol, the problem is we are going to have to listen to them wine for the next 8 years about Romney. 
+Brian Knutson considering the billions of dollars company's are holding on to at the moment because there fear of Obama I give it less then a year before we hit 6% unemployment. That's my prediction, unemployment will be within 6% before 2014. 
I'm a Catholic.  I've been a Catholic all my life.  I take the Good News seriously.   I've been very successful in an academic career. 

And I am voting for Obama  because his policies are far more in line with the Good News that Romney/Ryan are planning. 

Remember the eye of the needle:  If you are really a Christian, you will understand that reference.  Otherwise, you're just playing at following the Good News that Christ shared with us.
The mainstream media's polls are dramatically skewed toward the democrats and the best they can muster is a tie. If you look at how Governor Romney is winning independents like me and reports of epic turnout at his campaign rallies, I would be highly surprised if he loses tomorrow. 
Sergey Lucktinov I think its too late for Obama. 
Oh yeah, WILARD like the other Replutocrats, is a true Christian. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Romney sucks. I hope he lose the election and his god forsaken horse too.
+Tina Vigilante where you aware that the term liberal was also a derogatory comment. It was originally used to make fun of progressives for how "liberally" they read the constitution. You know the who owning other humans thing. 
The cool part about liberals trolling Mitt's threads is they make them trend and then even people not following Romney gets to see them. lol. So please Obama sheep keep trolling. Help us make this thread trend. 
how are you going to pray in Jesus name for a muslim? isnt that like sacrilege ? how can you say you are christian and be for a muslim?
Can't wait to hear republicans cry tomorrow evening.... I wonder who will they blame? (Hint - his middle name is Willard)
I don't really get why anyone would be willing to vote for Obama. we are 16 trillion dollars in debt, we borrow 4 million every day, there are 23 million people unemployed, and 46 million people on food stamps.
+Hannah Prestwich they don't care. They vote for Obama because they want to live in an entitlement country. They don't care how he does, they only care about what he promises regardless on whether he will actually keep his promises. I am voting against him to make sure he can't keep his promises. 
+Hannah Prestwich Yes, and Mitt doesn't want to do anything about that. Did you forget (or you never knew) that his tax plan is REVENUE NEUTRAL? Do you know what "revenue neutral" means? 
+Sergey Lucktinov trust me, I have actually read his plan. I'm sure you haven't. Its the best thing that could happen to this country. You might loose your food stamps but small price to pay I guess. 
+Hannah Prestwich, because he is running against Mitt Romney.  Also, you should look at unemployment numbers from before the stimulus.  Your buddy Romney proposed an even bigger stimulus while I'm at it.
I thought it was separation of church and state
+Johny Ringo even better. Accuse someone of being a child molester because he doesn't agree with your opinion. That makes you liberals look real shallow. Keep it coming. Not much longer and this post will trend.

I am going to find it so ironic when Mitt wins and they find out that liberals making his posts trend with there trolling was the reason why. lol
I have some serious questions for Romney supporters. I am an African American, I'm Christian, and Moderate, and a wavering President Obama supporter. I'm just interested in having an adult conversation about the other candidate so that I can make a clear and conscious decision. No malice, no name calling, just a straight forward conversation. Any takers?
I did not make the rule, it was was the founders of the country, bitch at them not me.
+Rich White Quick call FOX, you will get interviewed for sure since no one knows what's in his plan. Of course we know that he will lower taxes and limit deductions so there is net zero effect (why to do this if you'll still get same amount of money in refund???? I guess this is for those brain dead followers who can't comprehend simple logic...)  And this net zero tax cut policy will make businesses to grow like mushrooms after rain so he will be able to cut deficit and grow military by 2 trillion....   
I'll be making "calls," all right....I'll be calling my fellow Americans to vote for Obama!  2 terms, baby.
Is +jeanne whitlark a Talking Point Bot?  Good Lord, at least word things differently and make it appear like you have actually given this thought.
Can one of you Obama Supporters give me a GOOD reason why Obama is better than Romney? 
+Rich White I work and pay taxes I pay my way, I don't try to get out of paying taxes I don't lie cheat.  I believe that Gov needs to stay out of my bedroom, (talk about BIG Government), though I have Never had an abortion I believe it is a woman right to choose. I don't believe in war, death penalties, I believe that people have the right to happiness which includes having health care (which I pay for) I am a good citizen I obey laws even the ones I don't agree with.  I believe that as Americans we should work to build each other up instead of tearing each other down.  
+Sergey Lucktinov it seams you need to turn of MSNBC. Romney's tax plan is actually quite simple. It's been available this whole time, its Obama and the MSM that said it wasn't. Take a ride on down to his website and its available for download. 
+jeanne whitlark so you believe in murdering children and making other people support you. Great plan. It's obviously unsustainable though. I mean just sayin. There are 16 trillion reasons why it doesn't work. Even ignoring the fact of all the civilizations that fell because of socialism in the first place. 
+jeanne whitlark "I believe that as Americans we should work to build each other up instead of tearing each other down."  So does Mitt Romney, that's why he gave millions of his own money to help people.  That's why he does a lot of charitable work.  Some people think they are charitable as an extension of the government by paying taxes, which they aren't.
+Rich White, I'm on board for some of his policies like simplifying the tax code, and his stance on making America energy independent by 2020, but other than these policies, I'm still not sure.
+Helen Elizabeth Hobbs you realize Obama has a $35,000,000.00 beach house in Hawaii, right? And that he routinely parties with Jay Z, et al. So what rich man were you talking about?
So many people assume that just because I am African American, I will/should vote for the current POTUS, but I am troubled that the jobs, or rather unemployment rate is and has been doubled for blacks under this campaign, and I think Mitt Romney has clout behind him to make 
+Candice Lee your right it has and he doesnt care cause he thinks he has the African American vote just because he is African American if we dont get him out it is just going to get worse if cap n tax goes into effect the poor will not be able to afford electricity 
That's why Romney does a lot of charitable work. That would be another way of getting tax breaks for all the money he spends.
Abortion is a horrible and selfish thing. Unless Rape or the mothers life is in danger is a factor it should not be allowed. When people make bad choices, people need to be accountable for them. My family was blessed to have a little boy come to our family through adoption. His birth mother almost had an abortion. How could you MURDER something so innocent and precious? I promise you that every person who has an abortion feels so guilty after its just horrible. Just dont do it  
+jeanne whitlark I also agree that government needs to  stay out of our private affairs, that's why I'm voting for Romney. The democrats favor larger government and more government interference, the republicans favor more control by states and local governments and less BIG government involvement. I too believe it's a woman's right to choose whether or not to get pregnant, but once the act is done and she's been part of creating a new life, I don't believe she has the right to choose to end that life just because she doesn't want to deal with her consequences - that's the same as committing a murder to cover up some other crime committed.  I also agree that Americans should work together, and I don't think this mindless name calling helps either side to prove anything except the ignorance of those doing the name calling.
The only way we can truly make America great is by returning to the moral, God fearing foundation this country was built upon.  The only way we can hope to do that is with God's help. I'm praying for Americans to really, truly think about what they are voting for this election, and not just in the presidential race, but for everything they vote for.  Will it bring build up Big government's power over the people, or protect our freedoms and rights to govern ourselves?  I believe Romney will do more to protect our rights and freedoms than Obama ever has, so I voted for Romney!  I hope you will too.
+meley hagos remember jobs food the CONSTITUTION? you know the document that gives you the right to say what you want ?
Yea im makeing calls from home alright. To all the Obama supporters. 
+Candice Lee well I look at it like this. Romney is a lot more conservative then Obama and he has said many things that make since. For instance getting rid of programs that we have to borrow to support. By taking away tax burden to the middle and upper class by eliminating programs that are unsustainable this will allow more money to flow between people rather then through government. As unemployment drops taxes can go even lower or programs can be resumed. I would preferred just taxes become lower. As a conservative I believe that I know how to spend my money better then the government does. This holds even more true regarding what government spends money on. For instance I am pro life. I don't agree with abortion. However, my tax dollars go to pay Planned Parenthood. That's honestly not fair. The government ia forcing me to support an organization that I disagree with personally. For people that due agree they are free to make there own donations. The more money you leave in people's pockets the better the economy gets because people obviously have more money. This goes the same for businesses. I read an article if Forbes about 6 months ago and the #1 reason employers are not hiring is because of the fear of paying for healthcare. Regardless of what is important to you right now in this country the thing that's important to everyone and has been for 4 years is jobs. The primary reason I would not trust Obama to help the job market ia because he already had the chance and proved that his own interests where more important. When Obama took office he himself said we where in a freefall. However with a super majority Congress he forced though a job killing healthcare bill rather then working on jobs first. You can see that the unemployment rate was at its worse right after Obama care. This is due tobthe fact that employer's started cutting back to avoid high insurance costs. These employer's where not being greedy. They where worried about the cost of doing business succeeding what they could make being in business. Remember a lot of small businesses have to compete with giant corporations like Walmart. As a small business owner myself I can tell you that people really are afraid of Obama's economic policies. On that same hand those same people are excited at the proposition of Romney being in office.

I feel that was a little rambally so I hope I answered your questions. If you have any more don't hesitate to ask. 
Shows what type of Obama supporters are, and i made a few Mitt, No worry's, you will win this.
You people need to read up on things before you jump to conclusion. Tell ya what though this has been one of the most dirtest ran election of all time. Just one big piss test and we're the only ones getting wet.

Hey +Mitt Romney I saw you in fairfax at the patriot center
+Hannah Prestwich personally I don't even agree in the case of rape. While I feel horrible the mother had to go through such a horrifying experience the baby still doesn't deserve to die for someone else's crime. 
Well yea  personally I really dont agree with abortion because of rape either. I just know that its a sensetive subject to people. I think when dealing with rape, people need to pray to seek guidence from God. 
+Hannah Prestwich I personally believe when a baby comes into this world they are the up most of innocence. Regardless of the situation the brought them here, they're here. I can totally understand why someone who was raped would want an abortion. However, I read an article about pro life recently it was an extremely good explanation for why its wrong to kill babies. At the end article the author admitted that they were in fact the product of a rape. It really makes you think when actually reading the words of someone that could have been aborted. 
You keep praying to God, He may answer you. What if it was you that was raped and you where to get preg. from that rape, would you just pray to god and seek his guidance? I don't think so.
+Rich White Yea, they signed it in August when even Romney didn't know what is his plan......... 
+Todd Johnson I'm a man so I obviously cant get pregnant. However if the situation was turned what did the baby do to deserve the death penalty? 
Why vote for Romney? I'm TWELVE and I know that Obama would be a better president with his eyes closed then your "president" Romney. 
+Hannah Prestwich yes some would disagree, but I am sure the majority of women would hate some government agency telling them what to do what their bodies... this issue that should be left  to the church and doctors...Not majority white old men
the ask correct is are you usa! ebribody its americans 
+Paris Mosley but it's not their body. It's a little babies body it doesn't belong to them and they shouldn't be able to make choices on whether it should die. 
 first and for most Romney is NOT going to over turn roe vs. wadethat is NOT what this election is about ! i am a woman i have had kids and i just couldn't imagine being forced to go through the mental anguish of being forced to relive a rape everyday till the baby is born they would have to totally sedate me
On Tuesday, Romney will have 34,000 volunteer poll watchers to collect voting turnout trends, coordinated by 800 volunteers in Boston HQ.  All of these people will be focused on one thing:  directing your calls where they will be most effective.  Romney supporters, after voting, please make calls from home - they will be critical for turnout in the swing states on which the entire election turns.
I'm an independent. Over the years I have watched the Republican Party become "A Confederacy of Dunces."
Jonathan Swift: "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." Don't blame Obama because he is trying to do the right things for people and is effective at it. In a satirical manner it is funny that the 47% that Romney mentioned are the ones' voting for him. The 1% want to use him as a puppet, since the only thing Romney is good at is taking money from others who don't have it.
Ryan Ng
Can you make calls from a mobile device?
+Steven Meadows actually that's not true history. Reagan gave us near 30 years of economic prosperity. It was liberal policy that stopped it. In fact it was the same policy that Obama is supporting today that caused the recession we are currently in. Clinton originally deregulated the banks that was the first step that the liberal house during Bush used to force banks to loan to people that couldn't afford to pay back there loans. That whole time Bush tried to stop it but the liberal house would not let him intervene. Then when it all fell apart they blamed Bush and still do today in fact. Your post as a reference to that. We need to get back to conservative economic policies because that's what we have prospered through. 
A woman's choice comes before she gets pregnant if you don't want a baby because you don't want to mess up your body use birth control  be responsible  After should be too late.  Abortion should not be birth control
To all Republican Christians wake up Mitt Romney is a MORMON not a Christian.
+amy campbell Relax.  Most religious people in this country understand the concept of religious freedom.
Steven, we are a capitalistic society, and I happen to agree with what Reagan did...according to your remarks, business would be MORE stable if everything was controlled by the that your stance?
Contributed to the greets economic collapse in our times and responsible for greatest number of financial scamming in history PERIOD.
+Rich White , I believe that jobs should be the priority, and this economy has been crippling to small business. I also saw that the  President does have a comprehensive Jobs Act that congress voted against, that I thought was a step in the right direction, improving the infrastructure of this country. Healthcare has been a priority for the democratic party for quite some time, and I remember a time when most employers did provide healthcare to their employees, but this is simply not the case anymore. Healthcare has become way to expensive in this country. I don't think either candidates policies on taxes are bold enough to improve the economy and bring us back to the surplus of the Clinton administration. While I don't agree with abortion, I don't believe anyone should tell anyone else what to do with their own bodies. Neither candidate is credible on the issue of fighting war with drones. I am a veteran, and our troops are tired, and they need rest. Not sure I want to give Mitt Romney the title of commander in chief. Foreign policy is complicated, but I like the President's approach, not apologizing, but not being a catalyst to offset and upset instability. Mitt Romney's business record is both impressive and disheartening. I am totally against the idea of privatizing social security, and I believe that under Romney/Ryan administration, that is where it is headed. Entitlement's are an issue, but there are some that have been more helpful than detrimental, and the states can not handle their own programs. Fema does not need to be disbanned, the states can not handle Emergency Relief on their own. I' just thinking of some of the things I have heard him say. But overall, I think the economy will improve under Romney. 
Obama/Biden 2012 Because Real Leadership doesn't require fact checkers.
+Rich White That's the reason for government, to use tax money to build infrastructure, secure human rights(female and male equality, notice females should come first), and allow us to work to a manageable retirement. So by your reasoning don't give money to Obama who will use it to help the people through education and healthcare, but to Romney who is a "Billionare" that made his money by destroying other companies and selling them for it's parts. Look at the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, he understands as well as the businesses affected by the storm that infrastructure comes from the government, because businesses will not pay for it out of pocket.
I like Chris Christie because he came to his senses like every good and wholesome American should. I don't care that he is a Republican. I especially loved his line to the BSers on Fox News. Made my week.
Nate Silver just increased Obama's chances of winning to 91%!  Woo-hoo!!!
+Susan Miller that is only because Obama fact checks on the spot like his Vice President and his supporters. Even Romney was called out on a LIE by Chrysler on a advertisement and on stage. When Romney stops blatently lying, I might consider him a decent human being instead of a puppet.
+Candice Lee actually Obama's jobs bill was written to fail the first place. The Obama administration added legislation in there that had already been turned down by the Republican Congress. They specifically did that just so Congress woild turn it down so Obama could campaign on the Republicans not working with them. Regarding FEMA for years the states hav actually been lowering their own budgets when it comes natural disasters. FEMA is meant for large scale natural or manmade emergencies. However, today FEMA response to over 100 incidence of year almost 99 percent of these could have been handled by the states if the states would have left her budget the way it was the first place. So by moving funding from FEMA to the States this problem would be solved. 
+Endrit T no you have that wrong, that's not governments job. The federal government has 2 jobs. The first job is to provide a defense. The second job is to enforce the Constitution. That's it. The 10th Amendment hands everything else over to the states to handle by themselves. 
I understand the reason you feel the need to vote for Obama because he is moving "Forward" but shouldnt he have done that a few years ago? Romney has plans that will work better than the last couple years have gone.. Obama knows he is in the wrong and so he feels the need to cover for himself so I hope you rethink your opinion before going on here and posting these type of comments :) just to let you know: if Obama is going to continue to run in the office the debt will reach to about 20-22 TRILLION dollars. do i need to repeat that? we owe china so much were practically owned by them. But the good thing is that Romney nailed China on their currency issue at one of the presidential debate which actually solved alot of problems for us and it became a start to something great. Obama on the other hand (the so called president) sat their and didnt say anything about it cause he cant back anything up like that. I have one last question for you.. why exactly are you voting for Obama?.. because he is "working for the poor people" I think not.. because this is not putting America back to work.. this rather is supporting lazyness and people cant always live off the government its called being independent and being successful. Just stating my opinion. ROMNEY 2012.
+Ryan Ng +Warren Dew  Apparently you haven't seen or read some of the half wit comments coming from the so called Christian Faction.  
+Rich White. Now your expertise is interpreting the constitution, that's above your pay grade isn't it.
+Rich White Try saying that to the states that had their infrastructure devastated. Try saying that BS to Chris Christie; he'd verbally slap you like he did to FoxNews. The states don't have the ability to act on such a scale, nor do they have the resources or money. That is why the support of the national government is necessary. Have you been to the east coast lately? Come down to Florida sometimes when the category 1 hurricane is just another day at the beach here. I'd like to see how you handle the losses that people here and there have faced during a storm.
+Rich White +Wendy Sue Ive had enough of your bull. You are right mother who raised me by herself in what you would call the 47% was aided by the gov. In one way or another... its a shame I served for this country via the military knowing that I was not fighting for the less fortunate but only people like you. Lost a brother and several I feel were true brothers.. I don't know what work is.. I didnt fail to succeed... it all just happend by chance.. would you take a bullet for this country.. I HAVE.. it makes me sad to hear such ignorance. I wish you could feel what I feel after reading your comments. .. God Bless..
+Endrit T except that Romney's "lies"... have turned out to be absolutely correct. Every thing I've seen it said that he lied about, when I went to find the primary sources, I found that Romney had actually outlined what actually happened.

The Chrysler thing included.

When Obama confiscated Chrysler and handed it to a foreign company to use as a piggy bank, well, that company IS talking about plans to start manufacturing cars overseas... and they're talking about it because they're in trouble. So, Obama stole Chrysler from Americans and tied it to a foreign company that was already in deep distress.

And yet Obama, the man who pushed the car companies into bankruptcy, is claiming to have saved them? What a bizarre world the left live in!
aweful lot of "obama" fans on the oposition threads... its kinda like the guys that oppose gays, but are... well you know the type.  We know its a Freud thing for y'all.  
+Rich White The governments job is to represent the people. The constitution can be changed through amendments and the national defense can be changed through advances in research and technology(which the government needs to fund if it hopes to keep up with the rest of the world). I don't want to give that kind of power to Romney who will use it for his own greedy gains. Romney has made it clear that he does not care about the future of young or old Americans, he just wants to profit from them.
There's only one choice if you love America.

Since the Obama administration wants this election to be all about feelings, here are some numbers for you.

23 MILLION Americans unemployed, 47 MILLION Americans on foodstamps. 16 TRILLION+ in debt. Over a TRILLION in deficit spending every year.

Obama is a failure. You know it. I know people don't like to admit they were wrong, but the stakes are too high not to admit it.
Say it with me, Obama is a failure.
+Chris Carlin So you're telling me that Chrysler, Jeep and GM don't know how they are working? Romney came out with this idiotic lie that Italians own them and that they will ship Jobs to China?  Check your facts, go to Chrysler, Jeep and GM and ask them personally if you think I am lying. GM And Chrysler CEO's Both Call Romney A Liar
+Rich White I don't believe any Obama conspiracy theories about his administration trying to purposely sabotage itself mumbo jumbo, and I did take a good look at the jobs act and I believe the major parts of it were brilliant, minus the pork.  I am concerned that with the changing global climate we will see these catastrophic storms more often (i.e. Katina, Irene, Sandy), in which case the states will need the full support of the federal government. I like the idea of making America energy independent, but I would like to see green energies become apart of that, which I think the President is for, and though Romney is not against it, it's not apart of his agenda. Concerned that Romney may be a puppet for Conservative agenda in this country, as well as his millionaire/billionaire buddies that have completely funded his campaign, and concerned that he says just what he needs to get elected. Just as concerned that President Obama has become too concerned with celebrity. 
I love Romney and his idea of privatizing everything. Lets take away Medicare and Medicaid and give it to the private industries. The same private industries that deny benefits when you are sick. The same industries that shipped their jobs overseas. The same industry that keeps raising your health care bills. Next lets privatize fema to the insurance agencies, they seem to be doing a lovely job putting people out of homes. And while we're at it lets give the banks control of the national debt. They did a great job with the housing market. And don't forget the military, we need to keep them busy, so lets find some more countries to attack like Libya. 
+Candice Lee actually Obama's jobs bill isn't conspiracy theory. Even members of Congress where shocked at some of the stuff he added to it. There have been multiple articles that detail each section and every one that's not owned by a MSM agrees that the bill was created to fail. 
Wendy, santa claus, easter bunny, god, and all the dibitty datha that Romney says are not real. For real google it.
Vote against this master of deception! Otherwise known as a liar!
It's a catch 22, I truly believe the President wants the change for this country he says he hopes for, but I don't think he'll get it. At the same time I believe Romney has the ability to really affect change, but I'm concerned about his true motives. I think this economy is in such bad shape that neither of these plans are drastic enough to make the changes needed. 
+Brian Lougheed Don't you have somewhere else to be?
Brian LougheedSep 7, 2012
+Chuck Lipps  nice...thanks sexy! :-)
 i also love to be submissive and kinky too :-)
...420 friendly as well  ;-)  :-)
Yes, because being against murder is close minded... 
+Brian Lougheed actually the Earth's over 4 billion years old and liberals like you can only defend by putting other people down. Either way it's not going to matter Romney has already won the election it's over. The mainstream media has to poll D+11 just to show Obama as tied. 
This is what +Brian Lougheed  is up to when not trolling Mitt Romney's Stream. What a loser. Check out his first comment, the seventeen year old.
Brian Lougheed
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+Chuck Lipps  always another time for sure ;-)  i'm definitely a nudist/ exhibitionist at heart.  lol

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thats what I like to hear....look forward to it

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+Chuck Lipps  nice...thanks sexy! :-)
 i also love to be submissive and kinky too :-)
...420 friendly as well  ;-)  :-)

Chuck LippsSep 7, 2012

Well then....sounds like we have alot in common so I definitely look forward to it...  :0)
Romney can't even get 500 comments on each of these posts? Wow. This election really must be over.
+Brian Lougheed I just wanted to let you know so you can stew in it a little bit. The reason Romney won the election is because the true liberal attitude came out this election and people don't like being put down. Keep that in mind the next time a liberal runs for office and you're trying to defend them. 
What if for some crazy reason Romney doesn't win. What will all you Romney supporters do?  If you are disappointed I wish you the best in surviving the next four years and I know that if President Obama loses you will wish me the same (not holding my breath)
+Rich White That is hilarious!  True liberal attitude?  How about the true conservative attitude?  During this campaign season there was the right's typical racism....being bigots....being against equality for women and gays....favoring the rich over the lower and middle class....  There are many examples of all these things and more from both the right in general and specifically from the Romney/Ryan camp.
Sooo, why would anyone vote for a guy whose own campaign called him "Etch-a-Sketch," and who will release only 2 years of tax returns, but require his running mate to release 7???!!!!!! Holy shmokes!
Your Dad and my Grandpa were friends. I know what kind of man you are. So happy to vote for you tomorrow. 
+Kevin K. Clark for exactly those reasons. He will do as our representatives say and he is smart enough not to give the twisted Obama campaign more fodder. He's got a good head on his shoulders as you illustrated. 
Wendy Sue , actually Romney / Ryan Go Away .... ! 
mitt rommney you are going to be the best president.But what will you do to make this a better country.!OBAMA IS GOING DOWN!!!!
Ughhh...  Can't anyone on the right use complete sentences?  Can't they use spell check?  Can they not be even close to grammatically correct?  Do we need any more reasons to improve education in this nation?  If you agree, don't vote for Romney.

P.S. - Punch and pie...
Oops is right +Stephanie Shaltes. That is what we said when we realized what a horrible president Obama was. Glad we are firing him tomorrow. I can't wait to see what kind of terrible people he's going to pardon in the next month 
Nate Silver is predicting an Obama victory at 86%.  Obama is forecast to win with 300+ electoral votes.  
If you were the Mitt Romney from Massachusetts maybe, but you are not. You were aensible then, now, not so much. Then, you supported a woman's right to choose being a big C conservative who believed bureaucrats had no right to tell woman how to control thwir nodiea, you were for healthcare reform, you were for bipartisanship, now you arr just a demagogue preaching to agents of intolerance to get elected.
We need to get back to the principles that have made this country GREAT!! We can't afford 4 more years of Obama!!! Go Romney!!! #mittromney  
+Manuel Sandoval He was also for marriage equality and signed it into law.  On all those things he's falling into line with the right.

also good to note that he likes to brag about jobs....yet while governor his state was the third worst in jobs...
You ought to be ashamed +Brian Lougheed . Streaming porn to 17 year old kids. You are a sick, lonely twisted little man. You are the stereotype. And not even an American, trolling our election while you troll for anonymous sex. 
Reality check in t-18 hours - - electoral college is a chess game, and Romney brought his checkers.
You vote for personal gain.

Way to be American (sarcasm).
+Kahil Nettleton This is what I am talking about. I just copy and pasted this from +Brian Lougheed 's stream. Note the first kid, who says he is seventeen. I am sure he will erase this from his page soon, He is a coward. And he throws around the word "rape" like a true jerk. If you actually cared about rape victims, you wouldn't be so glib about it.

Brian Lougheed
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gay, naked...NSFW
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Ken WojaSep 7, 2012

Chuck LippsSep 7, 2012
awww i wasn't included 

Brian LougheedSep 7, 2012
+Chuck Lipps  always another time for sure ;-)  i'm definitely a nudist/ exhibitionist at heart.  lol

Chuck LippsSep 7, 2012
thats what I like to hear....look forward to it

Brian LougheedSep 7, 2012
+Chuck Lipps  nice...thanks sexy! :-)
 i also love to be submissive and kinky too :-)
...420 friendly as well  ;-)  :-)

Chuck LippsSep 7, 2012

Well then....sounds like we have alot in common so I definitely look forward to it...  :0)
I believe that if this country has Mitt Romney running it, a lot of freedoms will be shackled. My reasons for believing this are my own. I doubt that if I were to try to explain, my words would fall on deaf ears.
+Jordan Miller But what the hell does that have to do with the discussion here?

And if you are getting so worked up over rape and you care so much about do know that Romney and the right aren't exactly that concerned with rape victims.  If you actually cared about rape victims, then you wouldn't vote for Romney/Ryan.

If this Brian guy wants to talk to others in a provocative way that's his choice.  If he doesn't anything he shouldn't, then he is the one who has to deal with and live with any consequences.  Just remember you are the one who went to his profile...he didn't go to yours and post anything.
Because the man coming here and posting about what a bad men Romney/Ryan are is streaming porn to children. And you are a fool if you think the right doesn't care about women. We just care about babies too.
+Jordan Miller First, you judge too quickly.  Did you see any video?  Do you know what was in the video?  Or are you just judging it based on what you read of the description?

Next, really?  That's laughable considering the legitimate rape comments.  Or the fact that many on the right don't want women to be able to abort a pregnancy in cases of rape or incest.  Most of you on the right try to make the abortion issue bigger than it is in this election.  Of all the discussions going on, no one is saying that people should be able to just run out and get a drive through abortion.  Obama doesn't believe that.  Even he said that he only supports it in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother.  But since you care so much about rape victims, do you think that they should be forced to have their rapist's child?  Should they be forced to have the child while being psychologically traumatized on a daily basis?  Or do you think that they aren't legitimate rapes?
+Lori Olsen The question remains, exactly what did he pay taxes on - even the one tax return he released (2010), Mitt had removed all the forms pertaining to offshore assets.  For all we know, 90% of his assets may be shielded from tax.  And, as President, how susceptible might he be from influence, with hundreds of millions (billions?) invested in foreign companies and foreign sovereign debt.  Voters have a right to make that assessment before voting.
+Lori Olsen You obviously don't see that you didn't defend your position very well.  No one is saying that he just skipped out on paying taxes, they are saying that he didn't pay anything for those years.  Do you not get the difference?  Even if he did everything legally and his taxes were prepared in such a way where he didn't owe anything....don't you see how that would look to the American people?  While most Americans were paying an average of 30% or more he paid nothing.  Doesn't exactly make him relateable.  He only released '10 and '11 tax returns because they were the only ones that showed him paying anything.

And don't forget that he has untold amounts of money in several off shore tax havens.

And don't forget that it was his own father who started the tradition of releasing more than a decade's worth of returns.
Honestly why are people from Obama on here
Kkkkkk thanks
+Glenn Parham You just proved that this country needs to invest in education more.  If you can't make your point with decent grammar and spelling, then why bother?  You certainly won't be taken seriously.
+Kahil Nettleton I'd you think Obama doesn't support abortion on demand you are ignorant. Probably willfully. Can't wait for Obama's concession speech tomorrow.
+Jordan Miller The issue is CHOICE, Jordan.  This is a secular country, with Constitutional separation of church and state.  Nobody is forcing you or your partner to have an abortion; likewise you have no standing in the personal choices others make.   
+Jordan Miller You probably mean, "If you think".  And you are wrong.  Obama has stated many times that he only supports abortion in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother.  Can't get much clearer than that.  But hey, guess that's what you get for relying on FOX News as your news source of choice.  No candidate will ever support abortion on demand.  If you believe that, then you are ignorant to the facts.

Don't think you should have your party hat on just yet.  As of right now, the odds are in Obama's favor to win.
+Brian Lougheed Chris Christie really makes it hard not to like him for his  But I will give it to him for not always falling in line and for giving the President credit where credit is due...even if it wouldn't be looked upon favorably by his own party.
Go Romney!! We want more millionaires in this country! He is one and knows how to help other become one. HARD WORK AND SACRIFICE!!!

+Mitt Romney
+Glenn Parham It's because Google+ is putting this on everyone's home feed as a hot topic. The reason it's a hot topic right now is because there are so many comments and 1+ for it.
+Tyler Olsen That's ironic considering Romney never worked hard or sacrificed for his money.  You make it sound like he is a self made millionaire.  The man was born into money and then made even more money by harvesting companies, sucking out their wealth, and laying off thousands.

Lemme saw him in a late night commercial where he said if you buy his dvd set for $300 he'll guarantee you'll become a millionaire if you follow his teachings?  *rolls eyes*  #snakeoil  
Since the Obama administration wants this election to be all about feelings, here are some numbers for you.

23 MILLION Americans unemployed, 47 MILLION Americans on foodstamps. 16 TRILLION+ in debt. Over a TRILLION in deficit spending every year.

Obama is a failure. You know it. I know people don't like to admit they were wrong, but the stakes are too high not to admit it.
Say it with me, Obama is a failure.
+Chris Palko repeating things over and over doesn't make it true. Look into the truth of the housing collapse, if you care. The lies the left keep telling are just that, lies.
 rdknyc596 wrote this. I copy and pasted it. Because it is true.

With each day that draws us closer to this election I am amazed that this election is so close. There are 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed. 47 million who have an EBT card. A dead Ambassador and Now, Obama's Katrina.

Obama released a photo of his situation room. I use the word 'his' because the only words he uses well are I and me. or His or Mine. He seldom says we. I live in NYC and it was great when he visited Jersey to see the devastation. But, you all must understand how bad it is here. NYC is only now getting light to the bottom 1/3 of Manhattan. Many parts of Brooklyn are dark. Rockland, Westchester, CT, are a mess.

We have limited subway service. For those who don't travel underground, you cannot understand how this effects people. Lines for the busses wrap around 2 blocks. Lines for gas for 10 blocks long in 4 directions if you can even find a station with gas. Staten Island is still under water and they are pulling bodies from the marshes.

Yet, the mainstream media, which in days was howling at Bush's inaction, say nothing about Obama's walk with Christie and the Optic of him today in Las Vegas. People have no gas, no transporation, no work because half of this city is not functional and no food. Fema is non existent. And Napolitano today--who should be here--said supplies will get here soon. Great.
Obama in Vegas spews his negative attacks. His campaign advisor said today his energy is coming from his loins. Really?

We have a president who played 600 hours of golf in his first three years. That is 24 hours of golf over 25 days. Does that anger anyone? He has a jobs council which met in January! It is November. Does that not Motivate all of us to say No More? He has met with his cabinet two times this year yet has the gall to propose a 'business cabinet seat' but has yet to fill the Secretary of Commerce seat which is the 'busines cabinet seat' since it was vacated three months ago. Perhaps by not meeting with his cabinet he does not see the EMPTY CHAIR. Oh wait, it is his chair that is EMPTY.

Does it not Bother you that he skipped 60% of his intelligence briefs. No president has done that in the history of the 'Intelligence brief'. Perhaps our Ambassador and the 3 heros who died defending our consulate would be alive today if he actually had engaged with the experts from the CIA, DOD and DOS. Does it not enrage you, that Obama is the first President in the history of this country to NOT SIGN into LAW a BUDGET? Not just for one year, but for all four?

Folks, look for pictures from the aftermath of Sandy and google Sandy and Staten Island and you will see that this man is a complete, incompetant fool.
Don't vote because you are a democrat for this man. Think About it first not through rhetoric and invective lines of attack. Think about the facts. And the reality. Don't vote for 600 more hours of golf. Vote for someone who will actually work for America.
Awww...look at that...someone on the right repeating FOX News talking points.

They like to spit that stuff out, yet they never admit or bring up the causes, like Bush. 

Because of Obama unemployment is under 8%.  Because of Obama we now have something close to universal healthcare.  Because of Obama we have ended one unpaid, unjust Bush war and are winding down another.  Because of Obama, we have equal pay for equal work.  Because of Obama we have TWO women on the Supreme Court.  Because of Obama we are better off today than we were four years ago under Bush.

Is Obama perfect, not by a long shot, but he isn't a terrible President.  One can only wonder how many more good things could have been accomplished had the house republicans not used a record number of filibusters just to try to ensure he is a one term president rather than doing the job they were hired for.
How people could actually support Romney still baffles me. 
Good night. See you at the polls. May the best Mitt win! Err man.
+Jordan Miller 16 trillion, huh.  You really need to be told WHY the deficits are over a trillion per year?  And why unemployment is high?  and total public debt is so high?
Here's a hint:  In January 2009, the nonpartisan CBO put the deficit at $1.2 Trillion, BEFORE Obama took office. 
Interest on the public debt Bush handed Obama is $450 Billion/year - - that's $1.8 Trillion over 4 years.
Bush's expansion of DoD spending (2 wars) added another $350 Billion/year - - that's $1.4 Trillion over 4 years.
Bush's Tax Cuts added another $1.12 Trillion.  Bush's Medicare Part D another $320 Billion; VA's exploding budget added another $280 Billion; Bush's TSA and DHS agencies added another $240 Billion.
Amazing how quickly it adds up, eh?  Glad I could help.
+Jordan Miller Are you seriously trying to use the tragedy and situation of the hurricane as a political standpoint against Obama?  Now that is sad...  Even Chris Christie, a staunched republican, praised Obama for his handling of Sandy.  Get a glue man.

Limited subway?  So Obama flooded the rails...nice...  *rolls eyes*

If you are going to rag on Obama for playing golf while talking policy with other politicians or world leaders....then why not also mention that Bush spent most of his presidency on his ranch or other vacation spots.

You are really grasping a straws here.
All the best in your endevour ROMMEY . We need a leader at such at time as this..(Tangible leader tangible change)
+Endrit T, apparently you're unaware that when Obama bankrupted Chrysler he arranged for Fiat (the floundering Italian company) to take a majority share of the company...
Brian...get a clue...  First, unemployment rates went up as a result of Bush policies at the end of his term.  Obama gets into office and then the unemployment rates go up before he even gets a chance to do anything and it is somehow his fault?  Obama ends the Iraq war and many vets come home and need jobs, which raised the unemployment rates.  Obama then tries to give businesses an incentive to hire vets.  Slowly but surely there has been steady private sector job growth.
+Gregg Mason, Bush's bipartisanship got us those deficits. Lesson to learn? Don't try to work with the Democrats; the bipartisanship just ends up passing bills that our grandchildren will have trouble paying off.

And then Obama came in and doubled it. Without bipartisanship.

Lesson learned? Keep Democrats out of office. They're obviously the least common denominator for passing huge deficits to be paid off from by our kids.
How about the republicans learn how to pick a candidate for president.. McCain/palin, Romney/Ryan Wth? McCain was outta touch,Palin was/is stupid as hell, Romney's full of s@%t. Bush's presidency (unjust wars etc) ruined the republican "brand" for years to come. Romney was a desperate pic from the start. Learn how to pick a better candidate in 2016 & you might get back in the Whitehouse. Better luck next time.
Allow me to retort. One will notice that many of the Republican comments utilize logical fallacy. If this is Obama's Hurricane then he is handling it day one. So it is not his Katrina. How do we know that? He was there with Republican Governor Christie surveying the damage. On a higher level though, I would like to point to education as a focus for Republicans. Many members of that party view the most equalify aspect of modern life, Education, as a target. PBS, did not get us in debt. Battleships have been decommissioned for 20 years. Why are more veterans voting for Obama than Romney? These are all questions that you can answer for yourselves. If you can not explain something, then do not lie. We notice these things as voters. America is full of people who left bad conditions to come here and have a chance. Why is the Republican party which is full of Christians so against given people a chance? I have seen this President attacked since day one, in a fashion, that the Democrats had never done to Bush. I was an independent and this campaign has made me seriously consider switching. 
+Brian Knutson You mean the pics of large crowds that are photoshopped?  Or the crowds, like the other night in Pennsylvania, where they wouldn't let people leave even though people, including children, were getting hypothermia?  Come on....nice try...
+Chris Carlin Get a clue kid...  Obama tried and still tries to work with the other side of the aisle.  It was the republicans who made it their mission on day one to make Obama a one term president.  Since then they have used the filibuster rule more times in a single session of congress than in the total history of the rule.  Kinda hard to work with them if they block everything before going to vote.  They then waste time not passing a budget.  They then waste more time trying to overturn obamacare over and over.  They then waste time on stupid votes to reaffirm the word "God" in the "In God We Trust" motto.  Then they waste more time trying to invent new ways to make abortion illegal.  Nice try....gonna have to do better at defending a poor candidate.
Just reading though this post and all I do can say is wow. How low we Americans have fallen. United we stand, divided we fall remember? That's didn't mean democrats, republicans or any other party. That was in reference to Americans. 
+Jay Bee you're really bragging about your president being a president for 1 day. Where has he been the last 3 years. lol
Mitt, there's a prison cell waiting for your crooked ass...
+Chris Palko liberal was a derogatory term created before the Civil War to criticize progressives who said the Constitution said it was okay to own people. 
I'm going to call these people and say vote Obama.
It's been fun Mitt! Not sorry to see you go.
Promise you won't come back after tomorrow? Go Obama/Biden!!
G'night y'all !
+Rich White You aren't helping to prove your argument by being a troll.  The parties of the past aren't the parties of today.  What matters are the policies of the parties today.  Right now, its the republicans who have shown a clear intent on being racist and bigoted.

And if you are going to try to give a history lesson, at least get it right.  Liberalism first became a political movement during the Age of Enlightenment.
+Randy Floyd You gotta chill out man.  You are now just trolling and are making sweeping generalizations.  So you don't believe in God, doesn't mean others can't if they want to.  To each their own.  And not all republicans are bigots or racists.
Cut, Cut, Cut while he gets rich off of his policies hmm makes sense to vote for Mitt. My Dad's dead and my Mom is poor, so who will I ask to help me finish my degree so that I can get a better paying job and take care of my family, not Mitt cardboard box here we come.
Someone let the squirrels know that the nuts are here. 
lets put it this way! how many employers do you know that dont have money to hire you or anybody else? the wealthy hire the poor and middle class,thats what our country is built on.the wealthy employers pay the wages,not poor employers!
Both Mitt and Barak have flaws, major flaws. Its too bad we can't have the best of both, I want a godly country and universal healthcare. Regardless of who the next president will be we the people should make the decisions of how the country is run. 
Whoa....chill bud.  I never said what my beliefs are or aren't, so again, don't make assumptions about people.  You know what they say about assumptions right?  Liberals also tend to attract a certain type of person and lifestyle correct?

Nothing in this world is an absolute fact...  You are entitled to your beliefs and so is everyone else.  You don't like being judged for not believing in God, so don't judge others for believing so.
+Tom Montella Really?  If the rich are the ones hiring people, then where are all the jobs by these "job creators"?  Why are they the ones sending out memos scaring employees into thinking that if Obama wins their jobs won't be there?

And your point is moot.  We've had steady private sector job growth and more people are hiring.  The company I work for full time is paying me more to stay longer, gave me a huge raise and has more than doubled their number of employees in less than six months....all under Obama.

+David Cholagh That's all good, but no matter how things turn out, religion needs to stay out of it.  Separation of church and state right?  Goes both ways.  This is a nation of many different kinds of people of many different religions (even some without a religion).  Pushing one person's religion on another is morally and ethically wrong.  Religion and politics shouldn't and don't mix.
+Kahil Nettleton
Jokes on you....I was trying to come across like blatant as a joke
But now that I know that you people can not a joke, I'll start speaking with proper grammar.
I am very well educated as I am a freshman in high school who is taking all honors classes, as well as honors Algebra II. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout all of middle school, and currently have a 4.0 GPA this school year. I have already took the PSAT and I attend a high school that ranks within the top 100 of the United States. In case what I have said isn't clear enough or eloquent enough for you to understand, I indeed am well educated.
+Chris Palko sorry! My comment wasn't directed at you! I was reading the comments above, and my iPad screwed up the comments so I wasn't talking to you lol
Candice Lee

" I have some serious questions for Romney supporters. I am an African American, I'm Christian, and Moderate, and a wavering President Obama supporter. I'm just interested in having an adult conversation about the other candidate so that I can make a clear and conscious decision. No malice, no name calling, just a straight forward conversation. Any takers? " 

" I'm Christian, and Moderate, and a wavering President Obama supporter. ",.
@ Candice Lee, Ma'am did you have to have your brain removed for some reason ? 
Lam P
Man I wish I had enough free time on my hands and nothing better to do than hang out on forums of people I don't even like just to argue with people who do like them. Why don't you guys do yourselves and the world a favor and go read a book, learn to play an instrument, volunteer for the underprivileged people you advocate for all the time, learn a new language, or you know, anything productive. I can't even fathom spending the precious little time I have on this planet sitting around on the internet picking fights on Google+ fanpages and accomplishing absolutely nothing. I would be embarrassed of what a loser I am. 
+Kahil Nettleton "Cum hoc ergo propter hoc" wrt the company you work for (no its not a klingon insult, just means because one thing is true another isn't necessarily because of it).  We still have record unemployment.  The growth has been anemic at best (the BBC has us at 2% in the third quarter calling that a sharp increase... not good or perhaps good, but not good enough).  

Regarding "Separation of Church and State" the only references (forgive the memory) are the Treaty of Tropoli (1797 i think) in an effort to make it clear the treaty was between 2 sovereign nations instead of 2 religions.  The other reference is from letters written by Thomas Jefferson in 1802 to a group in Danbury.  Madison may have had something too in his earlier drafts during the convention.  I "believe" the intention was to avoid having a 'state' sponsored/endorsed religion, but to still allow ones beliefs and convictions to govern (tempered by the the Bill of Rights). Concluding that Religeon and Politics should not mix, because a person or party advocates a religion is a Non Sequitur. 

Regarding rich being the employers... its a pretty simple system, you start a business cupcakes r us,  it grows, you have more money, you hire more people to meet the demand.  An entity must have the resources to provide employment.  I know I won't work for free (unless there are cookies)
If you accept to attack to Iran , You will win
Vote for Jill Stein!!
No ganas a Obama ni en tus sueños
De parte de España
Good morning Gov. Romney,

It's election day and I am still undecided.    As the daughter, wife and mother of career service persons, please tell me how you would stregthen and uphold America's defense and ensure job creation for retiring veterans.
Better yet STAY HOME and don't elect this liar into the most important job in america. How many lies do you honor by voting for Romney? Can you really honor God and vote for a liar? A servant of Mammon? 
Send BO to the unemployment line day!!!   HHHoooHA!!
Melissa Sosnoski

" Good morning Gov. Romney,

It's election day and I am still undecided.    As the daughter, wife and mother of career service persons, please tell me how you would stregthen and uphold America's defense and ensure job creation for retiring veterans. " 

Have you been resting in a fortress of solitude cut off from the rest of the World for the last couple of months Ma'am ? By the way is it Morning now in Moscow ? 

#RomneyRyan2012  Romney Ryan 2012
Lamia Poe

" Man I wish I had enough free time on my hands and nothing better to do than hang out on forums of people I don't even like just to argue with people who do like them. Why don't you guys do yourselves and the world a favor and go read a book, learn to play an instrument, volunteer for the underprivileged people you advocate for all the time, learn a new language, or you know, anything productive. I can't even fathom spending the precious little time I have on this planet sitting around on the internet picking fights on Google+ fanpages and accomplishing absolutely nothing. I would be embarrassed of what a loser I am. " 

@ Lamia Poe, F8ck off you pompous little c8nt.
+Rick Michalski - You may "think", but you aren't very good at it :-) Romney "thinks" that there is a god and that it lives on a planet called Kolob. My 4 year old niece has more realistic beliefs and she still believes in Santa :-) 
Romney 2012. To shutup the Socialist supporters.
Chris, supporting Romney is simply supporting corporatist statism instead of social statism. Johnson's the only liberty supporting candidate.
Lamia Poe

" Man I wish I had enough free time on my hands and nothing better to do than hang out on forums of people I don't even like just to argue with people who do like them. Why don't you guys do yourselves and the world a favor and go read a book, learn to play an instrument, volunteer for the underprivileged people you advocate for all the time, learn a new language, or you know, anything productive. I can't even fathom spending the precious little time I have on this planet sitting around on the internet picking fights on Google+ fanpages and accomplishing absolutely nothing. I would be embarrassed of what a loser I am. " 

You like foreign languages Ma'am, then disfrutar this with my compliments Ma'am. 

@ Lamia Poe, por favor tome un defecan en el sombrero y el desgaste Señora, pedazo pretencioso poco de vómito. 

Go #RomneyRyan2012 !
I don't like Romney that much, but you don't see me hating on him!  Just stop!  Stop hating!
William, A vote for Johnson is a thrown away vote and everyone knows he doesn't have a chance only to steal some of Romney's votes.
How about instead of Romney or Obama, let's vote for Abraham Lincoln :D But seriously either way (Romney or Obama) were mostly screwed.
+Fatso the Wombat I am SO impressed with your articulate response to Lamia Poe.  By the way, try using the "+" sign to reply to a specific user (this is Google +, get it?).

More importantly, +Lamia Poe had it right.
Tina what are you a child, That is one of the worse post i have seen.
Lizzie Hopkins

" How about instead of Romney or Obama, let's vote for Abraham Lincoln :D But seriously either way (Romney or Obama) were mostly screwed. " 

If President Abraham Lincoln was alive today then Barack Hussein Obama would probably be denouncing Lincoln as an anti-Muslim racist and John O Brennan would probably be working with the Dearborn Michigan Police Department to get Lincoln arrested and handed over to a Sharia law kangaroo court so President Lincoln could be executed by having his head cut off by a sword on the basis of Lincoln not being a Muslim. 

D. T. M
Go Home Rmoney/Ryan2012
+Candice Lee I would recommend you vote Romney today (since tune for research is running short) and look up his 2 books on there is one from 2010 and another from 2011. They outline his plan and his general philosophy on government. You'll see that his approach is in line with the founding principles of the USA, the same principles that make this country great.
On my way to vote for Obama in a swing state because I'm not an idiot.
Jenn W
Good for you.
Were all free again, you just have to get out the vote! 
I can't believe the dopes on here vote weighs as much as mine...should be a prerequisite to vote, like a job or looking for a job at the very least...
+Al Scott Perhaps poll watchers are there to be sure that people aren't selling their votes for the "walking around" money that is so famously abundant in those neighborhoods.  I think you SHOULD spend some time watching the polling places in GOP districts ... you'll see a free and fair election taking place.
If you put any restriction on voting, it will be abused. Look at what they did with redistricting.
Good thing everything on the east coast is all taken care of and no one needs anymore help (sarcasm). Since O is taking it so serious playing basketball today. I see where his priority's are.

Romney/Ryan 2012
Danny A
It doesn't take an adult or someone of the age to vote to know what kind of mess Obama has made.
I don't comprehend why anyone would vote for a guy who has been deliberately running this country into the ground for the past four years.  Only thing I can come up with is racism against white people and religious bigotry against Mormons.
I voted Romney because I want to see America thrive again. Four years of failure is too much! Romney/Ryan 2012
I want to see America be all it can be. We need Mitt to make America great again.
It is simple if you don't vote than you have no right to complain about the government. Vote for who you think is Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!
R/R 2012 Got my vote.

Anyone who hasn't voted keep in mind 'O' is playing basketball today instead of bashing heads and making sure the victims of the perfectstorm still suffering are getting ALL the help they STILL need. O has no clue what it means to be an American.
+Dennis Jones America is already great our President Obama has as much to do with our greatness as any president... 
** you ROMNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
obama is destroying this country!!! MITT ROMNEY
I don't wanna see one more war "to export democracy" in Iran. Viva Obama!
+ Jennings Cotten ~Affordable Care Act, Removing banks from the Pell Grants to save taxpayers millions in interest.  Lilly Leadbetter Act to allow women the right to sue for equal pay for equal work.   Consumer protection agency to protect YOU and me from companies that are not treating consumers fairly.. etc 
idk uhhh i dont like him thats why Mitt ROMNEY!
+jeanne whitlark Do you have any idea of what the Affordable Care Act entails? To be totally honest, it has some good ideas in it, try to get the cost of medical devices and products under control, give more options to those with pre-existing conditions....but it goes about it TOTALLY wrong. It will increase rates on young healthly middle class families and businesses, while cutting rates for those who have had HUGE amounts of claims. Now I know this is trying to make things more 'fair' but is punishing those who are young fair? The cuts to medicare via the reduced compensation rates for doctors is going to cause many small clinics to have to stop providing care for medicare patients. Lastly, it is SUPER expensive, WE DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. But Obama has never run a business, he does not understand that concept.
Your eyes are shut, your heart is closed.  Not possible at this point, honey...
+jeanne whitlark Obama is not the only one that doesn't understand that, Bush didn't seem to get that either. To be fair
+jeanne whitlark I am a health insurance will benefit me personally to have Obamacare because rates go up (more commission) and more people have to have it (more commission). But I completely oppose it because it was thrown together and jammed down America's throats. Let me tell you what is already happening: many, many small businesses are dropping their group health insurance and making their employees pay for it because business is BAD and they cannot keep their doors open with the increases they are facing.
BTW the health insurance companies LOVE it. They are promoting it.
+Rarian Rakista , You "killed our God?" No.1)You couldn't kill him if you wanted too.No.2) You can try to offend Christians with an ad hominem abusive, proving your not worth our time and your logic skills suck, or you debate in a civilized manner and stop looking like a fool.
+jeanne whitlark Interesting: the one thing that I would say was a positive from Obama, you didn't mention. Getting rid of parts of the No Child Left Behind Act that Bush passed was great. Obama gave back the power of educational assessments to the states, which I totally agree with. How a child is taught in Alaska does not need to be how they are taught in New York. Let the states decide.
An new direction requires a new president. And Romney is our man.
Go get 'em Mitt!!! Regardless of the outcome, you have been an example of what is right and how to conduct yourself. It will be a pleasure to call you, Mr. President- lead Us!!!
Go get 'em Mitt!!! Regardless of the outcome, you have been an example of what is right and how to conduct yourself. It will be a pleasure to call you, Mr. President- lead Us!!!
+Martha E Fay , Obama is just as rich as Romney. And isn't a sin too be successful. It's a ratio, as you would supposedly know from the parable of the rich Rabi and the poor women, when the women gave  more money in comparison than the Rabi. However if you were a catholic, you would understand that it is much worse to make it legal to kill unborn babies than to rich, even if you don't give to worthy causes as Mitt Romney does.
+Kahil Nettleton Romney's position on abortion allows for abortions in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother. So you agree with Romney on that.
His plan is to repeal and replace Obamacare. Reduce corporate tax rates, modify the tax code to make it simpler. Drill for oil off our coasts.

You are correct, Obama is NOT near as rich as Romney. Rightfully so, he has never done anything that would merit huge money.
+Jennings Cotten That may be Mitt's stated position...but we do know his positions change on daily basis.  But that isn't his running mate's position. 

Corporate tax rates are already at an all time low and the big companies and rich are making record profits...under Obama.  Romney wants to modify the tax code to only make it simpler for the rich to get richer while the poor get poorer.  Every economist of reputation has come to the same conclusion that his $5 trillion tax cut plan cannot be done without the middle class paying for it.

For crying out loud...  Mitt is in no way relatable to the middles class.  For several years he paid no taxes.  The years he did officially report he paid less than half the percentage the middle class paid.  And before you or anyone else try to justify it by the total dollar amount paid by him and the rich...let's get the math right.  Taxes aren't about a total dollar amount, its a percentage of total income.  35% of a 50k/year or 14% of $500 million....which would you rather have?

Who wants a president with a terrible jobs record like Romney?  No one...  In business he made money off of laying people off and closing businesses.  As governor his state was the third worst in jobs.

Who wants a president with untold amounts of money in off shore tax havens?  No one.

This is the same man who wondered why airplane windows don't roll down.....seriously...
+Kahil Nettleton, it's a weird world you live in.

Taxes aren't about total dollar amount? OF COURSE THEY ARE! What do you think the point of taxes is? Neither you nor the government pays for things in percentages. It pays for them in dollar amounts!

The rest of your comment is equally divorced from reality.
+Endrit T the trail of corporate ownership is public record. Obama's either lieing or amazingly ignorant. Take your pick.
Hey can you tell your friends to stop calling me? For future reference: Getting five unsolicited phone calls in one day telling me to vote for you does not make me want to vote for you.
+Kahil Nettleton the House Republicans have done their work and have passed bills that Reid explicitly refused to move forward with. I mean, the man held press conferences saying he wouldn't cooperate. And you claim it's the Republicans who are holding things up?

Meanwhile, Senate Republicans filibuster not to block bills but because Reid fills the tree, preventing them from offering the amendments that they should have a right to offer.
Martha E Fay

" I'm a Catholic.  I've been a Catholic all my life.  I take the Good News seriously.   I've been very successful in an academic career. 

And I am voting for Obama  because his policies are far more in line with the Good News that Romney/Ryan are planning. 

Remember the eye of the needle:  If you are really a Christian, you will understand that reference.  Otherwise, you're just playing at following the Good News that Christ shared with us. " 

" I'm a Catholic.  ", yup and so was the Croatian Catholic Church and they supported Adolf Hitler and the monster Ante Pavelić 14 July 1889 – 28 December 1959 so you should be right at home with a Muslim Islamist Arab racial supremacist gofer f8cktard like Barack Hussein Obama. Why don't you take your so called Catholicism and shove it up your hole if it is not occupied allready by George Soros. By the way, do you know what Dalmatian Oysters are in relation to the Ustaša – Hrvatski revolucionarni pokre ? 

Glória in excélsis Deo
et in terra pax homínibus bonae voluntátis.
Laudámus te,
benedícimus te,
adorámus te,
glorificámus te,
grátias ágimus tibi propter magnam glóriam tuam,
Dómine Deus, Rex cæléstis,
Deus Pater omnípotens.
Dómine Fili Unigénite, Iesu Christe,
Dómine Deus, Agnus Dei, Fílius Patris,
qui tollis peccáta mundi, miserére nobis;
qui tollis peccáta mundi, súscipe deprecatiónem nostram.
Qui sedes ad déxteram Patris, miserére nobis.
Quóniam tu solus Sanctus, tu solus Dóminus, tu solus Altíssimus,
Iesu Christe, cum Sancto Spíritu: in glória Dei Patris. Amen.
I guess its a little late for the campaign to send me my "R"  +Mitt Romney sticker. :) Ah Well.
hello, you think you a nice guy and awesome and stuff, but you are a turkeybrain! You should live in a hole. you such a filthy rich dude and wanna have everything under yo control like yo papa that controlled michigan one time! i gonna make you sure you confess your lie to me and lose the eletion bra! Mittsake! 
Wow Joseph....  you need to go back to school hun!
For what it is worth I will say that personaly I believe you are the best candidate your party has had for decades.  But not for me still.

If you are reading this nomater who you end up voting for, just make sure you vote.  Then you will of earned the right to complain about the next four years :).
+Rich White I love it, these liberals all flock to Romney's posts. I can't wait for tomorrow, time to make Obama go packing. I bet Romney will even help Obama load his moving truck. ;-) that's how nice of a guy he is.

(quoted from +Rich White[the top part])

that made me fall over laughing!!!! RIGHT ON!!! hehehe ROMNEY/RYAN FOR PRESIDENCY!!!! 2012!!!!!
+Kahil Nettleton seriously dude you need to turn off MSNBC. First of all there's a reason capital gains tax is lower but you can research that on your own. Also over the last 10 years Romney has paid taxes. Stop repeating Reid's lies. Romney hasn't changed his position on hardly anything while Obama is back and forth on everything. Romney has an incredible job record. Finally the USA is the biggest tax haven in the world. Again you need do some research on tax havens. 
Those who agree with me, you're the best. Those who don't, well... just to keep it positive, GIVE OBAMA A CHANCE!
+Aaron Giglio unless you have been in a coma for 4 years we did give Obama a chance. He failed. Its time for someone else to fix it right. Go Romney. 
what do you expect for the man to fix up an entire mess from bush in  4 years, he did the best he could and he still will continue, lets see if romney will do the same for you. +Rich White 
+ariel herbert actually the financial mess wasn't Bush's fault but I'm sure your not going to believe that anyway. However, if Obama dis his best then why did he pass a job killing healthcare bill before working on jobs when he had a majority Congress. Sounds like he did his worst not his best. However, we will not complain about the time it takes to clear up Obama's mess. 
I voted for you Friday!!   St George, Utah!!
Common sense tax reform is the fair tax plan which is fair to all Americans saving billions every month for everybody
screw mitt romney and everyone who wants him to win 
screw republicans
Gens G.
Go Romney woo hoo!
well you are just a crime against america and a horrible jobless freak like you and your friends if you have any! :X
Intelligent responses allow for constructive debate. Hard to respect an uneducated comment. Romney may not be perfect, but he does have this nations best interest at heart. I do not even agree with all of his platform. But I will still vote for him and agree to disagree. It is important to focus on what you can live with and what you cannot. I can live with Romney as President. I cannot support his opponent. There have been to many issues in that camp. 43 billion issues. 
Don't nobody wanna vote for mitt!

Romney/Ryan 2012
Not many people have idea exactly free people means poor people
Ras Dan
E my D and S my C
Maybe next time Romney. Oh yeah, there won't be a next time! See ya! 
your fuck ass thats y u did not win
he only lost because people are idiots and think this administration has done "good", and to fraud by the sly yet dumbfounded democrats. Talk to me when the economy crashes and you have to pay for someone else's healthcare :)
I certainly agree. People loved Hitler in Germany and look what happened.  Marge Allred
You don't have to be president, you are strong, What can I do so we can have jobs?  I'm with you Mittt. Marge Allred
Maybe the real truth is that the US 44th President Barack Hussein Obama II was not born in Kenya because Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama II AKA Jean Paul Ludwig  is an illegal Alien from outer-space. 

#theObamaXFile the Obama X File
Yeah, he one at the expense of his decency, grace and dignity; if Barry ever had any...
All of you voted for him in 2008. What has me curious is why you voted for him again. This is unacceptable. We know less about him, the man, then any other President in history. Is he Muslim? Where was he born? He has never produced a Birth Certificate. His middle name, Hussein, is a very common name in the Muslim world - Like Smith or Jones here in the U.S. What does all of this mean? It means that he was selected (or elected,if you still believe in that nonsense) by the Power Elite who really pull the strings (think Kissinger, the Rockefeller Family, the Morgan's, etc.).who seected Stalin - I mean Obama - to be our first half Black President. (He probably has NO relationship to an African American at all). I am starting to wonder if our votes count, or if they are counted at all. I won't even comment on Obama Care.
I made calls... wish he won
I helped it was so much fun!! I hope every one comes again in 2015 (?) !!
Elsa F.
Mitt Romney rules! :)
+Rich White That math Republicans do to make themselves feel good did not work out too good for you on 11/6/12. Go back to FaceBook because Google + is not for the deluded.
+Rich White There's another example of math Republicans do to make themselves feel better. D +11 does not mean D x11.
Yeah, I wanted to gloat on 11/7/12 but you cowards didn't show up. So when I found a Romney-loving thread I gloated to my heart's content. Go back and read your incorrect assumptions and your arrogant premature boasts and you may learn some humility. My president made a fool out of you.
+Wade Dean like I said before. get a life. Your "president" is making a fool out of the entire country and your celebrating like you won something. The only thing you have won is confirmation that your gullible. So eat it up. 
I'm not the gullible one who fell for Rove's lies and Dick Morris's predictions and unskewed polls guy's arguments. You are. Those are the facts.
Inez K.
he is desperate for votes and he is just stupid, nobody likes him because he sucks.
Next President, please make it easier for us who love you and will vote for you to get to your web site and send your $  express how much we want you to run for president !!!!!!!!
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