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President Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, but instead the deficit is $500 billion higher. Share this infographic if you're ready for a better America.
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Travis C
I guess his campaign staffers didn't read any of the comments from the last "gap" illustrated via Venn diagram.
Objectives and promises are two different things, +Mitt Romney.  When you work from day one to repeal Obamacare, what are you going to replace it with? 

I think it's time we get more substance and less rhetoric from you and President Obama.
Travis C
Let's face it, the only way we'll ever get gov't deficit under control is through both tax increases and reduced spending.  Since the Tea Party decided that they would not allow any new taxes whatsoever, they've shown that they are not willing to play ball in order to achieve a common goal.  
And how will you do any better when you have congress that all act like immature kids and refuse to play nicely with the others? Oh that's right, cut education and healthcare and clean energy and outsource jobs... 'Cause who needs any of those things, right? >.>

I'm not sure the Romney guys understand how Venn-diagrams are supposed to work.
We are all ready for a better America, just waiting for you to tell US how you intend to do it. These guessing games, knock it off !!
Also, +Mitt Romney, trying to convince people to vote for you by saying Obama promised this or that and didn't deliver, and then promising you'll fix it all... uh, what makes us trust your promise is any better after you just pointed out how candidates break promises? You've made it clear we shouldn't trust any promises... Didn't think that one through, did ya? Though your supporters probably don't even consider that kind of logic anyways... Spoon feed them propaganda and they'll eat it up.

In my opinion, +Barack Obama _has_ done a great job keeping promises, and if he broke any it's because he's actually trying to be bi-partisan and he's let Boehner and his goons take advantage of that. I'm satisfied with his job so far, and am looking forward to 4 more years. #Obama2012
Well, Romney doesn't use that phrase exactly, but it's what he tells us everyday in some way still, so it's only fair. >.>
Now you know how a lot of people felt in 2008 with all that hopey-changey crap.
Really, where does Mitt stand on the issue of proper use of a Venn diagram?
your proposed war against iran will surely shrink the budget. guess it doesn't matter as long as you're killing foreigners, amiright
I would disagree, Obama has given hope and change. Maybe not in the ways you'd like, but for instance, for LGBT people who would like to feel like fellow citizens and not 2nd-class citizens, he's given them hope and change. He's progressed in equality for this nation. Romney will change all that back.

Look, we can never have things completely left or right, and we gotta stop whining about things that don't go our way and act like it has to be this way or that way. I understand that not everyone has a democratic view, so I can see how people don't like what Obama's done. But he's also been bi-partisan more than Bush ever was, and I bet more than Romney ever will be. And I would expect a Republican president to be bipartisan, too, and realize he's leading ALL of us, not just his own party.
+Mitt Romney is a joke of a candidate that just says what they tell him America wants to hear. I doubt he has any true ideas if his own in that head of his.

I'm for new government not Obama by the way, for all the blind republicans that bash people that say anything negative about Mitt and group them all into democrats. 
Travis Cobb: Wisconsin is proof that you can eliminate a deficit without increasing taxes. You may not like how it was done, but it did work.
Unfortunately in times of economic depression like we have been experiencing for the last several years government spending usually must increase in order to sustain the economy.  That is why President Obama is talking about infrastructure and creating jobs in education and public service.  Once the economy is back on it's feet then government spending and deficits can addressed.  Also unfortunate is the greed of the 1% and wall street that may keep us in a long term depression, which may end in a bigger crash than before.
+Mitt Romney has no set opinion. He changes his opinion when he feels that the public will support him more with that new opinion, even if it contradicts his earlier ideas.
What cracks me up is that he is still posting on G+. From the comments it is clear he is not welcome among the G+ crowd.
I'm terribly disappointed in Obama's inability to fix things, but its not just Obama - it's congress putting its own concerns over those of the country. But that doesn't mean I want to put another crony-capitalist wanna-be oligarch into office. They got us into this mess. He hasn't said anything credible about how to get us out - other than lower taxes for people who make most of their money from investments instead of work - ie.,  the Ryan plan.
+Anne Rosenberger Well, Wisconsin doesn't have the defense budget the federal gov't does, for one thing.

I've not heard one economist say that it is achievable without both tax increases and spending reductions.

If you have a link to a credible plan that shows how it can be done I'd be very interested to read it.
+Travis Cobb True that Wisconsin's deficit was in the billions not in the trillions. And I think that no one believes that the federal deficit can be eliminated in a single budget. I do think the first step though would be for the federal government to HAVE a budget though, don't you?
The elephants in the room are defense, medicare and social security. Has he said anything about cutting those?
+Anne Rosenberger we were so close with the "Grand Bargain".

Obama and Boehner to negotiate 10-year deal on Sunday -- David Rogers: “The two men have set their sights on an estimated $4 trillion, 10-year deficit reduction package that demands big spending cuts but ultimately represents a huge bet on putting in place sweeping tax reforms by early next year. Obama would be able to make permanent the lower-income tax rates established in the Bush era, while Boehner gets a commitment to broad reform — covering personal and corporate taxes … Boehner’s forces appeared shaken Thursday by the skepticism they encountered for even entertaining new tax revenues as part of the package. … 
+Christian Ross I haven't heard him talk about anything other than cutting regulatory agencies like the EPA, which make up such a small part of our spending anyway.  We need to see concrete plans laid out if you want to get votes +Mitt Romney 
Obama is flailing and looking for anything or anyone to help him win re-election.

Saying that he supports gay marriage will do absolutely nothing to improve the economy.  And gays have to live in this economy just like the rest of us.  So married or not, if a gay or lesbian couple is struggling to make ends meet, they're unlikely to vote for Obama just because he supports gay marriage.

As for Romney "changing things back," that's highly unlikely. 

As for Obama being more bi-partisan than Bush, your memory is selective on that one.  Obama is already at 11 on a partisan scale of 1 to 10. We can only imagine what he’ll be like in October. His speeches are more like screeds. His last screed about the budget was typical, but since the Democrats haven’t passed one in three years in the Senate and Obama has yet to offer a serious approach to entitlement reform and long-term debt control, he returned to his standard fare — ad hominem attacks, over-the-top accusations and out-and-out misrepresentations.

Remember, he was a lot different before the GOP took the House back.  I'm sure you recall how he obstensibly told Republicans that they could get on board with his plan, or "sit in the back of the bus."
I'd like to do some fact checking here...Did he promise to have it cut in half, or did he promise to have a plan in place by the end of his first term that would cut it in half?  

Sounds nuanced, but it's 2 VERY different things.
+Travis Cobb Your Reading Comprehension Disorder(tm) is acting up.  I didn't say he offered no plan to deal with the deficit.  Go back and read what I actually wrote.
+Mitt Romney I VERY much want you to replace Obama, but you are simply not going to make it unless you tell us in detail how you are going to solve problems.  Endorsing Simpson Bowles Plan would be a good start.
+James Barrow   Quote:

Obama has yet to offer a serious approach to entitlement reform and long-term debt control

Yes, he did.
I'd like a candidate to say "My first act as president will be to reinstate Glass Steagall" and then to say "My Presidency will be dedicated to getting the private money out of Washington politics.  Real campaign finance reform, challenge the supreme court to reevaluate Citizens United, and kick the lobbyists back to where they came from"
He only promised to cut the deficit "we inherited by half". Not the deficit he allowed on his watch. If you want to parse, you can find all kinds of ways to make the lie true. +Mike Moore 

Also he didn't say he wouldn't create any new deficits from other accounts or activities.

You know like how operation twist refinances our current obligations into longer term debt at lower rates.
Cutting the deficit in half doesn't come close to solving the debt problem.  +Mitt Romney you are running out of time to tell us your plan
I really think that President Obama didn't really know what he was getting into when he took office.  I'm not really sure that Mitt Romney understands it as well.  Unfortunately the office of the president becomes a scapegoat for everything that could possibly go wrong in a country.  There is only so much one man can do, especially in a system of balanced powers as we have here in the USA.
+Mike Arringdale People are paying down their personal debts...which is good.  And part of the reason the economy is a little sluggish (not a huge part but still a part)
+Robert Beck Obama promised to cut the deficit in half.  He did not promise to cut the debt in half, but that's not what Romney is talking about here.
+Dave Hardee I imagine becoming president is kind of like having your first child...nothing can really prepare you for it, but it's how you reach to the ensuing shit storm that matters.
Mitt Romney doesn't get it ! we don't change a President for the sake of politics.
Before you attempt to draw a Venn diagram you should at least have a basic understanding of what it is.  By definition the overlap describes what the circles have in common, not whatever thought ballon pops into a handler's head.
+Warren Dew ... you're correct it is not a Venn diagram ... it's an attempt at Venn diagram innuendo. 
"The Middle-Class Promise gap" is not exactly a bumper sticker worthy catchy slogan, but the point is well made. Time to hold the President accountable for all the broken or empty promises, what the Bush-haters usually refer to as LIES. I'm a bit worried that Mitt has opened himself up to a clever parody incorporating the famous Dr. Stangelove exhortation of "Mr. President, we must not allow a mine-shaft gap!". dr. strangelove - survival plan
+Warren Dew  I think it was the goal,  Clearly it is in the suggested style of Ven, and also, Ven diagrams are all the rage with younger online users, often in meme form, this was a subtle play to attempt to appeal to younger, online savvy voters.

 Unfortunately, as was overlooked by the Romney folks, the people who's vote they're attempting to get with this tactic are smarter than the Romney folks.
+Faraday Defcon I reasonably confident that there are an almost equal number of dimwits on either side of the aisle.
damnit...the post was composed in haste!!!  I'm closing out the day and building dozens of trades right now.  I knew it was wrong but didn't go back to fix it!!!
+Branden Bell Romney has said that after repealing Obamacare, he would do the following:

- Allow individually purchased health insurance to receive the same tax treatment as employer purchased health insurance, so people can take charge of their own health care if they want

- Switch medicaid to block grants to states increasing at only the rate of inflation, which will help curb soaring entitlement spending while also taking maximum advantage of state expertise in their own local situations

- Prohibit health insurers from dropping people for preexisting conditions, thus requiring insurers to fulfill their end of the insurance bargain after accepting premiums

- Permit interstate competition in the health care market, driving down costs and improving service

- Cap malpractice awards to curb costs associated with small numbers of extravagant awards as well as the larger costs of the unnecessary testing that is done only to defend against the potential for such awards

He outlined all these points back in March when he called for the repeal of Obamacare:

In general, Romney has provided a lot of information on his site about how he would fix things, for those who are actually interested in finding that information out.
When was the last time a republican even balanced the budget? That was Nixon. When was the last time a Republican had a surplus? That would be Eisenhower. The only time they care about the deficit is when there is a democrat in the office. Where were all the outrage when Bush was running it up in the first place? Republicans are all talk. Promises mean nothing when you have a Congress that doesn't want you to get re-elected. I think what the Republicans are doing is treason.
How could he "prohibit health insurers from dropping people for pre existing conditions" without the individual mandate?

Otherwise people will simply wait until they need health care and then get insurance.  I've heard it likened to asking a home insurance company to insure a house that is already on fire.
+Warren Dew I have noticed that you often defend these "diagrams".  I'm curious if it is that this format is appealing to you, or that you feel that everyone calling them Venn diagrams in inappropriate.  I for one do not feel that they strengthen the Romney campaign no matter what name you give them.
+Dave Hardee I think that demonstrating the gap between Obama's promises and his performance is a legitimate thing to try to get across.  I don't think overlapping circles is any worse a way to get that idea across than any other diagram I've seen.

I do also think that peoples' assuming that any set of overlapping circles is a Venn diagram is perhaps a bit sophomoric, and focusing on that detracts from discussion of legitimate issues.
I think the Venn diagram thing is semantics.  Last I checked, Graphic Design is not really an issue in this election.  Although the way things are going, I could see if being a factor in a couple more cycles.
Seems +Nelson Trautman got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Discussions are one thing, but offensive language shows immaturity, even on an adult thread.
+Keith Smothers Jr you are dead wrong.  I don't want Obama to fail because he is black.  In fact I didn't and don't want him to fail at all.  The sorry truth is that he has already failed to keep his promises and he failed to lead the nation in the direction of fiscal responsibility.  It is not a racial issue until you make it one.
someone please tell them this is not proper use of venn diagram. 
Promising to do something as a candidate, and then finding the reality of paying for two wars he didn't start, dealing with one of the worst recessions, and finding a completely hostile environment in Congress that would rather play politics with the deficit and our credit rating than compromise and do what is right for the country...I have to say that Obama has done very well considering.  Sorry Mitt, but I don't agree with most of your proposed policies or positions, and your kowtowing to the Republican conservative right scares the crap out of me.  That and your misuse of Venn diagrams is appalling.  Obama's got my vote for four more years.
In fact +Keith Smothers Jr my wife and I talked seriously about voting for Obama solely for the reason that a man with his life experiences might be able to close what remained of the racial divide in this country.  He and Eric Holder have done exactly the opposite.  You may be comfortable using the word "Nigga", but I am shocked and offended by its use in our civil discussion.
+Ronnie Marler . It has only been this past week that the discussions have turned to name calling and half truths with so many Obama supporters in attendance now.  Before now the discussions here have been interesting and fact based. Gov. Romney has an abundance of supporters on G+, they are just frustrated with infiltrating trolls on Romney posts recently and find it not worth coming here to get attacked. I, for one, can't blame them.
It's beginning to look like "Obama desperation" in here.
+Alireza Rahbar What makes you think it's a Venn diagram?  John Venn didn't invent the circle, you know.
+Marty D'Arcy I don't think that is entirely correct.  I've been watching the posts here by Mitt for a while, and it is not "in the past week" that there has been name calling and generally uncivilized behavior, by both sides.  One cannot account for idiots on either side of an issue or candidate.  One can hope for the best and be the person they want others to be.
+Keith Smothers Jr The microscope is not because Obama is black - and he's only half black anyway.  In the 1980 and 1992 elections, Carter and Bush (father), who were both white, faced exactly the same kind of scrutiny about what they had done wrong and how they had failed to meet their campaign promises.  And the negativity towards Bush (son) was even more severe throughout his 8 years, to the point that you'll see people attacking him even now.

It's not as if Obama isn't attacking Romney on Bain and all sorts of other things, too.  Do you think that's racist on Obama's part?
+Keith Smothers Jr you are wrong.  I know exactly why I think Obama has not only failed as our leader, but his reelection will be dangerous for America's fiscal solvency, and it has nothing to do with his being black.  It has to do with his bad leadership.  You are also wrong in assuming that I don't know what being a minority is like.  We lived in the Bahamas for six years and I have experienced prejudice.  Prejudice has no place in our society and certainly no place in our discussion.  For you to assume that I am anti-Obama solely because he is black is offensive and an insult to my powers of reason.
+Mark Womack . I left facebook and came to G+ not long after the first of the year. Only recently have the comments been as bad as they have become.  Granted I was away on holiday for almost 2 weeks but the comments here since my return have become far worse than before. I think if you will visit the Obama posts you will not find near the dissension you find here now.
+Keith Smothers Jr You're stating your opinion as a statement of fact.  The reason that most of the country believes that the U.S. is on the wrong track is because Obama's policies have led us there, not because of the color of his skin.

If you knew your political history you would recall that the same things that are happening to Obama happened to other presidents as well.

Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal - and his subsequent obstruction of justice charges - led the House Judiciary Committee to recommend the first article of impeachment against him.

Richard Nixon was white.

Jimmy Carter was arguably detrimental to freedom, democracy and the American ideal.  His Panama Canal Treaty was seen as absurd.  He terminated the Russian wheat deal, which likely extended the Cold War.  His handling of the Iran Hostage Crisis was disastrous.  Carter is often referred to as the worst president in U.S. history.

Jimmy Carter is white.

Playing the race card in regards to Obama does little to support your argument.
+Mark Womack "Paying for two wars he didn't start"?  Iraq has already ended, so it's not contributing to the deficit, and Obama actually escalated in Afghanistan, with three times as many troops there now as when Bush left office.  The fault for the deficit is squarely on Obama's shoulders, and it would actually be larger if the Republican house hadn't kept some of Obama's spending impulses in check.
+Keith Smothers Jr you are the one not reading the messages.  I do know what being a minority is like - I lived in the Bahamas.  I didn't say anything about Romney being racist or not.  Let me say it plainly - you are the racist here.  For you to say that I dislike Obama because he is black is racist and offensive.
+Keith Smothers Jr You may have been paying attention to the news and may know these things already, but not everyone pays that much attention to politics or economics, and some people - perhaps especially people who aren't black - are lucky enough to have been insulated from the worse of the economic problems for the last four years.  You agree that Romney is pointing out facts that are true, but just look at how many of the comments accuse him of lying - obviously those people haven't been paying attention and don't know the facts yet.

And the fact is, you've never been white either, so you have no more basis for talking about the white perspective and making assumptions about racism than anyone else does about the black perspective.
+Keith Smothers Jr I completely agree with you here, but what I'm seeing (from you and +John Hargis Sr, as examples) is a desire to know what Romney has planned.  I think a lot of people want the same thing.  I recall saying the same thing about Obama in 2008.

Personally, I see Romney doing the exact same thing that Obama did in 2008.  If he times this right, he'll carry the momentum through November. 
Then why don't you and your ilk open your wallets and pick up the tab?You and people in business like you have created the problems we face today. Why are you really running for this office except to further your own corrupt agenda? You are a disgrace to the intelligence of the working class!!
Fuck Mitt, punk ass muther fucker. Fuck Bush too! He's the reason we're in this mess. But the whole republican party likes to forget about the surplus Clinton left us and the deficit bush forced us into.
+Keith Smothers Jr Romney has 767,208 followers on Google+.  Only a couple dozen know enough about the issues and actually comment.  I'd suggest that the rest of the 767,000 are more likely not to know about these issues, so Romney's telling them about it is valid.
+Keith Smothers Jr please reread your own post made at 5:07pm.  It shows me that you see the campaign through a racial lens.  There are real problems with the current administration and none of those have anything to do with blackness or whiteness.
+Travis Cobb Good.  So now that you've gone back and read my comment you can see that you were incorrect.

Now, if you believe that "debt control" is raising the national debt $5 trillion in 3.5 years, then we're miles apart on the defition of "debt control," and a follow-up discussion would seem pointless.
Suck a Dick James Barrow, smug mother fucker.
Show me your birth certificate!
This has been in the "Whats's Hot" stream for (what feels like) days!

Spam much?
Yeah, nice try Mitt. Perhaps you can explain: 1. How you plan to repeal the ACA on day one in light of the dysfunctional congress, 2. What you plan to replace it with, and 3. Whether you'll change your position tomorrow.
Oh, and what the hell is a 'better America' supposed to mean? This is just catnip for the vacuous, flag waving morons with their TVs locked onto Fox News.
+Rebecca Schofield Are you confusing this post with earlier ones on unemployment and health care?

+Peter Doughman See my earlier comments for Romney's plan on health care.  He basically plans to fix the problems that exist at the federal level, but leave details to the states, since relevant parameters differ from state to state.
奥巴马固然是忽悠了美国民众没有兑现四年前竞选时的承诺 可是 哪一任的美国总统完全兑现过自己竞选时的全部承诺?你今天在指责奥巴马 假如你是明天的美国总统 后天就会有人站出来指责你未兑现竞选时的承诺!这就是被中国某些脑残极力称赞的民主 这是民主吗?不 这绝不是民主 这是为了上台而互相拆台!不过你还不错——起码没像过往的某些总统候选人那样编造谣言攻击对手!
OK +Corey Dragge , but the alternative to Romney is another four years of Obama,  Timothy Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder, et al.  We have already seen what they have done and therefore will do.
Can't buy anything on Mittromney's website. Something is wrong there! I want to buy the "believe" T-shirt but can't do it. Please fix website soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He bought and ran companies into bankruptcy, leaving workers unemployed, and making him millions. I am LDS and am voting for the same person I've voted for the last time, Obama.
History will show Berry Obama to be the worse American president the last half century.  That guy is just ignorant.
Leo T
Nope. You don't get any free advertising from me +Mitt Romney 
And Romney just contradicted a high advisor on whether the health care law is a tax or not. Nice going. That will get a lot of people to want you to be president.
This is why I hate politics in general. It's all stupid.
+Delaney Brown Now THAT was funny, considering that the Obama administration is running around with their collective heads on fire contradicting Justice Roberts and saying that it's not a tax.
Why don't we all just watch the all star game and sing kumbaya over ice cream. That solves all the problems of the world. I would rather eat ice cream than get involved in politics.
+Corey Dragge Most voters don't see it that way.  Most people - and the president himself, when he said that if he didn't get things turned around in four years he would be a one-termer - look at it very simply:  am I better off than I was four years ago?

As of now, the answer is most likely no.

Unemployment is still high, even though the president guaranteed that the stimulus package would bring that below 8%.  The jobs numbers are anemic, and not enough to grow the economy.  His "tea and small talk" with the Iranians have us on the brink of war with them.

So voters, especially the Independents, will look at the other candidate and, if they actually look beyond the Obama misrepresentations, will see that Mitt Romney actually did not send more things out.
I'm leaving this conversation. There's no point staying. People just need common sense.

Here's a joke I heard the other day:
A women in a hot air balloon is lost, so she shouts to a man below, "I promised a friend I would meet him, but I don't know where I am."
"You're at 31 degrees, 14.57 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude."
"You must be a Democrat."
"I am. How did you know? "
"Because everything you told me was technically correct but the information is useless and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've been no help."
"You must be a Republican."
"Yes. How did you know?"
"You've risen to where you are due to a lot of hot air, you made a promise you can't keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before you left, but somehow, now it's my fault. "
Of course. The pubs wouldn't let the tax cuts expire like they were suppose to. 
Citizens wake up! Escape the two party duopoly that serves as a puppet show to pacify the people for the monopoly. Citizens wake up!

Someone needs to make this into a rap                                       ; )
Willard, as you know President Obama was mopping up the Bush-Cheney disaster. Those fools only were able to occupy the White House due to GOP engineered voter caging and other forms of electoral fraud. Is that the Romney plan -- to hijack the nation again? 
+Marty D'Arcy Oh Marty, you should know better than that.  Fox News is not a credible news source.  According to the Left, no news source is credible if it isn't in lock-step with their views.
All I have to say is Ron Paul for President. Smaller government, end the wars, flat tax, audit the Fed, no gov't spying, back to the basics. He's trying to break the left-right paradigm. Research it.
+Chad Ritch Pity Ron Paul didn't do better.  It's a little late now, though.
+Stephen Bonser Actually, bad as they seemed at the time, the Bush-Cheney years are looking pretty good relative to what we have now.
LOL +James Barrow . But it came from good old, didn't you notice?  That is a LIB site!  ;-)
What's not to believe?  *giggles 
<Democratic Frankenstein>  "Fox News bad!  MSNBC...friend?" </Democratic Frankenstein>
But Mitt, it was your blueprint. Come on, we can all agree on that.
+Randy Olivares actually Randy, it was the deregulation that took place during the clinton administration that caused the banking collapse. I used to think Clinton was the greatest until I learned more about his fiscal policy. History could potentially view him as rather reckless
Vote Gary Johnson.. He is the only honest candidate. 
Why don't you spend your ridiculous campaign budget to pay it down or a better use would be to feed the hungry or house the homeless. I may vote for you if you then. As it stands now, I'm writing in +Ron Paul
Little does Romney know that Google+ is used only by liberal hipsters.
+Jon Lemich Not all intersecting circles are Venn diagrams.  You're making it harder than it is.
+Chris McDonald Ron Paul spent his campaign money feeding the hungry and housing the homeless?

I was wondering why I never saw any ads for him.  Not the best campaign strategy, it seems.
Seriously, go away, your driving down the average iq of Google+ users
Rise of the Amero and the Northern American Union. Stop shopping and save the planet
The debt's start can be traced all the way back to the Vietnam War and Cold War. Nixon contributed to it, Reagan contributed to it, the two Bushes contributed to it... Even Clinton did. Obama did, too, but his has been significantly less—nowhere near as bad as Bush Jr.'s debt increase. The main origins were when we saved the entire Europe from their bad predicament after WWII (Marshall Plan), as well as our excessive funding in "stopping the threat of Communism" in Vietnam, Korea, and Germany. This excessive and unnecessary spending opened up the gates to further funding during the warring in the Middle East.

Contrary to what you may say, Shit Romney, Obama has done much better than you make him out to be. He has the job of cleaning up the shortcomings of so many presidents before him, however, hence the difficulties and slow progress he's making. Yeah, Barack Obama may have made a few unrealistic campaign promises, but who hasn't? Surely you haven't forgotten yours?

Don't worry, though: I won't be voting for +Barack Obama. I want +Gary Johnson to win. Nonetheless, I'd rather have that "failure" of a president Obama over you any day.
That's right Obama just whats to party for another four years.
+Warren Dew No he didn't but he does stand for something different than the status quo. I would see donating campaign dollars as not only something different but also honorable. I would just like to see something better out of our politicians than lies and attack ads.
+Chris McDonald Ron Paul certainly does stand for something different from the status quo.  I admire a lot of his ideas, and I came awfully close to voting for him in the primary, even though I had been a Romney supporter as far back as 2008.  I just couldn't see him beating Obama, though - plus he often presented his ideas in a way that seemed a little too simplistic.

Unfortunately, to succeed in politics, you have to be at least somewhat a politician - and the attacks, if not lies, are part of how you succeed in building a majority.  I'd rather it not be that way - I'd prefer a government with the maximum of liberty and consent from every person governed, rather than one in which majorities can impose their wills on minorities - but I think it's as honorable to work towards one's ideals incrementally and pragmatically as to insist on achieving at once all of it or none.
why should I care about something as intentionally vague and unfathomable as the "deficit." Can any of your supporters (not your financial supporters but the people who actually vote for you) explain what it is? Not likely. Obama got rid of "don't ask don't tell" and that is one of the main reasons I voted for him. You're probably going to reinstate it aren't you, Mitt. Along with a slew of other religious minded hate mongering focused at homosexuals.  If I gave two shits about making infographics I'd have a big bubble with the words civil rights and equal protection, education spending vs military spending, infrastructure such as our nation's failing power grid and road systems,  healthcare reform, and what else...gee, everything. . . I'd put that all into one big bubble and I'd be the pin that burst it. Can you reinstate my disenfranchisement too?  Obama got rid of it for me. The whole movement has got me active in local politics, the only politics that really matter. Good luck with your campaign.
+Mitt Romney You better grow some balls and show a better, clear health plan for the American public.  Be very CLEAR.
+Benjamin Haake Actually I'm pretty sure most of us Romney supporters can explain what the federal budget deficit is.  At a basic level, it's pretty simple:  it's the difference between what the government spends and what it takes in.

Maybe actually understanding things like deficits is the difference between us Romney supporters and you Obama supporters?
I would think before the geniuses of the Romney campaign try to instill any more smoke and mirrors B.S. on the American public, they would try get a better grasp of a true diagram that realistically conveys the actual facts about the American economy. This example of a Venn diagram is beyond distorted and does not function as a platform of realistic information. If you're gonna ripoff other design examples of information graphics, at least know how they are supposed to function. FYI, here is a link that would probably help for future reference. The GOP smarty-pants are not going to care for the content of the following example, but at least the public message won't look stupid and disconnected in the future. Enjoy.

One final note, here is an actual link that is unbiased and clearly shows the mathematical formula of how a true Venn diagram is supposed to function. Happy calculating.
"Deficits don't matter." -- Dick Cheney. So I guess the GOP was against deficits before they were for them before they were against them again. 
We need to get Mitt in there to clean up the mess that Obama has made. That's all we need is for our taxes to go up and you know who is going to be hit the hardest.
+Warren Dew So you liked Ron Paul's idea and came close to voting for him, but didn't because he doesn't play the lying and bashing the other guy game that is what being a "politician" has become?

Did I get that right?

if I did, your part of the problem for not standing up for yourself let alone the people of America. I would never vote for Romney because his lack of a backbone on any issue. He just says what he's told people want to hear at the time. He doesn't have an original idea in his head.

So we want someone as unpredictable as that in the highest office we have??? Get real people.

And no I'm not for Obama either. I'm for a new way of doing things. If your interested about discussing that feel free to circle me. 
+Chris Soule The main reason I didn't vote for Ron Paul was, as I said, excessively simplistic positions on a variety of policies.  Of course, perhaps if he had provided a fuller, more detailed view, people would have criticized him for "lack of a backbone", as understanding of details often seems to be mistaken for shifting of position these days.
+Warren Dew you also said the other things. Let's be honest. The fact that Mitt doesn't know a lot of details makes the point. If you say understanding the details is misconstrued as flopping on issues how does that look. He gets up says something and then has to change his opinion because he wasn't all the way informed. That's like not doing all the research on a paper the getting and F and asking the teacher for another chance.

I'm sorry but if your running for president know what you are talking about. Once you get elected if you just do or say something without being totally informed then you can't say. Oops sorry America.

Either that or he'll just go with what his cabinet tells him and have to think at all, which I have suspicions about his strategy now anyway. 
And don't get me wrong. It's great he has acknowledged his mistakes, but he makes a lot of them and plays the politician game as you yourself described. I'll sum it up and just call it "dirty". 
+Chris Soule I see it a little differently.  Before Romney understands the details is when he's criticized as "vague", such as during the primaries when his position on taxes was unclear.  After he understands the details is when he's accused of flopping:  for example he wants a cut to earned income rates, but not capital gains rates, in the short term, and a flattening of rates and a broadening of the tax base in the longer term.  So he gets accused of both advocating a tax increase (broadening the base), a tax decrease (lowering earned income rates, flattening the rates), and doing nothing (leaving capital gains rates the same), all at the same time, when they're in reality just different parts of the same strategy.  That's where the appearance of flopping is:  because people listen to one detail, then hear another detail, and don't understand how they fit together.

That's the flip side of being too simplistic:  offering too much detail and confusing people.

And regarding "Oops sorry America", that's almost exactly what Clinton did after the 1994 elections showed him that his policies weren't working:  he started working with congress, instead of against them, and adopted Reaganesque economic policies that actually worked.  We'd be a lot better off if Obama were also willing to admit his mistakes.
Q Dog
Read the words.  The circles are unimportant.
Yet again, more butchered Venn Diagrams.  Please stop.  Please.
How can I vote for somebody that can't figure out a diagram I learned to use in grade school?
Romney should release his college transcripts and challenge other candidates to do likewise.
This is why it is important to get rid of the rinos and the establishment  Republicans and get conservatives in there who will do what they say and deal with the deficit and reduce the size of government..
This is a perversion of a Venn diagram.  They don't know what they are doing. the way they set it up renders it's point nonsense.  And this man and his billionaire friends want to OWN the United States lock Stock and barrel
For those of you who don't know precisely what a venture capitalist does you had better learn fast. when a company goes bankrupt under a venture capitalist it is not a mistake or mismanagement, it is a deliberate willful decision based on what is most profitable for the investors who gave money to purchase the business.  This is what is happening in this election it is what they call a hostile takeover of our nation.  The Billionaires giving money to try to get Romney elected are investing in the takeover. It will be Romany's biggest Venture Capitalist leveraged buyout ever done.  these billionaires will own te United States.  Sarah Pailin was right but what will happen to America, but   she has the wrong candidate
Can you grow a hearty oak tree, by planting a leaf in the sky?
Do we build the strongest sturdiest buildings, starting at the top floor?
Do to we climb a mountain starting from the summit to the base?
Do we hire CEO straight out of high schools?
Then how do you GROW an economy from the top down?
Even the trees are smart enough to know that, and they don't have a brain or a college degree.
The roots of the oak tree grow from the top down.
Yes, the liberals have always done us in, doing horrible things like getting us out of the Depression, winning WWII, building the middle class, the highways, Hoover Dam, the internet, and putting a man on the moon. Damn those liberals!
you people are all so stupid! Obama has ruined this country and let us not forget that he shouldn't even be aloud to be president, it is not legal.
" SOLYNDRA Man"  that's what you've got?  That's it?  Okay.
What was the actual date he made that promise?  Before, or AFTER the crash in late October, 2008.  I'd like to see the actual, verifiable date. Fact checkers, if you have any, get to work.
romney says his campaign will not be dictated by fact checkers
That picture is way off it's not 500 billion it's 6 TRILLION Anyone can use Mit's picture This is a Lie! 
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