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I have a vision of America not divided by our limits, but united by our ambitions. I am tired of a President who wakes up every morning, looks across America and is proud to announce, “It could be worse.”
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Why can't you be proud of America? You have to go down to picking up the only vote you know you have. The anti-Obama vote. Good job loser...
Unbelievable! And people actually believe this junk he spews?
I must agree with the other comments, +Mitt Romney . We want to hear how you will lead the country - not just that you will be better than President Obama.
And people actually beloved the junk that Obama spewed. Oh ya, they did

Bottom line is that all politicians talk that way at times 
Wow, words of wisdom, let it be. mitt Romney, you will definitely win my vote along with many others; such an inspiring man. He is the only candidate that will get us out of this Rubicon hazing over the United States right now because of the man in the otus position, named O-bama. Our ambitions, with Romney, will manifest among the country and lead us out of this depressive state left by Barrack. Heads up to Jeremy, this is a post, not a debate. If you want to hear about the issues watch FOX, not hitting up Mr. Romney's wall!
Yea, umm, rethink that post asieph! A few mistakes in there. You must still be a kid, depending on those metaphors!
Um...really? I get it, I get it, you don't like Mitt Romney.

I'm one of the ones who gave his comment +1 because I think it's true. I'm a Republican. I think he has better ideas than Barack Obama. If you don't support him, that's fine with me. Really. I work in a profession where I am surrounded by democrats, and many are close friends. I don't agree with them, but I don't call them "loser." If you disagree with some position he holds, propose an argument. Political discourse should be a civil conversation, not a shouting match.
If anything it's the widest acclaimed, and that's not because it's a bad network, it's because it tells the truth, and nothing but the truth!
Regardless who is in that position, I for the life of me would have a hard time finding words of WISDOM!
hey no the best candiate would be Newt Gingrich
+Kenny Embry, I completely agree with you. I do not hold any distaste for the people who hope to vote for +Mitt Romney. I was just pointing to the fact that he finds it acceptable to start a "one term fund" to make sure that our president will not get reelected. When your only way in the door is 'well I'm better than him' that kinda makes you a loser.
well you are wrong about that darrel henderson
Darrell, you must still be in high school, or an intellectual dolt, because your way of thinking is seriously and conceptually on par with those of a fatuous and witless public school kid. By the looks of it, you meet the checklist scripted on my clipboard, you pinko looking nitwit.
America is only divided because of the USA fags, they suck. Fuck USA;
Darrell, is a huge liberal fascist that believes if your not Obama or even supporting him, then you should die. It's the stereotypical way of a liberals mindset and how they maneuver among the system, trying to devour the souls of everyone who has a picture of Ronald Reagan strapped to there mailbox.
Can I get a plus 1 please...that was eloquently put right??
+Brandon Byrd, yes I am still in high school, but I have more political experience than most. I do commend you for looking at my profile picture and coming to that conclusion, brilliant work.
Completely trashed Darrell....maybe I've proselytized him enough to get out of the ghetto school and maybe side with real cognizant people, like mitt romney...maybe he'll pick up a book and learn a little political rhetoric...i heard politics for dummies was good for your type of mind....
You said it well Brandon Byrd, Mitt Romney I believe he will do his best to show America that he has a passion to do whats right. ;)
I like G+ because I can block people like +Brandon Byrd ... and then see other people responding to Brandon's hidden comments. It is kind of funny.
Anyone wanna strafe me metaphorically with a couple +1's for spanking Darrell and William, though he was a little later, in a little round table affray???
No, oh well, there bottoms are sore with a huge whelps on them anyways...that's all the recognition I need! hahahha, I'm throwing the deuces! Get a freakin cookie
I'm doing it for you kato!!! When Darrell criticized Romney calling him a loser....that was kind of childish and I had to put him in his place a little bit. You have to be substantive to be on political page, lesson learned for Darrell! Throw me some pluses
I sure wish our presidents were not elected by people begging for people to +1 there comments for "metaphorical spanking" a high school senior. Just so I make my side clear, I would call out the president if he said something that was a poor attempt at fear mongering based on political bias.
Nice use of mongering Darrell, it's typical you would try something smart...but it backfired, no prostitution of any fear is going on, and definitely not in politics, maybe in corporations??.. However,if you were trying a metaphor you failed two-fold. I think what you need is to calm down, stare at the screen and let your mind restrict your brain flow when you try so hard! Oh was that to brash for you, or a little too dainty, was I supposed to say I legitimate whooped that *?? not metaphorically....well it just happened again!
If I am fear mongering, and saying that I think everybody who doesn't vote for Obama should die, is not, I think I am missing something. I really like the liberal fascist part, you did lose me on the "soul sucking" of people with Reagan taped to their mail box? It's cool, you said you were baked, I know no sober person could be this stupid.
Did I say I was fear mongering you when I said the Obama quip?? nope, indeed I didn't, it was a metaphor of such high statute that one of small intellect wouldn't have understood. Now I knew I would lose you with soul sucking because you're foolish in real politics besides your own. Now getting to the baked part, you must have deciphered it wrong, it was a little cryptic for you, or for a person named Darrell, not naming names or anything, but what I said was, I baked you like a cookie, meaning I left you on the pan, sizzled you up in a barrage or flurry of prodigious comments, then ate you, leaving you a hot ruffian you see a little more and your mind might comprehend the true facade you're putting up son!
Anyways, i'm just poking fun at you're cool though man....I just need to ask you, was it a good debate or not?? in all honesty..cause it was pretty fun for me to write that stuff...
I am not mad. And no you debate like a little kid pissing. 
Hmmm, you still mad's all good though. Words of advice though dude, you don't win debates or conversations accordingly with foul language...that's why I didn't use maybe you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself...and a little kid pees differently than adult figures, so if you mean I debated differently than the standard, and if I may, the norm, then you sir are right. And thank you, I did win this debate, thank you for the clarification....and by the way buddy, it wasn't even a debate in the first place, you lost the minute you opened your mouth, or used your minute terminologies you've learned throughout high school.
I blocked him so I could continue an intelligent conversation about mr romney's attack policy. If Romney was elected and he walked into the room right now, I would stand up and welcome him in as "Mr. President." I wouldn't waste my time calling him a facist, now if anybody has a question about me calling him a loser please let's discuss. Preferably intelligently like +Kenny Embry, 
+mitt romney why do u think you should be prez of USA wat changes would u make and wats you opinion on mrs Hustins death and wat do u think of the sun rail

Darrell, what is mitt romney's attack policy?? good lord man, attack policy...goodness gracious, I would love to hear incite from that and please elaborate entirely on calling him a loser, I would like this reverberate to everyone's ears! On a side note, amazing post asieph! that was great! =]
"United ambitions" good line. I might have to vote for this guy. Mitt wouldn't be my first choice,..but? Taxes should be as low as possible. I don't want the next Prez to create and fund more failed government programs. So, yes it is about not re electing Obama, but I have time. Mitt is not running for President yet, he is running for the (R) nomination, so this is a call to other (R)'s not (I)'s or (D)'s. Less then 10% of Republicans vote in the primaries and less in caucuses. This really has very little to do with liberals or Democrats, but Darrill Henderson is right. This is no place for bullies.
Here is what we would have with Romney in the White House:

Romney is compassionate - (How many would close their business & take employees to another city in order to help find an employee's missing daughter, or take 10 years of their life to voluntarily serve as a Mormon Christian Bishop to administer to the needs of others?)
Romney is good - (Why else would his family and friends love him so?)
Romney is squeaky-clean - (That's why we don't hear trashy relationships in his past).

Romney is expert in Business, Finance, Trade, and Turning Around Failing Organizations - (How else could he have taken an Olympics that was millions in debt, turn it around, and leave it with a $100 million surplus, or as Governor, take a state that was deeply in debt and leave it with A $2 BILLION Rainy-Day Fund, or in his personal business, make millions turning around at-risk businesses?)

In fact, it would be fair to say:
The fact that Romney paid a low income tax rate should convince the people of America that He knows what He's doing!

He knows how the tax system works!
He knows how money works!
He knows how business works!
He knows how the financial system works!


He knows how the economy works!
He knows how the market works!
He knows how international trade works!
He knows how to eliminate waste spending & unproductive departments & agencies.

He knows how job creation works!
He knows how the political system works!
He knows how national defense works!
He knows how the borders work!

He knows how The Constitution of the United States of America works (he loves our Constitution and the rights and freedoms it is designed to protect and will seek to bring it back to wholeness, after being shredded by those who do not respect it!)

America, He knows how this country works!

And if we elect him to be President of the United States of America, together, we will show the World how it works!”
Newt and Santorum keep saying Mitt Romney needs to win Michigan because it is his home state. If you are saying Michigan is Romney's home state, then VIRGINIA is Newt's home state, not Georgia, and Newt didn't even get on the Virginia ballot. Georgia is where Newt got elected, as Massachusetts is where Romney got elected.
@Seth, there is no real comparason here. Romney's father was a popular Governor in MI and Romney grew up there. MI is full of blue collar workers that Romney must win over to get elected. MI is much larger in population and size then VA. And if Romney gets beat in his home truff, it is OVER for both him AND the GOP in 2012. A brokered convention will be a desaster. Santorum cannot beat O'bama. So essentually, a Santorum win in MI means four more years for O'bama
Mr Li
I like Romney's vision. He is Strong, Determine, a Patriot and got good Family values. I can help him win and I will.
I believe in Mitt Romney! Vote for Mitt!
it will be interesting to see mitt romney debate obama
He's not a very good debater.

I am tired of a President who wakes up every morning, looks across America and is proud to announce, “It could be worse

This is an example of an empty statement. He has made a career out of empty rhetoric. Newt or Santorum has soul (they will lose horribly) and they are interesting.
Well that's what Obama said!!!! And look wherev we at now !!! Hell!!! Haha lol
I do not want to play tit for tat. I think we both want what's best for the country we share. Vote for whoever you wish.
+Keith Beacham I didn't say he would be able to win, but I will say that he has the only chance of the republican candidates. I just think it would be interesting to see them debate on a stage.
Five trillion dollars in NEW Obama debt. Obama is selling our children into economic slavery. It is OK to admit you made a mistake voting for him.
+Jordan Miller yeah, you are so right, how could I not see this: Obama caused 5 trillion dollars dept in just 3 years, yeah, right. and that has nothing to do with W. Bush' tax cuts for the rich.. not at all...
+Mitt Romney Mr. Romney, you already have a foolproof idea to get out of debt, don’t you? Declare war on China !
I forgot, it IS President Bush's fault. +miki pedia, you are a bad joke.
+Beto Aguirre yes, people actually believe this junk ! I suppose the reason for that is the lack of very expensive private schools and also the fact that the church and the state are separated… rofl…
I am tired of so many Presidents say so many but do nothing!
ENDORSEMENT: Detroit News backs @MittRomney "the strongest resume of the four remaining Republican candidates":
You have a vision of America divided on ideas, faith, beliefs, political affiliation, gender, and sexual orientation. I don't see how you want to unite us at all. You and the GOP have done nothing but divide us and make the two main parties hate each other and bicker like never before. Your own party bickers and fights with itself! You're not even united within your own party! This bickering needs to end.
because it was worse what is u going to wake up every morning saying ''i know i made it better since hes ut of offfice when it really is going to be worse
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