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A host of President Obama’s supporters have had enough of his attacks on free enterprise. VIDEO: 
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The Mayor also said to he has had enough of the attacks referencing Jeremiah Wright as well.
this is getting kinda rediculous now
yeah its getting kinda old no doubt romney keep pushin for your spot buddy
I think the issue is that Obama simply doesn't understand how the free market works.
+Leon Carpenter In case you didn't notice, the PAC cancelled the ads on Wright after Romney publicly stated he'd rather the campaign stay on the issues. Seems to me Romney is doing the most he legally can to keep the campaign clean.
+Warren Dew that's really good news. Both campaigns should be called out whenever they start treading back into the disgusting politics that were the 2010 and 2008 elections. +Marla Hughes I agree that religious bigotry doesn't have a place in campaigns. Which is why I find Romney's positions on civil marriage beyond the pale.
+Mitt Romney at least you can agree to disagree. Now we may come from backgrounds but we believe in some of the same things. We both oppose same-same marriage and abortion but frankly disagree what church go to.
Religion...i could careless what religion someone is or there beliefs on marriage just lower my taxes reduce the debt gradually reduce able body citizens benefits and force them back to work or training...or your on your own...downsize the not asking for anything not spelled out in the constitution, which by the way some of you need to brush up on...the president cannot dictate to the states about there marriage policy...that is left to each respective state, so u dont like your states stance on gay marriage movre to one that agrees with your lifestyle ...but stop believing Obama is a King! There are Four branches of govt in this Hood dogs!
+Marla Hughes How is it religious bigotry to say that a government issued license should not be defined by religious morals? Unless, there is a logical argument not based in religion from prohibiting a group of people from getting married that I am unaware of.
+Dane Weiss I, for one, am not asking the President or Mitt Romney to make marriage equality legal. That is for the legislature to fix or the courts to correct. But supporting federal legislation such as DOMA belies the state by state argument. My state could recognize my impending marriage as much as it wants but I don't receive the same federal benefits enjoyed by a heterosexual couple. If I have to move due to work my marriage may be void in another state. No heterosexual American has to deal with that problem. Their marriages are recognized across state lines due to interstate commerce laws on the books. For the conservatives who wish to make marriage equality a state by state issue then DOMA must be repealed. In the long run it won't matter since the courts have so far had much greater clarity on this particular issue.
As for the importance of other issues - when someone chooses to codify or promote the codification of their religiously held beliefs into governance then that speaks to their character. It is also easy to say that something isn't as important when you already enjoy the benefit.
+Leon Carpenter I know Romney doesn't want us to discuss him, but since you're so interested in religious bigotry, what do you think of Jeremiah Wright?
I'm honestly concerned with bigotry period. Not just the religious kind. As for Jeremiah Wright I don't care what he says in his sermons. Just as I don't care what Mitt Romeny hears in his sermons. Now if either candidate tried to then take the literal messages of those sermons and influence law - that would be a problem for me. Again, my problem isn;t necessarily with anyone's religious beliefs. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Convention church - I went through a very rough period where my beliefs said I was sinner for being in love with men but my heart and physical attraction were in direct contradiction. Candidates are people and deal with the same issues of reconciling religious ideas with their platforms.
Pressed Enter on accident :) To finish +Warren Dew my practice is this: You can hold whatever religious beliefs you would ike privately and be president - Doesn't matter to me if you're Mormon. Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Atheist, etc. However, privately held religious beliefs should not be codified into law. That is a theocracy - if I wanted to live under theocratic rule I would move to Iran. This is honestly one area that I have never understood - I can see both sides in an abortion argument for example. I can see the non-religious side to a a pro-life argument. I cannot see a non-religious based argument against marriage equality.
+Leon Carpenter There are nonreligious arguments for almost anything. In this case, for example, one could argue that the reason for governmental recognition of heterosexual marriage only is because children grow up to be more productive members of society if they have a stable home life with both a male and a female role model, so society should only recognize and privilege marriages that facilitate that end.

I don't personally agree with that argument because I think government should stay out of marriage entirely, but it's just as much a rational argument as the nonreligious arguments about abortion. You can try to poke holes in it, but that's also true of any argument.
+Warren Dew "Children growing up to be more productive" would only be a rational argument if there were independent studies to back up statements like that. Which there aren't. Assuming for the sake of discussion there was a study though, the government does not issue marriage licenses for the sake of creating or rearing children. That may be why any given individual seeks a license. It may be why a church decides to hold a wedding ceremony. But as far as the government is concerned marriage licenses acknowledge the joining of two people for purposes of legal proceedings and financial tracking/auditing.

As far as the government is concerned there is no rational basis for this discrimination in marriage. Again, this isn't just me saying this but many federal and state courts. The most thorough vetting of rational arguments on both sides of this issue can be seen in the transcripts of the Proposition 8 trial. It becomes very clear early on in the proceedings that the people who wish to stop marriage equality are unable to call even one expert witness who can backup any of their claims.

I also think you may misunderstand me. Marriage equality is probably the only area that I feel this way about. (referring here to the rational basis discussion) There are rational, fact based arguments that can be made for both sides of the abortion argument for instance. The same could be said of the contraception discussion. Both sides have fact based, rational points to discuss and to attempt to poke holes in. The same could be said of many other things Healthcare, Jobs, Defense spending, etc. The same could not be said for instance though of segregation - there is no rational fact based argument for it. Segregation and the rampant racism of the civil rights movement is inextricably linked to the equal rights movement now. I should not be discriminated against because of an immutable characteristic.

Also, it's important to note that not only is Mitt Romney against marriage equality but he is also against civil unions. Which just further highlights the fact that he views gay relationships as unworthy of any form of recognition.
Have you looked? Just for the sake of argument, have you checked JSTOR or ScienceDirect or EBSCO Host, or any other research database? Just sayin' -- I haven't checked, but that's a strong assumption with no backing for such a big argument.
Not a fan of Mitt, but I agree with Cory Booker. This is nothing more than populism.

That being said, it was Romney who claimed he had created 100,000 jobs at Bain, something that he hasn't been able to prove to this day. 
Mitt is the only man to give us hope, and change the ugly obama has done.
Susan B
Now that Rick Santorum is out of the race I support Mitt.
Mitt is a big fat liar....go obama
+Georgi Trifonov Mitt's job creation number at Bain was based on jobs created by his successful companies at Bain - as I recall, mostly Staples and Sports Authority - minus those lost from the unsuccessful companies. It was pretty well documented during the primary debates when Gingrich tried the same attack that Obama is using and had it backfire on him, too.
Yes but Mitt did NOT create the jobs himself as he is stating, he destoyed companies to get rich and while ok, but not to bring it to the masses, he is just a liar and all about himself...period
Why is +Mitt Romney running on his business experience yet at the same time acting like we are not supposed to ask questions about the same business experience?

I think of voters in elections as similar to baseball scouts. If I was a baseball scout, a player can tell me he hits the ball hard and runs fast but I need to see him in action, not just rely on his word.

Are we just supposed to take Romney's word that he is awesome? Aren't Obama supporters from 2008 rightly getting flack for doing the same thing with their guy back then - you know, taking somebody at face value with no looking behind the curtain?
Romney supporter Marco Rubio has said he wished other people had run for president this year but since they didn't, he will support Romney.
+Thomas Terence You always complain when Romney points out the negatives of the Obama administration, yet you always focus on the negative yourself. Don't you think that's a little hypocritical?
+Warren Dew I really try not to. As a former history teacher and somewhat amateur historian, I think keeping up with current politics is essential. I try giving candidates from both parties a chance, I vote the candidate, not the party.

On to this race, I am following Romney through his social media channels (here and on Twitter.) Every time I see Ann Romney, I like her more and more. The five sons seem like cool guys around my age and station in life, having young children and stuff like that.

I love that Romney is a lawyer, I am partial to my profession, I won't lie. My first little glimpse of Romney was a bit in 1994 where I hoped that Ted Kennedy would lose. To me, Ted Kennedy did not belong in the Senate, he deserved a little more time in jail.

But Romney is the one bringing the negative now, Warren. Does he really believe everything is Obama's fault? Do liberals hate America or do they merely have incompetent solutions to problems we face? In my experience, the economy was bigger than any one person. In my day to day dealings with people as a small business owner, the people I interact with are not succeeding or failing on some policy Obama might want to pass if he had more votes.

What gets my goat about Romney is the act his whole presidential campaign has been. He is "angry" at Obama because he wants to show the right wing he is one of them. As a fellow businessman, I wanted a discussion from him about the nuances of the economy, a more honest discussion about symptoms that have struck the world economy, an economy that has been on the ropes longer than Obama was president. I am not one of those guys who blames George W. Bush or, for that matter, Barack Obama for everything. The economy is bigger than the American president.

I want to hear the smart businessman I know he is, instead of the angry right-wing warrior. Throw them some bones, that is fine but throw other people bones too, Governor Romney.
+Warren Dew You may ask why I am not so hard on Obama on this forum. Simple answer - I live in Seattle so I have been poking holes in his greatness with my liberal friends for years here.
Romney is NO candidate, he is a job killer and has no vision, he thinks he can win....right, money wont buy this election
His wife is fake, and never had to work, kids are work however, she is not socially aware....cant believe some of the views here..
+Rick Erving Rick, I am more concerned about how MY money is being spent instead of Gov. Romney's.
+Rick Erving Jeez, Rick. Surely you don't believe that about Ann Romney. Maybe you have not raised 5 children as she has. Believe me, that is a full time job! I think Mrs. Romney has been a most gracious hostess at all the Romney events and I admire how she has kept her spirits up though all the trials she has had in the past. It's sad to see you attempt to disgrace her reputation.
You people need to bite your tongue if you cannot justify such crazy actions do your research !!!!
First rule of fundraising: don't pee in your donors' Wheaties

Second rule of fundraising: never bite the hand that feeds you.

We all know Romney would never stand up against his party.
+Jim Clark I know my friends in the teacher's unions aren't happy with Obama because he keeps pushing merit pay.
+Thomas Terence Good point, maybe we will be fortunate enough to see them help vote Obama out of office then.
Every president has glitches where they step on supporters, that is the nature of the game. But Patrick's comment was not a fair assessment of the situation across the board. If the argument is that Mitt will not stand up to his base, and the current President will not really do so either, then the argument is mute. We get the same crap either way.
That is the problem with politicians today. They say whatever it takes to get votes, whether true or not. Today we are voting who we feel has lied the least, and that is sad.
Why doesn't Romney's people come out with adds including the people from GM that got laid off when they closed plants to become a leaner company, or the people who held GM bonds or stock that lost almost all their investments due to the Govt bailout. There has got to be some good material here to oppose Obama's Bain Capital attacks.
Dubby bro, he ain't a like a member of Korn.
The rest must have learned there lesson the first time.
Now I'm looking at your Massachusetts record where are these jobs you say you can bring to the American worker in Massachusetts governor?
Er Tony, why do I suspect no valid answer would satisfy you?
The better question is, of the 6,000,000 plus jobs lost under Obama, the governmental version of a hedge fund with Solyndra and GM and Chrysler, the dealerships closed, the $5,000,000,000,000.00 in new debt, where is the promised recovery?
Lmao +Jay Chambers I will male the assumption you are talking to me, if so why do you assume that I am an Obama supporter? Just because I ask a question of one politician does not make me a supporter of his or her opponent.
Asshole Jay Chambers needs to get the numbers correct, the job market left by bush did this, why dont you run for president and see if you can handle 10,000 offices of government and have 100% RESISTANCE from those fucken stupid republicans that think they will win office. Romney is a fake, top 1% a-hole that only gears things to the rich.... sorry but money will not by him into office, that liar Romney has no chance as he is a stupid for the rich only asshole.
This reeks of desperation to me, on the GOP's part~
You Libtards are sooooooo friggen stupid. I can't wait until that self loving arrogant piece of dog squeeze gets voted out of the white house. If you spent as much time trying to better yourself as you do crying about us 1% successful people you might make something of yourself. Grow up!
Lol @ +Stan Miller for a so called 1%er u sure use 3rd grade name calling by the way what is a libtard?
+Stan Miller if Obama is as radical as u claim he would have pulled the troops out of Afghanistan, given Medicare for all, cut the defense budget in 1/2. Here is what he did do. Cut taxes and spending, (extension of the Bush tax cut) he didn't break up the too big to fail banks in fact they have only gotten bigger, that's what conservative wanted. There is more drilling for oil than under Bush, the Dow was at 7949 when he took office now its at 12,000+ and corporation profits are at their highest ever...if he is a socialist he sucks at it. But hey when u get your info from Greta and the girls at Fox; I mean Mexican drug mules pull less crap out of their asses.
+Stan Miller in response to your very reasoned and eloquent argument- This "libtard" works in finance at one of the top companies in my industry. I make a pretty nice salary and I live well in one of the MOST expensive places in the world you CAN live (the lush island of Maui) I got here, by working full time while going to school full time. All of my student loans are paid in full and I carry very little debt. Does that qualify as "bettering" myself?
I also find time to READ and watch news other than FAUX news and therefore am not prone to just accept propaganda (liberal or neo-con). I prefer to draw my own conclusions. My conclusion now, for instance, is that you speak out of your ass~
@Toby- I made no overt assumption, simply an observation from your attitude. I hear ugly from you and others, why? 
Geeze Toby, if it isn't obvious, you keep using the "O" word and defending him more than a priest his religion.
You gotta feel the love man, turn to libertarian conservatism! 
Jay I'm not defending as much as presenting facts, when people just make crap up I fell someone should at least give some factual info.
Ok Toby, you are not an Obama supporter? At this point there are 2 candidates and you are arguing against one of them. Are you intending to vote for Donald Duck?
Honesty is a great cleanser to arrive at truth.
+Jay Chambers Im confused- you said Toby's words were "ugly" and when asked for an example, all you said was that he used the "O" word (to borrow your phraseology) Since when is using the president's surname "ugly"?

I must not understand because I'm a "libtard" I know that you're not the one who made that immature remark, but it was the only "ugly" I saw on the thread (well, I only read the last bit of it, to be honest)
Oh I get it....I am supposed to just believe everything this Guy says with out doing any research to find truth...I am supposed to be a blind supporter and trust a politician...rigggggght, I will get right on that Jay. See lmao when you compare Mitts and Obama record you will see that....wait for it....they are damn near the same..Mitt says he will create jobs welp where's the jobs in Massachusetts when he was Gov? He will repeal Obama Care...welp it reads like Romney care does in Massachusetts...just a quick heads up if you support Romney you are in fact supporting that's a kick square in the nuts...roflmao!
As for Romney's record- his state (again, my family lives there!) ranked 47th in job creation under his governorship. Just saying, he wants to run on economics, but his record in public service doesn't support his claims~
+Patty Wilmet shhhhh! Facts are bad.we live in the land of make believe with king Friday and that cat that lives in the don't go cluttering up our head with real numbers. That only detracts from our main goal of proving Obama is Bigfoot or a trupacabra.
And here we return to my original thought Toby. Why do I suspect no valid answer would satisfy you? Given that why would I try? It is called a waste of time.
Actually jay give me the #'s of his Massachusetts jobs record and I would be ...happy.
Hey Jay is mitt trying to restart the cold war...c'mon Russia is our #1 foe really..what is this 1985? Dear Mitt there is no longer a wall so pleas don't go making one up.
thank u, management.
Yeah, I was right, thanks Toby for making my point.
Olympics, successful hedge fund that saved jobs and made money, not government version that closed car dealerships and gave us Solyndra. As I said there are two candidates and the one with a success record is not O. Sorry for the bad language.
And cold war Toby, thank Reagan for ending it. I knew Reagan and O is no Reagan. That is even though he was claiming to be the 2nd coming of Reagan.
At Patty is it not true that Romney moved Your state up from 50th to 47th? That is a question.
Ok jay lets try this one more time..what did Mitt Romney do as governor of Massachusetts to create jobs, and or bring Jobs to the state of Massachusetts? As a public servant, not as a private investor. Keep in mind we are talking about jobs.
Heck if I know ask Patty, she lives there and will almost certainly give you the answer you want. If creating jobs is the priority, and I agree that is is, how can you be supporting a guy better at losing them?
Romney has private sector success, O has none.
Jay u are a good guy..u can have a spirited debate w/out 3rd grade name calling u even back or argument with some factual info I can appreciate your stance. But one thing is this facts trump fiction and day..I'm on my way to work so in about 30 min if u are still awake we can continue if u are game.
Jay Chambers, Romney has no record other then destroying jobs for his own gain, firing tons of workers. Obama has fixed what republicans broke and that is a fact. The economy was not his and since in office we are seeing growth even if small, if we let it go like the idiot Romney, we would have a more larger issue. Simply put, Romney has no chance and he is a liar, that is proven from news feeds and everything he says.....he is a male version of palin
"male version of Palin" - HILARIOUS
Wow Rick, interesting information you have there. Romney is "an idiot", Republicans ruined the economy and O is our hero, real intellectual arguments that sound so reasonable. Oh, and the Palin touch, I can tell you are a man of reason, we should all listen to your sage wisdom. 
Obama says that Romney is not qualified to be POTUS. Does he really believes this? Barack Obama, in 2008, went to the American people and basically said, "I am a Community Organizer. I am an untenured law professor. I am a junior senator, who has not completed a single term. Yet, I am qualified to be President". But now Obama says that Mitt Romney, a former governor of a major state (MA), who was President and CEO of a successful 2002 winter Olympic games, with 25 years of experience in the private sector, is "not qualified to be President". What a strange argument for the Obama campaign to make! - Carly Fiorina on Meet The Press, 5/27/12
+Toby Clemons To the average observer the price of gas and oil can be attributed to just about anyone or anything, but in reality oil prices have more to do with the overall well-being of our economy and the world's. The oil and stock markets are almost correlated to a 1:1 ratio, so as the economy goes so does the stock market and oil will follow. Now the question to answer is whether Obama has had a positive or negative impact on the economy. An intelligent person could better attribute the economy improving to the actions of the Federal Reserve's Quantitative Easing #1 & #2 (Possibly #3 soon) rather than Obama. Since the Federal Reserve acts without major influences from Obama and Congress one would have to imagine what the economy would be like on Obama's policies alone. I find it hard to point out a real big event that was Obama driven that had a profound impact on the economy.
+Tyler Moulton that question was rhetorical. I fond it funny how he was blamed (the same as GWB) for the rise but now as the prices drop no credit is awarded him.
as if there were such a thing these days as free enterprise... just for your buddies, Willard.
it's sure enough something, when you hear democrats telling the truth. but when they do, obama takes them to the woodshed.
The President wasn't attacking free enterprise he was highlighting your version. You version of enterprise is anti-American and self serving.
Too bad all the CEO's just don't tell the Alphabet networks, you don't
like capitalism?  We can stop advertising ....
Its commen sence and you are right Iuc,I just added you as my Romney buddy list of others.Good job my friend.ROMNEY/RYAN 2012
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