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Welcome to Ohio President Obama. I have a simple question for you: Where are the jobs?

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I can't help but think that it would be pretty easy to find someone working in Ohio. Too easy, you need a better challenge.
+Annette Chaffee aren't the Dems still sitting on that one in the Senate? or was that the budget they were refusing to vote on, I forget.
Found 'em!

Let's keep in mind that a lot of unemployment is due to nothing more than an untrained labor force. Plenty of jobs in Ohio and everywhere, just no one qualified is applying for them. Ask Facebook, Groupon, Google, Amazon and others why they needed nearly 40,000 work visas to bring in programmers and developers from foreign countries.

Ok I'll tell you...because there aren't enough here! Like I said, plenty of jobs around, just not enough qualified applicants for them. Instead of people leaving the labor force and lowering unemployment figures, they should find vocational training to learn a career in which there are more than enough jobs. I would recommend starting with some kind of training in programming and development. Silicon Valley will be bringing in another 40,000 if you don't.
Mr Presedint I Think its a good job to let people building roads and bridges in addititonal to 4.2 million jobs had done.
thanks for your effert mr president.
The recovery will be slow and a sound economy is not born from legislation or executive action. If you believe mitt than I have the latest perversion of an antiquated belief system to sell you.
hey mitt, did you crop your profile pic yourself?
+Annette Chaffee It's not Romney's fault that Obama is unable to work with Congress. As governor, Romney did a very good job working with a Democrat controlled state house.

Maybe Congress realizes that construction is very capital intensive these days and doesn't involve many jobs any more? I bet if Obama tells the speaker of the house, "pass a jobs bill, any jobs bill, and I will back it in the senate and sign it", one will get passed. Pity Obama doesn't believe in letting the house of representatives have any say in what gets passed and signed.
Maybe the the jobs got the same fate as Obama's dog...
+Mitt Romney That question needs to be answered by every single person working in the leadership on both sides of the aisle including yourself. Try to do it with out blaming your competition.
How about you respect the country's leader even if you don't agree with him, because that's what you will want people to do for you when you are in that position. Stop trying to tear others down. Instead shine a light on a better way to do things. Show people what you have been doing for the past four years instead of what others haven't been doing. And you or someone on your team needs to start getting involved with the people who take the time to comment on your posts, because ignoring them does not leave a good impression. Especially seeing how you only have 12 posts in the world on this post. You should thank every single person who is following you on here, because that means they are interested in you.
Stop Blaming Bush for the crisis! It is all Obama's fault! We need Mitt Romney!
george coelho is a fake g+ account
Dear Americans: If you want to get your country into deeeep trouble, kindly DO NOT vote for Barack Obama.

Also, please kindly realize that there is a global recession and that the US are one of the countries least affected by this right now. Meanwhile, a few years ago, your entire Automobile industry was ready to go to the trash. I believe a certain Mr. Obama did some things quite right. Full recovery will, of course, take time - the man is no magician.

Enjoy voting for the ultra-conservative rich guy, author of this inspired post. I'll save myself a good spot to see your country fall if he wins.


A citizen of the "Rest of the World"
+Pedro Oliveira Why not tell us what country you live in? Then we can tell you how to vote, too.
+Warren Dew I can track him, he is from Brazil. A country that has the biggest amount of corruption in America. So he should have vote for Dilma, the communist that controls that country.
No thanks. Unfortunately all the checkboxes here are bad options. You, however have a good man. It's an interesting phenomenon that there's even an electoral race there - most people in the rest of the world would vote for obama in a blink if they could - and I think that means something.
Me thinks +Pedro Oliveira needs to get out more and travel to other countries if he thinks "the rest of the world would vote for Obama." His knowledge is obviously limited to his own space.
Pedro is thinking here!
Wednesday, March 07, 2012 9:23:48 AM
Transportation infrastructure bill held back in Senate
A bipartisan transportation funding bill has failed to pass a vote in the U.S. Senate, stirring frustration among voters who view Congress as anything but effective.

Worse yet, the bill's failure to pass may force a discontinuation of federal funding to highway and transit programs after this month. This would in turn force widespread layoffs in the construction industry, which has already been riddled with unemployment and stalled construction management.

Democrats fell eight votes short of the 60 needed to limit debate on a two-year, $109 billion transportation bill, The Associated Press reports. Only two Republicans voted for the measure.

"Transportation bills have traditionally been among the most popular pieces of legislation, often passing with strong bipartisan support," the Los Angeles Times reports. "This year's efforts have been seen by supporters as jobs legislation critical to boosting the nation's still-sluggish economy by saving or creating up to 3 million jobs."
Over the past year or so, any legislation related to infrastructure investment has been met with considerable opposition or political gamesmanship. As the U.S. construction industry faces jobless rates in the high teens, many advocates are calling for less debate and more action.
This means the Republicans would not help pass this bill. This is because it would put a lot of people back to work making Obama look even better.
Had Romney had his way, and GM and Chrysler failed and dissolved, or left to lie on bottom, those jobs that we have would be gone too.
+Russell Tanner No, it would mean that the assets would have been sold to companies that actually want to make cars people want to buy, and would employ experienced workers to make cars, that actually sell, and we wouldn't have wasted a few billion $$ with bailout money.
+Jim Richardson isn't that what the government tried to do before it stepped in? I mean even fiat had to be coaxed into buying a share in Chrysler. The two companies that did receive a bailout had so many toxic assets that nobody was willing to buy them. Either way, selling off the assets from the two companies wouldn't have created more jobs.

Even if some other auto maker came and bought, for example a factory, they may have kept the line workers but they middle management would be replaced. There is no such thing as a buyout or merger where no jobs are lost. With companies as large as GM and Chrysler that would be thousands of management jobs lost.

Typing that comment on a mobile device sucked
+Nephi Tubbs instead, we have thousands of 'jobs' making products people don't want to buy, supported by taxes we don't want to pay, and bonuses for the management who mismanaged it all in the first place. Oh, and we are out some 40Billion for the bailout.

Companies fail, it happens, it all works out, if the govt doesn't step in and fuck it all up.

But hey! Obama's donors got their bailout cash so it's all ok right?
The best boost to the economy is opening federal lands to drilling, More coal and off shore drilling. That would create more jobs in the energy sector and cheaper fuel would make all prices lower boosting all sectors. That policy would do more than Obama's trillion in spending.
Lance G
Highway projects were already loaded in the $874T stimulus bill and then the $540T omnibus bill. We are not living in the 1940's. The ROI on roads and infrastructure bills back then was high, but now we've got roads going everywhere, and alot are just not used that much.

Common sense Republicans in the congress know the bill would produce no longterm positive economic effects. It's a waste of taxpayer money because the heavy drain on current resources far out weighing any economic contribution it'd serve in the future. Big spending liberals still hold onto the antiquated idea that the US gets a high ROI on highway bills simply because the government spent the money. Problem is, the nation is full of roads that are rarely used and will never be of any true economic benefit - these roads are at best a drain of resources for the benefit of a few. There is nothing necessarily wrong with some badly needed projects if we had the money and they were shovel ready. It's no on the former and not really on the latter.
+Warren Dew The GM bailout did not save GM- Bankruptcy would have allowed GM to cut its money-losing lines and renegotiate its disastrous union contracts. The Bailout was Union Welfare and aimed at preserving workers who didn't work and generous pensions. Now the GM workers have joined the ranks of millions of overpaid, unproductive government workers benefitting from bottomless taxpayer pockets.
Hi: I am from Iran. If you want to enjoy a wonderfu president, popular, handosme !!!, brave, working for the poor and flirting with the wealthy: Vote for .................Mr. President Ahmadinejad.
Make me president of Universe. I will run that well.
romney has the experince america needs
Go Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not
Socialism is better than Fascism any day of the week. Chrysler has paid back most of the LOAN that WE gave them now with INTEREST.

Those union workers are making the same amount that they made over 12 years ago and they're not doing as well as you think.

If you guys want to vote for an idiot that has earned nothing for himself again Like our previous president Bush Jr., then Romney is your guy.
Fascism...where does that apply in this scenario? America doesn't have a dictator, but will if Obama is re-elected...capitalism is hardly fascism...capitalism wouldn't be as bad off, if people would pull their own weight instead of sitting around on their asses. Obama and the socialists support lazy people. I do not.
+Daryl Payne read this...sounds like the liberals to me, not republicans Fascism, properly understood, is not a phenomenon of the right as the left would have us believe. Instead, it is, and always has been, a phenomenon of the left. This fact is an inconvenient truth for them and is obscured in our time by the equally mistaken belief that fascism and communism are opposites. In reality, they are closely related, historical competitors for the same constituents. In reality, Communism and Anarchy are opposites on the political scale in terms of government control as opposed to personal liberty.

Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic and longs for a national leader attuned to the will of the people. It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life, including our health and well-being, and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure. Everything, including the economy and religion, must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity is part of the "problem" and therefore defined as the enemy.
any rival identity is part of the "problem" and therefore defined as "infidel"
Right now, Corporations are people thanks to our right wing judicial branch. When Italy was A fascist state corporations where in charge then also. Romney is surrounding himself with the same advisers that Bush Jr. did so the richest people in america will be DICTATING what happens if he is in charge the same way they did when Bush Jr. was in charge.
70 years ago, when millions of young American soldiers boarded the transports and sailed to Europe, they each and every one understood it wasn't a bunch of liberals they were on their way to fight. They understood they were up against the most intolerant, arrogant, vicious, oppressive, right-wing thugs that had ever cursed the Earth. They knew that fascism was the antithesis of everything liberalism represented, and that it would be a dark and dismal world indeed should those "superior" races accomplish their goals.
socialism is fascism you ninny. nationalist control of EVERYTHING through regulation and rrun by ONE person, how can you see this? And why would you support a failed ideology?
Fascism For Dummies
Part I
by Bill Cope

You need to read a little more.
Obama's new campaign slogan he is using to garner favor with the youth..."Forward"... Hitler's campaign slogan in the 30s..."forward". It is obvious who Obama is citing as an influence. Not American's with American ideals.
Patriotism is NOT fascism
He has to go after the younger voters because they have not been brainwashed by Fox News, Rush, Hannity and other liars that say anything for money. do you piss of a conservative? lie to do you piss of a liberal...tell them the truth
Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism - how passionately I hate them!
Albert Einstein

Republicans seem to through the word patriot around all to casually.
+Daryl Payne you're so misguided it is laughable...Warren Buffet can pay more taxes..if he paid 1 dollar it would be that he has paid though tax evasion. Rahm Emanuel...I don't think I need to comment on him
Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.
George Washington
There is nothing wrong with loving your country...patriotism is hardly fascism.
It is my is where I live...I am not italian american...I am American, I am not native american, I am American...other countries don't get ridiculed for the loving their country, from americans, why do we who live here get ridiculed for it?
I think this describes the Bush Jr. years very well and I'm in no hurry to see it repeated!

The greater the state, the more wrong and cruel its patriotism, and the greater is the sum of suffering upon which its power is founded.
Leo Tolstoy
I don't think so fred....However I do believe, Obama seeks to elevate one type of person above all others...becuase what happened in history is MY fault...I wasn;'t there, he wasn't there, so he needs to get of that, but THAT is a key element to fascism, and to use the workers back to obtain his goal of Overlord, which he feels is his rightful place, is socialism/fascism...He supports big government, same as Carter, same as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini...another proponent of socialism...history doesn't lie...
+Alex Zhang Good question, Alex! Obama admirers post first on Romney's thread because they are like vultures, waiting for Romney supporters to arrive so they can toss stones and barbs! lol Surely you have noticed! *wink
Does anyone else notice how full of hate liberals are? Anyone with a differing poinion should be silent around them. You are not allowed to certain things is public places...PUBLIC place, then they cry all property should be public and no private are not allowed to do anything if it offends a socialist/liberal...amd I the only one who sees this? Why should or would any rational intellectual think that a liberal leader would be any different...the liberal party is found on hypocrisy and double standards...
buncha lazy good for nothing racists thats all they are.
+Daryl Payne And I can't wait to elect a new President, Daryl, because America and it's citizens can't afford the one we have now. You seem to thrive on platitudes, why not try to make some legitimate, factual statements that you can back up with facts and you may get more attention.
ew Snap Mitt
Daaaaamn you iz so witty
Dang Oboma what choo got to say bout dat
+Mark Tice Socialists and Communists always try to control the argument by attempting to control definitions- Socialism and fascism are the same side of the same coin while after WW2, where communism and fascism squabbled on who would rob the world first, the communist came out on top even after years of cooperation with facsism. Both ideologies are about government control of the economy, both considered it patriotic to blindly follow the party line- It was Stalin who called WW2 as "The Great Patriotic War" so don't be surprised when the current socialists try to paint fascism as their opposite when they are no different.

Break it down to:
Freedom of choice: Right wing.
Government control: Left wing.
+Milton Ragsdale I'll take the Freedom of Choice any day, +Milton Ragsdale and if I have to suffer the repercussions, so be it. Looks like freedom is going to be a hard battle for America, sad to say. I never dreamed I would be forced to make this choice in my lifetime.
+Marty D'Arcy We have to reteach many Americans that trading their Freedom for Security never works- Government cannot provide either, only the illusion for as long as government deems it neccessary to provide that illusion.
+Milton Ragsdale Me thinks "blinders" must be abundant and given away FREE by Obama administration. There seems to be no middle-of-the-road negotiations.This is not the America we remember. Heartbreaking to see this turn of events.
+Marty D'Arcy Many of the greatest empires of history crumbled due to internal corruption. I believe that a corrupt government reflects the corruption of the people who place the corruption in power- The current regime makes all sorts of impossible promises, enlists social parasites, drives business offshore, encourages contempt for the rule of law, lies in the face of truth, panders to racists, blames opponents for failures, yet there are people who should know better supporting it.

To me this is just another "I told ya so!" moment.
+Milton Ragsdale Very well said, Milton. All excellent points I hope 'some' will ponder! :-)
lol....correction: I hope 'many' will ponder!
+Mark Tice Very true about today's left. When I was a kid, liberals were supposed to be the open minded ones, willing to listen to opposing points of view. That changed, however, and by the 1980s most "liberals" seemed to have become closed minded worshippers of political correctness, intolerant of any other point of view. It's really quite sad.

The only true liberals left today are the libertarians.
+Warren Dew "Progressives" aren't progressive and "Liberals" aren't actually liberal- This is what happens when you allow political charlatans to manipulate definitions.

What's so progressive about ideas that were old a hundred years ago and are known to be failures? That's "Progressive" thought.

What about people who demand that their voice be heard yet shout down and pass laws against dissent? That's "Liberal" thought.

Don't allow these liars to write the rules of engagement because they believe that their cause is so sacred that they have a right to cheat.
This is the grascism movement, they say Stalin was from the left wing, but he was an dictator. While Mussolini and Hitler were elected by population. Who is the liberal and dictator now? The left wing is not liberal is the quite opposite of it.
+George Coelho There's no difference between a dictator that takes power through election, coup or heredity- They are still dictators, which is neither left nor right politically.

There are only three basic forms of government:

Democracy - Rule of the people. When democracy fails it becomes a mob.

Aristocracy - Rule of the best or Republic. When an aristocracy fails it becomes an oligarchy.

Monarchy - Rule of one. When a monarchy fails it becomes a tyranny.

All governments are composed of one or more of the above forms. The USA is an Aristocracy selected through the democratic process.
+Jon Persson you are right. The democrats creates that labels to avoid people to see the truth.
+Jon Persson Conservative and Liberal mean different things, in different places, socialism/communism/fascism/totalitarian are the only universal idelogies I can think of.
but DemocRATs mask the truth to hide their evil.
Fewer jobs available + fewer people looking for jobs does not = lower unemployment....odd way to show growth and prosperity Barry. Ohio's employment situation is improving a bit but that has more to do with our State's leadership than anything the BHO crowd has done.
Republicans and Democrats are like disagreeing babies… except they can talk!
hi: One of Iranian poet says: Keep away from the war of 72 nations/ As they did not see the truth, they chose the path of fantacy
I believe we've been asking the GOP house that same question for two years now, since they ran on the platform of "Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!" — only to see that Kim Kardashian's wedding generated more employment than Boehner's crew.
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