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As president, more to do on Day One: deficit reductions, stand up to China, and repeal job-killing regulations
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How are you going to stand up to China when you don't have a backbone?
agreed with above posters....the only reason this man is shown on my pages is so that I can keep track of his idiocy and arrogance.
Jody B
I'm trying to figure out how the previous posters on this thread think Obama is a better choice?
Jeff Pack
Mitt Romney knows how to handle money and that's really important for our country. On his website it says don't spend more than you make. That's crucial for The U.S.
Jody B
+Marty Livingston the 3 posts above mine are putting down the only candidate that can realistically beat Obama. United we stand, decided we fall.
One out of three isn't all that great. There's nothing you can do DAY ONE to reduce budget deficits or repeal regulations. Well nothing unless you plan to continue this Administration's plan of acting without the involvement of Congress
Jody B
That may be obvious to you +Marty Livingston But the general public are the ones that need to be convinced. +Mitt Romney as far as the mass population is concerned, has the most common views with the general public. Your article is also over 3 months old. Polls have changed since then. 
Its funny how the election from 4 years ago only 1 candidate was talking about how we needed to focus more on the economy and the depression that was right around the corner and NOBODY listened. Ron Paul was the only one. Grant it, Im not voting for Ron Paul, but it's a joke that we re-elect the same candidates time after time and keep making the same mistakes year after year. Mitt Romney is not the guy to elect and I'll take Obama over Mitt any day of the week. I have seen what the GOP is doing. They rather sabotage President Obama at every turn then to help him succeed. Its a shame our own politicians have resorted to such gross tactics.

The GOP will not get ONE vote from me this election year other than local officials who are fit to run office, on the national level... no way!!
Obama lost my vote when he decided that marriage was not defined as between a man and a woman even though he is a lawyer and the word marriage by definition means the union of a man and a woman.
To those who support Ron Paul you still have a chance to make real change happen in this election. Consider voting for +Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.
Jody B
Why would you support someone that you feel strongly does not have the best interest of the Nation? +Beto Aguirre 
+Jeff Pack Please take your religion out of our politics. Gay people have the same birth right as you to marry who they love. Religious practice is a divisive practice. No need for that in politics, it's bad enough.
+Jody Barnes
First, do you think the poll in the article I linked to was not of the general population?
Second, I don't think Romney has much in common with the general population. For example, he believes corporations are people. 56% disagree (
Third, (unrelated to anything you brought up, but I'm curious) if Romney believes corporations are people, How many people does he currently own? How many people has he bought and sold?
+Jody Barnes I do feel that Obama has the nations best interest at heart. I've also come to realize that most (not all) of the GOP no longer stands for what it originally stood for, nor do they stand for the American people. I really think they've lost focus on whats good for this country and are led by special interest groups.
I do not feel Obama has the national interest at heart. Romney might be a hair better but still will not set us on the right path. I'll be supporting +Gary Johnson but will not be disappointed when +Mitt Romney is likely elected.
Jody B
+Marty Livingston so you think that twisting words will make an argument stand? Do you honestly believe that Romney stands for slavery? That seems to be directive behind your questions. The bottom line is this country is in debt. If we don't get this problem fixed soon, we are going to be in bad shape as a nation. Romney has a proven track record of making businesses successful financially.
Jody B
+Beto Aguirre I understand what you are saying, bc it seems like everyone is in this for themselves. Even Obama is backed financially by some shady characters. To this day I'm still trying to find just one positive thing that President Obama has done for this country, not what Congress or the Department of Defense has done, President Obama himself.
+Todd Martin If you split the room in half and allow Side A to marry, but not Side B, you are discriminating and giving Side A special treament and "rights" you are withholding from Side B.
And marriage is a right. A right which is an option for those that wish to exercise.
Gays want marriage equality under government law and not your religious law. Who gives a damn what your religion does? I sure don't. Go pray to a rock for all I care.
And nobody who follows a religion should really call anyone else a "sheep". How's that glass house? lol.
Jody B
I'm trying to figure out how gay marriage has any part of a Presidential election? Last time I checked it is legislation that is left to the States
GO ROMNEY 2012!!! He'll win by a landslide!
+Beto Aguirre Let me agree with you by disagreeing. Marriage is NOT a right. No one is entitled to get married. Marriage is a choice, a ceremonial display to solemnize and acknowledge the commitment of two individuals to each other. By denying "gay marriage" the federal government is discriminating against a portion of the citizens.

This is something which the federal government has no business being involved. Let marriage remain a religious ceremony - if you chose to participate in the ceremony you can. As for the day to day life of everyone, government simply needs to amend existing laws and change any "marriage" reference to "union" or some generic variation.
You liberal scum are trying to force us to accept things in our lives we believe are WRONG, IMMORAL, and VULGAR. All these issues are a result of liberal propoganda trying ( and often succeeding ) in corrupting the minds of our children.
As for what I hope President Romney does most. I want the federal government to give "ALL" citizens back there right to bare arms, and stand there ground, and protect themselves, their families, their neighbors, and yes their property with those weapons. I have had enough of watching people go to prison for self defense! I have had enough of criminals having more rights, or even the same rights as those they victimize!
+Todd Martin Religion I hate? It seems to be the other way around. Looking back at history I have a pretty good idea of how this is going to turn out in the end. Gays will be given equal treatment under the law and we'll eventually look back at it, a generation or two down the line, and see how ridiculous this argument was. It's generational.
For example, I was talking to a friend who was voting voting for McCain. He told me "nobody" would elect a black president. I told him that I didn't really know much of Obama (who did?) but people in this day would elect a black President. I told him his sentiment was probably generational and we all know how that turned out. Same for same sex marriage.
+Chad Jackson +Beto Aguirre The moment that marriage gives you legal benefits defined by the state then it has gone beyond just a religious institution. Thus fair treatment is required.
+Chad Jackson I see your point. And yes, under government law, the same terminology and benefits should be applied to both heterosexual and homosexual couples.
+Sam Cook Good post! nd that's why the fair, moral and just position on this is that marriage should not grant any legal benefits for anyone. Abolish Marriage licenses!
Greg B
Go Mitt! Keep America focused on making responsible decisions.
#mittromney #mittromney2012
+Chris Cecil agreed, but the government likes to promote marriage as a pro family issue. Let religions, casinos, and any other possible place of marriage define what is acceptable to them---until then the state must recognize gay marriages
Mitt Romney is OK with civil unions and hospital visitation rights. That's 90% of what gays are asking for; leave it at that.

We have much bigger problems to solve. Two wars winding down, and possibly a conflict between Iran and Israel heating up, crushing federal debts, declining education, poor energy policy, inner city crime, lack of real economic growth--these are the great issues of the day.

One president can't do a whole lot to chip away at these problems but he (or she) can inspire Americans to steer a course to a brighter future. Mitt may not be the glamorous Hollywood-style leader that so many are craving, but he is a businessman with a history of pragmatic compromise who will be able to work with the central core of the country.

Obama has not really accomplished very much in his first term--granted, he came into office green and untutored, but he seems not to have learned much humility on the job. Perhaps another good shellacking this fall will bring him and his followers back down to earth. But I've been wrong before.
Greg B
Legal Unions should be expanded to include 'marriage like' rights. Marriage should not be re-defined. And the priority debate should be about expanding GDP and dealing with our fiscal crisis.
"Leave it at that" LOL!! ^ This guy is unbelievable.

Reminds me of the Ice Cube album (Amerikkka's Most Watend), "few cared about the violence because it didn't affect them".
So on your first day you are doing all this? How are you standing up to China, a crank phone call? Poke the ambassador in the eye? Seriously, you are full of empty promises.
+Terry Traub +Greg Blaire it is demeaning to create an entirely classification for gays---from a government point of view there should be no difference. To use "civil unions" is putting gay marriage below marriage and the government has no need to do that.
+Sam Cook Re-read my position...I think the government should be completely out of the "marriage" business. Marriage is a religious ceremony and should remain as such. The task ahead is to get states to change their legislation regarding marriage and change all references to some type of "union" - applicable to ANY couple choosing to make a commitment to each other of this type.
Marriage license was designed to keep people down. Orginally blacks, now gays. look it up... Time to end ALL government involement in marriage!
+Terry Traub +Todd Martin Thanks for the belittling comments! It is a fine way to win an argument--Now I move on to other things I know nothing about---How do you both give a boost to the economy and decrease government spending?
+Sam Cook Who's belittling? I suggested you go read about civil union versus marriage and educate yourself.

As for the economy, the government cannot spur economic activity; it can only suppress it, or at best distort it.

The way to "boost" the economy is by allowing business to flourish by not taxing and regulating it into submission.

Take the energy sector. The fracking boom in North Dakota and similar regions is a textbook case in free enterprise at work, unnoticed and unwelcomed by the current Administration, which is opposed to fossil fuels and would like to see higher gasoline prices to encourage alternatives.

Yet, N.D. today has about 3% unemployment, no thanks to TARP or the Stimulus or the public unions, or Affordable Care Act, or any of Obama's pet projects that supposedly "boost" the economy and "create" jobs. In fact, the U.S. has enormous oil reserves locked in shale, potentially five times those of Saudi Arabia, enough that in about 10-15 years we may be the world's largest energy exporter, with $1 trillion trade surplus and about one million new jobs directly generated from the energy sector.

And that's how America recovers. Not by federal interventionism and a notion that Big Brother has to guide our every move. Just allow old fashioned ingenuity and inventiveness which is our chief strength to cut loose and we will once again be the world's preeminent economic power, with plenty of government revenue for all our public projects and plenty of good paying jobs for H.S. graduates.

Just my humble opinions :)
+Terry Traub We will never agree on that--I would argue history would disagree with you also.
+Sam Cook Disagree with him on what? Government does not discriminate gays by using Civil Unions vs Marriage. Gays already classify themselves the minute they become gay. No government put that label on them - its a fundamental difference between them and heterosexuals. Like it or not - we are all part of a classification system.

That's not necessarily a bad thing either. Since when does defining differences mean bigotry, racism or discrimination? Using different terms to describe different groups of people is perfectly rational.

Now, using those differences as an excuse is what amounts to discrimination. Simply applying labels does nothing.

Hence +Terry Traub 's distinction between Unions and Marriage. Homosexual relationships and heterosexual relationships are different by definition. I mean, am I a bigot for using different terms to describe their sexuality? If they give the same benefits - what's the difference?

Round pegs don't fit in square holes, and you can't buy a Big Mac at Burger King. That's not discrimination on the square holes part, nor Burger Kings. It's simply fact - truth - REALITY. Let's stop focusing on whether defining the differences is bad, and instead come up with a solution.
+Beto Aguirre they do until they choose to be gay- then they lose their marriage. Cant just redefine stuff to suit the needs of the few- or can we? And if u split the room of 100 people, like 5 might at most be retar... I mean gay.
+David Lozano laws change every day. It is part of how government works. The time has come for ALL citizens to receive equal protection under the law.

The time is now for government to get out of the marriage business. Marriage is a religious institution. Government can recognize the commitment between two people (regardless of gender) as a civil union.

Any hetero couples who still feel threatened by not getting "married" can still do so in a church or whatever religious institution they attend. 
Ron Paul is the answer. Romney is only another puppet.
+Glenard Munson Glenard, if you only have Romney pages on your daily read you must live a really dull, boring life!
I think everyone can see your motive for being here, but it's okay.
I live in a red state and it seems the people saying Obama doesn't know the constitution are the same people who believe government needs religion
Romney used to post ads about the current administration and people would respond with, "you're not focusing on what YOU would do," and "I don't think he has a plan." Well, this is more of what he is planning - and there are more details on his site if you want them (e.g. HOW he plans to work on these plans.)
+Marty D'Arcy need reading glasses, dear. I said the only reason HE was ON my pages, not that ONLY he was on my first, leap to conclusions only afterwards.
Mitt Romney has the advantage here, in that his g+ posts are not spammed to death by the chinese
Stand up to china... are you special needs?? The thing you wanna be concentrating on is sorting your own country out.. not iran, not china not russia. Obama hasn't destroyed America.. the previous republican president did... well that and religious nut jobs like you!
If you are Mr. Fix it where are these magical jobs in Massachusetts?
A president with no DIPLOMACY is like a hungry stray dog with rabies and puppies, and trust and believe it'll eat the puppies. We're so screwed. No MITT NO!
Yeah me too. I think I'll hit bearshare or yahoo next. Conversations change on every sight. that's cool.
Gay marriage is a distraction. The obama campaign's strategy is to cobstantly distract everyone with social issues from now until november in order to keep the narrative away from obama's dismal failures in jobs and the economy.

Don't let them manipulate you. Keep talking about the economy. Keep talking about obama economic fail.
Dude...what makes you think President's dictate economic output??? Romney said he'll get the unemployment rate down to 6% by then end of his 4th year if he were elected (which we all know he won't be...) It's very interesting to me that all you say is, "...keep talking about the economy...etc..." This is the problem I have with any voting deify a person to the level of a king or demi-god because you want him/her (usually him) to overtake the other king or demi-god...Open your eyes single President controls the economy...It sounds like you're a Republican...Even your highly regarded Reagan did things that were contrary to Republican principles. He did so because he had to be practical...And to make matters worse...Mitt Romney is so clearly liberal that I don't know how your party got duped...In fact, I can point to many instances where Obama has been more conservative then Romney. In fact, if Mitt does get plugged in as President by the "system," he won't be that much different than Obama in terms of policy directives he'll have to initiate and follow...Good luck getting your "master" elected!
+Willie Wil You can say the EXACT same thing for Obama. In fact, he is far worse. You remember all of those promises Obama made? People went NUTS over Obama - they made children songs about him for crying out loud. People actually believed that Obama was going to solve the problems in their lives.

You talk about Romney doing things that Obama would have/is doing. Uh... earth to Willie. What do you think Obama has done? THE SAME ECONOMIC POLICIES AS BUSH. He EXTENDED every single bailout Bush ever gave - even after Obama himself criticized those bailouts while he was a Senator.

I mean talk about viewing a President as King. Obama has had more drooling and praising than any other President to date. People literally think he is the Messiah come to save America.

So pot calling the kettle black my friend.
+Chad Jackson ok... so my new Religion/marriage ceremony includs marring a 2 year old and murding 37 different species of animals- graphicly and brutally- but its a religous ceremony that should be protected and by that ceremony's rules- it has to be in your front lawn- because you know- the goverenment or anyone else shouldn't have a say in how individuals live their lives right? so you would support this????
+David Lozano Government should not have a say in how consenting ADULTS live their lives. At least no say until one of those adults violates the rights of another person.
okay dont addrees the issue- just deflect- common Obama tactic too -
the fact is that people want to claim "evolving wold" theroy- its crap- we, as a speices, have had manydifferent rulers, rules etc. America was founded on certain principles by people who didnt like it where there lived - so they moved- so then you can too- go to gayville or homotopia for all i care - it wasnt important enough back then- so it isnt now- im sure pedophiles want the right to marry and perform their acts without governmental interference- that would be convienent wouldnt it? You got teenagers? you remember being one? they will swear they also are being persicuted - lets give my 14 year old freedom too. Damn ignorant "educated" - go watch good will hunting - read the Bible- and quit promoting the Devil's ideals- satanist.
+David Lozano Obviously you missed the part where I said government does not get involved in the lives or activities of two CONSENTING ADULTS
+ David Lozano...dude...get a're not addressing me but your arguments are as meaningless as they are flawed. It's pretty obvious that freedom begins where restraint ends. So...I'd have to ask it legal to marr 2 year olds and animals? If not, then your question becomes irrelevant...which in fact, it is. Honestly, what's your point? If you don't want your 14 year old teenager to turn out to be a freak, lock her up in the closet, toss her a bible and let her loose at 50. If gays want to marry, there's no infringement that takes place. If you don't want to see gays marry, then you really have to ask yourself if that's reasonable...Also, you mention the "devils ideals..." What's that about? Also, you mention pedophiles wanting to marry...last time I checked, the biggest set of pedophiles that exist are mostly in churches...why don't we go to church and have at them...You have a teenager...doesn't look like religion is too deterred from taking advantage of the youth in appalling ways. And it's widespread...To think critically, is a not a right, it's an exercise that yields pretty amazing results when you put it into practice. Also, you bash Obama as if Romney's any better (for you made an assumption that folks with the views above are Obama sympathizers and so we have to assume that you're a Romney sympathizer.) If so, think about have just nominated the most liberal of liberals...Romney is even more liberal than Obama! I can prove this point as well...BTW, I'm not gay, nor am I a liberal...I'm APOLITICAL....meaning that I'm anti-BS...and it begins by putting the ultra-religious in the box that they need to be...this is why the founding fathers believed in religious freedom...not because they were promoting it's use, but because it was reduced to a form of private opinion. So much for your beloved "founding fathers..." I for one don't need founding fathers...I use reason and conscience to guide me. You need a religious book and a man behind a podium to tell you what's right/wrong.
The Problem is the world is going to keep getting worse and worse just like God said. Until the day He comes back. Yes I know that there are a ton of none believes out there and that is why all the problems keep getting worse. Obama is the worse President ever and some people still want to believe he is their God I guess, cause he can do no wrong. I personal have not seen him do anything that helps us. He calls everyone a racist that does not agree with him. He is for everything that is against Christian views, but claims he is a Christians. Romney is not going to solve everything either, but is the worse of to evils. Obama another 4 years would be out of control for sure, although many think he is out of control the first 4 years. I can promise it will be very much worse if he gets re-elected.

Now that is my 2 cents!!! Yes I vote, and really do not care how many of the over educated folks tell me I am wrong. I do not post on Google Plus very much because only the over educated are suppose to have a say so or belief.
well +Willie Wil to adress you- um lockin up a teenager- illegal- marriage? um- per the disscusion, was about the legal definition- but again- way to re-direct- and I vote Green thank you- 14 years old can marry in Georiga, USA - (check it ), so the ACTUAL POINT- is- that we , as a collective group of individuals, for the better of the country- make laws and decisions- so you tell me how you being a homosexual helps the country... ?
it doesnt- it only serves your individual concious- your individual rights- its then subject to your interpretations - in 1920 there were no laws agains herion either- when it became an epidemic-(cause by the civil war)- they acted- ther is no (gay) epidemic- they are few and not in majority- so again- take your freedom- and leave- obviously if everyone wanted gays to be equal- wouldnt they be already? no its a P.C. society- so we cant go on record saying"we dont like you or what your doing- except the other %50 of the world- might kill you for being gay-(Yay Middle east) if it is so much "time for a change" - wheres all the actual support? we toss it around to appease you tiny minds- us the intelligent- know you'll keep fighting- so we give you something to fight for- cause obvioulsy you still believe in the system. have fun with that- learn chinese yet? better start soon...
One can't argue or debate a guy like David Lozano because he is not open to debate and clearly doesn't want to hear your side. It's a lost argument.
and if gays, who currently cant legally marry, to put apples to apples- then why couldnt one start an animal marriage rights group? cause by your logic, that you wont even back up- you know what ? someone told me long ago - you cant argue or fix stupid.
sure you can - line up real facts - finish a thought- u can do it! then you'll be prepared- but watch out- I went to Community College! lmao
and wasnt Obamas promise to fix big CEO payouts? oh yeah cause he fixed that like f*ckin health care i dont need
China is the reason we need to balance our budget. We cant like them for buying our bonds and then hate them for what they do with their own money. Push for a balanced budget Constitutional ammendment Mr. (future) President.
Susan B
I am sure all the people who voted for obama are hitting their heads against the wall !!! this election democrats and Republicans must stand together to vote for a president who will help this country STAND FOR THE GOOD!!! America what president is going to help the country?? guess: a obama?? wrong... guess again: a Mitt Romney? CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!
+Cody Williams of course there is still freedom of speech. I don't recall suggesting you were arguing. I'm very aware we may not see eye to eye on this or other issues. We come to a solution through the open exchange of ideas. 
+David Lozano In American civil law, the parties that may or may not enter into a legally binding agreement are specifically enumerated. Animals may not enter into any type of legally recognized relationships/contracts. That is what stops human and animal marriage.
Politics is as screwed up as Wall Street. The few benefit while the mass get it up the "whatever". So tired of hearing what "I will do if elected" when there are 100 Senators and 400+ Reps in Congress that control what gets done. Do politicians really think we are that stupid to think they can talk to us as if they were Dictators instead of the reality that the President is just ONE voice and their primary job should be buiding the concensus of all in Congress so we (USA) speaks to the world in the actions of an UNITED voice.

PS. AND STOP ALL NEGATIVE ADS and ATTACKS. SPEAK OF YOUR OWN VALUE. When has anyone ever seen an ad where Coke trashes Pepsi or McDonalds describes Wendy's as unhealthy. They don't because negative ads cast a negative view of the whole sector.
That is why Politicians are hated by Americans because they market the bad within thier own profession.
+Susan Burwinkel I'm not banging my head against the wall. The thought of McCain / Palin leading the country through the financial crisis of 08/09 is even more terrifying to me now than it was then. I'm very comfortable with my vote for Obama given the alternatives!
I do believe that Romney is probably the best candidate the Republicans have put forward since Reagan, but he is unfortunately being pinned too far right by the more radical elements of the party.
What are you going to do on day two if you have fixed everything on day one?
He's gonna have to take to Newt's idea, and make the Moon our 51st state. The 2nd day in office we own the Moon. HA HA.
no thats day 1 also. lol, day two he'll flip-flop on his position and cut all the things he did day one.

its his idiom.
+Jeff Pack - "Obama lost my vote when he decided that marriage was not defined as between a man and a woman... the word marriage by definition means the union of a man and a woman."

You are wrong. The english word "Marriage" refers to an entire family of social and religious institutions that have various different words in other languages. It does not exclusively reflect christian tradition. If a culture/religion had a union between two men, or 3+ partners, and had a different name in that culture's language, in english it would be translated to marriage. The act of binding two carrots together could by definition be called a marriage of carrots. I doubt religious marriage in your religious tradition will change. People of same sex will be together regardless of your inconsiderate and illogical disapproval. Why not allow them the legal benefits? Put simply, you want to go out of your way to be a bad person for no real personal gain, except maybe the satisfaction of screwing people over who aren't trying to harm anyone, and that's all that matters.

edit: if you're referring to the fact that by lawful definition marriage refers to a man and a woman.... then i'm not sure you understand the concept of improving laws. Laws are not forever. They are an evolving entity that must be reviewed and criticized all of the time to insure that bad people like yourself don't ruin innocent people's lives.
+ike ahloe I went online to a dictionary for kicks to look it up, and the first definition was this: "the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc." There are other definitions.
+Cassius Wright You wrote that, "Meanwhile, back in the USSA, Bain Capital recently bought a Chinese video-surveillance company reportedly 'used to intimidate and monitor political and religious dissidents,' " and they're using money from that purchase to contribute to Obama's campaign! Maybe he should refuse the money? It's too bad Romney isn't still working there now, turning the place around, after years of absence.
Mitt, you do a really good job of saying a lot without actually saying what you will do. "Vote for me, I will stop bad while doing good" Mitt Romney 2012
Actually he's pretty much forced to be vague. Any time he, or one of his surrogates, or even some unauthorized spokesperson puts out any details the BO spin machine, which includes every major newspaper and network news outlet plus the crazies at MSNBC, immediately distorts it into "look how bad it will be". It's very difficult to be open with the entire lame-stream media just waiting to pounce on every statement with no plan to represent either side fairly. I'd be vague too.
+Thomas Fawcett If you honestly think the conservative media is not doing the exact same thing you describe, you're living in la-la land. 
Obama says that Romney is not qualified to be POTUS. Does he really believe this? Barack Obama, in 2008, went to the American people and basically said, "I am a Community Organizer. I am an untenured law professor. I am a junior senator, who has not completed a single term. Yet, I am qualified to be President". But now Obama says that Mitt Romney, a former governor of a major state (MA), who was President and CEO of a successful 2002 winter Olympic games, with 25 years of experience in the private sector, is "not qualified to be President". What a strange argument for the Obama campaign to make! - Carly Fiorina on Meet The Press, 5/27/12
Matthew Dance...You aren't really saying anything. The point continues to be that Romney is definitely not a suitable replacement. Since he's trying to "dethrone" Obama...the burden is really on you to explain what it is exactly that we can expect from Romney...also, I need you to explain what you mean when you say,"promises Obama made and didn't keep..." We can then go down the necessary route of educating you on the procedural nonsense that limits or expands a President's capabilities to drive legislature through. Have at it...let the games begin!
mittens my lad, this social media aint working for ya like ya want huh?
There are over 600k people here who follow Mitt, yet out of those people he has no one to defend him, does that mean he has 600k haters that follow him?
I stand w/Mitt Romney. He does a pretty good job of defending himself.
Deficit REDUCTIONS??? We don't want REDUCTIONS we want ELIMINATION.

Stand up to China??? That's REALLY gonna help our budget "reduce".

Repeal job-killing regulations??? How about, instead of playing World Police, you start repealing people/economy/goodwill killing foreign policies...
How will he deal with the US now training Russian soldiers here in Colorado? Is this what Obama meant by having "more flexibility"?
+Aaron Holt exaclty. 'there are other definitions'. In fact, that was only part "a." of the 1st definition, labeled "1.". Part "b." of "1." states "a similar institution involving partners of the same gender: gay"... that is the end of the definition that you didn't include in your quote.... After that there are 4 more definitions that all do not included specific sexes. So in short... all 5 definitions from your reference website, including the full version of the definition you posted, are inclusive of same sex relationships.

And regardless, If a word has multiple definitions, that does not mean definition number two is an invalid definition... not sure what you were trying to get at, or if you were even criticizing what i was saying in the first place. Anyways, here is the full definition mentioned and supprted by +Aaron Holt
+Stan Benavides If you watch the video, Romney talks about rolling back job killing regulations, not repealing laws. Regulations are promulgated by the executive branch and the president has a lot of control over them.

For example, Obama was able to stall the Keystone pipeline and Romney would be able to approve it without any laws. Similarly, no extra laws were needed for the Obama administration to stall Boeing's Carolina plant until Boeing caved on their labor negotiations in Washington state. The president has a lot of ways to throttle the economy if he chooses to, as Obama has done.
shut up +Warren Dew. and uh....doesnt being a good president for 4 years qualify you to be a good president?
+Telia Garner Unfortunately, no one who has already been a good president is running this year.  Obama's being a terrible president for 4 years is actually a disqualification from being a good president.  Romney would likely be a good president, but he hasn't been given the job yet.
Romney Day 1-10 as President:

Day 1: $1.2 Trillion tax cut for people over $1 million in income
Day 2: Cut federal programs by 50%
Day 3: Announce to Americans that "You are on your Own, Sorry"
Day 4: To accomplish Day-1 task, borrow  $1.2 Trillion debt from China
Day 5: Fire 50% of Federal Employees
Day 6: Kill Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security
Day 7: Pay his rich buddies another big dividend (a.k.a a big Tax Cut).  Yes, Repeat Day 1
Day 8: Unemployment will reach 15.8%, but calmly lie to Americans that "unemployment is the lowest in the history of the US and better than that guy Obama"
Day 9: Preside over a massive $5 Trillion debt increase, but tell Americans that "it is the lowest increase in debt ever and it’s better than that guy Obama"
Day 10: Tell Americans that "I am for Obamacare...wait, Romneycare…well, Whocares…I am President”
I bet that took all day to come up with that top ten list 
China has to be shaking in their boots right now...fearing a Romney presidency.

Give 'em hell, +Mitt Romney .
Regulations don't kill jobs, if anything, the past 12 years show that the lack of regulations kills jobs.
+Mitt Romney ... by "Stand up to China", do you mean starting a war with them? That would be GREAT for this country! (sarcasm)
no, why on earth would we start a war with china!? Are you crazy!?
+Arun Kumar Day 11: Put all poor people in an arena-like area and make them fight to the death. HUNGER GAMES 2012~
How are you going to reduce the deficit? Every Republican in the last 30 years has ramped up deficit spending like crazy. Why are you different?
Cause we are broke and even the Rino's  know we have one last Chance
Democrats have to raise taxes on taxpayers; they can't create budget in four years or STOP SPENDING!
Living in a fantasy world? Increased population costs the govt in many ways and increase taxes on the rich would help the  problem
Obama is the one raising taxes. If he wins, I will no longer have a full-time job. My employer cannot afford health insurance for everybody. I don't have the skills or experience to get better work either.
I hate Obama. He needs to pack his bags and get out of here. Romney should Have the election. That's is what should've happened.
 Quit whining, get the skills, thats not his fault it's yours. Life goes on
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