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Watch my Google+ campaign Hangout live at 2:45pm EDT. #askmitt
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When elected President, how will you work with Congress to put the power back in the hands of the states where it belongs? Further, what will you do to make sure no further power is usurped?
Why would we want to vote for the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama in 2008? What will you do different? McCain lost because he was too nice to Obama during the 2008 campaign. Will you be more aggressive in pointing out Obama's many failures? How well will you be able to counter his arguements?
I will vote republican regardless but I am afraid you will not be conservative enough nor will you be aggressive enough in countering the message from Obama and his followers in the media and Hollywood. Newt was VERY strong in doing that. Will you be able to?
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Mr. Romney, if its not too intrusive, i'd like to know little more about your faith. Please, you don't have to answer my question on your chat conference, but please e-mail me at Thanks!
#askmitt for or against the separation of the church and state? do you think it's unconstitutional? What about all the non-Christians?
#askmitt Would you change the leadership of the Federal Reserve?
Again? You showed up in my circles again!! I guess I'll have to watch.
Seriously, I dig Ron Paul too, but he can't win right now. I want a Mitt/Rand Paul ticket. 4-8 years of Romney followed by 8 years of Rand Paul, and things should be looking very good for my kids. Our main focus needs to be removing the Obama administration and taking the senate. Then holding the new administration's feet to the fire and making sure they don't repeat the mistakes of the past.
As a college student who is married, I'm worried about paying too much for health insurance. What will you do to make insurance more affordable for families still in college or recently graduated? #AsKMitt
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I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Mitt Mitt full o shit, how I wonder when you will quit.
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How about re-opening our steel mills and refineries and not paying for oil from opec?
#askmitt Will you still hang out with me if you are elected?
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+antionette gesel Visit You can live chat with real people that can answer all the questions you want. I am sure Mitt would love to, but it's not that easy...
Gov Romney, I hear talk from other conservatives that are afraid that you will not debate Pres Obama as strongly as you have your Republican rivals. How aggressively do you plan to debate Pres Obama?
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Mine just says no one is here right now
I am 24 and a small business owner, over the past year there have been more regulations placed on my products (guns and ammo and targets) shrinking our profit margins so it is harder to stay in business. What will you do to help my industry have the profit margins we once had so we can hire new employees and be more successful as small business owners.
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Has it started yet? I don't see anything yet but me.........LOL
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When it comes to our government and politics, people need to stop focusing on who dropped an F-bomb, did something naughty, said something wrong, what religion someone is and all the other BS currently bombarding us. We need to focus on the fact our government is engaged in a hostile takeover of liberty, private property and our pocket books.
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What is your plan for reducing government spending? How would you reorganize the various government agencies to reduce this spending without upsetting the employees? Which agencies would you combine etc??
I am 24 and a small business owner, over the past year there have been more regulations placed on my products (guns and ammo and targets) shrinking our profit margins so it is harder to stay in business. What will you do to help my industry have the profit margins we once had so we can hire new employees and be more successful as small business owners.
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Great answers on China and free markets.
How do you deal with pundits that are as rude as Ed Schultz and Lawrence O'Donnell ?
why does it always have to be Republican/ Democrat... Why not lead through common sense?
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I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Governor, how do you combat the people who say that Obama Care is based on Massachusetts care?
I sat in on Obama's G+ Hangout too and where Mitt answers every question in exacting detail, Obama just smiled a lot, made some funny comments, and failed to give any real answers. What a difference in leadership! And what a benefit Google + is to the political landscape!
Would you support global free market medical tourism from the private sector?
Only 42% of oil for gas is imported into the USA. Chew on that as to why gas prices continue to rise.
this seems like a video of a previous Google hangout that we are not really participating in, why not just say that's what it is instead of making us feel foolish for trying to participate?
#askmitt Are you willing to withdraw a measure of our forces from forward operational deployment in order to 1: force the world (UN, NATO, EU, etc) to take a greater roll in policing conflict zones and 2: decrease defense operational spending without impacting overall readiness of our own forces for defense of our own nation?
Open energy up to the free market and you will see cheap fuel.
#askmitt - If you were President, why don't you enforce the lowering of the speed limit, which is known to cut gas consumption, have all members of Congress be on the same healthcare plan as most Americans and why does any member of Congress need to receive a pension, when a lot of American's do not and most members of Congress have a great job after serving?
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I would hang out with Mitt, but I don't have enough money or connections to hunt the poor.
Invoking John McCain's name not a good strategy.
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Good stuff. New Hampshire loves ya!
Why did you just tell the lady that was wanting free contraceptives to go down to wal-mart, because there isn't anything Free in America... Be like Madea, "Clink Clink lock it down"... Contraceptives aren't that high, like Rush said, unless you are a 'Ho... I say bring back the mid-evil days of the Chastity belt for both genders..... :)
I'm more of a modest conservative than just Republican only. Here is is my question: If the American economy nosedives when gas costs rise to $4.00 a gallon and headed toward $5 doesn't it make more sense that the US Government consider subsidizing the actual cost to the working American to keep it at UNDER $3.00 a gallon. When families can pay $2.50 - $3.00 they will buy cars, go on vacations, spend money in the markets and therefore push our economy forward.
When they have to choose how to feed a family and have gas to get to work, they don't have enough money to speed on other aspects of the American dream.

We give tens of millions to other countries, we buy out car manufacturers and rescue banks, why not invest in the American worker so they CAN spend some hard earned money.

The average American can no longer pay more taxes and pay for everyone else.

Maybe we need more of a return to our Constitutional government that the principles of either (D) or (R) parties. They have both let us down.
+Gabrielle Lovi Actually, it's common knowledge an engine runs at highest gas efficiency at 55mph. Gas efficiency in local driving has nothing to do with speed limits but how you accelerate/decelerate.
I live in Illinois and will be voting later today. When, not if, when the state runs out of money, will you allow the Federal government to bail us out?
Austerity isnt working end off look at europe, austerity leads to austerity and austerity leads social divisions and the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer
+Greg Mitchell , the party line on the Massachusetts health care plan is that it was "right for the state, but would not be right for the nation." (paraphrasing from memory)

I'm actually in partial agreement. The health care act that Obama championed is a pretty big change, and arguably better made at the state level. The problem is that Medicare and Medicaid make state-only approaches immediately inefficient. For a relatively wealthy state like MA, this is problematic, but workable. For poorer states, like AL or MI, it's a nonstarter.

A potential alternate solution would have been to transfer funding for the existing national healthcare systems to the states, with the proviso that they must provide broad coverage via some combination of public and private tools.

That might have worked. A NHS-like system might have worked. But now, we have "Obamacare" in place. My question is, is it so flawed that repealing it is worth losing its protections for those who cannot afford healthcare, or have pre-existing conditions? If so, what, specifically is the flaw in the national plan that will play out so badly on the national scale? I'm not sure I'm seeing it.
What is your strategy for Texas? You really need to tell people more about your personal experience with people of all walks of life as a lay pastor in your church.
How do you join the hangout. I join and it says no one is here?
#askmitt Mitt, I am a pastor from Kansas and I am hearing some concern from my parishioners about your Mormon faith. Can you help me with ways to talk to them about this and gain their support for you?
I am worried about the schools, I really want them to be back to the states. I have heard you say this and want to know, how big of a priority would this be for you as president?
"Let's be honest, we still need regulations"... wow, an honest answer, not just political happy talk. Why would anyone NOT vote for this man?
I'm a resident of Michigan. Why do you feel that the auto bailout was a bad idea?

Looking back now would you do the same thing that Obama did or do something different?

Why do you feel that your plan would have worked better the President Obama's?
Thank you for your comments right now on regulation. As a small business owner I see the need for some regulation. However regulation like ones placed on my business are simply unnecessary. I would love to speak on camera and thank Mitt for his hard work. Having been involved in contributing in his campaigns this time and last time.
Your probably in the right place then
You mentioned that goverment would still need some regulations. Do you have any examples of regulation that you feel that needs to stay around and/or be expanded? Also, what major regulation rules would you look at first for removal?
This guy gets it. Innovation is absolutely key. Atlas Shrugged.
#askmitt With respect, Governor Romney, what does your campaign intend to do to win over Ron Paul supporters who have all but committed to not voting for anyone but Ron Paul? How will you court their votes in order to beat Obama?
Do you have plans to change how pell grants are awarded to college students? Or would you do away with the program entirely? -- Thanks so much for fighting for our country, Mitt. I can't wait to have you in the White House!! ~*~*ROMNEY 2012-2020*~*~
governor, less a question than a comment. as a small businessperson there are a number of regulations that are of concern, but the health care law is of particular issue. i have had vendors in from various companies who provide equipment that will enable us to automate our processes just so we do not have to add people. it is certainly good business to limit costs, but in some cases absent the sword of Damocles hanging over our head the cost benefit would work out better to have more folks, but we simply will do almost anything to avoid adding people with the current regulations we face. anything that can be done to remove these issues is a help. businesses must be regulated to the point that they are not permitted to harm, but beyond that government is a big problem.
Great speech yesterday by the way in Chicago.
That was my first Google+ hangout. Thanks for doing that. Go Mitt!
I hope the entire country of USA rotts
Mitt, you are a capitalist. Haven't you done enough damage?
-1, terrible. Easy questions from Romney campaign staff.
+Aaron Sherman the biggest reason I see for repeal is that the cost forced on small business through the plan will be excessive enough that you will see employers opting to pay the fine instead of providing health coverage. The rates by insurance companies will increase enough that it will make it impossible to stay in business while covering all the premiums. This will leave employees to either get their own plan or go on the government plan which will come in the form of a "penalty" if you will on their tax returns. I think it will be economic disaster as written.
Dear Governor Romney: What systematic improvements will you promise to make to reduce systematic risk (such as banking institutions, insurance companies, etc. becoming "Too BIG to Fail")?
I am so voting for you I hope you win!!! :)
I admire the testicles of Governor Romney, who usually seems awkward at the best of times during a presidential debate, to do a completely unscripted online hangout session... I would be lying however if I did not admit that I am highly skeptical as to the true identities of these people as well as how they were selected to be the ones asking the questions, as it has been rumored that the Governor will often try his best to find himself among a crowd of his supporters.

It would be easy to answer pre-selected questions with pre-selected answers...
its not like he does not have the money.
Boy, I'm so glad I stumbled on this post. What a bright future we have in this country.
+Sugefut Sugefut I definitely think the others in the hangout were hand picked, they were all his supporters and election volunteers, but at least they told us that. Even though it may have been scripted questions I did like listening to his answers.
How the hell did this end up on my page. Maybe this is a joke, let me watch this....
Mitt Romney screwed up Massachusetts, now he wants to screw up the rest of the country, too. Don't fall for it.
Ok, nothing was there. Come on Google, I sure am not following Mitt Romney! I am not rich enough.
I enjoyed watching the hangout this afternoon. I look forward to your victory in Illinois tonight. Keep up the good work, Mitt!
How has this ended when it started 10 minutes ago?
just another puppet... how about voting for someone who opposes the 'high command'??? BLOCKED
Thanks to Brin and Page, I can click on the arrow and mute you so I don't have to see anything about Mitt Romney ever again. Yay!
Facebook is your friend. Google+ just isn't catching on.
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I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
You're so out of touch it isn't funny. Just because you wear jeans you think you can talk to the American people like you're not a self centered corporate fat cat? Bullshit, Romney, you're a TYRANT and most people can see you for that you are.
I'll tune in if you promise to die in a fire.
Personally, I like the trees in New York much more than those in Michigan. And for the record, the Finger Lakes are in New York. I'm so glad Romney gets joy out of firing people. That's all I have to say for right now, Mr. PresiNOT. I'm sorry that last part was uncalled for. But at least we have freedom of speech!
i bet someone will bring rice crispy treats, and if someone lights up a cigarette the whole party will get awkward .
Your record is a little tarnished for a conservative. You were for forcing folks to buy insurance. You were for abortion rights. You were for gun control. How can you convince me you have changed your opinion on these important issues? How do I know once in office you won’t change back?
@ dogs tied to your back? wtf! lmfao. i dont get that reference, could you please explain?

why is this the 'hot today' post? nobody wants to see your stream, you're not going to win, hang up the gloves
i support people that are smart enough to have it all figured out using spell/grammar check...choose not choice, and understanding that gun control has nothing to do with farmers or the middle east.

Everyone including you are entitled to their opinion, but I wish we had minimum aptitude tests for the right to vote!!!
Some science fiction story I read years ago had people solve a quadratic equation; people who could do it could vote. No other test, not even age.
Sorry Mitt, you haven't said anything I wanted to hear when I watched all the GOP debates for free, I'm damn sure not going to waste my hard earned bandwidth on you.
Thanks for doing that Governor Romney! Keep doing it! Great use of technology!
I wonder why Obama supporters just LOVE to hang with the Romney crowd? Don't they have anything better to do? Are they afraid of something? Jeez!
I will love you! forever! Unless Ron Paul comes to town....
Not Likely!
Mitt is Republican Crazy - lite! Can you say contraception?
Mitt and the rest of the Republicans will run our country into the ground, while giving away whats left to him and his rich friends.
Polotics always seems detached from my reality but seeing Mitt Romney on Google+ Makes me realize how much of an incredible joke it really is. Really people Mitt Romney? This is supposed to be presidential material... how silly are we.
Missed it!! Got stuck at work. I don't suppose there is a recording or something to play back? I submitted a question on NDAA and wondered if it was addressed.
Haha...I would never watch a hangout with you ever, you shape shifting , disgustingly rich excuse for a homophobic politician!!!!!!!!!
Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up
Obama is bringing back Arrested Development. Can you top that?
I had a beer with Mitt Romney...#marchmadness
+Christopher Caro you say you support abortion because its the womens body, but what about the body of the child she is carrying in her womb?

And i agree somewhat with what you say on gun control, i don't think anyone should be running around with RPG's and assault rifles, but i don't think all guns should be outlawed, the people who would be using them to commit murders would just find a way to get to the guns anyway so what's the point from keeping them from the people who would use them for self defense?
Ira Hz
All the idiots voting for Santorum/Gingrich get off this page !
+Jerald Sluyter , the Hangout was at 2:45 EDT (Eastern Daylight Time). That is why you can not join the hangout now, at around 6:00 EDT.

Mitt Romney followers these days.... (rolls eyes)
Are top hats, monocles and dress canes part of the dress code for your fund raising events. Also was wondering, do you think your god would approve of your actions when you lie to the American public? #askmitt #mittromney #thedevil #hellinahandbasket
You have done many good things that the general public is not aware of. I think you should have regular people who know you, speak up for you extolling your many virtues and characteristics as a regular guy. Also, ask again if people want someone in the oval office who does not know how to be financially successful? No apologies for the success you worked very hard to achieve. Also, how may vacations and golf outings have you had over the last three years. I bet not many.
Emma S
I'M SO CONFUSED!! i wish i had made it
What about your new divide and conquer approach to electability? You should be trying to find a way to unite us, to find some consensus of opinion. But no, not you. You would rather play the younger generation against the older generation. You should be ashamed. You are the best thing to happen to Barack Obama's re-election campaign.
Cody Fichter made it in the circle of "dicks".
Just wished we had someone that really cared about the people and the country.
It'll be interesting to see the differences between the FR-S and the BRZ, but congratulations to the two design teams developing what looks to be a very cool car.

If folks want a 360 video of a walk around of the FR-S, an autocross friend of mine took one last weekend in Los Angeles, posted here on vimeo:
Finally looking at all the candidates' policies and values, I pray that you will consider Ron Paul as your Vice-President. Good heart for America and countrymen, like you !!! May the Holy Spirit guide you on your decision ! God loves you and so do we !!!
no mitt, i won't watch. u suck ass, and are a freak from hell.
Just because you have money, it doesn't mean you're qualified to run this country. You and your party are an embarrassment.
I hope he wins so I can watch him get destroyed by Obama! Also, I'm just wondering how this post got into the what's hot stream... -1.
Ira Hz
He will outclass Obama > Not even on the Same debating field >
so is your vote Yoseph. Save gas stay home or do something significant especially now that you are left with no hope and a lot of change so they can take the rest of the change from your pocket.
Go Mitt! Take it all the way!
Your like the rock you suck!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout, and we both laughed hysterically the entire time.
that is totally unprofessional that you would put someone elses name there on his campaign LOSER
I'll vote for Mitt because this country definitely needs more conservative values #sarcasm
Who would you rather have in the White House?A Mitt or a Newt!
Aren`t you glad we have a Harper? Anyone know his first name?I`ve forgoten it !
It's not Obama's failures, it's congress. Go back to school. Legislation comes from the House and Senate. President signs or vetoes. Congress can overturn veto. Got a problem? Talk to your representative.
One of my friends said on Facebook to me."There may be some exaggeration to it,but no animal lover I know straps a carrier to the roof rack like luggage,so no vote from this gal. " and telling me how cruel he was. I explained there was no harm done. But she loves Obama and he is perfect of course so I posted. This. November 2011, the five-year ban on domestic horse slaughter was lifted when President Obama signed into law -- the 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that authorized federal funding for USDA inspections of horse meat. Horse slaughter plants have now reopen in the U.S. Commercial slaughter is a threat to all American horses. Even at this moment wild horses are being slaughtered and mistreated. This is animal cruelty to the highest degree.
yep fake mitt will tell you anything to get the nomie r
I like his stance on the trees in Michigan, they are just the right height!
+Alan signed into law. Where did it come from first? Your congressmen. Sure, he could have vetoed it, but apperenly enough in the House and Senate thought it to be valid to come up with in the first place. Vote them out. Don't totally blame the president.
Anyone think this dude is going to be that much more different?
I dunno, when you ask a politician a question and they respond with a with an other question or a statement not about the question given, I think its time to question that person, should they be president.
I don't care who gets the nomination, I'll vote for anyone who will get those communist kooks out of the Senate and White House.
From Canada with all due respect go fuck yyourself with a rusty spoon you fake excuse for a human being.
Ron Paul, He somehow is the most Level-headed of the Bunch. What he says are harsh realities, and I really do not feel like going to war with Iran. I like living without a nuclear Holocaust. Let's get Outside influences away from our Government. And finally get control of Our Country.
Does anyone know if / when Ron Paul will have a Google Hangout? Thanks.
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