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If President Obama cannot lead his own party, how can he lead America?
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Says Romney...whose own party is right in line with him, right?
He's already done it very well. Not sure what straws you're grasping here.
Pot calling the kettle black, seeing a sizable % of your party is still supporting Ron Paul and refuses to endorse you....
My family is voting for +Mitt Romney Help us make our country prosperous and strong again. 
He can't even budget his own campaign let alone America's debt. Romney/Ryan 2012
If +Mitt Romney can seldom get his brain in gear before speaking, how can he lead a party let alone America?
mike rogers
Lol compared to Obama's brain which is a teleprompter?
Romney is just a robber baron with no plans. The recently released video says all anyone needs to know about his lack of candor.
At least he doesn't lie to the American people like Obama, Hillary Clinton, Baghdad Bob Rice, Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney. 
i hate mitt romey he make me ssick
How about how he lied on Univision saying he has almost released all the fast and furious documents, so 7600 papers out of 140000 is almost all? But then again look how he judges his so called "recovery" lol
+Thomas Owens Obama is robin hood.  Steals from the wealthy to give to the poor.  Obama said it "I believe in redistrubtion".
Do you liberals have nothing else to do except follow candidates you don't like and say things against them?

Please, go back to reddit.
Anyone who hates a good, decent, fair, unselfish man isn't worth the 98 cents for their dead body
I just want to say that Obama is trying to run this counrty right just listening to him.And you will found out.
How about the Jobs Bill sitting in the lower house of Congress, Affordable Healthcare?
Those that vote Republican are either the selfish and  wealthy or the stupid, red neck, bible bashing poor. That is what the rest of the world sees and the more I read this page and Obama's page, the more I see it confirmed.
Tony Ruiz Nobody hates Romney, the real hate and only dislike is what I am hearing from the Right.
+Thomas Owens Maybe your confused.  It's the democrats in the Senate holding up about 22 jobs bills that the house has passed.  Please check your information
You better believe obama is hated just as satan is hated. And if you like obama I've got a bridge and other crap I can sell you because you're just a little (?) dim...maybe worse
+Cindy Rooney What are you saying? You think Obama is a communist? How old are you? 10? Unbelievable that you would say something like that.  Do you think of yourself as a racist?  I think you should. 
+Kevin Moses Everybody changes. Truman was once going to join the Klan, but ended up being the most important Presidents to initiate Civil Rights. Under Romney you would have an enforceable DOMA.
If you vote for Obama you vote against America, Freedom, the Constitution and Justice.
+Thomas Owens I think Biden is the hater/racist here.  "They'll put you back in chains".  Seems liberals already forgot that.  Hypocrisy at it's finest.
+Andrew Barnes The Presidency is not a dictatorship. Congress, which is 1/3 of the power of the U.S. is doing nothing; preferring to be obstructionists rather than leaders.
...says the guy, who's own party, dislikes, but tolerates. They have nothing else. The in-fighting of the Republican party and the extremist Tea party are tearing the GOP apart.
Junkyard dog is in the house  :)
Democratic Socialist, kinda sounds like National Socialist, but that's over democrats heads. LOL
All I got to say is pray about the world because it's in God's hands right now.
+Robert Dubenezic Redistribution has been happening for decades under the Republicans. It means shifting wealth. That was done when the wealthy and corporations received lower tax rates and the tax rates increased for the middle class. Studies have shown that "trickle down theory" does not work. The wealthy and corporations use resources just like the rest of the population, they need to pay their share. Have you learned nothing after Bush?
+Thomas Owens Obama seems to think it is a dictatorship.  Changing welfare rules by himself.  Then allowing illegal aliens to stay in this country so they can vote for him, when he had said himself, that obama doesn't have the power to do that.

Stop lying.
+Tamra Stewart Because they are trying to brainwash us, as they have been brainwashed by obama.  Plus all the free stuff.
I am going to vote FOR senior citizens, the disabled, a woman's right to choose and fair taxation. Call me what you will.
No +Veronica Cawelti it's just another way for us to try and put some reality to the Romney page.  Keep it on the up and up, so to speak.  I also see a lot of Romney's supporters on Obama's page.  It's just political banter.  The votes are what counts, and if you don't vote, you don't count. 
If you think the economy is bad now, wait until obamacare fully kicks in and everyone's taxes go up next year.
+Robert Dubenezic Illegal immigration is at least flat-lined. There are no quick answers to any problem we are facing. I do know that following the same repackaged plans that the previous administration followed.
+Robert Dubenezic Under Romney middle class taxes WILL increase at least $2,000 a year; while millionaires will get a $245,000 tax break.
+Alisa Ellis  Really? He can't go to London without insulting them, and you want him to be our leader? 
more spin by +Thomas Owens .  He can't rebut my comment legitimately, so he makes excuses for obama.  You have been brainwashed sir.
+Tamra Stewart Your mistake. AARP is going to support its goals for its members, regardless of the party.
More democratic talking points by +Thomas Owens .  How much will taxes go up under obama?  Answer that one, if you dare.
+Thomas Owens Illegal immigration has flatlined because the USA is no longer the land of wealth opportunity for them.
+Thomas Owens The  $2000 middle class tax increase is just a fabrication. It has never been suggested nor implied by +Mitt Romney nor his campaign. Obama simply says, "Romney might" or "Romney could"
+Thomas Owens OK I will call you what I will. You are uninformed and out of touch. The only thing that really matters is turning this mess around. If those are really your issues you deserve what you are getting--nothing
"A" students hardly ever make good leaders. An example would be MacArthur and Eisenhower.
+Dana Scott I don't go to liberal sites. I can't stomach them. And why should I care if the Brits are insulted? I really don't care what Fabian Socialists think of me or my party.
+Thomas Owens We don't know what kind of student obama was, because he won't release his college transcripts, but demands Romney release his tax returns.  Hypocrisy!
+Veronica Cawelti  Well I am glad that you were so honest. It really shows your true colors.  You don't care if the "Brits" are insulted? Wow, thankfully you don't represent this country.  How many other countries do you feel it's ok to insult?  
+Brian Lougheed okay.  I'll watch BSNBC instead.  I like watching cheer leading.  Just because BSNBC and their ilk, say Romney's campaign is in turmoil, doesn't make it true.  Just another distraction from obama's record.
+Brent Drew I am far from out of touch. How "in touch" were you during the Bush administration? Did you predict the Iraq War as I did? Did you question the Fox rhetoric that still continues today? I AM a war veteran and served my country, but I am not a mindless, scared sheep like the Right.
Does anyone know why obama's campaign slogan is "forward"?  Because obama doesn't want anyone looking backward at his pathetic record.
I am a war veteran and I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Something Obama constantly spits on.
Romney and Boehner cant even control their guys are just sheeple for the Tea Party and religious right. You cant even speak up for what you really want for America!
+Robert Dubenezic NO President has EVER released his college transcripts. Can't you read a diploma? Second George Romney, Willard's father, released 20 years of his tax returns and said EVERY candidate should. Third what kind of record could ANYONE have after inheriting two wars and a declining economy? It's like blaming the tow truck driver for the accident their cleaning up!
+Kevin Moses Maybe you are mistaking me for someone else?  Shut up? Really? Did I make you mad? Did I offend you in some way? Maybe you are forgetting that I am not your wife and you can't just tell me what to do like her. Whatever,  the remarks are fine, say what you want, but they are ineffective.  
Hope to talk with you personally Wednesday at the rally ! You can do it!
I would just like to remind the Romney supporters that defending him does not help him, it's the fact he needs so much defending that makes him a bad choice. 
+Tamra Stewart +Veronica Cawelti Being a former Navy Corpsman, I know how many Marines think. That doesn't make them right or wrong. There need to be tough decisions made to get the economy going that includes cutting back on the military-industrial complex, tax loopholes (Romney knows about those), tariffs on foreign made products (including technology products).
+Thomas Owens So.  What's obama afraid of?  He's a coward.  What do you think Romney's tax returns will reveal.  All they will reveal is that Mitt Romney was sucessful in life, actually had a real job, ran a business.  What can Obama say?  I was a community organizer.  Woop Dee Doo!
+Robert Dubenezic you're experiencing a brain storm, anyone who isn't "Evangelical" is a far-left liberal, no one wants to suppress freedom, only freedom haters. 
Mitt Romney is a robotic slave to the radical right. If he had any courage or character he would stand up to those morons and say what he really feels. He has been brain washed!

Romneycare is a prefect example....I got a tiny bit of respect for the guy when he said in public he supported some of Obamacare.
Well Gee +Thomas Owens HM3 here, worked with Marines too. I hold the constitution more important than paying off supporters and screwing up the world.
+Mitt Romney I think the issue you are going to have to overcome to get elected is voter ignorance. Do you know how many people still have no idea what caused the economic crisis? Because of that, it is easy for Obama's campaign to say things like "go back to Bush policies" because his followers really believe that it was a Bush policy (although they have no idea what his policies were) that caused the issue. 

With a liberal media, you certainly will not see the media educating the voters. They rely on ignorance to manipulate them. You are going to have to pay for enough air time to do what the news media should be doing already. I know that is a lot of money, but this is simply a fact of life. 

The problem isn't that the average voter would really think that you commenting on the Cairo embassy's "pre-apology" is a fault, let alone somehow as significant as Obama's failed foreign policy smoldering like a US flag in Lebanon. Rather, the problem is that the media gives far more air time to those things they want voters to focus on. 8 total minutes (across all major news networks) for the release of Obama's "I believe in redistribution" compared to 8 hours for your Egypt comment. Oh, and all that time on the Egyptian comment without actually quoting the comment (because even liberals might hear the quote and figure out you were right).

Obama goes on the road (instead of doing things like sitting in on security briefings) to meet with his voters and promise them money. In each campaign stop he offers more government money for whoever he is talking to. Yet he just can't remember what the national debt is when he's asked. You have to stop this, +Mitt Romney We can't afford it. 

Yeah, I know, Obama's lying. He won't give any of those people anything he promises any more than he did last time (amusingly, he is promising the same people the same money he promised them before). But he will do things that slow our progress even further. He will do things that will damage our national security even further. 

He is destroying what was once the greatest nation on earth. +Mitt Romney we need you to stop him. If you don't, our children and grandchildren will be living in a third world nation. 
As a Canadian i wish i could just laugh at all this bullshit going on but the reality is that when america votes in an idiot for president like Bush the whole world suffers.
+Kevin Moses  Well I guess I just didn't feel the need to put up a picture of myself but you can go to my profile, like I did yours.  So I must have misspoke earlier, you talk to your "significant other" that way? I have nothing against gay people, not at all, I just assumed that someone gay would support the one who supports you and your rights.  
+Thomas Owens We're still in a full depression.  If 23M people unemployed, 8.3%-8.4% unemployment for 45 months, and personal income dropping by 5K, and 6 trillion in new debt isn't a depression, I don't know what is.
+Veronica Cawelti Have you even read the Constitution? Which Article separates the responsibilities of the Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court? Did Bush support the Constitution with warrant-less wire taps? With Fast and Furious?
+Chris Rehm Where is Bush this election year to support your party....he appears notably absent
+Jenni Buccio I will when obama stops worrying about Romney's taxes.  Ouch that comment really hurt.  Not.  People resort to name calling when they have no facts to back up their statements.   #desperation  
Bush = Great Recession #1
Romney = Great Recession #2
+Veronica Cawelti you were in a war thanks to a Republican president, you didn't fight for the constitution, you fought because he misused  information to engage this country in a war, then he later regretted starting it. 
+Brian Lougheed I don't want Republican's to cooperate in helping obama raise taxes.  That's all obama knows how to do, besides go on talk shows.
+Kevin Moses  I didn't presume to choose for you, just thought you would make the right choice on your own. 
+Robert Dubenezic Yes, we are in a bad situation. Partisanship is not the answer. If the whole government worked and started repairing the infrastructure to create more jobs, just as FDR did, they all can take credit.
Romney is hiding his taxes for a reason....because like Nixon he likes to hide from the truth. America will not vote for rich people that hide the tax cheats they are involved in while the rest of us pay at a higher effective tax rate.
+Thomas Owens I thought the 800 billion stimulus that was passed in 2009 was going to fix all the bridges and roads?  Those shovel ready jobs we're never shovel ready.  So where did the money go?  And now he wants more money for a so called "jobs bill".
How is that fake profile working for you, +Jenni Buccio ? I know for a fact you don't own that salon and you lifted that picture off the internet.

Romney 2012
WRONG +Jenni Buccio You don't even know which war I was in, you should not presume to know all, as liberals have a bad habit of doing. He does not regret the War. I follow him, you don't. Saddam is gone and the Brits are currently dismantling the WMD's we, in fact, did find. Not nukes but poison gasses. Try again.
Obama got Sadam, a Nobel Peace prize and healthcare reform. What did the last Republican President get us???? The Great Recession, war, debt, and offshoring!
No if Obama wins taxes on the rich will go up as they should.
Navy SEALS got Osama bin Laden, Obama wasn't even in office when Saddam was taken out. Geez, read your history! +Mitch Stokely 
+Thomas Owens MSNBC, CNN, NBC, they are all fair right.  The truth is that they all cover for obama.  Any news network that reports obama's screwups, isn't telling the truth, right?
Obama got Saddam?  WTF?  He died in 2006 When Obama was running around Chicago 
+Kevin Moses  And specifically how did I do that?  Go take your medication, you aren't making sense any more. 
+Veronica Cawelti Bush lied and people died! It's that simple. Recent reports state that Bush was drawing up plans to invade Iraq BEFORE 9/11! Also BEFORE 9/11 the rules of engagement were changed. Coincidence? I think not! 
+Mitch Stokely A nobel prize which he didn't deserve and gov't runned healthcare that clearthinking normal people don't want.  
Romney cant even stand up for the beliefs he held as governor.

He has let the Tea Party and Libertarians and radicals take over his candidacy. If he did, he might have been been farther along in this election....
+Veronica Cawelti Gee, let me think, a several $billion surplus when Bush was elected, eight years later, a several $trillion deficit. You have trouble with math??
See +Veronica Cawelti .  George Bush has been out of office for almost 4 years, and yet they can't bring themselves to think maybe just maybe obama is responsible.  obama is a saint to them, incapable of mistakes.  Talk about a cult.
+Mitch Stokely Actually, both Bush 41 and Bush 43 made a video endorsing Romney for the convention. 

But it would probably just be confusing for him to campaign for Romney. That's because everything Obama claims as a success is a continuation of a Bush policy. So all the debate over who gets credit/blame over that would just distract from the vast failure of Obama's economic and foreign policies. 
The Radical, Libertarians, and Extemist Religious Right has completely obliterated the Republical Party.

Romney will lose the election because he lost the moderate message that sustained the Republicans since Reagan.
+Thomas Owens please tell me if I am wrong, but didn't Bush grow the debt from 5 Trillion to 10 trillion over 8 years? Obama grew it another 6 trillion in half that time.
If you like being unemployed and free stuff you'll vote for obama.  If you want to work, make something of yourself, and want freedom, you'll vote for Romney.  It's that simple.
Hold on, I'm still waiting on an answer on the Saddam Hussein killing.  
Where was Bush at the RNC? Answer? Nowhere...
Your party wont admit it but your party voted for over $5 trillion in debt from Bushes unfunded war.
I am sure every person around gets the mute button turned on from time to time. I bet even the greatest leaders of all time even Jesus got muted also! Romney I miss going to the Morman church interesting ideas, i still dont drink. Think that's a good idea I bet god would agree with that idea. It saved me from getting a DWI I truly believe thank God.
Obama is widely known as a moderate Democrat in multiple political circles, despite all your false assertions.
+Bill Thick, Jr. So you are saying it was OK for Bush to lose a surplus PLUS add trillions in debt. Bush was in the best possible position to improve the country and guess what, he f#@ked up! He failed to protect thousands of Americans on 9/11 and waged an illegal war supported by a weak Congress and scared population. Now China owns our asses.
Where is the real +Jenni Buccio ?  This is not the junkyard dog I have battled with before.  The one from last week was smart AND had teeth, the one today is lame and docile.  WTF is going on?  Is the +Jenni Buccio a planted fictitious person shared by the left wing Obamabots to try to ruin a +Mitt Romney post?  The jig is up!
6 trillion in new debt, in under 4 years.  Where's guiness?
+Greg Blaire It doesn't matter who would have won the Presidency, the Right Wing was determined NOT to work with new administration.
I don't blame Republicans for not cooperating with obama.  It's like making a deal with the devil.
Much of Obamacare is created by past Republicans and Romney himself, all moderate Republicans.

The fact you guys and even Romney attach Obamacare prove how radical and misinformed your party has become. Its illusionary, disingenuous, and hypocritical. 
obama has plenty of time for letterman, leno, whoopi, but no time for world leaders.  Amazing.
I did +Thomas Owens Are you referring to the 6 talking points that consists of less than 100 words?  OMG that is no plan, who are you kidding?  Get a clue.
+Thomas Owens I am not here to defend Bush. I am here to support Romney.

In case you haven't noticed, Romney is up against Obama, not Bush.
Lance G
Please +Thomas Owens . Like Obama wanted to work with any of them. Dude has surrounded himself with 'yes' men his whole political life. What self-serving pompous ass writes his autobiography before the age of thirty?

We need to send him back to running that lemonade stand in south Chicago.

Oh wait...
"I will cut the deficit in half, by the end of my first term".  Lie #1
"passing my 831 billion stimulus package, will keep unemployment below 8%."  Lie #2
+Joe Hullett I am not purporting to have memorized ANY plans. I do know that nothing I heard from Romney or Ryan is going to actually be good for the country.
"my green energy policy will create thousands of jobs". Lie #3
+Thomas Owens I see you removed your statement that +Mitt Romney has no plan.  Smart thinking.  Are you taking your actions straight from the Obama administration?  Cover it up when called out on it.  EPIC FAIL
"my administration is the most transparent administration in history." Lie #4
Whoa, got em back on their heels boys!  Keep it coming!
+Thomas Owens do yourself a favor and read the entire G.O.P. platform on their site. Its pretty big an may take you awhile. After that, read Romney's plan. +Joe Hullett provided a link earlier in this stream.

Once you have done that, then come back here. You might be on the other team if you knew more about what you are fighting.
+Mitch Stokely You are completely wrong.

First, Obamacare is a 2700 page takeover of the medical industry. basically it will form oversight the way the IRS oversees taxes. The unfortunate problem with this is that it allows a government agency to create new laws to support it's purpose. This gives HHS far too much power. 

Nothing that Romney has done before comes close to this. 

The left only debates Obamacare in the few small areas they feel they can get support (young adults staying on their parent's policies, pre-existing conditions, etc). But for those few things (if we want them) we don't need a 2700 page bill that gives another government agency control over our lives. 

Obama promised that it would reduce health care costs by $2500 per family, but they've increased by that amount instead. Then, you call conservatives "hypocrites" because they oppose it. 

If you really want more affordable, better healthcare for everyone, you should oppose Obamacare, vote for it to be repealed, and support a better solution. Or are you the hypocrite here?
Anyone remember this?  "you have to pass the bill before you can see what's in it"
I concur with the video, except the democrats are NOT the party that’s complaining about their candidate. Mr Romney is a novice politician. With only one term as Massachusetts governor under his belt, he has as little experience as Mr Obama himself did when he ran for president four years ago. He is one of those gifted businessmen who overrate the transferability of their skill set to electoral politics. Mr Romney is hoping to make himself president by attacking Mr Obama’s leadership.

Romney will need to do more than trying to ride on someone's coat tails.
And Harry Reid with his Cowboy Poetry Festivals.  WTF?
Foodstamps put money into the economy.  I don't know who's worse her or biden.
I hope Romney wakes up and stands up for his beliefs as governor and tells the radical right to f*ck off....if he wants any chance to win in November he needs to come out like he did and say he supports some parts of Obamacare, supports our stance on Iran, etc. and stop letting his lame advisors and ex state department Bush bozos tell him what to believe.

Its not working.....and he doesnt look Presidential listening to these morons.
"I will solve the energy crisis once and for all."  Lie #5
"I will fundamentally change how washington works." Lie #6
No Romney said he first would abolish all of Obamacare as like you said, its a states right issue. Then he said he would support parts of Obamacare as they are now.

So which is it??? He clearly believes goverment has a role in healthcare or he would not have pushed Romneycare. Why cant the guy stand up for what he truly believes?
"It is unpatriotic for bush to add 4 trillion dollars to the debt."
+Robert Dubenezic David Limbaugh wrote a book back in 2010 about all the things the Obama administration had done along the lines of "we have to pass the bill so you can see what's in it." Back then, I was amazed at how many such things had already come and gone. It shocked me how many of them I'd already forgotten.

Now, things like Harry Reid taking to the Senate floor to tell a blatant lie (which did remind me of the time Pelosi called a news conference to lie about being briefed on waterboarding) just flow by without notice. The atrocities against truth by this administration are horrific. But it has been so bad, and such a constant stream, that now it's just "normal."

The president says, "the attack on the Libyan embassy was about a video" and "I don't know how much the national debt is" and nothing. 

I'll bet all of them put together didn't get as much air time as "Read my lips" got when Bush 41 agreed to raise the tax on luxury items. 
"my healthcare plan will bring down premiums by $2,500." Lie #7
Lance G
I know right? +Chris Rehm . Only a freedom hating big gubment progressive believes a 13,000+ bill (what Obamakare is at currently), adding layers upon layers of beauracracy and 169 new federal agencies will bring down the costs of healthcare.

On top of that, we're now taxed for just sitting on our couch.
"my housing program will save 9 million families from forclosure."
Lie #8
Come on Obamabots, you are weak as hell today.  Lets talk about the foreign affairs.  
Romney is just trying to please whomever he thinks will get him elected.  Remember the 47%????  If Romney gets elected our whole country will go down the drain with a president who can't make up his mind.... Obama kept his word on everything that he was going to do and did it.  Why do the Republicans blame Obama for everything!!! It was George Bush who got our country into such deep a hole, and Obama is doing his best to get us out.
The only truthful thing obama has said, is that if he didn't get the economy fixed in 3 years, "I am looking at a 1 term proposition."
+Robert Dubenezic I was going to say we should start a web side called and allow people to submt and vote on their favorite Obama lie, but the domain name is taken and private. 

But I am wondering how high the list would go and what would be the "favorite."
Welcome to the party +Elyssa Hofgard Fasten your seatbelt.  Just start reading the lies, one by one, that +Robert Dubenezic is pointing out.  You might want to run back to the Obamaland you came from
If Woodward were 40 years younger, he'd be reporting on Obama.  Obama and Nixon have in common things like an exaggerated sense of self importance and a willingness to ignore the law and the constitution.
Obama never says anything that will help him get elected.  Only Romney.  LOL
I just saw a Commercial where Romney calls China "cheaters" and says he "will put an end to that" Didn't Addleson make most of that money in his Macau, China Casino? One more word, Baine. loyalty and Leadership... Really?
Its funny how some people dont realize that this country will be HORRIBLE If Obama gets re- elected. But I guess people are only worried about not being able to sit on their bums and do nothing all day. 
+Elyssa Hofgard You don't call 9% unemployment down the drain? You must be awfully young or been living under a BIG rock!
"we couldn't have possibly known how bad it was." Lie #9
+Jim Clark 1988, Obama was voted editor of the Harvard Law review, and later became its President in his 2nd year.  From 1992 to 2004, Barack taught Constitutional law for 12 years, as Professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Simultaneously, he also worked as Attorney at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a firm specializing in neighborhood economic development and civil rights litigation, and later as counsel from 1996 to 2004. In 1992, Obama was founding member of the board of directors of Public Allies Chicago. From 1994 to 2002, he served on the board of directors at the Woods Fund of Chicago and was also on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002.
Between 1995 and 2002, Barack was also on the board of directors of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and as Chairman and Founding President of the same board of directors between 1995 and 1999. Additionally, Barack was also a member of the board of directors of Lugenia Burns Hope Center; the Center for Neighborhood Technology; and the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996. During his time in Springfield, he passed the first major ethics reform in 25 years, cut taxes for working families, and expanded health care for children and their parents. Elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004, he reached across the aisle to pass the farthest-reaching lobbyist reform in a generation, lock up the world’s most dangerous weapons, and bring transparency to government by tracking federal spending online.

consummate public servant till this day..
Is bush/cheney running for pres./vp again? I didn't know.
+Steven Meadows funny how he tramples the Constitution for a guy that supposedly taught it.  FAIL
Personally, I think bill clinton wants obama to lose so she can run in 2016.  She can't be seen/heard promoting his policies.
Lance G
+Brian Lougheed. Nice try, but +Warren Dew and I have already debunked the lie about the "wars not in the budgets". Did I say budgets? Someone call Harry Reid!
Lance G
Oh and the mythical Clinton surpluses too. Lol.
+Brian Lougheed There was plenty of outrage and disgust at the national debt. But, Bush's biggest spending years didn't occur until the end of his presidency (when he wasted billions on crazy stimulus spending! what kind of nutty plan is that?)

The problem, +Brian Lougheed is that you weren't listening to what conservatives didn't like about Bush, you were too busy vilifying him for things like being tough on national security. You kept saying how his tough attitude was going to make us less safe in the middle east. 

The way you guys talked you would think that our embassies were burning and our ambassadors being murdered or something. 
+Robert Dubenezic That has been a speculation for ages and it may be exactly right!  In retrospect, Hillary would have been a better choice than Obama in my opinion.
bill clinton at least saw that he needed to move to the center.  All obama knows if hard left.  I may be wrong, but I don't think hillary is a hard left person.
+Robert Dubenezic Clinton may have a tougher time running now. She is head of the State Department and it's her embassies that are burning and her ambassador who was murdered. If/when she runs, the questions that Obama isn't asked now will certainly come up. 

Working for Obama may have weakened her position for running. 
+Joe Hullett Your allegations are ground for impeachment, you should run your fact based findings down to the house and senate Republicans immediately. 

FOX news, for entertainment purposes only!
"I will lift 2 million american's from poverty, and jolt our economy back to life."

Lie #10
+Steven Meadows Actually Obama was only a senior lecturer at University of Chicago, a non tenure track position.  After he became rich and famous, the university said he "served as" a professor, but that could be said of any lecturer, since they all teach classes.
Obama taught Constitutional law for 12 years, as Professor at the University of Chicago Law School?
By the way, where ARE Obama's college records and why would he think they need to be sealed from the world? Don't you wonder what's there he doesn't want anyone to see?
Mitt Romney is the man ready to lead America!
If you begin to type obama on google, it immediately jumps to "obama's failed promises".  

Go figure.
I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
When the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone
- Green Day
obama=feee stuff.  Romney=work for a living.  Easy choice.
Come on Obamabots, can we talk about foreign affairs yet?  Please?
+Marty D'Arcy 
He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track.
+Joe Hullett Shall we sit around the campfire and discuss our Middle East embassies?
"from the information we have so far, this was a spontaneous attack."  All about a movie trailer.  Lie #11
Well +Carla Moon , better get out what you can.  At this rate, SS will be broke in about 10 years.
Didn't think you Obamabots wanted to talk about the pandering your beloved Pansy-in-Chief has shown in the middle east.  Yeah, EPIC FAIL
I would end social security retirement as a mandatory deduction.  I would give people the choice to pay into SS or keep the money and let them decide how to save/invest it.  Or blow it all.
Put our senator, and congress persons back into the same system as SS and you will see it heal over night.
I can tell you this +Joe Hullett  Now that I know Obama couldn't keep ONE embassy safe, how do we think he can keep America safe?
Anyone remember the underwear bomber?  He got all the way to detroit after the guy's father warned us of him.
I like Romney's plan for getting a choice, +Robert Dubenezic  Wish we had that plan years ago and we wouldn't be facing SS bankrupsy. I would have preferred to save my retirement in a private fund
Fail miserably and then cover it up by blatantly lying to the American people.  By 5 different tools.  Obama, Clinton, Rice, Carney and Gibbs. 
+Bill Thick, Jr. Salon?? What the hell are you talking about? I don't have a salon!!!!! LOL  And yes, I made a error, I meant Gaddafi. Just noticed, lol, in any event, he and Bin Laden are credited to Obama. Bush can have Saddam.

+Robert Dubenezic keep believing what you want, he's not going to win the presidency, Obama 2012
So which +Jenni Buccio is this?  Did the last one punt and call you to save the name?  LMAO
Wow +Jenni Buccio !  What a surprise!  You have changed your HAIR colour!  Amazing!  Was that colour service free for you?
+Chris Cecil You may have an exaggerated idea of how many are still supporting Ron Paul.  Only 4% say they are voting for "some other candidate", and half of those are supporting Jill Stein.
Acts of Terrorism will now be called Man Made Disasters!  LMAO
+Marty D'Arcy is that all you have? No more lies about President Obama??? Probably not, since I will demolish them!!!
Nope, the same lame +Jenni Buccio from today.  Go get the one from last week, she was fun to battle with.
Global War on Terror, is now called Overseas Contingency Operation. 

You can't make this sh_t up!
+Joe Hullett there is NO GOD!!! You cling to a myth, then come here to attempt at logic!!
There you go you arrogant little self serving ....
So +Jenni Buccio  Please enlighten us on your view of your precious administrations foreign policies.
+Robert Dubenezic when you assume, you assume to make an ass of yourself. No one believes him to be a "god", that's your distorted perception! However, he is qualified to resume being president, and come November, you'll be choking on all those words you just wrote. :D
obama thinks foreign policy is something you buy from geico.
Only 44 more days till we can lame duck this abject failure of a president.
If you can't run a good presidential campaign, how can you run a country?
LOL, FAIL +Jenni Buccio The one I battled with last week could type 5 paragraphs in the time it took you to make one simple insult.  The jig is up, you are a tool.
Obama thinks an American Embassy is a hotel chain.
Wonder whyyyyy mentally ill people are ridiculed by society when "Bible" believing nut jobs believe in an imaginary "creator", talk to it, pray to it and even have visions from it!!! Talk about insanity!!!
Hey, aren't you people supposed to rely on "Him" to fulfill all your needs??? Maybe he's failed so miserably that now, you must rely on this Mitt character!!!
Mentally ill.  Bill Maher won't like you calling him that.
You may be 100% +Joe Hullett .  Maybe Miss Buccio is all copy and paste!  She seems to have lost track of the conversation.
+Joe Hullett I retired to GA because of the weather..The economy is missing three key ingrediants 1). Congress to spur growth, 2). Real Estate market (Overhaul Fannie & Freddie) and 3). Global Market (Turmoil in Europe).

All depends on democrat lead congress and/or by partisan support...
LOL, I see I'm famous on the Mitt threads, oh, the dependency!!! Dependency is BAD, remember!!!
I gotta go for a while.  Keep up the fight, you got em on their heels...
It's sad that people who preach treating people as equals, tend to HATE religion in general and the people that associate themselves with it. Hypocrisy. Eat your words. 
+Steven Meadows Granted, Georgia IS nice for weather, Steven. But the economy is no better in GA. as it is any place in America now.  In some ways it is worse actually
+Marty D'Arcy I'm amply employed...There are plenty of jobs out there provided one has the credentials. The problem is lots of were lost and will never come back. Business have learned to do without due to the downturn, unless  training is encouraged for new jobs and/or incentive to business to bring jobs back from overseas.
The president is improving education (and some need it real bad on this thread) he is looking to reduce poverty (like in the south for example) he is looking to create sustainable growth, a robust political, economic and financial system. Four more years!!!!
Welcome to fantasy island, where Obama is a god, and Romney pays no taxes. 
+Jenni Buccio Why do you refer only to the South when you mention poverty?  You need to travel around a bit more.
Miss Buccio is a very disturbed individual. She will probably explode after Romney wins the presidency. Why is it most liberals I know are very, very, very angry people? And empty, hollow and sad? I would guess it is because they only seem to care about themselves. Where as most conservatives are trying to protect something for future generations.
How reckless to believe that this country's issue stand still. Everyone should know that the economy is volatile, no one controls that, it changes, as the world markets change!!! There is a need to distinguish between trends and a series of unfortunate events. Use thinking skills!! Can anyone really say *how* Romney plans to do things differently??? Really, Washington works only two ways, Democratic or Republican. 
How dare Boeing try to open a factory in South Carolina.  Those jerks!   

Silly NLRB.
+Jenni Buccio  Poverty rate used to be below $16,000 a year. Census Bureau data released Tuesday September 13, 2011, the nation's poverty rate rose to 15.1% (46.2 million) in 2010,[2] up from 14.3% (approximately 43.6 million) in 2009 and to its highest level since 1993. So poverty is UP more than ever and $23,000 is considered poverty now
+Marty D'Arcy according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the Southern states are the poorest!
I guess so, +Jenni Buccio  since Obama has been allowing to let industry in the South die....take for instance the off shore drilling he won't allow.  THAT is in the South!
Donated Today! First Time I've Ever Donated To ANY Candidate! I BELIEVE In The Come Back Team!

Romney/Ryan 2012

Southern Women For Mitt!

And Cowboys Won!!! It's Going To Be A GREAT Week!!!
+Marty D'Arcy moving to more energy efficient methods is best. For every 3 barrels, 1 is used to extract oil. Not very cost efficient. 

I don't share his beliefs, but, I share most of his policies +Robert Dubenezic, his beliefs have no weight in my voting for him, nor should they.
+Jenni Buccio And not very labor friendly either, Miss Buccio! It's no wonder the unemployment rate is as high as it will be higher next reporting!  PLUS I haven't even mentioned that Obama promised to break the coal industry in the South.  Maybe you would like to chat with the former coal employees about that.
I have a job to do as president, and that does not involve convincing folks that my faith in Jesus is legitimate and real. Faith can express itself in people in many ways, and I think it is important that we not make faith alone a barometer of a person's worth, value, or character.
+Kevin Moses I'm glad reasonable gays still exist.  The last few years, it seems like I've only been hearing from the obnoxious ones.  Thanks!
Ah yes the coal industry. The US produces a lot of that +Marty D'Arcy but it's running out!! The US is barely mining the high quality coal. Plus we are getting less energy from it. 
ahhh, +Jenni Buccio  You mean continue to support companies like Solyndra to the tune of millions of dollars that can now NEVER be repaid?  I think not.
+Thomas Owens Bailing out gargantuan companies like GM in the hopes that it will trickle down to ordinary people would be a prime example of "trickle down economics", right?  Fortunately Romney opposed Obama's doing that, and prefers to cut middle class tax rates directly - no trickle down required.
Anyway, I had fun, have to go, sadly! See you all in the next time, on the, Mitt thinks he can be president soap opera!!! lol

+Marty D'Arcy let's stop "dependency" on inefficient energy and look to Natural gas. The US doesn't have an infrastructure for it and gov. intervention is required. The ratio is 15:1, better than oil!!!! 
Let's stop the wasteful spending all together, +Jenni Buccio .  America will be better off for it.
I should have figured it out.  She lives in California.  Which is just as broke as America.
I rebut her comments with fact and then does the ol' two step.  
"I don't share his beliefs".  But i'll be happy to defend them.
Did I just call Jenni Buccio a SHE?  Could be a HE for all we know.  Seems to be several different people each day. Possibly typing from a script. Who knows? Just an Obamabot as they call him/her.
I don't really care.  She ran away like a typical liberal when presented with fact.  She mocked the christian faith and then when I show a picture of obama praying in a church she then says "I don't share his views".

You can't have it both ways.  Whoever he/she is.
+Thomas Owens Pretty sure it's the left that are the mindless scared sheep - Obama's not even knowing whether Egypt is an ally is certainly pretty mindless, and they must be scared to resort to unconstitutional drone assassinations of American citizens.
+Jenni Buccio Oh, there are definitely people who want to suppress freedom - for example, the president who signed into law imprisonment without trial, who keeps a "kill list" without due process, and who orders assassinations of U.S. citizens.  His name?  Obama.
I have read about 1/4 of the post on here and all I have seen see the same ole bs that is see all of the time. "It this ones fault no its this ones fault." If the people of this country do not wake up we are all doomed! This is the problem folks we have a government that is failing us. And no one can see that
<Hears her dinner bell! later ya'll!
+Mitch Stokely Romney has always said he would repeal Obamacare and replace it with his own plan.  It's just that the press has always ignored the "replace it" part.

Incidentally, Romney's plan is to leave details up to the states, while facilitating market based solutions.  Key specifics are:

- Putting individually purchased health insurance on the same tax basis as employer purchased insurance, which will be fairer and provide more flexibility for the states

- Capping malpractice awards to cut back on the skyrocketing costs of defensive medicine

- Ensuring that people can't be refused for preexisting conditions if they've maintained continuous coverage, to avoid the bogus methods of dropping coverage in some states such as California

- Allowing interstate competition in health care, taking advantage of market forces to limit costs.

Most of that is stuff that Obamacare failed to do anyway.  And Romney laid it all out at least as far back as March.
+David White Ryan actually wants to change social security to put all of the rest of us into the same retirement system as senators and congressmen.  That sounds pretty reasonable to me.
That's some scary music you've got there, Mittens. 
+Jenni Buccio More energy efficiency would be great, I agree.  Pity Obama decided to delay the requirement for SUVs to meet automobile fuel efficiency standards.  Gotta let GM keep building gas guzzlers as long as the government owns shares, eh, Obama?
+Marty D'Arcy we live in Global economic environment, the economy of yesterday has been gone. The global economy is in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. What began as a financial crisis when the U.S. housing market turned sour has now expanded into a global meltdown, wiping away trillions of dollars of financial wealth, drying up liquidity, weakening consumer and business confidence, leading to negative economic growth, increasing unemployment, and spreading economic malaise globally.
I say get Chicago out of Washington and clamp down heavily on organized crime and public corruption.
+Jenni Buccio Agreed..Romney becomes weaker and weaker the more people know more about him. He has a well-documented history of flip-flopping, and connecting with voters. His own party isn’t even enthusiastic about him and have begin distancing themselves. Big donors are gradually shying away from losing venture, so how can anyone expect voters to get excited about him?
+Brian Ferguson  Mitt Romney has single-handedly ruined any chances of becoming president. You look at the way Mitt Romney has conducted this campaign, the kind of candidate he has been so far, and you start to wonder why the family dog didn’t tie him to the top of the station wagon.
+Warren Dew my friendly Republican supporter! Kudos to President Obama, for taking a step in the right direction! Now Mitt there, he opposes such energy efficiency measures, saying it's "meddlesome"! That's real intelligent reasoning. :x

This from a man that plans to make the US energy independent!

Wouldn't trust those words from a party that is anti-environmental, that base their opposition on conspiracy theories and scientific illiteracy! :D

PS: I amended my error Warren, in case ya didn't notice :p
+Brian Ferguson Romney told hid donors the campaign was using his wife, Ann, “sparingly ... so that people don't get tired of her.” And he admits that the president remains popular with many voters, which makes attacking him difficult.

We need Romney to win in November.
+Steven Meadows I beg to differ as there is somehow a smoking gun Romney is holding onto.  The station wagon gig  was just fooling around, heck me and my buddies used to drive backwards and watch the other drivers in amazement. *Driving backwards is illegal and I don't condone this behavior especially if it's not on a closed track so that's my disclaimer.
+Brian Ferguson Mitt Romney will have to reinvent himself once again, flip/flop and this time as a likeable, sympathetic guy undeserving of voters!
+Jenni Buccio You might want to reread my comment.  Obama is actually discouraging energy efficiency by increasing the regulatory advantage SUVs have over automobiles.  They're basically forcing everyone to buy gas guzzling SUVs, instead of bringing the SUV rules in line with the automobile rules and letting people choose without interference.
Romney is the BEST we need him as President! 
+Brian Ferguson Given Romney's history stumbling and falling over his own feet, he'd shot himself in the head...I'd take that smoking gun away from him, he will hurt himself.
+Steven Meadows I think he tried but with so many scandals still blooming it's hard to understand how Romney can't win at this juncture sans the paid cheerleaders at the rallies etc. People wanted the wars to stop only to find that the Clinton's were pushing for more and with a very unwelcome standing in the rest of the world lately it's hard for most of the public not to see the bloat and cronies reaping benefits out of their appointments.  People need some positive change.
+Steven Meadows The current economic crisis is the worst since the great depression largely because of Obama's economic policies that caused the recession to deepen and last longer than it should have in the largest economy in the world.  If we're ever going to get out of the current economic fix, we're going to need to get rid of Obama in order to do it.
+Steven Meadows. Given Romney's history of stumbling....... Let's see. He saved the Winter Olympic Games, he is successful to the tune of more than $200 million from his businesses and he has been a fairly successful Govenor.

Now let's compare that to a community organizer's current record. Didn't help Chicago pull out their Olympic bid, didn't turn the recession around with any policy changes, didn't bring peace to the Middle East, and didn't change the World's views on our country.

Yaa. I will take Romney"s stumbling over Obama's bumbling.
+Steven Meadows Like Obama's stumbling over calling the terror attack we received on 9/11: it was caused by a video.... no, it was a  terror attack, no... it was the video.  That smoking gun is still smoking.
"!I Couldn't Agree Anymore With Team Mitt&Paul Yeah2012!"
"!Mitt Romney Is Clearly The Better Choice!"
+Marty D'Arcy I think it was the canadian constitution he was studying/teaching not the U.S.  Canada has socialized medicine too.
Personally I don't care if Mitt is worth millions if he like many Dems made the money within the scope of the law then so be it but it's those who hang with the Clinton clan that turn my stomach.  Obama would have been far better off without them.
"!The truth always come out just like Obama four years of lies!"But i really do believe that Mitt Romney will & can get america moving quicker!"vs Obama last four years!" 
+Robert Dubenezic It could have been, Robert. I was replying to +Steven Meadows re: his post about Obama's background. I did not affirm his post was correct. I only said it would be nice if Obama would release his college records. You'll need to ask Mr. Meadows about it.
Actually, I find it odd that I couldn't direct my replies to Steven Meadows.  Most of his comments didn't even show on my thread. I found them much later.  maybe he has deleted them.
From the people who brought you cash for clunkers, we have a new program called cash for votes!   

The entire obama campaign is built on emotion and not on fact.  Obama is hoping you'll forget his record on what he has/hasn't done, and vote for him based on what he says he'll do with another 4 years.  

It's a campaign based on hype.  It's just like TV networks who will only show you fast paced or a funny highlight teaser clip to promote a show to get you to watch it.  Then when you do watch the show it's a big disappointment, and you'll never watch again.  

Obama is counting on people to forget the last 4 seasons of his show and play for you a slightly different teaser clip of the next 4 seasons to get you to watch again.  
Let's face it neither Bush or Obama could part with the media influence that has plagued both administrations and quite frankly that scares me as it seems more profound now that without a doubt Rupert Murdoch apparently owns Homeland Security and that covers two parties not just those who think the GOP was a Fox News buddy as clearly those who engage in pension collecting and not having any experience whatsoever in terms of National Security are the ones entrusted with our nation's security seems as if it's a sad slap in the face to the public.
The hooray for me and the hell with you the public has gotten from administrations going as far back as Reagan needs to end and if Romney can introduce a new generation of bloat cutback and prioritizing our security then I'm all for it as it stands four more means 15 trillion more.
Winter Olympics, almost failed under Romney, he couldn't conjure up more investors, so what did he do? He asked for welfare from the government. He was successful at making his fortune from vulnerable businesses. But, that's venture capitol, it's in the business to make exactly that, fortune.  He once described himself as, "driven by a core economic credo, that capitalism is a form of creative destruction.” 

He went on a fee-binge, taxing and double taxing his state. Some 33 fees were created and 57 increased fees. He implemented a "Investment tax Credit", no surprise!!

He had little impact on the Mass. economy, according to Economist. His unemployment was slightly worse than the rest of the country. Mass. improved only when they had a large exodus from the state.

He told NY Times "“you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye” , wrong, it's alive!

And on, and on, etc. :D
Does anyone understand what the hell +Brian Ferguson just typed?  I don't have my secret gibberish decoder ring with me.
+Jenni Buccio Where are your sources for that last Romney olympics comment?  Let me guess, media matters, huff post, daily kos.  What crap you type.
+Robert Dubenezic it's not "crap" you ignorant! Look up "Romney Olympics required federal bailout"!!! Since you don't want my sources, I was actually going to provide the BBC as a source, but I'll let you pick anyone from that search!
+Robert Dubenezic It goes like this Napolitano is on Fox, another is head of Homeland Insecurity, the media is so far embedded in the political spectrum they spew garbage daily making it harder for anyone to make an informed decision as well as a little personal knowledge in the leak area so it happened to come along as a media ruse that Joe the Plumber was promoted. What's so hard about understanding that?
I'm ignorant?  You should read your own comments.  LMAO.
 Despite the initial fiscal shortfall, the Games themselves ended up clearing a profit of $100 million.  PROFIT
+Brian Ferguson I surrender.  I have no idea what your point is.  "another is head of homeland insecurity".  Ya got me, with that one.
+Robert Dubenezic Nobody is ignorant, just misinformed.  I suggest all who takes the media to heart on any subject matter completely void themselves of the media opinion as they are in it for the money but this time our country is really in the dumper so keeping toilet economics versus another's offer of true change, my money is on change.  I may not get rich but future generations need some stability setup now and that doesn't mean adding more to the debt.
HA! This coming from the guy who had to compete hard against Newt Gingrich.
+Bryan Kennedy Newt Gingrich happens to be a Mitt Romney supporter if you haven't noticed lately. He has been on interviews for several weeks backing Romney. 
+Robert Dubenezic To clarify my point a little more carefully, as a nation we need to get the media influence out of politics altogether.  I can't imagine the sleaze factor in the UK pertaining to Murdoch's rampant hacking scandal not to mention any violations of our laws none of us may be aware of.
+Brian Ferguson 1. I don't recall my parents ever voting.

2. I have only voted Democrat once.  Bill Clinton was running for the first time in 1992.  I quickly realized what a huge mistake I had made and I have voted Republican ever since.  I have been a registered Republican since I was 18.

No offense taken, but you imagined wrong.
"!To much time has gone by already america with obama around!"I just can't see anther four more years happening!"
+Jenni Buccio This is what I found on Wikipedia.  I wouldn't have a problem if obama and congress spent 400 million on the olympics.  The ROI would be triple, possibly quadruple.  

You assume (your word) I think the Gov't shouldn't spend money at all.  I believe Gov't has a role in our lives, albeit a very small one.

When the offer came for him to take over the troubled organization for the 2002 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, to be held in Salt Lake City in Utah, she urged him to take it; eager for a new challenge, as well as another chance to prove himself in public life, he accepted.[145][146][147] On February 11, 1999, Romney was hired as the president and CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games of 2002.[148]
Before Romney took the position, the event was running $379 million short of its revenue benchmarks.[148] Plans were being made to scale back the Games to compensate for the fiscal crisis, and there were fears they might be moved away entirely.[149] The Games had also been damaged by allegations of bribery against top officials including prior committee president and CEO Frank Joklik. Joklik and committee vice president Dave Johnson were forced to resign.[150] Romney was chosen by Utah figures looking for someone with expertise in business and law and with connections to the state and the LDS Church.[147] The appointment faced some initial criticism from non-Mormons, and fears from Mormons, that it represented cronyism or gave the Games too Mormon an image.[41] Romney and his wife contributed $1 million to the Olympics, and he donated to charity the $1.4 million in salary and severance payments he received for his three years as president and CEO.[151]
Romney revamped the organization's leadership and policies, reduced budgets, and boosted fundraising, alleviated the concerns of corporate sponsors and recruited many new ones.[145][147] Romney worked to ensure the safety of the Games following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks by coordinating a $300 million security budget.[146] Overall, he oversaw a $1.32 billion budget, 700 employees, and 26,000 volunteers.[148] The federal government provided between approximately $400 million[147][152][153] and $600 million[154][155] of that budget, much of it a result of Romney's having aggressively lobbied Congress and federal agencies.[155][156] It was a record level of federal funding for the staging of a U.S. Olympics.[153][156] An additional $1.1 billion of indirect federal funding came in the form of highway and transit projects.[157]
Romney emerged as the public face of the Olympic effort, appearing in photographs, in news stories, on Olympics pins depicting a superhero Romney wrapped by an American flag, and on buttons carrying phrases like "Hey, Mitt, we love you!"[145][147] Robert H. Garff, the chair of the organizing committee, later said that "It was obvious that he had an agenda larger than just the Olympics,"[145] and that Romney wanted to use the Olympics to propel himself into the national spotlight and a political career.[147][158] Garff believed the initial budget situation was not as bad as Romney portrayed, given there were still three years to reorganize.[147] Utah Senator Bob Bennett said that much of the needed federal money was already in place and an analysis by The Boston Globe stated that the committee already had nearly $1 billion in committed revenues.[147] Olympics critic Steve Pace, who led Utahns for Responsible Public Spending, thought Romney exaggerated the initial fiscal state in order to lay the groundwork for a well-publicized rescue.[158] Kenneth Bullock, another board member of the organizing committee and also head of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, often clashed with Romney at the time, and later said that Romney deserved some credit for the turnaround but not as much as he claimed:[145] Bullock said: "He tried very hard to build an image of himself as a savior, the great white hope. He was very good at characterizing and castigating people and putting himself on a pedestal."[147]
Despite the initial fiscal shortfall, the Games themselves ended up clearing a profit of $100 million.[159] Romney was praised for his efforts by President George W. Bush[27] and his performance as Olympics head was rated positively by 87 percent of Utahns.[160] It solidified his reputation as a "turnaround artist"[147][161][162] and Harvard Business School taught a case study based around his actions.[68] He wrote a book about his experience titled Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games, published in 2004. The role gave Romney experience in dealing with federal, state, and local entities, a public persona he had previously lacked, and the chance to relaunch his political aspirations.[145] He was mentioned as a possible candidate for statewide office in both Massachusetts and Utah, and also as possibly joining the Bush administration.[146][163][164]
+Robert Dubenezic No offense meant either.  I say go with what you know and if it isn't working then we need to change it.  Personally the government in my opinion is so over bloated with waste and abuse it's scary so I'm for giving Romney a try and if that doesn't work there's four years to change it.
yet the Republicans are the ones who want less gun control....
I want people to be able to defend themselves.  What's wrong with that?
@All Gary Johnson FTW! He's the only candidate that has said he would repeal NDAA which allows the incarceration of any American citizen without due process. He'll legalize free cancer medication and allow US citizens the room to stand on their own. Romney wants to lock-up every intellectual and poor person in the country so that big business can stuff the rest of you into Chinese-like dorm factories to work for pennies. Mitt Romney isn't even a logical choice.
+stuart stewart Good. I agree with Gary Johnson, but Romney has his own healthcare plan and I like his plan better, Stuart.
ummmm... okay, that makes no sense. If they won't even listen to his ideas, how is the government supposed to work together as a team? Seriously guys... people just need to suck up their pride and cooperate.
There are non-lethal alternatives to self-defense.
oh, you mean romney's CURRENT health care plan.
Obamacare is not your biggest worry. Look up FEMA Camps all across America that look like high tech prisons designed to keep people in, not out. Look at how many Executive orders have been written by passing Congress. Look at the Federal Reserve printing money unlimited to hold the economy up until the election. We owe 16 Trillion dollars, but did you know that 5trillion are borrowed from the Federal Reserve which is not run by the Federal Govt. No one seems to know who owns it. And now our leader has told them to print unlimited amounts of dollars with no limit. This will only further the destruction of the dollar. Two years ago I heard the Govt, would soon be bypassing Congress on all important issues with Executive orders. 
+stuart stewart Sorry, Stuart, Romney's health plan is quite different.  Check out Romney's website to find the facts.
I cant agree with someone who agrees with the murder of innocent children.
The only problem I see with the Romney campaign is it feels like the McCain campaign all over again.  McCain refused to go after obama hard on his associations with Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers and his lack of experience in anything.  

Romney needs to step it up.  Especially now that obama has a (failing) record to attack.  I say declare open season on obama, and go after him hard.  You can't take anything for granted.
+stuart stewart You seem to be copying Liberal snide remarks regarding religion, Clarence. I don't feel there are needs for that here, do you?
+Jenni Buccio Sources?  Sure.  Obama's CAFE requirements can be found at the following government link:

If you look at table A.1, you'll see that passenger cars are currently, through 2016, required to get 25% better gas mileage than equivalent "trucks", which includes SUVs as well as pickup trucks.  However, by the end of the period covered by the table, 2025, passenger cars will have to get 50% better gas mileage than SUVs.  In fact, SUVs will still be allowed to have worse gas mileage at the end of the period than passenger cars have at the beginning.

Worse yet from an environmental standpoint, Obama's requirements allow larger cars to guzzle more gas, instead of making the manufacturers average over their entire fleet as has been the case in the past.  Now, a manufacturer that concentrates on large SUVs will only have to get half the fuel efficiency of a manufacturer that concentrates on small cars.  This will encourage manufacturers to drop smaller, more fuel efficient models in favor of manufacturing larger, less fuel efficient, and not incidentally more profitable models.

The whole thing amounts to a second bailout for the most poorly managed of the auto manufacturers, while penalizing the auto manufacturers that tried to stay ahead of the curve on fuel efficiency.  It's basically a betrayal of the environmental movement by Obama.  Even Bush's proposal, which would at least have unified the requirements for SUVs and passenger cars, would have been better for the environment.
please don't make fun of Mitt Romney's beliefs. I am a Mormon as well, and saying things like "magic Underwear" is really offensive to me. He is just reminding himself the promises he's made to God. 
+James Nelson Gary Johnson wants to "legalize free cancer medication"?  Does "free" mean "paid by the taxpayer" here?
Obama is in a hotel somewhere figuring out how to accuse Romney of murder again.
Ill take the Mormon over the Moron. Go Romney 
+Al Scott The attacks on our embassies were coordinated across multiple countries on the anniversary of Al Qaeda's attacks on 9/11.  The attackers in Libya were well coordinated and had automatic rifles and rocket propelled grenades.

This was clearly a terrorist attack against our inadequately defended facilities.  The movie was an excuse, not a reason.  If the movie hadn't existed, the terrorists would have found some other excuse.
+Al Scott Actually, Obama's government purchased solar panels from the chinese, rather than one of the many bankrupt American solar panel companies obama wasted taxpayer money on.  And each one of those companies lost plenty of American jobs.
Yes, and Romney has the full support of his party..
Time to take the Senate and the White House. While we still have a country to conserve for our kids.
Veterans for Romney/Ryan!
Jordan Miller says Romney is right.
This administration is trying to put a vast majority of Americans on the dole. Then they can stay in power by telling people that if they vote against them they will be taking money out of their own pockets. It is a form of slavery. The American people will reject it.
Le parti est une famille politique mais le pays en est autre!
If Governor Romney can't stand up to extremists in his own party how can he stand up for America ?
Actually, it's Obama that gives me the impression that he thinks we are so far below him in understanding.
It's refreshing to hear that economic freedom, regulatory freedom, and individual responsibility will be rekindled under a Romney administration.  This march towards Statism under Obama is counter to American values and history.. and the burden of debt that Statism requires always ends in slavery of the masses to a small, politically powerful elite who purposely create a nation of dependents.  Look at Greece, for example. Or Zimbabwe.
Your own party breaks with you, Mitt. Some of the ads posted on your g+ account are full of bull. Why people believe them is a good question...
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