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Did you get an Easter bunny? Post your Easter #Mitsubishi shots to share some Easter love. 'Happy Easter' from us at Mitsubishi!
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"A weekend moving house proved that a lot could be crammed in the Mirage". What have you done to put your #Mirage 's versatility to the test? Check out this great review from 
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Our #Lancer line-up got some new family members - GSR Sportback and ES Sport Sedan. Which one would be your pick?
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What are your favourite characteristics of the #Outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle? Watch this video to find out more about the drive technologies. #PHEV Component Layout for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle)
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'Starlight' or 'Arctic Silver' - which colour does the #PHEV look best in? Click here for full colour range:
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My preference is the silver. It adds a touch of class ;)
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Please take regular breaks from driving if you go on a long road trip this weekend. Stay safe and have a 'Good Friday'! #Mitsubishi
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Carsguide: "A valuable day's testing - in which the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV shone." Sounds good to us.
Full review: #mitsubishi #PHEV #ChangeYourView
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"Could there ever be a scenario of the #Outlander PHEV not starting due to a flat battery?" Send us your questions about the #PHEV and we'll answer them for you. #QnA
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Hi Kymberly, thanks for your questions and your interest. Electric range is a product of battery storage capacity for any given size and mass of vehicle. Lithium Ion batteries are relatively expensive and bulky so to add a very large battery would give a vehicle designer a range of other problems. Daily driving distances in Australia suggest that a high percentage of drivers finds a 50 km range suitable for their regular daily usage, and the range extending functionality of the PHEV hybrid driving modes, and battery charging modes allow for the other usage with no compromise in driver convenience.

Fast charging capability is most suitable for (pure) Battery Electric Vehicles which rely solely on battery power from the grid for their driving functionality and do not have hybridisation to enable range extension. Fast Charger functionality adds significant cost to the vehicle and it wouldn’t make economic sense to impose this cost to the customers of a hybrid model. In Australia there are very limited CHAdeMO compliance fast chargers and only a handful of these are also available to the general public.
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The world's first plug-in hybrid SUV has hit specialist Dealer showrooms. Book your ‪#‎PHEV‬ test drive now. ‪#‎ChangeYourView‬
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Hi there, unfortuntely, we had to limit it to Australia due to licensing rights.
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When would the #PHEV be running on electric power and when on petrol fuel? Check out this video to learn about the three driving modes. 
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Pretty  ugly
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