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Share This With Your Friends So World Know What Is Linux & Its Power

Next time when you meet some people who said Linux is just 1%
Show them this amazing 40 Facts about +Linux and give the following link That Show the Power Of Linux & Open Source

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+Yvan Da Silva Thanks now a days most of people don't know what is linux and some of them know is only limited like linux is just 1% so i made this album to tell those people Linux is not just 1% its more than only in Desktops
+saichaitanya potti thanks and you just add me can you tell me which circle is right for you i have Android Web-Developer Debian Redhat ArchLinux & Linux Army circle
any 1 is better...!!coz am gonna develop an android game this summer as my project..!!!
I'm More Surprised With Linux Fact 35

If Microsoft invest those $421 million to improve his security then Linux has good competitor in servers and its always good for us to make Linux much better if we have strong competitor
+Brendan Lesser Sorry its not the right post to test your keyboard is work or not so i remove your comments ;-(
+Josh Carr Google use linux powered servers so why do you can't delete your google + profile?
The funny thing is... people who are deep in Linux know all this (most of, at least) already, and those who are not - don't care (and don't need to) :)
They often do care, but they are told that linux has no aplications, is dificult to use and such.
Check out ultimate edition 3.2. ( on sourceforge 32 + 64 )
+Daniel Jeřábek, it doesn't help to know all those facts for regular office/internet user - as they can use Linux, Windows or Mac OS and wouldn't really notice a difference, and this is major share of all users. Linux is out of question for most gamers or professional designers/photographers/video editors too - they prefer either Windows or Mac OS, and the reason is exactly lack of applications (comparable in quality, usability and features).
+Abe Chaoub Try something else than Gentoo and similiar distributions. Installing Arch linux might be hell for regular user, but Ubuntu is all about double clicking and you don't even know there is something like terminal.
+Abe Chaoub As +Daniel Jeřábek said in ubuntu you don't need to open terminal every time when you want to install s/w and configure some settings

Yes you can do all this with terminal but in ubuntu you have graphical application for that so choose which one you want to use
It doesn't mention Linus is a megalomaniac ... or does it? Honestly I didn't really read it.
+Matthew Riches The Linux guest on a ps3 could never touch the real host. There was too much visualization in the way... or so I read while I was writing a report on console forensic for uni... can you cite your info?
+Matthew Bayliss I believe that the problem was that it made it much easier to make the PS3 run system that could play copied games since you could boot your own OS.
+Daniel Jeřábek As +Matthew Bayliss points out, a linux system on a ps3 was severely hampered by virtualization. I think there was a way found around the pseudo-jail, but then the key made it's way to the internets and broke the ps3 wide open (if you wanted to look).
+Mally Juan Virtualisation* I was typing from a phone.

+Daniel Jeřábek As far as I was aware (and I'm plagiarising my own work severely). The PS3 OS was FreeBSD that'd been modified, and they only let you run other operating systems through their own "open platform" which was basically a virtual layer between the guest and host. Didn't that make the pirate game thing semi-impossible? because I never found anything in my research to suggest there was a way of bypassing it.

Any good articles on it?

[just read the above comment about the key, sorry :P]
uuuummm.....i didn't actually read this..but the penguins really cute :)
+Abe Chaoub But it has great interface. Most people don't do custom ROM builids. Also there is plenty to choose from, be it some minimalist WM, or fulfledged DE like Gnome, KDE, XFCE or Unity (which is actualy quite nice).
+Abe Chaoub Linux become much faster smarter and secure everyday

Try Latest Ubuntu and feel the difference ;-)
i do not understand:/ lol soooo so clueless
although informative, this slide show is somehow like "preaching to the believers". There are more unix based systems that have achieved a lot more and do have a larger market share yet they don't need slide shows to remind techies what they have achieved.
"Most people don't know these facts" perhaps because people don't want to know.
If PC Games are made to run on Linux flawlessly like they do on windows now... that would bring hoards of users to Linux.
Was the university of Helsinki no so good or is it Linus? At his age in 1991 and the development he achieved, I would have expected the appearance of another Bill Gates.
The cloud runs on Linux. Pretty much all of it.

Unfortunately, it seems forever doomed to be an also ran on the desktop, or consumer devices in general.
Frank M
It's what I've been "preaching" forever: "Use the right tool for the right job". On the desktop, the OS does not matter, it's the applications (including the user interface and games) and making sure that the average user breaks as little as possible.
On the server side, use whatever makes sense and gets the job done. To a large extent, GNU/Linux does exactly that, but there's still enough room for mainframes and other players.
Linux has already won. Microsoft battled linux desktops while letting apple in. In the meantime linux went around the back and completely blindsided everyone. It's now in everything and the IT world couldn't operate without it.
there's no comparism, i love all OS all equally..
Go Unix! Go Linux! Go OS X! Go iOS! Go Android! Go blackberry! Go television! Go life! Go Go Go! Epic Win! 
Thanks for sharing, good to know that Linux is growing much stronger than I think of!!
Jayce shut ur mouth ur a dude with a girls name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD LOL LOL LOL im laughing AT u not WITH u
+Katareena Parish are you sure it is a girls name, I think you don't know the 80's cartoon Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors I'm sure he is a dude.
+Darren Mansell, you say "It's now in everything and the IT world couldn't operate without it." - yeah, true, but the same is true for Windows (desktop domination) and Mac OS (graphics/design/video) as well. There are no real "winners" here - only tools which are right for specific tasks.
+Alexander Demenshin This not Microsoft vs Linux This post is for those windows users who see we are used Linux and trying to tell us Linux is just 1% so used windows they don't know what is Linux and its power and without any research its show up their knowledge about which one is good for us
Thanks for the information Mitesh ... Every Unix based system is meant to be :D
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