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"Chicago Distracted Driving Car Accident Attorneys"

Distracted driving is more than just texting or talking on a cell phone. Changing the radio, eating, and applying makeup are ALL dangerous distractions behind the wheel.

Are you staying focused? Visit our site to learn more.

#Chicago #Distracted #Driving

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"Types of Car Accidents"

Not all car accidents are created equal! Do you have proof that the negligent party was at fault?

#Chicago #Car #Accident

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"Why Defective Medical Products Make It to the Market"

How are devices meant to save lives making lives worse? Read our blog to learn more!

#Chicago #Defective #MedicalDevice

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"Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorneys"

Becoming injured at a crosswalk is WAY easier than most people think. Visit our site to learn more!

#Chicago # Pedestrian #Accident

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"Did a Business Fail to Keep You Safe As a Customer?"

Managers and shopkeepers have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers. Don't fall victim to someone else' negligence.

#chicago #premises #liability 

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"$53 Million Dollar Medical Malpractice Verdict For Baby Brain Damage"

This verdict is the largest of its kind in Cook County. However, the hospital filed for a mistrial before the jury entered judgment claiming misconduct by the claimant’s attorney.. Check out our blog for more info:

#medicalmalpractice #birthinjury #chicago

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"Park Ridge Sued For Negligence In Pedestrian Injury Case"

The plaintiffs have the option of appealing the findings of the jury, and if history is any indication, this may not be over yet. Check out our blog for more on this case:

#pedestrian   #personalinjury   #illinois  

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"FAQs About Illinois Truck Accidents"

After an individual has suffered a trucking accident, they may seek punitive damages as well as past and future wages lost from the inability to work. Check out our blog:

#truckaccident   #faqs   #illinois  

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"Federal Laws About Fatigued Truck Drivers"

Even though there is a “hours of service” rule all truck drivers must follow, fatigue accidents are still a major cause of all trucking accidents. Take a look at our blog:

#truckingaccident   #fatigue   #chicago  

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"Construction Worker Killed On-The-Job In Chicago Suburbs"

A load of beams fell off a support and onto the group of workers, injuring three and killing one. The worker’s company has been investigated before, due to practices in their other businesses. Check out our blog:

#wrongfuldeath   #osha   #chicago  
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