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Stormy Namibia Panoramic Landscape in Infrared

Another one for #africantuesday "Stormy Skies" theme. This is an 8 frame panoramic shot free hand in infrared along the quiet "middle of nowhere" roads of Namibia.

+Morkel Erasmus +Johan Swanepoel +African Tuesday

#stormyskies #monochromephotography #infraredphotography #panoramaphotography #panoramic #blackandwhitephotography
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+Mitchell Krog You should not tag us in the photo (I have cancelled mine) I just meant the tag (or mention) in the post itself. The way you did here is 100%. The names will just send me a notification. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Awesome - where'd you have it done?? Would love to do this myself.
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