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Q: Why Hurricane Sandy didn't cause damage to #upperwestside of    #manhattan

A: Rugged bluffs and rocky hills created through prehistoric glacial deposits that once descended directly to the Hudson River shore. They were densely wooded until 1846, when the Hudson River Railroad cut through the forested hillside.  #newyorkcityphotography #newyorkcity  
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Exactly- the areas hit hardest were basically at sea level!  Most persons do not realize how much of the destroyed areas were former marshes, wetlands and yep land fills!
Thanks Jim  Manhattan Island is a big hill. It was named by the native Indians  "Manhatta" Hilly Island. The highest point is Washington Heights where George Washington had his headquarters the lowest point is Battery Park City which was built from landfill sand from the Hudson river.
I am from NYC and worked in the Bronx for several years... The north end of Manhattan has the most hills..and of course the palisades.  In Brooklyn one of the highest points on Long Island is Sunset Park area overlooking NY Harbor.  Below 3rd Ave. In Brooklyn where the lower BQE is was mostly landfill down by bush terminal.
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