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Mitchell Friedman, EdD, APR
Leadership & Communication Skills Trainer, Professor
Leadership & Communication Skills Trainer, Professor


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55 of 58 for 58: Break it Down (Again and Again)
I think big. Sometimes too big. I let the scope of a project
get the better of me. It becomes too big, even overwhelming. I throw up my
hands in frustration. I give up. I’ve learned to take an alternate approach. I break it down.
Again and again. Into bite-...

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52 of 58 for 58: Take a Very Long View
Every day, I have many items on my to-do list. And rightfully so. Major responsibilities at work, for example, demand ongoing attention to details. There’s no alternative. You simply have to get stuff done.  And sometimes it makes sense to establish time-li...

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48 of 58 for 58: Sometimes, You Have to Take Off the Gloves and Fight Back
Sometimes you get pushed. Hard. Maybe just once. Maybe several times. Perhaps over a period of years.  You sit back and take it. You turn the other cheek. "You can't argue with irrational people," you say. "Besides, if I said or did anything they'd just ret...

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45 of 58 for 58: You Can Always Be Clearer
I aim to be as crystal clear as possible in my writing and speaking. I like to think I do a pretty good job. But as I repeatedly must learn, I can always do better. My best intentions don't matter. I cannot create a mind meld with intended audiences during ...

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43 of 58 for 58: Deal Only With Fears of Your Own Making
To date I’ve collected enough fears to last me for the rest of my life. While their most acute impacts have dissipated, I still experience them. There are the big existential ones: fears of growing old, being alone, and dying. Then there are the more mundan...

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42 of 58 for 58: Support Your Professional Association
I’ve belonged to more than 25 professional organizations over the course of my career. Why? I believe in supporting the associations that serve professions I claim to be a member of. Currently, that’s two. One is public relations . The other is teaching/con...

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What the Academic Literature Says about the Role of the Public Information Officer (PIO)
As I've noted in a blog post earlier this year, I've immersed myself in a study on the role of the Public Information Officer (PIO), particularly in emergency situations. To date, I've captured my research in two articles. One reviews academic literature on...

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40 of 58 for 58: Teach AND Do
I'm currently attending the Public Relations Society of America International Convention  in Austin, TX. I perked up when I heard a participant on a teaching panel said, “I teach technology. I’m also a practitioner who does technology. I have to do both.” S...

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39 of 58 for 58: Learn to Follow Instructions
Sometimes—heck, a lot of the time—you simply have to follow
instructions to get what you want. Take, for example, working towards an undergraduate
degree—or other advanced degrees. You simply cannot earn them if you can’t
or won’t follow instructions.   I’m...

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38 of 58 for 58: Get Out of Your Head
I have a propensity for living in my head. In fact, I’ve done it for most of my life. On the one hand, living in my head has served me well. I’ve
applied my brain power to succeed in school. I landed a series of jobs, and
clients, and in the process applied...
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