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+Google Glass needs to come to Canada as soon as possible. I'm tired of waiting. 
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+Jace Hernandez If +Google Play could just respond to the Canadian users with a reason as to why Google Play Music is not available in Canada at this time. 

I'd like to have some genuine information as to why we don't have it yet, and whether or not we will ever have it. Tell us that yes, it is coming, but we're currently negotiating pricing or something. 

I'm tired of the speculation. I don't understand their silence. 

+Vic Gundotra? 
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Mitchell Eve

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I just got a wonderful email from my service provider with excellent news! Starting on the first week of April my download speeds will be going up - way up! 

This month they focused on improving upload speeds, taking them from 1 Mbps all the way up to 10 Mbps! 

This is actually pretty terrific news. 
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Mitchell Eve

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+Adam S If the Google smart watch is real, and those are the specs, I'll be picking one up.

I like my Pebble but I want something more integrated with the operating system. I/O, hurry!
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Mitchell Eve

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I should have gotten one of these a long time ago.

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Adam S
Where's mine? 
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Mitchell Eve

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This is actually terrifying. 
Apart from a rather clickbait title, there's a lot to be said about how scarily easy it is to take over somebody's "identity" online.
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Mitchell Eve

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This is art. 
It's time a watch told you more than just the time.
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I remember the the pebble was announced and I nearly lost my mind with how bad I wanted it, but then held off. This, however... I may have to strap on a helmet because this shit is blowing my mind!
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I uninstalled Google Hangouts from my Moto X today. After a few strange occurrences that happened on my phone these last few days I honestly felt it was best. 

So it's SMS or WhatsApp from here on out if you want an instant response, otherwise I can't guarantee anything. 

Hangouts on the web.  Superior platforms on mobile.

I'll go back to Google Hangouts once Google gets their priorities straight; so I guess that'll be around I/O. 
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Mitchell Eve

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Is anyone else frustrated with the Facebook's acquisition of WhatsApp? Google really missed out on an amazing product that connects millions of people around the world. Since the release of Google Hangouts it hasn't seen many updates. 

I'm still incredibly frustrated with Hangouts and the lack of attention Google shows towards it. Google, you're losing in the communication market. Google Talk was far superior. 

We still don't have voice calling on Android, nor do we have a combined SMS/Hangout messaging. These are two of the biggest things that need to be improved. The UI/UX needs a lot of work, too. 

I'd love to use another product but that will never happen. 

#Google   #Hangouts  
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Yeah I saw your post the other day. I really liked WhatsApp minus the fact you could only use it on your phone. I'm really disappointed with Google Hangouts. Now I feel like there's no good alternatives. Everything is a privacy hog. 
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I swear to god... if this rumour of Lenovo buying Motorola is true I'm going Windows Phone. 
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Motorola just doesn't seem as "cool" now. 
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Mitchell Eve

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For music consumption I use Google Music with an All Access subscription, it works flawlessly. There's a feature on the web counterpart that I'd like to see added to the Android application though, "Play next". 

Currently on mobile I have to tap "Add to Queue" and then go into the queue and drag that song all the way to the top. That's not really a convenient way of doing things, especially if you have a large playlist. 

cc: +Kirill Grouchnikov 
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Also, rdio has both of those on mobile ;)
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I'm a Canadian who lives on technology... boom.
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