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Mitchell Chadrow
The Listen Up Show with Mitchell Chadrow By Mitchell Chadrow: Fintech Entrepreneur, Attorney, and Business Startup Advisor
The Listen Up Show with Mitchell Chadrow By Mitchell Chadrow: Fintech Entrepreneur, Attorney, and Business Startup Advisor


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Retireholiks Plan Design Four01k Retirement Guru JD Carlson Show 047

Startup Round
JD Carlson
CEO of Plan Design Consultants their motto and service model: Rockin, Smart, Easy, and Awesome. JD is the host of Retireholi(k)s, Father, Husband, Surfer. Located in San Diego Carlsbad, California.
A former professional surfer and now focused entrepreneur. Proud and motivated to take this his family’s company to new levels, he lives, breathes and sleeps retirement plans. He is leading PDC’s charge of becoming a new kind of TPA that is disrupting the status quo and inventing a better client/advisor experience.
JD leads his team of PDCers into their 5th decade as a Third Party Administrator for retirement plans. They embrace a smart, easy process centered on the needs of our clients.
As an independent company, client advocacy is a major strength of our firm. We partner with Financial Advisors to offer our mutual clients the very best in options. A strong understanding of fees and services allows PDC to help clients find the perfect fit.
PDC is reinventing what it means to be a Third Party Administrator. We challenge the status quo by inventing new ways that improve and modernize the client experience.
He writes a retirement plan blog not like many others you might read, it’s at
He also hosts a webshow called Retireholi(k)s, they are laid-back videos on 401k retirement plan industry topics. Geared towards Financial Advisors that are used to suffering through boring corporate webinars.
JD brings a youthful insight, energy and results to the company. He learned from his father quickly and over time the company went from joint control with his dad to now JD being fully in charge.
The Financial Advisors who call upon JD and his wife Tracy and their marketing/consulting team will get everything they need in proposals, competitive analysis and point-of-sale support to do a great job for their clients and prospects. JD is a walking encyclopedia of competitive industry knowledge.
Plan Design Consultants, Inc. is now being run by JD now that his father the founder has retired. JD’s father started the business back in 1975 and today they have over 24 other seasoned retirement plan professionals.
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Artificial Intelligence Face of Fintech Expert Clara Durodie 2018

Clara Durodie is an A.I. Artificial Intelligence Fintech Business Technology Strategist and Mentor start-ups and businesses.. VirtualCash, Inc. owner of has named Clara as the #1 Face of Fintech expert in artificial intelligence (2018).

Clara is a serial entrepreneur and most recently established Cognitive Finance Group in 2016 as an advisory and investment firm specialized in applied artificial intelligence in financial services. Prior to this, she served as an executive and Board Director at AvH Group financial services companies in London and Luxembourg.

Prior to commencing her corporate career in financial services, Clara was a serial entrepreneur with business interests in management consulting, education and technology (personal credit rating and barcoding technologies).

Clara's PhD research sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence, neuroscience and wealth management, and looks at how episodic memory informs how we save and how we invest.

Clara is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) London UK, holds a Certified Diploma in Investment Management (IMA) London, UK and a Masters from the University of Oxford.

Clara has served in leadership roles in European asset and wealth management. Clara serves as Fintech Resident Expert at the University of Oxford and mentors at leading Fintech accelerators in London.
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Vanessa Ronan Pearce was named as a top 100 fintech woman 2018. Vanessa and I talk everything fintech in and outside Australia and the Intersekt Festival. Vanessa is the Founder of Intersekt Fintech Australia Festival. Vanessa handles partnerships and events at Fintech Australia.

We speak with Vanessa about what it takes to become a top 100 Fintech woman and the Worldwide competition to make the list.

Fintech Australia started October of 2016 when Australia had just 100 startups in the Fintech ecosystem. Today in 2018 Australia has over 650 startups in the Fintech space.

Fintech Australia was inspired to startup from the success of the Singapore Fintech Festival.

Check out the entire episode where we discuss everything fintech from
Open Data, Blockchain, Digital Currencies, Digital Robo-Advice
Alternative Finance and Payments, AI Artificial intelligence, Digital Identity, Neo Banks, Regtech, Insurtech via
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David Feinman is the Founder of Viral Ideas and the largest most successful Zombie Run themed 5k races. David is a serial entrepreneur and on the Listen Up Show we discuss many business topics from viral marketing, video marketing, college programs and startup competitions - check out the show via
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Winston Churchill was a soldier, a historian, a statesman, a knight, a painter, a bricklayer, and every bit a smart-aleck a war leader and one of my hero's

Where you start means little compared to where you finish.

Bold action and good fortune can lead to remarkable circumstances.

Even great men have bills to worry about.

Personality can shine from small things

Winston Churchill taught business owners, startups, entrepreneurs taught everyday business startup entrepreneurial success.

You don’t want to be a Neville Chamberlain in business - as an entrepreneur, you do not want to be someone who is merely willing to just go along to get along
your business strategy should not be one of appeasement merely planning out of fear.

What did Churchill teach us about one of the most important characteristics you must have as a business owner?

Courage -

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

I always tell my younger daughter she is the voice that others don't have - when it comes to your business you are it's the biggest fan you must promote it and act as a raving fan but when surrounding yourself with a team, outside advisors and customers you also have to be willing to also listen up

Churchill was big on - > Taking action and executing on his plans!

He would put red labels on all his documents with the words “Action this day”

His mantra was - >

I never ‘worry’ about action but only about inaction”

His Management style during World War II!

I often ask what would have happened had Churchill, not Chamberlain was Prime Minister in 1937 but I am so thankful he did in 1940! If not this world would look a lot different then it does today

Communication skills are critical to success :

For example, In addition to Churchill's actions of communicating regularly to his top team of commanders in the field, another critical characteristic for business success and what Churchill was great at was his speedy resolutions he demanded that colleagues and staff all signed up for total commitment and action

We all heard of people that throughout life make things happen and certainly I knew my dad as someone like that but Winston Churchill in a huge way was someone throughout his life that made things happen especially given that this world needed someone just like during the critical time in the history of the World

Churchill was Relentlessly driven and focused

For example, During World War, he had personal challenges yet he demanded personal bravery in the face of not only physical danger but also intense mental battles via
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Frances Maria Brainard O'Linn Founder of Chadron the Northwestern Nebraska Panhandle town

Fanny was not only the founder of a town she was a noteworthy pioneer for settling the west, a school teacher, a postmaster, the fifth woman admitted to the Bar in Nebraska, a community builder and most of all a hero that should be studied by all in business and life.

Fanny a woman in the In the 1880’s helps start up a town. builds a community of people in the heartland of America becomes a pioneer settling the west, is the fifth woman to become an attorney in Nebraska and the 11th registered with the US Supreme Court - she was a postmaster, a midwife, a school teacher, and so much more via
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Charles Henry King was an entrepreneurs entrepreneur, founder of the town Chadron, Nebraska, a prominent banker, Wyoming's wealthiest businessman and President Gerald R. Fords biological grandfather. A serial entrepreneur had numerous businesses: Omaha Wool and Storage Company, C.H. King's Mercantile, First National Bank of Shoshoni, Wyoming, general stores, lumberyards', a freight hauling business, and C.H. King Company dealt in wholesale food merchandising. via
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Online Marketplace Private Loans Insurtech Meets Fintech

I interviewed Michael VanErdewyk, Founder, and CEO of ReliaMax. We discussed several financial resources in the online marketplace for education loans. ReliaMax works with both students and lenders. Mike has a fascinating story about how he got started in business by raising money from family and friends to start up an insurance company with no outside capital from private equity or venture capitalist. Sallie Mae approached Mike back in 2006 to purchase their private insurance company Hemar. Mike not only took the risk of purchasing the insurance company but has turned it into an online marketplace platform known as ReliaMax.

A fourth of students and their families fund their education from free grants and scholarships another fourth comes from federal student loans but the remaining 200 billion comes from family contributions which typically are funded from credit cards, personal loans retirement assets sometimes coming with penalty withdrawals, home equity loans.

What are you doing to fund you and your family education?

Let me know what you thought of the ReliaMax story?

I would really enjoy hearing back from all of you.

All my best,


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Stephen Dash Credible Founder and CEO Discusses the Student Loan Online Marketplace

Stephen Dash is 33 years of age, Australian Tech Entrepreneur. At 28 Stephen left Australia for Silicon Valley. Prior to the company IPO Stephen raised 26 million and another $68 million from the IPO. Now the company is valued at over $306 million and he owns 45%. Truly an amazing story. But the story is just getting started, so many big things are in store for Credible!
Credible’s founding principle is to provide borrowers the level of transparency they deserve. As a multi-lender marketplace that allows borrowers to receive competitive loan offers from its vetted partners, Credible empowers consumers to take control of their financial futures. Borrowers can fill out one form, then receive and compare numerous personalized offers and choose which best serves their individual needs. Credible is fiercely independent, committed to delivering fair and unbiased solutions in online lending. Credible is based in San Francisco, California.

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David Zamarin Detrapel Founder Appears on Shark Tank Show 058

Listenup Show guest David Zamarin returns to the Mitchell Chadrow Podcast after appearing on the 'Tank'

In the second new episode of ABC's 'Shark Tank,' Sunday, January 7 "Episode 916" - David Zamarin, Founder of Detrapel, a young serial entrepreneur and past Listenup Show guest which aired (10:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network, streaming and on demand.

David made a deal with not only one shark but two on his non-toxic, superhydrophobic spray that repels stains,

David tells us how he handled the tough, self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoon Sharks. The work David has done with Detrapel is an amazing story to listen up to and should motivate and inspire all of you in search of your own business goals. David is being given such an opportunity by The Sharks as he chases the American dream and potentially secures a business deal that could make him the next millionaire.

The Sharks on David's episode are Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Mark

Cuban, Lori Greiner and branding guru, Rohan Oza.

I interviewed David again this week and learn all about his appearance on the Shark Tank show! In the meantime Listenup to David's original appearance on the podcast show via

Shark Tank, is a business-themed show, an entrepreneurship reality show that helps entrepreneurs. The Listenup Show and the Mitchell Chadrow podcast inspires all of us to execute our business goals and inspires to execute and take action on your business goals. 
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