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Mitchell Beer
President of Smarter Shift in Ottawa, Canada. Passionate about sharp, honest content, sustainability, and low-carbon energy futures.
President of Smarter Shift in Ottawa, Canada. Passionate about sharp, honest content, sustainability, and low-carbon energy futures.

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We've just launched The Energy Mix, a twice-weekly news summary on the Newsana+ content curation site. We're looking forward to sharing news updates on climate and energy, and curious to see what we can learn about content monetization. #EnergyMix #WeTheWonks
We're excited to announce the debut of The Energy Mix!

It's a twice-weekly news mag that brings readers the latest curated content on climate change and low-carbon energy--and it's powered by Newsana, the people-powered news aggregator that goes way beyond "Justin Bieber moments."

Here's Newsana founder Ben Peterson's mantra:

We are the wonks. We are the people that care. Some say we are nerds, outsiders. Let them say whatever they want. We are proud. Proud to have a higher calling. We study, we think, we plan. Ultimately, we know. We know, deep inside, every detail. We shape the future. And now we have a home. #WeTheWonks.

The Energy Mix is also a daring new experiment in monetizing content, and we'll be watching--and reporting--on our own progress as we go. We hope you'll join us!

#EnergyMix #WeTheWonks #contentcuration  

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Clean air in Ontario? Not if they keep this up.

According to this release from the Clean Air Alliance, Ontario is undermining its own energy efficiency policy by capping utility savings at a pathetic 1% of energy usage for the next six years.

Could this be the same provincial government that did the right thing twice, first by introducing its Conservation First initiative, then by announcing no new nuclear construction at Darlington? Could this be some elaborate April Fool's prank, in which Kathleen Wynne and Bob Chiarelli have been replaced with impostors from the bad old days of awful energy policy?

Click the link. Get the story. Then write to the Premier and the Energy Minister. They've shown by their actions that they know better. Time to tell them that!

#energyefficiency #ontariocanada #greenhousegases  

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Excellent op-ed in yesterday's New York Times.
This Canadian IS advocating shutting down the #tarsands  

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Join our genial host +Jenise Fryatt and guest +David Masters on this afternoon's #Contentchat! Good times will be had.
Creativity is an essential ingredient in content marketing.

And playfulness is a great way to bump up your creativity.

On today's #ContentChat, blogger +David Masters shares some of the insights and ideas that inspired this article on Social Caffeine:

Where: Twitter
When: Noon PDT/3 PM EDT
How: Just use the #ContentChat hashtag...and jump right in!

#contentmarketing #creativity #socialmedia  

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So basically, climate change denialists are hinging their arguments on 2 scientific articles...out of 10,885.

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Important changes to the way you post to Google+
Go big or go home.
At least when it comes to images for your blog.

Google+'s new full-image teasers are a game changer...but only if you are playing the game right in the first place. A review of what's different, and how your website or blog can and should adapt.

#google+tips #contentmarketing #socialmediamarketing

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Pleased that +iPolitics picked up my story on Harper's insistence that Keystone XL is "inevitable."
Stephen Harper says the Keystone XL pipeline is "inevitable."

We beg to differ.

In fact, +Mitchell Beer points out five inevitable factors that should point us in a very different direction. In this post in, he talks about a very different, and more sustainable, energy pathway for Canada.

#keystonexl #energymix #climatechange 

(Photo: Remy Steinegger, via Wikipedia Fr.)

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I'm glad The Energy Collective published this piece. It's been bothering me for some time -- how can oil and gas companies, international agencies, and Canada's National Energy Board project massive future increases in oil and gas production when what we really need is a deep reduction in greenhouse gas emissions?

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Scientists are traditionally way too polite. Now they're taking the gloves off.
Scientists are getting disagreeable. It's about time.

Climate change scientists have traditionally taken a reasoned, evidence-based approach to critics, naysayers, and climate deniers. But now they're starting to get annoyed, and none too soon.

Australian blogger Alvin Stone says the rational approach treats climate change deniers as though their arguments have validity, when in fact, climate change is a settled question, not up for debate.

+Mitchell Beer has the full story on The Content Roundtable today:

#climatechangedenial #climatescience #climatechange 
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