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I feel bad leaving a harsh review, but it really was terrible. Also, I need to solve a dilemma. Do posts like this one, which are only really relevant to those who live in Brisbane or travel there on holiday, annoy anyone? And if they do, could anyone propose a solution? I can share them with just one circle, but I don't have location based circling so I would have to build one from scratch, which would require pretty massive participation, although I'm not certain how many of my followers are actually from Brisbane.

Regardless, this post is the place to say your piece on that, and The Pancake Manor, if you wish.
The Pancake Manor
18 Charlotte Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
The pancakes here were good, but the service was terrible. As a group we ate there after attending a dance, for a novel experience. The manager of the store took our order, and got two of the orders wrong. Not just wrong in a small way, they served up the wrong dish. When my two friends gently brought this to the attention of the manager, she flatly denied having gotten the order wrong and argued the point. I would not eat there again, and I wouldn't advise it to others.
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I have been enjoying the adequate food and horrifically bad service at The Pancake Manner since the mid-80s. The Faulty Towers style service is part of the experience.
Perhaps wearing a hidden camera and treating the exercise as comedic would ameliorate the pain?
Also, what do you think about being added to a Brisbane circle? I'm thinking of starting one, well, right now.
I'm from Toowoomba, just beyond the Brisbane public transport network, so don't count as a Brisbanite.
You're pretty close to me, actually. And by "Brisbane", I mean "South-east Queensland". More from an international perspective, which major city someone is closest too.
With the public transport discontinuity, Toowoomba may as well be in a different country.
I suppose we do consider it to be a bit removed here in Noosa :P
Noosa you can get on a Translink service and go to Brisbane and return, a luxury we don't have in Toowoomba.
"I suppose we do consider Toowoomba to be a bit removed here in Noosa."

Perhaps that clears up what I meant?
I much prefer that people always post everything as public.  Consider when a newcomer looks at your profile, if everything you post is in specific circles?  The newcomer sees an empty profile.  I think that posting TO circles is suitable only when confidentiality is required (talking about work, a person, or sex).  On the other hand, reading FROM circles is useful to prioritize which posts I see in my busy daily feeds.
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