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...and then in a year, when she realizes NO ONE can save Yahoo, she'll walk away with $60M.  Must be nice!
At the risk of being labeled a hater who "attacks success," how is any CEO worth these kinds of valuations? #wealthinequality  
If a CEO is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of profit, they may well be worth $60M.
Uyen Vu
She is a woman realy to admire!
+Tad Donaghe One possible path for her would be to stabilize the company and package it for sale. That's what Eric Schmidt did at Novell. 
I posted about this ( ) .. and my first point was: WHO CARES WHAT HER PACKAGE IS???

Marissa is a multi, multi, multi millionaire from her options and stock and salary at Google. I do not think for a moment she took the job for the money. She took it for the challenge and maybe somewhere to move on to after being overlooked for one of the big chairs at Google.

What we should care about is: What Is She Going To Do First????

This is a major coup for Yahoo, not for Mayer.  Who cares what her package is, I want to know have they given her the keys to said "do whatever you want.." 
Why? She didn't come over for the money. She didn't come over for stock options, she came for the challenge and the opportunity.

I guess it's cool to see how much they were willing to pay but Steve Jobs was CEO for a dollar a year. 

It's an exciting story and as I said, it's a coup for Yahoo to get her not for her to get the gig at Yahoo.   I guess how much she might make off the job isn't the exciting part to me... it's what she's going to do with that job that's exciting.

LOL! When's the last time you saw the work "exciting" and "Yahoo" in the same sentence, Mitch? LOL!!
+K.B. Burnfield "its cool to see how much they were willing to pay" seems like sufficient reason to me.
well, the interesting thing is that we are talking about Yahoo, isn't it? 
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