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Google Fiber has done what it set out to do: Upset the broadband market.
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(looks at my Verizon bill)

Uh.. Thanks, Google?
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Mitch Wagner

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Gratuitous link to a useless gadget: Vectorwerks desk cupholder.

Useless, and expensive at $50. But it looks cool so I want it.
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but what if you are a klutz like me?  holding the cup off to the side and below my laptop is a good thing.  uh, unless I knock something into the cup, like my mouse...
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Mitch Wagner

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Hilarious Aaron Sorkin parody featuring Josh Charles, star of Sorkin's "Sportsnight."

“A woman’s life is worth nothing unless she’s making a great man greater."


Thanks, +Ellis Booker .
Head’s up “The Newsroom” fans, this one might sting a bit. Aaron Sorkin’s popular HBO series will be skewered through parody on tonight’s episode of “Inside Amy Schumer.” The clip above, posted ahead ...
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Mitch Wagner

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Phil Libin: One of the few CEO who are funny guys.
Vanity Fair recently featured Evernote CEO Phil Libin in their
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Mitch Wagner

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AT&T signs with Volvo for connected cars. 

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Until the connection drops, that is...
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A question for my Mac-using book-writing friends: What software do you use?

I'm about fed up with Scrivener. It crashed on me a couple of times today. It's awfully busy -- paraphrasing +John Scalzi , I just want to type. It doesn't sync gracefully to the iPad and the native iPad version is way late. I could switch to Word, but I'm wondering if there's something better. What do you use?

Tagging +Kristine Kathryn Rusch +Aliza Sherman +Kate Elliott +John Robb +J. Steven York +Steven Gould  (Some of whom may not, in fact, use Macs.) 
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+Kate Elliott You and Michael Chabon.
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New opt-in Facebook feature shares your location -- all the time.

It goes beyond just checking in. For people who opt in, it lets them know when their friends are nearby, if those friends have also opted in. 

I think I'll leave this switched off. There are obvious privacy and security concerns. 

But more than that: Like the author of this article, I don't always have time for serendipitous get-togethers. As a matter of fact, I usually don't. 

That said: I've been thinking recently that I ought to quit checking in to Foursquare and use Facebook instead (if I continue doing checkins at all -- mostly I don't bother anymore). Very few of my friends are on Foursquare. More use Facebook check-ins. 
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I don't have Facebook on my phone, and I like it that way.
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Mitch Wagner

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1970s TV commercials.

You know what's great about the Internet? You might wake up from a nap thinking, "I wish I could see some 1970s TV commercials." And a minute later, there you are.
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... or ... Nope...
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Mitch Wagner

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Today's technology update: I have no idea why my bookmarks failed to sync to my iPad today. And I have no idea why they eventually did.

My two-step process for solving technology problems:

1) Try random shit until something works.
2) Repeat the next time the problem occurs, because I have no idea what worked last time.
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Leaping up and down on your desk while howling madly sometimes helps...long as you don't spill your coffee...
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SDN & NFV potentially make network management more complicated.

Businesses will have to manage the old, nonvirtualized networks AND the new ones.

On #LightReading  
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The idea is to make things so complicated that you move on to the new technology...virtualizing everything...
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