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Mitch Wagner
Monkey at a keyboard, Light Reading West Coast Bureau Chief
Monkey at a keyboard, Light Reading West Coast Bureau Chief

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Ali's family friend and lawyer says authorities held the late fighter's son for hours, repeatedly asking whether he is Muslim and where he is from. He's from Philadelphia. 

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I'm surprised how many of the lies Republicans told about Obama and the Clintons turn out to be verifiably true of Trump. It makes me wonder if the Donald is actually a Muslim born in Kenya. 

I was kidding about bad seating on American. It's been fine. Long-distance travel is inherently uncomfortable but American had been no worse than anyone else. And the crew has been friendly and helpful.

Matter of fact, I'm deleting my earlier post. Flight crews work hard and don't need shit from me. 

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Humans cool down in a few days but bots never give up. 

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The engineer who claimed to have experienced a culture of misogyny at Uber says people are asking about her. 

Announcements at airports would be better if they swore. A lot. Long Island levels of profanity. Using F-bombs like commas. 

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Collaboration vendor CafeX says it had a video collaboration product called "Chime" a year before Amazon came out with its service, and is suing Amazon over it.

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Overheard: "Why'd I have to pick up the slimy end of the dog toy?"

Why the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party has got to go

A general needs to win battles, a CEO needs to deliver profits, a police officer needs to make arrests.

These positions require other qualities, but they need to do those basic things or else they don't get to do the other things.

The Clinton Democratic leadership has clearly failed and must go. Under that crew and Obama, the Democrats have lost most of the states, both houses of Congress, and the judiciary.

This has nothing to do with their position on the issues, or their character. But they can't win elections, and without that they can't do anything else.

I mean, these guys lost to the Republicans, led by Trump. That's like getting beaten up by a kindergartener. The GOP is a bunch of losers, criminals, sociopaths, and idiots, and the only bigger losers out there are the current Democratic Party.

What should I watch on my international flight tomorrow?

15 hours in transit. Here's what I'm thinking of watching:

- Whichever is the first of the Thor movies I haven't seen. (Thor 2? Thor Harder? Thor: The Thorening?)

- 1960s Batman episodes.

- ???
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