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HBO cuts a deal with Amazon Prime.

The deal does not seem to include first-run series like Game of Thrones and The Newsroom. I'd be a lot more eager to cut the cord if it did. 

At some point soon we need to do an accounting and see if it makes financial sense for us to still have cable TV. It's an ongoing discussion at our house. Problem is there always seems to be something on HBO that we want to watch: Game of Thrones goes to The Newsroom goes to Boardwalk Empire and then (if I'm not forgetting something) a couple of months of hiatus and we're back to Thrones again. 
Amazon and HBO on Wednesday announced a first-of-its-kind deal that will make HBO content available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Several popular HBO shows and mini-series will be included in the de...
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Since they killed off The Newsroom, the choice starts to get easier.
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Mitch Wagner

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The pudgiest soldier-of-fortune.

This is the tag on the pair of shorts I ordered from Amazon. I love the pants. I have three pairs and wear them nearly every day.  So I decided to try the shorts. The shorts are great too. They're just like the pants, only short. 

The manufacturer, +5.11 Tactical, has a military and police background, hence this guy walking through a field carrying some kind of gun at his side. 

But he looks awfully dorky, doesn't he? I bet he was on the debate team and mathletes at Mercenary School.
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Or racist paramilitaries - e.g.

If you're feeling strong stomached you can look up Greg Marinovich's pictures of when the AWB supported the coup in Bophuthatswana in 1994.
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This one post from yesterday did not propagate to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr -- which is to say it didn't go out to anywhere other than Friends+Me. 

It doesn't show up on my Friends+Me profile page on the list of posts broadcast to other accounts. As far as I can tell, Friends+Me never saw it. 

Other posts  from yesterday went out fine. I'm not aware of any other missing posts. 

I reposted it manually this morning, so there's nothing more to be done on this post. Still, it's odd. 
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Google API went down last night again. My guess is their latest service update failed and caused this problem. Everything looks fine now so they've been able to fix it after a few hours.
- Alois
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Landmark Silicon Valley class-action employment lawsuit is reportedly nearing settlement.

The lawsuit by 64,000 software engineers charges Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe had an agreement to not hire employees away from each other, thus depressing salaries. 

Programmer Brandon Marshall, 43, one of the five class representatives, was shot and killed by police in December. He assaulted a sheriff's deputy, who shot him in the chest. 

The journalism I've read about this lawsuit makes it look like a slam-dunk against the companies. They did it, and they didn't hide it very well. Steve Jobs was the ringleader. 
Four leading tech companies are pushing to settle a class-action suit with several noteworthy angles, including questions over employee rights and the death of a programmer who helped set the case in motion.
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Really?  64,000?  Why couldn't they find 1536 more?  That would have been cool...
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+Charter Communications might get a piece of +Time Warner Cable after all. 

Good maneuver by Comcast if it happens. Well played!
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Star Trek onesie. 

Thanks, +Aaron Newcomb 
Yep. We went there. Boldly Went Bodysuit: (Adult version coming soon? You wish!)
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Mitch Wagner

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A modest and simple proposal for replacing passwords.

Instead of having to remember passwords, when you want to log in to a site, you enter your email address or phone number for a text message, and you’re sent a one-time password. 

What's wrong with this proposal? How might it be hacked? How is it worse than the current system of using passwords for authentication, which is just awful.

Image source: EP Technology:
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Using SMS for logging in turns a 5 second operation into a 1 minute operation, or longer, because now I have to give the website my phone number, it texts me, I finally get the text (it isn't as instantaneous as this article suggests), and I enter the texted PW to the website, probably making a typo (is that a 0 or an O, an I or a 1?) and having to reenter it at least once.

Also, imagine the panic if you lose your cellphone. Most people walk around with screen locks (if they even lock their phones) that can be hacked in under a minute with the right equipment. The right equipment isn't going to be hard to find if there's enough money in it for the bad guys.
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Mitch Wagner

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How Jeb Bush leveraged his government work to make money.

Bush is, sadly, no different from any other politician here. Public servants should be paid a comfortable wage, but not enough to afford a mansion. 
A possible Jeb Bush presidential bid in 2016 may be partly undermined by his rush, in the years after he left the Florida statehouse, to make a lot of money, quickly. "People thought of him as wealthy," Florida State professor Lance deHaven Smith tells The New York Times' Michael Barbaro. But that "was a misperception." Instead, Bush left his position as governor of Florida with "a net worth of $1.3 million and an unapologetic determination to ex...
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Well, there multiple ways of looking an inequity, and not all of them alarming.  I would just rather put less power in the hands of politicians, so there is less incentive to corrupt them.  I concede it's a difficult problem, but I do what I can by not voting for the status quo.
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Mitch Wagner

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+John Jainschigg There would have been more age-inappropriate sex. 
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Mitch Wagner

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About that controversial scene on last night's Game of Thrones.

Many people seem to be outraged that he raped her. They're not outraged at the character (which would be appropriate) but at the writers. 

I disagree with that reaction. There was so much very, very wrong with that scene that picking on that one element doesn't make sense.

The rape added to that scene. If the sex had been consensual, the audience (that's us) might have forgotten that the love between those two characters is an abomination. We like those characters. He has become a sympathetic villain -- maybe even on the verge of becoming a good guy. And she's a villain you love to hate. If the sex between them had been consensual, we in the audience might have been happy that they managed to get together. But this way it was just deeply, deeply wrong. As it should be. The fact that she seemed to be getting into it just makes it worse. Which is to say that it makes the scene better. 
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+Trevor Brown
I think that's because males are treated like appliances or disposable objects in society whereas females are treated more like victims or something that should be cherished and protected.
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