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Mitch Mitchell
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Mitch Mitchell

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Megan Fox; snicker!
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Mitch Mitchell

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The ultimate in political and religious nonsense...
"After every time the word "mammoth" appears, will be inserted "as created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field".  IN A STATE LAW.
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Mitch Mitchell

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Not quite the same thing but back in '84 I got on a game of Asteroids in some bar/grill at 10AM and plsyed on that one quarter until 1:30 in the morning. After that 15 hour marathon I finally walked away and never played again. lol
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Mitch Mitchell

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Are you looking to make big changes in your life? Would you believe you can do it with six words you come up with yourself?
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Something to think about, passwords and peace of mind... #heartbleed
Change Your Passwords Now

What's being called the "one of the biggest security threats the internet has ever seen" - the Heartbleed Bug is pretty scary. 

For all the non-techies out there it's basically a weakness that affects a whole lot of websites and may have exposed your data (passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) to people unknown. 

Visit the page below to see a working list of affected sites and whether or not you need to change your password on those sites. 

HT +Mashable 

#heartbleed   #security  
Heartbleed: A look at which companies have issued a security patch to fix the Heartbleed bug.
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I support my team and I support its former players. Thus, this story on Carmelo Anthony:
FROM MAN TO BRAND: Carmelo Anthony is still the best ball player in town, but will he stick around?
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Mitch Mitchell

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Kids not only need protection from bullies, but from their own schools apparently... idiots...
After a disabled special education child tried to record how bullies were tormenting him at school, the police in Pennslyvania responded by slapping him with
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Mitch Mitchell

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I'm of the belief that some people really aren't ready for social media; here's my take on the issue.
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Professional business consultant in many areas; ask me how I can help you.
I'm a business consultant that's helped lots of folks in the fields of health care finance, leadership & management, and social media

I've written a book and a couple of ebooks, have given seminars and presentations across the country on a variety of subjects, and write 5 blogs for myself as well as a few blogs for other people.

This past year I've spoken mainly on social media topics such as SEO, social media marketing, and business blogging
Bragging rights
One of the few people who can say their plane hit a deer
  • State University of New York at Oswego
    1977 - 1981
  • Liverpool HS
    High School, 1975 - 1977
  • Limestone HS
    High School, 1973 - 1975
consultant and keynote speaker/presenter in the areas of health care finance, leadership and social media
Hospital revenue integrity, leadership/management training, writing, speaking/presentations
  • T T Mitchell Consulting, Inc
    President, 2001 - present
    My company concentrates on two areas: health care finance and leadership/management/diversity training. I have helped hospitals verify their revenue while increasing both revenue and cash. I have also spoken in 9 different states on the topics of leadership and diversity.
  • SEO Xcellence
    President, 2006 - 2012
    A subdivision of T T Mitchell Consulting Inc, we concentrate on SEO, social media consulting and producing/editing content.
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Mitch Mitchell (MMITCH1)

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I've been to this Applebee's 3 times now and every visit has been wonderful. Great & friendly customer service, and they even modified my shrimp & spinach salad to leave out the things I don't like in it. They're always very attentive to me as well, maybe because they know I'm not from Memphis. Maybe things have changed since those other reviews, as the last bad review I saw is about 8 months old, but I'd recommend you give it a try.
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