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WOW, it feels like someone just opened the door to an expansive room in my brain!

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This is what a 5K picture looks like when opened with Focus. This next release (1.09) doubles the picture quality from earlier releases. Hopefully Google+ doesn't degrade the uploaded picture.


The picture's from here:
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This is pretty funny. Even if you are an apple fanboy.
+David Slinkard +Stephen Myers +Paul Walker 
In a move that should be no surprise to anyone, Android fans are leaving (sometimes hilarious) 1-star reviews for Apple's new Move to iOS app.

While some of these are funny, and yes, I'm not a fan of iOS either, these sorts of actions just give Android users a bad name. The app will legitimately help people move from one platform to another. We should be happy that Android / Google allows such an application to exist on +Google Play. We all know that Apple would never allow this to exist on their App Store.

Most people don't seem to have used the app much, if it all, before reviewing it. Then again, maybe some people really are just having trouble with it: "I attempted to switch to iOS (apparently zombies ate my brain), and my iPhone 3G would not accept my data," someone named +Marty Ballard writes. "Also, my micro USB would not fit." Okay, that one's probably a troll, too.

Congrats Marty. You have been deemed a Troll by +The Verge.
Android fans are trashing Apple's first-ever Android app — probably because it's all about switching to iOS. Apple released its Move to iOS app into the Play Store yesterday to help people transfer...
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This place has pretty good customer service, but if you want excellent customer service work with Brandon. He was extremely knowledgeable and courteous. Also, I liked that he didn't try to pressure you into buying anything. He gave his opinion, but didn't overly hype up anything.
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I took my vehicle (2009 Malibu) in for a checkup and they told me that the front two tires and the rear brakes / rotors needed to be replaced. The brakes had just been replaced a little less than a year ago, but I went ahead and had the work done as I do alot of driving in the mountains. A day after getting my car back I heard a thumping noise as I was driving down the highway which was followed by what I can only describe as a loud clank upon stopping at a stop sign right after exiting the highway. It was at that same time that somebody pulled up next to me an notified me that my brakes were on fire. If you're thinking that it was my parking break, unfortunately you would be wrong. I called the Ourisman and it only took them the whole weekend to get the towing company to bring my vehicle in. This morning they called me and told me that their body shop would begin working on my vehicle. I notified them that I didn't need any body work and explained the actual situation to them. Apparently they had somehow forgot about this whole situation. They assured me that they would get it to the correct department and begin working to fix the problem. I have yet to hear anything else today from them, so I will update upon receiving my car. I will definitely be taking my car to another dealership afterwards to make sure everything is alright. This is the last time Ourisman will get my business.
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