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Mitch McQuoid
Carpentry Student at Canadore College
Carpentry Student at Canadore College

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Gothic-Styled-Arch Windows for a Tiny Home
Something I might include in my own one day!

+The Samurai Carpenter​, if you've ever checked out #MarcoPolo on Netflix, the Asian architecture is amazing man. Can you show us how to make traditional Chinese, Mongolian inspired lattice? Is there a quick method.. The intricacy is beautiful yet it looks quite time consuming. Thanks, enjoying the channel and helping me stay motivated with my carpentry class at school. 

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The Next Big Thing

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Sustainable Future in Business; Analogous to Personal Goals

Not only is a sustainable business the answer to  entrepreneurial success, yet also critical to personal success too; one must be meticulous, and plan with all relevant possibilities in mind.
See the whole picture before it happens, map out your future, and reevaluate dynamically, holding the ultimate goal in front of your face all along the way. Be systematic. Be obsessive. 

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Good On Ya Drop Box
You know I've been thinking of eliminating my Drop Box for the obvious choice of Google Drive; but with lack of Linux support and the amount of space I have with dropbox, AND with Drop Box's continued commitment to protect my privacy, I still stand by you +Dropbox 

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Finding Motivation without Peer Pressures
When it comes down to it pressure shapes us, pressure applies direction to us, however it must never lead us, for that is a task for ourselves.
Only time tells whether we are capable of accepting our roles in life, yet not accepting, more realizing the opportunity to augment our personal endeavours; at the end of the day, your happiness, I'd say.

Great article--creativity exposes the intelligence you choose to express. And surely, the only way one can be deemed intelligent is by communicating intelligence in the first place, not merely in an artisanal domain, but more importantly in a general sense, in our everyday lives. Through every moment of being creative and doing what you love, the latter CAN be changed, but only if love for it has not been found yet. 

Do you know what you love to do? My things Music, guitar specifically. 
Turns out, you don't have to be remarkably intelligent to be creative, you just have to know how to use the intellect you've got to produce ideas.
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