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Mitch Baldwin
Social Media Club Vancouver - Founder @mitchbaldwin
Social Media Club Vancouver - Founder @mitchbaldwin

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Collect options directly from your Twitter stream.

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Pamela Anderson & Emma Dunlavey in Vancouver to promote their new book "Raw"! 

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Content Marketing - Things you need to know 

Official news on crawling and indexing sites for the Google index.

HTTPS as a ranking signal

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Congrats Shane, You are indeed one of the world' top Social Sales People!

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Room for improvement...
Do you hear "Opportunity Knocking"?

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Thanks for your post +Monica Hamburg As one who has worked with smaller venues and musicians being penalized by this change. It is clear the government has not thought through the affect this change will have on small business and the upcoming Canadian musicians they should be supporting. Cc +Vancouver FanClub

This policy is absurd and is really going to hurt smaller venues. I absolutely believe we should be able to see a diversity of talent at smaller venues - from Canada and from elsewhere.  

A good action to take (as opposed to quietly seething) is to encourage the Minister to reconsider the policy by sending him an email. 

1) Article: 

2) This fellow makes a number of good points on the issue:

3) Email:  Minister of Employment, Social Development and Multiculturalism, CC & your MP.
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