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Mitanshu Garg
Senior Product & Supplier Quality Engineer, Schlumberger
Senior Product & Supplier Quality Engineer, Schlumberger
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+Sundar Pichai 
I am getting Google Play Services stopped message when trying to setup WhatsApp Images for backup in new +Google Photos on Moto G.

Device: Motorola Moto G
Android: 5.0.2
Google Photos: 1.0.194954577
Google Play Services: 7.5.71  


This winter, donate a blanket to someone in need. We can all make a difference. #WrapUpDelhi

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Please share to help Nina & raise awareness.
Save Nina!
My friend +Mark Louie has a cousin who only has 2 months to live unless she finds a bone marrow match. It's a heart wrenching story. The family is looking for a typed match. 

Her name is Nina. I'm sharing because I'm touched and hope this can raise awareness for Nina and many others diagnosed with lymphoma. 

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Excited to announce that SCM Buddy +Android app by +Anode Labs has now been updated for perfect viewing on all screen sizes :-)

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Mr. Spitz said he was recently stopped at a traffic light and the sun was bothering his eyes. By the time the light turned green, he had used his phone to order and pay for sunglasses. “This is what commerce anytime, anywhere means,” he said. “It’s here.”

Any likelihood that +O2 in the UK will roll out +Android firmware upgrade from v 2.3.3 on Samsung Galaxy S

Is it possible to know if +Gmail app for +Android will be upgraded to include rich text formatting (Format text using bold, italic, or underlined fonts. Create indents in the text of email message) ?

I am using Android v 2.3.3 on Samsung Galaxy S.

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