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I don't speak here often. Most of the time, it's because I really don't have much to say. When I put Niantic in my rear view, it was for a good reason. The lies, the power plays, all that stuff. Look, I've been a part of that world since I was way too young. I was happy to have some space to just be myself. Whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying, what I saw yesterday upset me in a big way. Mainly because I saw it coming. Not in the spooky something in my gut kind of way. Well that too, but not all that. Many of us saw this coming.

I see what Hank liked about her. She's a looker, she's intelligent and charismatic. But there were signs, right? He knew he was in an ocean full of sharks. No island in that kind of an ocean is that perfect. Right? 

And Azmati. Walking headfirst into a situation like that? 

I tried to warn both of them.

Why? After all I don't know either of them too well. But frankly there's not many of us left on this side of the line, and I hate looking at the world like that, but it's just the way it is. Too few of us.

+Hank Johnson, you are a stupid, stupid, brave man and I hope to hell I see you again on the far side of this mess you've gotten yourself into. 

I am in an undisclosed location doing work that I can not discuss now.  It must happen in a protected space.  I shall return soon with a full explanation.  For now, I ask that agents return to a portal of great significant not only to me, but to many members of the Niantic Investigation.  I don't know which one.  But I am getting a very strong vibe that something is hidden there.  More later.

When Hank Johnson mentioned the N'zeer, it triggered a vague phrase I heard a long time ago:  "Occulta Voces".  Or something like that. I heard it whispered. Long ago. Don't remember where. Maybe as far back as Marfa. I don't know. What I do know is that a friend of mine studied Alchemy and the Alchemists...  He always felt there was something missing. A voice so strong and profound that when it was eradicated it left what he called a 'the speaking silence.'  He said that he knew there was a dark secret not because of what was being said, but what was not being said.  I didn't pay a lot of attention, but one phrase stuck in my head: "Like a black hole or neptune or the dog not barking... "

I can't tell you where I have been or what I have been doing. But I am feeling very strange energies...  Random voices: Something is coming.  Noir Petra. Warning... But from whom?  Tried contacting Carrie. Silence. Or did I not hear the voice. Disruptive energies.  Something Wicked This Way Comes. Illusionist.

Sentient Artifacts might be a misnomer...  Things are recorded in artifacts. Think of them as being like hard drives or video cameras, under certain circumstances things can become embedded by them.  There have been many theories about how this works over the millennia.  I now suspect it is XM.  Perhaps, given that XM is ordered data, not unlike what was once known as Ether... It is either a conductive medium or it is the intelligence itself... Or it networks to become intelligence.  This isn't my theory, its what I extracted from a conversation between Kureze and Schubert during the Niantic Project in the period before the end.  What P.a Chapeau (AKA Richard Loeb) referred to as the Sphere of Weirdness.  It was just a theory, but given that, and what I suspect Yuri Nagassa is attempting to communicate from the Valley of the Dead(?) it is making sense that XM is becoming absorbed into artifacts.  If Hank ever returns (no contact with him on any plane), we might develop a theory on that.  But I'm no physicist, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt. Though I can assure you, something is very different now.

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And look what popped out of the Rabbit Hole.  I'll let you view it with me.  Just saw the beginning.  If anybody has confirm or denies on this report, please post:

After all, what is my top hat but a rabbithole...

A Fish Who Slips the Net:  The Necronomic Researcher claims that his name is Amaziah Lachish.  I do not believe this to be the name he was born with. You get used to that in the illusion business. He keeps talking about cultists serving some master, but there are very few particulars.  I do not think he is withholding, I just don't think he has them.  I never knew the name of the totem god, or whatever it was, that appeared to me at Afram, or Afarm as I said it when I was a kid.  I didn't need to.  Names are ways to place things on a grid.  Nothing about Amaziah Lachish is on any grid.  He is a fish that slips the net.

I was with a Necronomic Researcher near the Bridgewater triangle when I had heard that the +Ingress Agents had achieved'700 Million Mind Units.

The air around there is thick with energy as it is, but in the hours that immediately followed, there was a deep, resonant energy that flooded through me and the surrounding area.

As it did not seem entirely human in origin, I could only describe it as a sigh of relief or triumph or awakening or something.  Unclear.  

I might have asked the wrong question, yesterday.  My question now is 'who are the dead?'  Roland Jarvis once was one of the dead, but is no longer.  What of Katelina who died with him on the train platform?  No contact. Dr. Victor Kureze is among the dead, but un-contacted.  Carrie Campbell is most likely responsible for glyphic communications, even after her sacrifice nearly a year ago?  Who are the dead of the investigation?  What is death in a trans-dimensional universe?
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