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Misty Green
a dose of down home living
a dose of down home living

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38 Weeks
How far along?   38 Weeks Total weight gain/loss?  30 pounds - I gained over 50 pounds with Sawyer and was knocking on 200. This pregnancy was pretty different as I did not swell much and I had to run around after a toddler.  Maternity clothes? Pretty much ...

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36 & 37 Weeks
How far along?   36 & 37 Weeks Total weight gain/loss?  About 28 pounds so far. I lost 4 pounds a few weeks back but I'm pretty sure the difference was because I had a morning appointment rather than my usual afternoon appointment. Maternity clothes? Almost...

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23 & 24 Weeks
How far along?   23 & 24 weeks Total weight gain/loss?   I
weighed 158 at my last OB visit so about 18 pounds. Maternity clothes? Maternity
and regular clothes. Mostly my pants and jeans are maternity. I have
several skirts that work well with my growing...

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Make the Most of It
This was one of those rare mornings where my husbands alarm clock goes off but mine does not because it's a holiday for me. Whoop whoop!! No work, lazy day!! (sort of-lazy days since becoming a mom is completely different than before children) I lay there i...

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21 & 22 Week Update
How far along?   21 & 22 weeks Total weight gain/loss?  I weighed about 140 when I found out I was pregnant and actually lost a few pounds in the first trimester. I quickly gained them back though. I weighed 156 at my last OB visit. Maternity clothes? Mater...

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19 & 20 weeks update
19 weeks    20 weeks Movement?     Yep, I noticed movement about 13/14 weeks. Food cravings? Not much lately. However the first trimester I wanted pickles and very salty french fries like crazy. Anything making you queasy or sick?   Nothing now but smells h...

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It's a GIRL!
AHHHHHH!!!!! We are having a girl! I cannot believe it. I still wake up in the middle of the night excited thinking about all the girl stuff I get to  plan/do. I just knew we were going to have a house full of boys since it is nothing but boys on my husband...

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we're expecting
I can't believe we are already into 2016. The end of last year seemed to fly by. Especially once we found out that we were expecting again. If you follow me in instagram you already know this as we announced back in December.  We found out, however, late Se...

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Currently: Sept. 2015
Hey y'all! I came across  this  little survey on Carrots & Cake and wanted to share. I've been away for awhile, shocker there, so I thought I would let you know what I've been up to this September.  Current Celebration: The birth of my best friends son, Haw...

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Advice for Every Mom
Really this is for every mom, soon-to-be mom, anyone who wants to be a mom and even dads, soon-to-be dads, you get the point. This is something we all need to pay attention to. I myself have done it, especially since becoming a mom. When we announced that w...
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